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Thinkwell helped me understand concepts on certain topics, like photosynthesis and some of the body’s systems, that I don’t think I would have been able to understand by just reading a book. It helped me see the connections between everything we were learning. It also made biology a little more interesting. The speaker takes you through biology while drawing pictures to help you see what he’s saying.
Buky Aworinde, Student
We absolutely adore the Thinkwell programs, and consider them an essential part of our homeschool classroom. My son completed Algebra I as an eight-grader, and now has Geometry as a ninth-grader. He has found them to be challenging but very captivating. The instructor is funny and brings the content alive. We loved the Math programs so much, that we purchased the AP Bio class for him this year, as well. He is even more in love with that class... the instructor is also fantastic and humorous. He teaches a science class that is captivating. I...(more)
Amanda D., Co-op Member
I'm looking forward to having my children begin using Thinkwell in the fall for Algebra and Algebra II. After going through the sample lessons (we signed up for the two-week trial on the Thinkwell site while deciding), each of them commented that the teacher was "actually interesting!" and already had explained things in a clearer way than what they were used to (my daughter especially liked that he used props to illustrate word problems).

Two for the price of one? Wonderful. My kids actually excited about beginning a math curriculum? Pri...(more)
Mel, Co-op Member
We moved to Thinkwell math this year for my older children (we homeschool all 11 of our children), and we are delighted by the results. We have been able to re-engage them in math and really spur their problem-solving skills. The teaching videos are fun and informative, and our children have become self starters (and more importantly-finishers!) of their math lessons. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
M Hasapopoulos, Co-op Member
I did learn a lot because I could do the lectures any time I wanted and I could pause them or listen to them again. The videos were beneficial because I could pause them or listen to them over again if I didn’t grasp the concept fully. I enjoyed using the Thinkwell system because it fit my learning style in that I could do the lectures and quizzes anytime I wanted and that I could listen to them as many times as I wanted. I also liked the quizzes because I got immediate results on whether I got the questions right or wrong.
Arwyn Martin, Student
I was very pleased with the use of this “new” textbook. I found it extremely convenient, and very informative. A much more interesting way to take this course, in my view...perhaps to take ANY course. These lectures, notes, and exercises; combined with the skill of my instructor, helped me overcome many obstacles that I may have otherwise encountered. I have become an enthusiastic proponent of this teaching method after this first time experience.
Robert Stevens, Student
We have used Thinkwell for two school years now, 7th and 8th Math, as well as Geometry and Algebra 2. It is the favorite math program with both my son and daughter. They enjoy the teacher and his presentations, and feel they are very clear and complete. The few times we have been stumped and unable to understand, we have sent questions in and received prompt, clear answers. For us, Thinkwell has been a blessing, and we intend to continue to use it for the rest of our math needs. We have also shared this news with our friends, and several h...(more)
DeLena J, Co-op Member
George Wolfe is very easy to understand, and he has a fun personality that makes it easier to listen to lectures. The videos were beneficial because it wasn’t just another boring lecture to sit through. Throughout the lecture important points were highlighted, which made it even easier to understand what George was trying to get across. The pictures also made it easier to remember things.
Carly Zuckweiler , Student
We have used the Thinkwell with excellent results for pre-algebra, algebra I, and geometry. We will shortly be moving into algebra II and will be going through calculus. Thinkwell is, without a doubt, outstanding. If you are serious about math, get Thinkwell.
Carl C., Co-op Member
My son has completed Thinkwell Algebra, Trigonmetry, Precalculus, Chemistry and Biology. The instructors are enthusiastic and keep the students engaged by adding some humor to the lessons. He completed the courses with very little help from me. The only criticism I have is the lack of assignments on paper. I like to see his work. Trig did come with optional written assignments which worked out well.
Charles Law, Co-op Member
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