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We've enjoyed exploring The Happy Scientist site, watching the videos and learning more about the natural world! My kids love the engaging explanations. Thank you!
J. Hale, Co-op Member
We LOVE!!!! the happy scientist in our household. His videos are so engaging and so detailed and fun. We always look fwd to learning from Robert Krampft experiments.

We wished his website would update the daily photos portion of the content. Would this be possible?

Thanks very much homeschool buyers co-op. You rock!
Remi J. Auxenfans, Co-op Member
My grandson really enjoys The Happy Scientist. He will review the experiments and he and I will talk about them and the relevance to our studies or life. It is a great site! I will continue to use this site for teaching.
Liz A, Co-op Member
My children are ages 10, 8, and 3. Everyone of us have thoroughly enjoyed The Happy Scientist!! We have spent hours watching his video clips and trying several of his experiments ourselves. One of my BEST purchases so far!! We recommend this website to all our friends and family!
Casey, Co-op Member
My boys, ages 13 and 8 both enjoy the Happy Scientist videos and pictures. They watch about 2 videos every day and enthusiastically tell the rest of us about the experiments and what they learned. My older son writes a summary of that days lessons in a notebook. Such a nominal price for the joy of learning.
Ms. Becca, Co-op Member
I have a little Scientist who loves this site!! My son is autistic and he can't read or write yet, but thrives when it comes to anything Science related. The experiments this site has to offer has been a great asset to his education and he looks forward to all the experiments of the week. Thank you Happy Scientist and Home School Buyers Co-op for bringing such a valuable learning site to our attention. I am a homeschool blogger and would have no problem recommending this site to my readers. We will continue to use this site!
Mommaof4Cutiez, Co-op Member
We love the Happy Scientist! We have learned so much and look forward to checking the website everyday.
Mrs. Palmer, Co-op Member
I am so glad that we took advantage of the subscription to the Happy Scientist. My son loves watching Robert Kramf. His experiments are fun & very informative. Definitely worth it!
Kimberly, Co-op Member
The Happy Scientist is aptly named. Kids, and adults for that matter, respond so much more positively to someone who is passionate about what they do. In his videos, Robert Krampf is so excited about what he is teaching that it could be anything and the kids would be interested. Mine love watching his videos because he is intriguing and due to that he is sparking their interest in science. They always watch to the end because they can't wait to see the "bloopers". Very clever!
Stephanie Niles, Co-op Member
My math-science loving son has enjoyed several years of watching Happy Scientist videos. Many videos include projects that help him take his learning further, usually without expensive purchases! Happy Scientist inspires my son to try things out, and to keep exploring!
Trish A., Co-op Member
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