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”We first started using Uzinggo for science and my high school daughter loves it so much that we are using it for math as well. Each lesson contains a lab that applies the information. My daughter has already asked that we use it next year. I just wish that they had more class choices such as Environmental Science and Calculus.”
Tina. M, Co-op Member
”We are so grateful to have found Uzinggo on Homeschool Buyers Co-op. My son finds science challenging but since using Uzinggo he loves science and is willing to put in the time to understand the concepts. He enjoys science so much now that he looks forward to sharing about what he has learned with his sisters. The way information is presented makes learning more difficult concepts interesting and easy to understand. This course has definitely changed my son's perspective on science and has made him into an enthusiastic learner. We used it last year for Grade 8 and we are using it again for Grade 9 Science this year. Thanks Homeschool Buyers and Uzinggo for making this course available and affordable to homeschooling families.”
Mandy. K., Co-op Member
”It's a challenge to keep 2 teenage boys engaged and interested. Uzinggo is one of the products that consistently helps me meet those goals. Many times they will login and get going without prompting. As a former science teacher, the concepts are presented in a manner that motivates the student to take a deeper dive. Initially we started with science, but added math this year at their request. Previously they used another product for math that was pretty good, but preferred to use the same platform for both. Uzinggo has already assisted them in developing a better foundation in some of their weaker areas in math. I have recommended Uzinggo to other homeschooling parents.”
Alvin C., Co-op Member
”I was wanting to find interactive lessons that could be used as online labs for science and math and found Uzinggo. After using the trial version, I decided to purchase an annual subscription. My homeschool student really enjoys the science modules as auxiliaries to use to strengthen mastery of concepts learned in class. I find the tutorials interesting and engaging, and like the teacher resources and assessments provided for each module.”
Jennifer W., Co-op Member
”We have used other online math concept development programs, however, Uzinggo is by far the most rigorous one. My 9th grader realizes that this program requires more from her, hence, her reaction is not favorable--yet.”
La Shon Sturdivant, Co-op Member
”Thank you to the folks at Homeschool BC for bringing us Uzinggo. It has been a great programme for our son, who is engaged in the lessons. We will be continuing to use the programme for his final two years of Highschool.
We live in regional Australia and our internet connectivity is not the best. I do find that on days when the connectivity is particularly bad, I am not able to load Uzinggo, it is quite a 'big' programme. However the video's etc that make it big are also the same things that make the programme interesting and interactive with the students.
The only negative with Uzinggo, is I am not able to print some of the student pages etc easily off my computer. I think this again is not necessarily a fault with the programme but more likely a compatible issue between my Mac and the programme.
I am looking forward to another Year of Uzinggo, it does have an extensive amount of information within the programme and the manner in which the courses steer the student through each Zing path is quite brilliant. The students can delve into a subject deeper or if not needed for whatever reason, a good overall understanding will still be achieved by doing the basic lesson.
As a parent, following the Zing Paths, is terrific, one can 'set' a Zing path and simply follow the next one in sequence. This will generally cover most curriculum standards.
I highly recommend Uzinggo - for both the Student and the Parent.
We jumped in with both feet, without really understanding the programme and we still managed fine, however having used the programme for a year now, I feel a lot more comfortable with it and realise the full benefits - much appreciated. Thank you.”
F. Stead, Co-op Member
”We love this program! My son has been able to go at his own pace and work on what he needs to work on. His only complaint was he wanted high school science because he wanted even more information during the science lessons.

I love the reporting that Uzinggo provides it allows me to keep track of what he is doing what he is working on and where he is in the process. It has allowed him to move at his own pace, and spend more time on things he struggles with while not having to slog through things he understands.

I would recommend Uzinggo to anyone, we love it and it has been a great homeschooling tool for us.”
Jenni Mc, Co-op Member
”We love Uzinggo! Our family recently switched from another science program that required much more daily prep and work on a daily basis. I wasn't entirely sure my lack of science knowledge was really giving my middle schooler everything he needed.

With Uzinggo's student-driven curriculum, I'm assured that all experiments, concepts and reading are being understood through the testing that I can access online. It's great peace of mind, and the pressure for me to "bone up" each week on science concepts is now gone. And I can feel confident he's getting the education he needs.”
Lauren D, Co-op Member
”Uzinggo has been a fun educational tool that allows my son to study science and math topics that he is not getting in other parts of our curriculum. He likes this innovative program, finds the content interesting, and uses it every day. I like to see my son enjoying learning new things on his own, and I don't even have to remind him to spend time on his Uzinggo!

I have told others about this program because I've seen my son learn a lot in the short time that we've had Uzinggo. I also appreciate that the parent side enables me to keep track of his progress at all times simply by logging in. I would recommend Uzinggo to any parent looking for supplemental yet fun educational programs for a middle school or high school student.”
Sandra Rodriguez, Co-op Member
”My son loves Uzinggo! The lessons are nicely put together. They are not too childish nor too adult-ish. The lessons seem to flow nicely. The first con is that it is annoying to have to go into each individual lesson to find the pages to print for each lesson. I think it would be very helpful to the teacher/parent to have all the printables located in one place. The other con is the lesson details do not say how long each lesson is. I had to dig around the website to find that information and write it down so that I would know how many lessons to have my son do each day. In summary, the website is set up nicely for the student. It is not set up so nicely for the teacher/parent and could use some improvement. [Note from the Co-op: Uzinggo was designed primarily for self-study. We recommend Adaptive Curriculum, from the same publisher, for members who would prefer a teacher-led solution.]”
Danielle S., Coop Member
”My son loves Uzinggo science so much that I save it for the last thing he does each day. He is so motivated to get to Uzinggo science that he stays on task, sometimes wanting to skip to lunch! And using Uzinggo couldn't be any easier for me! Even better: he retains what he learns! I got a mini lesson on boiling and condensation points while preparing diner the other day”
Venetia Adams, Co-op Member
”Uzinggo is a fantastic tool to "see" science and math. Our homeschool children were always up for a session. It helps them visualize some relatively difficult concepts. The lessons are short enough to fill in gaps between"paper courses". Worksheets are available if needed. Grades and course percentage completion are easy to find. Uzinggo is really an excellent tool to use; I just wished there was a syllabus to view.”
S. Kitzman, Co-op Member
”This is the first year that we use uzinggo. And we are happy with it. My daughter is doing here science every day. We only have the science from uzinggo.”
M. Hosamsooi, Co-op Member
”Our son (14 yrs old) loves the interactive lessons and labs of the High School program. He's more than willing to do multiple lessons in a day. Out of the different curriculum and programs we've tried it's much more interesting and interactive.”
Maggie, Co-op Member
”Finally, Science is fun! My boys really enjoy it! I've shared it with my home schooling friends and some friends whom are public school teachers. Thank you”
April A., Co-op Member
”We used both MS math and biology for about a year (my son is now in school). I liked Uzinggo a lot. It is not designed to be a complete curriculum, and the various activities are uneven in quality and style because they were developed at different times by different teams of people, but even so it adds a nice variety to your studies. I thought the math surprisingly advanced for its supposed level. It is really important to use the printed lessons (which have to be printed individually for each "object") or all it is a video supplement with a brief multiple choice quiz. Using the written materials helps round it out and is critical for the math. Math lessons often also include a full set of instructional notes for the teacher. For science the printed lessons can sometimes be redundant with the activity object. On the other hand, writing out the explanations and thought processes make a huge differences in reinforcing the material. Support staff is helpful. I communicated with them quite a bit--for example at the start they were switching the text documents from an antiquated format to PDF and that was a huge relief. I also reported errors and tech glitches and they were very responsive.”
J. Taylor, Co-op Member
”We have been using Uzinggo Science for our middle and high school kids and we are so impressed with the way the program works. Each lesson looks and feels like a science experiment! It brings science lessons to life.”
Heather Slater, Co-op Member
”We have used Uzinggo for 2 weeks now. My daughter likes being rewarded with zinggots for completing each lesson and looks forward to building avatars. This reward system is a motivator for her and I am not getting any complaint that science is boring.

Uzinggo has saved me hours of lesson preparation time. The quality of the animation is very good. No doubt my daughter prefer doing the experiments in a real lab instead of doing them virtually. But this is probably the best option for our home school.”
M.J., Co-op Member
”My son asks to do Uzinggo all the time and really enjoys it. He is learning a lot and I feel great knowing science and math are well taken care of for the year.”
Sakeenah M., Co-op Member
”After using Uzinggo free two weeks trials when I felt certain that my 14 year old daughter really loved the high school combo package I decided to subscribe. I feel that uzinggo does an excellent job of keeping the kids productively engaged with cleverly designed rewarding system to go with their great instructions. My disappointnment is that when I wanted to try their middle school package for my 11 year old, the server would not allow it. The other disappointment is that on some rare occassions some lessons wouldn't load or take too long to load. It could be my ISP (currently living in Bangladesh)but I wonder if others experience the same problem elsewhere. Having said that I think this is one of the best products out there and I have already recommended to all my family and friends.

[Response from Uzinngo: The reason that the middle school student could not try the middle school product is probably because they only purchased access to the high school product and only for one student. The download issue is also most likely an ISP issue and not anything that we have control over on this end. We do not experience issues such as she mentioned and I am sorry that she is experiencing any lag time issues with downloads. If she wants her middle school son to try the middle school content, suggest to her she sign up for the middle school trial for 2 weeks.]
Manzur T, Co-op Member
”I got Uzinggo for my oldest to use as a fun way to supplement our science and math with extra practice. My youngest jumped on when he saw the fun his brother was having. I'm having to restrict the time spent on it or they would be spending a lot of their free time Uzinggoing (verb at our home). It is music to my ears to here, "Mom, did you know..."”
Kate K., Co-op Member
”I have an eight year son who loves Uzzingo. I truly didn't think that when I signed up for this program he would be begging me to do it. He loves getting points so he can then play his games and doesn't realize how much he's learning in the process. One small clip after the next and the day is filled with many in depth questions. Thanks so much for providing a great learning environment for the kids and most importantaly, making it fun. (Melanie and Brian, Fairfax VA)”
Melanie D., Co-op Member
”My 10th grade daughter has Asperger's syndrome and upon looking for another math curriculum that is different than the one she is currently using, she has specifically asked for a similar program to Adaptive curriculum that she had used in the past. I am so glad to find Uzinggo from Homeschool Buyers Coop because it is the specific answer to my daughter's request, made by the same company as her former curriculum. When she did the trial program, she asked for the science as well. Now she enjoys math and chemistry, which were both challenging to her before Uzinggo.”
Esther Gomez, Co-op Member
”After 6 months, my daughter had finished Uzinggo middle school science, loving every bit of it. Being able to move at her own pace was wonderful for her, and she was fully engaged and excited to continue, so we moved to the high school subscription level. It has truly been a great resource for my GT, science-focused child that has met her need for higher level content in a format where she can provide appropriate output. I anticipate continuing to use Uzinggo until she exhausts the content available. The tech support staff have been wonderful. I have shared this resource, and the HSBC discount, on multiple GT boards, because it's just that good.”
Donna Metler, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love Uzinggo Science. Well, scratch that--my son loves it, which is really what it is all about. He now begs to do science, which we were previously doing from a workbook. I'm thrilled enough that I've talked to other homeschooler parents and suggested they try it out. That is another huge plus, I had 2 weeks to figure out that the math didn't really do it for us--but that the Science is the best home school resource I've found yet. The lessons are challenging, and they work great for a child who learns better when he is seeing and hearing a lesson. I will continue using them after this year, it is a great resource. My son struggles with his schoolwork, so finding something he learns from and enjoys at the same time is a blessing.”
Lin B., Co-op Member
”We finally found a course my highschool daughter enjoys for both math and science. I don't have to force her to do her homeschool anymore. We tried several other courses that I had to supervise her closely and try to incentivize her to do it. Now I don't have to do anything. Her math and science have become her favorite subjects. Thank you Uzinggo for simplifying my life and helping my teenager realize how much fun it is to learn math and science and that she can be good at it too.”
Darcy.G., Co-op Member
”When your 12yr old daughter says, "I can't wait to do math!" You know it's a keeper. I purchased Uzzingo Middle School online math program. It was easy and I enjoyed the Co-Op discount:) My daughter searched the Co-Op list with our budget in mind and she chose the program herself. Her sister was also eager to use this fun program. I liked the programs parent features: tracking progress, testing options, level oriented learning that automatically offers more practice in weaker areas. We Love Uzzingo and would definitely buy another years worth.”
Mrs. Pecchia, Co-op Member
”The traditional textbook and worksheet route did NOT work for daughter #2. Found Uzinggo middle school science on the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op and it was right up her alley. The visuals and the experiments that allow her to use the mouse to manipulate "chemicals" and see the result (with no mess!) work well for her active mind and body.

This "non-traditional" approach to science puts the ball in my child's court. She can do as many "zing-paths" as she wants each day. She prints out the Activity Sheets and answers the questions as she watches the video. She seems to be acquiring knowledge without once saying "This is boring!"

While I know the goal of school is not to entertain my student, this curriculum shows her first hand how science is used in the "real world" and why it is important. I wish I would have bought this BEFORE the expensive (and boring!) textbook.”
natraven, Co-op Member
”My daughter is greatly enjoying the Uzzingo middle school science. The zingPaths do the work for me in assigning the next step, the record keeping lets me see what she's doing, and she is highly motivated to move on to collect more zings and new creatures for her collection. It's a great textbook replacement.”
Donna Metler, Co-op Member
”Overall we are very happy with Uzinggo. The science is wonderful. Both my daughters are learning a lot and it is explained really well. We have had some issues with the. Middle school math. There have been some glitches with the system. The support by the Uzinggo team has been wonderful. They have been working on fixing the issues and I am hoping they will be resolved. For sure we will get the science again next year. I am undecided as of yet on the math.”
Kimberly J, Co-op Member
”Uzinggo is a great program. It is very detailed and my daughter loves it. I like that progress can be monitored as well. I would definitely recommend it to others.”
A Davis, Co-op Member
”I have been searching all over for a math program that my son actually wanted to use. I finally found that in Uzinggo. My son is in 6th grade and says this program helps him really understand the concepts that are being taught. I love the fact I can also print worksheets to further help him retain what he is learning. Another great thing, is that they also have a science component that has him excited to check out. I am happy to have been introduced to this program and I am sure we will be renewing the subscription when the time comes.”
Jocelyn Dorsey, Co-op Member
”At our homeschool we use a fairly balanced curriculum, comprised of traditional textbook-based instruction as well as multimedia/internet methods. I stumbled upon Uzinggo while online a few months ago and signed up for the two-week trial. In the meantime, not knowing anything about that company, I did a little bit of research and honestly, was a bit concerned that I could not find much, plus the fact that they are in Europe and there were hardly any reviews anywhere. As such, I really thought that the trial would be the extent of my dealings with them. However... my daughter was absolutely enthralled with their way of explaining science, and in her particular case, meteorology. She could not get enough of the site. When the trial ended she was begging that we subscribe... but ouch, their price! It really is a bit steep to be just an add-on component to our already-costly approach to homeschooling. Plus, they charge extra for every additional student. In their defense though, I e-mailed them about this and they promptly replied stating they would offer a discount for my additional children when added. Anyhow, I decided to keep looking around for another online resource where a similar high-quality approach to math and science could be found and nothing really combined the high-quality interface and delivery of meaty information the way Uzinggo did. The prettier and engaging interfaces were shallow, and invariably those that went in-depth were a heavily text-based bore. I kept wondering about Uzinggo. Oh, but the price! And my distant second concern, "who are these folks?". That's where the Homeschool Buyers Co-op came in... doing away with both of my worries. In their listing they mentioned that the Uzinggo folks were the same ones behind "Adaptive Curriculum", granted, I knew nothing about AC either, but a quick search showed many praises and much respect from the teaching community. Ok, that helped! And the co-op negotiated rate brought them down to doable! My daughter actually asked for Uzinggo for Christmas... and got it! Thanks H-B-Coop!”
Jesse L, Co-op Member