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Knowledge To College
Presented by: Jean Burk, College Prep Genius
Presented on: 03-11-2021 11:00 AM Pacific
Hosted by: Homeschool Buyers Co-op
Did you know there are over 50 things to consider when choosing a college? Discover everything from searching for the perfect college to going to an Ivy-League school for FREE! Learn the one thing that can set your student apart for college acceptance and scholarships. The right information can make the difference between your student going to a safety school or to his or her dream college!
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Beyond Baking Cookies
Presented by: Katie Kimball, Kids Cook Real Food
Presented on: 05-05-2021 11:00 AM Pacific
Hosted by: Homeschool Buyers Co-op

Supercharge your baking this year with brain science! Learn how to vault your kids beyond into REAL cooking - this presentation will make it a stress-free experience! This live webinar is perfect for parents looking to connect with their kids in the kitchen more than just a couple of times a year during holiday baking.


What You'll Learn When You Attend:


  • The Biggest Mistake Parents Make (when inviting their kids into the kitchen)...and how to avoid it.
  • 3-Step Process to Teach Kids ANYTHING (and apply it in the kitchen)
  • What brain science says about HOW to Motivate Kids to Help Out (and eat more healthy food, too!)
  • What Skills are Perfect for Your Child’s Age
  • When You Can Introduce Sharp Knives to Kids
  • How to Start (and supercharge) the "Confidence-Competence" Loop Discovered by Psychologists for your Kids
  • The Kids Cook Real Food system for helping little ones who can’t read truly make recipes on their own - this one is like magic!
  • How to Build Connection, Confidence and Creativity in your Kids - for Life!
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