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Not knowing the level that was needed, the Thinkwell associates kindly helped me determine the right level for my son who was technically between two grades of another curriculum. Only a few weeks into the program and he's excited; sometimes he even does multiple lessons with his grades rapidly improving! Dr. Burger makes learning Math 7 fun with clear and entertaining explanations. My son loves the online practice exercises versus the workbook pages that he dreaded. I like the extra printable practice pages and the record keeping of the gr...(more)
Heather Smith, Co-op Member
Thinkwell helped me tremendously in my lecture class. Instead of just having my teacher go over it I got another lecture that explained things in a different manner. This helped especially when I wasn’t sure of things in the lecture class. This course did, however, change my mind on doing homework. Listening to the lectures is much more pleasurable than doing exercise questions from a book. This is a great learning device.
Dan Santee, Student
Great product. Kids love it.
Best on the market.
I have been buying Thinkwell for last 4 years (different grades)
Irina, Co-op Member
With 4 kids to teach, we needed a math course this year that was taught by someone other than me. I came to this conclusion after choosing a text for 7th grade that did not jive with my daughter's learning style and skills. She has enjoyed Thinkwell so far, and at this point we plan to continue on next year with 8th grade. The lessons are succinct, and I like that there are tests with a grade at the end of each unit. My younger kids will likely follow suit when they get to this point.
CO_Mom_of_4, Co-op Member
Thinkwell’s impact on class participation is very positive. Instead of being able to copy out of the back of the traditional book assignments, you are forced to learn and ask questions that will further help later at night on the homework. The most beneficial part of Thinkwell was that after each question regardless if it is right or wrong it gave full explanations of the answers. I have never enjoyed math for the pure fact that I had to spend so much time doing the homework. With this internet homework I enjoy myself more and like being able t...(more)
Cameron Munson, Student
This is our first year using Thinkwell Math. I have been really impressed with the quality of the lectures. I will say that I wish the curriculum included a walk through of each problem.
Carriesuea, Co-op Member
This subscription has been fabulous!! Video teaching, plus the worksheets, plus quizzes and tests and practice tests should you care to use them all provided and graded for you. If you choose to skip anything requiring grades you can do so easily. But if you wanted to it is a complete stand alone course with print out sheets, answers, grade keeping, a lesson plan outline (day by day) and tons of videos and links! Not only do I love this but so does my high school daughter.
Sarah Walker, Co-op Member
We have used Thinkwell Math for YEARS for the upper level maths and now use it from 6th grade to Calculus BC. Prof. Burger is hilarious and able to clearly teach concepts from the very simple to the absurdly complex. He adds little songs, funny demonstrations, and all kinds of interesting examples to make math fun. My kids who have taken the AP math tests have scored 5's, and Thinkwell has been excellent at preparing them for the tests. We are die-hard Thinkwell Math fans and have been happy to tell anyone looking for a math program to look ...(more)
Diana S., Co-op Member
As a mom of three homeschooled children, all in different grades and with varying learning styles I always find it hard to find the time to include electives in our regular school day. My oldest daughter had great experiences with Thinkwell's Biology and Chemistry classes so I decided to have her try out their American Government elective class as well. My daughter has really been enjoying the American Government class and feels that she has learned a lot from it. I will definitely continue to use Thinkwell for my kids and I have recommended...(more)
M. Shuler, Co-op Member
After graduating from homeschool using Thinkwell math, our daughter was able to test out of basic college math, earn scholarship money, and be well-prepared for her chosen field (pre-nursing).
E.L., Co-op Member
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