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Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.
What are the Technical requirements?

WordSmart Learn1 is an online program so you will need a browser (other than Google Chrome*), an up-to-date version of Adobe® Flash®, and make sure pop-ups are allowed for the WordSmart Learn1 website. If you need to download Adobe® Flash®, you can do so by clicking here (you will go to the Adobe site).

* Note on Google Chrome: A recent Chrome update is not allowing the Flash files to update records in Learn1 so please use a browser like Firefox.

Does the WordSmart Learn1 product prepare you for both the SAT and the ACT?

Yes, WordSmart Learn1 is a general knowledge program which will assist students in the preparing for both college entrance exams.

Does Word Smart use any evolution material in their online vocabulary curriculum ?

Our contact person at WordSmart expressed that WordSmart stays neutral as far as using anything to do with creation or evolution.

How does WordSmart Learn1 prepare you for the vocabulary/reading/English sections of the SAT or ACT?

WordSmarts 5 multi-sensory modes combined teach word history, etymology, and common misuses of words to help students understand SAT/ACT vocabulary. This approach also incorporates a series of exercises that stress comprehension rather than memorization.

For your child to be as prepared as possible for the SAT or ACT, they need to spend a minimum of 20 hours on any one or more WordSmart Learn1 Volumes A through J. You can check their progress on the Home screen of the program.

Does WordSmart support UK spelling?

Per our contact at WordSmart: "At this time - we do not support UK spelling...". The good news is that we have been told by our contact is that she has mentioned the request to their IT Department. The are no current updates at this time, but will be sure to update as soon as we have new information.

Does WordSmart have all the words that are included on the SAT or ACT?

Of course, we’d like to say “absolutely” to this question but we don’t put the tests together! With 5,000+ pronounced words, 1,400 defined words, and 200 core words essential for mastery of the English language, WordSmart Learn1 includes the majority of the words that may be found on the SAT or ACT.

Does WordSmart Learn1 work on Apple iPads or iPhones?

At this time, the program does not work on any Apple iPads or iPhones as it utilizes Adobe Flash and these Apple products do not support Flash. The new version of Learn1, which will be out later this year, will be able to be used on Apple iPads or iPhones. Any current subscribers will automatically receive the new version of Learn1 when it launches free of charge.

The program can be used on Apple Macs as well as Android devices as long as Adobe Flash is installed.

Why do I not receive a Teacher Account as part of my subscription?

The Teacher Accounts are for large schools and districts. The Homeschool version provides a Student Account with an individual login.

When can I expect to receive my subscription?

Your login information will be posted to your My Subscriptions page within five business days after you place your order.

You will receive separate login information for each student subscription you purchased.

What is the duration of my subscription?

Your subscription will be active for one year from the date the login information is posted to your My Subscriptions page.

If, at a later date, you decide you want to add other student(s) in your household to WordSmart Learn1, refer to your My Subscriptions page for how to order. The new student(s) will receive access for one year from the date that the login information is posted to your My Subscriptions page (within 5 business days of the expiration date of the GroupBuy or the date of early fulfillment, if 50 subscribers are reached before the expiration date).

How many additional students can I purchase at the special additional student subscription price?

You are welcome to purchase as many additional students as you need within your family/household at the special additional subscription rate.

Refer to your My Subscriptions page for how to order. The new student(s) will receive access for one year from the date that the login information is posted to your My Subscriptions page.

We can only bring you the special additional subscription rate based on the program being used within your family/household. Please do not order additional subscriptions for other students at the special subscription rate that are not in your family/household. Unfortunately, if this is done, we will have to terminate your access to the program for all the students you registered and you will not receive a refund for the orders you placed.

Is the WordSmart software based on scientific research?

WordSmart Software is based on more than 70 years of research at the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation. Dr. O’Connor showed that vocabulary is the single biggest indicator of success—be it academic, financial, or professional.

Can increasing your vocabulary really increase your IQ?

Yes! The size of your vocabulary is one of the best indicators of how well you will do on an IQ test, as well as standardized tests.

There are multiple levels to the WordSmart Learn1 program, how do I determine which level is best for me or my student?

Because each student is different, even students within the same grade level, we have created the WordSmart Challenge placement program. Any student can take this test and at the end of the program it will show what level of the WordSmart Learn1 series that student should use.

Once the student has attained the level of completion for a word, is there another placement test to further the learning with new words? How does one know when the highest level has been completed?

When the student initially logs into the program, he/she is given one assessment to place the student at his/her current reading level. Once students have been placed into a specific volume and group, they will then be automatically moved to the next (harder) volume and group upon completion and scoring of the current level. The highest volume and group would be J-9. This would be a Ph.D. reading level.

Is there a comprehensive scale that tells you how many levels (ie. 1-11) in each letter from A-J and what grade level that letter and number combination should equate or compare to?

Each level has approx 10 levels. There are a couple with 9 or 11. Click here to see the WordSmart levels and the corresponding grade equivalents.

What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.

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