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The happy-Scientist is a great addition to our science curriculum!
Kelly N, Co-op Member
My child and I both love happy scientist, a friendly way to help kids love and understand science.
Yuyan, Co-op Member
The Happy Scientist has been a breath of fresh air. My now 9 year old love it, especially the video blubbers. He really gets everything explained, immediately wants to apply the hands on and we could be at it All day!!;) The $20 per year is a bargain although we only paid $10 thanks to the Homeschool Buyers Coop and has brought only joy, fun, giggles and amplified our curiosity and understanding already motivated to another level.Thanks for introducing us to the infamous Happy Scientist with whom the whole family is learning!:D
Isabelle H., Co-op Member
Our 6 year old science lover loves the lessons and videos on this site! They are full of great information and presented with humor in a way that is fun for the whole family.
Luiza Brown, Co-op Member
We love The Happy Scientist! I home educate my two boys, ages 6 & 12, and they both love the site.

The videos are short, informational, and eady to understand. My 6 year old has learned a lot about science and will ask to see more. My boys really enjoy the out takes at the end of the videos which usually sends them into a laughing frenzy.

Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering this great program at such an affordable price!
Y Andujar, Co-op Member
My kids love the Happy Scientist! The videos and experiments are short enough to hold their attention and in depth enough to broaden their understanding of a variety of scientific topics. For such a low annual price, I feel like we receive an outstanding value.
StacyS, Co-op Member
My kids absolutely love the happy scientist! He is a very sweet natured man and has some cute out takes at the end we love to laugh at. We have enjoyed doing several of the experiences on our own. Wish we could go to a science class in person with him everyday. WELL worth the money! We will continue to use this subscription.
Sherry R., Co-op Member
Science was never my strong subject when I was in school. I have an 11 year old son whose is autistic and a 9 year old daughter who is dyslexic. I decided to try this as the price was extremely affordable. I am thrilled with it. I mostly use the science videos for my kids. They are truly short science lessons that sometimes include an easy experiment you can try at home. I have not tried any of their assigments. I do recommend this as a supplement or for any parents that have visual learners as my son. My son finds these videos engaging and get...(more)
Lizette Rocha, Co-op Member
We are so happy that we stumbled upon this website! We feared that this would be just another sappy or "over your heads" science video series. Boy were we wrong! Robert is incredibly knowledgable and shares his passion for science in a fan and engaging way.

We just plug our computer into our big screen tv and view the videos as a supplement to our science curriculum. Our daughter loves it! We then go and try to duplicate the experiment. Our daughter has asked to watch more videos and try her hand at more experiments. We love the positive ...(more)
JanM, Co-op Member
My kids love The Happy Scientist. The videos really help to make concepts clearer and answer questions kids might have. Robert Krampf is really personable in his videos and it comes across in the way he addresses the subject at hand. The Happy Scientist has made learning Science even more fun.
T. Smith, Co-op Member
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