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With a new baby, I needed some science materials that my 9 year old could access herself, so we decided to try Happy Scientist. We have been thrilled. She is always eager to watch the videos and is able to do some of the experiments on her own. Sometimes she chooses experiments that I can help her with, as well. It is just perfect for us -- I can tell her to go do sone science, and she happily runs off to explore the site, delving deeply into whatever catches her interest.
Janeen Nicholas, Co-op Member
My 10 year old son enjoys and learns so what more could we ask? I also love to see these small episodes of scientific explorations with such an amiable guide. It is superior to items for which we have paid much more. We told one other boy and he may get it.
Steven Shalom Greenberg, Co-op Member
The happy scientist is neat. He is an inspiring personality and teaches practical things in an understandable way.
Delia Hewson, Co-op Member
This has brought so much neat nature and science information into our schooling. My kids love checking out the photo of the day and watching experiments. I love that it's so easy for them to do independently, plus it covers so many things I would not think of. We will continue to subscribe to the Happy Scientist for many years. I bought a gift subscription for my nephews and they like it also. I have shared our positive opinion of the site with other homeschoolers. Thanks so much for offering this through homeschool buyers coop. I w...(more)
Pamela H., Co-op Member
My son and I love the Happy Scientist videos. His topics are interesting and well-thought out. The videos are relatively short, which is a bonus for us, but Mr. Krampf covers quite a bit in that short time. We use them as a supplement to our science curriculum and sometimes they are a launch pad for further investigation of a topic. If you have any nature lovers in your family, or would like to inspire an interest in the natural/scientific world, we highly recommend The Happy Scientist. P.S. My son really enjoys Mr. Krampf's sense of humor and ...(more)
Barbara, Co-op Member
My children enjoyed The Happy Scientist so much we reordered it for a second year.
Karen, Co-op Member
My twin daughters (aged 11) absolutely adore The Happy Scientist. Prior to buying the program I really struggled getting them interested in science. However, since they started watching the videos (two per day) around three months ago, their interest in science has leaped, as has their knowledge base. I now have kids who have lost interest in Disney and much prefer Discovery. They also have started reading science books just for fun. Recently one told me she wants to become a biologist. As someone who had almost given up on trying to get...(more)
Sarah R, Co-op Member
Our family LOVES the Happy Scientist! His information works great for all ages. My 5-year old likes to watch his videos. My 13-year old gets stumped by his 'Photo of the Day'. He is energetic, without being too much. A great compliment to any Homeschool curriculum!
Tara K., Co-op Member
I purchased The Happy Scientist for my son when he was in Jr. High. After using other on-line courses that were often either too wordy or told my son what he should be learning, the experiments and suggestions on the Happy Scientist were a welcome change. My son learned many things, perhaps most importantly for me, is that Science can be fun, inspiring, and challenging. My son now creates experiments of his own. He will often still watches new videos on the Happy Scientist website, and then he is inspired to try things for himself; sometimes th...(more)
T. McFarland, Co-op Member
My granddaughter really loves these lessons. Science is one of her favorite subjects and The Happy Scientist presents lessons that she can understand and enjoy. They are very easy to follow and we have tried lots of the experiments (her favorite part) and have learned a lot along the way.
Anne W., Co-op Member
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