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”My oldest son recently started two Thinkwell courses: prealgebra and public speaking. Today I heard him yell to me from the other room, "Mom, I LOVE this program you bought! Dr. Burger is awesome." He watched three lectures today and I told him to slow down! He is also eating up the public speaking course which he excitedly told me all about. I am thrilled with our purchases and can't believe the prices we got through the HS Buyers Co-op. THANK YOU!!”
The Ebmeier Family, Co-op Member
”The lectures were so clearly presented and the visual tools (models, graphs, etc) Prof. Tomlinson used made the topics more interesting and easier to comprehend. I was eager to take the online quizzes every time I finished watching a lecture. The exercises were just another learning tool for me. The whole package was so well prepared that it would be hard to pick just one part as being the most beneficial. If I had to pick, I would say the videos were the most beneficial because I could replay at any time when I didn't understand, or was interrupted. I replayed certain parts over and over until "I got it". I wish EVERY COURSE had this type of presentation, especially my math and accounting courses! This is the best thing created since sliced bread!”
Barbara Foster, Student
”Thinkwell helped me to be able to relate economics to everyday life, which made it much easier to understand. It was much less boring than the traditional textbook and the interaction made homework more fun. The Thinkwell video was the most beneficial because the professor was not only knowledgeable, but he made everything easy to understand using visual aids and relative explanations.”
Tiffany Swingler, Student
”Thinkwell's Economics is a terrific course. All seven of my kids have taken it and learned really well because the course is clear and engaging. Plus, the course prepared them to do very well (4s and 5s) on both Micro- and Macroeconomics AP exams, earning 6 college credits, so it's a bargain financially.”
Anne-Marie G, Maryland, Co-op Member
”Thinkwell Economics was a great course for my 10th grade son. Starting in August, I planned a schedule for him to complete the course by mid-April, so that he could review for the AP exams using Barron's guides and the previous years' questions on the College Board website. He listened to the lectures, took notes and did the homework on his own. I had intended to discuss the concepts with him and keep up with the course, but I wasn't able to do so after the first month. We were very pleased to just get his AP scores - 5's on both the Macroeconomics and Microeconomics tests. If your child is a strong, independent learner, Thinkwell Economics will prepare him well!”
Karen W, Co-op Member
”I purchased Thinkwell-Macroeconomics after much research and deliberation and am very satisfied with my decision. My daughter is a senior in high school and would like to pursue International Affairs in college. Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and American Government are all courses she will take at University next year and since she was not able to attend a community college this school year, she is hoping to take the AP Exams; we believe that Thinkwell is an excellent way to help prepare her for her college goals.

Macroeconomics is a one-semester college-level course and taught by a college professor. She says that his explanations are very clear and his use of graphs and charts greatly aide her in understanding the new concepts. She also finds the notes extremely helpful to prepare for the tests. The daily lesson plans help her to stay organized and move through the material on schedule. Our plan is to use macro and micro as a combined one-year college-level course. She is finding the schedule to cover the material very demanding but, she has no doubt she can accomplish the course as the lectures and lessons plans are clearly laid out.

After my initial course purchase I liked Thinkwell courses so much that I purchased American Government, Microeconomics, Physics 1 and Calculus AB. The quality of the teaching and the bios of the professors were the main reasons I settled on Thinkwell as opposed to other online courses. The full price of the course was reasonable compared to other online courses, but with seven children, (two in college, 5 in high school) I couldn't have purchased these courses without the co-op discount. I regret that I did not know about them prior to this year.

I have definitely passed on this resource to my friends, many who live outside my state. It is becoming increasingly harder as a homeschool mom to find reasonably priced, quality educational resources though we are inundated with a myriad of pricey choices. I am so relieved that I found these course for my seven children and plan to purchase them again in upcoming years.”
Melinda D., Co-op Member
”My daughter used Thinkwell Economics in her senior year. She found the format and teaching style to be conducive to learning.”
W. Miller, Co-op Member
”Thinkwell is absolutely the best online homeschool resource on the planet! It has totally changed the way we homeschool ...for the better. The teaching is of the highest quality and is also enjoyable to watch.
We love Thinkwell.”
Kate G, Co-op Member
”I started taking American Government with Thinkwell in September of 2012. The course is really well laid-out. Starting at the reasons for declaring American independance, so far this course has really helped me to expand my knowledge of American government and society. Every clause of each amendment is gone- into in detail with examples of laws working or failing, quotes from writers, politicians, judges, and contemporaries. Local and Supreme court cases and rulings are cited to show how laws have been interpreted by different courts. Congressional laws that have been struck down by the supreme court are very interesting as you can see another side to American politics. Each video is 10-15 minutes long and are easy to follow. A 6 question exercise at the end of each video provides an insight to how well you take in the information.

I would recommend Thinkwell, American Government to anyone aged 12+ as there are some discussions of terrible crimes that may be disturbing/unknown to younger students. I really am enjoying this course and hope that you will too.”
Braenaan V., Thinkwell student
”My daughters are both using Thinkwell AP American Government this year. We've used Thinkwell for two other courses (College Microeconomics and Precalculus). The curriculum is ideal for students who need to hear a lecture and not only read material (although one daughter prefers to print out the transcript to read). It's also ideal for self-paced work, providing a daily lesson plan, practice tests, and tests. We prefer Thinkwell to other online courses.”
LeAnn N., Co-op Member
”Thinkwell Economics: My high school senior is using this Economics program. So far, she really likes it. The teacher is excellent and it's nice that she can pause and rewind if she didn't quite understand something. We also bought the notes so she can read up on the lesson prior to "class" to also facilitate comprehension. Not Christian based, but neither does it promote any political agenda. Teaches the facts of economics in a thorough objective manner.”
A. Traub, Co-op Member
”I just wanted to encourage readers to consider the Thinkwell American Government course. It is truly an outstanding and unbiased breakdown of our two-party system, political history, court cases, and associated social movements. Led by three different college professors with thorough and engaging lessons and coordinating tests, one will feel more than confident in the mastery of civics/government and history. Although it is a college level course, my 13 year old gifted and talented student is loving it and holding his own quite nicely. Topics are covered thoroughly and with the utmost respect and unbiased manner leaving students with much to ponder. Not watered down and not too dry; perfect! Kudos to Thinkwell for a job well done and thank you to Homeschool Buyers Co-cop for providing access to it.”
Shannon Starcher, Co-op Member
”Thinkwell's American Government has sparked an interest in government in my 11th grade boys. What would normally be a rather dry subject through the sole use of a textbook, has become an interesting subject which leads to lots of discussions. They have said they can much better understand the evolution of documents our forefathers wrote and how they apply in today's world. An excellent study for anyone interested in taking the AP American Government test.”
Ruthann P., Co-op Member
”Love Thinkwell! We have used Biology, Macroeconomics, and American Government for 2 students and they have done very well with the material. It is wonderful for my son who learns best visually. It has allowed both to be self starters. I never have to get after them to do their Thinkwell.

We have subcribed to Chemistry, Speech and Physics also. For my daughter who wants to be a nurse practictioner I think she will get a great background for her college courses.”
M OKelley, Co-op Member
”My daughter has struggled to find learning enjoyable. We have jumped from program to program trying to find a "good fit" for her. That is how we came to try Thinkwell Government.

After only 2 sessions of Thinkwell, she told me it was "awesome, I love it!". She willingly does her work and really enjoys the teacher video portion of the program.

We will definitely be looking at other Thinkwell classes in the future. Thanks!”
Colleen, Co-op Member
”Last year my 9th grade son completed both Biology and American Government using Thinkwell. He found them both challenging and rewarding. This year he is working through Chemistry. Thinkwell has teachers who are passionate about their subject and the videos are always accessible. Fantastic program!”
Virginia M, Co-op Member
”As a mom of three homeschooled children, all in different grades and with varying learning styles I always find it hard to find the time to include electives in our regular school day. My oldest daughter had great experiences with Thinkwell's Biology and Chemistry classes so I decided to have her try out their American Government elective class as well. My daughter has really been enjoying the American Government class and feels that she has learned a lot from it. I will definitely continue to use Thinkwell for my kids and I have recommended them to many other homeschooling parents. I'm so thankful that the Co-op has been able to bring us Thinkwell's fantastic classes at such a reasonable cost!”
M. Shuler, Co-op Member
”My son is loving the Thinkwell Public Speaking course. He's been able to use the skills he learned when interviewing for his first job - a job which he now enjoys!”
B. Wood, Co-op Member
”A dream come true! Sign in and let a college professor do all of the preparation, research and lecturing. We use American Government and find the graphics are incredibly helpful for our student's memory, the sessions are pleasantly brief and do not to overwhelm him. The topic matter is covered at a pleasant pace. The sessions are set up similar to a Power Point presentation on your computer screen and the student can still see the lecturer speak.

As the teacher, I click onto the student profile to assess the courses he has completed. I also watch some of the lessons so I can assess comprehension and subject matter with our student.

This is our first Thinkwell session and we are looking forward to using it for economics, mathematics and other subjects. It has been a worthwhile investment.

No need to wait until high school if your student is willing and able to tackle advanced subject material. He wanted a civics course but all of the middle school materials were too "babyish" and all of the regular high school courses required too much reading for his dyslexia. This has been "just right" for both parent-teacher and student.”
mandy, Co-op Member