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The Happy Scientist is fun, creative, and informative...even more than we had hoped! He is our "go to" guy on a rainy day when we spend more time at our computers. The first day we signed up we were telling our friends what we learned!
Ms. B, Co-op Member
My son and I enjoyed watching the Happy Scientist do many experiments. Some we tried ourself and some we just watched. He was very informative.
Debbie R, Co-op Member
We purchased the Happy Scientist subscription after watching a few videos at another family's house. My daughter LOVES the experiments and watching the videos is fun for her too! Mr Krampf is also very honest and does right by his subscribers. When he was in the process of moving recently and had difficulty uploading videos for a short time, he offered a free two month extension for all memberships to show his appreciation of his subscribers patience. We will definitely be renewing our subscription for years to come!
Emily Parker, Co-op Member
We have learned a lot watching the science videos. We watch one a day. My daughter wants to even try some of the expeiments that were done. We really enjoy the Happy-Scientist.
Lynn, Co-op Member
My kids love it, they get inspired to go and do science experiments on their own. They love to watch the videos too! What a fun way to do science.
Jen, Co-op Member
I like Happy Scientist. Our 11 year old and 5 year old watch it together a couple days a week. They are always engaged and look forward to their Science!
Rose, Co-op Member
We had watched several of The Happy Scientist's free videos online and wanted to subscribe but we've been counting every penny. So when I saw the great deal the Homeschool Buyers Co-op offered, I jumped on it! My 10-year-old son loves watching these videos and so do I. His videos are informative and fun. We watch one or more nearly every day!
Sarah R., Co-op Member
We got this product to supplement our science curriculum. We have enjoyed adding in video lessons and pictures to our curriculum. My 1st grader loves watching the experiments.
J Zimmerman, Co-op Member
The Happy Scientist has provided hours of fun science for my 3 boys. They are constantly telling me interesting stuff they have learned from the Happy Scientist. A wonderful learning tool that my kids love.
Emma M., Co-op Member
My kids really enjoy the Happy Scientist. The only thing I would change is that I view science from a creationist standpoint and The Happy Scientist does not. I have to explain to my kids. Otherwise we love it.
Cara, Co-op Member
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