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My son and daughter, ages 8 and 10, both love Happy Scientist. I love that it is something they can do on their own or we can watch as a family. Not only does he give great information, but there are also great activities that we can do at home.
C.H., Co-op Member
We are really liking the Happy Scientist. The videos are great for me to watch to give me ideas for lessons and as a tutorial for how to go about doing them. The kids love the photos of the day and answering the questions that go with them. It is a easy way to get more science in without the kids feeling like they are doing another lesson.
Cynthia Casanova, Co-op Member
Our family LOVES the Happy Scientist! His information works great for all ages. My 5-year old likes to watch his videos. My 13-year old gets stumped by his 'Photo of the Day'. He is energetic, without being too much. A great compliment to any Homeschool curriculum!
Tara K., Co-op Member
I have two boys that I purchased the year subscription for ages 10 & 13. They love to watch the videos. When we sit down to watch they don't just watch one they keep going and then they want to discuss it afterwards and then they want to do the experiments at home. It is awesome and we will purchase again next year. Thank you for offering the Happy Scientist.
Heidi Duckro, Co-op Member
I am truly delighted with The Happy Scientist.

My kids are captivated by the experiments they see, which are short, and definitely relate to real life stuff, just as the videos do. The information is concise, so that no one is overwhelmed with too much wordiness in the presentation. Robert Krampf's enthusiasm for exploring, and questioning why things happen even when he doesn't know the answer at times, makes the kids think a bit.

My daughter has always said she doesn't like Science, not even doing experiments, which to me, would be the...(more)
Rose, Co-op Member
My son loves to watch his videos over and over- especially the bloopers. He is learning while having fun. He really makes the science easy to understand. I have used a few science videos, but this one is the most entertaining for my son- he does this while on break from regular school work. I will continue to use it until my son is bored with it. Since there are often updates- that should take a long time. I haven't told many others about it, just one or two, but as i am a scientist- they really listen to me.
Linda Waldman, PhD, Co-op Member
We have had a subscription to Happy Scientist for several months now and my son really loves it. We are all learning so much and most of what we've seen are easily reproducible at home. Well worth the money!
Andrea L., Co-op Member
I have a little Scientist who loves this site!! My son is autistic and he can't read or write yet, but thrives when it comes to anything Science related. The experiments this site has to offer has been a great asset to his education and he looks forward to all the experiments of the week. Thank you Happy Scientist and Home School Buyers Co-op for bringing such a valuable learning site to our attention. I am a homeschool blogger and would have no problem recommending this site to my readers. We will continue to use this site!
Mommaof4Cutiez, Co-op Member
My son looks forward to the days we choose a Happy Scientist video! We always laugh about something and learn about something. You can tell that Mr. Krampf really is happy about science and his love for it is contagious. We love science and the Happy Scientist!
A. Jung, Co-op Member
I really enjoy the videos on the Happy Scientist. My two children, 12 and 8 really learn from him, I know because they take the information presented and share it with me. They always want me to come and watch the video again with them. They really liked the "Butter" video. I would recommend The Happy Scientist to anyone who wanted to learn about science, young and old.
Angela N., Co-op Member
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