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We had used Reflex math prior to this program. The kids were bored and thought that it was too young for them (children ages 10 and 12). I tried Timez Attack and I don't receive the complaints anymore. I am able to get them to work a bit longer as well. In short, it has been a good program for building and retention.
Cierra, Co-op Member
My kids love Timez Attack! They hurry through their other school work so they can be the first to play.

It is a wonderful way for them to learn their math facts without them even realizing it : )
Jacquie, Co-op Member
Timez-Attack was first recommended by my sister who is a teacher specialized with learning disabilities. My daughter has always struggled with math and resented practice drill of any sort. We did not tell her it was a math practice game. She fell in love with it and always wants to play. It is a very engaging and encouraging game. It really helped her to memorize her times table. Once told the purpose of the game, she simply said that it didn't feel like school work. This is by far the best math practice program we have used.
M.A. Leavens, Co-op Member
As a busy homeschooling mom of 6, I needed something that could help me teach my children the basic math facts. My older girls sat down with this and mastered the multiplication in just under 2 weeks (no previous knowledge of multiplication facts), and now they are working on their division. They just can't get enough of their math right now. My son who is 5 is working on his addition facts. My 4 year old wants to play it too. I told him he needs to learn his numbers first, now he is eagerly learning his numbers so he can play too. Can't w...(more)
Dana C., Co-op Member
We are Americans living in a developing nation in Asia. Our 5th-grade daughter has attended the local schools until this year,when we felt the need to provide her with a better education. I found a number of "holes" in her educational foundation, which we have been working to shore up. One of them was definitely in the area of math, specifically her multiplication tables. She had become frustrated and convinced that she could not learn the multiplication facts. Practice was emotionally draining for both of us. Then, we bought Big Brainz Timez-A...(more)
Kristin, Co-op Member
My son has really enjoyed this game! He has always done well with addition but never wanted to do subtraction...until now! I look forward to his continuing progress with this game!
Brandy Rosenbaum, Co-op Member
I bought this to help my 8 year old learn her math facts better. She hated practicing before, even though we were using a computer program to practice. She LOVES to play this game! It is not only helping her to learn her facts, but she now likes to practice! I know longer have to hear complaining when I tell her to do her math facts practice! My 11 year old also likes to play (which reinforces her facts)! What a great program!
Beth P., Co-op Member
This is a great program! My 13 year old loves it and can't stop playing! His first comment about it was "Great Graphics!" Finally a math game I don't have to coax him to play!
Sandra - Vancouver, B.C., Co-op Member
We loved the free versions so much that we eventually upgraded to the paid versions. Timez-Attack has really helped my kiddos memorize their facts!!
Jen M, Co-op Member
I have 3 active boys who love video games! This program is top notch and has been amazing! We have the lifetime version of all 4 operations, and my kids love it; it's a great value through HSBC! It's straight math fact drills, but presented in a SUPER FUN, MOTIVATING way. The boys love seeing their progress and challenging themselves. They can do it independently, and I guarantee they would never have progressed like this using old fashioned flash cards!
Julie R., Co-op Member
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