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My twin daughters (aged 11) absolutely adore The Happy Scientist. Prior to buying the program I really struggled getting them interested in science. However, since they started watching the videos (two per day) around three months ago, their interest in science has leaped, as has their knowledge base. I now have kids who have lost interest in Disney and much prefer Discovery. They also have started reading science books just for fun. Recently one told me she wants to become a biologist. As someone who had almost given up on trying to get...(more)
Sarah R, Co-op Member
We are enjoying The Happy Scientist very much. He is so kind and gentle. My boys like watching and learning from him. I find myself intrigued by what he is teaching too that I often stop what I am doing to watch.
anaathome, Co-op Member
I am so glad that we took advantage of the subscription to the Happy Scientist. My son loves watching Robert Kramf. His experiments are fun & very informative. Definitely worth it!
Kimberly, Co-op Member
We LOVE the Happy Scientist!!! His videos are sooo engaging for our whole family. I have to admit I bought the subscription not just for my son but for me as well, I've been learning new things and have to pull myself away once I get started. My favorite thing is that his experiments don't require fancy equipment but you still learn a lot and it really gets you to use your brain. I can't imagine anyone not liking this and have to everyone about him. We use it every day and will be keeping up our subscription.
Jennifer Robin, Co-op Member
The videos are educational and fun.
Edda, Co-op Member
This product is absolutely wonderful! My 8 year loves this! He spends literally hours watching the science experiments. The happy scientist covers so much material, there is something for everyone, I don't know how we will cover it all! He is the best science teacher ever, I wish I had him as a science teacher when I was a kid!
Renee M., Co-op Member
Thanks so much for the discount for this site. We would have not known about it or signed up for it if not for the discount.

My son that is 11 has enjoyed it so much!! He watches it and then takes action! He watches this site for hours some days. I told my friends about it and they have also joined and enjoyed it. We will be doing some things together. Thanks so much and I recommend it to all that have boys or girls around this age group.
Nancy Moore, Co-op Member
We really enjoy this resource. The Happy Scientist makes information fun and memorable.
Christine S., Co-op Member
I have been enjoying this subscription along with my 2 youngest boys aged 9 and 12. They ask to watch the videos every day so it is good there is a large archive. Afterwards they are eager to try out the experiments themselves. The explanations Robert gives are clear and easy for them to understand. I highly recommend Happy Scientist. He has plenty of free stuff on his website too so you can try that first.
Cathy G., Co-op Member
We LOVE the Happy Scientist at our house! It is truly one of the brightest and best homeschooling resources out there and is such a bargain. The creator is always developing new content and is mindful of the simultaneous needs of keeping kids engaged and parents aware of how their kids' learning fits into the greater educational curriculum. My son loves exploring the website on his own and frequently is inspired to do some hands on science after he watches a video or two.
Travis, Co-op Member
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