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”We've only used it a short time, but loving it so far. The lessons are short, so they don't become tedious. My 5 year old is even able to use it with ease. They practice the same lesson until they meet the speed and accuracy goals, then proceed to the next. Well-made program.”
Charity, Co-op Member
”My kids, seven and 11 years old, LOVE this program! They've picked it up so quickly because it's a fun challenge. They can earn badges for all of their accomplishments, which really keeps them going. And I love the records it keeps, which I can print out at any time. Not only does it track their academic progress but keeps track of the dates and times spent on every single activity, which is a huge help for those of us with hourly tracking requirements. I absolutely recommend!”
Heather L., Co-op Member
”My four boys have really enjoyed Typing Pal! They appreciate the instant feedback on their progress of skills. Every day, they open it up and work on their own. As a homeschool mom, I love that! I'm thankful that the whole family can learn to type for one price on one account.”
Cathryn R., Co-op Member
”We tried a few different typing programs for my eight year old and she just got frustrated and never wanted to work on typing. She had no experience with touch typing. We tried the 30 day trial of Typing Pal and she loved it. Typing Pal starts out with an initial test and adjusts to where the student is, instead of having a standard preset for the student. According to my daughter Typing Pal also has better instructions and she feels she knows what she is supposed to do and at what level. We hope to continue using Typing Pal as part of our curriculum for a few more years at least. We would highly recommend it over many other typing programs and actually have recomended it to a few people.”
Sara M., Co-op Member
”This is our second year with TypingPal. We are so happy with it. We use it for children ages 7-12 and they all are really progressing with their skills and loving the program. Highly recommend.”
Aimee W., Co-op Member
”So far this looks like a great product. My son took just the beginning typing test and the site seemed very functional and nicely designed. Instructions are short and clear and the screen kept his attention focused. Good product so far.”
J Exil, Co-op Member
”I really enjoy TypingPal and so do my two kids, 11 and 13. They keep asking to move on and do more than assigned each day! I like that I can try the assignments myself and get a little practice in, too. I'm not familiar with other programs, but this is very similar to my typing class I took in middle school (in the 80s), and I retained quite a bit. I like how you can keep working on the same exercise to improve and see the instant feedback to KNOW you've improved. I have already told some friends about this great deal through Homeschool Buyers Co-op and will continue to pass the word along about this great program.”
L. Floyd, Co-op Member
”We have found this program really easy to work into our day and it has greatly improved my students' typing skills in a low-stress manner. We have had a few issues with skipping or 'jamming' during some of the exercises, but overall we have been quite pleased with the program and have renewed our membership for the next school year (at my students' request). It is a great bargain; to be able to use it for up to five home schooled kids and a teacher is fairly unheard of for the amount they ask.”
C, Co-op Member
”"It's really fun, I like beating my score and seeing my improvement, how fast I am going from when I first started." (Daughter, 15) As a homeschool parent, I needed something that would help not only my highschooler, but my other children as well, learn to type. They all really enjoy learning. My child who has dyslexia is doing very well with it and loves the challenge. I appreciate TypingPal and recommend it!”
Jenny, Co-op Member
”We have been very pleased with Typing Pal! It's easy to use and the kids love doing the lessons. Lessons are short so kids can do several and repeat each one often to gain speed and accuracy. It's been a great addition to our homeschool.”
Aimee, Co-op Member
”Typing Pal has been a great addition to our day! It is helping our boys become more confident in their typing skills and they are enjoying the tasks and rewards throughout the program! The parent portal is easy to utilize, helping me to be able to adjust skill levels as needed for each of my children. We are enjoying it and thankful for the great value that it brings to our school!”
Susan P., Co-op Member
”I love this program!! It was very easy for me to navigate and get both my kids setup. I love that I can monitor their progress and set the parameters for WPM & accuracy. My kids (ages 14 & 5) both love learning with Typing Pal. Both of them love seeing their improved accuracy and speed after each lesson.”
Cristina, Co-op Member
”Our family has really enjoyed Typing-Pal. It has been fun and the lessons are easy to understand. My three children find the program easy to use and maneuver through. The program guides them through each and every lesson. It was a great investment for our family in both time and money.”
The Claspell Family, Co-op Member
”This program has helped my kids immensely. It is nice being able to see the status for all of them including a list of when they actually use the program. It is nice that there are multiple levels.
I have renewed this program and will continue to do so.
I have a special needs child and it has been great for him as well.
Highly recommend!”
G. Zechman, Co-op Member
”My son enjoys this program so much more than a coupe of others we tried.”
tkgeorge, Co-op Member
”We have been using this self-paced Typing-Pal for a month now and the oldest is now typing 40 words a min and my 11yr old went from 10 wpm to 20wpm. Not bad!”
michelle D, Co-op Member
”We've tried a couple other typing programs and this by far is our favorite! It's motivational and fun. My kids have progressed quickly and enjoy the skill drills and opportunity to try again or increase their speed with extra practice. Last year my kids dreaded typing, now they look forward to it. I'm so thankful we found typing pal!”
Lacey W, Co-op Member
”Mykids love the program. It has done wonders for my special needs child. He loves it.”
Gloria Z, Co-op Member
”It is a great program. Easy to use. My son hates writing with passion. And he doesn't mind to type at all.”
Hooper, Co-op Member
”I am so thankful for Typing-Pal. Both of my kids use it. We have used it for a little over a year and now that they are in 4th and 6th grade they are using their typing skills to write their reports in record time! What a blessing.”
Tina, Co-op Member
”I was needing an online typing course for my 6th and 10th graders. After all my research, and paying for one that I thought would be a good one, I found Typing Pal through It teaches typing systematically and effectively. My 6th grader is learning quickly, and even remarked to a friend she can type faster now (after 5 weeks of using it). And with the co-op discount, I was able to afford it. I'm extremely happy with this course and thankful for the co-op.”
Jodi Nowell, Co-op Member
”My boys, ages 7-15 years old, is enjoying their typing lessons. I love that each child has their own age appropriate interface that keeps them involve. This is one of the few subjects they do without any complaints.”
M.V., Co-op Member
”My 5 kids, ages 12, 11, 9, 7 and 5, really enjoy learning to type with typing-pal. It's straightforward. They're progressing at each of their levels and I'm thankful for a fun and easy way for them to learn the typing skills that they will use all of their lives.”
Lisa Shipley, Co-op Member
”Love, love this program! My girls (8 and 11) use it daily for 15 minutes and their typing skills have gone through the roof. My youngest is now typing at 40 wpm after using it for 6 months. She loves the characters and challenge of getting 100% accuracy. Would recommend Typing Pal to anyone.”
Yvonne, Co-op Member
”Easy to use and works well for all three of my daughters ages 8, 11, 14.”
Sara McGrath, Co-op Member
”Great tool for my readers. Progression is built in, so it's track able; not just a game. Plus, they like doing it! My 1st grader wants also to participate, so he is learning the letters f and j very well.”
Teri, Co-op Member
”I bought this program for my seven and nine year old children. They really enjoy the games that test to see how fast and accurately they type. Great product. I wish that I had this program 20 years ago in high school when I took typing class. We used typewriter back then”
Nancy T, Co-op Member
”This is our first year with Typing-Pal. My girls LOVE it. They love that the programs goes at their pace. I love that I can set the goals based on each child ability. The program is fun which encouraged my girls to keep going! My girls love to write stories but don't like the actual writing part of writing the story. Now that they are learning typing skills they are more willing to write by typing! Thank you!!!”
T. Kluesner, Co-op Member
”This has been a great program. My children haven't finished it yet but I expect my 12 year old with ADHD to do so in the next month. My 16 year old with mosaic downs is able to work the program as well. Do keep an eye on them in the early days as they will try and cheat one fingering the keys and have to go back and repeat lessons. I highly recommend this program.”
Mrs. Rainey, Co-op Member
”My older kids (9, 11) are progressing very quickly. My 7 year old is progressing... :) All 3 enjoy this program. I also created an account for my precocious 5 year old, but he "ran out of steam" after the first handfull of lessons. We will pick it back up with him later. All kids will continue to use it.”
CO_Mom_of_4, Co-op Member
”Very happy with this easy to follow program. My kids enjoy doing their typing work and are getting faster and more efficient everyday.”
J. Chavez, Co-op Member
”Both my eight year old son and thirteen year old son are using Typing-Pal. They think it's fun and their typing skills have improved dramatically. It's the right combination of learning and game playing to keep them engaged and interested.”
S Rose, Co-op Member
”My kids love Typing Pal, and I love the ease at which I can check their progress. We've been using it about 2 months and already my kids are typing about 65wpm.”
Talisha, Co-op Member
”I am a big fan of Typing Pal. My boys love the fact that they are having fun without realizing they are learning to type at the same time. They look forward to doing their daily lessons with confidence. I am so blessed how affordable it was and that my boys finally have a program they both can use.”
Tasha T., Co-op Member
”The settings in the product can be customized for grade level. I appreciate this flexibility not only for grade-appropriate skill building, but also for age-appropriate presentation. (My 9th grade son is easily insulted by dancing bunnies or other animations intended for younger students.) He was able to zoom through the lessons and achieve his word-per-minute goal without any guidance or assistance from me.”
Melody King, Co-op Member
”My 4 children are enjoying using Typing-Pal each week. It is a user friendly, well written program that allows each child to progress at their own particular pace. I have been very impressed with Typing-Pal & am enjoying seeing my children using their newly acquired typing skills.”
Renata F, Co-op Member
”It's only Day #2 of school, but Typing Pal has already won our hearts. My kids love learning the keyboard. This is our first online class experience, and it has been so easy to incorporate into our day. Having the family feature is such a blessing. Thank you for offering a fun way to learn a necessary skill.”
Karyn, Co-op Member
”When i saw that i would have a typing course as my last class i didn't think it would help much. I'm 16 and this wasn't the first time i had to take one. But it actually made a difference because i can type now. The first course i took looked like it had been made for five year olds, typing pal doesn't look that way even though its cartoonish. It's a fun way to learn and i can still use typing pal to get better.”
J. Hall, Co-op Member
”Typing pal is a good way to learn to type. It is very easy to use, especially for different grade levels. I have 2 children currently using it (4th and 5th ) but it allows up to 5 I believe. The graphics are very low-key. I recommend it.”
Tracy M, Co-op Member
”This an easy to follow program which has benefited our whole family. It is simple enough for our seven year old to join in but challenging enough to keep the oldest of our bunch involved. My children ask if it can be included in their daily schedule rather than just on elective day.”
Sarah B, Co-op Member
”My fifth grade daughter showed and interest in typing so that she could improve the speed of her creative writing. She really enjoys the format of Typing Pal and is moving through the program quickly. It is great not only for teaching typing but also for increasing speed and accuracy.”
loudinrich, Co-op Member
”My kids love it. They say it is cool and fun. As a parent I see that they are having fun learning new skills.”
A. Cunningham, Co-op Member
”We have been using Typing Pal for a month or so now and t has just been fabulous. The program itself is very simple and not very flashy--to be honest, I was a bit disappointed at first. I expected something "fancier," I guess. Well, I should not have been disappointed. The children LOVE IT. Using Typing-Pal is seriously the highlight of our school day. All 3 of my older children use it, and they are 5, 7, and 10. Yes, even the 5 year old is able to use it successfully. It doesn't take long each day, and their skills are steadily improving. I feel like getting my 5 and 7 year old going on it is giving them an advantage as they get into harder work because they will already be able to type well. The value is just fantastic. For such a simple program, it is definitely effective and worth it.”
Ashley C, Co-op Member
”My children have enjoyed learning with Typing-Pal. The program is affordable, fun, and easy to use. It is suitable for children with learning challenges too. We will continue to use this program and highly recommended it.”
Yvonne W, Co-op Member
”This subject was an elective for my kids. I felt it was important that they increase their speed and accuracy in typing on the computer keyboard as they are required to start typing out their papers among other projects. I did some research on the best typing programs and this one was listed as one of the best for school program. I have not watched carefully what they are learning. I merely set up and said "Go for it!" So far they have been going for it and almost daily. They say they like the program and it is fun. They say it is NOT boring at all. They say they learned a lot from Typing Pal compared to the whole year of typing when they were in school. They have recently had to type up an essay and I was quite impressed in how quickly they finished and how accurate they were. Unfortunately I have not watched how accurate their hand positions are as I myself self taught typing and never went through a formal typing program. Maybe I should add myself on the program. The program was very easy to set up and I believe can utilize multiply children. Our charter school ordered it through Homeschool Buyers Coop and it everything was pretty streamlined. I am quite pleased with my purchase and believe it is money well spent for the future of my kids.”
CL, Co-op Member
”We have only been using the typing pal program for a few weeks, so the jury is still out on whether my children learn to type well and accurately. However, I can say that the program so far is great. It was very easy to set up multiple student accounts for my three children at each of their levels. They have been enjoying using the program and ask to use it. I like the way the program progresses - not demanding too much too quickly. Students can easily go back and repeat lessons if they wish to. We're looking forward to using this program throughout the year.”
R Martin, Co-op Member
”My daughter absolutely loves Typing Pal. She was hooked after the first day of our trial. She begged me to buy it for her. I would highly recommend this program to any family. It is a simple and effective way to get kids typing correctly and quickly.”
Taryn H., Co-op Member
”We are homeschooling 3 special needs teenagers and are trying to be sure that, in addition to to their regular subjects, we include learning to type, use Word, and Excel.

Nothing has been helpful until we tried Typing-Pal. They are required to do two Typing-Pal lessons per day and when those are done they may play the Typing-Pal games for as long as they would like to. All on their own they have made a competetion out of the Typing-Pal games and are motivated to outdo each other.

They know that if they redo lessons that give them trouble they will do better at typing and will therefore beat their siblings in the Typing-Pal games.

We have also printed out some of the pictures and have them up on the wall by the computer. An example would be the pictures included in the program of proper and improper posture when typing.

We just renewed our subscription for another year!

I also like that I can keep print outs of where they are and what they need to continue working on.”
Sally Salberg, Co-op Member
”Typing Pal is Great! My kids are learning to type correctly, and love the program. They had tried another program but the constant sounds and animations interfered with their progress. The lessons were so challenging that they never felt successful. When they started Typing Pal, they were reluctant to begin.
After the first lesson, they were hooked! They've been doing a lesson each day since we got it, and they love it. Their typing speed and accuracy have improved tremendously. There is just enough challenge in each lesson to keep them motivated to improve, but it's not so difficult that they feel defeated and give up.
I love that you can choose the format for your child by age, and the program tracks their progress automatically. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM!”
Tiff C., Co-op Member
”Love it! User friendly and easy to follow once you've taken the time to set it up...My son with special needs (ADHD) loves it and is progressing at a nice pace. What's better is he enjoys the program and feels like he is doing very well at typing.”
Mrs. P, Co-op Member
”My kids love Typing Pal. We've used a cartoon based program before and it was too distracting. Typing Pal keeps their heads up and on the screen, not on their fingers. Their typing speed has increased dramatically. I also love that they can do it independently.”
Deb, Co-op Member
”I LOVE the Typing Pal product I purchased this year. I reviewed it by way of free trial this summer alongside another typing program. The Typing Pal is perfect for my two homeschooled children! I wanted a pedagogical approach and Typing Pal is every bit of that beginning with clear and easy visible instruction and following with timed exercises that are scored by accuracy and speed identification. The approach is my first and biggest praise for the way this program works for us, but, it is not the only reason I love it. It is so helpful to me in that my kids can each sit down at the computer, log in to each his own "class" and take off from whence he left off. They enjoy seeing the accomplishments made by noticing the chewed apples representing completion for a segment. They enjoy the program and are progressing and I LOVE the program!! My kids are age 12 (boy) and age 8 (girl). THANK YOU, TYPING PAL! ”
Heather A., Co-op Member
”We purchased Typing Pal through the Co-op for our three kids this year and are really enjoying it so far. It's very user-friendly, and the kids feel like it's a game, so there's no stress over making sure they are getting it done. I even signed myself up for the course and I can see an improvement in my typing accuracy and speed already! Great find!”
M.Fenimore, Co-op Member
”Difficult to access. Technical assistance was provided but the log on is not user friendly. Lessons are good. My son loves the program.”
Kelli, Co-op Member
”I have been looking for a typing program like this for a long time. It is thoughtfully laid out and very user friendly. While you are typing there is a keyboard on the bottom half of the screen that prompts you as to which finger should be typing a particular key. This encourages the student to keep their eyes up, not on their hands. I also appreciate how it adjusts to the student's ability. My young daughter has run into complications at certain levels and the program keeps track of that and adjusts accordingly.
It's absolutely wonderful!”
Colleen P., Co-op Member
”Typing Pal is aweseome! Every other typing program my kids have tried ended up not being used. This one however we use everyday and the kids love it!”
Jamie A,, Co-op Member
”I have been so thoroughly pleased with TypingPal, I have recommended it to everyone I know. My kids like it so much, they will spend hours practicing and have even convinced their Dad that he needs to use it to learn to type as well. I give this product 5 stars for sure!!”
Tish Mata, Co-op Member
”My 12 year-old son likes it! He is learning quickly and doesn't complain. We have used it for about 1 month now. Whenever he is typing for other subjects, he is now typing properly.”
Cathy R, Co-op Member
”My students are really enjoying Typing Pal! The immediate feedback is great. They like seeing their progress and compete with their previous scores. Sometimes they can't do typing in the classroom and do it at home or at a friend's house. All they need is a computer and access to the net. I am very pleased to see them progress and enjoy typing at the same time!”
Ellen W., Co-op Member
”I bought this for both of my daughters, and they both report that it's really easy to use. I have noticed a marked improvement in their keyboarding skills, as well. I also really like that the teacher login has the power to set-up individual logins for each of the 5 students. AND, you can customize each login for the appropriate level for the student. With 5 students, each sub is only $7! That really makes me happy, too. ”
CB, Co-op Member
”My four daughters ages: 15, 13, 11, and 8 are assigned 30 minutes of Typing Pal each school day. I never have to convince them to get started. This is the first typing program we have tried and my children love it! Particularly, the comical animations in each assignment. Their typing skills have really taken off and I remind them to use what they have learned whenever they are on the computer.”
Phyllis McKay, Co-op Member