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”I've been using the Young Scientists subscription kits for a year now. My now 10-year-old son and I really enjoy them, and I love how I can line them up with what we are studying in his science book. I like how the kits come with most everything you need to do the experiment or activity and the rest is basic household things. I like that the kits usually have several, if not more, activities to do which can be split up over time or done all at once. I'm always recommending the kits to local homeschoolers and we've signed up for another round of them. Highly recommend.”
Cordia, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves getting her kits in the mail. She looks forward to each and every one of the experiments, and I love that she's excited about science. She's learning so much, and we're both having so much fun with these kits. Definitely a worthy purchase.”
Rhonda S., Co-op Member
”I've only had 1 month to try it and so far it's only a testimonial for that month - My almost 7 year old son and my almost 4 year old daughter both enjoyed doing the 1st science experiment,and even Mom learned something! We are really looking forward to receiving our next experiment in a week or so ☺!! I do recommend it because my children loved it!”
Mrs. Gish, Co-op Member
”This wonderful program is loved by my 4 year old son! We've only had it a few weeks, and have already worked through three of the kits. He had a blast!”
Julia K., Co-op Member
”Great supplement to any elementary science curriculum.”
Khadijah M., Co-op Member
”My 4-year old daughter loves the Clifford science kits. We do them together and she is often asking to do another experiment. We have worked on the kitchen science kit this month and it has been fun with lots to do. My daughter is now excited to try anything science related.”
Stacy B., Co-op Member
”My children love science, they love the magic school programs and this just gives them more fun hands on. So for it seems like a pretty cool program. We have only received 2 monthly science kits, but so far the kids really like them and are having lots of fun with them. Makes science learning more fun and the price is pretty reasonable. Thank you.”
Tina F., Co-op Member
”We are loving the Young Scientist Club Kits! It's a great tool for some hands-on learning to enrich our online science curriculum and a great value. I really love that the kits include detailed intstructions plus more than one way to experiment too!”
Tracey W, Co-op Member
”This is an interactive curriculum that is very adaptable to many types of learning styles. The tools make it very easy for my child with language processing disorder to go through the materials without it dumbing it down to her. Rich materials with photos, videos, and many more interactive guides and assessment.”
Tina J, Co-op Member
”We are enjoying receiving a science packet each month. My kids are excited when trying out the experiments.”
J, Co-op Member
”We have done one out of the five Clifford the Dog Science kit and so far we are loving it.
The instructions are simple and easy for my 4 year old to follow. The learning points are made fun and clear for children to understand and think.
I would highly recommend this kit for anyone who are doing / teaching science first time. I am also likely to purchase this as a gift.”
Emily W, Co-op Member
”The Young Scientists club has been an excellent addition to our homeschool classroom. They send a schedule with the first shipment so that Incan design lessons around the topics we will be receiving. The program is very flexible. You can pick exactly which experiments you want them to send or just let them send their default order. My six year old loves the experiments. Depending on the age of your child, you can make the experiments more in-depth through advanced studies or keep it really simple and just focus on the basic ideas presented. It's a great program and an easy way to augment your learning. It's hard for my six year old son to say no to a science experiment that comes in the mail!”
L. Owen, Co-op Member
”Wonderful having these kits delivered to our mailbox. I love being able to choose the order they come to correspond with our science curriculum subjects. My son gets excited everytime he sees a new kit has arrived =)”
Calyn Z., Co-op Member
”I love this kit. It has all the topics you need to teach your children science. It is fun and engaging. My two kids get really excited when they see the package in the mail, and they can't stop talking about it. My children ask me everyday if they have a kit in the mail so they can do science experiments. I am very pleased with this.”
Melissa W, Co-op Member
”My kids love these science kits. We're on our second year. I appreciate the simplicity of the supplies and the progression of concepts from one kit to the next.”
Sara McGrath, Co-op Member
”My 6 year old is loving these kits. They go along with the shows he adores and really bring it to life!!”
Janice T, Co-op Member
”Our family has loved the Young Scientist kits! They are easy to use, quick and the kids are really learning (so am I). We just finished the polymer kit and had a blast learning how polymers work. The whole family enjoyed learning with the kit: mom, dad, all the kids ranging from 10yrs down to 3 years old. Thanks for providing us with such great deals!”
B. Schleeter, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old daughter is thoroughly enjoying these kits. When we get one in the mail, she wants to do it right away! I love the enthusiasm it has brought to our homeschooling sessions. Even though she has studied some of these topics before, you really can't beat the hands-on aspect of these kits. It brings science to life in a way that no computer program or workbook can. The handouts that come with the kits are sufficiently brief to allow her to direct the experiments as she wishes, while providing her enough background information to produce meaningful data and observations. I'm really thrilled with this product and it is definitely the favourite homeschool activity in our household these days. As an added bonus, the kits we have received so far can be used multiple time. I would definitely recommend this product as a fun and educational learning resource for any budding young scientists out there!”
Mariah W., Co-op Member
”My daughter is in 4th Grade. She is so excited each month to receive the "lab." She usually puts science last on her list. Now, she can't wait to do the experiments and learn.”
Sherry W, Co-op Member
”My daughters, ages 3 to 9, are each getting something special out of the monthly Young Scientist Club kits. We've tried both this original series and some of the Magic School Bus kits by the same company. I like the simplicity and quality of the experiments in the original series.”
Sara McGrath, Co-op Member