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This GroupBuy has been closed as WordSmart is undergoing maintenance. If would you like to see other vocabulary offerings available through the Co-op, click here. We do not have a timeframe for WordSmart to be re-opened so please check back.

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My children really enjoy this program. They don't realize how much they are learning. We have tried others programs, and some were okay, but this has been more rewarding.
M. Lewis, Co-op Member
I'm using WordSmart with my kids, ages 8 and 11. In the past, we've used other curriculum and the kids dreaded it. When we first began WordSmart, my 11-year-old was in tears with the first exercise, but by the end of the lesson, she was very excited. Both of my children love doing vocabulary now. My 8-year-old will sometimes do two lessons in one sitting, which is great that he wants to keep going. We're so thankful to have found this very effective way of learning vocabulary words.
Amy Z., Co-op Member
WordSmart is very easy to use. It has reduced the number of "workbooks" since we feel vocabulary is very important. It has helped with spelling and word recognition. My student loves the "game" type activities. This is our third year using WordSmart.
DBJ, Co-op Member
We love Wordsmart. It teaches very complicated words in an easy to understand way. It is the fastest method of learning vocabulary that we have ever seen - and we're in education. The different games and methods help people of different learning styles learn the words helping almost anyone learn the words. All the programs are better than years ago and easier to use - except the "Lazer Review" - according to my son. "Lazer Review" has some noticeable glitches with its improved graphics, but it took away the constant lazer pulse that sounded a l...(more)
Marie H, Co-op Member
WordSmart has been AWESOME for my dyslexic and dysgraphia son. He also has aspergers. We used Wordly Wise last year which is a great program, but we tried both the book and online program, and it required too much logic and reasoning and writing that my son struggled with that. WordSmart has been perfect because the games are click and drag, graphics fun, and he looks forward to doing it. The "complete sentence" activity has a pop up window that lists the words so he can see how to spell it to type it in. Only downfall is the definitions may be...(more)
mo, Co-op Member
My son is 16 with a milder form of dyslexia. Spelling is tough for him. When we did a trial of this product my son said, "Yes mom, this is the one for me. I like it's layout and the different sections." That was good enough for me! Haven't heard him complain yet. Another bonus. We plan on using WordSmart throughout high school and beyond.
D. Mallon, Co-op Member
This is a great product for improving vocabulary, using words in a sentence. I really like the way it tests users to assess their current level and provides lessons based on that. This will be suitable for children with all levels of vocab skills. I highly recommend this product.
Sambasiva A., Co-op Member
My daughter who is 14 years old, just LOVES the program. Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering Wordsmart at a great price!!
Vicky C., Co-op Member
I like the set up of the program, with the five sections for review of the words- multiple choice, flash cards, column matching, spelling & space blaster game. My son tested for the higher levels, which I expected as his vocabulary is quite good. We have both learned some interesting new words! What I am disappointed in is that many of the words are not common use words, even at higher vocabulary levels. Some seem to be a bit outdated, and the meanings provided are strict to original usage. Many words have more common place meanings now. ...(more)
Tracy S., Co-op Member
My children love using WordSmart. They ask to do vocabulary first every day. Last year one of my children was frequently in tears over vocabulary work. This year they excitedly tell me the new words they are learning. I am so happy we found WordSmart and the Co-op price made it comparable to what we were spending on a years worth of workbooks. We won't be going back to the other vocabulary program we were using. I have one auditory learner and one visual learner. This program works well for both of them.
Mrs. B., Co-op Member
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