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”Thinkwell forms the backbone of our Biology curriculum. The lecturer is dynamic and engaging, the discussions are clear and well presented, and it works with pretty much any textbook. We tried other curriculums and online lectures, but none matched Thinkwell in effectiveness. We will definitely use the other courses as we get to them!”
K Davis, Co-op Member
”Thinkwell helped me understand concepts on certain topics, like photosynthesis and some of the bodyís systems, that I donít think I would have been able to understand by just reading a book. It helped me see the connections between everything we were learning. It also made biology a little more interesting. The speaker takes you through biology while drawing pictures to help you see what heís saying.”
Buky Aworinde, Student
”George Wolfe is very easy to understand, and he has a fun personality that makes it easier to listen to lectures. The videos were beneficial because it wasnít just another boring lecture to sit through. Throughout the lecture important points were highlighted, which made it even easier to understand what George was trying to get across. The pictures also made it easier to remember things.”
Carly Zuckweiler , Student
”My professor encouraged us all to go and get Thinkwellís Biology. I was hesitant at first because of all the money I had spent on books. But, Iím glad I decided to get it because I have seen great improvements in my grade.”
Christyn Perot, Student
”Your Biology lecture series saved my grade. As a student with ADD I found that your interactive and well organized lectures are a much more effective learning tool for my needs. ”
Daniel Moreland, Student
”After great success with Thinkwell math programs, my daughter asked to try a science class. This year we are using Thinkwell Chemistry for AP. The professors are very good--their explanations are clear and their presentations are captivating--they make chemistry interesting! We do appreciate that when we do not understand or have some questions we get prompt, clear replies. This is an upper level course, and it is challenging, but we both feel that we are learning a lot! I definitely recommend Thinkwell Chemistry to the serious student.”
DeLena J, Co-op Member
”My son is taking Thinkwell Physics. How thrilled we were to find a program like this, which he can do mostly on his own and of good quality. ...and it was on sale! Win, win, win!

My son said, "I like that the teaching is presented in a fairly intuitive manner. The videos are short enough too, that if you want to watch it again, it's not a hassle to get to what you wanted to see."”
Mommahiggy, Co-op Member
”As a mom of three homeschooled children, all in different grades and with varying learning styles I always find it hard to find the time to include electives in our regular school day. My oldest daughter had great experiences with Thinkwell's Biology and Chemistry classes so I decided to have her try out their American Government elective class as well. My daughter has really been enjoying the American Government class and feels that she has learned a lot from it. I will definitely continue to use Thinkwell for my kids and I have recommended them to many other homeschooling parents. I'm so thankful that the Co-op has been able to bring us Thinkwell's fantastic classes at such a reasonable cost!”
M. Shuler, Co-op Member
”Last year my 9th grade son completed both Biology and American Government using Thinkwell. He found them both challenging and rewarding. This year he is working through Chemistry. Thinkwell has teachers who are passionate about their subject and the videos are always accessible. Fantastic program!”
Virginia M, Co-op Member
”Love Thinkwell! We have used Biology, Macroeconomics, and American Government for 2 students and they have done very well with the material. It is wonderful for my son who learns best visually. It has allowed both to be self starters. I never have to get after them to do their Thinkwell.

We have subcribed to Chemistry, Speech and Physics also. For my daughter who wants to be a nurse practictioner I think she will get a great background for her college courses.”
M OKelley, Co-op Member
”My son used Thinkwell intermediate algebra, college algebra, trigonometry, and is now using Professor Burger's Calculus course. I can't say enough about how much he learns from this method of learning, and how much he likes it! He likes it so much that his younger sibling asked me to buy 8th grade math for her. Prof Burger makes total sense and explains very clearly. He's funny, too. I know some people, those of a serious bent, can be taken aback by his style (silly at times, or just nerdy-silly), but he grows on you until you enjoy him so much, and his humor is part of what makes you learn so well. After all, a happy, relaxed brain is going to receive information better than a stressed brain!

My son also finished Physics last year and ended up completely excited about Physics after that!

We are longtime users of Thinkwell -- our first course was Biology with Prof. Wolfe "Wolfie," we call him. Again, this is a superb course. I decided at the time that the difference between Thinkwell Biology and Teaching Company Biology is that Teaching Company lectures make you feel like you're sitting in a classroom listening to a very good lecture (I learn a lot from Teaching Company and have bought many courses from them, but the kids don't like to sit through the lectures the way I do) --- The Thinkwell professors, on the other hand, make you feel as though "Uncle Wolfie" is sitting at the kitchen table explaining some really cool things about Biology on scratch paper to you, his niece/nephew, because he really wants to show you this cool thing. The informality and one-on-one feel that you get with Thinkwell is so engaging.

Another reason I think Thinkwell has such an effective format is the actual person of the instructor: Unlike some teaching CDs which admittedly have great graphics and animations, Thinkwell has a live person speaking to you, and animations tend to be rare. This makes all the difference, because when a computer "reads" a script, it sounds like a textbook that is read aloud. To my ear, this is a bit of a slog, because every single word is important, or else it would have been deleted. The more casual nature of a live person speaking directly to you on the screen, drawing images, circling things, rewriting, checking spelling and occasionally saying, "uh" . . . slows things down just enough to make the absorption of all the information very easy. That's not to say the programs are slow . . . ! I think they're very thorough; they're just really clear, too -- probably again because a relaxed brain with a friendly teacher is going to be more receptive than a tense brain trying to catch every single important utterance that a computer voice might say.

Again to Biology, my son used Campbell's Biology book concurrently to cross-reference the Thinkwell lecture, and chapters that looked daunting on first glance were a piece of cake to read AFTER watching the lectures on that material.

So yes, I highly recommend Thinkwell, and have already highly recommended it many times to many people. I only wish Thinkwell offered more Physics: the Physics course thoroughly and excellently covered mechanics, but it didn't cover thermodynamics. I also would love to see Statistics offered! I wonder if Earth Science would work? Maybe.”
MG, Co-op Member