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The happy-Scientist is a great addition to our science curriculum!
Kelly N, Co-op Member
We love this site! Robert Krampf is so fun to watch. He really enjoys what he does and that rubs off on the kids, making science a lot of fun!

I am telling all the homeschoolers I meet about this wonderful site!!!
Lori MomOf9, Co-op Member
My child loves the Happy Scientist! But the videos are just snippets, way too short for a child who likes to explore a topic in depth. Overall they were fun but too random and without meat. I am happy for the purchase, though, if only for my child to get a chance to connect with a good science role model.
S, Co-op Member
We joined The Happy Scientist about 2 months ago and my 10 year old son loves it. I home school my son and he begs to go on this web site every day. So of course, this is part of our Science curriculum. We have tried a few of the experiments and it is very enjoyable. I would recommend this to any child. I will continue to subscribe to the site.
Amy Higgins, Co-op Member
My grandson really enjoys The Happy Scientist. He will review the experiments and he and I will talk about them and the relevance to our studies or life. It is a great site! I will continue to use this site for teaching.
Liz A, Co-op Member
My son and I love the Happy Scientist videos. His topics are interesting and well-thought out. The videos are relatively short, which is a bonus for us, but Mr. Krampf covers quite a bit in that short time. We use them as a supplement to our science curriculum and sometimes they are a launch pad for further investigation of a topic. If you have any nature lovers in your family, or would like to inspire an interest in the natural/scientific world, we highly recommend The Happy Scientist. P.S. My son really enjoys Mr. Krampf's sense of humor and ...(more)
Barbara, Co-op Member
We love the Happy Scientist! There are so many videos on such a wide variety of topics, and Robert Krampf makes the concepts easy to understand. He also has a great sense of humor. My kids think he is awesome. The outtakes at the end of the videos have been known to send them into fits of giggles. Great resource!
Renee, Co-op Member
Our Son Alex loves the happy scientist. There is real science as part of the investigations, but they are done so entertainingly, that they seem to be for just entertainment. If you want to encourage science interest in your child, the happy scientist will do it.
Russ "Father of Alex", Co-op Member
I am currently home educating five of my children, ages 4-15, and they all love The Happy Scientist. His collections of experiments and demonstrations give my kids a hunger to learn more about science, especially my 7 year old, who is hungry to learn all he can about science and nature. All of the kids get excited when I tell them they can go watch "the happy science guy" (as they call him). He is the perfect teacher to motivate your kids to explore their world, or to simply educationally entertain them on a rainy day when outdoor activities ar...(more)
Heather D., Co-op Member
We love Robert Kramph , the Happy Scientist. He is engaging without becoming 'edutainment'. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the natural world really comes through. My 9 year old has been tinkering with Happy Scientist's experiments for a couple of years now. I would say he is well worth it at his regular price and an absolute steal at the Co-Op's price. Don't miss out!
Fatima Lakhani, Co-op Member
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