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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Visualize World Geography to their home school curriculum. If you have used Visualize World Geography and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”I was hesitant to invest in this, but after reading the reviews I decided to go ahead. I'm very happy I did. I find the videos fairly corny and as an adult some of the tricks to have them remember countries and capitals more confusing, but it works for my 7-year-old son. We just completed working on South America and he can look at an unmarked map and tell you every country and almost every capital. He can also tell you interesting facts. When they covered Bolivia they mentioned they lost their sea border in a war. I had to go research this war because my son was very interested in what happened. Overall it's worth the investment and he looks forward to doing geograpy.”
Amy, Co-op Member
”This really works! After just a few days of watching the videos, my children have already learned three countries and their capitols in South America. Sure wish this had been around when I was growing up and had to memorize world geography! I feel this will give my kids the advantage they need in this area. Much better than just handing them a map and telling them to "memorize it!" Kids (11 and 12) think some of the acting is a little cheesy, but they do admit it sticks with them! Great memory hooks! Grateful for this program.”
Joanne, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love this program. It makes learning geography fun, and it makes it easy to remember. DD always looks forward to geography day.”
Tracy P., Co-op Member
”I have twins struggling learners. One has a little more trouble recalling details than the other. They need visual and/or engaging lessons in order for the information to stick. Visualize World Geography was perfect for them. I was a little reluctant to get the program because of the price. However, it was an investment that was well worth it. Now they beg to do their geography.

The visual cues make it possible for them to recall details such as where a country sits on the map. They are able to fill out the continents they have learned about on a blank make. They are taking the initiative to look at the globe and searches for their locations.”
Angela H., Co-op Member
”This program definitely works!!! I purchased VWG for my ten year son and have been extremely impressed with his progress. The video scenarios and acting definitely is for kids and is hard for me to watch, but my son thinks they're funny.
We have only been using the program for 6 weeks and I am very pleased with the fact that my son knows all the countries in North America, South America,Central America, Europe, and Asia. Next week we start on the countries in Africa.

Not only is my son learning and retaining the information so am I. I am learning right along with him, and I am very impressed with how much this program has taught me about world geography.

I would definitely recommend this program. It is simple to understand and best of it it does work!”
Jackie F., Co-op Member
”I never have to say it's time for geography twice. The girls run to get their books. They love it and are really learning.”
Denise R, Co-op Member
”I really struggled with spending the money on this program. It was a huge chunk of what I had budgeted. After my mother decided to help out, I decided this was the "big" thing I wanted to spend money on this year. Watching the samples on their website, I knew it was going to be "corny" but what my boys would totally eat up. The first day we sat down to watch Lesson 1, and they ended up begging until we had done all of South America. They LOVED it!! We have only done South and Central America, but they still beg for more. This was definitely worth the money! There are things that as a parent, I find could be done better, especially for the price, but my kids are perfectly happy the way that the program is now. We previously purchased Mapping the World by Heart, but I found that there was a LOT more prep work involved than I expected, and with three kids, I couldn't put that much into just one subject. This is perfect, I read over the intro to each country, and then we watch the video. Super simple, super fast and super effective! I have told others about the program, and will continue to spread the word. Totally worth it!”
cary lynn, Co-op Member
”We just started using this geography curriculum and my girls (ages 10 & 13) want to do multiple lessons everyday. In 3 days time, they already know all of South America's countries and almost all of Central America! Very impressed with this geography! We knew before we bought it that it can be a bit "corny" at times, but I think that helps in some of the memorization. It is pricey, but for the results you earn, it is well worth the cost! Wondering if they make a DVD for learning the 50 states?”
L. Lethers, Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE this program! I wasn't planning on purchasing any more curriculum this year, but I'm so glad I did! I already spent my max on 3 grade levels of Abeka videos, but when the Co-op offered this, I couldn't resist since I LOVE geography myself. The videos are kind of goofy, but they crack the kids up and they are learning all the countries of Africa - not normally an easy thing to do. My kids are 11, 8, 6, 3, and 1 and they are all absorbing it in differing levels. I highly recommend it!”
Amy L., Co-op Member
”We really like this program. A great way to learn geography. My daughter learned the countries in Africa in just a week. She is 10. My husband said she probably knows more than a high school teen. Funny and entertaining. I personally love the Cameroon skit. I also love how my daughter will just go and watch the DVDs by herself.”
Evelyn, Co-op Member
”This is an amazing product. It has been more fun and more effective than I would have believed before we experienced it. My boys who are 9 and 11 have learned over 70 countries in a couple of months, as have I. We will do the other "half" next year, but I feel it is already well worth what I paid. This is learning that will last a lifetime.”
Lisa T., Co-op Member
”My 4 boys (ages 4-8) LOVE Visualize World Geography! We learn one new lesson each week and they always ask to do more and want to watch the clips they already know! When I tell them they have to wait until next Monday to see the next lesson, they actually count down the days. They all can color in the map outline with all of the countries they know and love showing off their maps.”
S. Rice, Co-op Member
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