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We love the Happy Scientist! My 12 year old says that at first she thought it would be just one more thing she had to do every day. But now it's her favorite part of her school day. When we talk about science topics, she's excited to be able to share what she's learned from the videos. I've told my friends that it's like having your favorite uncle teach you science. It's the best homeschooling tool I've bought this year and I'm already planning to renew next year!
Jennifer M., Co-op Member
I have enjoyed The Happy Scientist as much as my daughter. Helps to bring fun to the subject.
B. Wurzin, Co-op Member
My son asks me a million science questions during our day and I either don't know them and don't have time to research his every curiosity or just plain don't have enough hours in the day to satisfy his need for scientific knowledge. These videos by The Happy Scientist have fit the void that we have in our homeschooling. My son and daughter will gladly sit and watch every video that is posted. They are wonderful!
Jennifer, Co-op Member
I have no problem getting the whole family to watch the Happy Scientist.Robert Krampf makes learning fun. We love watching, and then doing his experiments. My husband is a doctor,and even he's impressed. It's a really great value, I highly recommend this program. - mom of four(ages 3-13)
Laura, Co-op Member
Our family loves The Happy Scientist. My kids are always interested in the photo of the day, the videos are well done, the experiments are fun and easy (most materials we've had around the house), and you can't beat the price!
L. Ames, Co-op Member
My child and I both love happy scientist, a friendly way to help kids love and understand science.
Yuyan, Co-op Member
We had watched several of The Happy Scientist's free videos online and wanted to subscribe but we've been counting every penny. So when I saw the great deal the Homeschool Buyers Co-op offered, I jumped on it! My 10-year-old son loves watching these videos and so do I. His videos are informative and fun. We watch one or more nearly every day!
Sarah R., Co-op Member
TheHappyScientist is AMAZING. Though you may see this type of commentary many times, it's true! The website has a lot of lessons in it and there are experiments that you can do at home (with your parents supervision, of course!). Overall, it's a very good source for science and fun.
Cole G., Co-op Member
I am currently home educating five of my children, ages 4-15, and they all love The Happy Scientist. His collections of experiments and demonstrations give my kids a hunger to learn more about science, especially my 7 year old, who is hungry to learn all he can about science and nature. All of the kids get excited when I tell them they can go watch "the happy science guy" (as they call him). He is the perfect teacher to motivate your kids to explore their world, or to simply educationally entertain them on a rainy day when outdoor activities ar...(more)
Heather D., Co-op Member
What a great name for this product! Robert Krampf looks like he is having a blast. His curiousity about the world, energy and positivity are infectious! My daughter has always enjoyed Science but he brings it alive and fun! I enjoy it too!
J. Mickey, Co-op Member
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