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SAVE 60%
on WordSmart® Online School Edition
for Grades 3-College

The Best Deal on the Planet for WordSmart Online School Edition, Learn1

The Co-op is pleased to present an exclusive offer for the Online School Edition of WordSmart Learn1, an interactive online vocabulary program for Grade 3 to College from award-winning WordSmart.

A Strong Vocabulary Improves Reading Comprehension and Communication Skills!

WordSmart Learn1 provides an initial vocabulary and reading assessment to determine the student's ideal learning level. As the program is being used, it continues to assess the student's progress and adapts the learning path to become more challenging as the student's vocabulary and reading comprehension grow.

Each online lesson, from basic phonics to ELL, ESL, SAT or ACT preparation and beyond, is presented in 5 unique multi-sensory modes to integrate multiple learning pathways, whether your child is a visual, audio, or hands-on learner. Advanced students use it to excel while challenged students use it to close the gap and improve their vocabulary.

WordSmart Learn1's 5 unique multi-sensory modes include:

  • Multiple Choice is the most content rich section. After your child identifies the correct word, she is presented with an audio discussion.

  • Flash Card Exercise familiarizes your child with new words and their definitions.

  • Column Matching exercise takes a core word and asks your child to drag it over to the corresponding synonym.

  • Sentence Completion covers word association, grammar, spelling and vocabulary in context.

  • The Laser Review is a game that lets your child laser tag words matching the definition given to her.

Each mode also includes Audio Discussion which presents antonyms, synonyms, and derivations of Core Words. The information can be viewed on screen or read aloud with correct pronunciation.

The program displays the student's progress from the Home Screen as well as the ability to view the talking word list and change the volume for the program.

With Signature Co-op Savings!

By purchasing as a group, members save 60% on a 1-year online license to WordSmart Learn1. What's more, you can add additional students for only $29.99 as part of the same order (up to 3 children in the same family/household).

Even better, with your WordSmart Learn1 1-year student license, you have access to the entire program for Grades 3-College for one year.

We Need Your Help!

Please DO NOT contact WordSmart regarding this offer. As the school administrator, the Co-op has FULL RESPONSIBILITY for answering your questions. Please check our FAQ page before you contact us for help.

We appreciate you at the Co-op!

Interested?  Here's What You Do:

  1. Get more information about WordSmart Learn1:

    • Try the FREE demo for the program. Select the Student Guest Account for testing.
    • Review our FAQs page for WordSmart Learn1
  2. Please be an informed consumer and carefully read the Terms & Conditions. The T&Cs tell you everything you need to know about this offer. By placing an order, you are agreeing to the T&Cs.

    In Particular:

    • Fulfillment: Please allow 3 business days from when you place your order for us to get you set up. We will notify you via email when your subscription is ready. If you don't receive the email, just sign in to your Co-op account and look under "My Subscriptions" for a link and instructions.
    • Shipping: Since this is an online subscription, shipping is not applicable.
    • Returns/Cancellations:  In order to bring you these great prices, we cannot accept returns or cancellations. Please try the FREE demo of the program to ensure that you really want this subscription.
    • Service Fee: The Co-op will charge a one-time, nonrefundable service fee of $3.95 to help cover some of our cost of providing this service.
  3. Complete the order form below.
  4. The bigger our order, the more we all save, so tell your friends. If they buy, you'll earn BONUS SmartPoints:

1-Year Student License to WordSmart Learn1<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
1-Year Student License to WordSmart Learn1

Retail Price: $100.00
Current Group Price: $39.99
Current Group Savings: 60%
Qty. Price(ea) Savings
1-24 $69.99  OR  7000 SP 30%
25-49 $54.99  OR  5500 SP 45%
-> 50+ $39.99  OR  4000 SP 60%
*SP = SmartPoints
This subscription gives one student access to the complete Grade 3-College WordSmart Learn1 online program for one year.

If you need to add additional students, please order the "Additional Student Licenses" below.

Note: If, at a later date, you decide you want to add another student in your household to WordSmart Learn1, refer to your My Subscriptions page for how to order.


  1. Enter a "1", as shown in the Qty space above if you would like a 1-year license. Note: Username(s) must be unique and must not contain spaces. If for some reason, your requested Username(s) is already taken, we will notify you.
  2. In the spaces below, please provide the required student information. We need this information to get your student set up in WordSmart Learn1.
  3. Complete the rest of the order form below, as needed.
Renewals? Select "Yes" in the field below and 365 days will be added to your current subscription.

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3rd Additional Student License to WordSmart Learn1<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
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Terms & Conditions:
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I've used this program to help a couple of my children catch up in their spelling and vocabulary and I was surprised how much progress they made in a short amount of time. I really love this program and it's fun to play. We will continue using this program.
McGinnis, Co-op Member
WordSmart is the most user friendly vocabulary program that we have tried thus far. In fact, our son enjoys it so much that we have been asking him to take a day off on occasion and that is a first. We would absolutely recommend this product without hesitation. Thank you WordSmart and most importantly a BIG Thank You to Homeschool Buyers Co-op for providing this wonderful service to homeschool families. We sincerely appreciate your time and effort.
Brad B., Co-op Member
My children love using WordSmart. They ask to do vocabulary first every day. Last year one of my children was frequently in tears over vocabulary work. This year they excitedly tell me the new words they are learning. I am so happy we found WordSmart and the Co-op price made it comparable to what we were spending on a years worth of workbooks. We won't be going back to the other vocabulary program we were using. I have one auditory learner and one visual learner. This program works well for both of them.
Mrs. B., Co-op Member
We love Wordsmart. It teaches very complicated words in an easy to understand way. It is the fastest method of learning vocabulary that we have ever seen - and we're in education. The different games and methods help people of different learning styles learn the words helping almost anyone learn the words. All the programs are better than years ago and easier to use - except the "Lazer Review" - according to my son. "Lazer Review" has some noticeable glitches with its improved graphics, but it took away the constant lazer pulse that sounded a l...(more)
Marie H, Co-op Member
My daughter who is 14 years old, just LOVES the program. Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering Wordsmart at a great price!!
Vicky C., Co-op Member
I am using WordSmart with my 11th grader for vocabulary development. He enjoys it and asks to do it! We have tried many different programs in the past and he would get bored with them after a few days; not so with this program.
Bonnie, Co-op Member
My children really enjoy this program. They don't realize how much they are learning. We have tried others programs, and some were okay, but this has been more rewarding.
M. Lewis, Co-op Member
WordSmart is a rather well designed, engaging program to which my kids have responded quite well. In fact they look forward to learning new vocabulary. The withdraw is that one cannot go back to review words nor does the software allow for assessement quizzes/reviews. A big gap in my humble opinion.

We shall continue to use it until our subscription ends and will be happy to renew the said subscription if the aforementioned gap is filled.
C. Jaeggi, Co-op Member
WordSmart is very easy to use. It has reduced the number of "workbooks" since we feel vocabulary is very important. It has helped with spelling and word recognition. My student loves the "game" type activities. This is our third year using WordSmart.
DBJ, Co-op Member
I like the set up of the program, with the five sections for review of the words- multiple choice, flash cards, column matching, spelling & space blaster game. My son tested for the higher levels, which I expected as his vocabulary is quite good. We have both learned some interesting new words! What I am disappointed in is that many of the words are not common use words, even at higher vocabulary levels. Some seem to be a bit outdated, and the meanings provided are strict to original usage. Many words have more common place meanings now. ...(more)
Tracy S., Co-op Member
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