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Homeschool Buyers Co-op BBB Business Review

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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add The Happy Scientist to their home school curriculum. If you have used The Happy Scientist and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.

”My granddaughter really loves these lessons. Science is one of her favorite subjects and The Happy Scientist presents lessons that she can understand and enjoy. They are very easy to follow and we have tried lots of the experiments (her favorite part) and have learned a lot along the way.”
Anne W., Co-op Member
”Very nice site and Robert Krampf has a really nice, fun, and gentle demeanor as he explains and shows science around us. We all learn interesting facts about our world without even realizing we are learning science.
Thank you for making the membership affordable.”
Tina Mayer-Fortuna, Co-op Member
”My boys love the Happy Scientist videos. They are fun but at the same time, do a good job of teaching many basic scientific concepts. I try to connect the videos to the topic we are studying and we've had fun discussions about the connections. And did I mention they're fun?”
SKM, Co-op Member
”TheHappyScientist is AMAZING. Though you may see this type of commentary many times, it's true! The website has a lot of lessons in it and there are experiments that you can do at home (with your parents supervision, of course!). Overall, it's a very good source for science and fun.”
Cole G., Co-op Member
”We are really enjoying this program. The videos are so much fun and Robert Krampf is great to watch. We enjoy the moments his dog and cat come into the videos, too! Anyway, this is a fun way to learn about science, and an AMAZING VALUE! He must put a TON of time into the videos and his website, yet he charges so little. BUY IT NOW - before the price goes up!”
Miranda W, Co-op Member
”My kids can't pull themselves away from watching "just one more experiment, please????" They LOVE The Happy Scientist and find experiments to support any subject we're studying in science! It's so interesting and so much fun!”
Tess Parrillo, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old daughter Loves the Happy Scientist. He make science interesting and fun and most of the experiments involve things you already have around the house. We are very happy and will continue to use it as a supplement to our textbook science curriculum.”
S. Hughes, Co-op Member
”We found the Happy Scientist through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, and my 6-year-old son loves it! The science videos are great and we have tried many of the experiments at home. Our only regret is that there have been no new videos added since we subscribed - fingers crossed there will be more!”
Annabell O'Connor, Co-op Member
”We LOVE!!!! the happy scientist in our household. His videos are so engaging and so detailed and fun. We always look fwd to learning from Robert Krampft experiments.

We wished his website would update the daily photos portion of the content. Would this be possible?

Thanks very much homeschool buyers co-op. You rock!”
Remi J. Auxenfans, Co-op Member
”My son and daughter, ages 8 and 10, both love Happy Scientist. I love that it is something they can do on their own or we can watch as a family. Not only does he give great information, but there are also great activities that we can do at home.”
C.H., Co-op Member
”We are enjoying The Happy Scientist very much. He is so kind and gentle. My boys like watching and learning from him. I find myself intrigued by what he is teaching too that I often stop what I am doing to watch.”
anaathome, Co-op Member
”My math-science loving son has enjoyed several years of watching Happy Scientist videos. Many videos include projects that help him take his learning further, usually without expensive purchases! Happy Scientist inspires my son to try things out, and to keep exploring!”
Trish A., Co-op Member
”My child and I both love happy scientist, a friendly way to help kids love and understand science.”
Yuyan, Co-op Member
”We love The Happy Scientist! They have videos about every subject we are learning about. My daughter loves the video, especially the outakes at the end. I find her exploring the site and learning about all kinds of thing. Great product!”
Tina W., Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son LOVES The Happy Scientist! I have found that allowing him to select his own science lesson and doing a report on that topic keeps him interested every day to learn something exciting. Even on his free time for entertainment, he wants to log on and learn all he can, testing the kid (and parent) friendly experiments. He has said, "Mom wouldn't it be great to meet Mr. Krampf someday?" As parents, we are delighted to have such a premium curriculum at a family friendly subscription through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Thank you!”
Mrs. VanBuskirk, Co-op Member
”We really like the Happy Scientist videos and experiments. I have 3 children ages 6 to 9 and they all ask to watch more when we watch a video and also want to immediately try the experiments that are shared. Mr. Krampf does an excellent job of getting the kids excited about science and we will continue to subscribe to his site. This is a valuable addition to our school.”
Melinda W, Co-op Member
”My boys love logging in to see what the Happy Scientist is up to next. They love the videos he makes and learning about science by experiencing it through watching him teach by doing experiments. I would recommend this website for kids aged K-6.”
Camhub, Co-op Member
”We have really enjoyed the happy scientist. He is funny and informative. It is a great way to learn new concepts and build my children's background knowledge. I am also learning things I was never able to "get" in high school.”
R. Graham, Co-op Member
”Just wanted to say how happy my son is with The Happy Scientist. He gets so excited to watch the video and then find an experiment to try out. This is our favorite science to do and I highly recommend it to everyone!!”
S. Baquera, Co-op Member
”We have been using The Happy Scientist for several weeks now, and are quite pleased with the videos. The presentation promotes a desire to understand the world around us. The attitude is one that does not assume to know everything and leaves open the possibility that there are errors in what is currently understood in the science realm. The best part about these videos is that enough is shown about an experiment to give an understanding of the likely results in the event that you cannot or prefer not to do the experiment yourself at home. However, in the event that you would like to do the experiments, the videos do not give so much information that children lose the wonder of discovering for themselves. Well done all in all.”
Nitternest, Co-op Member
”"Mom, I love science" was the first statement that told me I found a science program that I HAD to keep. My kids LOVE the Happy Scientist. They love working through all of his experiments. He presents material in such a non-threatening, everyone can do it manner, that you can't help but love this program. THis is a program I will renew year after year.”
Heidi C, Co-op Member
”Our family loves The Happy Scientist. My kids are always interested in the photo of the day, the videos are well done, the experiments are fun and easy (most materials we've had around the house), and you can't beat the price!”
L. Ames, Co-op Member
”My son looks forward to the days we choose a Happy Scientist video! We always laugh about something and learn about something. You can tell that Mr. Krampf really is happy about science and his love for it is contagious. We love science and the Happy Scientist!”
A. Jung, Co-op Member
”Thank you for making this available! We have enjoyed the lessons and especially the videos! Mr. Krampf is a wonderful teacher and his experiments are helpful in understanding concepts. I recommended this to several people.”
Cindy G, Co-op Member
”We're loving The Happy Scientist. I appreciate the fact that experiments and projects he outlines in videos are ones easily done at home without having to purchase a bunch of specialty items. He makes science accessible to all ages. My 8 year old has been loving the videos. We haven't used the Study Units much but we will be using them more next year. I continue to tell others about The Happy Scientist and hope to keep using it for my science loving kid. A subscription is incredibly affordable, especially for the loads of information you're gaining access to.”
Holly B, Co-op Member
”The videos are great: short, fun and packed with great info and ideas to try. My 6yo and I really enjoy them”
nancy, Co-op Member
”Science was never my strong subject when I was in school. I have an 11 year old son whose is autistic and a 9 year old daughter who is dyslexic. I decided to try this as the price was extremely affordable. I am thrilled with it. I mostly use the science videos for my kids. They are truly short science lessons that sometimes include an easy experiment you can try at home. I have not tried any of their assigments. I do recommend this as a supplement or for any parents that have visual learners as my son. My son finds these videos engaging and gets him excited to try his experiments. Great supplement!”
Lizette Rocha, Co-op Member
”My 4-year old now eagerly anticipates each school day, thanks to our daily Happy Scientist video. He enjoys watching the video and then participating in some sort of "science experiment" that relates to the topic. The Happy Scientist has enabled us to consistently and routinely walk through science benchmarks without a fuss!”
Elizabeth P., Co-op Member
”I like Happy Scientist. Our 11 year old and 5 year old watch it together a couple days a week. They are always engaged and look forward to their Science!”
Rose, Co-op Member
”We LOVE the Happy Scientist at our house! It is truly one of the brightest and best homeschooling resources out there and is such a bargain. The creator is always developing new content and is mindful of the simultaneous needs of keeping kids engaged and parents aware of how their kids' learning fits into the greater educational curriculum. My son loves exploring the website on his own and frequently is inspired to do some hands on science after he watches a video or two.”
Travis, Co-op Member
”My kids love it, they get inspired to go and do science experiments on their own. They love to watch the videos too! What a fun way to do science.”
Jen, Co-op Member
”The Happy Scientist is fun, creative, and informative...even more than we had hoped! He is our "go to" guy on a rainy day when we spend more time at our computers. The first day we signed up we were telling our friends what we learned!”
Ms. B, Co-op Member
”We are new to homeschool and the Happy scientist has been a perfect fit for our science! My kids love him. He keeps their attention, explains things very well for us to understand, funny and even had "bloopers" at the end which my children love! The videos range in time, some are short which is perfect for their small attention span! He does a great job and a great price!!!”
Bessie, Co-op Member
”We love the Happy Scientist! My 12 year old says that at first she thought it would be just one more thing she had to do every day. But now it's her favorite part of her school day. When we talk about science topics, she's excited to be able to share what she's learned from the videos. I've told my friends that it's like having your favorite uncle teach you science. It's the best homeschooling tool I've bought this year and I'm already planning to renew next year!”
Jennifer M., Co-op Member
”We've enjoyed exploring The Happy Scientist site, watching the videos and learning more about the natural world! My kids love the engaging explanations. Thank you!”
J. Hale, Co-op Member
”I recently renewed my subscription because we feel the Happy Scientist is an important addition to our home school. I recently emailed him with a question and received a quick response. My students response to the very first video he watched was, "He explains things where I can understand him, and makes it interesting." Buying this through the co-op makes it affordable and you can even use your smart points.”
Jana, Co-op Member
”We really enjoy the Happy Scientist. The children enjoy it so much that they ask to do it daily. I will definitely be renewing my subscription, and a few friends plan on purchasing it too. It is a great value for the amount of content.”
Dawn, Co-op Member
”Our second grader will actually ask to visit The Happy Scientist site and watch the videos. We recently were learning about electricity and their was an electricity video on the site that must have been rewatched at least a half dozen times.”
Calyn Z., Co-op Member
”I really enjoy the videos on the Happy Scientist. My two children, 12 and 8 really learn from him, I know because they take the information presented and share it with me. They always want me to come and watch the video again with them. They really liked the "Butter" video. I would recommend The Happy Scientist to anyone who wanted to learn about science, young and old.”
Angela N., Co-op Member
”Our family loves The Happy Scientist. My kids have repeated some of the experiments and the videos certainly inspire children the love of science. Great value for the price. Highly recommended.”
BC, Co-op Member
”Our 6 year old science lover loves the lessons and videos on this site! They are full of great information and presented with humor in a way that is fun for the whole family.”
Luiza Brown, Co-op Member
”My son is 8 and he "loves it" ...his own words...Robert Krampf is so wonderful. He has loads of videos that are easy to understand even for a mama like me that can get lost in scientific jargon. I wholeheartedly recommend it! A+++”
Amy T, Co-op Member
”My son loves to watch his videos over and over- especially the bloopers. He is learning while having fun. He really makes the science easy to understand. I have used a few science videos, but this one is the most entertaining for my son- he does this while on break from regular school work. I will continue to use it until my son is bored with it. Since there are often updates- that should take a long time. I haven't told many others about it, just one or two, but as i am a scientist- they really listen to me.”
Linda Waldman, PhD, Co-op Member
”We really like Robert Krampf's videos. They help us with science lessons, especially when we are unable to perform the experiments at home. Plus his explanations help the kids grasp the subject matter better. We have been members and fans for years.”
Julie K, Co-op Member
”Oh my goodness!! Where to start?! This is hands down the best purchase I made this year! My daughter loves the "Happy Scientist" and she is learning so much. What a wonderful teacher and such fun science.... Ya'll keep up the good work.”
Penny W., Co-op Member
”The Happy Scientist provides a very fun, informative enhancement to our science curriculum! My daughter enjoys the engaging presentation and I find valuable content in every aspect of science I need!!!”
SK, Co-op Member
”My children have really enjoyed The Happy Scientist. They learn and have fun at the same time. It is great to see his bloopers at the end of some of his videos because he shows my children that experiments do not always go as planned and we may have to try it a few times to get our answer. I will continue to subscribe to The Happy Scientist.”
Donna H, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old daughter and I love The Happy Scientist. The videos are very engaging and always add a touch of wonder to science. A lot of them are able to be repeated easily at home for consolidation and help the child start to think and question curiously and scientifically. I recommend it as a supplement to any science curriculum or just for fun. Check out some of the bloopers as well!”
Karen, Co-op Member
”We love the Happy Scientist. The videos offer quick science experiments that explain one science concept. My kids have been able to watch the videos on their own and conduct their own further explorations. They love his sense of humor.”
Brandy W., Co-op Member
”As a person who graduated in science education, I could not be more pleased with The Happy Scientist. The presenter is very easy to reach with questions or comments and I really enjoy his presentations. In my opinion, he takes the kids into consideration so he is not talking over their heads and makes science exciting and fascinating. I have personally contacted the presenter and thanked him for what he is doing.”
Annette, Co-op Member
”WOW! What a blessing The Happy Scientist has been to our homeschooling. There are so many video's. Every experiment has been a hit! Learning and fun rolled together, is Mr. Robert's teaching style. I am so thankful for all the time and energy he puts into his website.”
Lexi, Co-op Member
”We love The Happy Scientist. He is so fun for my kids to watch and I can easily find some experiment or demonstration video to supplement our science lessons. Mr. Krampf makes science so interesting and easy to understand. I have had two subscriptions and will most likely continue to renew each year especially since it is extremely affordable and worth every penny. I have already recommended this program to my friends.”
Janelle, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son loves to watch these video clip, then try some of the experiments at home. I think it is a great tool. I have however been disappointed to realize it was not a Christian (Creation) based program. It has references to evolutionary thinking is several places that we have noticed so far. Had I realized that before signing up, I would not have signed up for it.”
Jasmine T, Co-op Member
”I have been looking for a fun science resource for my son. We use Time4Learning, but 8th grade has no science offered. This is perfect! There are no grades or tests, it is just a site full of interesting videos that explain science in real, everyday ways. It is fantastic! The first video I watched was about how to tell if a skeleton is male or female. I was sitting there in front of my computer screen fascinated by this short video. Then I discovered the experiments, which are so interesting and use mostly things you can find in your house or get very cheaply from the store!

I knew then it was perfect for my son. So I took advantage of the Co-op deal and signed up and I have included it as a main resource in our science education this year.

This site is fantastic! No matter what your science curriculum is, this is a great addition.”
Rebecca R., Co-op Member
”The Happy Scientist has provided hours of fun science for my 3 boys. They are constantly telling me interesting stuff they have learned from the Happy Scientist. A wonderful learning tool that my kids love.”
Emma M., Co-op Member
”I purchased a 1-year subscription of The Happy Scientist to be used by my grandchildren when they come to visit. This is my first subscription. I was excited to see that he offered a special again this summer. I was disappointed when I had missed ordering last spring when I first saw it. This has been money well invested. My 10-year-old granddaughter has enjoyed the wide variety of experiments and science videos from his site.

The Happy Scientist presents his material in terms children should be able to understand and to learn. (He even shares the outtakes.) I have also learned as we watched them together. Many of the experiments could be prepared or adapted for use in group settings or science fair. Many of the supplies have been ones that can be found around the house.

I am looking forward to sharing this site with my other grandchildren over the next few months. I also expect to renew my subscription next year and will encourage the children's parents to also subscribe for their homes.”
Nancy Staley, Co-op Member
”I purchased the subscription to the Happy Scientist mainly for my 13yr old son, but it has ended up being a wonderful source of scientific information for the whole family.

The main things we like are the excellent videos and the way Mr Krampf adds in humour in a way that is not over the top or crude. His love of science is obvious and contagious! The out-takes have been great for my son as they show that even experienced scientist make mistakes. Last, but definitely not least, is the value for money.

My only complaint is it is hard to limit the time spent on the site as there is so much information and one interesting video leads to another which leads to another ......

We will definitely use it in future, from early grades through to .... ME!

We have and will continue to tell others about The Happy Scientist - it would be hard not to.”
Natasha M, Co-op Member
”We love The Happy Scientist! I home educate my two boys, ages 6 & 12, and they both love the site.

The videos are short, informational, and eady to understand. My 6 year old has learned a lot about science and will ask to see more. My boys really enjoy the out takes at the end of the videos which usually sends them into a laughing frenzy.

Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering this great program at such an affordable price!”
Y Andujar, Co-op Member
”We love The Happy Scientist! My kids ask to watch him all the time. He seems so nice, and his experiments are so much fun. We always look for funny out-takes after each segment then my kids are off and running looking for supplies to replicate what they just watched. No buyers' remorse here. Love this website!”
Missy in Alabama, Co-op Member
”We love the Happy Scientist videos! They are short enough and interesting enough to capture even my 6-year old boys' attention! I am even learning some new things and I have a college degree :-). My little guy will watch the same video over and over again.”
Jackie Harris, Co-op Member
”This website is a great addition to our homeschool. Every time we watch an experiment the kids respond with an enthusiastic, "I want to do that!" Robert Krampf is great at explaining the science behind it. It's fun to incorporate some easy hands on science I to our days!”
Carla G., Co-op Member
”I am currently home educating five of my children, ages 4-15, and they all love The Happy Scientist. His collections of experiments and demonstrations give my kids a hunger to learn more about science, especially my 7 year old, who is hungry to learn all he can about science and nature. All of the kids get excited when I tell them they can go watch "the happy science guy" (as they call him). He is the perfect teacher to motivate your kids to explore their world, or to simply educationally entertain them on a rainy day when outdoor activities are impossible. The Happy Scientist is an excellent resource at a price that can't be beat. I made a web page for my little kids and they have the links to the places online they can visit on it...I think The Happy Scientist is their favorite one. Even the 15 year old sits down and watches with them from time to time, and then recreates some of the activities with them. I highly recommend the website.”
Heather D., Co-op Member
”I LOVE The Happy Scientist! The videos are wonderful and the daily photo has me going back frequently to see what's new. I always learn something. My 11 yr old enjoys the site as well, but says 'it's a bit hard for me to navigate'. She does like the videos and says 'they are about interesting things'.

I like Robert's down to earth practical style and appreciate his humor. I have told some friends with kids about the site. It is an excellent resource and inexpensive too!”
Cindy L., Co-op Member
”My 12 year old son is really enjoying spending his "fun" time watching The Happy Scientist. The videos are short but full of solid science content. The explanations are easy to understand, but not watered down. As a science oriented family, I really appreciate that. My son usually ends up wanting to do the experiment that was done in the video. The only downside is that we don't always have what is needed.

I wish there was an easy way to get a listing of all available videos so that I can track what he views. I'm considering sending an email to The Happy Scientist requesting one - I've read that he's great at responding to emails.

There's other content on the website, but my son mostly uses the videos.

This was money well spent and I would recommend it to anyone.”
Marianne N., Co-op Member
”The Happy Scientist (a.k.a. Robert Krampf) has gotten our kids excited about science, they actually plead to log in to the Happy Scientist and check out his latest videos and pictures! All of the information is presented in an easy to understand style, and encourages additional exploration using common items for easy home experiments. The Happy Scientist will appeal to a broad range of ages and instill a spirit of joy and curiosity in the world around us and how things work. We love it, and think it's a great value for any household wanting to add to or begin their science adventures!”
Shana O., Co-op Member
”Really admire Krampf. His mastery of science is evident. He frequently makes observations about the world that most of us have missed. Yet he is able to reduce the principles to a level that my 5th grader readily understands. We start science class daily with something from this website. Very amazing value for the money.”
Dr. E, Co-op Member
”We love the Happy Scientist! There are so many videos on such a wide variety of topics, and Robert Krampf makes the concepts easy to understand. He also has a great sense of humor. My kids think he is awesome. The outtakes at the end of the videos have been known to send them into fits of giggles. Great resource!”
Renee, Co-op Member
”My kids love The Happy Scientist!!! They beg to watch his videos every day.”
Sherry, Co-op Member
”I give Happy Scientist a thumbs up for price and for teaching opportunities. A added bonus, my son visits the site on his own without my prodding. Learning for school is important but learning because he wants to will keep us subscribed to this site.”
Vicky F., Co-op Member
”My best $10 investment!
It's so user friendly and lots of new ideas everyday.
It is also can be independently done by young scientist (my sons)...
Funny and very clever
A good way of learning to retain knowledge well...”
TruMom, Co-op Member
”I have 5 children under the age of 10 and this has been the best way for me to introduce science to my kids over the breakfast table. The videos are short and fun besides being informational and easy to understand. The kids then did some of the experiments on their own. I have told all of my homeschooling friends about it and will definitely continue to use it. The kids love Robert's sense of humor and "very happy" attitude. We may not agree on the age of the earth in terms of millions of years but we appreciate the heart and effort that went into making this resource enjoyable.”
Jennifer C., Co-op Member
”We love the Happy Scientist at our house. My three kids take turns picking videos they are interested in seeing, and then we spend hours trying some of the experiments or making the things we see in the videos. One thing my kids love are the outtakes at the end of some of his videos. His sense of humor fits perfectly into our family. the kids love him!”
Angela Kirsch, Co-op Member
”LOVE LOVE LOVE THe Happy Scientist! We bought a subscription to his page through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op at half price (full price is $20 a year). Mr. Krampf has tons of experiments, videos, photos with thought-provoking captions, and more on his site. There's enough here to scrape together a year's science curriculum, if you wanted to. We particularly enjoyed opening an umbrella under a tree and shaking the branches to see what we "caught", then checking it out with our magnifying glass. We will definitely continue with The Happy Scientist for several more years. PS This is the same review I posted on a homeschool group's facebook page earlier, so I am definitely spreading the word! :)”
Michelle Pippin, Co-op Member
”We love Happy Scientist! I felt I was floundering with science until we got this subscription. I like the way he brings the joy and wonder back into learning. He gets you to observe and question things all around you and to find connections. My approach to science is now more interconnected-for example, we study plants, but at the same time study the soil plants grow in, the insects that pollinate or eat them, the water and the water cycle that helps them grow, etc. Through the Happy Scientist we have learned to observe nature more closely. Our approach to science is a lot more responsive to what is immediately around us rather than just from a textbook which I really like. I no longer feel the need to follow a set curriculum but do check our state standards to make sure we are covering what is required. For $10 it is a super deal.”
Spricetyty, Co-op Member
”We greatly enjoy the Happy Scientist and regularly integrate a relevant video into our homeschool science curriculum. He is always engaging and amusing. It is a very reasonable supplement to any science curriculum. We will continue to use it in coming year and I have mentioned it to friends.”
A. Sally Davis, Co-op Member
”We LOVE the Happy Scientist!!! His videos are sooo engaging for our whole family. I have to admit I bought the subscription not just for my son but for me as well, I've been learning new things and have to pull myself away once I get started. My favorite thing is that his experiments don't require fancy equipment but you still learn a lot and it really gets you to use your brain. I can't imagine anyone not liking this and have to everyone about him. We use it every day and will be keeping up our subscription.”
Jennifer Robin, Co-op Member
”We really enjoy the no-fuss approach to science, as well as the practical examples and experiments. A great website to visit as a supplement to your science education.”
L Smith, Co-op Member
”I purchased the Happy Scientist for my 3 home schooled children. We love his videos and he really encourages the kids to think scientifically and to love science. We also enjoy his photos of the day. This site is a great teaching tool in our science curriculum. thanks home school buyers co-op for having great deals on sites like these!”
Jeanette, Co-op Member
”I bought the subscription to The Happy Scientist after a friend told me that her kids were really enjoying it. My kids look forward to these science videos, which is a nice change, because prior to this, science was their least favorite subject.”
Maureen H., Co-op Member
”My six yr old LOVES The Happy Scientist and begs me to let him watch the videos. He's absorbed quite a bit of material, and is entertained by the bloopers at the end of some videos. Two thumbs up for this product!”
Heather W., Co-op Member
”My kids enjoy watching The Happy Scientist. I like that the website contains a variety of different material. This is the first place we go to look and see if there is something to match what we are working on, either videos or experiments.”
Tammy B,, Co-op Member
”These experiments are loads of fun! We have used some for science fairs and others for every day curiosity.”
J. Daniel, Co-op Member
”My boys, ages 9 and 13, both enjoy these videos. They even ask if they can go do the Happy Scientist. We have done some of the experiments and they have been easy to complete without having to get a lot of things ready before hand. I think this is well worth the low cost.”
T. Mellinger, Co-op Member
”We are so thankful for the Co-op! If it wasn't for them we would've never experienced The Happy Scientist! This website has helped make an already fun subject great! Robert Krampf makes science fun, entertaining, and informative. His personality makes it easy to see why he is such a successful teacher. We use it as a supplement to our own science program and our 6 y/o now says he wants to be a scientist too!
Thanks again for all the great programs that you make affordable to the homeschooling community.”
J. Trevino, Co-op Member
”My children love The Happy Scientist site and want to try out all the experiments they see on his videos IMMEDIATELY.”
Tara M., Co-op Member
”My children enjoyed The Happy Scientist so much we reordered it for a second year.”
Karen, Co-op Member
”I have been enjoying this subscription along with my 2 youngest boys aged 9 and 12. They ask to watch the videos every day so it is good there is a large archive. Afterwards they are eager to try out the experiments themselves. The explanations Robert gives are clear and easy for them to understand. I highly recommend Happy Scientist. He has plenty of free stuff on his website too so you can try that first.”
Cathy G., Co-op Member
”This is our 2nd year subscribing to The Happy Scientist. Is is a GREAT site! My daughters love the photo or sound of the day in which to discover something new. There are great experiments & videos that are well categorized so you can find ones that go along w/what you're studying. It's VERY kid friendly. My 6 & 10 yr. old can navigate through the site by themselves and pick topics that interest them. I have recommended this to all my homeschool contacts!”
Pamela, Co-op Member
”My grandson really enjoys The Happy Scientist. He will review the experiments and he and I will talk about them and the relevance to our studies or life. It is a great site! I will continue to use this site for teaching.”
Liz A, Co-op Member
”I have enjoyed The Happy Scientist as much as my daughter. Helps to bring fun to the subject.”
B. Wurzin, Co-op Member
”We love the Happy Scientist! We have learned so much and look forward to checking the website everyday.”
Mrs. Palmer, Co-op Member
”The first words out of the mouth of my student after watching a Happy-Scientist video was, "He doesn't talk like a scientist," We enjoy watching his videos and the "What is it." However, with our busy school days I often forget to check the website. I wish he would send out an email to his subscribers when he posts something new to jog my memory. His videos are very well put together and easily understood. I love the fact that the videos are short and that he isn't trying to sell you something, just sharing his knowledge. We love it.”
Jana, Co-op Member
”Earlier in the year, I was teaching my 4th and 6th grader about electricity and magnetism using typical textbooks. After realizing that the lessons were not fun and were exhausting us all, we decided to try The Happy Scientist (based on a friend's suggestion). It was the best $10 we ever spent. Every day, my kids watch multiple videos and now they LOVE science. They constantly share all the great things they are learning. Even if you already have a science curriculum you love, I would highly recommend buying an annual subscription for the Happy Scientist. It will be a great investment of $10. Your kids will learn and they'll feel like they are getting special privileges by being on the computer and watching videos.”
Mary, Co-op Member
”I love this website. In fact, after our first year subscription ran out my children asked me daily until I renewed. I love that I can let them explore while I make lunch and then can ask what they learned while we eat! It is a safe place they can explore.”
Kori G., Co-op Member
”WE LOVE ROBERT KRAMPF!!! My kids absolutely are his biggest fans -- if I only had a dollar for every time they said, "Rober Krampf told me..." Our science program was lacking and a bit boring for my very visual learners. Finding The Happy Scientist has revolutionized the way they see science! I can't recommend his videos enough -- he's amazing, funny, thorough, and we ADORE his blooper reels! ("itchy back" still gets laughs!) You can't go wrong with this subscription! :)”
Emily Esmaili, Co-op Member
”We love the Happy Scientist! Robert Krampf is a very entertaining speaker and you can tell he really loves his subject. My children enjoy watching his videos and reading the articles. they always ask to watch more. My children range in age from 10-15, so The Happy Scientist appeals to a wide age group. I would never have found this site if not for the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Thank you!”
Zipporah, Co-op Member
”My son asks me a million science questions during our day and I either don't know them and don't have time to research his every curiosity or just plain don't have enough hours in the day to satisfy his need for scientific knowledge. These videos by The Happy Scientist have fit the void that we have in our homeschooling. My son and daughter will gladly sit and watch every video that is posted. They are wonderful!”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”I have been a member of The Happy Scientist's website for a year now. I have used this resource for my homeschoolers more than any other science website. We love "unit study" learning and I always search his site on our topics. The short videos are wonderful. My own science education was lacking and so I always review the video first to get familiar with it before showing my children. My kids think he's entertaining and really enjoy the short bursts of information. The site is easy to navigate, search, or browse experiments, videos, and pictures on so many topics. I love it, and can t imagine a time I would not renew!”
Katherine R., Co-op Member
”My children are ages 10, 8, and 3. Everyone of us have thoroughly enjoyed The Happy Scientist!! We have spent hours watching his video clips and trying several of his experiments ourselves. One of my BEST purchases so far!! We recommend this website to all our friends and family!”
Casey, Co-op Member
”After watching about a dozen of the Happy Scientist videos, I am very happy - especially for the price. The website has been easy to navigate and my kids (12, 10, and 8) are happy to watch Mr. Kampf. We had been using Supercharged Science, which is a similar program but MUCH more expensive. In truth, we all prefer the Happy Scientist. I think my kids are learning more and I don't miss being bombarded with multiple emails from Supercharged Science. I would confidently recommend the Happy Scientist.”
Laura N, Co-op Member
”OH MY GOSH - - WE LOVE THIS GUY!! The problem is, I feel too guilty only spending $10 for a year of access. This is a $300 program. The videos, extra lessons, suggested experiments, stunning photographs, and beautiful nature that surrounds everything he does is awesome.

The website has state core requirement information, we don't use that, but it is there if you need it. He even answers his own emails and is one of the nicest people ever. Even if you have a science curriculum - BUY this and let your kids watch his videos for fun and reward. He even does a blooper roll at the end of his videos that have my 8 & 9 year old rolling with laughter. We did the Geo-Eggs experiment for Easter and it came out so great - we used the colorful crystal eggs as part of our Easter centerpiece. LOVE THIS!”
Dralene, Co-op Member
”My child loves the Happy Scientist! But the videos are just snippets, way too short for a child who likes to explore a topic in depth. Overall they were fun but too random and without meat. I am happy for the purchase, though, if only for my child to get a chance to connect with a good science role model.”
S, Co-op Member
”Our family loves The Happy Scientist! Both my 7 and 6 year-olds look forward to the videos and experiments. Robert Krampf does an excellent job of presenting subjects in a way that is engaging for all ages, and my kids are enthusiastic to learn more. This is an affordable program that can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or as a supplement.”
Catherine F., Co-op Member
”This has brought so much neat nature and science information into our schooling. My kids love checking out the photo of the day and watching experiments. I love that it's so easy for them to do independently, plus it covers so many things I would not think of. We will continue to subscribe to the Happy Scientist for many years. I bought a gift subscription for my nephews and they like it also. I have shared our positive opinion of the site with other homeschoolers. Thanks so much for offering this through homeschool buyers coop. I would not have know about it otherwise.”
Pamela H., Co-op Member
”Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op, for bringing The Happy Scientist to our attention. Not only have my kids enjoyed the videos and unit studies, it has piqued their interest and caused them to continue to use and research what they've learned. We got a lot of bang-for-our-buck on this one! I will definitely continue my subscription!”
Julie Thomas, Co-op Member
”My son and I enjoyed watching the Happy Scientist do many experiments. Some we tried ourself and some we just watched. He was very informative.”
Debbie R, Co-op Member
”The videos are educational and fun.”
Edda, Co-op Member
”We love The Happy Scientist. He makes things that seem complicated easier to understand. The experiments are almost always able to be done with stuff from around the house. This kids love the videos and there are a lot of science areas to choose from. It is so easy to do a quick science lesson that I can't see us not continuing with it.”
J. Connolly, Co-op Member
”I am truly delighted with The Happy Scientist.

My kids are captivated by the experiments they see, which are short, and definitely relate to real life stuff, just as the videos do. The information is concise, so that no one is overwhelmed with too much wordiness in the presentation. Robert Krampf's enthusiasm for exploring, and questioning why things happen even when he doesn't know the answer at times, makes the kids think a bit.

My daughter has always said she doesn't like Science, not even doing experiments, which to me, would be the fun stuff in learning Science. She has really enjoyed this website, and the cool experiments, and says she thinks she's beginning to "actually enjoy Science!" What a bonus! I am so thankful they enjoy it, and are learning alot about different aspects of Science that pertain to real life (even just photos of actual clouds,or flowers). And, it's so affordable for us Homeschoolers........that's no small thing! It is well worth the money.”
Rose, Co-op Member
”My son (8 years old) LOVES the Happy Scientist. We all enjoy him in our family. His videos are so interesting, informative, and many times funny. we always enjoy the "mess ups" - snatches of the filming where Robert "goofed up". These are not science lessons, but great lessons in the need to practice over and over again -- so important for a student to see that MUCH WORK goes into a short presentation! I highly recommend a subscription to the Happy Scientist. ”
Susan W, Co-op Member
”Thanks so much for the discount for this site. We would have not known about it or signed up for it if not for the discount.

My son that is 11 has enjoyed it so much!! He watches it and then takes action! He watches this site for hours some days. I told my friends about it and they have also joined and enjoyed it. We will be doing some things together. Thanks so much and I recommend it to all that have boys or girls around this age group.”
Nancy Moore, Co-op Member
”The Happy Scientist has been a breath of fresh air. My now 9 year old love it, especially the video blubbers. He really gets everything explained, immediately wants to apply the hands on and we could be at it All day!!;) The $20 per year is a bargain although we only paid $10 thanks to the Homeschool Buyers Coop and has brought only joy, fun, giggles and amplified our curiosity and understanding already motivated to another level.Thanks for introducing us to the infamous Happy Scientist with whom the whole family is learning!:D ”
Isabelle H., Co-op Member
”My children are downstairs watching these videos right now. (Monday is our science day). And I'm hearing "Awesome!" and "Hey I told you to wait for me, I'm almost done with math." This site has been great for inspiring my children to enjoy science.”
J. Lopez, Co-op Member
”I am very happy to have The Happy Scientist web site in my science arsenal. The web site is easy to use and well organized. The videos are enjoyable to watch, informative and clear/understandable in demonstrating how to conduct the experiments ourselves at home. It makes it a lot easier for me to make sure we cover science regularly even with a busy schedule.”
Andrea S, Co-op Member
”My family loves the Happy Scientist! We discovered Mr. Krampf several years ago with the Experiment of the Week emails. After a computer crash we lost him and I was delighted when I discovered that the Happy Scientist was none other than Mr. Krampf himself--but now he had video!! He has a way of explaining science that you can understand and I love how he relates it to everyday life and encourages you to go out and explore yourself. We always try to tie in one of his videos or experiments to whatever topic we are studying. This is a valuable resource and I highly recommend it, especially if your kids need a visual to go along with those wordy texts. We are all fans!”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”LOVE IT!!! My kids watch these just for fun :)

He is working on his website and providing more information about the lessons so it will go along with the Florida curriculum standards.

He made updates on his website that allow it to work on the ipad so we can sit on the couch and watch them (or put them on apple tv and watch them on the screen).

We don't watch television so this is our entertainment. I love it that the kids are learning about and enjoying science!

My kids ask to watch his videos. We will continue with this and look forward to his new videos.”
Laura M., Co-op Member
”We have had the joy of subscribing to the Happy Scientist for two months now and we love it. My 10 year old son will go on the site by himself and asks to almost every day. Robert Krampf is an exceptional teacher with that dry wit that keeps it interesting. Love it!!!”
Angela Turner, Co-op Member
”As a homeschool mom, I have been very pleased with the quality and content of The Happy Scientist. My son tends to have a short attention span but will sit through a session and requests to watch more. The experiments are easy to follow and can usually be done with household items. There is a multitude of interesting science lessons and videos to choose from. We all enjoy Robert's great sense of humor. Thank you Happy Scientist for a great program and for offering it through The Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
BJS, Co-op Member
”My 3 kids, ages 5, 9, and 11 LOVE The Happy Scientist videos. They learn a ton, but it does not feel like learning to them. The instructor makes it super fun, and the fact that they are short keeps their attention. Plus there are a ton of topics to choose from and learn about. My kids especially love the "bloopers" at the end of each little video - that is the part they really look forward to. A GREAT value for the money for sure!”
Tracy Ventura, Co-op Member
”My 9 yr old son LOVES this site/program and frequently comes running into the kitchen after watching a short video, wanting to duplicate the experiment (they usually work well with few materials). I am using some of the videos to supplement a chemistry class I teach for 7-12yr olds. I highly recommend this affordable program for people who have kids of ages 6-12, and for those who are curious about the world around us. The author's enthusiasm is infectious!”
Tina, Co-op Member
”My kids love The Happy Scientist web site. I would get a subscription even if it wasn't discounted. There is so much good information on the site, and I'm happy to support the work.”
Christy A., Co-op Member
”My kids love the Happy Scientist! The videos and experiments are short enough to hold their attention and in depth enough to broaden their understanding of a variety of scientific topics. For such a low annual price, I feel like we receive an outstanding value.”
StacyS, Co-op Member
”I purchased The Happy Scientist for my son when he was in Jr. High. After using other on-line courses that were often either too wordy or told my son what he should be learning, the experiments and suggestions on the Happy Scientist were a welcome change. My son learned many things, perhaps most importantly for me, is that Science can be fun, inspiring, and challenging. My son now creates experiments of his own. He will often still watches new videos on the Happy Scientist website, and then he is inspired to try things for himself; sometimes the experiments that Mr. Krampf does and many that my son comes up with on his own. It is a fun website, even I enjoy watching the videos. Mr. Krampf is having alot of fun. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn more about science; and/or who wants their children to be inspired.”
T. McFarland, Co-op Member
”A good, clear explanation of each subject. Easy to understand and retain.”
Julie s., Co-op Member
”My kids and I LOVE The Happy Scientist! They are short informative videos. He is always cheerful and happy. The "outtakes" are really funny too! I highly recommend it!”
Tracy, Co-op Member
”We really enjoy this resource. The Happy Scientist makes information fun and memorable.”
Christine S., Co-op Member
”This has been a great website. My daughter loves to do the experiments. She has learned a lot and is ready for the next science fair.”
Nancy N, Co-op Member
”We have really enjoyed the Happy Scientist. My 4th grader asks to watch the videos and my second grader will watch them over and over! My teens are interested also, as Mr Krampf has a very nice and friendly way of showing his genuine love of the world around us. He reminds me of my favorite highschool science teachers!

This is our second year and I will renew next year for certain! I assign his videos each week and the kids often do the experiments on their own without me even prompting them.”
Emily Lawrence, Co-op Member
”We love Robert Kramph , the Happy Scientist. He is engaging without becoming 'edutainment'. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the natural world really comes through. My 9 year old has been tinkering with Happy Scientist's experiments for a couple of years now. I would say he is well worth it at his regular price and an absolute steal at the Co-Op's price. Don't miss out!”
Fatima Lakhani, Co-op Member
”I am a science nerd, but I was having a hard time figuring out how to get my daughter to enjoy it. The Happy Scientist has been a great help. I have found topics that relate to what she likes, and it has been making it science lessons less of a chore for her and me.”
Brooke G., Co-op Member
”This is a great resource! Accurate, complete information, and access to question/answer forum and archives anytime. I will be renewing for sure!”
Teri Johnson, Co-op Member
”Robert Krampf's website is one of the best science resources I've used to help explain concepts and to have my children peruse on their own to learn whatever they find interesting. I can't tell you how many times they've gone to The Happy Scientist, found something interesting, and proceed to get the materials together to duplicate an experiment!

Mr. Krampf is also wonderful in the fact that he promptly responds to inquiries sent to him directly. I had a question about chemical storage and disposal, which he responded to within 24 hours.”
Sharon Tisdale, Co-op Member
”We enjoy the Happy Scientist's videos as fun and engaging supplementary material for our Science classes. My kids love Rob Krampf's upbeat, straightforward presentation style.”
T.L. Ryder, Co-op Member
”I have two boys that I purchased the year subscription for ages 10 & 13. They love to watch the videos. When we sit down to watch they don't just watch one they keep going and then they want to discuss it afterwards and then they want to do the experiments at home. It is awesome and we will purchase again next year. Thank you for offering the Happy Scientist.”
Heidi Duckro, Co-op Member
”My kids and I love The Happy Scientist website. His experiments are conducted in an enthusiastic, easy-to-understand way. He is quick to respond to emails and questions. We very much enjoy watching and then doing his experiments. The Haunted Pumpkin is our recent favorite. Thanks Co-op for this addition.”
Heather L., Co-op Member
”Robert Krampf helps keep the wonder alive! We go to his site a couple times a week for fun and relaxed learning. He offers clear explanations of how the experiments work.”
-Elise F., Co-op Member
”Our Son Alex loves the happy scientist. There is real science as part of the investigations, but they are done so entertainingly, that they seem to be for just entertainment. If you want to encourage science interest in your child, the happy scientist will do it.”
Russ "Father of Alex", Co-op Member
”The Happy Scientist has been a God send for my dyslexic son. He learns best by seeing and then doing. Robert Krampf is so engaging! Most days my son can't wait to show me what he's learned while watching the Happy Scientist.”
Paige Smith, Co-op Member
”I have a little Scientist who loves this site!! My son is autistic and he can't read or write yet, but thrives when it comes to anything Science related. The experiments this site has to offer has been a great asset to his education and he looks forward to all the experiments of the week. Thank you Happy Scientist and Home School Buyers Co-op for bringing such a valuable learning site to our attention. I am a homeschool blogger and would have no problem recommending this site to my readers. We will continue to use this site!”
Mommaof4Cutiez, Co-op Member
”I have never been happier with any purchase. I didn't need to buy this -- we already had everything we needed. However, I loved the price and after checking out the videos I decided to get it anyway. Even when my kids aren't using it I will sometimes watch a video because they are very informative and interesting. My kids don't even think about how they are learning when they visit The Happy Scientist.”
Mrs. Klein, Co-op Member
”We are really enjoying the "Happy Scientist"! The videos are very educational. We have tried some of the experiments and they are a hit in our homeschool. My 10 year old daughter can't wait to watch what The Happy Scientist will do next.”
Cindy W., Co-op Member
”We love the Happy Scientist and the fabulous experiments which can be done at home. We use this site regularly and recommend it to others.”
M. Lincoln, Co-op Member
”I have been using Mr. Krampf's site for 5 years to demonstrate or further clarify ideas I teach my students in a junior high Space/Earth Science class and an elementary general science class in a home school cooperative. His videos are both fun and informative. We are of a young earth Biblical worldview and not all these videos share this perspective, but I just use old earth/evolution comments as discussion points with my class. I and my students greatly enjoy watching the demonstrations/experiments. I appreciate the time, effort and creativity that Mr. Krampf puts into his videos and the fact that he adds new ones frequently. His love of science and passion in the subject matter he is discussing is contagious!”
Mrs. Dunham, Co-op Member
”Science was never a subject that I felt 'confident' in understanding...partly because I never experienced having an awesome science teacher that cared whether-or-not his/her students were not only 'getting it' but also really enjoying the excitement that comes from investigating the world around them.

God has created so many amazing things for us to try and understand even a portion of His handiwork! It's a subject that can really breathe life into education. This being said, I am cautious in my instruction to my boys due to the fact that I'm 'learning' over again myself and don't always feel equipped to present the lesson confidently enough.

The Happy Scientist welcomes everyone with a gracious spirit and a calming approachability. Whether-or-not science as a subject comes naturally or not...does not matter. He is clear cut and witty. We enjoy his teaching very much.

I also believe that the camera angles are very well done to see the videos. This lends a close-up eye on the experiments being done! My boys (5 & 10) love The Happy Scientist. I also find reassurance in the fact that many times when using other curriculum that my experiement sometimes fail. I can have a back-up ready from The Happy Scientist website and I also like that when I find an experiment (unrelated to the site) that I am interested in trying--I feel confident that it will be successful if I also see that The Happy Scientist has included that same experiment on his site.

It's an all-around great supplement to our homeschooling and we are grateful that it was offered at a reasonable price. Thank you!”
Kimberly Spohn, Co-op Member
”My kids absolutely love the happy scientist! He is a very sweet natured man and has some cute out takes at the end we love to laugh at. We have enjoyed doing several of the experiences on our own. Wish we could go to a science class in person with him everyday. WELL worth the money! We will continue to use this subscription.”
Sherry R., Co-op Member
”The happy scientist is neat. He is an inspiring personality and teaches practical things in an understandable way.”
Delia Hewson, Co-op Member
”My children love watching the Happy Scientist videos. Robert Krampf brings enthusiasm and knowledge to these videos and the kids are drawn to watch them. He brings a dry humor to subjects, which my children love: we used the first video on rocks to teach something about homophones because he used a cute pun. The videos also provide an excellent way to teach note-taking skills. We are new to using Happy Scientist, but are thoroughly enjoying it.”
Penny, Co-op Member
”The happy-Scientist is a great addition to our science curriculum!”
Kelly N, Co-op Member
”We got this product to supplement our science curriculum. We have enjoyed adding in video lessons and pictures to our curriculum. My 1st grader loves watching the experiments.”
J Zimmerman, Co-op Member
”We love the Happy Scientist. My son has watched all the old videos and anxiously awaits the new ones. They are great - simple experiments that are easy to repeat at home, but even I almost always learn something new. Robert has a great sense of humor, and really makes the videos fun. They are very informative, but not at all "schooly". Also, the price is very reasonable. It is obvious that they are doing it for fun, not to make a fortune off anyone. I highly recommend the Happy Scientist.”
Kim Eabry, Co-op Member
”The Happy Scientist is a fabulous program. My children ask to watch the videos and they always learn something too. Robert Krampf, The Happy Scientist, makes his program easy to navigate. He offers a tab that leads directly to some of the State's standards; I find this to be a useful tool.”
Jwright29, Co-op Member
”This is the second year we've had a subscription to The Happy Scientist. My son, age 13, enjoys just visiting the site, watching videos, checking out the picture of the day. He designed some of his own nature study using ideas from this site, and my son usually doesn't volunteer to do anything. The site makes science more fun and accessible; it's one of the few academic activities that he does easily and even spends extra time on.”
B. Allman, Co-op Member
”We are a homeschooling family and science is my least favorite subject to teach! When I saw the option to purchase a membership to The Happy Scientist through the Co-op's website, I went to the website to check it out since I had never heard of it before. I was blown away at all of the great videos of experiments, the cool science photo of the day (my son loves these!) and other information. I immediately purchased a membership and we have all loved visiting the website. It's worth many times more than what I paid. I also appreciate the member newsletters from Mr. Krampf updating members on new features and information on the website. As a family we have all learned so much from Mr. Krampf in the short time that we've had the membership and it is a wonderful addition to our science curriculum, especially with the search feature. I highly recommend The Happy Scientist to other families.”
Lynn, Co-op Member
”We are enjoying using the site and have found the information to be useful. We are cautious of science materials to make sure they reflect our worldview. Two months into using the site we have not found any conflicts and find the videos and experiments to be a valuable asset to our homeschooling.”
Kathleen, Co-op Member
”My kids are visual learners, so we use the videos to support our science curriculum. It's amazing how much they come away with when they learn via multimedia! Plus, the website has videos easily organized to find one that fits our theme of the week. We'll definitely keep using this resource!”
Carolyn V., Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE The Happy Scientist! They are 8 and 5 years old and watch multiple videos everyday on their own. We ALWAYS have to do the experiments too. They've learned a great deal since we've subscribed to The Happy Scientist. I just had to go buy Turmeric and Ammonia last night so they can do the haunted pumpkin story on halloween night. I recommend The Happy Scientist to all my homeschool friends.”
TheCarpenters, Co-op Member
”Absolutely the BEST Life and Earth Sciences Program on the Planet! My 5 and 6 year old children are having a ton of fun and learning a lot (and so am I!). Every homeschooling home should use it. Would be a great addition to public/private school education, too.”
Michelle C., Co-op Member
”The Happy Scientist videos are amazing! All of my students love them. The Homeschool Buyers Co-op discount made my subscription a no brainer :)”
Charlotte in Ft. Worth, Co-op Member
”My kids and I absolutely love this website. Years ago, I use to subscribe to Mr. Krampf's email experiments and loved them. Somewhere between crashed computers we lost him. I saw "The Happy Scientist" on HSBC, went to the website and was delighted when it turned out to be him--and now he had video! It was a no-brainer and I signed up immediately. Science was never a strong subject for me, but he has always explained things in a way that you "get it." My kids like science, but adding this has taken it to another level, they get to see what they are reading about. They love the videos and experiments. It is great to see him break down complicated concepts into everyday life. I highly recommend this site to anyone, it is a valuable tool. No matter what your level of scientific knowledge is you are sure to enjoy!”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves to watch and then try all of the experiments. It's nice seeing someone "in person" to demonstrate the experiments.”
Nancy N, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son enjoys and learns so what more could we ask? I also love to see these small episodes of scientific explorations with such an amiable guide. It is superior to items for which we have paid much more. We told one other boy and he may get it.”
Steven Shalom Greenberg, Co-op Member
”My Grandchildren love The Happy Scientist. They really connect with him and his experiments. They also look forward to his outtakes after his experiments are over. What a kick to see them excited to see what else he will show them and to view his outtakes afterwards. It allows them to see that we can all mistakes and learn and laugh at them.

Yes! we will continue to use this program and renew when it is time. My grandchildren have learned alot from him. Thankyou, a homeschool grandmother”
Nana Kate, Co-op Member
”My children and I love, love, love the Happy Scientist. We have only been members for a few months now and my kiddos can't get enough. Whatever, science topic we are covering in class, I can almost guarantee the Happy Scientist will have something on it as well. Mr. Krampf is very entertaining, which makes learning fun. He is constantly adding new topics to his website. I will continue to renew my subscription with the Happy Scientist for years to come. ”
Patti Wolff, Co-op Member
”My family has been enjoying The Happy Scientist's videos and lessons for over a year. My daughters, 10 & 7, and even my 2 year old will sit and watch video after video. They love him & especially find his outtakes entertaining. His experiments are very well-outlined & described for even the younger kids & my children love to try them on their own. We have learned a lot from The Happy Scientist and will continue to subscribe yearly, as well as continue referring others to the site.”
Kristin F, Co-op Member
”We just love the Happy Scientist. Thanks for offering such a great deal! He's so witty and fun the kids can't wait to see what he is doing next. Thanks again for great science fun.”
Charlene, Co-op Member
”We purchased the Happy Scientist subscription after watching a few videos at another family's house. My daughter LOVES the experiments and watching the videos is fun for her too! Mr Krampf is also very honest and does right by his subscribers. When he was in the process of moving recently and had difficulty uploading videos for a short time, he offered a free two month extension for all memberships to show his appreciation of his subscribers patience. We will definitely be renewing our subscription for years to come!”
Emily Parker, Co-op Member
”We have really enjoyed the Happy Scientist as a science supplement. He explains things in a very simple way that is easy to understand. Many of the experiments are something you may want to go ahead and try yourself too! It was well worth the price we paid and we are very happy with our purchase.”
Buffy, Co-op Member
”My boys and I have really enjoyed using The Happy Scientist. The price was incredible, especially for all that you get. My boys find the Happy Scientist to be quite funny in the videos and always ask for just one more, please. So, thanks for the great product at a amazing price!!”
C. Hillner, Co-op Member
”My twin daughters (aged 11) absolutely adore The Happy Scientist. Prior to buying the program I really struggled getting them interested in science. However, since they started watching the videos (two per day) around three months ago, their interest in science has leaped, as has their knowledge base. I now have kids who have lost interest in Disney and much prefer Discovery. They also have started reading science books just for fun. Recently one told me she wants to become a biologist. As someone who had almost given up on trying to get my kids to study science, I am thrilled that The Happy Scientist has sparked their interest. I also love watching Robert Krampf on video, his joy for life and curiousity about how things work is so inspiring.”
Sarah R, Co-op Member
”My kids and I LOVE the Happy Scientist! I have been homeschooling for many years and this is a great value. Science is not the easiest thing to teach at home and this is like having a professional right when you need him to teach some science concept that would take me hours to prepare (and many I wouldn't even attempt). I highly recommend The Happy Scientist!”
Amy L., Co-op Member
”We are really liking the Happy Scientist. The videos are great for me to watch to give me ideas for lessons and as a tutorial for how to go about doing them. The kids love the photos of the day and answering the questions that go with them. It is a easy way to get more science in without the kids feeling like they are doing another lesson.”
Cynthia Casanova, Co-op Member
”Robert Krampf is great! The Happy Scientist makes a great way to see neat experiments online and learn the science behind them. Recommend it to all. Our children really enjoy it. Thanks to the Co-op for a great discount!”
Walt, Co-op Member
”We love the Happy Scientist! We just started homeschooling again after a year and a half of public schooling. As we were deciding to do so, the wonderful Homeschool Buyers Co-op bargain for the Happy Scientist came available. It was the first thing we bought for our homeschooling curriculum! We have used the site for supplementing our science, and just for FUN! Thanks for such a great deal!”
Kristina W., Co-op Member
”The kids (10 & 13) and I have really enjoyed the videos!!”
Stephanie, Co-op Member
”I am so glad that we took advantage of the subscription to the Happy Scientist. My son loves watching Robert Kramf. His experiments are fun & very informative. Definitely worth it!”
Kimberly, Co-op Member
”My kids (13, 11, 9, 5, & 3) love The Happy Scientist. They go to the site almost everyday and come back with lots of fun facts and tales of Robert Krampf. We actually have days where they argue over who gets to use it first! We use it as a starting point to new science lessons, to accent science lessons, or just to learn cool new things.

Our family highly recommends this site!”
Jen S., Co-op Member
”I am homeschooling a special needs child after having homeschooling other children through high school. While I think that The Happy Scientist is a great resource for any child, it is especially good for a child with special needs. The videos are accessible, clear, fun, and educational. My son has definitely learned something from this website, and he enjoyed watching the videos. The price is reasonable -- and even more reasonable if you get a subscription via HSBC!

Although The Happy Scientist uses humor, there is little fluff, and the material presented is not trivial or childish. I plan to use it heavily in our science studies in the future. OUr subscription is one of the best buys we have made recently. One note to those who care; THS does speak of geologic time in the millions of years. This does not matter to me, but I know this is an issue for some.

I hope that the science dvd on electricity can become part of the deal sometime for HBC. It looks awesome!”
Deborah S., Co-op Member
”GREAT program! Easy for my 9 year old to use on her own. But, we can also use as a family w/my pre-schooler. Good discussion topics. 9 year old loves checking the Photo of the day and trying to figure out the answer. Videos are great learning tools. Well explained. It is definitely expanding our science learning around here! Good price, too!! I bought a subscription for my nephews. They love it!”
Pamela, Co-op Member
”I am very happy with The Happy Scientist. There are videos for everything we've studied so far, and they are really understandable. My middle schooler especially likes the outtakes!”
Melissa C., Co-op Member
”Our family of 10 is really blessed by The Happy Scientist! It's been a great addition to our science materials! Flexible & easy on mom! : )”
Katie Cheshire, Co-op Member
”We really enjoy Happy Scientist. My kids watch 2 videos a week and spend the rest of the week doing the experiments he taught.

They look forward to this and love Science. It's not super detailed. But for the age of my kids (10 and under) this is the perfect amount of exposure and experience.”
Jacqui Maxfield, Co-op Member
”My kids (ages 8-15) all love to watch the Happy Scientist. His videos are fast-paced, informative and fun. His experiments are easy to duplicate with common household items. This subscription is definitely worth the money.”
Ann, Co-op Member
”My boys, 5 and 7 yrs old, love the videos and have been able to reproduce many that they have seen, unassisted. They find the website very exciting and informative! Thanks for such a great science experience!”
Jessica M., Co-op Member
”My boys, ages 13 and 8 both enjoy the Happy Scientist videos and pictures. They watch about 2 videos every day and enthusiastically tell the rest of us about the experiments and what they learned. My older son writes a summary of that days lessons in a notebook. Such a nominal price for the joy of learning.”
Ms. Becca, Co-op Member
”We had watched several of The Happy Scientist's free videos online and wanted to subscribe but we've been counting every penny. So when I saw the great deal the Homeschool Buyers Co-op offered, I jumped on it! My 10-year-old son loves watching these videos and so do I. His videos are informative and fun. We watch one or more nearly every day!”
Sarah R., Co-op Member
”Our family loves watching "The Happy Scientist" videos. They are informative, very interesting and always fun. He totally captivates our attention and we are learning a lot. The bloopers are always a humorous highlight. We find ourselves looking forward to this part of the week. Affordable and definitely worth the investment of time and money.”
Brenda, Co-op Member
”Our family has really enjoyed The Happy Scientist. Robert Krampf is an excellent presenter and teacher of scientific concepts. There are great videos with experiments that can truly be done in your home without running to the store first. The material covered is perfect for enhancing learning or supplementing another curriculum. He presents a lot of information on the topics that he covers and makes science a lot of fun. I go here first to get extra teaching for myself to add to a science co-op class.”
J Connolly, Co-op Member
”My 6 year old son loves the Happy Scientist! We do not allow tv time during the week, but we make an exception for the science videos. He sits attentively watching and will narrate back to me what he has learned. I really recommend this site for families!”
Candice Mc, Co-op Member
”The Happy Scientist is a very enjoyable inexpensive site. My 8 $ 11 year old boys apprecites the clear information.”
Pamela D., Co-op Member
”Alex is 5 years old and says he loves the happy scientist! As his homeschooling father, the only battle is to maintain a child's natural curiosity of the world. Our children always do well under our care. Our challenge is to keep them curious!”
Russell Person, Co-op Member
”This is a great site! I ran into it by accident the first time, when I was looking for a way to illustrate a science concept for my kids. When I saw it come up on the Buyers Co-op, I purchased full access for my boys. They love it!... especially my "science-child"! He has spent hours poring over the site. There is a lot to see... You can't beat the price... It was a very good investment!”
J. Ledyaev, Co-op Member
”This may be the single best investment I have made on this or any site. R.Krampf is wonderful. His site does it right. My kids adore him and I am happy to let them learn for hours. I had to write and encourage everyone to investigate it. Thanks, HSBC, for this one!”
Monica L, Co-op Member
”Occasionally in searching for the best homeschooling resources one hits upon a gem. The Happy Scientist is one of those rare finds! Simple yet very engaging, Mr. Krampf's gentle and enthusiastic style draws the learner in. All the resources found on The Happy Scientist are well done and have helped turn our family into science lovers. The Happy Scientist is worth every penny and we HIGHLY recommend it! Thanks Mr. Krampf!”
Dina Denison, Co-op Member
”My son loves The Happy Scientist, and so do I. The videos are short; the experiments intersting. We have done several of the experiments and the ones we do not have the material for are very well explained on the videos. We have learned a lot. The price is exceptional for the quality of the vidoes. I highly recommend them.”
R Dyck, Co-op Member
”I have no problem getting the whole family to watch the Happy Scientist.Robert Krampf makes learning fun. We love watching, and then doing his experiments. My husband is a doctor,and even he's impressed. It's a really great value, I highly recommend this program. - mom of four(ages 3-13)”
Laura, Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE the Happy Scientist, Mr. (Dr.?) Krampf. The only thing we have used so far are the videos. I'm sure there is more to explore but we are doing so many science programs already that we use it for a fun supplemental science activity. Even though they are short videos, they are very informative. My kids love to explain things they've learned (like how to tell somebody's gender by examining bones or where we or other animals are on the food chain). Don't be fooled by the price. This has great information. I'm embarassed to say what we paid as I don't know what the current group buy price is but I believe the full price is only $20 a year and we will definitely renew it at that price next year. I want to support the Happy Scientist to continue to make informative and entertaining videos for the kids.”
Edlyn, Co-op Member
”My kids really enjoy the Happy Scientist. The only thing I would change is that I view science from a creationist standpoint and The Happy Scientist does not. I have to explain to my kids. Otherwise we love it.”
Cara, Co-op Member
”We love the Happy Scientist. What a wonderful use of our $10.00. It is informative, interactive and well rounded scientifically. The Happy Scientist is fun to watch and our child loves him. I would encourage anyone with a child under high school age to subscribe. Even at the reg. price of $20.00 for a years subscription its a great deal. We will definately continue to use it.”
Tamara Heram, Co-op Member
”My 5 year old LOVES the Happy Scientist. His favorite experiment so far was making the edible candle. He jumped in there and started cutting the banana before I could even say, "What supplies do we need." (We learned that cashews burn as well as almonds do.) I haven't the foggiest how many of these videos he's watched. I just know how often I hear the little bleep indicating he's onto another bloopers section of yet another video.”
Pam, Co-op Member
”My daughter, who exhibits visual learner characteristics, is very receptive to Robert Krampf's videos. The Happy Scientist is reasonably priced and the experiments are easy to reproduce at home.”
Trini, Co-op Member
”We have had a subscription to Happy Scientist for several months now and my son really loves it. We are all learning so much and most of what we've seen are easily reproducible at home. Well worth the money!”
Andrea L., Co-op Member
”My children and I have enjoyed viewing Mr. Krampf's science videos. He presents the science of everyday in a fun manner. Science Photo of the Day is another feature that we have had fun investigating.”
Vickie B, Co-op Member
”We love the Happy Scientist. His short video presentations are full of interesting facts and fun experiments. My son and I look forward to trying the experiments and watching the videos. You can't beat the value or the way your child will be drawn into science.”
Kames, Co-op Member
”My kids love The Happy Scientist! The videos are fun, informational and easy to follow. The Happy Scientist videos make learning science an enjoyable and exciting time of our day. I enjoy the videos as much as my children do which is always a bonus.”
C. Bryant, Co-op Member
”We love these videos! They are funny, engaging, and accurate. They introduce complicated subjects in a way that everyone can understand. A real treat!
I have been homeschooling for 24 years and have 2 children working on advanced degrees in the sciences. Exposure to science early and in a fun way can really pay off later!”
MJ, Co-op Member
”I came across "The Happy Scientist" a few years ago. My kids devoured all of the "free" videos that he had available--they LOVE him! So when he came up in the HS Buyers Co-op it was a no brainer! We watch them twice a week and there are shouts of joy when I say it's time to watch them. This is a fabulous product for the times when you hear..."I'm bored!" Rather than putting them in front of some TV program, they will happily sit down and learn while they pass their time.
I haven't used his "curriculum" yet. We have just enjoyed his videos so far. He introduces the kids to all kinds of different science topics in a way that my 7 and 10 year old can understand. He's been doing this long enough that he has quite a catalog of videos, you can select them by categories or do like we do and just go down the page! My kids think he is very funny and LOVE the bloopers he puts at the end of the videos. I think he is adorable...I wish he lived next door.”
Mrs. Dae Sawyer, Co-op Member
”We've only had access to "The Happy Scientist" for a short time, but he is definitely an asset to our homeschool! For one thing, he really is happy! He presents ideas with energy and enthusiasm and in a way that makes it easy for my daughter to grasp the concepts he is teaching.”
Joanna Caldwell, Co-op Member
”My kids have learned a lot by watching the happy scientist videos. It has inspired them to go outside to find backyard bugs in their habitats, rocks, etc. Also, the experiments are easy for them to try and recreate.”
Edda, Co-op Member
”We have had this product for several weeks. It has been a wonderful experience for the whole family. My son has been begging to watch all the videos and has learned so much in such a short time. The experiments are great. They are easy to conduct with household items and they teach so much. Each night my son shares a different concept he has learned over dinner. Last night he was blowing bubbles in his milk telling all of us about surface tension and why water bubbles do not behave as milk bubbles do. By the end of dinner we were all much more informed. My son loved applying what he had learned and was able to recreate the whole lesson for us complete with visual aids. I would 100% recommend this product to others. We are going to renew our subscription even if they do not offer another deal. This is a quality product that has value across many ages. I sneak in and check things out even when my son is not using it.”
Casiaec, Co-op Member
”The videos are entertaining and educational. My daughter will ask to watch them just to watch them. I like how there is relevancy to what they are learning.”
Dawson, Co-op Member
”I am very happy with my Happy Scientist purchase. My son is engaged by the website and the experiments that are shared are easily replicated at home. I found it particularly unique in that the experiments are simple yet applicable to older kids. It was a gem of a find.”
S. Smith, Co-op Member
”Our family has been very pleased with the great information and awsome activities we are doing with the Happy Scientist! Our homeschool friends wonder where we got such cool ideas and we have to tell them--from the Happy Scientist!!!”
Diana M., Co-op Member
”I had considered subscribing before, but just wasn't sure. With the Homeschool Buyers Co-op deal it was a no-brainer. My kids love the site, and I'm having fun watching his awesome science videos, too. We're likely to continue the subscription, now that we are fully aware of just how much great content is on the site.”
Stephanie O, Co-op Member
”We love the Happy Scientist. Robert Krampf has a way of making science fun and interesting for all ages.”
Homeschool Mom of 3, Co-op Member
”The Happy Scientist is an amazing site!! And what more but from a man who is obviously a great scientist and in LOVE with science. "Happy" is definitely an excellent description of the man behind this website. And we love the fact that the children can comment, and the unit studies....... :)

Did I mention the great service? Well worth the subscription.

Veteran homeschooler.”
Sarah, Co-op Member
”We are so happy that we stumbled upon this website! We feared that this would be just another sappy or "over your heads" science video series. Boy were we wrong! Robert is incredibly knowledgable and shares his passion for science in a fan and engaging way.

We just plug our computer into our big screen tv and view the videos as a supplement to our science curriculum. Our daughter loves it! We then go and try to duplicate the experiment. Our daughter has asked to watch more videos and try her hand at more experiments. We love the positive reaction from her!

We plan to continue using this resource as long as it is available. Hopefully that will be for many more years.”
JanM, Co-op Member
”This is great tool for the visual learner. We love science but I can't do a hands on experiment for each and every lesson - just not enough hours in the day. So I asked hubby whose first degree is in physics to go through The Happy Scientist to help me incorporate some visual aids for our Physics lesson plan. There are some great videos that do a good job with basic science for the budding scientist. Check out "Speed of Chocolate!" There are a lot of fun experiments on this site to help kids (and parents!) get excited about science. It was really a great value.”
Ada, Co-op Member
”My children LOVE the Happy Scientist. Both my science oriented daughter and my art oriented daughter enjoy watching the videos and doing the experiments. They really enjoy the bloopers he includes and I think they make him seem like just another man so my girls are comfortable trying, making mistakes, and trying again. We've been members at his site for a couple of years now and I plan to continue renewing our membership. In the elementary years the Happy Scientist provided an easy to include science program. As my girls are getting to junior high age we still go back and replay videos to supplement other studies. Well worth the money.”
Bobbi, Co-op Member
”Wow! I love this guy! We're new to The Happy Scientist, but I'm so glad we signed up! The videos are very informative and don't shy away from showing the interesting parts, sometimes more than once! Far from boring, they are filled with things that make you think further. Fabulous!”
Karen, Co-op Member
”Our girls love The Happy Scientist. He provides information in a casual, yet informative manner. The videos are short - 2 to 6 minutes - which is perfect for us. We can then do our own research on each subject. We have tried many of The Happy Scientist's experiments because it is easy to find the materials around the house. The girls especially love the "bloopers" at the end of each video. We can't wait for the next video!”
LAR, Co-op Member
”With our HSBC discount, I have to say this has been the top purchase we have made. The way he combines talking about a subject and showing the experiments -- very engaging. My non-science kids (11 and 14) love him. It's been hard to find science my children respond to at all. A real blessing.”
Julie Clemons, Co-op Member
”This is a fantastic website! The videos and lessons are fun and engaging. My daughter (4th grade) loves browsing videos for ideas! I use the lessons and experiments for our homeschool co-op classes too. Highly reccomend this website.”
C. Burling, Co-op Member
”Best money spent so far! My kids watch him every day ( by request.) He is like a virtual grandfather who patiently guides kids to discovery. I adore him! WORTH EVERY PENNY.”
Monica L, Co-op Member
”We love The Happy Scientist! My son and daughter would watch the videos all day if they could. They not only enjoy watching the programs, but are excited to do the experiements they see. They are learning so much about science. My son did not like science until we began using The Happy Scientist. Now, it's his favorite subject!”
Denise B., Co-op Member
”Robert Krampf is a fun laid back scientist that loves to show how science works. The kids and I enjoy watching his videos.”
D. Tan, Co-op Member
”We all love The Happy Scientist! My 2 year and her friends are transfixed by the videos as well. My son has MERLD so the videos really help in visualizing what we are learning. By offering short (usually 5 minutes or less)video clips, it holds his attention and the information is related in a fun, humor filled manner, by a sweet man that reminds them of Santa Claus with his white beard! He relates complex information in an easy to understand and fun approach. We will be renewing EVERY year!!! Thank you!!!”
K. Ohaechesi, Co-op Member
”This is a great program for the price. Sparks a lot of conversation. Great pictures. Curriculum is easy to use.”
Vogel, Co-op Member
”Both I and my child love our The Happy Scientist subscription! My young student just turned 8 years old and loves to watch the videos, including the outtakes. She thinks Robert Krampf can be funny but not stage funny like Bill Nye, whom we both also love. My daughter will watch the short videos over and over. Together we will view and discuss the picture of the day. I like that the videos can be sorted by general topics such as life science or earth science. I am eager to review the curriculum units he is currently putting together. These seem well organized and streamlined. If you use state standards, he has matched his videos with standards from several states. I don't usually pay for online subscriptions but will gladly renew this one. It is worth the money and time.”
R, Co-op Member
”We watch this at lunch time. My kids love the videos and the bloopers. Many of the experiments are things they can try later.”
Kate, Co-op Member
”We joined The Happy Scientist about 2 months ago and my 10 year old son loves it. I home school my son and he begs to go on this web site every day. So of course, this is part of our Science curriculum. We have tried a few of the experiments and it is very enjoyable. I would recommend this to any child. I will continue to subscribe to the site.”
Amy Higgins, Co-op Member
”This website comprises short video clips which succinctly tell you about the topic in hand. It is a great platform for my inquisitive 7 year old to jump from as it tells him enough to know about a topic to wet his appetite. I then take this learning forward and we discuss what was said in summary and decide if there is more to research.

We will continue to use this as a supplement to our learning. It is a great website and I think the information and content is of a good high standard.

I definitely recommend homeschoolers to purchase this as it is a superb website and, thankfully - affordable.”
Amanda Lear, Co-op Member
”My kids love The Happy Scientist. The videos really help to make concepts clearer and answer questions kids might have. Robert Krampf is really personable in his videos and it comes across in the way he addresses the subject at hand. The Happy Scientist has made learning Science even more fun.”
T. Smith, Co-op Member
”This is our first year to really incorporate science into our schedule other than books from the library. My two children (both 8) have really enjoyed the videos and experiments that we have seen. There is a lot of material to choose from giving us many options for study. Thank you HSBC for making this available.”
Rhoda S., Co-op Member
”My kids look forward to Tuesday afternoons when we gather around the computer to explore with the Happy Scientist. Often we look up subjects that support our science studies and then just look at videos and pictures that catch our fancy. Without prompting, my kids often try the experiments themselves and are thoroughly engaged in the process of scientific questioning and exploration. It also has worked well despite a poor internet connection which often prohibits us using many web-based products.”
Sarah E., Co-op Member
”We are loving our Happy Scientist subscription! I have three very science oriented boys ages 5,8 and 11 and they all love the site. They explore it even after our school day is over!

Many of the videos spark further research and investigation on our end. It's a wonderful resource and so much fun for all of us!

We will definitely renew when our subscription expires. We were so thrilled with Dr. Krampf and his fun science experiments, explanations and investigations that we alerted our local Homeschool groups to the deal on the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
Valerie M, Co-op Member
”My two daughters (8 and 11) love the Happy Scientists videos. We have all had the pleasure of laugh out loud entertainment while watching them. Though, what I appreciate most is having witnessed my children become better observers and more inquisitive about their world since engaging with the Happy Scientist. Thank you!”
Betley Family, Co-op Member
”We love this site! Robert Krampf is so fun to watch. He really enjoys what he does and that rubs off on the kids, making science a lot of fun!

I am telling all the homeschoolers I meet about this wonderful site!!!”
Lori MomOf9, Co-op Member
”This product is absolutely wonderful! My 8 year loves this! He spends literally hours watching the science experiments. The happy scientist covers so much material, there is something for everyone, I don't know how we will cover it all! He is the best science teacher ever, I wish I had him as a science teacher when I was a kid!”
Renee M., Co-op Member
”I can't even begin to let everyone know what a bargain this was. There are close to 200 videos on this site and they lasted my daughter all of about two weeks. She enjoyed them so much that every time she had a few minutes she was asking if she could go watch the Happy Scientist videos. However, she has already asked if she might start watching them again. These clips are short, easy to absorb and presented in a manner that will educate the youngest to the oldest; I even learned a number of things. I would definitely purchase again! Thanks!!”
D. Channer, Co-op Member
”My son and I love the Happy Scientist videos. His topics are interesting and well-thought out. The videos are relatively short, which is a bonus for us, but Mr. Krampf covers quite a bit in that short time. We use them as a supplement to our science curriculum and sometimes they are a launch pad for further investigation of a topic. If you have any nature lovers in your family, or would like to inspire an interest in the natural/scientific world, we highly recommend The Happy Scientist. P.S. My son really enjoys Mr. Krampf's sense of humor and enthusiasm.”
Barbara, Co-op Member
”What a great name for this product! Robert Krampf looks like he is having a blast. His curiousity about the world, energy and positivity are infectious! My daughter has always enjoyed Science but he brings it alive and fun! I enjoy it too!”
J. Mickey, Co-op Member
”Our family LOVES the Happy Scientist! His information works great for all ages. My 5-year old likes to watch his videos. My 13-year old gets stumped by his 'Photo of the Day'. He is energetic, without being too much. A great compliment to any Homeschool curriculum!”
Tara K., Co-op Member
”This is one of the best homeschool investments we made. My boys, along with myself & my husband love this site!! My boys ask daily to watch & do the experiments. The Happy Scientist is fostering a life long love of science in my three boys, ages 8, 10 & 13. I highly recommend adding this to your learning tools.”
Faith T., Co-op Member
”The Happy Scientist is fun and my daughter likes his experiments. They work! He doesn't just do a rehash of other experiments we have all seen. My daughter also likes the bloopers at the end of his movies. Highly recommended!”
Scott R., Co-op Member
”I recently purchased the Happy Scientist for my 12 yr old son. He loves it! He finds it amusing and always wants to try the experiments himself.”
Eleanor F, Co-op Member
”The Happy Scientist has been a wonderful supplement to our science curriculum.”
Tracy P., Co-op Member
”The Happy Scientist is aptly named. Kids, and adults for that matter, respond so much more positively to someone who is passionate about what they do. In his videos, Robert Krampf is so excited about what he is teaching that it could be anything and the kids would be interested. Mine love watching his videos because he is intriguing and due to that he is sparking their interest in science. They always watch to the end because they can't wait to see the "bloopers". Very clever!”
Stephanie Niles, Co-op Member
”With a new baby, I needed some science materials that my 9 year old could access herself, so we decided to try Happy Scientist. We have been thrilled. She is always eager to watch the videos and is able to do some of the experiments on her own. Sometimes she chooses experiments that I can help her with, as well. It is just perfect for us -- I can tell her to go do sone science, and she happily runs off to explore the site, delving deeply into whatever catches her interest.”
Janeen Nicholas, Co-op Member
”We have learned a lot watching the science videos. We watch one a day. My daughter wants to even try some of the expeiments that were done. We really enjoy the Happy-Scientist.”
Lynn, Co-op Member
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