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We love The Happy Scientist! I home educate my two boys, ages 6 & 12, and they both love the site.

The videos are short, informational, and eady to understand. My 6 year old has learned a lot about science and will ask to see more. My boys really enjoy the out takes at the end of the videos which usually sends them into a laughing frenzy.

Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering this great program at such an affordable price!
Y Andujar, Co-op Member
My son loves The Happy Scientist, and so do I. The videos are short; the experiments intersting. We have done several of the experiments and the ones we do not have the material for are very well explained on the videos. We have learned a lot. The price is exceptional for the quality of the vidoes. I highly recommend them.
R Dyck, Co-op Member
I have no problem getting the whole family to watch the Happy Scientist.Robert Krampf makes learning fun. We love watching, and then doing his experiments. My husband is a doctor,and even he's impressed. It's a really great value, I highly recommend this program. - mom of four(ages 3-13)
Laura, Co-op Member
My son (8 years old) LOVES the Happy Scientist. We all enjoy him in our family. His videos are so interesting, informative, and many times funny. we always enjoy the "mess ups" - snatches of the filming where Robert "goofed up". These are not science lessons, but great lessons in the need to practice over and over again -- so important for a student to see that MUCH WORK goes into a short presentation! I highly recommend a subscription to the Happy Scientist.
Susan W, Co-op Member
The Happy Scientist is fun and my daughter likes his experiments. They work! He doesn't just do a rehash of other experiments we have all seen. My daughter also likes the bloopers at the end of his movies. Highly recommended!
Scott R., Co-op Member
This is the second year we've had a subscription to The Happy Scientist. My son, age 13, enjoys just visiting the site, watching videos, checking out the picture of the day. He designed some of his own nature study using ideas from this site, and my son usually doesn't volunteer to do anything. The site makes science more fun and accessible; it's one of the few academic activities that he does easily and even spends extra time on.
B. Allman, Co-op Member
I have two boys that I purchased the year subscription for ages 10 & 13. They love to watch the videos. When we sit down to watch they don't just watch one they keep going and then they want to discuss it afterwards and then they want to do the experiments at home. It is awesome and we will purchase again next year. Thank you for offering the Happy Scientist.
Heidi Duckro, Co-op Member
The videos are educational and fun.
Edda, Co-op Member
My kids have learned a lot by watching the happy scientist videos. It has inspired them to go outside to find backyard bugs in their habitats, rocks, etc. Also, the experiments are easy for them to try and recreate.
Edda, Co-op Member
My boys, ages 13 and 8 both enjoy the Happy Scientist videos and pictures. They watch about 2 videos every day and enthusiastically tell the rest of us about the experiments and what they learned. My older son writes a summary of that days lessons in a notebook. Such a nominal price for the joy of learning.
Ms. Becca, Co-op Member
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