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My 9 years old loves Timez-Attack. She is retaining her times table information. She also loves the challange present by the task presented in the games.
A Carter, Co-op Member
I had a look at the addition and subtraction beta version for my 5 year old. It looks like a great way for him to practice, but I'm waiting until he's a little older (later this year) to introduce it.
Rachel, Co-op Member
We used the free version for a 6 year old, a 4th, and a 6th grader. The 6 yr was stressed out. However the big kids loved it. They were getting sick of reflex math so this may be a great replacement.
Rachel M., Co-op Member
Timez-Attack is an amazing game that helps teach the numerical concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division through a number of quests in which they are required to complete math facts in order to proceed to the next level of the game. It is as addictive as a regular video game, only she is actually learning math facts as she plays. When was the last time you said, "Get in there and play your math video game!" Your kids will be asking for more time to do math. It really does increase the memorization of their math facts. She ...(more)
Happy Math Mom, Co-op Member
This has been one of the best games I have ever downloaded for my kids! They absolutely love it. I find them playing the game all the time. My 6 year old has even started learning his multiplication facts all because of this game. I highly recommend it :)
Leah C., Co-op Member
This program has really helped with my daughter's speed. It keeps her entertained as well. Thank you!
Nancy N, Co-op Member
My kids LOVE Timez Attack! One of my sons just completed the multiplication segment and preceded to dramatically roll on the floor in a mock tantrum because he couldn't play it anymore. I have since pointed out that he can start on the division section!

I applaud the creators of Timez Attack for developing something that works and kids enjoy! The above mentioned boy is not a big fan of school but he loves this program!
Cindy H., Co-op Member
We have started using the free version over the past month. It has been very helpful for my fourth grader and 2 second graders. It has helped them to remember and recall answers faster for addition and multiplication. My first grader has struggled with it however and became frustrated at not having enough time to answer the problem before it would move on. Overall, it is very engaging and we may be purchasing the full version soon after seeing the confidence it is building in our older children and their math abilities.
Jennie, Co-op Member
Timez-Attack is a wonderful product. My son has multiple learning disabilities, including a math disorder. It has been almost impossible for him to memorize any math facts. After a month of using Timez-Attack, he has mastered his "two times table" and almost mastered his "three times table" and is making good progress on the fours. This was from a starting point of only knowing 2x2 and 2x3. I have tried many different things to help him; none has been as effective as Timez-Attack. The best part is that the learning is actually carrying o...(more)
DR, Co-op Member
My son (9) was struggling with math. He was very accurate with answers, but when put under a time constraint, he would score low. We purchased this product for its game format and the results have been wonderful. His speed has increased to be more on par with his accuracy. It has allowed us to begin introducing higher level concepts without a concern about frustration. This is a great product to enhance skills and speed in basic math.
Jack Frantz, Co-op Member
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