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My kids love this game! It helps reinforce their math facts and is lots of fun. They ask to play this game! Because I do not teach memorization but learning by repetition, it was a great tool to help with their recollection of what they'd learned. It moved a little too fast for our 1st grader and was a little tough for our 3rd grader at first, but it wasn't long before they both got the hang of it, and in a few short months. We started with the free download and it is a good version to start with. We've just recently rented the deluxe multiplic...(more)
Amy N, Co-op Member
Wow! This product is amazing! It drills math facts in a fun way - way better than flash cards. I have one child doing add/sub and 2 children doing the multiplication. It is challenging and fun, in fact, I often hear a cheer from the schoolroom as a child passes a new level! My kids BEG me to play this game after school and on weekends and they have improved in their math fact knowledge and retention. I definitely recommend this product to any family who wants their kids to retain those boring math facts in a fun way! Thanks!
Terri M., Co-op Member
I wish I had done this a year ago. I was told about this program last year by a mother who raved that it was a miracle for her son. However, at the time, I felt it was cost prohibitive for us. We tried other apps and programs. Flash cards. Nothing helped much. We tried the free version and he loved it. With the discount it was very reasonable. He actually LIKES practicing them now. We still have a little way to go, but after 3 weeks he already knows them a lot better. I definitely feel it is a worthwhile product--and have posted about ...(more)
Lindy B, Co-op Member
Timez-Attack is a wonderful product. My son has multiple learning disabilities, including a math disorder. It has been almost impossible for him to memorize any math facts. After a month of using Timez-Attack, he has mastered his "two times table" and almost mastered his "three times table" and is making good progress on the fours. This was from a starting point of only knowing 2x2 and 2x3. I have tried many different things to help him; none has been as effective as Timez-Attack. The best part is that the learning is actually carrying o...(more)
DR, Co-op Member
We purchased Timez-Attack to improve our son's recall of multiplication and division facts. As a rising 5th grader, he didn't have the higher numbered multiplication and division facts down. Despite numerous attempts to drill him on these facts, his ability to correctly recall the answers wasn't getting any better.

We purchased Timez Attack based upon positive feedback from a family friend, who had successfully used the product with his son.

Although we're not completely through the all of the multiplication lessons (currently have c...(more)
DF, Co-op Member
I've heard this program mentioned many times by other homeschoolers so I figured it was worth a shot. I was thrilled to see there was an addition/subtraction option. My 6 year old scored a 58 on her first pretest bc she frequently uses her hands. Ouch. 2 weeks into the program she was scoring a 96 on that same test! We had similar results with subtraction. It forced her to actually memorize the facts and she did! She loves this game, plays it all the time. The results speak volumes. She always used her hands for additon and subtraction. Now she...(more)
Tara Marshall, Co-op Member
Timez-Attack doesn't just reinforce multiplication facts; it actually helps teach them. Our children have used the free beta version for over a year now and still beg to use it ~ our pre-schooler even enjoys just watching his sisters play. No doubt it will continue to be a valuable part of our learning experiences for years to come! I heartily recommend it to homeschool & traditional school friends, alike.
G. Lee, Co-op Member
The game is engaging and the kids can play it for hours , if allowed, all the while improving how fast they answer the questions and their use of the computer keyboard.
Katherine, Co-op Member
We were recommended this game by a friend. I had no idea it existed. We downloaded the free version to see how good it really was. Within four days I upgraded to the deluxe version. My son likes it. It really is like a video game. I have decided to take a break in our regular math books to make sure he really knows his multiplication. It's working! I will probably continue onto the division deluxe version.

As for the addition and subtraction, my daughter was bored after 2 days. All she got was 1 +0, 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 on the free vers...(more)
Tammy B, Co-op Member
My two children aged 10 and 7 have been using the deluxe version for 4 weeks. Both have shown dramatic improvement.

My 10 year-old is moderately dyslexic and I was concerned the pace would be frustrating. Though it takes more time for this child to progress through the levels, I observe that my child is averaging faster response times to the questions and a greater confidence about math.

My 7 year-old is gifted in math and it seems this child will probably master all math operations in short order...probably before finishing 2nd gra...(more)
S.W., Co-op Member
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