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Our girls love The Happy Scientist. He provides information in a casual, yet informative manner. The videos are short - 2 to 6 minutes - which is perfect for us. We can then do our own research on each subject. We have tried many of The Happy Scientist's experiments because it is easy to find the materials around the house. The girls especially love the "bloopers" at the end of each video. We can't wait for the next video!
LAR, Co-op Member
My kids love it, they get inspired to go and do science experiments on their own. They love to watch the videos too! What a fun way to do science.
Jen, Co-op Member
My 10 year old son enjoys and learns so what more could we ask? I also love to see these small episodes of scientific explorations with such an amiable guide. It is superior to items for which we have paid much more. We told one other boy and he may get it.
Steven Shalom Greenberg, Co-op Member
I give Happy Scientist a thumbs up for price and for teaching opportunities. A added bonus, my son visits the site on his own without my prodding. Learning for school is important but learning because he wants to will keep us subscribed to this site.
Vicky F., Co-op Member
The Happy Scientist is a fabulous program. My children ask to watch the videos and they always learn something too. Robert Krampf, The Happy Scientist, makes his program easy to navigate. He offers a tab that leads directly to some of the State's standards; I find this to be a useful tool.
Jwright29, Co-op Member
We have really enjoyed the Happy Scientist as a science supplement. He explains things in a very simple way that is easy to understand. Many of the experiments are something you may want to go ahead and try yourself too! It was well worth the price we paid and we are very happy with our purchase.
Buffy, Co-op Member
This is a great program for the price. Sparks a lot of conversation. Great pictures. Curriculum is easy to use.
Vogel, Co-op Member
This is our first year to really incorporate science into our schedule other than books from the library. My two children (both 8) have really enjoyed the videos and experiments that we have seen. There is a lot of material to choose from giving us many options for study. Thank you HSBC for making this available.
Rhoda S., Co-op Member
We love the Happy Scientist! Robert Krampf is a very entertaining speaker and you can tell he really loves his subject. My children enjoy watching his videos and reading the articles. they always ask to watch more. My children range in age from 10-15, so The Happy Scientist appeals to a wide age group. I would never have found this site if not for the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Thank you!
Zipporah, Co-op Member
My children are ages 10, 8, and 3. Everyone of us have thoroughly enjoyed The Happy Scientist!! We have spent hours watching his video clips and trying several of his experiments ourselves. One of my BEST purchases so far!! We recommend this website to all our friends and family!
Casey, Co-op Member
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