The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Type To Learn to their homeschool curriculum. If you have used Type To Learn and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”I really like this product. My kids love to be agents and my daughter likes to do this for her "breaks" from school. Sadly I've had a few issues and the company was slow to fix them. I was informed by the company they're discontinuing customer support for 4 because they're moving to five. They said they're unsure if the co-op was aware of this. They were pretty simple fixes and I was able to handle them myself though and I'm not a big high tech person.”
Teresa B., Co-op Member
”My daughter is very excited to work on typing each day and we could not be happier with the results. We will surely use it for our younger child as well.”
T. Smith, Co-op Member
”My boys enjoy this program very much! Their speed and accuracy has increased dramatically since we started last year.”
Heather P, Co-op Member
”Our 9 year old daughter loves this application. It is fun and engaging and most importantly, she is becoming a better typist. She recently sat down and confidently typed out her first essay on the people God used to write the Bible.”
Jeff N, Co-op Member
”My daughters, ages 8 and 10, enjoy this program and it is improving their typing skills.”
L. Ahn, Co-op Member
”We are happy with the product. I like that it follows a similar structure to what I experienced in a class setting and that it can be done independently. Our kids think it's ok. We have 3 boys (early teen, preteen, and thinks he is teen) so "ok" is praise from them. They secretly enjoy the random facts and games. They are learning to type and brag and compete with each other over their accuracy and speed. The segments are short and you may repeat a segment as many times as you like. We are happy we purchased and will continue to use.,”
L. Lawler, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves this class. It's easy for her to use and she always wants to do more than assigned.”
K. Thomas, Co-op Member
”It has been easy to use after we got it installed. The young person using it seems to like it and is doing well. We will continue to use it and will probably get a second subscription for a younger child to use. He has dyslexia and this particular program was recommended for him. Haven't told others about it yet but will recommend it as the opportunity arises.”
Kathleen E., Co-op Member
”We have been using TTL4 for about four weeks now, I have seen great improvement in the speed and accuracy of my girls typing within this short time. It is a fun and entertaining way to learn typing. We have tried a few other programs however they seemed too babyish for my 12 & 15 year olds. The graphics are beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. I like the different ways in which you can see their progress, this helps them want to practice more. They are even using better posture when they are working on the computer doing other class assignments.”
Shelley S., Co-op Member
”I am very pleased with Type-To-Learn 4 or as my daughter calls it, T2L. I asked both of my girls why they like T2L so much and they said the typing games are fun. My oldest really likes the fun facts T2L gives them after they have completed a task. So not only is she learning how to type but also fun educational information at the same time.

I like that my girls are learning about the keyboard, so when we do projects or play games on they computer, they are not constantly asking me where the keys are located. Another thing I like about T2L is that both of my girls think it is a "fun" computer game and ask to play it instead of other computer games. I will continue to purchase T2L until my girls have mastered their typing skills.

On a side note, our local school district uses T2L, so if they ever have to go to school, they would be familiar with the program.”
Jen Gust, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves this program. She has made great strides with her typing skills. My son who has auditory processing issues is able to learn and participate. This program is visually appealing and keeps him engaged.”
D Smith, Co-op Member
”I purchased this product for my 11 yr old son. For him this was a good fit. He enjoys the game style lessons and becomes very competitive at wanting to beat the computer. He is not competitive with much but these lessons do motivate him and he wants to continue doing his typing to keep "conquering" the various levels. Sometimes I have to tell him, "Okay, that's enough. We have other work to do!" I'm very pleased!”
Wendy W., Co-op Member
”Both my daughter and I adore this program, in a few weeks she has a better grasp on typing and she is able to speed through. One of the things she enjoys is the story that goes with the lessons. I would highly recommend this to any parent who would like to ensure that their child(ren) learn to type the correct way. I will continue to use this product.”
A.Lashbrook, Co-op Member
”My boys (ages 8 and 11) LOVE Type to Learn 4!! I can hear the improvement in their typing ability as their keyboards are clicked faster and faster! They are also intrigued by the educational facts included in the program and often ask if they can do research on the topics if I'd say, "No" to self motivated learning!”
J. Ruth, Co-op Member
”My son (8) has complex issues including anxiety and tends to refuse anything that is timed or where he feels pressured in any way. Type-To-Learn-4 manages to overcome all of his fears and hook him with the secret agent angle. He is very keen to play the games and reveal the snippets of new information along the way. Even though there is an element of being timed, it is clear that he is just playing against himself (caught up in the agent's mission) and the aim is just to improve his accuracy, then speed, not to be perfect. Since I have had so much trouble finding things which he will do willingly, anything that he asks to do and is keen about is truly a blessing! We will be continuing to use it and I can see that it will improve his keyboard skills just because he is happy to practice on it. He has trouble with handwriting so that is utterly necessary. I have recommended it to a number of friends.”
Suz, Co-op Member
”My son is in the sixth grade and enjoys the Type to Learn. He likes the variety of activities and feels he is learning. He looks forward to it everyday. The only issue is that the final activity is timed and he gets anxious and has trouble completing the level.”
Tonya, Co-op Member
”I purchased this to use with my 10-year-old son who needs guidance and assistance in learning to use the home row keys for efficient typing/keyboarding. He had previously used this program in public school (before we started homeschooling) and was hesitant to try it at home. I realized within the first few minutes of using the product at home that the reason my son did not like using it in public school was because someone else (a teacher maybe?) took the placement assessment for him, which dictated which level/lesson at which he would be required to start. Whomever took the test for him was much more skilled at keyboarding and the lessons he was forced to complete in the public school setting were too hard and very frustrating for him. He felt like a failure! Now that he is using the program as it was designed - to teach each student at his/her individual level - he often requests to complete extra assignments in Type to Learn 4! I enjoy seeing my son's typing/keyboarding proficiency improve on a regular basis, especially since he feel positive about this learning and is gaining self-confidence, rather than feeling as though he is not smart/fast enough. We will continue to use it as part of our homeschool instruction.”
L. Wilcox, Co-op Member
”This is a great product. My kids really enjoy it and are progressing steadily. My oldest dd had used this program previously and asked for it by name. I highly recommend it!”
L. Sutton, Co-op Member
”My 8 year old has been using TTL4 for about 2 months. She really enjoys the challenge of getting to the new levels while learning interesting facts along the way. We would recommend this product to other families looking for an engaging keyboarding program!”
S. Chang, Co-op Member
”My children have been using Type to Learn 4 for a while now. They are both dyslexic and my son is dysgraphic so we are moving at a slower pace than many children would need to. Colorful, easy to navigate, also gives tidbits of interesting info in many disciplines as you progress. It has typing games that can be fun, and keeps it from just being about instruction and drill. You cannot progress to the next lesson until you have reached a certain level of proficiency. Speed (wpm) and accuracy settings can be adjusted through HSBC. This last is absolutely essential for my dysgraphic son. His typing accuracy is great but his speed will probably never be especially fast. Giving him the ability to keep moving through the lessons, even if his typing is slow, is a God-send. This is a crucial skill that will help tremendously as he gets older, but without that adjustment it would be just one more thing that makes him feel bad about himself, and it would be one more skill he is convinced he can't ever attain. It requires very little parental involvement so the kids feel more independent, but I do recommend you keep an eye out for poor posture and/or fingering line-up.

There is a Security Check at the end of each lesson that requires 100% accuracy. If you miss a word it bumps you back to the beginning of the security check, which can get really frustrating even for an experienced typist. This feature can be adjusted by HBC if, for whatever reason, 100% accuracy is difficult for your child to achieve. All in all, this is a great program for elementary level typists or youthful middle schoolers and we will continue to use it. I have recommended it to several other parents so far and I'm really grateful that we were able to get it through HBC. The homeschool version that Type to Learn 4 offers on disk has gotten terrible reviews, but the version through HBC is the more robust version used in schools.”
Jamie C., Co-op Member
”WOW! I can't say enough great things about this tying program! This is our 4th typing program and by far the best! My 12 year old son actually wants to do this first, practice every day, and go longer than the timer I set for him! He is actually excited about continuing over the summer!

He can truly see where he is advancing and where he needs extra practice. It isn't monotonous, repetitive, or boring. He is engaged and enjoys all the levels. The games really practice new skills while specifically targeting his weaker areas.

I highly recommend this typing program!!! It promotes mastery over drudgery.”
Victoria Holding, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old son has really enjoyed this program. It is fun and adventurous and he gets to unlock a variety of little factoids on all sorts of different topics. He loves it!”
Deanna Mears, Co-op Member
”My fifth-grade son loves this program. He looks forward to his typing lesson every day. Fun game-like way to learn keyboarding.”
Laurie M., Co-op Member
”I purchased Type-To-Learn-4 for my 9th grade son. He had been doing a typing curriculum for almost a year and didn't seem to be getting anywhere. (It was a flip book that you stood up and practiced typing letter groups.) Clearly he needed some motivation. So I got the 1-month free trial of TTL4 in hopes that this computer-based program might work better for him. Of course he was drawn to the game-like format. But the most effective feature is that he has to demonstrate a certain level of accuracy and speed before he can advance to the next level. This type of feedback was definitely what was missing from the other program. We established a plan for how often he is expected to advance a level, and he is working hard to stay on that schedule. He enjoys the sense of accomplishment when he advances. We have purchased the year subscription (which I think is quite affordable through the co-op) and I will definitely use this with my other children.”
Ashley in NC, Co-op Member
”I have two sons, ages 12 and 14, and I really wanted them to learn the correct method for typing in this digital age. They love doing Type-To-Learn-4 and often want to do it first thing. At times, I thought they were "playing" on the computer instead of doing school since it looks like a game! They have steadily improved their skills.”
Anne-Marie A., Co-op Member
”This is the fourth typing program we have tried and the most successful to date. The game format keeps the kids interested and persevering when standard repetitious typing programs left them discouraged and bored.

I was leery of paying so much for a typing program but after experiencing it with my kids I feel it was worth every penny. Typing is such an important skill in today's technical world, this has to be one of the most important skills for every student.”
Aylene Barr, Co-op Member
”I LOVE this program. Generally speaking, my children do not love to take this course. It is initially engaging, but not engaging enough to make them love typing! Still, I think it is thorough and visually appealing. It has many fun games to play after you complete a lesson. The lessons are thoughtfully constructed and repetitive in the right way.”
Ivey Palmer, Co-op Member
”I am very happy with Type to Learn 4. My 8 year old daughter said this, I love it because I am learning and learning to type fast. Such wisdom! If I don't stop her, she would spend a half of a school day typing because of the great content. Thank you so very much to help prepare her for the future.”
Iris Ensley, Co-op Member
”My children are both dyslexic, but have different strengths and weaknesses. My 8 year old son is also dysgraphic, so handwriting has been something of an issue. We are hoping typing will open up avenues for him that would have been difficult to impossible with handwritten exercises. He has done very well with this program and is usually enthusiastic. He loves the games and has worked hard on improving his accuracy during the lessons. Lessons tend to be long for him, but not as long as with some other programs. We do typing daily, but I limit lesson time so he doesn't burn out.

My 12 year old daughter initially struggled with the fact that you cannot advance if you miss a keystroke on the final challenge and you get bumped back to the very beginning of the challenge each time you miss a stroke. If you have tried and tried and cannot move forward, it does get discouraging. At the same time, the situation became a great experience for teaching quality vs. quantity. In other words, at this level, being accurate is far more important than being quick. She has to type more slowly, make certain her fingers are on the correct keys, and stay patient. Once she refocuses on accuracy, not speed, her keystrokes improve. She finally realized that going too fast just to "get it done" was costing her more time because she would just have to start over due to the inaccuracy of her typing. Speed will come with time once finger stroke accuracy has been mastered. I like that the program begins with strong emphasis on accuracy, NOT speed. So many people learn improper key strokes because they worry about speed first. This program does not allow you to do that. Staying patient and focused to achieve your goals are important skills to learn. These are important skills in other aspects of life as well. Of all the typing programs I have been exposed to, I definitely like this one the best for my kids. I have recommended it to friends and we will continue to use it.”
Jamie C., Co-op Member
”Both of our 2nd and 3rd grade daughters have taken off with this program. I have done NOTHING to help them....but agree to let them borrow my computer so they can log in and GO!!!! ;-). Thank you! I definitely recommend type to learn....”
Irene Page, Co-op Member
”So far my grand son really likes it. He's 9 and it's been very helpful for him to start learning to type.”
Sherry D., Co-op Member
”My 6 yr. old son absolutely LOVES Type-to-Learn 4! He enjoys the "missions" that he is sent on by his "agent" and the fun facts that he learns as he passes each mission. He is having fun and learning how to type correctly at the same time, plus learning some fun trivia. I would highly recommend it!”
Karen M., Co-op Member
”The purchasing process was very easy through HSBC. Sunburst, however, sent me the wrong login information which was frustrating. After a few calls, I received the correct info and am now able to use the program.

Both my boys have used it so far and enjoy it. One has dyslexia and this program is recommend for him because it can be customized so much more than the other typing programs. I'm looking forward to him learning to type to reduce the stress of writing.”
Debbie, Co-op Member
”I'm using this program with my 2 daughters ages 7 and 9. Both like it; especially the 9 year old. I think it's helping to significantly improve their typing skills in a fun way! We will continue to use it!”
Gloria RS, Co-op Member
”We started with type to learn 4 about 6 weeks ago. My son is 9 years old and dyslexic. We had tried 2 other typing programs before without much success. After six weeks of type to learn my son is fully engaged, likes the program and the activities it offers. As of this morning his typing speed it up to 17 words per minute with 98% accuracy. I am confident that he will be an accomplished typist after the summer. We are very happy to have found type to learn!”
i. burkle, Co-op Member
”Both my 1st-grade daughter and 3rd-grade son love TTL4. My son says that he likes the spy theme, and the way the typing games are set up makes learning to type fun. He also says that even though TTL4 progresses through the keyboard at a slower pace than another typing program he has completed, he is still having a lot of fun. This is important to me because although both he and his sister have completed another typing program, I think the extra practice is necessary.

My daughter says simply that she likes TTL4 because it has fun activities for typing. She also likes that it can be customized to have a female character while her brother has a male character.

We travel a lot, but I set this up on our laptop, and the kids are able to use it wherever we are. I have two younger kids who will be eventually using TTL4 to learn to type. For them, I won't even bother with the other program, now that we know what a fun and effective program we have in TTL4.”
Jen H., Co-op Member
”This typing program has been really easy to administer and my students have enjoyed it. They progress readily through the levels to become solid independent typists. I used it will five students and highly recommend it.”
Mary K, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old daughter was so excited to start this program! For her - it was a new computer game. For me - it is a way to teach her correct typing skills and have fun! She loves it! My older kids watched her play and thought it looked fun - Hmm...I may need to go back and get additional licenses.”
liggettd, Co-op Member
”Highly recommend.

This was the 4th attempt to get my kids (ages 9 and 10) to type. Unlike some other programs, this is efficient, organized, and intuitive to use --- most importantly fun. I don't have to nag my kids to do a lesson a day.

This was recommended to me by 10 year-old niece who uses in NY public school system and says "REALLY FUN." My kids have done 13 of the 35 lessons so far and I have seen tremendous improvement. I am excited that they soon will be typing well (FINALLY!).”
PYNC, Co-op Member
”We have not completed the course yet but the format appears to be working well. My son could type fast but not proper so this is helping him learn proper finger positioning and the repitition should reinforce it. My son enjoys using it. I think the product works well and would recommend it.”
D. Shreve, Co-op Member
”My 16 year-old dyslexic son tried three other typing programs and hated them all. Type-To-Learn-4 somehow helped him break through the barrier he was having with all the others. He is finally making steady progress with his typing!”
J. Rigney, Co-op Member
”My children have learning differences. They can be thrilled with a learning game or program and then become so discouraged by a timer or pre-set goal that they won't use it. I have been able to set realistic goals or time for MY kids with Type to Learn4. We hit the "I don't like this anymore.", but we sat down together, found what was frustrating him and changed the setting to a realistic goal. His interest is renewed, and he is again having fun with learning to type. I also can set the program to read all the text or instructions. I like the feature that allows me to create reports as well. I have been pleased with it.”
Heather D., Co-op Member
”My 9-year-old son is highly motivated by the Type-To-Learn-4 program. He especially likes the games to review the skills. For him the product was worth the program price.

However both my daughters, ages 5 and 7 are NOT motivated by this program and don't want to do it. The games frighten them! It was a waste of my money to purchase additional licenses for them. I would say this program is best for grades 3 or 4 and above and then only children who would be motivated by the secret agent/spy theme. I wish I had saved the additional $$ I spent to instead purchase the most recent copy of Typing Instructor for Kids which has much friendlier and varied themed games for the younger children.”
Carolyn G., Co-op Member
”My 2 grandkids find type to learn more fun and glad to do it...not like some subjets they have to do.”
Joyce E., Co-op member
”I purchased this program for all three of my children, ages 8, 6, and 4. It's been great! The kids all love to "play" it and their grandmother was amazed the other day as she watched the four year old typing without looking at the keyboard. I know this will be the last typing program we ever need.”
Emily S, Co-op Member
”We had read good online reviews about Type to Learn 4 and with the Homeschool Buyers Co-op discount decided to give it a try. It is an excellent program, and makes it easy for me to track the progress of our 11 year old son, and pinpoint where more practice is needed. Our son enjoys the typing games, and at the same time he finds himself being challenged to push beyond what he thinks is "good enough". Showing the keyboard and relevant keys on the screen is good, too, as it keeps his eyes up off the real keyboard and trains him to touch type. Great program -- thanks for making it available on HS Buyers Co-op!”
May, Co-op Member
”We've only been using the Type-To-Learn 4 program for a few weeks, and already the results are impressive. My nine-year-old son really enjoys practicing, and he is rapidly developing his touch-typing skills. Since he suffers from dysgraphia (the writing form of dyslexia), being able to keyboard is critical in helping him find a way to express himself in writing.

We couldn't be happier with this product and have already recommended it to a number of our friends.”
J. Clark, Co-op Member
”My 9th gr. son initially wasn't too thrilled when I told him I had bought this typing program for him, as he thought it would either be too juvenile or too boring for his tastes. As it turns out, he is really enjoying it and wants to do it as his first subject of his school day! Thanks for a great typing program folks!”
Eileen Hanks, Co-op Member
”My kids love Type to Learn. I love that I don't have to do anything! It tracks their progress and moves them up accordingly. They come running to find me to tell me when they've completed a level. We've only been using it for a few weeks and they're already starting to show significant improvement. We had been using a free program, but I couldn't keep up with which level each child was on and I worried about them clicking on things they shouldn't, which causes computer problems. Type to Learn is a simple, easy to use, effective program. Worth every penny!”
Natalie, Co-op Member
”I was worried that my 13 and 15 year olds would think the program was babyish but both of them enjoyed the fun facts and challenging minigames to practice their typing. They are now both proficient and the younger siblings are looking forward to their turn to learn to type.”
Serena T., Co-op Member
”I love how adjustable Type-To-Learn 4 is! I can set it so that my five year can use it (the only one that I've found that's appropriate for kindergarten!) and I can set it for a third grader. When my third grader was getting frustrated, I could also dial back the difficulty. The games are also a winner. I've tried some of the cheaper programs out there - but this is the first real curriculum that fit our needs and that both my children can truly use independently.”
Rox P., Co-op Member
”My son (age 13, grade 7) is whizzing through the lessons in TypeToLearn4 - after only 12 lessons, over a period of just a couple of weeks, he is using most of the letters, typing @ 20wpm and averaging 96% accuracy ... without realizing that he is working at it! The lessons are fun and easy, yet surprisingly effective - and there is no complaining that there is too much "boring practice", like another program that we tried previously for a few days. Thank you HSBC, once again, for a great deal on a great product!”
Windy M., Co-op Member
”I haven't tried other typing curriculums but overall my 8 year old son enjoys the games. He gets frustrated with the "security check" restarting unless he gets 100%. I thought I turned this feature off but... He's definitely learning to type! And it doesn't take much of my involvement. I will probably use it for his siblings in future years.”
Jaime G, Co-op Member
”We had some trouble with installation but my son loves the game and choses to play it when it is not assigned.”
Rebecca, Co-op Member
”Our 7 yo is doing well with the regular lessons in Type to Learn. He had previously completed Dance Mat Typing, but that was over too quickly and I wanted something to give him more practice with keystrokes. He gets frustrated with the timed aspect of the rover game so I made that optional. The program is very easy to customize. You can even put in your own content, like dictations sentences. I recommend shutting off the "early" lessons A and B. They cover the alphabet, do not teach keystrokes, then go straight into words and even capital letters - they don't make sense with the rest of the program. The regular lessons are very logical and teach keystrokes and move pretty gradually. Our son has some pretty severe challenges with handwriting so learning to type is really important. This program is giving him great daily practice, is fun, doesn't move too fast, and can be used later with custom content for typing "copywork". The web enabled version is working well with no technical problems. When I first signed up, they had flipped two numbers in my code and so I could not get in, and I received excellent and prompt technical service from the company in resolving this.”
Linda B, Co-op Member
”This is a very effective program. I was pleasantly surprised with its effectiveness.

My 12 year old daughter enjoys participating in it, and grins from ear-to-ear when she sees the accuracy percentages and WPM counts that result from her efforts.

The program takes typing both seriously and with an appropriate measure of fun. A rare combination these days.

I strongly recommend this program for my fellow homeschoolers.”
Peter M., Co-op Member
”I bought TTL4 for my nine year old daughter. She absolutely loves it. To her it's like a game, and she is happy when she sees herself progressing. I'm happy that she is typing with her hands in the correct position and enjoying it.”
Carmina Gagliardi, Co-op Member
”We have only been using the curriculum for a few weeks but so far my son loves it. He wants to do more lessons and begs to do it first. He has already learned finger placement. I will continue to use it and we will see what the final outcome is.”
C.Ledford, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son really enjoys using this program - he will even volunteer to spend time on it!”
Jodee M., Co-op Member
”This is a great program for homeschoolers, especially those of elementary age.”
Natalie, Co-op Member
”Great Value.
Installs easily although it does take a while to download it.
Good technical support.
Allows you to try for 30 days before commitment to buy.
Enough "gaminess" to avoid boredom.
My 9-year-old loves it and is doing well.

Highly recommend it.”
L. Burns, Co-op Member
”Type-To-Learn 4 is terrific! I had a difficult time trying to find a typing curriculum that was both educational and fun for my 10 year old son. Most of the products on the market are either dry and boring, or the story line and activities are too young. TTL4 has the perfect balance of education and age appropriate activities. My son's typing skills have improved dramatically in a short period of time. He loves this program and looks forward to "playing" it everyday.”
A. Barnett, Co-op Member
”Type-To-Learn-4 is our best Homeschool Buyers Co-op purchase to date! Learning to type is as imperative as learning to write in this day and age and TTL4 is the program of choice. My kids (3rd and 6th grade) enjoy the fun interactive graphics and games which build their typing accuracy and speed all while challenging them to do better. Thank you for this offer, we couldn't be happier.”
Derynne, Co-op Member
”I have tried various typing tutorial applications (Read, Write and Type being one of many) and Type-to-Learn-4 is by far my son's favorite (age 7)!! He loves the challenge of each level, yet he doesn't feel pressured or get nervous about missing a key. (Read, Write, and Type has a character that puffs up with each mistake and if you make too many will 'blow' you back to the start)

I like the way that I can set the goals for him as well as determine how many activities he must complete.

At the successful completion of each activity, a fact is given. My son insists on writing each down as they are "important to remember". These facts might be regarding a time in history or simply a famous quote. He looks forward to the completion of a lesson so that he may learn the new fact.

I will continue to use TTL4 - at least until my son is proficient at typing. It is our favorite, and I would not hesitate purchasing it again.”
Sara Stewart, Co-op Member
”Type-To-Learn-4 is great! My 13 year old son loves it! Very helpful! Looking forward to continuing to use the program!”
Shirlianne C., Co-op Member
”I have a 7 year old boy and 9 year old girl. When I saw there was a program that teaches typing with a spy or special agent theme, I knew they'd love it. I was right. They are learning to type all by themselves and having fun at the same time.”
Michelle K., Co-op Member
”My son and I both love Type to Learn 4. The games are so much fun and the teaching style is great! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn and have fun! And who wants to be a spy:)”
Stephanie, Co-op Member
”Great program! I have two boys and they love the secret agent theme...very good quality program and works with them on whatever level they are to begin with! Great buy!”
Michele, Co-op Member
”My daughter used Type To Learn and loved it. I really wanted her to learn to type, but I had to limit her time on the program so that she didn't neglect other subjects. It was nice to have a subject that didn't require lesson planning or grading. I will use TTL for my younger children when they are ready.”
Michelle T, Co-op Member
”Type-to-learn-4 has been wonderful for my 8yr old son. He no longer pecks at the keyboard but uses both hands and all his fingers. He enjoys the animations and i think young users would find it fun and useful. We are almost finished with the software and will move on to a more adult version typing program now that he is confident in his abilities and not stressed over learning. We recommend for friends with children 5- 10 yrs.”
Kim G., Co-op Member
”My 9-year-old has enjoyed and done well with Type to Learn 4. He's currently on lesson 30 and types about 15 words/minute, which is appropriate for his age. When his younger brother is older, I plan to have them alternate years on doing Type To Learn 4. I believe my 9-year-old now has more confidence in his keyboarding skills.”
Wanda C., Co-op Member
MALUCHY, Co-op Member
”All three of my children, ages 17, 15, and 13 have enjoyed this product. It has dramatically improved their typing speed and accuracy. I would highly recommend it.”
Nancy Steward, Co-op Member
”I'm amazed by my second grader's progress in typing due to Type-To-Learn-4. The lessons can be as short or as long as you choose. The context for typing, keeps my son engaged and motivated.”
Wendy Thomas, Co-op Member
”My 9-year-old daughter just began Type-To-Learn 4 about 1 month ago. Previously, we did not have her working on the computer. She loves the program and is really learning to type (keyboard) properly, which will help her in all her future schoolwork, especially where report-writing come in. She finds it fun and loves the challenge. I recommend it and will continue to use it.”
Mary S., Co-op Member