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I love this website. In fact, after our first year subscription ran out my children asked me daily until I renewed. I love that I can let them explore while I make lunch and then can ask what they learned while we eat! It is a safe place they can explore.
Kori G., Co-op Member
We greatly enjoy the Happy Scientist and regularly integrate a relevant video into our homeschool science curriculum. He is always engaging and amusing. It is a very reasonable supplement to any science curriculum. We will continue to use it in coming year and I have mentioned it to friends.
A. Sally Davis, Co-op Member
The Happy Scientist has been a wonderful supplement to our science curriculum.
Tracy P., Co-op Member
This is a great site! I ran into it by accident the first time, when I was looking for a way to illustrate a science concept for my kids. When I saw it come up on the Buyers Co-op, I purchased full access for my boys. They love it!... especially my "science-child"! He has spent hours poring over the site. There is a lot to see... You can't beat the price... It was a very good investment!
J. Ledyaev, Co-op Member
We love the Happy Scientist and the fabulous experiments which can be done at home. We use this site regularly and recommend it to others.
M. Lincoln, Co-op Member
I purchased a 1-year subscription of The Happy Scientist to be used by my grandchildren when they come to visit. This is my first subscription. I was excited to see that he offered a special again this summer. I was disappointed when I had missed ordering last spring when I first saw it. This has been money well invested. My 10-year-old granddaughter has enjoyed the wide variety of experiments and science videos from his site.

The Happy Scientist presents his material in terms children should be able to understand and to learn. (He ev...(more)
Nancy Staley, Co-op Member
Both I and my child love our The Happy Scientist subscription! My young student just turned 8 years old and loves to watch the videos, including the outtakes. She thinks Robert Krampf can be funny but not stage funny like Bill Nye, whom we both also love. My daughter will watch the short videos over and over. Together we will view and discuss the picture of the day. I like that the videos can be sorted by general topics such as life science or earth science. I am eager to review the curriculum units he is currently putting together. These seem ...(more)
R, Co-op Member
Alex is 5 years old and says he loves the happy scientist! As his homeschooling father, the only battle is to maintain a child's natural curiosity of the world. Our children always do well under our care. Our challenge is to keep them curious!
Russell Person, Co-op Member
My 5 year old LOVES the Happy Scientist. His favorite experiment so far was making the edible candle. He jumped in there and started cutting the banana before I could even say, "What supplies do we need." (We learned that cashews burn as well as almonds do.) I haven't the foggiest how many of these videos he's watched. I just know how often I hear the little bleep indicating he's onto another bloopers section of yet another video.
Pam, Co-op Member
We LOVE the Happy Scientist!!! His videos are sooo engaging for our whole family. I have to admit I bought the subscription not just for my son but for me as well, I've been learning new things and have to pull myself away once I get started. My favorite thing is that his experiments don't require fancy equipment but you still learn a lot and it really gets you to use your brain. I can't imagine anyone not liking this and have to everyone about him. We use it every day and will be keeping up our subscription.
Jennifer Robin, Co-op Member
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