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”Once my son got the hang of the program, he really enjoyed it. He is NOT the kind of kid that does well with traditional vocabulary programs - you know, write the words and their definitions, then use them in a sentence. This program is very clever in how it presents the different parts of the definitions with contextual clues, all leading up to the complete definition. I do have some question over how much he will retain, but it's definitely one of the better ways I've seen to "do" vocabulary.
Robin A., Co-op Member
”This is not just a vocabulary program; it is also a thinking program.”
Joan Smathers, President, Florida Council of Language Arts Supervisors
”This program is a powerful learning tool that boosts academic performance while simultaneously preparing students for standardized exams.”
Sheila Smith, Director, Gifted & Talented Programs, Los Angeles Unified School District
”I just want to tell you how pleased we are with this program. It is remarkable, and well worth the money. Congratulations on a fine contribution to education.”
Dr. Chris McDonough, Principal, Hawthorne Country Day School
”This product has been great for my high school age son. He's really learning the vocabulary words, yet without arduous memorization. He even called me in one day to have me read the derivation of a certain word which he found particularly interesting. This is a fun and painless way to improve one's vocabulary.”
Margaret Ott, Co-op Member
”We have used Words and their Stories for several weeks now and would recommend this product. My son has loved learning about the background of the words as well as their meanings. Discovering the history behind the word has made vocabulary much more meaningful for him. He loves the program and because of the design with "clues", he feels like he is playing a game. He asks to do a lesson and then complains when his time is done. He has learned a great deal and loves sharing his new knowledge with others. Our whole family has fun with this program.”
Casia C, Co-op Member
”I have used Word and Their Stories for three years now, with three children. (They've started at different times, it's taken each about two years to complete the program.) They have had fun learning many new words and their meanings. I have enjoyed seeing their vocabulary grow! Thank you!!”
Carrie Y., Co-op Member
”This program is a great way to learn the derivative of words. Some of the questions do not seem relevant to the word given, but my 12 year old son likes using the program and is improving his vocabulary.”
Vikki, Co-op Member
”We recently purchased our subscription to Words and Their Stories for our 12 year old son. He has absolutely loved it. The format seems to work very well for him. I have noticed a much higher retention in vocabulary than when we have used a workbook format in the past. The use of critical thinking skills in choosing the correct words has been wonderful. We will continue to use this program and have recommended it to friends.”
Michelle K., Co-op Member
”We have been using "Words and Their Stories" for several years now. My daughter loves this program and I've seen her new knowledge in action many times. This one is always on our list and she'll be a freshman this fall.”
Suzanne S., Co-op Member
”I purchased this program to give my children a better tool for vocabulary building. They have tried a few trial lessons and I actually had to make them stop at some point because they liked it so much. We will be using this in the Fall as we start a new school year. I am sure I will not hear the groans and complaints I heard when they were doing their previous vocabulary work!”
Katie M., Co-op Member
”Great tool for teaching vocabulary and word roots. We take on a new word every day and learn its origins as well as those of related words with the same roots.”
L Major, Co-op Member
”My 8 year old son loves the approach to learning vocabulary and it is such a well thought out program with a lot of customization abilities. I would definitely recommend it!”
Amy H, Co-op Member
”I have used this with my 1st grade son, and I have nothing but positive things to say. I am extremely glad that I made this purchase. And I am sure that effects it will have on him is long lasting. It does not have any fancy scores, animations etc., which other sites might have, but the content is simply worth it.

I would gladly use it for other kids too.”
Shyla, Co-op Member
”So far, we are very pleased with this program. I am using it for my 10th and 7th graders. They actually seem to enjoy it!”
Susan F, Co-op Member
”My kids love the visual design of Words and Their Stories. It's a fun way to learn vocabulary. I like that they are motivated to work on it by themselves.”
Deb, Co-op Member
”We used this before, but we knew it as Get a Clue. When we found out it was now called Words and Their Stories, my kids immediately asked me to get it for them. They love this program and so do I.”
R. Lilly, Co-op Member
”I wanted for my 10 year old to learn more vocabulary words. He was resistant to my idea of writing down words that he came across in his reading, and then looking them up in a dictionary. Words and Their Stories to the rescue! My son loves this website! He learns so much about the words, and enjoys sharing this new information with the rest of the family. I'll definitely recommend Words and Their Stories to anyone who asks.”
Debi J., Co-op Member
”We really like this vocabulary program. By coming at a word's meaning from various angles, it does a great job of giving a fuller sense of its usage. We also like that you can pick various levels, not just a specific grade level.”
C. Walker, Co-op Member
”Overall my daughter really loves this program. She finds it easy and interesting to use.
I find the teachers dashboard frustrating though. I go through the motions to create quizzes, but never am able to actually have a final product. I am told it will open in a new browser window, but the same screen just opens in a new browser window. I feel it is important to write the words on paper to truly integrate them in a child's brain. I am disappointed I can't have access to this function.”
Cheryl, Co-op Member
”I have three teens who all enjoy Words and Their Stories. My son says he has learned a lot from it. My daughter says it is easy to use. My other daughter (the one who likes organized, structured learning the least) even says, "It's great." That is huge.

Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-Op, for working with Words and Their Stories to make this terrific program available to homeschoolers at a discount. It is definitely worth it for our family!”
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
”I have purchased this for my 10 year old daughter who is in 4th grade @ Fairfax County, VA elementary school system. She enjoys this product thoroughly, she told me "it is very to use, and fun". Thanks very much for coming up with a nice product. A big thank you to Homeschool Buyers Co-op, without their kind help to save us on the price.”
Bala Kalimili, Co-op Member
”This learning program is engaging, and my son really enjoys it.”
S. Lin, Co-op Member
”This is a fun way to teach your vocabulary through interesting word stories and word origins. My son already has an excellent vocabulary but he is really enjoying this program. It gives him the freedom to pick a category based on interest. This year I have gone away from traditional paper and pencil assignments in favor of computer generated. My son is loving it and asking for "just one more word."”
Ada H., Co-op Member
”My oldest daughter has used "Words and Their Stories" for several years now and she loves it. We use her weekly word list for spelling to. We love the immediate feedback and I can check on her progress anytime using the parent site. We will continue using "Words" until we run out of "words"!”
Suzanne Saenz, Co-op Member
”I really enjoy having my kids use this program. The depth of the teaching for each word is great! I find that I must sit with my daughter for the first part of each new word, as the language used in the program is sometimes higher than her reading level (though not her understanding), but it's just the perfect thing for my kids. :-)”
Barb L., Co-op Member
”My 16 year old daughter loves Words and Their Stories and so do I! I love that i can see what she does every day and what she needs to review. She loves that it's not just reading and memorizing words and definitions.”
Anna Kinney, Co-op Member
”We have been using Words and Their Stories for over a month now. Learning two words a day. The program is fun, engaging and easy to use. It takes all of 5 mins. Both my kids enjoy and look forward to it and the method it is delivered is very memorable. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to increase their vocabulary.”
R. Paige, Co-op Member
”My daughter has just finished 4th grade and loves Words and Their Stories. She is a very verbal girl and reads every chance she gets, so her vocabulary is already quite large, but this adds another dimension. She asks to do it almost every day which says a lot! ”
Dawn, Co-op Member
”I ordered words and their stories for my 5th grade son and have been thrilled with the product. My son loves the program and can't wait till we get to it each day! The software is sharp and current and fun. The curriculum is interesting and challenging. I am even learning new things about words as he uses it. We do 2 new words a day which takes about 15min. It is a fun and enjoyable way to expand your child's vocabulary.”
Tiffany Remus, Co-op Member
”My 11yo and 8yo boys ask to do Words and Their Stories and I enjoy "playing" along with them. Well done. It's a welcome addition to this years curriculum.”
Jeanette M., Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son absolutely loves Words and Their Stories. The program goes so much further than your typical vocabulary program that lists words with their definitions. Learning how the words came about really makes their meanings stick.

I am frequently drawn to look over his shoulder by exclamations like: "I never knew that!", "Wow, that is so cool.", "So that's where we get that word from...", "Mom, did you know...?".

I bought this as a supplement; however, it is so rich and deep it can stand on its own. The words really stick, and I have found the vocabulary popping up in everyday usage. Not your typical kill and drill, fill in the blank, vocabulary program.”
B. Bradley, Co-op Member
”My daughter, who asks to do Words and their Stories each day before her other studies, is having fun learning where words come from. I like the program because it ties in to our Greek and Latin root word studies. We will look forward to continuing the program.”
Bev and Christie, Co-op Member
”Our subscription expired and my daughter asked for it again... That tells something about this program, coming from an autistic child.”
E. Gomez, Co-op Member
”This is a good program. This will be our second year with it. My sixth and fifth graders find it easy to navigate and we have never had any problems with the software. The assessment quizzes placed both my boys in challenging levels but not so hard that they were discouraged when they started. This has been a good supplement to our language arts curriculum which is all book based. It makes for a nice change to do something quick on the computer. We just do fifteen minutes a day. I have seen an improvement in both of my sons' vocabulary use and understanding.”
Allison, Co-op Member
”The first word that comes to mind when describing Words and their Stories is, WOW! I have to be honest in saying that 80% of the vocabulary words used in this program, I have never seen before myself. That being said, my sons aged 10 and 12 LOVE this program. They love the game play aspect of it and they are always sharing their scores. Our whole family is learning right along with them. I am so happy to have discovered this program through the Homeschool Buyers co-op. I was looking for an interesting way to teach my sons vocabulary,and this is certainly it. I have mentioned this program to my friends and family that don't homeschool. It is a wonderful tool to increase vocabulary and understanding of where certain words come from.”
Jocelyn Dorsey, Co-op Member
”We enjoy this program. My 10 year old used a word in context the other day and said that's a new word I learned from Words and Their Stories. We do about 5 words a day.”
J. Lamphier, Co-op Member
”I am so sad to see you only want positive feedback. My comments have never been posted. The program is a good one, but they need to correct many, many grammar errors. For a program that teaches vocabulary to children, there should be no mistakes. I am sad that your company condones errors, by not including negative comments. Both positive and negative are helpful to buyers. But then I understand why you wouldn't include negative comments for two reasons: you might lose money and your own company has many, many errors on this very site. Each time I come here I find errors. Just look at the heading for this page. It says, "Add A Testmonial," but the last word should be spelled Testimonial. As a teacher at home, I am saddened to see curriculum companies with grammar and spelling errors. They don't present professionalism to me nor do they appropriately teacher my children.
I did contact the supplier, who was quick to respond that he had, "never heard of the problems." But he was going to have someone look into it. We continue to use the program, inspire of the errors, because my daughter does learn much from it. However, I cannot leave her alone with it because I must catch the errors so she doesn't learn them. We use the program 5 days a week and cover four words daily. Every other day, at least, we find an error. And this is weeks after contacting the company. I appreciate both of your companies, but you both need to higher better proof readers. Please!”
Candace, Co-op Member
”My 11-year old is a gifted, reader. We've done several vocabulary book series based on Latin and Greek word roots which he enjoyed, but we really need something new! Even for him, those workbooks get really old after awhile. Like all kids, he loves time on the computer, so I let him try "Words-and-their-Stories." He LOVES it! I require him to play 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week, but he spends far longer on it when he can, and even asks to play when it's not "school time!"

He is learning new words and making connections among words that his vocabulary workbooks never really encouraged. This is a GREAT product. Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op, for making it possible!”
Angela, Co-op Member
”We love this program. My grandson is very good at determining the right word to select by the clues given (sometimes I miss it and he gets it right). It fascinating and amazing to find out how the words in our english language originated. I will continue to use this program and recommend it to others.”
pBelcher, Co-op Member
”This is a great program!! My 10-year-old son loves anything in a story and he loves Words and Their Stories. The interesting stories and meanings behind each of these words allow him to expand his vocabulary quickly. Words and Their Stories is a must program for students who, like my son, learn in unconventional ways.”
Stephanie C., Co-op Member
”I am 15 years old and love writing. Words and Their Stories has helped me understand word roots and meanings better. Other vocabulary curricula that I have used are dull and tedious, and hard to keep focused on. This curriculum is definitely NOT boring! Words and Their Stories is engaging and interesting. I love it!”
Katie Forman, Co-op Member
”I have used Words and Their Stories as one aspect of my son's vocabulary study. This is so easy to use, is leveled, and what I like about it, is that it approaches word learning in context, so a word can have different meanings in different situations. It is not just a memorization tool, but requires some deeper and more active thinking. The stories behind the word are fascinating and suits his way of learning because it becomes meaningful and is something he can control from the words he chooses, to the fact he gets immediate feedback about whether he has understood the meaning of the word. I would not hesitate in recommending this product.”
L. Norman, Co-op Member
”This curriculum is great! Our 7 year old looks forward to vocabulary time with a smile on his face!”
S. Gates, Co-op Member
”My son has dyslexia. He is using Words and Their Stories as part of his dyslexia tutoring. We are now using it for a 2nd year. because he enjoys the program so much.”
Lis, Co-op Member
”I go this program for my 14 year old son that has a hard time paying attention. He loves it and really gets into it! He has no problem doing the work, and it is really easy to use. We love it!”
Jennifer Walker, Co-op Member
”This is a fun way to work on vocabulary skills. Instead of memorization, this program teaches your student to learn the meaning of new words by context and other clues. My son enjoys the program and it will be a great benefit when he takes the SAT. I highly recommend the program for middle and high school students.”
Monica Garza, Co-op Member
”My twelve year old has been using this program for the past three years and I can see the positive effect it has had on his vocabulary. This positive effect is evident in his writings as well as in his daily conversations. His goal is to complete the entire list of words. So we will be continuing with the program until that goal is achieved.”
JackieF., Co-op Member
”My 14 yr old daughter really loves this program! There's no problem getting her to do it every day and she's using words now that I have to ask her the meaning of! I think I will start using it myself!”
M. Jones, Co-op Member