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”We love Visual Latin. His sense of humor keeps the kids much more engaged because they are always listening for the next joke. The format of video/worksheet x3 and then the quiz works very well. My kids are 13, 12 and 10 and brag to their friends that they know Latin because they are really enjoying it.”
D Brandt, Co-op Member
”This curriculum is wonderful. I'm working through it with my 13 year old son, and we are only two lessons in, yet I'm reading and understanding Latin already. I was reading in another book that had a Latin phrase, and I understood the basic words of the sentence in order to come to a pretty close translation. I'm certain we will be able to read Latin by the end of these 30 lessons, and will have an even deeper understanding in the second volume of classes. Be sure to read the teacher's guide, as there are many free resources that accompany this course that will be of great value to you in using this course.”
Elyse Napoli, Co-op Member
”This is the best video course we have ever used! My 6th grade son and I have thoroughly enjoyed the way Dwayne Thomas presents Visual Latin. He incorporates humor to keep things from being boring. The worksheets and quizzes are a great complement to the videos. I like the way Visual Latin 1 has suggested use for a middle school student and a high school student. We are using it for middle school. I have recommended it to a friend who is looking for a Latin 1 program for her middle school son.”
L. Riley, Co-op Member
”My 10-year-old daughter has dyslexia,dysgraphia and ADHD inattentive disorder. She enjoyed the program but as we were moving to a location without Internet, we were unable to complete. I believe we got up to lesson 11. I enjoyed the maker's humor. We would purchase the videos if we could in order to finish the series.”
Pickeringfamily3, Co-op Member
”This has been the stepping stone our family needed to progress in Latin. We have used several books that taught vocabulary but we were mystified by declensions and conjugations. Visual Latin clearly and systematically explains Latin grammar. All my kids, from age 8 to 14, have benefitted from this program.”
S Means, Co-op Member
”My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed this online program! She says the instructor is light and funny, and has taught her so much about the derivatives of words. This has become useful in applying towards her stories and writing. He makes learning Latin easy.

She has grown in her Latin, even teaching her dad and I. The visual instruction has made her learning this program more effective than any other program we've tried. Thanks Dwayne from Visual Latin!”
J. LeVine, Co-op Member
”Visual Latin has been a hit with my 10 year old daughter! This is her third year doing Latin and this is by far her favorite program. She loves the instructor and thinks he is entertaining and a good teacher. I love the visual aspect/teaching and how simple and straightforward the lesson worksheets, vocabulary and quizzes are. We will be sticking with Visual Latin for sure!”
Heather Young, Co-op Member
”The last thing I wanted to do is add Latin to my daughter's school day, because she hates school so bad (would rather read and play) So I was a bit nervous to ask her what she thought so far (3 weeks in). She won't say she loves it, but it is her favorite subject - which is a huge. And "He's funny". It's our first online curriculum. I feel this will bring together all that she has been learning in language up to this point.”
LL, Co-op Member
”I had previously tried another Latin program. While it was good, it was not very engaging and left me bored and confused. I am in middle school. This program has short, concise lessons so it never seems overwhelming or painful. Yet the material moves along quickly. I especially like the quizlet vocabulary lists to help practice all the new words in fun ways. The teacher is rather silly but that makes him engaging and approachable. I am really enjoying Latin this year and am glad we switched programs. I highly recommend this program.”
J.Elyssa, Co-op Member
”The lessons are concise and interesting. The teacher is very knowledgeable and entertaining to watch, without overdoing it (you know what I mean).”
AZMom, Co-op Member
”My 17 year old loved the videos. He doesn't usually like a lot of videos but these kept him alert.”
Jennifer B., Co-op Member
”What a great program. He makes it so easy to understand. Love the worksheets that come along with the program.”
Robin K, Co-op Member
”My daughter (10th grader) thought it was very well done and interesting!! Would absolutely consider purchasing the program. Thanks again Homeschool Co-op for providing great materials!!!”
L. Clark, Co-op Member
”Visual Latin has been AMAZING for us! We started out with the free summer trial and we bought the DVDs asap. My 11 year old and I are learning SO MUCH. And the teacher, Deayne Thomas, is hilarious and fun to watch.”
Kali, Co-op Member
”We love how relaxed and low key this guy is!”
R. Mitchell, Co-op Member
”We used the program for the first 15 lessons over the summer break. The program is very well organized: English grammar, than Latin grammar, then reading and translating Latin passages from the Bible. The teacher made Latin easy to learn. I used to watch the videos with my kids 10 and 13 years old in the evening after work, and have them do the worksheets, either by themselves or together after watching videos.

They enjoyed the teacher's jokes, and teaching style, integration of English grammar, and uncovering of English words derived from Latin. They had very good explanations on English grammar also.”
Manuela Krizbai, Co-op Member
”My family has very much enjoyed our summer experience with Visual Latin. When I saw the free trial come up, I decided to take a break from our usual Spanish studies for the summer to get a little Latin exposure, since I had heard such positive reports about Visual Latin. We weren't disappointed. My kids (11 & 8) and I have been working through it together. I have absolutely no prior experience with Latin. Within the first lesson I learned more Latin that I had in my entire life, previously. (Each day, after our Latin lesson, I feel so "smart"!) The kids enjoy the lectures, in particular. I've been impressed by seeing my children make connections between Latin and both English and Spanish. Overall, this has been a very enriching and rewarding experience for our family. Although I don't currently intend to continue using it (we will be returning to Spanish), If any of my children choose to pursue Latin in high school, I would definitely direct them to Visual Latin. I did recommend it to a friend whose daughter is beginning High School and planning to study Latin. She was very excited to learn about it!”
Otonya Alison, Co-op Member
”Loved the chance to try this curriculum! My kids are actually asking when they can do Latin.”
C. Tye, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old loves Visual Latin. We are not very far into yet but she has been able to grasp all of the concepts easily so far because of how simple they break it down. This is a great program for learning Latin.”
Jessica Y., Co-op Member
”Awesome materials. My children started reading short sentences in the very first lesson. Super impressed! Yes, we'll be continuing with it. I loved that it can be purchased as downloadable pdf's { there's a few different files for each course } and the video's as streaming. Definitely a bonus for those of us outside of the US.”
Deborah, Co-op Member
”This has been a great way for my 10 yr old & I to learn Latin. We tried learning through mango languages. It was so confusing even I couldn't understand it. It is a very gentle learning approach. It is interesting yet simple. It doesn't expect too much from them. It's clear, and the repetition is great for memorizing. We have been doing it for 3 weeks and he knows many words and how the verbs and adjectives work. My 10 yr old loves it. So glad I found a program that doesn't feel unattainable. We will be continuing with this program.”
Deborah B., Co-op Member
”As a parent and former student of Latin I am thoroughly impressed with the caliber of this program. Perhaps had this program been available in high school this subject area may have proved to be less challenging. Our children are very excited to learn Latin and this program enhanced the Greek and Latin roots work we ve been learning in our homeschool. This program is easy to follow, the video instruction and downloads are done well and it is a sound investment in our children's education.”
S.J. Will, Co-op Member
”After trying a few Latin programs, we tried Visual Latin this summer. I've never seen my son so willing to do his Latin daily. He finds Dwane so funny. And the best thing is that my son is retaining the information! We will be continuing with this program.”
Rebecca K., Co-op Member
”This contains just enough levity to engage students without distracting from the lesson. The whole family enjoys it.”
Julie Z., Co-op Member
”My 12 year son seems to really enjoy this Latin program. He keeps asking me, Mom, can I do Latin? And the best part is listening to him learn and wanting to do more. So far we a very happy with this progam.”
Pam W, Co-op Member
”We love Visual Latin. The teacher is engaging and silly and funny too!
I have told other families about it already.”
Nicole A., Co-op Member
”When we first started Visual Latin, I was not expecting much. Boy was I surprised!

My twelve-year-old twins were captivated from the start. They enjoyed watching the humor-infused videos and learning Latin bit by bit. Worksheets and quizzes reinforce the video material.

I had never studied Latin, but it's fun to follow along with the girls. I often catch my older kids checking out the screen during the lessons. Visual Latin makes language learning simple and fun.

Surprisingly, the kids are learning and understanding English better as they study Latin. Until now, I had avoided including Latin in our homeschool curriculum, but we are all enjoying it. Visual Latin is definitely worth the investment.”
Jenn P, Co-op Member
”The kids ASK to do Latin. That's never happened before! The teacher is THAT entertaining. I love it that his goal is for the students to read the Latin Vulgate in 2 years. We're on Lesson 13 of the 1st year, so I cannot attest to that, but we DO know more about Latin. I would not say that it is as "solid" as other programs. What I mean by that is that it feels like we're going across a chasm on a wobbly rope bridge instead of a brick wall. But, you get across! With other programs, the steps taken are more like "baby steps," so that you completely understand one thing before moving on. I will also mention that I have noticed typos in the printed material, including the answer key. Will I continue to use it? I think so. The instructor makes the lessons so enjoyable that we can overlook the other things. I may supplement from time to time with another program that we already own, though. Yes, I've told some of my friends about it. The important thing to note here is that my kids have told their friends about it, too! :)”
Natalie in Indiana, Co-op Member
”This guy makes learning Latin palatable. He's funny, explains the concepts well, and reassures you along the way. I highly recommend this course!”
Becky H., Co-op Member
”Great product. My son loved the instructor...relaxed in his delivery without being too straight or boring. Lessons were easy to follow with not too much effort on my part to incorporate them into our curriculum. Made Latin worth learning.”
Arlene, Co-op Member
”I researched many different Latin Programs and scoured the vendor hall at the local HS conference looking for an engaging Latin program. In numerous blogs, Visual Latin continued to come up. After watching a few of the sample videos with my son, we decided to try it. I was very thankful to see Visual Latin come up on the HS buyers coop. We're excited to begin in the fall.”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”My child has enjoyed this over another Latin DVD based course. This is taught is a different way than traditional foreign language techniques.”
Lisha T., Co-op Member
”Our 14-year-old finds both Visual-Latin 1 and WordUp (also by Compass Classroom) very easy to understand. He finds them just as entertaining as the British cartoon Minimus the Mouse, which is Latin suitable for much younger kids. Our teenage son said the Compass instructor, Dwane Thomas, "gets the point across and does a good job". Thomas uses Ecclesiastical Latin (Church pronunciation), whereas I was taught Classical pronunciation, but the transition is quick and effortless. I like Visual-Latin 1 because it also covers English grammar and Bible verses, so it is really a 3-in-1 program. I am surprised that our son now much prefers learning Latin to French because of the easy set-up and pace. I would recommend Visual-Latin 1 for children over the age of 12. We will likely move on to Visual-Latin 2, time permitting next year.”
Theresa McCuaig, Co-op Member
”Visual Latin is the second program we've tried. We were ready to give up on Latin before finding this. Here's what my 6th and 3rd graders have to say about Visual Latin:
"It's awesome!"
"Visual Latin is actually fun! And we're actually learning stuff! The old one was boring enough to make us fall asleep!"”
Janice D, Co-op Member
”Great product. My son wanted to keep taking Latin after being pulled out of public school, but other programs needed a tutor with the class. In Visual-Latin, My son is able to self-pace and all I do is supervise. We love the product, and definitely looking forward to the second year.”
Arlene, Co-op Member
”My 13, 11 and 8 year old love this program. Latin has become a favorite subject!”
Becky S., Co-op Member
”Visual Latin makes learning Latin very accessible for homeschooling families. Dwane Thomas' sense of humor keeps my children engaged and has me convinced that Latin and Dwane Thomas will be part of our homeschooling experience for years to come.”
C. Schiffmann, Co-op Member
”I am learning Latin along with my now 8-year-old son. We started two years ago with Song School Latin and transitioned beautifully to Visual Latin this year. I am planning on working through the first 30 lessons in 2 years which means we take 2 weeks to finish a lesson and that works well for us.

I am very happy with the program. Dwaine is funny and makes it entertaining. He has a very enjoyable teaching style, the lessons are short and so my son never feels burnt out after a lesson. In fact, we both look forward to this Latin "break."”
Burt, R, Co-op Member
”We are extremely happy with our Visual Latin purchase. This is the third Latin program we have tried and I can unequivocally say it is the best of the three. It is easy to follow (as easy as something can be as regards Latin learning) and it is able to keep the attention of my teenagers as the others were unable to. While the declensions can pose a problem, the speed at which you learn is completely up to you. You can always replay something that may be more difficult to understand. The program keeps interest by teaching the student to make a few sentences right at the beginning, giving them a sense of accomplishment never inundating them with too many difficult concepts. It is a great program for a difficult language and it will keep your students entertained along the way.”
Kate I., Co-op Member
”My 10 year old daughter and I are enjoying this course. It is engaging and valuable to our study of Latin. We are merely trying to build up Classical Conversations memory work in preparation for her transition into Challenge next year, and this program is definitely an asset!”
Tiffany, Co-op Member
”My son is loving this Latin program! This is not the first Latin program we've tried, but the others were all thrown to the wayside early on. Mr. Thomas, the teacher, is fun and engaging, and I'm pleased with the knowledge my son has gained so far.”
Meredith, Co-op Member
”Easy to adapt for middle school or high school. My 6th grader is enjoying the teacher and is learning a lot. My husband and I are also enjoying learning Latin through Visual Latin.”
Jerri, Co-op Member
”My children love this program! I also must give a HUGE thumbs up to the customer service at Compass Classroom. We had a couple glitches with our set up and they helped immediately. They went above and beyond any customer service center that I have ever worked with! So not only do you get a terrific resource, but also terrific service if you need it.”
Sharon, Co-op Member
”WE LOVE Visual Latin!! I've seen a number of Latin programs, but this is one of the best! It's a gentle start (my son LIKED it!), but it doesn't skimp on content. The explanations are easy to understand and very pleasant to watch. No bogging down; no boredom;... and the site provides great resources to expand your learning options. Also, if you are using another resource (Henley, for example), Visual Latin can be used as a supplement, helping to explain some of the harder concepts. The comparison charts to some of the more common Latin curriculum are available on the Compass Classroom site. I know of several people who use another program, but reference Visual Latin when they get stuck or need better explanations. I highly recommend the program!”
JAL, Co-op Member
”We are having a very positive experience with visual Latin with my 9 and 6 year old children. We took Prima Latina and decided to continue with Visual Latin. we find it very interactive and children are always looking to the next lesson. Absolutely love it!”
Lena Steinmetz, Co-op Member
”Having been an Ancient Language Major, our school newspaper was even written ion Latin (I had a column), I was intrigued by the Visual Latin videos.

After watching the sample videos I was convinced my children would enjoy learning this important piece of their education.

The lessons are thorough, nicely paced, and even fun.

I consider Latin an essential part of an education meant for college-bound students, and Visual Latin definitely fills the bill.”
Christopher D., Co-op Member
”If you want your child to make a good start in Latin we recommend this curriculum. Dwane is a fantastic teacher, with a great sense of humor, my son enjoys the Visual Latin lessons and finds them easy and entertaining. As a language teacher, I know how difficult can be motivating the students, Dwane has a gift. The lessons are interesting and seeing the proud face of your child after his first independent translation is invaluable!”
A.Z., Co-op Member
”My 13 y/o daughter and 12 y/o son are learning tons and ENJOYING learning Latin. Just enough info without going overboard and no jingles which my son really appreciates. My husband was impressed when after 4 weeks my daughter spouts out in Latin during a conversation together. I would recommend to anyone who likes a no nonsense approach to learning Latin that is engaging. Children are able to complete lessons on their own and require very little support on my end.”
Abihake, Co-op Member
”Both my 11 year old daughter and I are enjoying the Visual Latin course. We have completed a Latin course already so we are entering the course with over a year's Latin experience.

We find the instructor very entertaining. He speaks directly to the students and doesn't is very human. His humor adds to his teaching. His love for learning languages is infectious.

The pace the program moves at is very nice. The variety of lecture, sentence practice, and Latin readings is nice. The short (less than 10 minutes) videos are the perfect length to explain the lesson without being too long and our eyes glazing over.

The lessons are very focused and not repetitive to the point of boredom. There is just enough reinforcement to grasp the topic.

Where was this guy when I was offered Latin in high school. If this was an option for me I would have JUMPED on it. The instructor makes a potentially dry subject fun and entertaining.

My daughter already enjoyed learning about Latin and this just re-enforces her desire to learn. This program is very complementary with our previous knowledge. We are both pleasantly surprised when get to demonstrate that we have retained our previous teaching. It is always her first choice of what we do during the school-day.

That said, I don't think there is an issue entering this course with no prerequisite knowledge. The instructor starts out assuming you have never seen any Latin before.

Not being a deeply religious family, I would have preferred the readings come from a source other than the Bible, but I am not put off by it.

I would highly recommend Visual Latin to any family who is considering Latin instruction whether they be religious or not.”
Sue A., Co-op Member