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PLEASE do not contact FableVision directly prior to making your purchase. Refer to this page for more information and support. The Club has FULL RESPONSIBILITY for getting your questions answered prior to purchase.

What is Words and Their Stories?

Words and Their Stories™ is an award-winning web-based educational program designed for the contemporary Language Arts classroom, grades 5 and up. Words and Their Stories helps build your child's vocabulary and reading skills.

What are the recommended system requirements?

Words and Their Stories is a web-based program using HTML5. You should have no issues with current browsers. You can use it on any Internet connected device including iPads.

Does Words and Their Stories provide an audio component to the subscription?

The lessons and reading segments are not read aloud to the student, but the product will pronounce each of the vocabulary words.

Do I have to order Words and Their Stories by level or do they automatically move up if they get everything correct. Or can I bump them up a level if the level they start at is too easy for them?

All the levels are available. And students can work at any level they choose. However, there is a diagnostic exam offered which recommends where the student should begin. Itís not essential that the student takes the diagnostic exam nor begin at the recommended level.

How will I get access to my subscription?

The Club will give you access to our Words and Their Stories school subscription via a link on the "My Subscriptions" page in your Club account. Please allow two business days for us to process your order. When we have your account ready, we will email you with instructions. If you don't receive the email, not to worry. Simply sign in to your Club account to see the "My Subscriptions" page. Your subscription is good for 12 months.

What happens if students quit prior to completing a word/level/category? How do students quit in the middle of a word?

The program will remember students' progress up through the last word that they completed. If they quit in the middle of a word, they will begin that word anew the next time they enter the category. Students can select "quit" at any time from within the Student Module.

Can my student move through the grade levels at his or her own speed?

Yes, your student can go through any of the grade levels s/he chooses at his or her own speed.

Is it possible for a student to do a word/level/category more than once?

Students can go through a word as many times as they like, however, they will only receive a score the first time they do the word. Students may also use the Review Words Feature to review past work at anytime.

Can I get a word list/preview the content my students are studying?

Yes. Go to the "lessons" tab and click "filter". You can view the content of any or all word lists from here.

How long does the Diagnostic Exam take?

It is suggested that you allow at least 20 minutes for the Diagnostic Exam.

What are the Pre and Post Tests?

The Pre and Post tests work in conjunction as indicators of student progress. Should a teacher wish to utilize these tests, she should require that students take the Pre test for a word list before starting the words in that list. The Pre test is taken from clues in its word list. Once the word list is completed, the option for a Post test appears. This test is similar to the Pre test, except that different clues are used from the same word list. By comparing the results of the Pre and Post test in the teacher module, an instant measure can be made of how well the student has progressed through the word list.

How do I generate a quiz?

Go to QUIZ/REVIEW and follow the on-screen directions. Important: Please be sure pop-up blockers are DISABLED! If pop-up blockers are enabled, it can hinder you from generating quizzes (off-online) or review guides. Remember, Words and Their Stories "Quizzes" are meant to be printed by the teacher and given to the student, i.e., paper handout. These quizzes are not meant to be taken within the program as the answers are open ended and need to be individually reviewed and graded.

How can I see which words my students have completed?

Go to SCORES, click on the correct class, and then click on a Student's name. In the next screen, click on "Words Completed.". You can click on each word listed to view its entire content.

How can I view my student's scores?

Fable Vision changed the scores to display according to a date range. The teacher should go in and change the date range when viewing the student scores. The student's scores will then appear for the teacher.

How many words does Words and Their Stories teach?

There are 1050 words. However, each of those has a story that incorporates other words so the true number is probably 10 times that.

Why are there no quiz scores showing?

Quiz questions require written responses. Words and Their Stories "Quizzes" are meant to be printed by the teacher and given to the student, i.e., paper handout. These quizzes are not meant to be taken within the program as the answers are open ended and need to be individually reviewed and graded. Therefore, the scores are not recorded automatically. You can record quiz scores in your own grade book.

I would like to renew my subscription that I purchased through the Club. How can I renew?

We don't have a special renewal rate for Words and Their Stories. Please purchase another subscription on our offer page, and we will extend your current subscription out for 365 days.

What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We'll answer your question and update this page as well.