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We love the Happy Scientist. His short video presentations are full of interesting facts and fun experiments. My son and I look forward to trying the experiments and watching the videos. You can't beat the value or the way your child will be drawn into science.
Kames, Co-op Member
The Happy Scientist has been a breath of fresh air. My now 9 year old love it, especially the video blubbers. He really gets everything explained, immediately wants to apply the hands on and we could be at it All day!!;) The $20 per year is a bargain although we only paid $10 thanks to the Homeschool Buyers Coop and has brought only joy, fun, giggles and amplified our curiosity and understanding already motivated to another level.Thanks for introducing us to the infamous Happy Scientist with whom the whole family is learning!:D
Isabelle H., Co-op Member
We're loving The Happy Scientist. I appreciate the fact that experiments and projects he outlines in videos are ones easily done at home without having to purchase a bunch of specialty items. He makes science accessible to all ages. My 8 year old has been loving the videos. We haven't used the Study Units much but we will be using them more next year. I continue to tell others about The Happy Scientist and hope to keep using it for my science loving kid. A subscription is incredibly affordable, especially for the loads of information you'...(more)
Holly B, Co-op Member
My kids LOVE the Happy Scientist, Mr. (Dr.?) Krampf. The only thing we have used so far are the videos. I'm sure there is more to explore but we are doing so many science programs already that we use it for a fun supplemental science activity. Even though they are short videos, they are very informative. My kids love to explain things they've learned (like how to tell somebody's gender by examining bones or where we or other animals are on the food chain). Don't be fooled by the price. This has great information. I'm embarassed to say wha...(more)
Edlyn, Co-op Member
I have 5 children under the age of 10 and this has been the best way for me to introduce science to my kids over the breakfast table. The videos are short and fun besides being informational and easy to understand. The kids then did some of the experiments on their own. I have told all of my homeschooling friends about it and will definitely continue to use it. The kids love Robert's sense of humor and "very happy" attitude. We may not agree on the age of the earth in terms of millions of years but we appreciate the heart and effort that w...(more)
Jennifer C., Co-op Member
I like Happy Scientist. Our 11 year old and 5 year old watch it together a couple days a week. They are always engaged and look forward to their Science!
Rose, Co-op Member
I have a little Scientist who loves this site!! My son is autistic and he can't read or write yet, but thrives when it comes to anything Science related. The experiments this site has to offer has been a great asset to his education and he looks forward to all the experiments of the week. Thank you Happy Scientist and Home School Buyers Co-op for bringing such a valuable learning site to our attention. I am a homeschool blogger and would have no problem recommending this site to my readers. We will continue to use this site!
Mommaof4Cutiez, Co-op Member
The happy scientist is neat. He is an inspiring personality and teaches practical things in an understandable way.
Delia Hewson, Co-op Member
We joined The Happy Scientist about 2 months ago and my 10 year old son loves it. I home school my son and he begs to go on this web site every day. So of course, this is part of our Science curriculum. We have tried a few of the experiments and it is very enjoyable. I would recommend this to any child. I will continue to subscribe to the site.
Amy Higgins, Co-op Member
I came across "The Happy Scientist" a few years ago. My kids devoured all of the "free" videos that he had available--they LOVE him! So when he came up in the HS Buyers Co-op it was a no brainer! We watch them twice a week and there are shouts of joy when I say it's time to watch them. This is a fabulous product for the times when you hear..."I'm bored!" Rather than putting them in front of some TV program, they will happily sit down and learn while they pass their time.
I haven't used his "curriculum" yet. We have just enjoyed his video...(more)
Mrs. Dae Sawyer, Co-op Member
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