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”We LOVE Thinkwell math! My daughter always hated math, no matter what method we tried - until we hit pre-algebra and tried Thinkwell. Wow! What a turnaround! While I won't say my daughter now loves math, she actually does seem to enjoy it, and I will often overhear her laughing out loud. And since the teacher is a college math professor, I know she's getting the solid foundation she will need for the future. Not only that, Thinkwell provides me with all the information I need to track how my daughter is doing at each step along the way. What a great program!”
Deanna M., Co-op Member
”My oldest son recently started two Thinkwell courses: prealgebra and public speaking. Today I heard him yell to me from the other room, "Mom, I LOVE this program you bought! Dr. Burger is awesome." He watched three lectures today and I told him to slow down! He is also eating up the public speaking course which he excitedly told me all about. I am thrilled with our purchases and can't believe the prices we got through the HS Buyers Co-op. THANK YOU!!”
The Ebmeier Family, Co-op Member
”Wow! We love Thinkwell! We are doing the pre-algebra, and I have to say it is amazing! My kids really get it, and it is because the visuals are great, the teaching is to the point and the concepts are so clear. I am remembering with the kids, and all I can say is I wish I had had this when I was in school! We have the public speaking as well, and I can't wait to use it as well.”
Leslie S. Kelly, Co-op Member
”I've used the Thinkwell pre-algebra and algebra courses with my two boys. Since then, we've tried public school and a virtual charter school. All three of us are looking forward to going back to Thinkwell math courses once again!

My boys like feeling in control of the content; they can skip over material they already know or go back and review. Professor Edward Burger is a fun speaker! It's not dull and dried out. The explanations are clear and the supporting text is well done.

I certainly have told others about the courses. I hope Homeschool Buyers Co-op continues to offer such reasonable prices!”
Brighid W., Co-op Member
”My son is really enjoying the Pre-Algebra course. The professor is engaging and clearly explains the material. We will definitely continue using the Thinkwell video courses.”
Michele, Co-op Member
”We have used the Thinkwell with excellent results for pre-algebra, algebra I, and geometry. We will shortly be moving into algebra II and will be going through calculus. Thinkwell is, without a doubt, outstanding. If you are serious about math, get Thinkwell.”
Carl C., Co-op Member
”We were doing K12 prealgebra straight out of the textbook and my son hated it. We got Thinkwell's prealgebra and found the mini lectures and demos so useful. A good teacher showing the steps and explaining them clearly just works better for my son (and me!) than reading dry text from a book. We love thinkwell and it's quick assessments--all online so no CDs to mess with either. I tell everybody who asks about math programs on all my homeschooler lists.”
R Hill, Co-op Member
”When my 11 year old began watching the Beginning Algebra video- his two brothers- ages 8 and 16 joined him and they all watched the first few lessons together. They laughed and enjoyed Edward Burger. They are totally taken with him. They can't wait to continue-these summer vacations keep getting in the way! They have recounted some of the lessons at the dinner table and to friends. These are the first math lessons that have captured their attention and Burger makes it relevant and enjoyable. We will continue to try other courses.”
Lori M., Co-op Member
”Professor Berger breathes life and humor into the dreaded, dry subject of math! (It's so fun to hear my daughters actually giggle during their algebra studies.) We have finished both intermediate and college algebra and have been very pleased with the results; the girls understood and retained much more than they did with our Teaching Textbooks experience. We're looking forward to "American Government" this fall.”
Janine Perkins, Co-op Member
”My daughter has completed the Pre-Algebra program and will start Beginning Algebra soon. She found the video lectures entertaining, and was able to understand the concepts. I have found this program to be thorough and well-presented. The co-op price is well below the prices I've seen elsewhere.”
Leslie W., Co-op Member
”Thinkwell Math has been so beneficial for my daughter who was not very confident in her math skills. Professor Burger is interesting and engaging. She has gone from "hating" math to actually enjoying her lessons. Her confidence in math has blossomed, and she has improved from being "at grade level" with her math skills to being ahead of her public school peers. The videos are short, easy to understand and interesting. There are practice questions, quizzes, a midterm and a final. My daughter just completed Algebra 1, and is enrolled in Honors Geometry next.”
Heather A., Co-op Member
”Reasons my two boys like Thinkwell Math: (1) The math is based on the National Math Standards (which as a parent I was taught and is helpful for me to assist them if they have questions). The Common Core standards is not readily agreeable with my boys as they started the lower math grades with the old Abeka and Saxon books which also were not Common Core standards. When trying to teach with a math textbook that relied on Common Core standards, it seemed to be just more tedious for the boys to work out the problems with all the extra steps for multiplication and long division required. So I knew I had to find a math curriculum that still taught National Math Standards. (2) They like the video lesson instructions that are not just a narration of a slide presentation but show an actual professor giving the lesson. (3) Each problem has a step by step solution. (4) The lessons are done online and are self-graded which helps me so much. I used to have to grade the seatwork the boys used for Saxon and this really bogged my time down as I have five boys, and so the grading of paperwork was something that consumed a lot of time. (5) For each wrong answer, the answer is available with a step-by-step solution. The student can also practice a similar problem to see if the concept clicked in their brains. Finally, by the time my oldest went into College level math he earned a 4.0 GPA for College Precalculus in his senior year in high school taken at the local community college. He attributes this to the great lessons he was taught in Thinkwell. I have recommended Thinkwell Math to all of my mom friends looking for a solid quality math program that will help with college level math.”
M. Smith, Co-op Member
”My kids have used multiple levels of math with Prof Burger and they love him. The lectures are great and Burger has an engaging, occasionally goofy style that they really enjoy.”
Debbie B, Co-op Member
”Thinkwell Math is a great product. The Math teacher is fun. He explains the topic clearly. My son has dyslexia and he enjoys looking at the videos. It really helps him with learning the topic for school. It likes having your own private tutor.”
Hedda, Co-op Member
”We appreciate the Thinkwell discount because the courses provide a way for my middle school age student to take quality high school level courses that are respected by our home school charter. He likes the video instruction and the printed lecture notes which we purchased. A variety of programs work for earlier math, but once they need Algebra 1 and up I will use Thinkwell for all my kids' math. Each course has an honors option which is also nice for a rigorous math curriculum option for the kids that love math and the standard course option for the ones that just want to get the requirement done. Once you buy a course you can wait up to a year to assign it for the student to start, so buying it on sale is really a great option.”
Alana I., Co-op Member
”We are using Thinkwell for 6th grade math and Algebra 1. The format of two to three short videos is very helpful for both my children, especially my son who easily loses focus with a long math lesson. The exercises give my students a chance to practice the skills from that lesson enough times to cement the concepts but not so many questions that it becomes burdensome. There are nine Thinkwell exercise questions. There are additional worksheets and animations to use with students as well, depending on the needs and goals of your students. We have tried virtually every math curriculum out there (both video-based and textbook). This is by far the most effective one for my 9th and 6th grader who are not naturally math-inclined students.”
Annie F., Co-op Member
”A great class! Instructor's tone is very conversational and the course is paced perfectly- it's slow enough to ensure comprehension and fast enough to not get boring.”
R.B., Co-op Member
”Thinkwell is a great math program that is engaging and effective. Professor Burger makes math less intimidating with his humor and teaching style. The worksheets and interactive exercises allow for more practice with the concepts. I recommend the program often when asked what we use, and enjoy the material myself as a refresher when viewing with my student.”
Kelly P., Co-op Member
”Our family has used several Thinkwell math courses, and we all love them! Professor Ed Burger makes difficult concepts understandable, and does so in a light-hearted manner with visual aids that make you remember the concepts. Our oldest son completed the Calculus course which prepared him for the rigors of West Point. He was delighted to meet Professor Burger once when the professor was visiting West Point. Our youngest son has used Thinkwell for all of his high school math courses. He is currently taking an online dual credit Trigonometry course with a university in Texas. The textbook is fairly incomprehensible, so we purchased the Thinkwell Pre-Calculus course for him. He now watches Professor Burger teach the concepts, then goes to his textbook and completes his homework! I completed a Master's in Math Education online, and my university supplied a subscription of Thinkwell's college Calculus course to assist me with Calculus I, II, and III. The textbook was again incomprehensible, and if I had not had Professor Burger's clear explanations, I would not have been able to finish my courses as quickly, easily, or with as much comprehension as I was able to do. I highly recommend these courses!”
Lori Miller, Co-op Member
”I purchased Thinkwell Math upon the recommendations of the majority of homeschool moms. My daughter feels that the explanation provided during each lesson are clear and supported with excellent visuals. I look forward to using this program this year and based on our experience so far, will continue to use this moving forward for higher level math.”
P. Smith, Co-op Member
”We have taken Algebra 2 in Thinkwell. I love the way they teach the core concepts. The videos and professors teaching these courses are phenomenal. We have purchased even Trigonometry and would be starting on that course after finishing Algebra 22”
jane Iyer, Co-op Member
”Thinkwell lectures, quizzes and worksheets are high quality. I also appreciate that Thinkwell customer service will reassign your child if a course is found to be too easy or too hard during the initial trial period. Very good value for enrichment (non-credit) learning purposes.”
Chris G, Co-op Member
”My daughter and I like Thinkwell because of the short videos and coordinating exercises. Watching the teacher is like being in a classroom, but we can choose how much to do in each day. The short segments are ideal for students with short attention spans. We are doing Thinkwell again for the next math class. (We did 8th grade math and are moving to Algebra I.)”
Kaelyn A., Co-op Member
”My son struggled with math and Thinkwell is the first one he actually enjoyed and understood. The videos are short (which he needs) and engaging, and do a great job explaining one or two concepts, so they are not overwhelming. He also likes having a "chapter checklist" so there is a visual of what he has accomplished. I give Thinkwell Algebra II an A+!”
Jeanne M., Springfield, PA, Co-op Member
”My children have successfully used Thinkwell for our math for the past 3 years. We really love it! It allows them to be independent which is a great asset for the later middle and high school years. And, getting it at HSBC is great because we get a discount!”
Kim, Co-op Member
”I love Thinkwell math! My son and I think Professor Burger is awesome. We tried a few different math programs but nothing compares to Thinkwell. The concepts are presented in a way that makes them so much easier to understand. I go through the lectures and problems with my son most of the time and I am finally learning geometry (my nemesis in high school and college). Professor Burger uses humor which makes it even better. We will definitely continue to use Thinkwell. I am so grateful to have found it through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Thank you!”
Tina Cada, Co-op Member
”My 7th grader started extra-homework with Thinkwell pre-algebra a few years ago. He is now in Thinkwell's pre-calculus class. He loves the videos, on-line quizzes with instant grading. His regular school math is so easy for him.”
J dad, Co-op Member
”My child does not love math. I'm really hoping we can change that one of these days. It feels, to me, like Thinkwell is a move in the right direction.

This is our first year homeschooling so we can't compare this product with others. We experimented with several of the trials offered by various companies before deciding to go with Thinkwell for 7th grade math.

So far, I'd say it's been a success. She's still not in love with the subject but Professor Burger does manage to make her laugh sometimes. I think the short "bites", along with the opportunity to rework exercises independently, has helped her focus on learning without feeling overly pressured. Since the examples aren't too long, and often use humor, she's more inclined to review material. I've also heard the occasional, "Oh! I get it!" when she doesn't know I'm listening.

It's too soon to say with certainty that we'll definitely use the program next year but I think it's very likely.

I can also share that, early on, we had an issue with our logins. I found the company very responsive to my concerns. So far, I'm very happy with Thinkwell (both the product and their support).”
Laura Z., Co-op Member
”My son (6th grader) LOVES Thinkwell. He struggled with Math before and did not enjoy it at all. Now, he loves Math and looks to practice problems for fun! He asked to do Thinkwell every year!”
Nicole C., Co-op Member
”After starting a different pre-alg curriculum this year, we had to make a switch early on and Thinkwell has been the answer! We like the guided videos. The teacher uses manipulatives and visuals to help the concepts sink in for my student. I've mentioned this program to several people in my home school co-op.”
Suzanne Brown, Co-op Member
”I am loving our Thinkwell math programs! We have added Thinkwell Algebra 1 and grade 6 to our homeschool and we are very happy with the results! My students are enthusiastic about doing math, which was not the case with our previous curriculum. I use it as a "flipped" classroom, where the presentation of new information is done on-line and then I am available as a resource for questions as they work problems. I was referred to Thinkwell by a friend and I have shared our success story with many other friends. Thanks for a great program!”
Laura, Co-op Member
”We moved to Thinkwell math this year for my older children (we homeschool all 11 of our children), and we are delighted by the results. We have been able to re-engage them in math and really spur their problem-solving skills. The teaching videos are fun and informative, and our children have become self starters (and more importantly-finishers!) of their math lessons. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
M Hasapopoulos, Co-op Member
”I want to put in a good word for the Thinkwell service team. I initially bought Calculus BC, assuming it was a full year course, as it is in school. My own fault - I did not read carefully enough, rushing to get my son's math program going at the beginning of the year. When I realized my mistake, Thinkwell and Homeschool Buyers Co-op worked together with me to make sure my son could start his math program promptly - and Thinkwell suspended my subscription for BC Calculus until I need it, so that my son will have as much time as he needs to complete the course. Thank you, Thinkwell!

... and that's before I tell you that my son LOVES the instructor. He is more enthusiastic about math than I have ever seen. Yes, part of it is realizing that he needs math for a STEM-related career. But much of his new enthusiasm has to do with the Thinkwell program.”
Karin VM, Co-op Member
”Our twins are considered to be "twice exceptional', (gifted with some learning disabilities.) Since they are visual learners, they love the math videos with Professor Burger, for his fantastic sense of humor and detailed math explanations. Thus far we have used algebra 1 and 2, geometry and will soon begin trigonometry. I'm proud to say that our twins recently aced all math placement tests at a community college,but want to continue using Thinkwell even if they decide to take a math class at the community college! Prior to Thinkwell, we tried using another video based math program, but the presentation, although detailed, was dry and boring. I've shared our experience with others and highly recommend it to students who are motivated, love humor, and especially to those who have difficulties with textbook learning. This product, is by far, our all time favorite!”
M.Jackson, Co-op Member
”This is our first year using Thinkwell Math. I have been really impressed with the quality of the lectures. I will say that I wish the curriculum included a walk through of each problem.”
Carriesuea, Co-op Member
”My daughter is actually challenged!”
Theresa R., Co-op Member
”Great program! Easy and entertaining videos. Perfect amount of online problems and homework problems to make sure they understand the concepts.”
Beth N., Co-op Member
”Great course! Goofy guy teacher that my teens enjoy. Visuals are helpful. Excellent all round. My first pick for math!”
”I have been doing thinkwell with my kids for four years now. Dr Berger is very thorough and animated. My girls now test way beyond grade level in math and i love the hands off approach since I am not strong at math myself.”
Maja Liotta, Co-op Member
”If you are looking for an anti-dote to the "drill & kill" method of teaching math, I encourage you to look into Thinkwell. Dr. Burger is by far one of the most straightforward, concise and engaging Math professors we've had. We made the decision this year to homeschool our high school kids, and discovered our son had a very weak Pre-Algebra foundation from public school, despite getting A's & B's. After trying and failing with 3 different well-known and expensive math curriculums over the course of 6 months, we came across Thinkwell Algebra. My son went from being confused and weary to encouraged and self-motivated. He was able to get through one semester of Algebra in 3 months! It has made all the difference in the world in his daily math routine. He is now able to look forward to listening to a concise explanation, doing the 9 or 10 exercises and then MOVING ON. Too many math teachers unnecessarily muddy the waters and bog students down with extra fluff and explanation. Math is black and white, and there is no compelling reason to clog the teaching with ancillary details that do not immediately affect the lesson at hand. Thinkwell (Dr. Burger) has nailed it. We will continue to use and recommend Thinkwell, and have purchased Geometry and Physics for next year. We typically prefer to use faith-based curriculum, however, we understand that with something like high-level Math there typically isn't a lot of room or reason for faith-based discussions. Math is Math. Thinkwell is not a Christian or faith-based curriculum, but it has definitely brought some peace back to our days and has given my son the confidence he needs to succeed. We are grateful for Dr. Burger and for Thinkwell's willingness to offer a discount to homeschoolers!”
CEG, Co-op Member
”With 4 kids to teach, we needed a math course this year that was taught by someone other than me. I came to this conclusion after choosing a text for 7th grade that did not jive with my daughter's learning style and skills. She has enjoyed Thinkwell so far, and at this point we plan to continue on next year with 8th grade. The lessons are succinct, and I like that there are tests with a grade at the end of each unit. My younger kids will likely follow suit when they get to this point.”
CO_Mom_of_4, Co-op Member
”My two children have been using Thinkwell for a few months now for math and we are really loving it, especially since we got it at such a great deal on HS Buyers Co-op! We are using Algebra I and 6th Grade right now. The teaching is really good and he is funny so that keeps the kids attention. The program is thorough and its so helpful that all the grades the kids get on the exercises, practice tests and tests are available to me at any time so I can see how they are progressing. I would highly recommend this program!”
Kim B., Co-op Member
”My 6th graders is currently using this program. The lectures are excellent and they explain the material well. However, there is not much practice work or homework assigned, so I have had to supplement with extra math assignments.”
Katie F., Co-op Member
”This year we used Thinkwell 6th and 8th grade math. In the past we have used Saxon, Teaching Textbooks and for k-2 we have used Singapore for our younger child. We do really like Singapore but out of all the other products Thinkwell is our favorite. Our boys really responded to the instructor. They thought he was funny and that he showed them methods and ways of doing things the other programs left out. Their test scores improved dramatically. We felt it was much more comprehensive than Teaching Textbooks even a year ahead and way more engaging than Saxon. We will definitely be using it again next year. As a mom with five kids I really like how it took a load off of me. All around super happy with this product! We have shared with lots of friends.”
Bethany B, Co-op Member
”We were never happy with our high school math programs. We tried a few, but didn't feel that they were a good fit until we tried Thinkwell. Professor Burger explains the topics in a clear and concise (and sometimes funny) manner, and my kids enjoy having the independence that this program offers them. Being computer-oriented boys, they prefer the on-screen exercises and problems to having to present it all neatly on paper. This program is a win for our family.”
Judy N, Co-op Member
”We have been more than thrilled with Thinkwell for our now 7th grade boy's math curriculum. We started homeschooling in his 5th grade year and literally floundered for 2 years before finding Thinkwell on Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Thinkwell presents concepts simply and clearly and allows exercises for the kids to practice their craft. It is easy to track my son's progress, and we could not be happier.”
Betsy Tavit, Co-op Member
”Great product. Kids love it.
Best on the market.
I have been buying Thinkwell for last 4 years (different grades)”
Irina, Co-op Member
”We have used Pre-algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II. The teacher is really good and makes learning math fun for the kids. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a math program that will help your kids advance to higher mathematics.”
Rebecca H, Co-op Member
”It has been a complete lifesaver for my fam! My child, who was a very behind (9th grader) and not responding to expensive tutoring has now completed 2 grades in one year. I keep him on an accelerated track but that is it. The program keeps all grades and info about what kid is doing where I can access quick and easy. Prof. Burger is kind of silly sometimes (which makes my teen roll his eyes) but he is an awesome teacher! My teen is feeling more confident in math. The proof is in the progress and this program works. I have now started my 7 th grader as well! I will def continue using it. I have def given rave reviews to my friends.”
Aim e Hare, Co-op Member
”We are quite happy with Thinkwell math! The classes seem to thoroughly cover each grade level. We have been home schooling for 7 years and have tried many different free and paid math programs. My 2 homeschooled kids, who enjoy learning math at a deep level, find the lectures thorough, easy to absorb and often entertaining. The number and type of practice exercises seems just right. The chapter tests and checklists help me to know that they are absorbing and mastering the material (as I usually can't sit next to them while they work on math).”
Marisa Smith in Berkeley, Co-op Member
”My son has used Thinkwell Algebra, Geometry and Pre-Calculus. Professor Burger is excellent! His passion and enthusiasm for math lightens up even the heaviest concepts and calculations. The presentations are thorough and well organized. I highly recommend Thinkwell Math!”
Diane V., Co-op Member
”After graduating from homeschool using Thinkwell math, our daughter was able to test out of basic college math, earn scholarship money, and be well-prepared for her chosen field (pre-nursing).”
E.L., Co-op Member
”Thinkwell has been an effective math program for our older children. I am so thankful for this wonderful math curriculum and recommend it to everyone who asks!”
Lora, Co-op Member
”We have looked around for an algebra program for a while. I think our daughter must be the pickiest kid when it comes to math! We have done Miquon Math, Saxon, Keys to Learning, Right Start, and Teaching Textbooks -- all! I had my daughter research some programs on her own and then had her research a few more. I am glad that Professor Burger "clicked" for her! She is really good at math and needs to be appropriately challenged. The lessons are clear and Professor Burger is sufficiently goofy. She LOVES this program!”
H. Rugg, Co-op Member
”We have used Thinkwell for two school years now, 7th and 8th Math, as well as Geometry and Algebra 2. It is the favorite math program with both my son and daughter. They enjoy the teacher and his presentations, and feel they are very clear and complete. The few times we have been stumped and unable to understand, we have sent questions in and received prompt, clear answers. For us, Thinkwell has been a blessing, and we intend to continue to use it for the rest of our math needs. We have also shared this news with our friends, and several have also been won over to the Thinkwell side!”
DeLena J, Co-op Member
”We're about 3/4 of the way through using Thinkwell 7th grade math. We've been enjoying it! Last year we did Singapore Math and I wanted a program that did more of the teaching for me.

Having a good teacher explain how to do the calculations makes it so much easier on the parent. Not only to relieve me of the teaching but also something I can refer back to and teach myself when my daughter needs help. Then there is practice with the worksheets and online exercises (quizzes). At the end of every unit there is a unit test. Lastly there is a final test.

We are happy with the program and recommend it. My math-reluctant daughter enjoys the autonomy of it and will actually do it and she is successful at it.

The teaching videos are simple, to the point and quick. This is very helpful for a mild ADHD kid who is smart. It's more of a "here is how you do it and now practice it." This approach certainly allows you to get through all the topics required in a year, and there is a LOT required. My only concern is that this traditional approach does not get much into the concepts nor overall problem solving skills.

This program works for us and we will continue with it next year (many thanks to Thinkwell and Homebuyers Co-op for the fantastic savings!)”
G. Thomas, Co-op Member
”Thinkwell math is a superior product and amazing value. My two daughters (senior & sixth grader) have been using it for a year and we have seen significant comprehension and learning. They love Professor Burger with his quirky humor. They really appreciate the fact that they can watch any video repeatedly if they're not comprehending a particular topic. We are using this again next year and would recommend it highly.”
B. T., Co-op Member
”My sixth and eighth graders have been using Thinkwell for several weeks. We love the program. Concepts are explained thoroughly, yet in a concise and entertaining way. Both kids have learned so much and really enjoy math now! I have shared information about Thinkwell with several homeschool friends. Thank you!”
Mary W., Co-op Member
”We absolutely adore the Thinkwell programs, and consider them an essential part of our homeschool classroom. My son completed Algebra I as an eight-grader, and now has Geometry as a ninth-grader. He has found them to be challenging but very captivating. The instructor is funny and brings the content alive. We loved the Math programs so much, that we purchased the AP Bio class for him this year, as well. He is even more in love with that class... the instructor is also fantastic and humorous. He teaches a science class that is captivating. It is a challenging class, for sure, but it brings out the best of what education should be -- fueling the fire to learn more. We are so grateful for the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op for helping us get this high-quality product at reduced costs.”
Amanda D., Co-op Member
”Not knowing the level that was needed, the Thinkwell associates kindly helped me determine the right level for my son who was technically between two grades of another curriculum. Only a few weeks into the program and he's excited; sometimes he even does multiple lessons with his grades rapidly improving! Dr. Burger makes learning Math 7 fun with clear and entertaining explanations. My son loves the online practice exercises versus the workbook pages that he dreaded. I like the extra printable practice pages and the record keeping of the grades. Thanks for a great quality product!”
Heather Smith, Co-op Member
”For three years, our two sons have used Thinkwell's online math courses (Algebra I & II and Geometry). We absolutely love Thinkwell's math programs! Great teaching and instruction are contained in the videos as well as application of the various methods and formulas. The professor keeps the students engaged and challenged. Thinkwell's math programs allow my husband and I to keep our sons challenged in their math as they have now exceeded our level of learning in this area. The customer support for parents is outstanding as well. Thinkwell continues to exceed in meeting the needs of our homeschooling. Thank you Thinkwell! Our sons have truly benefited from your commitment to excellence.”
Cindy Mc, Co-op Member
”We've used Thinkwell for a number of years now, starting with Pre-Algebra and going up to Algebra 2. We all love watching Professor Burger's video lectures. They are long enough to explain things well, and he is not only a great teacher but also very entertaining, which is a huge benefit when trying to learn topics such as linear functions! The content is very rich. My oldest son has just transitioned to our local Running Start program and is having no difficulty in math with this background. Because each course is created online, there isn't a textbook to go with each course. I would also love to have a textbook, but only as a further explanation for tough topics. It hasn't been a problem for my kids, and there are plenty of online resources available when they do have questions. I do like how there is a pencil and paper component to each lesson. All in all, a terrific program that we've been very happy to use!”
Becky, Co-op Member
”We have made extensive use of Thinkwell Math for both our children. They have found the program entertaining without being trivial and thorough without bogging down. We recommend Thinkwell to all our homeschooling friends and will continue to use Thinkwell products through highschool”
K. Ryder, Co-op Member
”Since I started homeschooling 3 years ago, I felt I was killing my daughter's love of Math (she is gifted, while her sister is special needs, so I've left her to figure out Singapore Math on her own, which she managed well, but without any enthusiasm). Thinkwell is clear and interesting to her, she goes at her own pace. I check to see how she's doing and that she's completed it. For the placement, she was between 2 levels- if she weren't gifted I'd have gone to the easier level, but we went up instead, and its been a good challenge. She no longer procrastinates Math.”
Sarah Cavenaugh, Co-op Member
”We discovered Thinkwell-Math through the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op. My son now says Math is one of his favorite subjects! The lectures are extremely well done--high quality, interesting and even funny! One tip: Be sure to find the link to the suggested syllabus for the course. It includes doing printable review worksheets, quizzes and tests. We came back for a second year and are thrilled to get the discount through the Co-op. Homework is immediately corrected problem by problem so the students know whether they are doing it right or not. Tests are immediately corrected at the end of the test. I like the review worksheets that are printed out and the the parent/teacher can correct to keep tabs on what the student is doing and what they understand. Our favorite solution thus far for Math not taught by mom.”
Joanna D., Co-op Member
”We purchased Thinkwell 8th grade math for my mathematically bright 5th grader. He moved into Algebra in 6th grade. Professor Burger made all the difference between a dry math program and one he's actually enjoyed. I would frequently be called into the room so he could rewind the lecture and share funny jokes or quips Professor Burger made. This coming school year, he's moving on to Geometry and I was planning to take a break from computer based learning and do the teaching myself. Oh my goodness, you would think I told him he's no longer allowed to have sunlight and water!

So, it appears that we will using Thinkwell yet again for this school year. It works, it's thorough, and he loves it.”
Tammi K, Co-op Member
”We tried 3 other programs before we subscribed to Thinkwell. My 15 year-old son said it is perfect for the way he learns and it is interesting. He has asked to continue with Algebra 2 using Thinkwell and we just added Biology as well! He also can't wait to take Economics.”
Tiffany, Co-op Member
”After reluctantly persevering with a couple of other math programs, we finally found Thinkwell. The humorous lectures are concise, easy to understand and delivered in manageable sizes. We don't have to endure the tedious repetition found in so many other programs. Having lessons online is a win for our family - this medium is so acceptable for the current generation. Our kids much prefer to do the work on the computer than in a workbook. Doing the exercises online saves us a lot of time too because the marking and correction is done immediately. Now that we've found Thinkwell we're staying with it.”
Judy N, Co-op Member
”My son used Thinkwell math 7 this year. He appreciated being able to listening to a lecture with each lesson. Thinkwell has been an effective teaching tool for him. We will be using it again next year.”
W. Miller, Co-op Member
”We used Thinkwell Math 6 this year. It has been a fantastic year! My son catches on quickly, so the self-checking interactive problems are perfect for him to solidify his understanding each day. One thing I would do differently is to expect him to also print out and complete the 5 problem worksheet each day. I have also learned to split up the Subchapter Review and complete it a bit each day rather than all in one day, which can be overwhelming sometimes.

I appreciate the application "word problems" in Thinkwell more than those I found in Teaching Textbooks, which we used last year. It seemed TT's problems were too simplistic for the level. (We did TT6 last year and Thinkwell 6 this year, because according to placement tests TT6 was a year behind the program we had done the year before- BJU Math 4).

We have already purchased Thinkwell Math 7 for use next year. I like the fact that Thinkwell 6, 7 and 8 cover PreAlgebra, so I won't have to do a separate PreAlgebra class before going on to Algebra.

I do tell everyone who asks about our math how much I love Thinkwell. It has made my oldest son nearly independent with regard to his math instruction. Mr. Burger is very appealing to watch and he explains everything very well. His love of math is a bit contagious, and his sense of humor matches my son's.”
Jennifer C., Co-op Member
”I am really happy with Thinkwell Geometry. I was looking for geometry software with automatic grading that was affordable and of course, well-done. I found everything I needed with Thinkwell Geometry and the Homeschool Buyers Co-op discount. My son likes it as well, so that's a double bonus, and I'll definitely recommend it to others.”
Cynthia, Co-op Member
”This is our first year with Thinkwell Math, and we have started with 7th grade and geometry. Both of my kids are very pleased with this program. They say the teacher is interesting and that he teaches in a very understandable manner. They like the way the exercises are done, and the reinforcing activities that are available. I like the ease of following what they are doing, and the resources that are available for helping them understand. We will definitely be using this math program again!”
DeLena J, Co-op Member
”Thinkwell has been a real blessing with advanced math in our family. The students and I both appreciated that the lessons and tests are graded immediately. With the lessons the student gets immediate feedback and an explanation on the problems they missed so they can learn right away and not make the same mistake again. I appreciate that they can do their math on any computer anywhere so when we are visiting relatives they can still be consistent. We once had some technical issue and the tech support was very friendly, helpful and got things resolved right away. We've done at least five courses with Thinkwell.”
Mary K, Co-op Member
”We have used Thinkwell Math for YEARS for the upper level maths and now use it from 6th grade to Calculus BC. Prof. Burger is hilarious and able to clearly teach concepts from the very simple to the absurdly complex. He adds little songs, funny demonstrations, and all kinds of interesting examples to make math fun. My kids who have taken the AP math tests have scored 5's, and Thinkwell has been excellent at preparing them for the tests. We are die-hard Thinkwell Math fans and have been happy to tell anyone looking for a math program to look no further!”
Diana S., Co-op Member
”My son loves Thinkwell. It is the first math curriculum that we have been able to successfully use for more than one year. math is one of his stronger subjects and he needs a program that can move fast without lots of repetition. I especially like the newer courses with worksheets that let us get more practice in when needed.”
Robin G., Co-op Member
”Lectures help in learning the material. Chapter tests are very useful in reinforcing ideas and showing gaps in learning. Kids needed to be provided some motivation to spend the time in listening to lecture. Now they are hooked to it. Yes I would continue to use it. I recommend it to others.”
M Bhattacharya, Co-op Member
”My kids have used Thinkwell both as their sole resource and in combination with other materials for some years. We all love Ed Berger.

There are many wonderful things about these programs. You can skip around (you aren't locked in to a certain progression), you can review, you can do exercises as many times as you need. I know that Thinkwell makes a printed book available, although I don't know if you can get that through the Co-op.

The other good thing about their math is that each exercise comes with a fairly thorough explanation, which can be helpful to look at whether you got the answer right or wrong.”
Debbie S., Co-op Member
”My son used Thinkwell intermediate algebra, college algebra, trigonometry, and is now using Professor Burger's Calculus course. I can't say enough about how much he learns from this method of learning, and how much he likes it! He likes it so much that his younger sibling asked me to buy 8th grade math for her. Prof Burger makes total sense and explains very clearly. He's funny, too. I know some people, those of a serious bent, can be taken aback by his style (silly at times, or just nerdy-silly), but he grows on you until you enjoy him so much, and his humor is part of what makes you learn so well. After all, a happy, relaxed brain is going to receive information better than a stressed brain!

My son also finished Physics last year and ended up completely excited about Physics after that!

We are longtime users of Thinkwell -- our first course was Biology with Prof. Wolfe "Wolfie," we call him. Again, this is a superb course. I decided at the time that the difference between Thinkwell Biology and Teaching Company Biology is that Teaching Company lectures make you feel like you're sitting in a classroom listening to a very good lecture (I learn a lot from Teaching Company and have bought many courses from them, but the kids don't like to sit through the lectures the way I do) --- The Thinkwell professors, on the other hand, make you feel as though "Uncle Wolfie" is sitting at the kitchen table explaining some really cool things about Biology on scratch paper to you, his niece/nephew, because he really wants to show you this cool thing. The informality and one-on-one feel that you get with Thinkwell is so engaging.

Another reason I think Thinkwell has such an effective format is the actual person of the instructor: Unlike some teaching CDs which admittedly have great graphics and animations, Thinkwell has a live person speaking to you, and animations tend to be rare. This makes all the difference, because when a computer "reads" a script, it sounds like a textbook that is read aloud. To my ear, this is a bit of a slog, because every single word is important, or else it would have been deleted. The more casual nature of a live person speaking directly to you on the screen, drawing images, circling things, rewriting, checking spelling and occasionally saying, "uh" . . . slows things down just enough to make the absorption of all the information very easy. That's not to say the programs are slow . . . ! I think they're very thorough; they're just really clear, too -- probably again because a relaxed brain with a friendly teacher is going to be more receptive than a tense brain trying to catch every single important utterance that a computer voice might say.

Again to Biology, my son used Campbell's Biology book concurrently to cross-reference the Thinkwell lecture, and chapters that looked daunting on first glance were a piece of cake to read AFTER watching the lectures on that material.

So yes, I highly recommend Thinkwell, and have already highly recommended it many times to many people. I only wish Thinkwell offered more Physics: the Physics course thoroughly and excellently covered mechanics, but it didn't cover thermodynamics. I also would love to see Statistics offered! I wonder if Earth Science would work? Maybe.”
MG, Co-op Member
”Each lecture is clear, concise, and presented in an interesting and fun way. These engaging and thorough lectures help my son to learn to be much more attentive to details. The immediate grading of assignments, practice tests, tests, and exams provides my son with clear insight to how well he has learned the material.
My son used Thinkwell Pre-Calc last year, and is using Calc I & II this year. I believe this independent approach will equip my son for the demands of college. I have recommended this to others, and they are as well pleased.”
Pamela from Waukesha, Co-op Member
”We ordered a subscription of the Calculus for my son who was to retake the AP Calculus B/C exam after scoring a 3 the first time around. He watched the videos at his leisure, focusing on content that he needed to review. He ended up with a 5 on the AP exam thanks to Thinkwell. We highly recommend them!”
Rebecca O., Co-op Member
”My ds age 11 have used Thinkwell pre-algebra and are now taking the beginning Algebra. We will continue to use it in the future. He enjoys Mr. Burgers hummer and it keeps him engaged in the math. The courses are very comprehensive and it is easy for use to tailor the speed of each unit as needed. If he shows he can do the math with the practice test we skip the lectures. If he needs more work we use the problems in the separately purchased workbook. We have tried Singapore, Life of Fred and others. This is the only one he has stayed with for more than a courses worth”
Robin G, Co-op Member
”Thinkwell Math is the best product out there for students headed into a math or science field in college. My son used Thinkwell Calculus, took the AP Calculus BC test, and scored a 5, allowing him to go directly into Calculus III in college. He loved Dr. Burger and learned so much from the course! My other children will be using it as well.”
Linda in FL, Co-op Member
”I purchased Thinkwell College Algebra for my daughter to use this year and she has loved it! Ed Burger is a fun and engaging professor. The price of the course is less than purchasing a textbook, test booklet, and answer key for some of the more popular texts available, and Thinkwell includes a great teacher! We will definitely be purchasing more products from Thinkwell!”
Stephanie B., Co-op Member
”This has turned out to be a wonderful curriculum for my son and I would highly recommend it to other families whose children's math abilities outpace their own. The curriculum provided him with high quality video instruction, which included a split screen format showing both the instructor and relevant visual aides and worked problems. All work was done online with complete solutions available when needed. The teacher side of the program allowed me to see what he had worked on, when he had worked on it, his percentage correct and whether or not he needed multiple attempts to complete the problem. The streaming video nature of the curriculum allowed him to do his math regardless of where he was; at home, at the library or elsewhere. With our busy schedule this ensured that math always got done. It was a great relief to have a program that met his math needs so well and challenged him in ways he is rarely challenged. My son is a 9th grader who succesfully completed the College Algebra program.”
Lori K., Co-op Member