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My grandson really enjoys The Happy Scientist. He will review the experiments and he and I will talk about them and the relevance to our studies or life. It is a great site! I will continue to use this site for teaching.
Liz A, Co-op Member
My 9 year old daughter and I love The Happy Scientist. The videos are very engaging and always add a touch of wonder to science. A lot of them are able to be repeated easily at home for consolidation and help the child start to think and question curiously and scientifically. I recommend it as a supplement to any science curriculum or just for fun. Check out some of the bloopers as well!
Karen, Co-op Member
My kids love The Happy Scientist web site. I would get a subscription even if it wasn't discounted. There is so much good information on the site, and I'm happy to support the work.
Christy A., Co-op Member
We love the Happy Scientist! There are so many videos on such a wide variety of topics, and Robert Krampf makes the concepts easy to understand. He also has a great sense of humor. My kids think he is awesome. The outtakes at the end of the videos have been known to send them into fits of giggles. Great resource!
Renee, Co-op Member
We love The Happy Scientist! My kids ask to watch him all the time. He seems so nice, and his experiments are so much fun. We always look for funny out-takes after each segment then my kids are off and running looking for supplies to replicate what they just watched. No buyers' remorse here. Love this website!
Missy in Alabama, Co-op Member
The videos are great: short, fun and packed with great info and ideas to try. My 6yo and I really enjoy them
nancy, Co-op Member
My children are ages 10, 8, and 3. Everyone of us have thoroughly enjoyed The Happy Scientist!! We have spent hours watching his video clips and trying several of his experiments ourselves. One of my BEST purchases so far!! We recommend this website to all our friends and family!
Casey, Co-op Member
Our family loves watching "The Happy Scientist" videos. They are informative, very interesting and always fun. He totally captivates our attention and we are learning a lot. The bloopers are always a humorous highlight. We find ourselves looking forward to this part of the week. Affordable and definitely worth the investment of time and money.
Brenda, Co-op Member
Our family LOVES the Happy Scientist! His information works great for all ages. My 5-year old likes to watch his videos. My 13-year old gets stumped by his 'Photo of the Day'. He is energetic, without being too much. A great compliment to any Homeschool curriculum!
Tara K., Co-op Member
The Happy Scientist is fun, creative, and informative...even more than we had hoped! He is our "go to" guy on a rainy day when we spend more time at our computers. The first day we signed up we were telling our friends what we learned!
Ms. B, Co-op Member
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