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My son and daughter, ages 8 and 10, both love Happy Scientist. I love that it is something they can do on their own or we can watch as a family. Not only does he give great information, but there are also great activities that we can do at home.
C.H., Co-op Member
My son and I love the Happy Scientist videos. His topics are interesting and well-thought out. The videos are relatively short, which is a bonus for us, but Mr. Krampf covers quite a bit in that short time. We use them as a supplement to our science curriculum and sometimes they are a launch pad for further investigation of a topic. If you have any nature lovers in your family, or would like to inspire an interest in the natural/scientific world, we highly recommend The Happy Scientist. P.S. My son really enjoys Mr. Krampf's sense of humor and ...(more)
Barbara, Co-op Member
We LOVE the Happy Scientist!!! His videos are sooo engaging for our whole family. I have to admit I bought the subscription not just for my son but for me as well, I've been learning new things and have to pull myself away once I get started. My favorite thing is that his experiments don't require fancy equipment but you still learn a lot and it really gets you to use your brain. I can't imagine anyone not liking this and have to everyone about him. We use it every day and will be keeping up our subscription.
Jennifer Robin, Co-op Member
My children love watching the Happy Scientist videos. Robert Krampf brings enthusiasm and knowledge to these videos and the kids are drawn to watch them. He brings a dry humor to subjects, which my children love: we used the first video on rocks to teach something about homophones because he used a cute pun. The videos also provide an excellent way to teach note-taking skills. We are new to using Happy Scientist, but are thoroughly enjoying it.
Penny, Co-op Member
This product is absolutely wonderful! My 8 year loves this! He spends literally hours watching the science experiments. The happy scientist covers so much material, there is something for everyone, I don't know how we will cover it all! He is the best science teacher ever, I wish I had him as a science teacher when I was a kid!
Renee M., Co-op Member
This website comprises short video clips which succinctly tell you about the topic in hand. It is a great platform for my inquisitive 7 year old to jump from as it tells him enough to know about a topic to wet his appetite. I then take this learning forward and we discuss what was said in summary and decide if there is more to research.

We will continue to use this as a supplement to our learning. It is a great website and I think the information and content is of a good high standard.

I definitely recommend homeschoolers to purch...(more)
Amanda Lear, Co-op Member
I am currently home educating five of my children, ages 4-15, and they all love The Happy Scientist. His collections of experiments and demonstrations give my kids a hunger to learn more about science, especially my 7 year old, who is hungry to learn all he can about science and nature. All of the kids get excited when I tell them they can go watch "the happy science guy" (as they call him). He is the perfect teacher to motivate your kids to explore their world, or to simply educationally entertain them on a rainy day when outdoor activities ar...(more)
Heather D., Co-op Member
The first words out of the mouth of my student after watching a Happy-Scientist video was, "He doesn't talk like a scientist," We enjoy watching his videos and the "What is it." However, with our busy school days I often forget to check the website. I wish he would send out an email to his subscribers when he posts something new to jog my memory. His videos are very well put together and easily understood. I love the fact that the videos are short and that he isn't trying to sell you something, just sharing his knowledge. We love it.
Jana, Co-op Member
The Happy Scientist is fun, creative, and informative...even more than we had hoped! He is our "go to" guy on a rainy day when we spend more time at our computers. The first day we signed up we were telling our friends what we learned!
Ms. B, Co-op Member
We love Happy Scientist! I felt I was floundering with science until we got this subscription. I like the way he brings the joy and wonder back into learning. He gets you to observe and question things all around you and to find connections. My approach to science is now more interconnected-for example, we study plants, but at the same time study the soil plants grow in, the insects that pollinate or eat them, the water and the water cycle that helps them grow, etc. Through the Happy Scientist we have learned to observe nature more closely...(more)
Spricetyty, Co-op Member
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