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The Co-op welcomes constructive comments that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Why Homeschooling ROCKS to their home school curriculum. If you have used Why Homeschooling ROCKS and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”It is made it so easy to find peer reviewed homeschooling products and programs all in one spot. I'm so glad I found the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I will definitely recommend it to other parents.”
Stacy L, Co-op Member
”I cannot express how much I LOVE this product! I read it immediately, and it just reinforced all the reasons I chose to homeschool! There is a lot of prejudice that homeschooling families face, and after reading this, I feel more prepared to put into words, why I love homeschooling. I also decided to print it up, and put it in a binder which could easily be handed to someone who is a sceptic.”
Mama V, Co-op Member
”Homeschooling rocks because, just like first words and first steps, we get to be the ones there with our kids, when they read their first sentence and when they first grasp any given concept. It's a beautiful thing. It's not easy, but then, most things worth having never are.”
M Burl, Co-op Member
”The homeschooling rocks books was a great read, but most importantly motivating. This is great material to read during one of this "why am i homeschooling moments". After reading the book, I felt encouraged to not give up on homeschooling, but find more ways to do it better.”
Monica S., Co-op Member
”If you are having last minute jitters, as I was about taking my child out of ps to begin homeschool for the first time, jitters will be gone! Many stated the very words from my heart of why I chose to do this. Thank You!”
Linda Flint, Co-op Member
”The flexibility of home schooling means we get to share together in life's wonders as they happen. When our baby alpaca was born, my daughter and I had a chance to witness the entire miracle of the birthing process together. Homeschooling Rocks on a farm!”
Mariann Foster, Co-op Member
”Awesome!!! Lots of valuable info. Thank you.”
Mrs. Cox, Co-op Member
”I love this book and the sentiments of so many hearts expressed so beautifully.”
Debra Hargersilver, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for the e-book "Why Homeschooling Rocks"! We are just into our 2nd year of homeschooling and I am loving it! I felt led by the Lord to remove my dd from ps 3 months into her 7th grade year. Even though I still feel overwhelmed at times, I love having her with me every day! It is a joy knowing that your 13 year old actually "likes" you in addition to loving you! I only wish that I knew about homeschooling when my son was born (now 19 and in college). I never even knew that homeschooling existed until several years ago. I feel like I've been living under a rock all this time, missing out on such a wonderful opportunity. But I thank God that He has led me to it now. Reading all the quotes from other homeschooling parents was so uplifting! Thanks again for this publication!”
Wendy M., Co-op Member
”What an ecouragement! I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments. The pictures were delightful too.

I will share it with the others in my homeschool group.

Thank you for sharing it with us.”
Alice B., Co-op Member
”I really enjoyed reading these entries in the book. I especially enjoyed the pictures! I am a 13-year homeschool veteran and still get fired up when I hear the conviction for homeschooling! :o)”
Christee B, Co-op Member
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