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Homeschool Buyers Co-op BBB Business Review

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The Co-op appreciates your supportive comments. If the Co-op has been of service to you in helping you find and purchase home school curriculum and you would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”We have been overjoyed to find Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We have been home educating our children for several years. With only three students, we didn't qualify for discounts that were offered to groups. This Co-op makes it possible to get in on amazing discounts for products that are worth buying. It is a blessing to our family. It's free to join, they are able to offer amazing discounts, and members receive points for making a purchase. The monthly selections can't be beat. In over 10 years of homeschooling, this is absolutely the very best platform we have ever been able to find.”
Paul and Tammy, Co-op Member
”The Co-op has the best prices and great customer service. I will order from them again. Thanks!”
Lannie, Co-op Member
”Prices are amazing! Information is plentiful. Seamless transactions and very easy to navigate.”
Mom of 4, Co-op Member
”This Co-op has been a game changer for our homeschool. Where I might have otherwise had to pick and choose which curriculum to try this year and wait until another year if that one didn't work for us, I was able to afford to purchase the materials I needed when I needed them as determined by the needs of our children. Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op!!”
K Hollis, Co-op Member
”How could I have lived without this service for so long! Thank you Co-op for making learning accessible to all through your organization, discounts, access to quality materials, and good customer service!”
Quality mom, Co-op Member
”We love the Co-op! Thanks to huge discounts and limited trials, we have found many useful tools to use in our homeschool. We will continue to be a part of Homeschool Buyers Co-op from now on! Thanks!”
S.Allen, Co-op Member
”I first learned about this when a friend shared an article about Tim Tebow's partnership with you. I have found some great programs for my kids at good prices (especially if I catch a sale). The one time I had an issue with a purchase it was addressed and resolved very quickly. I would absolutely recommend Homeschool Buyers Co-op to others!”
C. Bernard, Co-op Member
”Thank you HBSC!! I am so thankful for how you help me provide excellent curricula to my children and save me lots of money at the same time!”
Christine, Co-op Member
”Thanks guys for everything yall do to help homeschooled families. It is very much appreciated.”
Amanda kelly, Co-op Member
”This is my favorite homeschool curriculum shop. They really do offer the lowest prices, all the time (believe me, I've checked). It's been a huge time saver as far as price comparison goes, and because they notify me about sales, I never miss out on the best deal possible. I've also stumbled across fun and engaging electives that I wouldn't have even thought of if it weren't for the sale emails I receive. Definitely recommend joining; you will love the time saved on price comparisons and watching for sales from multiple companies.”
Heather L., Co-op Member
”I consider the Co-op an essential part of our homeschool. It introduces me to curriculum I wouldn't find otherwise and offers it at great prices!”
Mary A., Co-op Member
”I've been homeschooling for over 20 years and discovered the Homeschool Buyer's co-op fairly early on in the journey. Since then, the Co-op has been a regular source of curriculum and inspiration for our homeschooling. I've gotten some amazing deals along the way and learned about many, many fantastic products for the first time from the Co-op. Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op for going on this homeschooling journey with us - 21 years down, only about 8 more to go!”
Mary, Co-op Member
”Great and the kindest staff in the world. They never get upset or make customers disappointed. Thank you a lot for all your effort!”
Jinny J., Co-op Member
”My family and I truly appreciate everything you all do. Keeping prices so low the way you guys do is a true blessing, especially to a family like mine, living paycheck to paycheck. Homeschooling isn't cheap and every single penny counts, and you all make sure it counts to you. too. Thank you so VERY much for all your amazing hard work and making it easier on families like mine. This family Truly Appreciates it!!”
Catie Harlin, Co-op Member
”We have enjoyed being a member and the discounts we have received. The discounts were especially helpful.”
Bethany, Co-op Member
”Thank you for great deals! Without this Co-op, buying the math curriculum my family needed would have been next to impossible!”
Arin, Co-op Member
”Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for leveling the academic field with the variety of products that we can choose from. It has truly been a wonderful blessing to be able to come to one place and have an enormous amount of resources to choose from. Finding and being a member of the Co-op is like finding a precious gem. I have told other parents about the Co-op because it is so exciting to see how my kids have used the products and have been successful. Joining the Co-op saves me time and money for the quality products that are offered. I have been very happy to see my kids grow and they are able to get a very good education. Thank you and please continue to negotiate the best prices for our homeschoolers. We appreciate your efforts.”
Diana, Co-op Member
”What a great resource for homeschooling families! I can't believe it took me so long to find it, and I've been raving about it to my homeschooling friends. Not only has this site saved my family money, it's introduced us to new curriculum we have now tried and enjoyed!”
Catherine, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyer's Co-op is a great resource. Through them I've discovered curricula and services for which I'd been searching. They are often able to negotiate significant discounts. They are also receptive to suggestions. Many years ago, I ask them about an online program I wanted to use, and they responded positively. Fairly quickly, they managed to negotiate a great discount with that provider and offer it to their members.”
Alice N., Co-op Member
”I appreciate having this resource to turn to when looking for material to use in our homeschooling journey. Homeschooling can be very challenging, even scary, to a parent. I have always used your website to learn from, which has helped me to do a better job. All of the information and resources have been invaluable. The ID cards have been great! Thank you for being there!”
Erica, Co-op Member
”Had great experience and value using Homeshool Buyers Co-op for my kids in middle school and now in high school. Excellent courses and great value getting them at Homeshool Buyers Co-op.”
Siva Budaraju, Co-op Member
”Our family has used the Co-op for several years. We've made many purchases through it and have been very happy with each one. Courses or companies we've asked about have been added, so we know they try to listen to the members. We recommend the Co-op to every homeschool family we know and have recommended them as a resource to teachers we know as well. We check out what's offered regularly as we've found some favorite materials because of the Co-op offering them on the site. Thanks for all you do to benefit the members.”
Lauri S, Co-op Member
”I cannot believe the savings I've made on using this site for my curriculums! I've been exposed to all kinds of interesting and helpful curriculums. The member reviews make decision making easier. It's the first place I look if I'm in search of curriculum for my kids. And it's free to use! I can't ask for more.”
Karen R, Co-op Member
”It's a nice platform for homeschooling families, as I find a nice comparison of curricula in different subjects and extra activities with discounts. Thank you for providing this resource which makes my homeschooling journey easy.”
v.thumar, Co-op Member
”I really like the product options within the Co-op, the free list of field trip destinations is well thought out, and the variety of good deals are worth participating in the Co-op.”
J Exil, Co-op Member
”I love this Co-op!!! I have saved so much money purchasing curriculum here. We started homeschooling only 6 years ago and when I found this, I was thrilled. I have told so many of my homeschool friends about y'all. Thank you for providing great products. We have purchased History, Computers, IXL,, Wordly Wise, Dave Ramsey's HS Finance, and so much more.”
R. Manke, Co-op Member
”I have truly enjoyed being a member of the Co-op. Not only have I found discounts on the items of interest but it has introduced me to other things I never would have known about. I love that I can easily make IDs for my kids and myself.
I recommend the Co-op to EVERY homeschooler out there.”
Krista, Co-op Member
”Seems like every year I find something new at an awesome price to try out, something that more often than not totally enhances our homeschool experience! I am grateful for the opportunities presented here that I probably could not afford if I paid a single buyer's retail price.”
L. Floyd, Co-op Member
”My homeschooling world opened up when I was referred to Homeschoool Buyers Co-op. Before, I had to look in catalogs, or each curriculum's website or a store. With HSBC, I can compare products and find ones that I have never heard about. The reviews from others help guide my decisions. The discounts from the group buying power help our budget. Recently, I trialed some online programs to see how the children would do. It gave me the full knowledge I needed to pick the right program and not waste money. The children are excelling with the new programs. They are asking to play DreamBox which is helping their math be fun and helping them learn to apply it in different ways. Our Monarch trial is working well and letting our eldest be more independent. It has also taken the "mom as teacher" struggle away by teaching her and grading most lessons automatically. I just monitor and support. This year is going to be more smooth! Thank you HSBC. I tell many about you--homeschoolers, special needs and even parents who choose public school for the extra learning support.”
Mrs. N.K., Co-op Member
”This has been an excellent source for buying homeschool materials at a discount! Love it and highly recommend it.”
FB, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a great resource. My daughter loves myON and when it became unavailable at her school, we had the chance to continue at Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I am so grateful. I'm really glad we joined. I have told teachers at my daughter's school to use it as a resource, too. It's really worth it.”
Cathy, Co-op Member
”You have been a budget lifesaver. It has been wonderful to have SO many bargain opportunities sent to us in one, well-organized e-mail. LOVE the 'what's new, what's leaving, what's going away FOREVER and what's coming soon" reminders. If I miss a deal, it is my own doing as this site is ALWAYS on top of the need to know regarding information and deals.”
CD, Co-op Member
”We are grateful to Homeschoolbuyersco-op for not only negotiating awesome prices but for introducing curriculums we otherwise would not have known about to try. It is the only site we consistently return to for perusing and purchases. Thank you so much for helping our homeschooling journey!”
Julie J, Co-op Member
”As a homeschool mom for ten years, I didn't learn about this Co-op until five years ago. As a family on one income, as many homeschooling families are, it was important to find realistic ways to make our desired curriculum affordable. Homeschool Buyer's Co-op was one of the few ways we found to do that. It has made a huge difference in our successfully acquiring the quality education we have sought for our children! I am so thankful for this Co-op, whose "owners" take great pains in bringing to us the best deals that are available on a wide variety of curriculum! I am in the habit of recommending this Co-op to new and existing homeschooling families because of the quality of their services.”
C Martinez, Co-op Member
”I am glad Homeschool-Buyers Co-op makes some programs accessible for homeschoolers. Customer service is very responsive and solves all the problems when they arise. Co-op was especially helpful when we had to pay for all the materials out of pocket.”
Desertbella, Co-op Member
”Thanks for what you do to make curriculum more affordable to homeschoolers. I have been very pleased with all of my purchases (and freebies).”
Nicole, Co-op Member
”Homeschooling is a miracle! I loved visiting the website--great things at a great discount!!!!!”
Danielle H., Co-op Member
”The Co-op provides a great place to check out resources for homeschooling parents (as well as offering great discount opportunities). I am so glad that this site exists!

As I transition back to homeschooling next year, I will be spending lots of time seeing what great options are out there.”
A. Lawlor, Co-op Member
”I'm so thankful for Homeschool Buyers Co-op! They've helped me save quite a bit of money over the years! They have always been quick to reply to any questions I have. It's always best to come here before purchasing anything anywhere else!”
Jennifer Shackelford, Co-op Member
”We have purchased several deals through the Co-op! This is such a fantastic way for homeschoolers to come together in an effort to further our children's education in an affordable fashion. Thank you so much!!”
Sarah S., Co-op Member
”I started homeschooling my 7-year-old dyslexic son this year. A friend told me about the Co-op and it is seriously amazing! Some products I wouldn't even be able to access if it wasn't for the Co-op, and the discounts are great. Hands down I think they have the best customer service I have ever dealt with in my life. They are always responsive, even late night or weekends when I'm not expecting a response. They contact the vendors right away and I always receive help and a quick response from the vendor when the Co-op reaches out to them. The Co-op is a gem and can't imagine homeschooling without them. Thanks!”
Amy, Co-op Member
”We are able to purchase the best products for my son through the Co-op! Thank you!”
B.B., Co-op Member
”I love using the Co-op for homeschool resources. It has been very beneficial to us in creating just the right schooling for my children. Thank you so much for all the offerings and trial subscriptions.”
Lynette Peterson, Co-op Member
”We have appreciated the purchasing power of the group buys. Many excellent resources.”
Wendy W, Co-op Member
”A reliable group. Staff has taken care of a few things on several occasions over the years. Always good service you can count on. Highly recommended. My go-to source for educating my children. Yea!”
Satisfied Parent, Co-op Member
”I appreciate the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op very much! This site helped me in a major way this year in choosing curriculum and being able to purchase at a discount. So, I'm thankful for the service they provide.”
Francie L., Co-op Member
”This is an awesome site! There was a program I really wanted to purchase, but it was far too expensive for my family. But the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op happened to be sharing this program at a greatly reduced rate, and I was able to buy it after all. I contacted HBC once with a question, and they responded before the end of the day. I truly appreciate belonging to this group! It is absolutely worth joining!”
S.B., Co-op Member
”Homeschooling can be tough. Homeschool Buyers Co-op allows parents access to a multitude of curricula, both free and deeply discounted. It makes sampling and finding a fit for your homeschool style much easier. Thank you!”
J. Obu, Co-op Member
”I've only ordered a few things via the co-op but of what I've ordered I've been pleased with the deals I have received through the HBC. All transactions were smooth. I even needed to contact the seller with an issue and it was resolved easily.”
jelly, Co-op Member
”We love the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! Many of our all time favorite curriculum became available to us because of the discounts the Co-op offers. Thank you!”
Trina M., Co-op Member
”I have loved Homeschool Buyer's Co-op. It's a wonderful site for new homeschool parents and for veteran homeschoolers such as myself. I have told every new parent overwhelmed by the process, not to worry, just go to this site!”
Valerie Cross, Co-op Member
”The Co-op has been very helpful in the search for curriculum. Home schooling can be time consuming and very frustrating when the curriculum doesn't "fit", and it is so nice to be able to buy at a discount and decrease the investment. It has allowed me to adjust curriculum much more quickly. Highly recommended.”
M Labedis, Co-op Member
”Thank you for this valuable service. I could not have afforded the program I was able to buy through you at a discount. Thank you, thank you!”
Julie, Co-op Member
”Of all the great finds, Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the best one. Because of your hard work and efforts to get the best deals for us homeschoolers, we have been able to get these amazing programs for our children. I have been impressed and continue to be so with the quick turnaround when I've had questions - your staff is great! Please keep up your great work. Our homeschooling is better for your help. Thank you!”
Barbara Padolina, Co-op Member
”We've really appreciated the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! It's the first place I go to read about curriculum options, and it's where I look if I'm ready to purchase something. We've gotten some very good deals here, and I send other homeschoolers here all the time!”
Amy P., Co-op Member
”The Co-op is amazing!”
Anita Hancock, Co-op Member
”I did not learn about the Co-op until we had already been homeschooling for several years and had most of our materials. Even so, I have greatly benefited from the savings on my occasional purchases.
I am very impressed with the range of your offerings and the size of the discounts available. I also appreciate the easy-to-use website and the clear, detailed instructions.
Thanks for your work!”
Anne-Marie Gorman, Co-op Member
”We have been homeschooling for several years and relied on the Co-op for great prices for products that can sometimes be pricey. As a former school teacher, it's great that I can have access to many of the same products that were available through the school district. We will continue to use the Co-op and always recommend it to homeschooling parents.”
Alvin C., Co-op Member
”I am so thankful for the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op! Without them I would be unable to purchase quality educational programs. Because of my membership, I am able to purchase quality materials and programs for my homeschooled grandchildren at a reduced price. THANK YOU HOMESCHOOL-BUYERS-CO-OP!”
S.Bryant, Co-op Member
”I am so GRATEFUL for Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op! I have been a member for years and I tell everyone about it. Thank you so much for the difference you have made in our schooling years. You all are AMAZING!!!”
Sophia M, Co-op Member
”Love this site. It is hard to purchase homeschool materials when you know nothing of the product or the company putting it out. HBCoop gives loads of info on the most popular curriculum that other parents are using. Makes research a lot easier, and I have never been led astray.”
A. Hall, Co-op Member
”It was so nice to join the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and have the ability to get my child a student ID for a fraction of the price in previous years. It's so exciting to have so many resources right at our fingertips. I have already encouraged a few mothers to join to enjoy and experience the amazing benefits this wonderful co-op offers for its members.”
Briann K., Co-op Member
”The co-op has been a great resource for our family! I can look at reviews from other families, try out programs & virtual field trips, and save a lot of money along the way. We've enjoyed quite a few free summer programs too. Thanks Co-op!”
DH, Co-op Member
”So thankful that this Co-op exists for homeschoolers to be able to get some of the same bulk ordering benefits that the brick and mortar schools do. Thank you for putting the time in to hunt down the discounts and to share them with all of us! Thank you, as well, to all the suppliers that are willing to work with the Co-op to give those discounts.”
B.B., Co-op Member
”What can I say, gift to the homeschool community, a complete blessing, total God send!! Yep, that's about right!!!!”
L. Clark, Co-op Member
”I've been buying curriculum through Homeschool Buyers Co-op for years. I always come here before purchasing any online curriculum to see if I can get a discount. When I recommend curriculum to others, it is usually something I've found through HSBC and I make sure to tell them if it currently available through HSBC.”
Janet K., Co-op Member
”This is a great resource for all homeschooling families! The deals, and the easy access to families' favorite resources, are really helpful.”
Fatima, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Buyers Co-op! I appreciate that they research programs and curriculum so I don't have to. I can look at what they offer to decide what would work well for my children. I like the option for nonacademic courses.”
Sarah S., Co-op Member
”I'm so glad I found you guys!! Being new to homeschooling is scary in its self, so when I stumbled upon you guys it was a blessing. I had some troubles placing an order due to technical issues but the response rate was fast and very helpful! Thanks again for this site and all y'all do to make homeschooling a little more easier!”
S. Jackson, Co-op Member
”Every time I use this co-op I am amazed at the deals! It truly is a blessing to our family!”
Beth S., Co-op Member
”I am so glad I found the Homeschool Buyers Co-op 4 years ago! I absolutely love it. Being able to get our favorite curriculum at such a discount has saved us a ton of money, and that's super important when you're homeschooling on 1 income. ;)”
Lisa J., Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for working hard to help save us money. It is really appreciated.”
D. Dobson, Co-op Member
”This was the best resource I found when I started homeschooling almost 3 years ago. They get great deals on excellent products that you'll actually use. There are also many other benefits, such as the free ID card that gets you teacher discounts at many stores. I think joining Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a must for any homeschooler!”
Amy B, Co-op Member
”Homeschool buyers co-op has really been a plus to our homeschool. With collective buying we have been able to purchase curriculum we might otherwise not have been able to afford.”
Mary Williams, Co-op Member
”Love the discounts offered by the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. It makes purchasing curriculum a snap.”
Wendy K, Co-op Member
”Thank you Homeschool buyers coop! Your company allows me to buy great educational products for my kids at extremely affordable prices. The transactions are always easy and purchases I've made have been amazing. Thanks!”
Teial S, Co-op Member
”The Co-op has been an awesome resource. Sometimes I forget to check before buying, then I smack myself. Quite often, there is a discount on many of our homeschool needs. The homeschool ID feature is a mighty handy too. I can create ID's myself on our computer, but it is so much easier to have it done for me. I recently used Homeschool Buyers Coop for a larger purchase and the discount coupon saved me a good bit of money I can use towards other homeschool needs. I am thankful.”
Eleanor M., Co-op Member
”I love the Co-Op and I appreciate all of the hard work that they do to negotiate the very best deals for all of the homeschooling families. I also appreciate that they work with charter schools to be able to provide services to those families that are using charter funds. Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-Op!!”
Kelly D., Co-op Member
”I am so grateful for the co-op. Because of the co-op, I've been able to purchase things for my children that I wouldn't have been able to fit in my budget otherwise.”
Rhonda S, Co-op Member
”Really excited to have the Progeny Press literature guides offered by the Co-op at such a great price. Especially the bundles which are affordable and allow flexibility when needed for kids of various ages. Very happy customer!”
Robyn T., Co-op Member
”I love the Co-op! They have a huge variety of programs and curriculums to choose from and always at a great price! I always check here first before I buy anything for my homeschool. Thanks for providing this amazing service!”
Samantha P., Co-op Member
”I love how the co-op has different sales all the time! I have come to know different learning tools and found some goodies that I was drooling over for a while on sale here. Thank you!”
Caralee A., Co-op Member
”We love Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op. They offer great pricing and we find products here that we did not know about, that have been very helpful. We are thankful to have this resource available to us.”
MomOf5, Co-op Member
”Using the co-op has been a blessing. Its a great resource and money saver. We just started homeschooling a year ago and have a middle school student. The co-op has helped me narrow down curriculum and purchase what I wanted at lower prices.”
Karen, Co-op Member
The freebies are amazing! The deep discounts to a variety of products and services are second to none! The co-op even works with my daughter's charter school so that the school is paying for all the products and services I have purchased!
The SmartPoints are a great incentive to buy from the co-op, I hope the SmartPoints vendor hall continues to grow and expand.
The homeschool planet planner is awesome as well as the corresponding pre-made product and services lesson plans, I hope these continue to increase as well...”
Michaela O., Co-op Member
”Being a member of the Homeschool Buyers Co-op has definitely saved us money on programs that we were going to buy. There's no risk to join, only money to be saved.”
Angela N., Co-op Member
”I love the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I have used it to save a lot of money purchasing curriculum and supplemental materials for our son. The savings is phenomenal. They always provide a comprehensive overview of what I am purchasing and I have never been disappointed. I have used SmartPoints I have earned to get free products, BONUS! I have also earned points and cash as an affiliate telling others about this awesome resource. I only tell others about the products I have used and believe are beneficial. However, I never hesitate to pass on the news about this wonderful web-site.”
Phyllis Lowder, Co-op Member
”Love Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op. Making it easier to find great deals and information for our home school needs. Thank you.”
S. Grant, Co-op Member
”Anyone that homeschools should know about this group! I didn't know about it till later and it is most definitely a great help! I wish I had this co-op in my corner when I started but at least I have it now!”
Kristen M, Co-op Member
”I am so grateful for the discount I was able to utilize thru the Co-op. They offered a discount for more then half off the regular price and I was able to purchase a program for my special needs child that he is responsive to, after trying many other resources that did not yield as many positive results. My son dreaded activities for learning to read. Thru the co-op I was able to afford trying one more resource, that I otherwise would have been unable to purchase in good conscience. And now he responds with enthusiasm to our new program! I felt at wit's end and without the discount thru the co-op, I imagine I'd still feel there. We will continue to subscribe to this online reading program, as long as a discount is offered and I will be sharing this information with others.”
Shannon S, Co-op Member
”The Co-op has saved me many dollars throughout the years! I have been able to purchase programs that I wouldn't have been able to, as well as learning about programs I hadn't heard of before. The smartpoints are a great bonus! It is a great part of out homeschool toolbox.”
Eva S., Co-op Member
”Great place for learning resources and through the co-op also having deep discounts helps.
Already spreading the word to my friends and happy to contribute if I can make this grow.”
Traian, Co-op Member
”Every since I found my way to the Co-op the way I teach has changed. I can now use all the varied programs to help me teach better. My homeschooling has improved leaps and bounds because the Co-op works to bring very expensive programs to the home. As an individual, I know have access to many national and international programs that were only offered to school districts. The negotiations that make this possible are priceless. I began homeschooling in 2014 with my first grader. He has been assessed several times since then and recently scored a 7.9 on the Stanford assessment. My son has excelled and is now 10 in the 6th grade. We will always be members of the Co-op.”
Petra & Peter, Co-op Member
”I have made several purchases through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Every purchase has arrived as stated and is as stated. We love the great deals that we are able to obtain. Homeschool Buyers Co-op allows us to buy curriculum for our family that we would not be able to afford on our own. Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for providing great service at a great price!”
Nicole W., Co-op Member
”I ADORE the Co-Op! It has been my main resource for supplying our homeschool with curriculum. It has truly been a lifesaver, since we are on a strict budget! They have so many great options, at incredible pricing!”
Kelly D., Co-op Member
”The Saxon Algebra 1 CD has been one of the best purchases we've made in any course. The savings was of great help, as homeschooling can get expensive. The recommendation from "Cathy's Reviews" helped us decide to try it and we are so pleased that we did. Thank you Homeschool-Buyers Co-Op for your dependable and quick service!”
Mona Hook, Co-op Member
”It is great seeing all of the great deals we can get through the Co-op!”
Stephanie S, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for all the great discounts you offer. It makes home educating more affordable!
It also lets us know of different curriculum options available. Thanks!”
Joanne W., Co-op Member
”Home school buyers coop, you guys are doing an amazing job thank you for giving us all this wonderful programs and allow us to save money. Keep up the good work”
Gill Hernandez, Co-op Member
”I cannot thank the Buyers Coop enough. As areas of interest beyond high school are developing, the Buyers Coop has become my go to for programs where exceptional learning can be accomplished.
I am pleased with the amount and variety of subjects and applications are available.
Thank you sooo much. You have made it fun and affordable to give our children the best in education.”
B. Meyer, Co-op Member
”Praise God for this group which enables me to save a lot of time by getting me great deals on lots of curriculums. The site is so thorough it allows me to really get full research to make great decisions.”
Stacy pasquarella, Co-op Member
”So appreciative of your work to make it possible for us to get good products at affordable prices. Couldn't do it without you!”
Mary R, Co-op Member
”Thank you for what you do!! It's overwhelming - all the materials out and available, you put them in a nice, neat organized system. Thank you for your knowledge!!”
Delaina, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a great resource! They have wonderful customer service if you have any issues and I am so happy that we found them. Thank you Homebuyers Co-op for all that you do!”
Shelley, Co-op Member
”I've only purchased one product through the co-op, and I don't remember how I even heard about it, but we are so happy with our find! The 50% off price tag made the difference between being able to do this, and having to pass on it or only cover a couple of my kids. I was able to connect my sister with the offer too! I love the great discounts!!!”
Rebecca R., Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-op has been a great help to me homeschooling my son and having access to things I wouldn't normally have access to otherwise. I found out about it because it was the only place I could order Wordly Wise Online (and at a discount)! Since then, I've learned of many other products and discounts and love the help this co-op has provided in helping my son achieve his best. Thank you!”
mo, Co-op Member
”What a wonderful service you all provide! I can honestly say after going to multiple home schooling conferences that I get more out of this co-op - both information and financial benefits. Thank you for your hard work and seeding into this next generation. Our kids now love school and are getting so much more our of the variety of curriculum we now have thanks to this co-op.”
Susan Foraker, Co-op Member
”I'm so glad I found the Homeschool Buyers Co-op when I first decided to homeschool. It has been a wonderful resource for great deals. I love the free ID which has also helped garner some deals around town.”
Amy B, Co-op Member
”Your co-op is wonderful. Thank you for your hard work and attentiveness for us homeschoolers. It's much appreciated!! Blessings.”
Dolly M., Co-op Member
”Thanks for finding great products and helping us save!”
Michele S., Co-op Member
”After several years with the co-op I can give it a resounding Well Done. They are responsive to problems, offer a good service and good customer service. Sometimes it seems slow until I go back and read the information again,only to see that I was told that it would be up front (when I placed my order).”
Kelly M., Co-op Member
”I'm so happy to have found this co-op. I love getting all of these great offers and being able to test out products before buying. What a great resource for homeschoolers.”
Lori Anne Lanigan, Co-op Member
”If it weren't for the significant discounts available through Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op, I would not have tried several curricula that we're currently now enjoying. I'm so thankful!”
Beth M., Co-op Member
”I am very glad that this Co-op exists! You are providing a much needed service to the homeschooling community. I have to say that my experiences with customer service and your follow up service after the sale have been excellent. I was able to make two large purchases for our homeschool at discounted prices that I would not have otherwise been able to afford without the Co-op discounts being offered. The two classes that I ordered have been essential tools that we have used everyday since to improve our homeschool quality and to save my sanity. I have been able to easily incorporate the new computer-based curricula into our day and am using it as a rotation with my kids. They are working at their own pace and doing very well. I want to sincerely say Thank you to the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op for the service you are providing!”
G.M., Co-op Member
”This is my second year purchasing through the co-op. I greatly appreciate the deals they can get on the very same programs that I am looking for. It also is encouraging to purchase through a homeschooling group, since we are homeschoolers.”
M4Ever, Co-op Member
”I love being a member because I get to learn about different programs and get the best deals!”
Ms. Swan, Co-op Member
”This has been a great resource for my homeschool. I was able to try a free trial and found it was what I wanted to add to our curriculum. Without hesitation, I was then able to purchase at a discounted price. Can't beat that!”
Michelle D, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op is a fantastic service and blessing to our family. The economy of scale kicks in and benefits us greatly as we can get deep discounts as individuals participating in a group purchase.

I try to make Homeschool Buyers Co-op FIRST stop before making any homeschool related purchase and frequently find a discount not available anywhere else. Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op for your hard work in helping our family find fantastic resources at the best price.”
Laura H., Co-op Member
”This co-op has been one of the greatest finds! We found it when trying to find a more affordable way to buy the Brave Writer curriculum, but have since found other wonderful teaching aides at a bargain price. I check in often to see the latest deals.”
Karen, Co-op Member
”I am very impressed with all that the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op is doing. They are a great help to the homeschooling community. And hope they will continue to offer these services for us to enjoy! Blessings!!”
Michele D., Co-op Member
”The Co-op is the best homeschool family out there. I feel so comfortable with their choice of materials and programs. If the Co-op endorses a book or program, I can trust their judgment. We are living in times where deception is commom, and the Co-op is trustworthy and honest!”
Monica H., Co-op Member
”Your customer service was simple to use and prompt with a response. I only wish all companies were so wonderful to deal with. You've made me a loyal customer.”
S. Johnson, Co-op Member
”We really love the Homeschool Buyers Co op. It's helped us find some great tools and resources. The price reductions are worth it as we wouldn't consider some of these products without it. Also, the staff really goes out of their way to help you.”
McGinnis, Co-op Member
”Thank you very much,your abundant material has really given lot of opportunities significant to my kid!!!”
Bailey Xi, Co-op Member
”The Co-op has been a wonderful resource for our family of homeschoolers! Frankly I don't know how we would have managed without it. The discounts are amazing and just having a single point where I can find resources for subjects and reviews is pure gold! Prior to joining I felt like I wasted time trying to find excellent material. I am so glad your resource is available. You have definitely made homeschooling easier . Thank you so much!!”
Jacky Parrales, Co-op Member
”The site has so much information about various curriculum. Its a great help for people who homeschool or look for some help to supplement the child's study. It also publishes offers from various publishing houses which helps me save a lot.”
Sayama, Co-op Member
”As a new mom to Homeschooling, I am so glad I found the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! Great deals, information, and support. The Co-op is always procuring great deals on curriculum and administrative items that are so highly prized, but often not affordable for a lot of families. I highly recommend this for anyone, new or experienced, who is homeschooling their children!”
Sheila Y., Co-op Member
”This is the most awesome Co-op! They are always offering ideas and providing opporunities to families that have no support from their state. I love the Co-op because they understand quality, and the importance of raising children in a healthy learning environment. I look forward to the summer, because the Homeschool Co-op always has goodies for their Co-op members!

Monica Hernandez, Co-op Member
”Great purchase experience.”
Y Zhu, Co-op Member
”Thank you for providing access to such a wide array of quality educational resources. You've made products affordable that were previously far out of our budget. Bless your work!!”
J. Vickers, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for all the ideas, materials, products and help that you give homeschoolers. My homeschooler really enjoys the homeschooling experience and your awards, programs and materials make it a meaningful experience for both her and her teacher.”
Anne W., Co-op Member
”I'm so happy I signed up! Some of my best homeschool finds have been through this site.”
M. Knight, Co-op Member
”After deciding to homeschool my children I began a year long process to find the best material and curriculum for them. The co-op more than abundantly served this purpose. Not only do they offer exceptional products, the descriptions are detailed and accurate. When asked how I plan to teach my children I let others know that without the many resources the co- op offers and the affordability of the curriculum I would probably feel I couldn't do it and resort to sending them to public school.”
Cheryl Tate, Co-op Member
”If you're not a member of the Co-op, you are missing out! Most of what I buy is because it is at the Co-op, thus is at a significant discount for a large homeschooling family on a budget, like ours! I'd put the Co-op in my TOP THREE indepensible online homeschool resources!”
Sarah M, Co-op Member
”Great place to start in your school product search. If Co-op has your the product you are looking for, it is usually at the most discounted price. Thanks for providing a great resource for families!”
Ramona B., Co-op Member
”I am learning everyday about the different aspects of being a co op member. So far I have enjoyed and used everything I have acquired. I am not very tech savvy but using the co op forums has helped me grow in that area.”
Margaret O., Co-op Member
”So thankful for the discounts available through Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op! We have been members for many years. I always look forward to their emails to see what is new and available for our homeschool. I have shared this site with many of our friends.”
Amy H, Co-op Member
”The Co-op has been such a blessing to our family. We have discovered new and exciting curriculums and then have bought them at a great discount. Thanks! Keep up the good work!”
Tracy M, Co-op Member
”So far the Co-op has met 3 of my needs: homeschool id's, diplomas, and affordable driver's ed curriculum through a group buy. I like the low key, no pressure marketing.”
Sally T., Co-op Member
”I love this place. There are so many discounts and free trials. They find everything and the best part is you can try it before you buy it. And also you can get the better price than alone on your own. They find the latest and the best programs out.”
Tanisha H., Co-op Member
”I am so glad I found the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! It is now my first stop whenever I have a certain homeschool purchase I am looking to make. The Co-op ALWAYS has the lowest price, and I will ALWAYS go through them first. They are cheaper than conventions, sales on websites, or publishing companies. They also have so many products that I enjoy learning about that I never would have found on my own. It is a great way to browse new things and see how curriculum is working for other families. I highly recommend buying whatever you can through their site.”
Liesl, Co-op Member
”This is my first time using the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op and I definitely will return to check out more great deals you have on here! We are enjoying our Veritas Press Self Paced online history lessons very much and appreciate the 50% off discount we received from this co-op!”
Karen in Texas, Co-op Member
”Love this co-op! I have purchased curriculum at great prices PLUS I have found great ideas and instructional tools for my triplets! I have told numerous folks about this co-op and use it as my first source to fulfill our educational needs.”
BeLynda (Triplet Mom), Co-op Member
”So grateful for a one stop shopping experience that gives me the best curriculum at discount prices!!”
Susan, Co-op Member
”Love all the opportunities this co-op provides for me and my children. I always am finding items that we would use for a great discount. Love the emails to let me know what is discounted. Thank you for this service!”
Adrienne Johnson, Co-op Member
”The Co-op has allowed our family to try out a variety of curricula without going broke in the process. We really appreciate having so many choices available to us on such reasonable terms. When our students graduate, I will still recommend the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op to others interested in or involved in home schooling. Thanks for your service, Co-op!”
Karen D., Co-op Member
”I love the homeschool- buyers co-op! They make homeschooling fun and affordable. I can always find a great deal.”
Morgan F., Co-op Member
”I was having some trouble swapping and editing account with a curriculum over to a discounted renewal with the Co-op, and oh my goodness, nothing was too much trouble for the people there (at the Co-op). They contacted me regularly to let me know how is was progressing, what had been said and what response they were waiting on at all times. The issue was sorted and I love that we are now continuing with a fav program, but at a much much cheaper price, and none of the progress was lost because we were able to stick with our original account !”
M Lawn, Co-op Member
But I have had extremely smooth transactions so far and I will continue to use the co-op when the chance arises. Thank you for your work!”
Jenny, Co-op Member
”The Co-op has been a tremendous help to me with our first year of homeschooling. It has put so many references right at my fingertips! I have had many many questions and I ALWAYS receive a quick response. I look forward to continuing to purchase my materials through the Co-op.”
Beth R, Co-op Member
”Thank you for all you do to support the home education community!”
Linda D, Co-op Member
”Being a part of Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op has saved us money and allowed us access to things that we would otherwise not be able to get. We are very thankful for this group.”
Amy, Co-op Member
”Thank you to HBC, having decided to Homeschool our eldest child a year ago, we have seen huge improvements in his self confidence and self belief. Realising that he is clever, and capable, unlike how conventional schooling made him feel.
We could not have achieved this without the help of the folks at HBC - with your help providing us with quality programmes in one place, easy to find and research, you have been an integral part of bringing a child 'back into the light' - a huge thank you to you all. Your work is hugely appreciated.”
F. Stead, Co-op Member
”I truly appreciate all of the information that Homeschool Buyers Co-op provided parents who are homeschooling their children. There is so many offers on their website that you can get caught up on there for hours sometimes. I appreciate all of the discounts that are offer to us as well. It's my go to site for seeking educational tools needed to run my homeschool effectively.”
Lanita Pinkney, Co-op Member
”I do most of my homeschool shopping through HSBC because it's such a great resource for great deals, excellent curriculum, and it's very easy to use. One of the absolute BEST programs is Wordly Wise 3000 (online). My kids have been using it for a full year now and their vocabulary and word usage has improved so much. We also LOVE Touch Typing to Read and Spell - TTRS. Both my kids have Dyslexia and this program has helped with their reading, spelling, and keyboarding. We will continue with this program as well. Were it not for HSBC I wouldn't know about these programs and definitely couldn't afford them on my own. The discounts with HSBC have been tremendous! The customer service is amazing. I have only praise for HSBC. Thank you all very much.”
Theresa T., Co-op Member
”We have used Homeschool Buyers Co-op for years. We have found great products and excellent prices. It has been such a gift for our family.”
S. Stewart, Co-op Member
”I have been excited about the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op since I found the website. I have been able to buy curriculum materials that I would have otherwise been unable to afford. Additionally, the administrators of this co-op have been very helpful--always with a quick response to any question or problem I have encountered.”
Bev B., Co-op Member
”I have been a member of Homeschool-Buyers Co-op for several years and have found the service, prices and offerings to be perfect for my homeschool. The bargains offered here and the staff service (in getting back to me when I contact them) have been amazing. I highly recommend membership and have sent many homeschoolers here because of the excellent offerings, prices, and service.”
Carrie Harrington, Co-op Member
”Thank you very much for proving this service to the homeschooling community! I appreciate the many excellent education opportunities you provide access to!!”
Rebecca, Co-op Member
”I get most of my curriculum from HSBC. The deals that I have been able to get here have made it possible for me to afford the more expensive online curriculum which is what I mostly use. Thanks HSBC!”
Christy, Co-op Member
”I have found so many great deals through this co-op and often heard of programs I would not otherwise know about. Many homeschool families are on a tight budget, so it is really helpful to have a reliable resource we can depend on to save money.”
Amanda Bermudez, Co-op Member
”I am so happy that someone referred me to Homeschool Buyers Co-op! I have found some awesome deals on different programs here! I ordered Bible and History from Veritas-Press at a HUGE discount. That was so helpful, especially this school year. I get emails that keep me up to date on sales, and I appreciate that!”
Cheryl L., Co-op Member
”I have been a member for two months and I have experience with the Co-op. The online services provided is very prompt and easy to follow.”
S Ghosh, Co-Op Member
”This site has encouraged us in the variety of subjects and interests offered to our children. Our child has enjoyed and wants to continue to be connected. The planner helps us to be organized.”
Linda R., Co-op Member
”I love visiting the Homechool Buyers Co-op and discovering new deals AND the Freebies, too! Although I am not part of a group, I think the group buy is a fantastic idea! My favorite is the daily Clickschooling emails that let me know about FREE classes, lesson plans, and resources that are available. Homechool Buyers Co-op is the ONLY homeschool resource & curriculum website to which I return again and again!”
Jody K. Tourle, Co-op Member
”I love the Co-op! I am always excited to see what new things they have to offer! It is like a kid in a candy store every time I look. The Co-op has been such a helpful sight. We have always done public school at home and this is the first year not doing that, so I wanted to mix and match, and this is the perfect place to do that.”
Jennifer Walker, Co-op Member
”There are so many great deals and resources here. I have found a lot of programs that have helped make homeschool much easier for me and more enjoyable for my girls. Some of the programs that my kids use now have a lot of fun content, so, my girls feel like they're playing games. I have found a lot of great programs that we use now and have seen a lot of programs that I want to try in the future as my girls progress with school.”
Catherine J., Co-op Member
”This is such a great website and resource. Thank you for all you do to bring such good deals on so many great curricula!”
Margaret M., Co-op Member
”I absolutely love the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! They have the best prices around on just about everything homeschool! I have bought AOP, Gods World magazine, etc. The process is easy and I would recommend all homeschoolers be a part of this co-op! I am so glad someone told me about it and I will share it with others!”
M. M. Lewis, Co-op Member
”I love getting emails from Homeschool-Buyers Co-Op! I find so many great products and deals!”
L. Wagner, Co-op Member
”This co-op has been a life-saver. We have used several of the curricula offered and the price is what allows us to do so. We do not belong to any "school" but always make up our own curriculum from year to year so there's a bit of trial and error and it's far easier to stop using an item that didn't break the bank.”
Dee Ott, Co-op Member
”Find some great deals here! Only positive experiences so far.”
Jess B., Co-op Member
”I am very glad to be a part of this community.
Before I found HBCo-op I spend a lot of time and money choosing programs for my kids. Here we always have great discounts for diferent programs, expert's opinions and suggestions.
Also, you are not alone anymore in you homeschooling experience!
Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for supporting and saving our time and money!”
Elena Arakelova, Co-op Member
”Thank you Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op! You are a life saver! I find what I need at great prices. I will continue to come back, time and time again :)”
Maria V., Co-op Member
”This is a great source for curriculum. It helps navigate you through so much material. It can be overwhelming sometimes when you're searching for good curriculum.”
Kim S., Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-op has been a great blessing to our family. Without the Co-op, we wouldn't know about all the great curriculum options available to us. The deep discounts has allowed us to purchase curriculum that we otherwise would not have purchased. I'm always telling other homeschool moms about the great deals to be found at Homeschool Buyers Co-op. The Co-op is the best curriculum resources available. I wish I would have discovered it sooner!”
Georgia M., Co-op Member
”The co-op has not only saved me a lot of money but has also exposed me to educational resources that I didn't know existed.

This is a great resources for new and veteran homeschoolers alike and I always recommend it to friends.”
J Fox, Co-op member
”It's great that even we here on the other side of the world in Australia can access many of the great offers provided through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. It has opened our eyes to just how much is out there to help us in our homeschooling journey.”
Naomi D., Co-op Member
”First time member, just made my first purchase and I am SO thankful for the wonderful service you provide. YAY savings!! Such a help to us as we are beginning to homeschool our 3 children! We look forward to using this great resource in the future!!”
C. Hockaday, Co-op Member
”The Co-op is fantastic! I have been able to sign my children up for learning products at a significant discount that I would have not been able to do as a homeschool family otherwise. Not only do you get great discounts, you also get a plethora of information on products, free learning website, and more. I am grateful to be part of the Co-op.”
Julie K, Co-op Member
”I am so thankful I found this. It has saved me so much money and allowed me to find services I might not have known about. This is my go-to for many subjects. The reviews are helpful and the staff is always attentive. Thanks so much for making homeschooling a little easier!”
Joanne S, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love the Homeschool Buyers Coop. I have gotten many great deals through it and also have found great curriculum that I was not aware existed!”
Christine M, Co-op Member
”Thanks for all the good deals you negotiate and provide parents easy way to get things. Much appreciated.”
Mr. Vik, Co-op Member
”We really like the selection of programs and courses offered for our family. I especially like the free trial periods over the summer, so we can actually try the programs before committing to them for a whole year.
The Co-op has something for everybody in the family and we definitely make good use of it!”
Maggie, Co-op Member
”I'm very happy for all the good opportunities, offers, good deals and the work that goes behind the scenes to help so many families, such a mine. You have helped our children in their progress and the teaching experience to be easier.”
Yasmin S., Co-op Member
”I have found so many wonderful things on your site, and you have made our homeschool journey so blessed! Thank you!”
Jeannette V, Co-op Member
”I love HBC! We get the best prices on curriculum and online programs that we might not be able to afford otherwise! I also appreciate the extra long free trials and the smart points! Thank you for taking care of homeschoolers! My kids love trying new things. I haven't found anything like it that is so easy to participate in. I hope to have a long relationship with HBC. I tell everyone I know to check you out!”
Mendy D, Co-op Member
really opened my eyes to all that is out there for my child!”
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
”Thanks for always bringing us great deals!! It is very appreciated!”
E.Smith, Co-op Member
”Finding the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op was such a blessing to me as I prepared to homeschool our three boys for the first time this summer! The testimonials and the variety of materials makes this like a Wal-Mart for homeschool moms when it comes to curriculum materials! The reduced prices make my education dollars go so much farther. I love having an account and will definitely continue to use this fabulous service!”
Denise Gibbs, Co-op Member
”I'm so thankful that I found this co-op. The opportunities it provides have been wonderful and some of the deals are amazing. To top it all off, the customer service has been stellar!”
JMOC, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-op has been a wonderful resource for my family. I highly recommend that everyone homeschooling their child or even co-schooling with public schools but who need extra help join. Not only are products offered at fabulous prices but the community and helpfulness of everyone involved has made this a pleasure to work with.”
RobynW, Co-op Member
”The HSB co-op makes my purchases for my homeschool much more economical than other online suppliers. I really appreciate the discount they offer, it gives me a chance to try curricula that I wouldn't have been able to afford elsewhere.”
Wendy N., Co-op Member
”I'd held off buying Cathy Duffy's Top Picks ever since I'd heard about it, because the sticker price was just a little too dear for our budget. Thanks to Homeschool Buyers Co-op, I was able to buy a copy for a much-reduced price and I will be FOREVER grateful for access to this book! Thank you, HBC!”
Esther W, Co-op Member
”Homeschool buyers coop has been so useful for getting discounts on test prep software like Study Island and IXL! I've saved over a hundred dollars this year by buying my products through them instead of direct. One year, we got an educational Lego set through them that was heavily discounted for a Christmas gift. My kids are so excited about using Study Island again this year- and my 13 year old scored a 22 on his first ACT, partly due to your products. Thank you homeschool buyers coop!”
Mrs. Fortner, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Diploma Templates are a great resource for making graduation special for your child. It shows they have achieved something with all their hard work and it is appreciated.”
Laurie K., Co-op Member
”Having been a Co-op member for several years, I have to say I love it. When I'm ready to purchase curriculum or items to help with teaching, this is the first place I look and most times the only place I look. I've told all the people I know homeschooling about the Co-op. Thank you for being such a great help for our homeschool!”
DyAnn Massie, Co-op Member
”I so appreciate the good quality of materials you make available at such an affordable price for one income families!!”
Sharon Martin, Co-op Member
”This co-op page is very user friendly. It has made it possible for us to buy programs that normally would have been out of our price range. Almost every program I have heard about or has been recommended has been on this page.”
Esther, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a great place to find wonderful products and services at really good prices. We've been very pleased with all of our purchases. It's also great to connect with other homeschooling families.”
Stephanie H., Co-op Member
”Good thing I gave it a second look!

I've been homeschooling for several years now, and never heard of the Co-op until I started with a charter school. I wish I had known about you sooner. While there are a little more steps involved in getting products purchasing through you, the cost benefits far outweigh the lag time.

We've used the co-op for Instruments, music programs, foreign languages, educational videos, monthly subscriptions for science and history. Our charter school works well with the Co-Op as well, so I'm for sure glad that I took the 30 minutes to browse through the offerings on here, and look forward to continued purchases as my kids work their way through primary grades through graduation.”
Lisa B., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyer's Co-op is the best, best place to buy cirriculum! The deals are awesome. The community are even better. What can I say about the site supervisors- amazing! They make everything so clear and simple, awesome people really, bless you all.”
Jan, Co-op Member
”Thank you for the opportunity to try some new things at affordable prices! The co-op has allowed me to make changes to curriculum that wasn't working in the middle of the year! And I like that I can get the things I love at prices my wallet loves too! ;)”
Kristi R., Co-op Member
”The buys ar Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op are good deals. The help is always sincere and very good. I'm glad I joined.”
K. Williams, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-Op is the key to our homeschool success. Beyond the outstanding discounts, the Co-Op is a constant source of ideas and support. The Co-Op is so much more than standard curriculum such as Math and ELA. (Don't get me wrong, what they offer in standard curriculum is very good!) The offerings like the Learning Style Assessments and Mindsetworks Brainology take our homeschool learning to a much higher level. This helps me give my kids an incredibly customized education with focus on how they learn best and how they will best enjoy the process of learning.”
Audra, Co-op Member
”When I switched to Homeschool for my daughter, one of the first websites I came to was Homeschool-Buyers Co-op. I am so glad my search led me here! Always a great find and great customer service! Thank YOU!”
Michele, Co-op Member
”Great "store" for great deals on the most popular educational curriculums.”
Gigi, Co-op Member
”We homeschool but have very few monetary resources, so the great prices we can get through Homeschool Buyers Co-op are crucial. I am so happy that I can use this to afford our homeschool curriculum.”
JA Dale, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Buyers Co-op has been a terrific resource since we began homeschooling. I am constantly telling parents about the Co-op. I have purchased several different things through here and am always satisfied on the information on the products, quality of the products, price savings, and how they have benefited our homeschool curriculum. Thanks so much for all that you do to make this possible!”
Kathy Carter, Co-op Member
”I'm a 23 year homeschool veteran and I LOVE the Homeschool Buyers Co-op (HCB)! I use it for many of my curriculum purchases. I also use it to compare curriculum and link up to websites. I read the testimonials and participate in the practice lessons and free trials. It's like a curriculum fair from the comforts of home.

I highly recommend weekly visits to HBC. I tell everyone I know in the homeschool community of its benefits.”
Lora Leftwich, Co-op Member
”I am grateful to the Co-op. Thanks to their discounts I was able to buy all the Math-Mammoth program! I also like the mails with all the updates. Great Job!!”
Yona B., Co-op Member
”My family has been greatly blessed by the Homeschool Buyers Co-op that makes quality curriculum affordable. Thank you for helping families have access to great deals. I have been pleased with every item we have purchased. I used to purchase my curriculum at the state conference at much higher rates. As a veteran of 21 years, my only regret is I wished I would have found you sooner!”
Rose Talladira, Co-op Member
”The Co-op made my family's life better by introducing us to innovative, high quality curriculum; stretching our homeschool budget with amazing deals; and providing our family with a wealth resources and connections that enrich our home and school life every day! We will be members for years to come, and we happily share it with anyone we meet who is even contemplating home-based education Truly, thank you for so many years of serving your members so earnestly.”
S. Kotson, Co-op Member/M.A.T. Elementary Education
”Homeschool Buyers Co-op, makes it possible for homeschoolers to provide the best curriculums available, at a fraction of the cost.”
Sarah B, Co-op Member
”I AM ABSOLUTELY TWITTERPATED WITH THE CO-OP...makes home-schooling funner and easier :-)”
Brandy L., Co-op Member
”This is a great resource for anyone that is homeschooling their children, no matter the age! It has helped me to be able to offer things that I never could've afforded alone. Thank you so much!”
Tracie B, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love shopping through the Co-op. We are new to homeschool and a gracious friend set me up on every site we needed to start with. The Co-op was the very first one. Not only that on our first purchase she emailed me a coupon and we saved money while she earned points. I also love the informational bases and the quick response you receive from the Co-op! I will definitely stay in contact with them for future needs.”
J Johnson, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for this web site, and all the fantastic resources!

Homeschooling is a gift, but also, hard work. This resource has helped immensely in our day to day activities.

Keep up the good work!”
Mama V, Co-op Member
”Great buys at negotiated prices for products at which I almost purchased at regular price. I never shop for curriculum without first checking Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I have passed this website along to at least 15 parents who have said they have saved money. Since the fall, I have saved at least $200 on materials. So glad to have found Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
Denise, Co-op Member
”My family has found many curriculum tools to add to our homeschooling that we wouldn't have otherwise tried out if it wasn't for Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op. Thanks for everything you offer to us homeschoolers. I'm glad I found your business.”
Ana, Co-op Member
”I want to thank Homeschool Buyers Co-op for everything they've helped me purchase for my son. As a dyslexic highschooler on the 1st grade reading level, he was ready to give up. I pulled him from public school and read everything I could about dyslexia and homeschooling. That's when I bumped into this site, and I'm so grateful.

The curriculum helped my son, especially Reading Assistant and Wordly Wise Online. With your help, I was able to provide what my son needed. I couldn't afford it on my own. You made it possible. I'm proud to say he's now on the 6th grade level in reading after only one semester! Thank you so much! I'm telling everyone I know about Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Erica H., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a major blessing to our family. We didn't know what to do when we first began. They put our homeschool journey on the right track. Thank you a million times!”
Josephine J., Co-op Member
”I want to thank Homeschool Buyers Co-op for everything they've helped me purchase for my son. As a dyslexic highschooler on the 1st grade reading level, he was ready to give up. I pulled him from public school and read everything I could about dyslexia and homeschooling. That's when I bumped into this site, and I'm so grateful.

The curriculum helped my son, especially Reading Assistant and Wordly Wise Online. With your help, I was able to provide what my son needed. I couldn't afford it on my own. You made it possible. I'm proud to say he's now on the 6th grade level in reading after only one semester! Thank you so much! I'm telling everyone I know about Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Erica H., Co-op Member
”We have found amazing deals on curriculum we were looking to purchase through this site. We have also found curriculum we'd never seen before that we purchased on this site for a great price... And we've been pleased with everything.

I highly recommend using homeschool buyers co-op!”
Jennifer S., Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-op has been a big help to us this school year. It is our first complete year of homeschooling on our own. The programs offered are at affordable prices and are excellent quality. We are using some now and will probably purchase more in the future. Thank you for helping find these great lessons for our studies.”
Anne W., Co-op Member
”I am very pleased with joining the Co-Op. I am new to homeschool and I get all the information that I need and want, whether it's curriculum or finding the nearest field trip! My kids and I were surprised by the fact that there are many places nearby that we were unaware of for field trips!”
CM, Co-op Member
”We love the Homeschool Buyers-Co-op. They offer many diverse products to choose from. You can always find a good deal! We tried things we may not have tried before if it hadn't been for the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Tell a friend!!”
Lisa Samuelsen, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op has helped me to purchase some really great educational materials for my kids. They have also helped me to score some free things! I am thankful for the reviews and also the good prices! What a great Co-op!”
Beth P., Co-op Member
”I was referred to the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op by a company that I was trying to purchase a program from. The program was very expensive and the sweet lady that worked for the company told me about the Co-op. I was so grateful that I was able to get the program I needed for my children with learning disabilities at a much better price through the co-op. However, I have been blessed so many times since then because of being able to have access to some of the programs that I have wanted for quite some time but couldn't swallow the high price because the programs were meant to sell to schools not to individuals. This Co-op allows all homeschooling families and parents needing support materials for even their public schooled children the ability to access these needed resources. I'm so grateful for the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op.”
Theresia S., Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op group. I have not found anywhere else that has the great deals like they do!”
K. Cox, Co-op Member
”I have used the Co-op for several purchases and have been pleased with the discounts. I save on products I would have to buy at full price. Thank you for negotiating great deals for homeschoolers.”
TW, Co-op Member
”I joined this Co-op many years ago. I have saved so much money and with the special points system, gotten really fun curriculum for free! This is definitely a win/win for me. I have in the past told other homeschooling parents about this site and I will continue to do so. Many of my children's favorite curriculums, I bought here at a great savings. Some of the most expensive programs that I use are now being offered through here giving me their 'sale' price year round. This allows me to purchase it when I have the money and not miss the 'sale' price.”
Mrs. Gray, Co-op Member
”this is a very helpful website. I've only been a member for a few months now. I love it! It saves you money as well.”
Kimberly S., Co-op Member
”HSBC is a valuable resource for our homeschool. We have found many great products here that I never would have heard of before - like the Happy Scientist and Discovery Streaming - and they have become staples of our curriculum. Their customer service is always helpful to us.”
Brooke G., Co-op Member
”I'm a long time special educator and have taught my lad in day to day life for years . I finally took the leap to homeschooling. Twas uncharted waters for me. However Homeschool Buyers Co-op made the transition seamless. They offer a myriad of products and plans with amazing discounts. Thank you , my son loves homeschooling and we both share our secret co-op with friends”
Ken Robinson, Co-op Member
”By far, THE best place to be at if you truly seek the best for your little/big ones. Offers an astounding collection of resources for any child, at any level that can be specifically catered to meet and match the needs of your child.”
Elizabeth Moore, Co-op Member
”Homeshool-Buyers-Co-op is not only a phenomenal site to get discounts on programs for learning, but it is also a primary place to find out about resources I would not have known of otherwise. I notice I use HBCo-op to locate programs that can fit our changing needs as the kids grow older.”
BGail, Co-op Member
”I was really nervous going into home schooling my fourteen-year old son. I am a single mom who wasn't happy with the traditional schooling options in my area. So since I'm home due to health issues, I decided to home school him myself. I wasn t really sure how I was going to do it. Especially keeping things organized, finding lesson plans, which sites would work best, how to plan and track his lessons, or his grades. It was definitely challenging at first. So I can t express the excitement I had when I ran across Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I don t know what I would do without them. Such a wonderful resource for home school parents like myself. Thank you so much for all the information and resources that you offer to us all. NOT TO MENTION THE CUSTOMER SERVICE! It's because of this site that I am no longer nervous about my journey as a home school mom.”
Lanita Pinkney, Co-op Member
”I have been VERY pleased with the offers provided by the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. My only wish is that I had more money to take advantage of the many awesome opportunities they have :)”
Mark Struble, Co-op Member
”I wish I'd found out about this site sooner! This is what we homeschooling families need, the buying power of numbers! Products you need at a better price. There is no downside to this co-op that I can see.”
Lynda G., Co-op Member
”All I can say is a big Thank You for taking care of all the necessary research into the best programs out there and laying them out for us to pick and choose. And of course, getting us discounts through group buys. I certainly appreciate it.
I do, however, wish that some programs could reduce their prices more.”
Nancy Doell, Co-op Member
”I wish I had found the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op earlier in my homeschool career! I love everything it has to offer! I have told my friends about the homeschool ID, savings and reviews!”
Linda, Co-op Member
”I love this Co-op!!! You have great deals on very high-quality products. This is my third year homeschooling, and I'm very glad that your site was out there to help me get started every August. :)”
Mary C, Co-op Member
”LOVE the materials available to homeschooling families! Thanks for all that you do!”
Jamie N., Co-op Member
”Love the great discounts offered through the Co-op!”
Lella, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-Op has been wonderful. We have been using it for years. It has definitely helped with our homeschool journey. I haven't come across another site like this one. I am so thankful for homeschool buyers co-op. I wouldn't have known about most of these products without it. Every person that asks me about homeschooling, I make sure I tell them about this site.”
Jocelyn Dorsey, Co-op Member
”Finding Homeschool- Buyers Co-op is a gem. I've told so many people about it. You just can't keep this fantastic service to yourself and the more people that join, is the more benefits you get. The deals are tremendously more than a bargain. It has helped my family so much to access some of the best educational materials in my very home at a huge discount. I love homeschool buyers co-op and I thank God for you. Your service has been a blessing to my family.”
Diana B., Co-op Member
”What a great help it has been to be a part of the Co-op! Not only have I found many great deals here for curriculum I was wanting to use or try, I have also actually found great curriculum here that I had never had experience with before! Their customer service is great if you ever have a question and they seem to connect with a lot of the companies whose curriculum we use. I highly recommend HS Buyer's Co-op!”
Kim B., Co-op Member
”Love this co-op. Great deals. Introduces me to lots of different style of curriculum. So glad I was introduced to it, & recommend it to any homeschooling family.Thank you!”
M. Godfrey, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-op is such a blessing to our family. We are on a tight budget, and through the Co-op we are able to purchase quality curricula at a price that is manageable. The Co-op is continuously looking out for its members, keeping on top of the curricula market and making sure that they can offer their members the best deal possible. My children were struggling with writing, spelling and math, and I was having trouble finding anything I could afford that would help them. Thanks the Co-op, not only was I able to find and afford curricula I hadn't even considered previously, but now my children are doing very well in these subjects. I am very thankful to the Co-op for all they have done for our family through the service they provide!”
Laura G., Co-op Member
”I love this website!! I've gotten so many good deals on curriculum, and I've printed my FREE teacher ID, allowing me to get educator discounts. Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Stacey C., Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-op has been a life saver for me and my kids. After a sudden change of events and having changed countries and needing to home school my two boys, this website gave me all the tools with fantastic discounts to access all I needed to educate my children while abroad in Canada. Thank you for a wonderful website and products.”
Kylie, Co-op Member
”I joined this co-op when I began homeschooling my children last year. I have used it to get things I would not have been able to afford otherwise. The deals and variety are amazing. I have suggested this site to all of my homeschool friends!”
T. S., Co-op Member
”This is our first year homeschooling and the Homeschool Buyers Co-op has been a tremendous resource and has helped us to find the programs that are right for us. I've had a couple questions along the way and they have always responded quickly and I appreciate that! Thank you for making our first taste of Homeschooling so sweet.”
Ernie & Cindy T, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for putting this co-op together. It is the first place I look when contemplating a new curriculum. Please keep up the terrific work!”
Fran, Co-op Member
”Thanks to Homeschool-Buyers Co-op our children are afforded the opportunity to have wonderful supplemental materials that would normally be out of our budget. This has significantly enriched our homeschooling days and the kids truly enjoy learning.”
Sierra, Co-op Member
”Thank you for providing essential products to help our home based curriculum run so smoothly. Your website is an important part of our program; offering superior products for children learning at all levels, including those with special needs to children who are gifted and talented. I highly recommend your website. Thank you once again.”
Kim Topolski, Co-op Member
”Great discounts and easy-to-use. Very helpful, thanks for all the savings!!! I love Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Bmg, Co-op Member
”I perused this site for a long time without buying anything. I'm not sure what I was afraid of...several things peaked my interest, but I just wasn't sure how it worked, or IF it worked! It does! Jump in! Start small if you need to, but it is exactly what it claims to be, and it does it well! Thank you so much, Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Karen E., Co-op Member
”I have had so many great experiences for me and my daughter from programs and products from your site. The best part is it is so much cheaper than buying it from anywhere else including stores and internet. Service has always been outstanding. Directions are clearly written so you know what you are getting and what you need to do to complete purchases. I have worked with Brett on beta testing products in the past and it was great to feel part of this site. I appreciate what you all do to help home schoolers get what we need to teach our children at an affordable cost. Keep up the great work!”
Patricia Nelson, Co-op Member
”Just a quick note to say thank you for all you do. We have enjoyed so many wonderful deals and thank you for the variety you offer. Everything, I mean everything, has been top notch and exactly as advertised. I tell everyone about you. My son loves it all.. Discovery, ChessKids, Youth Digital, and RoboCamp. Wishing each of you at Homeschool Buyers Co-op the best!”
KH, Co-op Member
”Loved the opportunity to try out ETC online for my 4 year old! Not sure we would have tried it had it not been for the discounted rates that you were able to offer us. After just 1 week of using ETC, my 4 year old is READING!! BY HERSELF! She finished an entire starter book just this week and I definitely know that she wouldn't be close to this far along had we not bought and utilized the ETC discounted subscription. Thanks so much!”
Keara Hilton, Co-op Member
”As a new home school parent, I find Homeschool Buyers Co-op an exceptional resource to begin learning about all my children's educational needs. The website is easy to maneuver, in addition to highly useful information being shared. The savings offered on various products are a true relief for those if us on a limited budget. Each and every new post gives me new food for thought that I may not have otherwise learned about or considered. It is obvious that the people behind the scenes at Homeschool Buyers Co-op are passionate about the success of homeschooling. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the useful information! Please, please, keep up the good work!”
Rebecca G. (UT), Co-op Member
”You are the best! Thank you for working so diligently and providing us with great options which we would otherwise not be able to. So thank you.”
Suchitra P., Co-op Member
”Excellent website to buy discounted products. I have purchased quite a few and am very happy. Products are as advertised and the website is very, very reliable and committed.

Any parent, whether homeschooling or not, can use the website to explore the vast range of curricula offered and make the selections as needed. Ample descriptions and links are provided to research and read more about each curriculum as well.”
Sudeshna Banerji, Co-op Member - Homeschooling mom
”Thank you for wonderful bargains, frequent updates and reminders, and a helpful customer service. Appreciate you!”
Karen S., Co-op Member
”I would like to thank whoever came up with the idea for this coop and all those who make it happen. In the few months since I've discovered it, it has been an essential resource for our homeschool. Thank you from the bottom of this homeschoosing mama's heart!”
Denise Cruz, Co-op Member
”We just joined in August and have appreciated the savings we have received when purchasing curricula. I also appreciate the wide variety of courses and online websites (and the time spent in researching it all!) that you share with your members. It would take me forever and a day to find all of this information on my own!”
Melissa Davis, Co-op Member
”What a great idea to create a coop out of a large group of homeschoolers so that we can cash in on some discounts for products! Thanks for all you do!!”
Brenda P, Co-op Member
”This is a great co-op! I have already shared it on Facebook several times!”
Kathy L., Co-op Member
”Thanks so much for providing such great homeschool options and discounts for us. I also love homeschool planet! It absolutely Rocks! I have recommended this site to many of my friends!”
Cathy D., Co-op Member
”My sister told me about Homeschool Buyers Co-op, and I am so glad she did. Great products at great discounts!”
Denise Brown, Co-op Member
”I have purchased the bulk of our homeschooling materials for several years using the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I ALWAYS check here first before buying anything!! Thank you for all your hard work in making deals with suppliers and making it more affordable to homeschool.”
L. Kinder, Co-op Member
”Thank-you! As a first time homeschooler, I have come to place enormous value in the Co-op. I will suggest this site to everyone!”
K. Jones, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Buyers-Co-Op is an amazing online co-op that enables me to purchase subscriptions to learning programs with huge discounts. I would not be able to afford these programs on my own. I need these programs to homeschool my daughter, who is 13 and has Dyslexia. Two of the subscriptions I have are Dreambox and Reading Assistant. I wish I had found this Co-op years ago, but am thankful for it now.”
Sherry B., Co-op Member
”I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for offering great rewards, and chances to win for all the hard work the kids did this summer. My kids were so excited when they learned they had won a gift card for their hours of reading. They were listing the new books they would get with the gift card and how the fun would continue.
It's so nice to have a place to come and find great ideas and great pricing for our schooling needs. We really appreciate all the help!”
C. St Denis, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-Op has been an invaluable source of information and discounts for my family. Before I move forward with any curriculum related purchase, I always check back here to see if there is a discount. I have saved a lot - thank you!”
MVL, N.J., Co-op Member
”The purchase process is very straight forward. If I have had nay concerns, your staff have graciously responded in a very timely manner. Thank you for this inventive and helpful resource.”
Wendy, Co-op Member
”This is a fantastic group providing wonderful opportunities that I would not have come across otherwise.

I have made substantial savings on various curriculum and other material for almost 5 years.

The site is clear, easy to follow and thankfully SAVES your order details for you to come back to later.

I appreciate the emails telling me the current group buys.

I am very thankful for their work sourcing discounts, and thankful to those suppliers that choose to work with the Homeschool buyers co-op.”
D. Langlois, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-op has great deals on such a wide variety of products and services. To be able to purchase them a the discounted prices has helped us to buy products we only thought about before. We are very appreciate of the products and services the offer.”
Anna, Co-op Member
”what a wealth of information available! thank you so much for your hard work in organizing a plethora of homeschooling options, and at a great price! i'm so pleased to have stumbled upon you! thanks so so much! blessings!”
Carrie S, Co-op Member
”Saved 50% off a membership to! It has been a great choice for us. Thankful for the discount and opportunity to save. Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Lisa S., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-op has been an incredible blessing to me and my family. It is hard to find the time to find the many great resources available. Homeschool Buyers Co-op has done it for me. They seem almost an almost endless resource for finding wonderful programs to help in providing our children with a solid education. I will definitely continue to tell others about them! I especially appreciate that it is free. Keep it up Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Jody G, Co-op Member
”What a God send. When I found this site my daughters curriculum got an upgrade. Thanks for all the opportunities!”
Y. Watson, Co-op Member
”Thank you for all you do. It means a lot to this first time homeschooling mom that there is a group out there who "gets it"!”
Tina Harding, Co-op Member
”I have ordered this year a lot throught the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. And we love everything. My son from 9 years told me yesterday that he likes this year so much more than last year. School year 2015-2016 looks great thanks to the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
M. Hosamsooi, Co-op Member
”I am in my second year of homeschooling and only discovered the Homeschool Buyers Co-op this year. I really wish I had found it in the beginning because I could have saved SO much money! Curriculum I wanted so badly to purchase last year but could not afford, have been offered through the Co-op at significantly reduced prices. I have been so excited to purchase these curricula this year and not kill my budget. I have been able to offer my kids great products that I would not have been able to afford otherwise. Thank you!!”
Emily Lee, Co-op Member
”I like that as a member, I benefit from group discounts. I was very happy I discovered this before summer and took advantage of freebies that I could sample before deciding to purchase. Thank You for helping the home-schooling families”
M.L. Garcia, Co-op Member
”I have been member of Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op for many years and took advantage of special offers and saved lot of money in different programs being offered through this site.”
F Nasir, Co-op Member
”This is a wonderful place to come to find true discounts, take part in a wonderful caring virtual family, and receive and advice from other advocating homeschoolers that have been there! Thank you Homeschoolers Buyers Coop.”
amber r, Co-op Member
”Hats off to whomever had the idea to create the homeschool buyers co-op! Why not use the numbers of homeschoolers, to get discounts on excellent products?!?! It works wonderfully!!”
Brenda P, Co-op Member
”I love getting great deals on products that I would have purchased anyway and on new ones that I have discovered through Homeschool-Buyer's-Co-op.”
Jeri Daniel, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for offering us a taste this summer of some of the programs that you offer. Our favorite is the Mark Kistler's Drawing. Because of your offer this summer, we will be purchasing the program this next school season.”
SheilaG, Co-op Member
”Love getting emails from the Co-op. There are so many great offers and information that I don't have to go searching other websites. It is free to join so don't miss this opportunity.”
The Well Rounded Child, Co-op Member
”Thank you for the opportunities you provide for families. Often, homeschooler families have only one income. We have been able to participate in programs that we normally would not be able to, because the co-op provides such wonderful discounts.”
SC, Co-op Member
”I have really enjoyed the opportunities I found when getting emails this summer from the Co-op. I like to see what specials are going and get a chance to see curriculum ideas I haven't seen on my own elsewhere.”
Ginny Barrett, Co-op Member
”My family has gained many benefits from several programs on Homeschoolbuyersco-op. I 1st using the site when my son was diagnosed with ADHD and Aspergers. I was seeking programs to capture his interrest as well as educate. The selections offered are broad and I love that the programs are offered at a reduced rate. I will continue to utilize this site over the years. Why wouldn't I.... It's awesome.”
Deborah G., Co-op Member
”I LOVE the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I have bought some of our most-beloved extra-curricular items, that I never would have heard about because of emails from the Co-op. I have also bought things I had wanted, but couldn't afford otherwise! Big fan!”
Julie H., Co-op Member
”Thank you SO MUCH for all your work and dedication bringing these amazing opportunities to homeschool families! So often, you don't know where to start or how to get the materials and you have done all that legwork and then some! There are programs we never would have been able to afford without you either. Thank you again!!!”
Mrs. B, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Buyers Co-op is a "must-have" resource for new and seasoned homeschoolers! In addition to being able to purchase curriculum and other resources at a substantially discounted price, you also get to "test drive" resources to see if they're a right fit for your homeschoolers.”
Tammy M., Co-op Member
”This site is great! It has helped me out as a teacher to my daughter and given me great support. I am completely happy with my experience. I can't wait to find more things to help out with my homeschooling time.”
Cheryl, Co-op Member
”Being a member of the Co-op has introduced us to additional educational programs of which we were not aware. The lower prices allow us to enjoy learning from more sources than we would be able to afford without our membership. This is a great option and I'm so happy that another homeschooling family introduced us to it. Thanks for maintaining such a valuable resource!”
Ms. Knight, Co-op Member
”I appreciate the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! I was able to review and purchase the "Mystery of History" at a great discount. I must say, I actually read the emails from the Co-op because I don't want anything to get past me! Thank you! I have told others about you!”
Katie Scherer, Co-op Member
”Thank you for offering this service. I have enjoyed many resources.”
Tonja, Co-op Member
”I just wanted to thank you for this Co-op. We are a single income family and just being able to have discounted, quality curriculum geared towards my special needs child and my other children has been such a blessing. I appreciate the hard work that is put into this website. Thank you so much!”
F. Cabibbo, Co-op Member
”Wow! I'm so glad I found this site. I've been able to purchase products/services at hugely discounted rates. As a result of this site, I've also found a wealth of products/services that I might not have known about, and at discounted prices too. Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU!”
Georgina H., Co-op Member
”This Co-op is the best thing to happen to my homeschooling adventure. The ability to purchase at a group discount has expanded my horizons. Thank you for being here.”
Marlene B., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Coop exposes me to curriculum that I would have never known about! (And with great savings too!)”
Theresa, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-op is an amazing homeschooling resource. It has saved me money, introduces me to new products & curriculum, and the customer service is great.”
S. Smith, Co-op Member
”I've known about this website for a long time, and occasionally came by to check out different products, but this is the first time I actually bought something. Earlier this spring, I was looking for something to use for Ancient history/lit for my rising senior. I found my way over to Wes Calahan's website (I forget how) and LOVED the Old Western Culture materials, but they were pricey. I told my friend about them and sent her the link. She emailed me back a few weeks later and told me that HBC was offering them at a discount. I was amazed. I'm SO thrilled that I was able to buy this curriculum at such a great price. I don't know how you make those connections and arrangements, but thank you so much!”
Mrs. Jennifer N., Co-op Member
”I have been really pleased with the items we've been able to purchase from the Co-op. It has been a valuable resource for my homeschooling needs!”
4Js, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a "God Send" for parents that homeshool their kids, especially for those on a budget. The staff is very nice and responds quickly to your questions and request. The range of resources offered are excellent for any curriculum needed and required for homeschooling. I'm very satisfied with this resource.”
pBelcher, Co-op Member
”What a wonderful place to find information, fun games, and compare several different curriculum. I have told all that I know about the Coop and the the value of the saving of the diffrent programs. We have saved and enriched our kids in several different areas of their school. Thank you!”
Amanda, Co-op Member
”ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op! They have lots of fantastic deals and always reply to questions and/or inquiries quickly.”
Amy P, Co-op Member
”You work so hard to bring quality programs to our children at great savings. We thank you !!”
Linda T., Co-op Member
”The co-op not only provides amazing deals on many quality products, but also alerts me to products I probably would never have heard of otherwise!”
Amanda Bermudez, Co-op Member
”I recently stumbled upon the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op Page. I am so thrilled that I did! I have purchased some products that I would not have considered due to pricing but now I CAN because of your group rates! Thank you so much for this very brilliant idea and website ...... this is a true blessing to all homeschool families! Blessings to you!”
Belinda Reaves, Co-op Member
”This co-op has influenced our home school life in such a positive way. We have been exposed to products that we may never have heard of otherwise, and because of the co-op pricing, they are affordable. we feel confident trying new things because of the reviews and comments from other users. These have often saved us from spending money on something that would not suit our family. We appreciate the work and effort that goes in to making these products available to us. Thank you all!”
Judy N, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Buyers-Co-Op made it affordable for me to try Reading Assistant. I have seen so much success with this program. I have tried to teach my 8 year old to read or even have an interest in reading since she was 5. This was the first that I have seen her catch on and progress. She likes seeing her progress and is excited that she can actually read.
I may try it with my other struggling reader.”
D. Bright, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers-Co-op has been such a blessing to my family these past few years of homeschooling. This is our 4th year of homeschooling, and without the Co-op, we wouldn't have been able to find and enjoy so many different products. It is a wonderful place to find new products, learn about trial offers, and find the most amazing deals! I just want to thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put forth in gathering all of these great deals! It helped to start and make our homeschool a success!”
cary lynn, Co-op Member
”Thank you for getting us the Best Deals. I always check homeschool buyers co-op before purchasing any curriculum.”
Gwen, Co-op Member
”I have been a member of the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for many years now and I can't say anything but wonderful things about it! I buy all of my curriculum through them and the products, not to mention the customer service, can't be beat! I recommend them to every homeschool parent I meet.”
Kendra M., Co-op Member
”I am proud to say a few words on the value and usefulness of being a member of the Homeschool Buyers co-op.
I found that the programs offered to me by the co-op were tailored to my needs as a homeschool parent. Many options of courses, low group buying prices, and the support for families with the programs were a one of a kind treasure for our family.
Year after year, we come back to this site when planning our curriculum. If you are looking for good value, variety of courses, and complete support for the classes you purchase, Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the site to search first. It has made my hours spent teaching more productive and my son loves his classes. Sincerely Kathleen M.”
Kathleen M., Co-op Member
”Home-school-Buyers-Co-op not only saves me a bunch of money but also extends my awareness of the best homes-schooling products out there . I appreciate this valuable resource.
Thank you!”
K. Fox, Co-op Member
”I love the points that I earn when I am buying curriculum for my kids that I would get anyway and the Co-op has some really good ideas and discounts.”
Michelle C, Co-op Member
”I love having this site as an option for homeschool material. I have recommended this site many, many times to others. I truly appreciate this resource for those of us who are educating our children at home. So far I have been able to have our math and art curriculum come from great deals here. We are considering Rosetta stone also - this is the best price I can find any day of the week.”
Rachel L, Co-op Member
”I am so glad I found this group discount site for homeschoolers. I'm able to purchase curriculums at a much more affordable rate.Thank you.”
Sarah B, Co-op Member
”I am so glad I found the co-op. It is a great service you are providing. I have been able to purchase several things that I would not have been able to buy if it weren't for the affordable prices that you offer. Thank you so much for what you are doing!”
Patty, Co-op Member
”The Co-op goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied customer. I recently had a question about a product that I was ecstatic and wanted more of. It required more than one email for clarification, phone calls, and communication between the co-op and the company itself. The Co-op made every effort to understand my question, follow up when I fell behind in my responses, and speak on my behalf. Thank you so much for being persistent and delivering wonderful products at awesome prices.”
Elsa D., Co-op Member
”I'm so grateful to my friend for recommending Homeschool Buyers Coop. Fab service!”
M Lord, Co-op Member
”Really appreciate the way that the Co-op has provided us opportunities to purchase great products for our amazing children at prices that make sense for where we are in life. I was thrilled to receive a positive response to an e-mail that I sent regarding a product. Your team came through for us around the holidays by providing the educational item that we were looking for. Thank you! There are no words for the impact that it makes in a child's academic career by partnering with parents to get children the best educational support at home and at prices that make it possible. So truly ThankYOU Homeschool Buyers Co-op! Our family appreciates what you do!”
Stephanie, Co-op Member
”I have purchased multiple products through HBC, and have been pleased that the descriptions provided before purchase were always accurate as to what I could expect. I tell others about your site whenever I have the chance. My children have enjoyed using Math, Reading, History, Foreign Language and Elective programs I was able to purchase at great prices.”
M. White, Co-op Member
”I actually can't have enough to say about the Co-op. Being apart of this group has been a positive experience so far, and presents such a vast source of homeschool material at costs that I can afford.

I recently was introduced to a mother from the Cayman Islands and she uses the Co-op as well, and it gave us a common ground for conversation. I really am happy with my experience. Especially as I look for online educational memberships and with finding Math Mammoth at a great price.

I will continue to use it. My newest venture is the Homeschool Planet Planner, and love it! I'm using a trial version right now, and I believe I'll be using it past the free trial, for sure!”
Prudence Perkins, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op has been one of the best homeschool tools for our family! I have been able to find great resources for my children that are both fun and educational. I recommend Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op to anyone homeschooling. Our homeschool is better because of Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Shannon G., Co-op Member
”We have found many great deals on your site! It's one email that I always actually read! I have been pleased with every offer I've taken advantage of.”
Ann, Co-op Member
”Love this website. When I had an issue, I received a prompt response from them. The deals are awesome. I tell everyone especially new homeschoolers about this site.”
Megan Shipley, Co-op Member
”I have only bought Rosetta-Stone through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. With your wonderful discounts, you a have made it so affordable. Thanks so very much, I would not have been able to purchase it otherwise.”
S.Kwedi, Co-op Member
”Always a great experience. Excellent customer service and great prices.”
Candice M., Co-op Member
”Being a home educating family is challenging enough when not using a set curriculum, but being a Homeschool Buyers Coop member makes it heaps easier. From freebies to amazing savings. And the bonus is there are no membership or donation fees.

I have and will continue to gladly recommend Homeschool Buyers Coop to all home educators I meet.”
Tanya Vi4, Co-op Member
”I have saved hundreds of dollars buying through the co-op. Homeschooling 3 kids can get pricey, and the co op has helped me purchase quality curriculum at amazing prices, like Rosetta Stone and Bravewriter. Thank you!”
Kayra J, Co-op Member
”I just started home schooling two of my children 4 months ago. They are in grades 2 and 4. As I'm sure is very common, I felt TOTALLY lost at first and couldn't quite grasp what programs were beneficial and which we could do without. Amidst my great confusion and stress, I came across the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Problem solved. I love that I can browse through the categories and find all kinds of programs in one place. I also love that I can read what other people thought of them right there in the description. That really helps me to gauge what will be a good fit for my family. And then there are the prices. Such good prices! I wouldn't be able to afford a lot of these programs without the discount and I truly appreciate that this website is here to offer so many deals in one place. I appreciate the emails and facebook updates as well. I have and would for sure recommend this site to any homeschooler, new or seasoned!”
Sarah M, Co-op Member
”Love the Coop and all the great deals I have gotten from them. Especially since we have had a lot of trial and error trying out different curriculums.”
Teresa G., Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for all you do to introduce us to diverse homeschool material and advocating for the discounts. We have benefited greatly from your hard work and dedication.”
R. Langdon, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op has made a HUGE difference in making our Homeschool a success. The resources they bring to us are outstanding. My sister-in-law teaches 2nd grade at a public school and I have access to programs she doesn't get through her district but really wants. She was surprised that I was familiar with so many "teachers resources". It is such a comfort to know that my boys are still getting a great education even though they aren't in public school.”
Audra S., Co-op Member
”I purchased Brain POP Jr. for my grandson at a considerable discount through the Co-op. He has enjoyed it and has great fun learning and using it along with his home school lessons. It is a treat for him when he has done well with his lessons for the day.... a special treat that he looks forward to and strives to achieve a great daily grade level.”
R. Miller, Co-op Member
”I am very thankful for the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op. They offer a nice variety of curriculums for good discounts. We have purchased quite a bit from them and I am very satisfied with the offerings and the customer support.”
E. Teal, Co-op Member
”Some of my favorite curricula are thanks to Homeschool Buyers Co-op! I always get overwhelmed when choosing school resources. HSBC's discounts, reviews, recommendations, and testimonials really help me sort through the many wonderful products. The discounts help me to stick to my budget, also.”
Julia B., Co-op Member
”The Co-op has been such a blessing to us. We could never have afforded the programs we utilize if it were not for the discounts we are able to receive through the co-op. Their customer service is excellent. Their team members are always there to answer my questions.”
Crystal L., Co-op Member
”I have begun turning to the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-Op more and more when I am searching for homeschool curriculum. In fact, before purchasing anything I check to see if they offer it, or if they have something comparable. Not only are their prices generally the best by far, but the customer service is superior, and I know that by banding together we'll secure better deals in the future! I've even earned some free products through the SmartPoints program, this is a great little bonus for something I needed to buy anyway! Just today I found the TX drivers ed course that I was about to purchase at $149 through the company for just $89 through HB Co-op. It pays to shop here!”
S. Dillingham, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much Homeschool Buyers Co-op! I have truly benefited from the GroupBuys you've offered. With a large family, educational purchases become rather expensive. You have made it possible for me to purchase excellent programs and curriculum for my children. My children are receiving quality educational material that they enjoy using thanks to you!”
Cynthia Giannelli, Co-op Member
”I'm new to homeschooling and Homeschool Buyers Co-op helped me know where to begin. I've already gotten some great bargins too !”
Anne L., Co-op Member
”Thanks for seeking out bargains. Although I don't buy much, I have been pleased with what we've gotten. Blessings and Merry Christmas to you all!”
Linda, Co-op Member
”I was having trouble proving homeschool eligibility for academic pricing of a software purchase. Absolutely nothing worked, until I showed my Co-op membership. Thanks!”
Marc S., Co-op Member
”I want to take a moment just to say thank you. Your responses, advice, support and comments have been timely, efficient, professional and most importantly, friendly and helpful; and all that is aside from the fantastic products and incredible offers the Homeschool Buyers Co-op provides! Joining is without question, the best decision I could have made.”
Cathy L., Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a MUST for any homeschooling family. Daily email reviews and discounts on a wide variety of resources.

Why would any homeschool family NOT join?

This is as close to a no brainier as there is in homeschool education.”
alan logan, Co-op Member
”I have used the co-op to purchase a good deal. It was extremely easy to use and would recommend them to all homeschool families!”
Bernadette Moriarty, Co-op Member
”So FREE! So many SAVINGS!! Real savings, too, turning great products for schools into affordable products for homeschoolers!”
Michelle Baugh, Co-op Member
”We love Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op! They know exactly what we need, and offer it at a discounted price. You can't beat that. I really appreciate how easy they make your shopping experience, and how there are no gimmicks. We have already gotten our friends to register. We will always go to Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op first for our home school neeeds.”
D. Malone, Co-op Member
”I have been so great full to be part of this Co-op. It has given me materials and options I did not have before. I sincerely thank all of the families and staff that participate. I will add my 100% percent endorsement to other Homeschooling families!”
Diana K., Co-op Member
”Thank you for the great products that you offer. We have used several products through the co-op that we would otherwise not be able to afford. Thanks again for helping to enrich our school days.”
Melinda W, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op. We have found courses and offerings that we would not have found otherwise. They offer so many things at great prices. We appreciate having a place to go to get good deals on quality programs. I have shared with other moms about deals that were going on at the Co-op and they really appreciated it.”
Jill G., Co-op Member
”We are so glad that we found your site several years ago. The amount of curriculum that you offer is an excellent source to use for our homeschooling needs. The co-op pricing is so much lower when bought at a "group buy" that I have shared this find with many people, so they can also use your site for their individual needs. Another huge plus is that our daughter can easily navigate the site by herself to get her daily lessons started. We will be using it for years to come. Thanks so much for all you do for the homeschooling community.”
K. Valley, Co-op Member
”Love Homeschool Buyers Co-op! So much variety and interesting courses offered. Love the special offers every month. It really helps out the homeschool family on a budget, as most are. A must have for any homeschool outfit.”
Marla Jollie, Co-op Member
”Being a member really offers great prices about the learning programs, also, a good channel to learn the recommended or new learning programs that become available.”
Sunny Yang, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-Op has saved our homeschool! The variety of material and information provided on each one has helped me "carry on" in this journey. the information "out there" is overwhelming... but with this website, it's right at your fingertips! And the money I have saved is tremendous!”
JSanders, Co-op Member
”The Co-op is absolutely wonderful! It is so helpful to see the various resources, let alone be able to order them at terrific prices!”
Rebecca S., Co-op Member
”Thank you, Thank you and Thank you to all you wonderful people for giving home schoolers access to so many amazing programs. Without your hard work, homeschoolers would never have had access to such program. Now we get the best of both worlds....

Hope you are able to do this forever!”
Bindu Menon, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I have struggling learners and have found so many programs/tools that have helped them. I of course love the discounts I have received that would have been impossible without this Co-op option.

The only complaint I have is that I can't stay off their website each month trying to see what is new that can help with my kids learning. Not good for my pocketbook. :)”
Angela H., Co-op Member
”Homeschoolbuyerscoop is awesome! I just happened upon it one day while surfing for something else and can hardly believe every homeschoolers doesn't use it! I've saved 50% on great curriculum choices, multiple times! All dealings and purchased w HSBC have been easy, pleasant and very clearly communicated. I just don't have any thing negative to all. I always spread the word when the opportunity presents itself. Great service to homeschoolers! I'm a mom to 4 homeschoolers so it really helps my bottom line!”
Aim e Hare, Co-op Member
”Love the Co-op. This has been a great place for me as a home school educator. There is always lots of advice and support.”
Sherie Landers, Co-op Member
”Enjoy Homeschool Buyers Co-op and it's weekly deals.”
Crystal, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a great stress reliever for busy moms and dads to find great curriculum and lots of support. Tons of information to read up on and don't forget the freebies...Prices as well are great, cant find discounts like these elsewhere. I tell all that I come in contact with about Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Great place..”
Mary Johnson, Co-op Member
”This is an awesome site. Quite honestly with the amount of emails we receive because of things "I signed up for" , I have no idea how I came to be know this site. But I am thrilled it came across our inbox.

I have not even begun to touch the surface of the content offered all here, but I have been blessed with curriculum needs with extreme discounts and that is something worth rejoicing about. :-)

Each purchase I have made was simple, executed in a timely matter, and delivered exactly what was stated I was buying. There were no hassles, and the site was very friendly to use.

I am delighted to bookmark this page and come back and surf the site for so many gems I noticed are here, homeschool ids, specials, freebies, etc. . . I look forward to the GroupBuy emails that come and I give this whole venue a thumbs up!”
Mrs. Loretta Smith, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a great site who helped me purchase IXL Math and it saved me up to 25 percent off on the membership .The products and services on this site is far most the best compared to other sites .I have already ref few friends and will be referring a couple more to this site ....Thank you Homeschool buyers co-op for the excellent service .I will def use this service in future too...Thanks once again for the wonderful service that you are providing ....”
vidya, Co-op Member
”I am thankful for the Co-op. Thanks to their group buys, not only do I get good deals, I learn about new products out there that I would never look at because I just don't have a lot of free time. My homeschool has greatly benefited from homeschool co-op!”
S. Jones, Co-op Member
”I really appreciate the work of the Homeschool Buyers Coop, and the great opportunities they bring our way. A lot of these programs we would not ever come across otherwise, and now we can, and at such affordable prices! Hope for struggling learners has come through some of the offers here! Thank you so much, Homeschool Buyers Coop!”
Linda, Co-op Member
”HBC, you make my classroom rock! I have enjoyed wonderful savings, cool opportunities, and great enhancements to my curriculum. Thank you for keeping learning challenging and fun.”
KH, Co-op Member
”Since becoming a member at Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op, we've been able to afford more educational opportunities and values than we'd be able to attain otherwise. We've purchased several products and got up and started without a hitch. Thank you to the website for varied product selections and also to fellow homeschoolers who purchase through this site making it an affordable and valuable resource for all of us. :-)”
T. Hall, Co-op Member
”Very helpful when dealing with an issue from a purchase I made through the co-op. They followed up with emails and phone calls and worked until the issue was resolved. Thank you so much!”
Sue D., Co-op Member
”I really appreciate this wonderful resource, I've enriched my son's homeschooling experience in many ways and hope to continue doing so.”
Bobbi Collyer, Co-op Member
”I am very thankful for the Coop. They have helped me search for the correct curriculum for my family, and helped me save. Homeschooling children ranging in ability level from Kindergarten to 9th grade, You have helped me streamline our processes and save a significant amount of money. I tell everyone considering Homeschooling to first become connected with HSBC”
Heidi C, Co-op Member
”I LOVE the Co-op! I only wish I had come up with the idea! Several products I have bought, I never would have known about without the Co-op and the emails that they send me. I also would not have been able to afford these same products without the fabulous discounts being a member gets you. I will continue to use the Co-op and have shared it with my family.”
Stephanie A, Co-op Member
”Frustrated by endless hours of scouring the internet for bits and pieces of resources for our homeschool, I happened upon Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I am so thrilled to have this amazing resource at my fingertips. Loads of curriculum choices- organized and explained in one web location. I appreciate seeing the discount in a table format according to the number of purchasers. And, the planner is the best product I have purchased! Being a very detail oriented person, I have never found a planner that has met all my needs to organize and keep daily tasks in order. I have spread the word to my homeschool peers that they too should join homeschool buyers co-op. I am a new member, but am looking forward to everything this site offers for me and my family.”
M. Gookin, Co-op Member
”I really appreciate receiving e-mails daily from the homeschool-buyers-co-op for new product and curriculum discounts. There is so much out there that I would never know about unless the buyers-co-op sent it to me. There are amazing discounts that I would otherwise not be able to take advantage of. You guys are such a blessing!”
Callie B., Co-op Member
”This is a wonderful service. Thank you for making it easy to for me to provide my 17 year old son the opportunity to get his driver's license. Your many other deals are great, too. Your service makes homeschooling much easier to accomplish.”
Lorraine Hitchcock, Co-op Member
”I am always excited to visit Homeschool Buyers Co-op. It has allowed me to access many valuable homeschooling resources for my kids. It is simply the go-to site for helping kids K-12 to excel in their academics.

Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op”
Esther, Co-op Member
”We don't always get everything here - but that's more because of our style of learning used for our child. However, we get things here that we can get just about anywhere else...because I trust the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We purchased a few life packs, some other little workbooks here a few years ago - they used to have a large variety of downloadable workbooks. We've always benefited tremendously by shopping here first. In fact, our next History kit will come from the Co-Op. Why? Well why not? The discounts are incredible.”
Anthony Cooper, Co-op Member
”I am so grateful for this Co-op! It has given me an opportunity to try different things that I was not even aware of and has enriched our homeschool immensely. For instance, I could never have afforded the Williamsburg virtual field trips without the Co-op negotiating a great price! The Happy Scientist is something our whole family has enjoyed as well. I've also purchased things that I had planned on, but at a great price. Thanks so much for all your hard work! God Bless!”
Amy L., Co-op Member
”This is a wonderful resource for homeschool parents. The Co-op always has a large variety of curriculum and the discounts are hard to pass up. Thanks ya'll for a great service!”
PennyW., Co-op Member
”As a homeschool mom, there is so much work involved in raising, teaching and finding what works for each individual child. It's a gamble paying for something that may be hit or miss. And time consuming searching all the different curriculums out there. Trying to find the right curriculum for each subject to target their strengths and difficult areas is quite the chore. Having this website, and resources all in one place, having discounts and free trials and so many options to look at each subject has made my searching so much easier and less time consuming. Math is the anxiety subject in our house and we have found a few resources that have reduced the anxiety and made math semi fun for my kids. Without you, my kids would still be struggling with math and have bad feelings over daily math. Thank you for all you do for us homeschool families, we appreciate it more than we can express.”
Karen H, Co-op Member
”An excellent service with great discounts of third party websites. I definitely recommend to anyone who are interested in IXL program.”
sunil, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-op is one of my favorite sources for homeschooling material. Not only am I able to purchase learning materials at greatly discounted rates, I am introduced to many free websites, most of which we now regularly use!”
Tavi Greiner, Co-op Member
”I love this site. I can find everything that I need. I can get answers to all my questions. Thanks for all the discounts you offer here!!!”
Karen Culpepper, Co-op Member
”I enjoy that someone is taking the time and energy to provide information about discounts in one place. It saves us time and money for our homeschool.”
Diane R., Co-op Member
”I am starting homeschool this year and I didn't have a clue where to go to get stuff I needed. Until a friend gave me some websites to go to. I went to Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op first and started looking around. It is so easy and understanding that I didn't even go any where else. I really love this website!!!!!!!”
Milissa M, Co-op Member
”What an amazing service and it is superbly managed, as well! I have made several purchases and it is always a flawless experience. Every time I think of a product I'd like to see on Homeschool Buyers Co-op, they are on top of it already and it shows up days later (or was already there!). I really want to express my appreciation for the positive impact this Co-op has on my home education experience and on the home educating community in general.”
Cynthia, Co-op Member
”Just wanted to let everyone at Homeschool Buyers how much I appreciate having such a great place to see, try, and find Secular and Non-Secular curriculum! I also love the daily Click-Schooling e-mails I have found wonderful free lesson plans and support. Keep up the great work, keep finding great curriculum offers!”
S. Chase, Co-op Member
”Love this website! The resources are plentiful and discounts on products are great!!!!! Great job!!!!”
Patrick and Audarshia Flagg, Co-op Member
”The Co-op has been so much help to me for several years. Thanks for all you do to help us.”
DyAnn, Co-op Member
”Thank you for the ideas and freebies. Its a great website!”
Tina W, Co-op Member
”Very thankful to be a member of the Co-op! Our family's membership has provided us substantial savings on top quality curriculum we may not otherwise be able to afford. Would highly recommend to any homeschool family!”
Christi B., Co-op Member
”The deals are wonderful and allow me to try new products/curriculum that I normally wouldn't try due to the cost. Thanks so much for this site and quality products from great companies!!!”
Tracy A., Co-op Member
”I have been very happy with the decision to join the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I appreciate the free trials and the discounts . . . I have found some very valuable products through this site. I think the amount of information I receive is just right. I recently had an issue, and it was addressed by customer service within a couple of hours . . . I was impressed. I think this is a great service, giving homeschoolers the opportunity to buy in bulk and get a discount. Thanks so much!!!”
Melissa B., Co-op Member
”I can't tell you how much this website has helped to relieve stress. I am a newbie to the whole homeschool thing. I mean I taught my son everything he knew prior to him going to public school but I was a ball of nerves pulling him out. Your site, the freebies, and all the curriculum available was just what I needed to regroup. I can do this. Thank you for your wonderful site and endless amount of resources.”
Tesha, Co-op Member
”This site has been instrumental for me as a beginer homeschooling parent. All I knew is that my son was failing greatly in public school and my daughter too. This site has brought to me many resources I would have had to research myself. Instead it comes to me via email and with great discounts. I highly recommend to all parents.”
Lizette Rocha, Co-op Member
”A fantastic place to get the curriculum I love at a discount price! This has saved me a ton of money! Thank you!!”
Jenny K, Co-op Member
”I was excited to see the great group prices available through the Co-op! Purchasing Mark Kistler Draw3D was only possible for our budget because of the Co-op prices. Thank you for all the hard work to bring us great programs & prices to our home school!”
Beth, Co-op Member
”I like how I can get the curriculum that I need at a price I can afford.”
Rose, Co-op Member
”The savings we have received through the Co-op are great!”
Doug Lassiter, Co-op Member
”Thanks for all the hard work you do - sifting, looking, negotiating and thinking on our behalf. You are appreciated.”
Trish, Co-op Member
”Really appreciate the ability to buy quality curriculum and digital programs from Homeschool Buyer's Co-op at discounted prices!”
Sharon A., Co-op Member
”I am so thankful we found Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We have 5 children and appreciate all the hard work that goes in to saving families money. Our deepest gratitude.”
K. Pearson, Co-op Member
”Thank you for everything you do! My son loves his minecraft course!! And it was so cheap too! Much appreciated!! :)”
Sarah, Co-op Member
”This site has saved us so much money for fabulous opportunities and homeschool materials for my children! It is our first "go-to" site when looking to purchase materials and curriculum for homeschooling or homeschooling enrichment. Thank you for such a great service!”
Beth C., Co-op Member
”The Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op has become an important part of our homeschool journey. Through their services, we have often become aware of a product that meets a need in our family, just at the right time. We have been introduced to products that we would not otherwise have known about. Even better, these courses and products have become affordable. It's good to know that many of the courses reappear as a special offer quite often, so we can afford to keep up with new courses as our kids progress. I recommend this co-op to all new homeschoolers that I meet.”
Judy N, Co-op Member
”Love the Co-op and all the wonderful learning opportunities we have been able to take advantage of at great prices!”
Patti P, Co-op Member
”Great way to learn about new products and save money.”
L. Bolick, Co-op Member
”This makes homeschooling financially accessible as well as putting within reach professionally produced learning materials. Essential for the homeschooler!!”
Ryo T., Co-op Member
”The Homeschool-Buyers Co-op has been a valuable resource in finding and affording quality homeschooling products. I wouldn't have been aware of many of the products we've been using if it hadn't have been for the co-op. We have been able to take advantage of the trials offered by many of the companies represented here to determine which ones work best for my son and then take advantage of the impressive savings through the co-op to purchase items we otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford. The lists of trial options each company offers (in some cases full use of their products for a month or more!) and the testimonials of other homeschoolers have helped tremendously in selecting products that will actually work for us.”
Mrs. S, Co-op Member
”What a great creation the Co-op is: a one-stop must-have for homeschoolers and would-be homeschoolers alike. For us on the homeschool fence, the Co-op fulfills such an important function. It lets us know about the amazing resources out there. The savings on programs alone are phenomenal. If I had one request, it would be this: revamp your interface to make it more visual in line with IOS, Netflix, Amazon aesthetics ... and make user the reviews more upfront, so we can choose more intelligently. Right now, the site is a cluttered embarrassment of riches. Thank you.”
Shaffin S., Co-op Member
”Thanks so much for the 40% discount for Drivers ed course! It was awsome. My son was finished with it in a matter of a few weeks and that was working casually on it. So easy to apply the discount. VERY good directions. Thanks!”
Mom of 5 boys, Co-op Member
”It is a wonderful website you can get the best programs with a big discount,so join it, You will love it!!”
Rebecca, Co-op Member
”My family definitely appreciates the terrific deals offered on this website! Thanks for all the variety!”
L. Rothermel, Co-op Member
”You folks are so fast to respond and very friendly. I love the Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
M. Petersen, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Buyers Co-op! I tell everyone I know about it. It is such a blessing to be able to save money on quality educational products.”
Jaimie L., Co-op Member
”Love this website!! I have bought several products from you because the discounts are so amazing! I also love the free ID cards I can make for my children. I recommend you to my homeschool friends both locally and on the internet regularly. Thank you for providing such a great service!!”
Janee Campbell, Co-op Member
”keep up the good work people. I would have no clue about how much great material is out there, and couldn't afford it, without you!”
Dianah R, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool-Buyers-Co-Op! What a great place to see lots of curriculum, read what others think about it and get a great discount! This is the first place I come to shop!”
Elaine S., Co-op Member
”We have purchased several programs through the Co-op. What a great resource for homeschooling families. I am so happy to see such great learning tools for my child. Keep up the good work and much success!”
Russ Person, Co-op Member
”Thank you for presenting tremendous opportunities through the Co-op. I have been able to connect with some amazing programs that I would have never even known about otherwise. Also, there are programs I could not have afforded without the group buys! Needless to say, I am hugely pleased and glad to be a member.”
Bonita Ringewold, Co-op Member
”We have absolutely LOVED the Co-op. Our seven children have benefited from so many resources that we never would have discovered without it...Mark Kistler, Adaptive Curriculum...Thank you! We look forward to many years alongside you.”
A. Guzman, Co-op Member
”I'm excited about having found you and am looking forward to learning more from your FB page and website. Thank you for all you are doing! What a great asset for homeschoolers.”
D. Guello, Co-op Member
”I started Home schooling my 5th grader this past August. I had no clue what I was doing! I came accross the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and it has been a great resource for me. I have recieved some really great programs at some great prices. I have not regreted any of my purchases. I have also used many of the free lessons they have offered. Homeschool Buyers Co-op has been a life saver. Thankyou so very much. I plan on being a member for many years to come and I have recommended this to many people.”
Whitney Albright, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Buyers Co-op! You guys make it possible for me to buy some curriculum that would otherwise be out of our price range. Being able to pay half price for my daughters math curriculum was a lifesaver this year! Thank you!”
Anna Kinney, Co-op Member
”This site has been a life-saver for me and my family. I started homeschool full-time around five years ago. I would have been totally lost if it hadn't been for the Homeschool Buyers co-op.There is so much information on different curriculum that you can go crazy trying to find the best ones that work for your child. I can honestly say that I have always been pleased with everything I have purchased from the Co-op. This has really relieved a lot of stress and worry about if my boys are receiving quality products. Here, I know they are always are.”
Jocelyn Dorsey, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op is a fantastic resource. We are very grateful to have found this website. With programs bought through the Co-op we are finding more things that suit our child's interests and style of learning which makes the year so much better. I have recommended programs and the Co-op itself to others. It's a service we will use again because it adds so much to our homeschool journey.”
D. Young, Co-op Member
”I love homeschool-buyers-co-op. They make buying resource easy and stress free. I plan to remain with them until my kids have finished school.”
Melissa W, Co-op Member
”This s great resource to find new and interesting products often at a great discount. I like trying out programs at a discount so that I can see if it works for my kids.”
Linda Waldman, PhD, Co-op Member
”I have enjoyed discovering new curricula, discounts and free products, and excellent customer service when I had a problem once.”
BKS, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a huge blessing to our family. I am so thankful that they have created this site for us because it enables our kiddos to have access to great resources at a reasonable cost. As a result of these resources, our kiddos have been able to improve many of the skills that are necessary for a successful academic & eventual professional career. Keep up the great work.”
N. Lawrence, Co-op Member
”Thank you for all the great products you make affordable through GroupBuys. Keep it up!”
Juanita P.K., Co-op Member
”For three years the Homeschool Buyers Co-op has been a vital resource in my homeschooling efforts. Not only have I benefited from many significant curriculum/product discounts, but I have also been able to easily exchange ideas and resources with other members! When I became a part of the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, I no longer felt as isolated - I felt part of a robust community of independent home educators and it has made all the difference for my child and myself. Thank you!”
Stace, Co-op Member
”Very impressed with the good service!

As big as the Co-op is, still has that personal touch.”
Pat Sommer, Co-op Member
”The programs I have purchased from Homeschool-Buyers-Co-Op have enriched my children's homeschool learning experience. The items have been affordable, easy to use and of excellent quality. The site offers a variety of products for homeschoolers and homeschoolers with learning challenges. Love it!!”
Yvonne W, Co-op Member
”We're new to homeschooling this year and the cost of just the materials I needed was overwhelming! I was so blessed when I found the Co-op's site as I was able to get all the curricula I neeeded (and some I simply wanted) at very reasonable prices.”
Michelle E., Co-op Member
”We love Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op. It has allowed us to use much better curriculum than we could have afforded otherwise! My daughter has scored exceptionally well on her ACT due to the courses that she has taken thru HomeschoolBuyersCo-op! Thank you for all you do for our home schooled children!”
Jamie S., Co-op Member
”Thankful for my sister sharing with me about the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op! I have found great curriculums at great prices! Thanks for the work that goes into helping homeschool families save time and money searching for teaching materials. The reviews for each product are also very helpful when trying to determine what resource will help us most! Thanks!”
#schoolathomerocks!, Co-op Member
”I am a HSBC fan!!! Their discounts are super great! Appreciate their quick customer service and user friendly website. Also appreciate learning about different programs through them.”
spricetyty, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op has been great! They have helped round out my curriculum many times over the years. They provide a great service and wonderful customer support. They have helped resolve ALL problems quickly and professionally.

I will continue to me a member for as long as I homeschool.”
Jenese, Co-op Member
”I love the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op! I have gotten really good deals on curriculum that I and my children love. It is thanks to Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op that I have become aware of many science curriculums and "extras" that we currently use like BrainPop, Time4Learning, The happy scientist, etc.”
Edda, Co-op Member
”I am so thankful for the Co-op. I really like the one-stop shopping for curricula. I have 'discovered' a few resources here that I may not have ever found in my own web-searching. I really appreciate the discounted offers, also. Each year I begin my curriculum search right here at the Co-op.”
Samantha, Co-op Member
”I have learned so much about resources through the Co-op and really appreciate the discounts I've gotten.”
Amy I., Co-op Member
”You are awesome! Thank you for providing so many wonderful opportunities, for keeping me updated so faithfully on the products you are featuring, and for taking the time to make the whole thing so visually appealing. :-)”
Jennie S., Co-op Member
”I have been getting updates from HSBC for 5 or more years & really appreciate them helping me educate my children. We have not always been able to get program due to our internet service provider, but at least I knew the options were available.

Taking our children's education on responsibly is so necessary & HSBC has helped immensely! Thanks for all you do.

I regularly pass deals on to our home education group & other families.”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”Through the Co-op I have learned about so many educational souces, ideas, before purchasing. I have been able to save by trying something for a reduced price or just reading about it, before buying.”
Twila, Co-op Member
”The Co-op is really a must for homeschoolers. You can find everything you need to make your homeschooling experience successful, stress-free and enjoyable. The many resources and group buys are great! I would highly recommend the homeschool-buyers co-op to everyone. Homeschoolers as well as parents who are looking for ways to enrich their children's education would benefit from becoming a member.”
Jackie F., Co-op Member
”The issue that I have with HSBC is that they have too much to choose from and I find myself wanting to do everything with my children.”
Julie E, Co-op Member
”This site is very useful in that it collects products together in one place, with testimonials and usually samples, so you don't have to trawl the web looking at hundreds of Google links when you want some kind of homeschooling or supplementary work.”
Michael Byrne, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I can get really great resources at a fraction of the cost. I am thankful that I was introduced to Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
Candace H., Co-op Member
”We homeschool on a very limited budget. Thanks to Homeschool Buyers Co-op, we are able to afford programs that might otherwise be out of reach for us. I also love the ID cards that are available. This has been useful since our state does not offer any kind of ID for homeschoolers.”
Kim S., Co-op Member
”I am more likely to purchase a product because it was featured on this site because I truly believe the products are vetted using a much more stringent criteria than most suppliers. Before I purchase elsewhere I check this site to see if the product is recommended. I also like the discount. Every penny counts. I like and recommend this site.”
Jo S., Co-op Member
”The Co-op has been a wonderful place to purchase great curriculum at lower prices, as well as discover new curriculum and teaching tools that I hadn't heard of before. Through the co-op, I also found the homeschool planner that changed how I do record-keeping. I am so thankful to have found this website, and I am ALWAYS looking at the new "buys" for the week in my emails. Ha!”
Kellee, Co-op Member
”FABULOUS site! Wonderful offers which I would never have known about if not for them. Great deals on some of the top software, or programs for Home Education.”
Christina, Co-op Member
”This site has been a huge help for our homeschooling. I have been so pleased with the offerings and REALLY thrilled with the ADDITIONAL savings the GroupBuys have privided. By far this is the best thing I have found to help our homeschool journey!! I am telling everyone I know about this awesome site!!!”
shawna m, Co-op Member
”Join the Co-op! We've saved hundreds of dollars as members. You can get high quality curriculum and materials at such low prices. I love that the Co-op does the leg work finding these great products that I would otherwise not have heard of.”
Caroline Good, Co-op Member
”Thank you for doing all the background legwork research for us! Using the Co-op makes choosing and purchasing products easy and budget friendly.”
Mrs. Pecchia, Co-op Member
”HSBC, your services and product selections are amazing! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your tremendous array of resources and helps. You really know how to take care of your customers, a rare talent in today's market. Thank you for your attentiveness, generous services, and your special way of bringing to us what the homeschool community needs to be exceptional.

Continued success to you!”
Mrs. Dowdell, Co-op Member
”The Homschool-Buyers-Co-op has made home schooling more affordable and easier for our family. It has all the curriculum and reviews to go with it. It also has the programs for special needs/struggling students as well as advanced students. It has made my life much easier.”
Ruth W., Co-op Member
”In the short time I've been a member, the Homeschool Buyers Co-op has already linked my family to many great resources and discounts. I'm very glad we decided to join.”
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
”My family has been amazed at how much we have saved using the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op. I enjoy not only saving money but the options they have in educational materials for our son. I recommend this site to anyone trying to homeschool or tutor children. Thank You Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op for giving us the opportunity to learn new things at a discounted price!!”
Bonnie D., Co-op Member
”Thank you all for your hard work and determination that keeps the Co-op going There so many great deals.”, Co-op Member
”I was skeptical about the Homeschool Buyers Co-op; however, after seeing the price of YourTeacher actually drop from $150 to $99 when we ordered, I was truly amazed. I figured that they were just like any other site trying to make a buck, that it was probably just a gimmick and that the price would actually stay put. Thank you HSBC! I find it difficult to buy material within my VERY limited budget, so keep up the good work! I do, however, hope to see a greater selection for electives, especially for high schoolers trying to make career choices.”
Christina M., Co-op Member
”Thanks Co-Op staff for your always prompt, professional, kind and caring approach to your customers!!”
Beth Nystrom, Co-op Member
”This Co-op has been a Godsend for us. It has presented us with material I would not have known about and the testimonials have helped us choose what is right for us. The prices are allowing us to experiment with products we may have only hoped to have tried. Seeing the size of the community gives me inspiration and hope that I can do this. Thanks for making this free and giving us buying power.”
Kathleen, Co-op Member
”We have been members of the co-op for only a short period of time but we have already seen a lot of benefits not only monetarily but also as a resource for finding materials. The discounts are huge and the product reviews are extremely helpful. The website is very easy to navigate and the follow through from the company is great. I highly recommend the Co-op to all homeschool parents.”
harb, Co-op Member
”I have received a wealth of information from your Co-op that has significantly aided in our homeschool process. The discounts have been most helpful, and just learning about the options out there is priceless! Thank you so much for your commitment to home education and for helping us so much!”
Julie W., Co-op Member
”This is such a great service!!! I have gotten so many great values using this site. And it's really nice to learn about so many options for certain subjects or grades. I have recommended this site over and over to other homeschoolers. And I have never had an issue with any of the purchases I have made. The terms and conditions are very clear and the processing fees are reasonable. Thanks so much for making this available!”
Lisa D, Co-op Member
”This website is my first stop for any home school shopping. I get more than half of my home school supplements from here. I think we have purchased Type to Learn, Reading Eggs, Click-N-Kids, Rosetta Stone, Horizons, Learnables, Legos, Switched on Schoolhouse, Homeschool Planet, Brain Pop, Time 4 Learning, eTap, abcTeach, Lesson Planet, Monarch, Simply Music, Explode the Code, Wordly Wise 3000 online, MCP Plaid, Math Mammoth, IXL, Math Seeds... Goodness! Should I go on? I guess I could be called addicted, but it's all great savings! I tell everyone about Homeschool Buyers Co-op, even parents with children in public school who "homeschool" during the summer to keep their children progressing. It has been and will continue to be my first stop each year for homeschool shopping!”
Kathrine K., Co-op Member
”I am so thankful for the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! As a parent with 4 homeschooled kids, buying curriculum and materials gets expensive. It is so beneficial to have this site. Most of the resources I have purchased from this site, I had never even heard of before finding them here. I appreciate that the companies offer us parents discounts and it is certainly a great way for companies to get themselves noticed by many. I tell everyone I know who homeschools about this site.”
Rebecca R., Co-op Member
”I stumbled upon this website when looking for a way to purchase wordly wise for my children. It has been a fantastic resource! There are plenty of affordable options available to me and my family for use in the home "classroom". I am so glad I found this site and I tell all my friends about it.”
L. Sutton, Co-op Member
”In the year and half we have been homeschooling, the two most valuable resources I have found are other homeschooling families (either through blogs or locally) and the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op. This organization is an incredible gift to all families that care about education, not just homeschoolers, and I am eternally grateful that it exists. We have found so many great resources at HSBC! I recommend free memberships to anyone who expresses interest in education. Many of my friends have joined, now, too. What a wonderful site!!!”
JC, Co-op Member
”Thank you to the Amazing Staff/Family at the Homeschool Buyers' Co-op! I am so grateful to you for helping to start out our new school year with such incredible teaching and learning tools. The discounts that you have provided as well as the high quality curriculum products that you have so carefully chosen to share will allow us to have the best school year ever. I am proudly telling our homeschool friends how grateful I am to have found you, and sending them your way so they can have a positive experience as well. I appreciate all that you do to make this our "Go To" resource for everything homeschooling and I highly recommend your site to any size family who is looking for a place to call "home" as they navigate this wonderful journey. This will continue to be the first place that I go while researching the best possible choices for my son's education. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do, and I hope that you all have a happy and healthy school year...”
Jules, Co-op Member
”Great money saving tool for the Homeshool family. The resources are always top of the line, pricing is excellet, and the customer service is prompt and friendly. I often recommend this site to friends looking for curriculum for their students. Keep up the great deals!”
Laurie Halvorson, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-op is amazing. I've gotten so many great programs over the past year, thanks to the amazing deals. Our family would not be able to enjoy some of the great curriculum and supplements that we've purchased otherwise. I've also been introduced to a wide variety of programs that I didn't even know were out there. I'm also grateful for the great customer service at the Co-op. My questions and concerns are always answered promptly.”
Krystal, Co-op Member
”Thank you for providing opportunities to try many products on the free trial basis, and low cost. Your service is a vital part of making our homeschool experience interesting and successful.”
S., Co-op Member
”Thanks so much for the frr trial of It's great and now I want it all the time!”
Leslie S, Co-op Member
”With such a huge and ever changing selection of curriculum bargains, we expected an automated impersonal process (think Amazon).

What we found instead, we had joined a community: couldn't be warmer or more helpful!”
Pat Sommer, Co-op Member
”I am loving all of the resources here! You are helping me find the resources I need to keep my 9 and 13 year old children learning and having fun at the same time!! I have bought some things and utilized some of the free resources as well. I have a very limited budget and really appreciate the discounts. Thanks for the effort you put into this Co-op for us!”
R. Ball, Co-op Member
”Thank you Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op, you have given me access to some wonderful resources at terrific prices that have enriched our homeschool, and which we probably would have done without if not for the Co-op. Excellent savings, thankyou.”
Emma M., Co-op Member
”HSBC has not only excellent deals but also excellent service from the staff. They are prompt to answer questions by email. I like that they send me a copy of their communication to the company/owner acknowledging my order for further processing. I got IXL Math through the coop and was able to use the product within the half day. Keep up the good service. God bless.”
Homeschool Mama, Co-op Member
”I am so thankful for the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! It has been a true blessing for our family. We have saved a TON of money which is important because we are a low-income, big family. I have been able to get top curriculum that we love, for a fraction of the price. I also really love the SmartPoints! The points add up quickly and allow us to get free curriculum!! I am thankful for the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and I love to share with it anyone that will listen!”
Amber Green, Co-op Member
”I appreciate your "deals" so much! I am a single, homeschooling mother of 5...down from 11...Needless to say, I do not have the time to scour every available source for the curriculum that fits my restricted budget. You have conveniently made the Co-op my "one stop shop". You have consistently carried deals on my english (lit and grammar & composition) and history/geography curricula and all my enrichment stuff I use for science. I have also been able to try things I never could have afforded otherwise.

Please continue to do the great job you have been doing for years. You just keep getting better and better.”
Kim, Co-op Member
”We are grateful for Homeschool Co-op! They bring us so many great deals for our home. Our children love ixl. We got it for our 3, 5, & 6 yr old. It is fun & exciting for all of them! We have told our other friends about it as well.”
Marci K, Co-op Member
”Thanks for making homeschool products more accessible with great prices and great service!”
Homeschool mom, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-op has been a blessing to us. Not only has it saved us money, but it has also provided us with resources previously unknown to us. Thank you for putting this together. My family is truly grateful for all you do.”
Julie H., Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Buyers-Coop has introduced me to material I wouldn't have found otherwise, and at great discounts. Their customer service is top notch.”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Buyers Co-op! I have gotten to try things I never would have tried at full price. I am always excited to see things on here that are on my wish list for our homeschool. We are on a tight budget and have been able to buy more of what we need thanks to the discounts we get from Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I have already recommended this site to a number of my friends. You can't go wrong with a free membership. My favorite feature is that you can pick the price you are willing to pay, and if it doesn't go that low you are not committed to buy. I also love the freebies.”
Mrs. Wren, Co-op Member
”Thank you for the fantastic discounts you offer to homeschoolers. We have purchased a handful of products through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op that we would not have been able to afford otherwise. My daughter loves the items we have purchased and I love the prices. Thank you for your offerings. This last school year would not have been the same without the items we purchased from you. They blessed our family immensely.”
Christine M., Co-op Member
”Were it not for the Co-op I would never have found the wonderful Help Math Program this year for my son. I really appreciate the savings as well. It helped us to decide if we should give the math program a try. Thank you for all the hard work you do!!”
S. DeWitt, Co-op Member
”I joined the Homeschool Buyers Co-op a few months ago and have really appreciated receiving the emails about terrific homeschooling products at greatly reduced rates. I would highly recommend that you sign-up and give it a try.”
Shauna Bartel, Co-op Member
”We have been homeschooling for 4 years now but have only found the Homeschool Buyers Co-op recently. I wish I had have found it years ago. The savings that the Co-op offers to the members are wonderful. The products we have purchased so far have been fantastic. When we are considering a product the reviews from other Co-op members have been very helpful. Thank you to everyone at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for the wonderful resources you are offering to all of us homeschoolers.”
Fiona Nottoli, Co-op Member
”Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I appreciate the service you offer to homeschoolers. The coop is well organized and a great service. Thanks again.”
W. Miller, Co-op Member
”I love this Co-op and wish I had know about it sooner! We have already purchased reading and science curriculum and love them both. The Co-op makes it easy to know if somthing will work for you and I really appreciate the video previews on everything. The things we have bought through the Co-op have been my sons favorites right from the getgo. Had I not found the Co-op we would never have found them and also would not have been able to afford them. I have recommended it to my friends and those considering homeschooling as this is an invaluable resource that I know our family will continue to support for many years.”
Jennifer Robin, Co-op Member
”I have used Homeschool Buyers Co-op to purchase several home school curriculum now and been exceptionally happy with every purchase! Thank you, HB Co-op, for making it possible for the little guys to get a great price break! Keep up the GREAT work!”
Stephanie P., Co-op Member
”Love and appreciate the discounts! Thank you so much!!!”
ipage, Co-op Member
”I have had such good experiences with HSBC over the past couple of years. I highly recommend it.”
Andrea R., Co-op Member
”I'm really happy to join Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op. I not only get great discounts on products I like, I also gain knowledge on products that I didn't know before. Thanks!”
S. Lin, Co-op Member
”We just love Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We have been members for several years now and use it as the place to begin our search for anything we need to use in our homeschool. I love the exposure to so many different resources as well as the discounts that become available. There are many extras we have been able to purchase that we might not have been able to without such a great discount that Homeschool Buyers Co-op has secured. I am always telling people about Homeschool Buyers Co-op and will continue to use it as our first step toward making any homeschool purchases.”
Tawnee H., Co-op Member
”We adore Homeschool Buyers Co-op! We have found more curriculum items on here at better prices than anywhere else! Thank you so much for all that you do and for having this available for homeschoolers. I recommend you to everyone I come in contact with. We will use you throughout our homeschooling and likely beyond.”
Katherine B., Co-op Member
”You guys are great at listening to our suggestions and then putting together some awesome GroupBuys! I've saved a lot of money on curriculum over the years. Still have lots of homeschooling years left so looking forward to many more Co-op deals. Thank you!!”
Laura M., Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for all the good deals you locate for our family.”
Edith L., Co-op Member
”I love HSBC customer service. I recently placed a LEGO order and forgot to put my new address on the order page. I was worried they would be lost in the mail. They went out of their way to fix it for me right away, so my little guy will have his LEGOs at our new home...Thanks!”
Claire S., Co-op Member
”LOVE Homeschool Buyers Co-Op! Great deals and ongoing freebies that are very helpful!”
Heather R, Co-op Member
”This is the BEST kept secret out there! I am sharing the secret with everyone I know, both homeschooling parents and those seeking enriched learning experiences for their kids-to keep the FUN and EXCITEMENT in the learning process. With so much test-based learning, kids and parents can really lose the joy of learning. The products offered here are so varied, interesting, and incredibly priced that everyone can benefit from being a member. I feel like someone offered me a treasure box that just keeps filling up with new gems! Thank you so much-our homeschooling experience has benefitted so much from your wonderful Co-op.”
Maria C, Co-op Member
”Homeschooling on a budget and with four kids isn't easy. I am thankful that the Co-op is here to offer deals on many items that I am already buying! Thanks for your hard work to save me money!”
Stac, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for negotiating such a great price on the PLATO program for homeschoolers! Please keep up the great work!”
ND, Co-op Member
”I am so grateful for the Homeschool Buyers Co-op's kindness. Everyone has been so helpful and so good at responding to the emails.

I appreciate all that you do for homeschoolers and will definitely be telling others about how great you all are!!”
Laura, Co-op Member
”Best Homeschool site ever! I've gotten several good deals that I wouldn't have been able to purchase otherwise.”
Taryn H., Co-op Member
”I am immensely grateful for the Co-op. I can't remember how I stumbled upon this exceptional find but it has been a blessing. Initially, I was willing to sign up to check it out because it is free which for me meant "no-risk guarantee". I was quickly hooked. It is such an excellent way to become familiar with material I wouldn't otherwise know existed. In addition to this are the great to mind-boggling deals offered through this excellent service. Customer service is friendly and very willing to help which is a far cry from most of my customer service experiences now-a-days. Furthermore, I've "liked" it on my Facebook page. The more people who know about and use this service the better for Co-op members, old and new alike.”
Crissy, Co-op Member
”This year is the first time that I have actually made purchases through the Co-op, even though I have been a 'lurking' member for several years. I am very pleased with the products that I have purchased and the communication that I receive from the Co-op directors. Joining the Co-op has been quite a blessing.”
Veronica G, Co-op Member
”Definitely have benefited from our membership. It is a blessing to Homeschool families. Thank you!”
Darlene Silver, Co-op Member
”I am so grateful that Homeschool Buyers Co-op is here. I have been able to purchase several items through you all at a substantial discount. I have referred you to many of my homeschool friends. Please keep up the work.”
sdstancel68, Co-op Member
”Hello, we the Vil family is extremely thankful for Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We are new at homeschooling and Homeschool Buyers Co-op has been a great tool and asset. Thank you for recommending IXL. It is awesome to be able to teach our children with the greatest tools that actually catches their attention and helps them learn. Our son loves IXL and so do we. We will definitely continue to use them and Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We have told others about it and will continue in doing so. We truly recommend Homeschool Buyers Co-op and IXL. Thank you!!”
Mrs. Estella Vil, Co-op Member
”The cost of providing an excellent education for four students is sometimes prohibitive. I am so blessed to find this co-op and be able to provide a better home school for half the cost. I have been pleased with all the services offered. The customer service has been prompt and helpful. They didn't sell my email address! I have no regrets.”
Lisa Schoenegge, Co-op Member
”I am thankful for this site and the opportunities to purchase quality curriculum at discounted prices!”
Brenda P, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-Op provides a valuable service for homeschooling families. We LOVE the PLATO programs negotiated by the Co-Op, as well as the scientific equipment purchase programs. Thank you so much! ”
ND, Co-op Member
”This is a wonderful resource for my homeschooled students. My students are above-level and there are many high quality programs offered at affordable prices. We especially love the PLATO courses!”
N.D., Co-op Member
”I love the ability to homeschool. The group buys make homeschool more affordable, and I love looking at the reviews to see if the program would fit into what I am looking for when it comes to homeschooling. I recommend this to everyone I talk to that homeschools so they can have the flexibility to choose curriculum that fits in with their families values, etc.”
Jennifer Schwartz, Co-op Member
”The Co-op is such a find. We save some money, and we hear about the latest resources to help our kids learn and love learning. I'm so glad the Co-op helps homeschooling families work together in the true spirit of a co-op. And everyone wins!”
L. Walter, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-Op has been a key part of making our homeschool a success! I am constantly amazed at the discounts available through the Co-op. In many cases, we have access to better resources than are available in many public schools. My sister is a 2nd grade teacher (public school) and regularly says that she is constrained in her cirruculum to the district's requirements. I am so glad to have Homeschool Buyers Co-Op to help me adjust cirriculum to my children's needs. I can access resources that are are engaging and fun while still having great educational value. I would highly recommend Homeschool Buyers Co-Op to anyone who has taken on the rewarding role of homeschool teacher.”
A. Serrano, Co-op Member
”I think the Co-op is a fantastic idea and website. I have purchased several programs over the years that I would never have purchased otherwise because of both the exposure (telling me what the product can provide for my family) and the great discounts. I have told many families about the co-op.”
Laura L. Walker, Co-op Member
”I so appreciate your hard work in getting such great buys for us home schoolers! You were also so quick to help with a problem I had when I purchased a subscription to Reflex Math. Apparently, the cyber trash can still eats emails as I never received the email the Reflex people had sent. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!”
Vicki D., Co-op Member
”I adore the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! We have been able to purchase curriculum items that we never would have been able to budget without the Co-op. Thank you!”
Christine M., Co-op Member
”We have always enjoyed everything purchased from Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Everything has been a value and well worth the money spent! So happy this resource exists for the homeschool community!”
Jenifer Walsh, Co-op Member
”Love Homeschool-Buyers Co-op. The products are great with even nicer prices. Always a wonderful selection of products/classes with something for everyone.”
Jenny G., Co-op Member
”I just want to say THANKS! My family has benefited from the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and it has been a blessing to us. I know praise reports are hard to come by these days and good words are always appreciated. Thanks for supplying us with great deals on wonderful educational tools.”
C. Ford, Co-op Member
”This is my go-to one stop shop for homeschool curriculum. In this economy, it's important to find the best deals for amazing quality. Instead of searching all over the place, I just come here. I've yet to be disappointed by the selection or the price. Thank you so much for making this available to the public. The service that you offer is phenomenal!!”
Yvonne W, Co-op Member
”I heard about the Homeschool Buyers Co-op from another homeschooling parent's blog. I'd been searching for a specific product for my son. I was happy to find that you offered the product for a reduced price. The free resources have been a huge benefit to our family as well. Thank you!”
Kristy B., Co-op Member
”Thank you for providing these amazing deals. I have purchased a few of them and have not been disappointed.”
Stacy W., Co-op Member
”I am grateful for the deals that the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op gets for our family. I get regular emails letting me know about new products, and am glad to be able to purchase them at such deep discounts. As a busy mother of 5, it's been a blessing to me over the past year.”
Lisa Fox, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for providing this service. You help us save a little money, but you also expose us to different products we might not have thought about. As a first year home schooler, this site has been very helpful. Thank you!”
Rebecca M., Co-op Member
”The educational resources that Homeschool Buyers Co-op provides are by far the most intriguing tools we have used. The purchase prices are outstanding. I truly look forward to receiving your email specials! Thank you!”
Tammy B., Co-op Member
”We are so grateful for the service you offer! Our family has been in a financial nightmare since 2008 and our homeschooling budget has been less than a shoestring. We would not, at all, have been able to afford the products we have bought (and plan on buying!) without the discount offered. Our sincere thanks for helping us to keep our school on track through this very difficult time. God bless you!”
Amber, Co-op Member
”I love the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. There are many types of curriculum that I wouldn't even know about if it wasn't for the wonderful products they procure for homeschoolers. I'm glad that I found them and that they continue to help homeschooling families with the best products for the best education we can offer our children.”
Brandy Lance, Co-op Member
”A friend told me about the Co-op this year and I've been so grateful and excited about what the Co-op offers. Before this year, I didn't have the opportunity or resources to do much curriculum-purchasing. This year I do, and I have been overwhelmed at the huge amount of options and variety out there.

The Co-op's helpful videos, testimonials and product descriptions have helped me weed out products that I don't want and zero in on products that would help my children learn best. I love the low prices and I'm so grateful for the great service the Co-op offers.”
K. Hellewell, Co-op Member
”Thank you for creating the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! You have given us so many great opportunities at affordable prices and made it possible to put together a unique & comprehensive education for our kids. We love it!”
Denise N., Co-op Member
”Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering quality curriculum at affordable prices. As a homeschool family we are now able to enjoy top notch material for a fraction of the cost.”
BJS, Co-op Member
”Helpful products, delivered what they said they would and good customer service.”
Sharon, Co-op Member
”I am so glad I found Homeschool Buyers Co-Op. The products are incredibly fun and engaging for my sons and make my life much easier as their teacher. The mix of online activities and videos that I've purchased so far have become my sons' favorite subjects. Searching for curriculum on my own was taking hours and hours with little results. Not only do I see a consolidated list of options through the Co-op, they come at incredible discounts that I could not have received on my own. Less time, less headaches and saving $$ - this is why I love the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op!”
Audra, Co-op Member
”I love belonging to the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I stumbled across this wonderful resource 3 years ago, when I started my homeschooling journey. You provide excellent deals on educational tools to enhance the learning experience at home! The deals are so great, at times, it is challenging to decide which group buy to choose! I recommend your site to everyone I know, looking for assistance with their homeschooling! HBC, you are a wonderful resource.”
Jerri W., Co-op Member
”Wow! I love this site. They have great information and resources to tap into. Whether you are a full time or part time homeschooler you will definitely find the information and discounts provided here beneficial. Thanks for all you do to bring this information and resources to our families.”
A Carter, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for all your hard work ,you have so much info that I have not had a chance to even scratch the surface (little by little I will). I have taken advantage of your specials and I'm so thankful for the prices I got. Thank you, keep up the excellent work, and may God bless you and your families!”
E.Lawrence, Co-op Member
”As a new homeschooling mother of 3, I was LOST. Then Homeschool Buyers Co-Op was brought into my life. Now I have FOUND superb educational programs and materials at affordable prices. I want to thank all of the Co-op staff for all their hard work. You're AWESOME!!!”
Michelle C., Co-op Member
”I appreciate the vast resource that HBC embodies. The hard work and dedication of the staff to keep the information updated and reliable is a priceless asset. This site has helped to make homeschooling positive, effective and rewarding. Thank you so much for all that you do for the homeschool community -- you are a blessing!”
K. Henry, Co-op Member
”I have been thrilled with our membership to the Co-op. We have gotten deals on products we already use and discovered new tools at great savings. I especially like that it is free to join and the SmartPoints program. I enjoy recommending the Co-op to my friends and am thankful for the homeschool mom that recommended it to us!”
Elisabeth, Co-op Member
”Love, love, love Homeschool Buyers Co-op! It has really helped us to be able to purchase different types of curriculum at such discounted prices that it made it affordable. It has allowed us to purchase more and be a more productive homeschool.”
Emily S., Co-op Member
”We are very thankful for the Homeschool Buyers Coop: we have been able to access some resources for our family that otherwise would be out of our reach.”
P. Whitley, Co-op Member
”We are happy we found the Homeschool Buyers-Co-op! The curriculum we purchased has been exceptional and very affordable. We will plan to continue purchasing through the Co-op.”
Karen R., Co-op Member
”Just joined this Co-op and I have already saved a tremendous amount on subscriptions to websites. Thank you so much, Co-op!!!!”
Pam, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool-Buyers Co-op is my personal homeschool education consultant in the jungle of so many teaching options to choose from. When I started homeschooling, I was lost until I found Homeschool-Buyers. Now, I am a confident homeschool teacher, and my daughter's steady progress is proof that I know that I have made great educational choices for my daughter because of the educational content that I purchased, thru the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, which is above my expectations and those of the public school system. I have even passed out flyers with the different class material I use to other parents and directed them to the Homeschool Buyers Co-op because my daughter and I absolutely love the Homeschool Buyers-Co op.”
Iris Ensley, Co-op Member
”This is the best homeschool co-op that I have found. I have a friend in Canada who hates her local co-op. I told her about you and she loves it. She was very reluctant because of the local co-op she was used to. Keep up the good work.”
Wendy McCullough, Co-op Member
”A friend of mine told me about the Co-op a year ago. I have been able to save on some great products as well as get a lot of good information,and ideas to use in our homeschooling. We also participated in the summer reading program. There is no other organization that I have found that offers the benefits that Homeschool-buyers co-op has! Thank you!”
Alisa P., Co-op Member
”As a new homeschooler, I was uncertain where to turn for support, curriculum, etc. Both of my children are dyslexic and had a very difficult time in school, so trying to find systems that would work with their specific issues was a challenge. The Co-op is amazing. So many reviews, terrific prices, fantastic curriculum choices, support materials, subscriptions, etc. It gives individual homeschoolers the ability to provide educational materials for their children that might normally be available only to schools or too costly to purchase for an individual child. I have recommended this site even to friends with children in a standard brick and mortar school who feel their children's needs are not being effectively met and need help but are not yet ready to homeschool. I LOVE Homeschool Buyer's Co-op!!!!!! We have been able to use so many things for our homeschooling situation that I wouldn't even have known existed without this site. We have also saved a considerable amount of money. This site has been a God-send and my kids are doing well. We will definitely continue to use it.”
Jamie C., Co-op Member
”I am so grateful for Homeschool Buyers Co-op! You made a math program very affordable for us in our first year of homeschooling. I will continue to use your site and will recommend it to other homeschool families.”
L. Faris, Co-op Member
”Without this Co-op we would not have been able to buy Mark Kistler's art program for our daughter. I am so grateful as she is enjoying it very much.”
anne in LA, Co-op Member
”The 'Homeschool-Buyers Co-op' is my favorite place to shop for our homeschool programs. There is an amazing variety of subjects, programs, and just general helps, for all grades and ages. The prices are fabulous, and I love being able to use programs that are available for other educational institutions! The 'Homeschool-Buyers Co-op' is also one of my favorite resources to pass on to new homeschooling families. Well worth checking out what they have available, because it changes, too!!”
Beth F., Co-op Member
”Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op for continuing to bring us great prices on curriculum and more. Your website's ease of use and customer service is outstanding! Thanks for bringing the homeschool community a wonderful variety of curriculum, all in one place and free to the user.”
Suzanne P., Co-op Member
”Thank you for making schooling easier, more affordable and fun for my family.”
Michele ok, Co-op Member
”We are very pleased with the programs we have purchased through HBC including Discovery Ed streaming and the Teencoder technology series. HBC is a great resource to learn about materials and a great way to purchase a great variety of schooling materials at a reasonable price. We look forward to getting more of our programs through HBC. Thank you for being there.”
outoftheboxmom, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a dream come true for homeschooling parents! With it's wide variety of resources from full curricula to games to electives, it makes finding what you are looking for a breeze! I was able to purchase programs through HBC for hugely discounted prices including Reading Assistant which is normally $800, but my price was under $200! HBC has really done their homework and found hundreds of resources that I never knew existed! Thanks to them, our homeschooling year has gotten a lot easier!”
Andrea M, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-Op is the best site we have found online for ALL of our curriculum, extra programs, etc. I have used the GroupBuys, the Freebies and also my points. I love that you earn points that you can use to purchase a lot of items with. I HIGHLY recommend Homeschool Buyers Co-op to all families who are homeschooling. You will SAVE a lot of money on everything you purchase through the Co-op.”
M Douglas, Co-op Member
”I've been homeschooling two childen with decidely disparate interests and Homeschool Buyers Co-op has done a fabulous job of introducing me to so many different resources to met their varied needs. I really can't say enough how much I've appreciated this group. I am so grateful to have discovered this resource so many years ago.”
Erin N., Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for providing helpful products for homeschooling families. I have been homeschooling since 1988, and when I started there was very little help. I am thrilled with the many resources available now...keep up the good work!”
Mary E., Co-op Member
”To all the people " behind the Co-op" -- Thank you for providing a place where we as Home school parents can go for the things we need. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to continued use in the future.”
Jane S, Co-op Member
”I love the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! Not only can I find great deals on curricula I want, I also find excellent reviews and deals for many programs I have never heard of before. I have recommended the Co-op to many friends and family members with full confidence that they will enjoy it as much as I have. In a time when so many of us are watching every penny and trying to get the most out of what we have, the deals through the Co-op are truly invaluable. Plus, the Co-op gives you so much information about the various products and programs before you buy, that you really can't go wrong. But I definitely have to say that most of my time on the Co-op website is spent reading the reviews of all the products left by other homeschooling parents.I can really feel good about making a purchase when I've read all the great things other parents have to say. They help me decide which programs will be right for us, and which levels I should buy for my kids. I really don't know how we managed to homeschool before we found the Co-op! I certainly won't be doing without it again!”
M. Fenimore, Co-op Member
”I have been a memeber of the Co-op for about six months, and my response is Hurrah! I love the lower prices, but the best part of the Co-op, for me, is getting introduced to curricula that I had never heard of! This year our school days are much richer, with curricula in grammar, music, reading, math, science, and social studies that I may not have ever found without the Co-op. I will continue to shop here, and tell all my friends about how helpful it has been to us.”
DeLena J, Co-op Member
”I LOVE this co-op. It has saved our family a ton of money and also introduced us to many products we otherwise would never have heard of. The reviews are always spot on. There is a good variety of product. As long as I homeschool I will continue to use this site. The best part is that it is free to join!”
J. Distel, Co-op Member
”I love the GroupBuys. I have been able to purchase a variety of materials that I would not have purchased without the group discount. My kids love the variety. The materials that the Co-op has considered for GroupBuys has helped me to learn what is available. They have exposed me to materials I don't think I would have found on my own.”
Deann, Co-op Member
”Wonderful! They are great at finding a variety of useful programs for homeschoolers and provide excellent customer service. Questions are answered quickly and have always been thorough. I have been a member for years and have been very satisfied.”
D.Ewing, Co-op Member
”Thank you SO much for this fantastic resource! I am telling all my friends!”
Jen S., Co-op Member
”Thanks so much for all your hard work. You have helped me save not only money but time with having so many great offers in one place.”
Katie A., Co-op Member
”When I started homeschooling again and found this site, I was very grateful to say the least. I have saved quite a bit of money and have definitely been spreading the word to others about the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. You cannot go wrong. I have had a great experience and hope that others will consider them as well. Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for your hard work.”
Amy H., Co-op Member
”Have I told you lately how I love you??

Thank you HSBC for coming up with such great offerings this year - again! Homeschool Programing, One Year Adventure Novel,, and Dave Ramsey Personal Finance are JUST what we were looking for, and Discovery Streaming PLUS is on our wish list ... in the past we have used and loved Ko's Journey, Type to Learn 4, Simply Music, Rosetta Stone Spanish, and Brainware Safari, among other things. You make homeschooling SO much easier - so Thank You!!”
WINDY MCNABB, Co-op Member
”Musical History Map - this is amazing! We enjoy having a timeline of all the great composers at a glance. Our music teacher loves it too.”
G.R., Co-op Member
”Thank you for this wonderful Co-op. I have learned about so many quality curriculum and educational tools from the co-op. Being able to buy them at such a great price is superbly awesome!

Thank you!”
Chui Ong, Co-op Member
”Kumon Workbooks have supplemented our curriculum wonderfully. We have used Kumon to focus on specific concepts in both math and language arts. The benefit of having additional practice has helped my kids master the topics more thoroughly.”
C Walsh, Co-op Member
”Thank you for offering the 4-month freebie for the online Math curriculum courses! I ve yet to find anyplace beyond the Co-op that would offer such a gem of a freebie. I told all of my homeschool buddies.

First, I want to say that I was floored to find that the freebie included ALL of the YourTeacher courses, not just one! One of my daughters is a math whiz and the other is challenged in this department. We signed up for this freebie to allow the math-challenged sibling to re-visit the Pre-Algebra concepts that she learned during the 2011-12 school year, in order for her to be better prepared for Algebra I this fall. I am happy to report that she is moving along nicely and hopes to get to the end of the course by the end of the summer. I also want to report what she shared with me:

"Mom, I like this better than Teaching Textbooks! I like the ability to test out of a lesson that I have already mastered, so I can move on. I like the fact that I can actually see a teacher talking to me instead of just a voice-over, too." - A.B., 14-year-old homeschool student

As her teacher, what I really appreciate is the simplified reporting on the homescreen when you login to the program. I can see at a glance where she's at, what she has struggled with, and her final scores. This is a real timesaver for a busy mom like myself.

Thank you, Co-op! ”
C.B., homeschool mom, Co-op Member
”We used Kumon books with my two older kids for Kindergarten and first grade. Now, they are 4th and 5th grade levels. They gave a great start to math and writing. My 5 year old has now started with Kumon and loves it!”
Leslie S., Co-op Member
”I usually try to buy the Kumon workbooks at Costco, because I find that I ACTUALLY USE THEM ;-), and they are actually worthwhile for my younger kids. I was so happy to get to buy titles Costco doesn't carry, AND to beat Costco's prices through the Co-Op. I really appreciate this service. Thank you so much!!”
Michelle F., Co-op Member
”This is a fantastic website! Thank you all for working hard to get "bulk" discounts. As home schoolers, we have made the choice to reduce our income (single income households) in order to steward our children's lives. It is so nice to be able to have "perks" like everyone else out there! Blessings to you and many thanks.”
E. Benz, Co-op Member
”DreamBox weaves math with such fun, that my child asks to play everyday. He eagerly works through challenging math in every aspect of the program - even the carnival games have math in them.

The adaptive element and skills progression both support what I look for in a computerized math program. I especially like that the parent reports include information on the skills worked on in the carnival games, as well as the main program.

I hope to use DreamBox with all of my children to support their development of number sense in mathematics.”
G. Aubin, Co-op Member
”This Co-op has saved us hundreds of dollars over the last several years and enabled us to add some truly valuable curriculum to our school. These have been courses we could not have afforded otherwise or programs we did not even know existed. Our children have appreciated and benefited from all of our purchases through the Co-op. I am constantly sending emails to friends telling them about great deals with the Co-op.”
Mary Ellen, Co-op Member
”I can't tell you what a blessing the Co-op has been to me & my family! My aunt directed me here and I can't thank her enough! Being a one income/low income family has severely limited choices when it comes to home schooling and before the Co-op I thought the ONLY option I had was online public schools! Now an entire world of education has opened up for my children. So many great products to choose from! And so many wonderful chances to try things BEFORE buying them! I can't recommend this group enough!!!”
Erica E., Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for bringing all of these opportunities to my email box! I've discovered wonderful resources at amazing prices. Our schooling would be much less interesting without you!”
Ellen A., Co-op Member
”Could there be a better resource available online than Homeschool Buyers Co-op? NO. Thanks for what seems to be an endless amazing list of choices for curriculum all in one place with unbeatable price, organization, and unmatched quality through your customer service. When I talk to another homeschooling family new or not I always make sure I ask if they know about you. Thank you for making homeschooling for me just that much easier and enjoyable. I appreciate you and your hard work. THANK YOU!!!”
Melissa M., Co-op Member
”Clever Dragons. Wonderful program set up just for boys. These are learning games only. They earn coins to buy their castle and to purchase and design their own furniture and art work. They also can buy pets which must be taken care of and you can even ask other members to "pet sit" your pet if you will be on vacation. My boys are learning so much with this program. They learned all 50 states in a month. Now working on capitols and Europe. I have been trying to get them to learn to various methods to no luck until Clever Dragons. The site keeps adding more games. My oldest 9 wanted to get into the top 30 shops where other kids buy your art and furniture for their castles. He designed and added furniture and then ran an advertisment to all of his friends on Clever Dragons and it was a hit. He thought all of this up on his own. It is a safe place for kids who do not know each other to socialize by emails. I had not taught or allowed my boys to engage in this activity before because of safety concerns. All of his "friends" are very active and have great profiles. I have not seen anything inappropriate between the boys. The parent can choose to have weekly emails seeing all of the child's activity. They also have a monthly top fifty contest to encourage children to play.”
Vogel, Co-op Member
”My son loves the Magic School Bus science kit. I love it because he is learning and having fun and it comes with most everything that is needed.”
ann, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Buyers Co-op! This is my first year homeschooling my girls (13 & 10). I have been introduced to many great resources I would not have been otherwise. They have definitely been a positive in our experience. I am impressed that Brett took the time to personally contact me to let me know about a sale he had heard I was interested in. They truly do care about each family!”
Kris T., Co-op Member
”I love the Co-op. I am new to homeschooling and the Co-op has allowed me to try lots of new things with my kids at minimal cost. I have been pleased with all the purchases I have made here. I look forward to all the new items the Co-op carries because I know I can always find fun educational resources to make our homeschool journey enjoyable to all of us.”
Amy P., Co-op Member
”I just want to say that I am truly impressed with the Co-op. Not only do we receive wonderful deals (one of my sons loves "Drive-Thru History" which we purchased through the Co-op), but the service and scruples displayed by the Co-op has been amazing. I will continue to let my homeschool friends know about the Co-op.”
Missy, Co-op Member
”I LOVE Homeschool-Buyers Co-op! I am so glad I joined. I have had the opportunity to buy some fantastic material this year and at great prices! This is a tremendously valuable resource for homeschool families, because a lot of these programs/offers are not widely known and the discounts make it ALL affordable. I will definitely continue to use the Co-op. It has made this year a lot more productive, fun & interesting for us!”
Denise N., Co-op Member
”The Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op is one of my favorite resources. I've found amazing programs I didn't know about and it's made it affordable to purchase. Everything we've purchased through the co-op has been a big success. I tell everyone I know about this group. We are very lucky to have this resource. I will be a long time user/supporter of the co-op. Thank you sooooo much!”
Rina Vallett, Co-op Member
”Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you do at the Co-op. I am very thankful to have purchased the Auralog French curriculum at a price that would not have been available to me except through the Co-op. What a blessing. Thanks again!”
B. Demers, Co-op Member
”We have used K12 for 9 years and usually take advantage of their spring sale for returning families. However, this discount was better! We love the curriculum and really appreciated the extra savings.”
Nancy, Co-op Member
”Our ten year old daughter really enjoys Math Whizz. It is neat to hear her ask to go do her Math Whizz. I like the parent console where I can take her back to a topic that she is weak in. She and I practice the problems together until she understands and can do them on her own. Math is no longer a bore but something fun to do on her won or together with mom.”
Mrs. Holzberger, Co-op Member
”We LOVE the Family Time Fitness! I love that it is easy, the supplies are easy to come by and you can do it inside or outside. Living in the Seattle area, this year that has been WONDERFUL to have, because it has been 55 degrees and rainy MOST of the year! I feel like this really gets us moving and enjoying each other after our morning studies! ALL ages/levels can use it. My children are ages 2-14. ”
Melanie H., Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for the hard work you put in to saving homeschoolers money. Homeschoolers Buyers Co-op just saved me about $400.00 off Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010. I pray that the Lord will bless this ministry! I always tell others about HBC.”
Kim L., Co-op Member
”Just want to say "Thank You!" for all you do to provide hs families with affordable, great resources. SO appreciate it!”
P. Law, Co-op Member
”thank you so much!!! I LOVE the HS Buyers Co-op and tell everyone I can about it. You guys have the best products, amazing prices, and fantastic customer service on top of it all. You are the single most valuable resource I have discovered in 3 years of homeschooling. I can't imagine how much time and effort I would have to invest in curriculum research if not for your organization, not to mention how much money I would have to spend (or more likely, tough choices I would make to forego great curricula due to expense).

I thank you so much for starting the co-op, and for continually working so hard to make it the great resource it is for so many families. ”
Leslie, Co-op Member
”I LOVE the HS Buyers Co-op and tell everyone I can about it. You guys have the best products, amazing prices, and fantastic customer service on top of it all. You are the single most valuable resource I have discovered in 3 years of homeschooling. I can't imagine how much time and effort I would have to invest in curriculum research if not for your organization, not to mention how much money I would have to spend (or more likely, tough choices I would make to forego great curricula due to expense).

I thank you so much for starting the Co-op, and for continually working so hard to make it the great resource it is for so many families.”
Leslie D., Co-op Member
”Yet AGAIN I find myself buying another fantastic curriculum at a GREATLY reduced price! I am buying for next year's school year of course and am LOVING it! As a matter of fact, with the last purchase I made (geography) I mentioned I couldn't wait to start the school year with my daughter. Guess what? We're not waiting! We're looking forward to a summer packed with fun and interesting learning. My daughter's friends from public school feel "sorry" for her since school will not end for her. She just tells them they don't know what THEY are missing! LOL! My daughter is looking forward to going on an adventure with Lewis and Clark. She is excited to try to write her own novel using Brave Writer while sitting by the pool. And for those times she just wants to relax she is going to read a book written in Latin. We are so blessed to be homeschooling! Thanks HSBCo-op for all the wonderful curriculum you keep on getting out to us homeschoolers at terrific discounts.”
C. Higgins, Co-op Member
”I have not received my items yet because I just stumbled on Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I have 1 child who receives vision therapy, 1 who is ADHD and 1 who is an auditory learner. I'm so excited that I will finally be able to afford items to help them. Thanks so much Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Nicole B., Co-op Member
”Looking forward to history and geography next year with my 7th grader! Will have to MAKE myself wait to do this series! Thanks for the great tools to help us homeschool.”
C. Higgins, Co-op Member
”I am so blessed to have found this website. I am a first time homeschool teacher and a single mother with MS. I am on a limited income and I know the Lord will provide for us through this program. My children have found that they can learn easier from the videos rather than a classroom, working at their own pace and being able to go back and listen and study whenever they need to at anytime. The products are much cheaper and I am able to afford to buy the products on my income and be able to teach my children under the Lord's name. I will continue to use this product and thank the Lord that he showed me the way to this website, for I have been looking at a lot of different websites and I almost had to put my children back in public school until I found this website. I was able to get the Hotmath Math videos for a whole year with my points, for free, just for joining. What a blessing. I just don't understand today's math and I am really learning along with my children and it is bringing us closer together and making them stronger individuals. You really have the Lord in your hearts and are letting him do his work through you, giving people like me the opportunity to teach our children at home. I pray for you that you will be able to continue with your work and through people like me, we will be able to continue to purchase through you and help you to help us. Thank you for all you do. In His Name Always.”
Roberta G Shaw, Co-op Member
”I do not remember how I stumbled upon the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, but I could not imagine living and teaching my children without them. What a wealth of resources and materials. They certainly give me the opportunity to purchase materials that otherwise would have been out of my financial reach. I am glad to be part of this family.”
Daniel Inverso, Co-op Member
”I am most grateful to Homeschool Buyers for supplying the American Heritage Series by author David Barton. I teach adults as well as my family and all are benefiting greatly from the total package of topics presented by this man. He is to be applauded for the incredible research he has done and for caring enough about our America to make his knowledge available to all who wish to be in formed.

This series has been recommended to others and will continue to be recommended. I know of no other DVD resource that is as informative, as correct, and as well presented as this series.

It would be a blessing and a privilege to express appreciation personally to Mr. Barton. As that is not possible please know that the American Heritage series has made a difference in providing answers to many questions that we have had as adults. Thank you. God bless David Barton.”
Tess Nelson, Co-op Member
”I am so elated with the products and service of the HSBCo-op. I ordered EVERYTHING through them and my kids love the curriculum. Other than having to be a little patient with my lack of computer skills, I was able to figure it out. Their service has been outstanding and the deals are unheard of.”
Evie U, Co-op Member
”Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf. My family has benefited over the years with deep discounts on Cybered (now Plato), Artes Latinae, computer programming, IXL Math, and the list goes on.

Your dedication to provide quality curriculum at discount prices is greatly appreciated.”
Suzannah M>, Co-op Member
”WOW!!! Thanks for making Colonial Williamsburg accessible to us. You guys are doing a GREAT job finding us GREAT BARGAINS! Abundant blessings of JOY! ”
Dawn M., Co-op Member
”I wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for your assistance! I DO appreciate it when you help with the answers to questions I have. It helps me make my decision if I should buy or not. Thanks again! ”
Judy Bettendorf, Co-op Member
”We love to learn.
We are a big family.
We are glad to have this site!!”
Samantha E., Co-op Member
”Thank you SO much, this is a site that I know that I will visit again and again!!”
Sarah K, Co-op Member
”With 4 children and one income I needed to find an affordable way of homeschooling that was also FUN for my children. Thanks to Homeschool Buyers Coop I have found some really great programs that I never would of known about otherwise, and the best part is I got them at an affordable price! My children have greatly improved their skills using programs like ETC Online and Time4Learning, and have LOVED using them which is fantastic. They actually WANT to do their schoolwork using these programs! Thank you Homeschool Buyers Coop for your dedication to the homeschool community!”
Tiffany B., Co-op Member
”I am very pleased with the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. They are so informative and they have saved me money and time with the research. It does make my life a little simpler. Thank you for offering such great deals and opportunities. -- A very satisfied home school mom!!”
Debbie Miller, Co-op Member
”Just wanted to say thank you Co-op for all you do and for continuing to beat the bushes for great buys and FREE programs for all us struggling homeschooling parents. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!!”
L. Trotter, Co-op Member
”Thank and God Bless you. We always try to keep our kids well informed and because of the Co-op we have not only kept them ahead of the curve but find programs that are fun, interactive and I even enjoy doing.”
Sabrina Daneen DeVille, Co-op Member
”You are amazing!! I'm so grateful for what you do and what you offer. I'm a single mom with three children, three jobs, and I homeschool. I couldn't do it nearly as well without you. I've taken advantage of some offers and am looking at others currently available.
Joan B., Co-op Member, Co-op Member
”Our family would like to thank you so much for the work you do. You have increased our ability to homeschool our daughter Ashlei in the areas of science and math - through cyber ed and through math tutor. She loves it and has grown so much. Thanks again - you are in our prayers daily.”
Barbara Carlson and Family, Co-op Member
”Love you son has so enjoyed the programs we get through you and my daughter is coming right up behind him! Thanks for all you do!”
Erin Nagle, Co-op Member
”Thank you for all your efforts! My family is living in Japan while a family member serves his country. It has been nice to have affordable access from so many sources, most of which we would never have learned about as an individual.”
Tracey Fogerty, Co-op Member
”I confess to not having used this to purchase just yet BUT my kids are young and I see many, many things that are good for the future and I trust that you'll continue to bring great stuff to us.

I REALLY appreciate the ID card. I also appreciate the good descriptions of things. I HAVE passed on many, many products to others because the content of the site is so thorough.”
carriejoy, Co-op Member
”I have bought several items from HSBC and just love it! I'm in my first year homeschooling and products made available to me here have been essential in determining what is the right road for me and my child.

Thank you!”
Alison Golden, Co-op Member
”I really appreciate this service. I was able to purchase Drive Thru History on a group buy and our family has really enjoyed it. We have finished Greece, Rome and Turkey now. I read my Bible with a whole new view now. I also purchased Lego Science on a group purchase. Although we haven't gotten a good start on it yet, we have worked through a couple things and have enjoyed it. This is a valuable service. I don't always check out the offers, simply because my budget won't allow me to purchase everytime there is something good up, but when I feel I have the extra funds I like to take a look and that's how I got in on the two group buys mentioned. Well worth it! I hope this continues! Thanks a bunch! God bless.”
Marsha Iddings, Co-op Member
”My daugther, husband and I want to thank you from our hearts and wallet for providing your much needed service and products. It would be a huge financial burden for our family if we tried to provide the 'educational extras' that your service provides at such reduced prices. I hope you understand how important a service you provide to the whole homeschooling community. Many of the homeschooling families rely on a single income and thus actively search out methods to avoid paying full price for educational resources. Your service is the only one of its kind and reliably offers the best educational extras and variety with consistently affordable prices. The educational resources you provide were not even offered in the public school district from whence we came. So, I am sending you a sincere and heartfelt, "Thank you!"”
B. Serpa, Co-op Member
”I want to say thank you for the opportunity to receive tremendous savings on items/programs, etc., I might not otherwise be able to afford. While I am not able to purchase anything at this time, I look forward to acquiring the discounts in the future.”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”Thank you for all the work you do in making the Homeschool Buyers Co-op so great! We appreciate knowing that someone out there has our back in looking for great programs that can help our kids and our wallets. Thanks again for all you do!”
Bukowski Family, Co-op Member
”I am so glad to be a part of this co-op. I tell other home schooling parents about it all te time. It has helped our family to get some fantastic resources at great savings. We will continue to use it and recommend it to others.”
M. Collins, Co-op Member
”Thank you for all that you do! It's so refreshing to know that we are not alone in this adventure! What a blessing Homeschool Buyers Co-op is to my family! Looking forward to another great year!”
Rhonda P., Co-op Member
”Thanks so much for all you do!! This co-op is such a blessing to our family! ”
Kimberly Jenkins and family, Co-op Member
”What would I do without you? Take a rest, but never quit! I actually depend on your site and love the savings. How else could we afford Cybered programs and so many great things you offer?”
Allison Puppo, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for the excellent opportunities. I sure wish I had the money to take advantage of more of them because they are so great. It's not just the savings but the quality of the products that makes Homechool Buyer's Co-op stand out. I love to just pass the word along . Right now I have hidden away all of the Chester Comix, waiting to make their appearance on Christmas. Thank you so much for being such a blessing.”
Melody Rees, Co-op Member
”I have just recently joined and made my first buy. The price breaks were great but the thing that impressed me the most was the exposure to different types of educational items. I just purchased a beginners computer programming software. By offering the program, you gave me the great idea of offering this to my boy....I am hoping he enjoys it and I think he will. Thank you”
Silvia K. Baker, Co-op Member
”This has been a wonderful resource for our family!! I love the opportunity to find out about all of the great products available nowadays! Super great!!”
Heather C, Co-op Member
”I can't tell you how important Homeschool Buyers Co-op is to my family. We have gotten items through the Co-op that otherwise, we might not have. I sooooo appreciate all the hard work! I also appreciate the retailers who are offering their products with such great discounts for our children to further their education! You are all having an impact on our future generation. Thanks!”
Debbie, Co-op Member
”Wow, this co-op has been a lifesaver exposing me to amazing curriculum options for my children's diverse learning styles. The products that I brought have changed our homeschool lifestyle for the better. When considering the value that I received the products for, the appreciation is almost too much to descibe!

My children have enjoyed the curriculum immensely. We'll continue to use your service and have told many others about this great opportunity.”
Wendy Thomas, Co-op Member
”As a homeschool mom who also works a full time job I really appreciate the help and ideas from the hs buyers co-op. THANKS!”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”So new, but SOOOO grateful! I LOVE this website! Simply amazing - you do such a great job getting these wonderful deals for us. And what's coming up in the new year is even more exciting!! KEEP up the great work, PLEASE!! ”
Darlene, Co-op Member
”We just began homeschooling our daughter this year. She is a high school sophmore. I just discovered the Buyers Co-op. Thank you so much! It is a tremendous site and in just a week or so I have seen so many new products. I have already made a purchase and plan on adding a language and the Williamsburg field trips later this week! Your site is very much appreciated!”
Lori Schaefer, Co-op Member
”Thanks a lot to everyone who makes Homeschool Buyers Co-op run. We are highly appreciate what you are doing! ”
Elena Shtov, Co-op Member
”I ordered the Aurolog French software through the co-op at 50% savings. Thank you for negotiating for us to get a great software. A couple of my kids have asked me to create a sign in for them too so they can learn French too. God may use this in the lives of my kids someday. Thanks.”
T. Reas, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the most valuable resource for homeschoolers that I have found on the Internet. We love it and tell everyone we know that homeschools about it!..”
Charlene H, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for all of your hard work and the careful thought you have put in on our behalf this year. My family and I love the programs that we have acquired through the Co-op. Our lives have been enriched by the incredible programs such as Dave Ramsey, Simple Music and Explode the Code. Thank you for a wonderful year and we look forward to a new year of adventure and learning!”
S Friang, Co-op Member
”My daughter recently recieved a microscope that I was able to purchase through the co-op. I was able to get her a much better model then I could have afforded without the discount - and now my budding scientist is looking at everything through new eyes. One day, if she becomes a great scientist and discovers a cure for a strange disease - I'll be able to remember this first microscope and how it set her out on her journey !!

I've told many other homeschool families about the co-op - what a great idea. Even just the free teachers ID's - print one out and save 20% this year at Joann's - those of us with crafty kids save bunches. I will continue to use the Co-op whenever I need to purchase anything homeschool related.”
Jerzydeb, Co-op Member
”We are so grateful for your work -- so many great discounts, so much saving of the green. God bless you.”
Natalie S., Co-op Member
”Thanks so much for this great resource. There is so much that you do to help homeschoolers and the group buys are always awesome! I used the Dave Ramsey group buy from last year with about 13 home-schooled high school teens and we all loved it! ”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”We have enjoyed many of the products and services offered through the HS Buyers Co-op. Thank you for making this opportunity available. Not only has it saved us money, but it has also introduced us to many items that we had not considered for our homeschool "library" before.”
Lee L., Co-op Member
”We really appreciate all of your efforts to put this co-op together. We have benefited greatly. We never would have bought Brainware Safari at list price. We also were very pleased with Tell Me More, it has definitely improved our French study. We know we saved a bunch on both.”
Kelly Hawley, Co-op Member
”I just wanted to say that I was REALLY impressed with the HSC's incredible service. On the last day of the group buy for Cyber-Ed, no, the last hour of the last day, I was trying to place my order. I'd tried a few times but thought that the order wasn't going through, because I kept getting an error message instead of the confirmation page. Turns out I'd ordered the same thing four times. Suspecting just that, I sent them an e-mail to let them know I really wanted ONE of my orders. Within an hour, and without even seeing my e-mail, the good folks at the co-op caught the mulitple orders, called me, and had it all fixed up. I've had to contact them on some other issues too. I am always impressed with the speed, courtesy, and professionalism that they exhibit. All in the name of getting us some great deals.”
Sharon C., Co-op Member
”Thank You so much! Finding "you" has made a tremendous difference in my homeschooling my granddaughter. I'm a newbie and had no idea where to start, much less go. Now, because of "ya'll", we're rolling down the highway! And having a good time!”
S Y Reardon, Co-op Member
”Our family has been so blessed by the wonderful products offered through the Co-op. I had no idea there were so many resources for homeschool families. So many of these items would have been out of our family's reach and budget if not for the Co-op!”
Lorri Thompson, Co-op Member
”I have gotten a lot out of the co-op this has been the key to our homeschooling success. Thank you!!”
Karen O., Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for doing this. My son has many special needs and the docs and therapists had all recommended Brainware Safari, but I couldn't afford it!!! Thanks to YOU, Philip is now doing Brainware Safari almost every day! I am so hopeful for progress to be made in his brain function! Thank you soooooooooo much!”
Lisa Estes, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for all you do to help Homeschoolers in so many ways May God Bless you as you continue to provide this much needed service! Through the the Homeschool-Buyers Co-op, I was able to purchase from NEST Entertainment, six animated Classics! My six year old enjoys them so much and learns too! I have made other purchases and all went very well. This Co-op is one of HIGH INTEGRITY! Great asset to us Homeschoolers! *****”
Cindy Weatherhead, Co-op Member
”High quality work...thank you for enhancing our access to quality curriculum. I've told my homeschool friends about it, and find you do an excellent job of reviewing. ”
Kathleen Ruh Trapp, Co-op Member
”I placed an order one day and didn't realize that my credit card had expired. Brett Walter called me personally and asked for my updated number so that I wouldn't miss out on the group buy. I think that action speaks for itself!!! Have a wonderful holiday and keep up the good work”
Delores Wood, VA, Co-op Member
”Thanks for providing such great opportunities for homeschool families!”
S. Herring, Co-op Member
”Thank you once again for offering outstanding products and services to homeschoolers, at discount pricing. You're the best!”
Martha, Co-op Member
”Our first Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trip was terrific and we are looking forward to "Yorkown"! I have been drooling over the hope of doing CW EFT for years. Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op, for making this possible! Blessings,
Laurie H., Co-op Member
”I am so glad to have found this site. I have discovered so many great new ways to keep my boys challenged and interested! My youngest begs to do math now, and before this site, (discovering Destination Math) I couldn't get him to do any math! I tell everyone I know about this site. The customer service is awesome! I had a question and they got right on it and even went out of their way to fix the problem! Thank you so much!”
Elizabeth D., Co-op Member
”Thanks for all you do, we love all the products we've purchased through the co-op.”
R. Sumner, Co-op Member
”Thank you for yet again, a *wonderful* group buy. HSBC is SUCH A BLESSING!!!!!!!!!"”
Julie C., Co-op Member
”Thank you for having such a wonderful site for us homeschoolers.”
S. Buerger, Co-op Member
”I can personally vouch for this program. It used to be called Classmate, and was contained on a set of disks. I used Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry. They were all awesome!”
Paula H., Co-op Member
”We are big fans of the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We have enjoyed everything we have purchased to date -- approximately nine purchases in under a year, with many more on our wish list. And they just keep coming!”
Lisa G., Co-op Member
”You are awesome for bringing so many unique and wonderful opportunities our way. What a wonderful way to minister to so many. Thank you! Blessings,”
Evelyn F., Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for all the hard work!!! We sincerely appreciate all your efforts in running this program. Finding the Homeschool Buyers Co-op is one of the top 5 greatest discoveries I made since I began homeschooling my children. Through you we have heard of amazing products that we would have never known existed. Because of the discounts we have been able to purchase so many more things to enrich our studies.

I tell every one I know about this place, even some who do not homeschool but want to supplement their children's education!!!”
Kimberly (Marietta, GA), Co-op Member
”I am still excited that I found the Co-op, and want thank you so much for all you do. I am certain that many, many hours go into making all of this happen! As a brand new homeschool mom, I've not only received excellent support from you the few times I've needed it, but I've also already saved a great deal of money on 6 group buys (in less than 3 months)! I am thrilled with the products you've been able to bring us at such huge savings! My daughter loves Explode the Code online, and my children actually fight over whose turn it is to "play" ClickN'Kids (ClickN'Read Phonics). We were already using the ETC books, but weren't aware of the online program or of clickn'kids until you offered them - both good finds! At the same time, I'm saving money on things I was in the market for anyway, such as Drive Thru History (what a super buy on the bundle!!!), World magazine, Tell Me More Foreign Language (another huge savings :-), and the StartWrite program (excellent program and time saver! ... see Exclusive Discounts for 25% off). As a "newby" at this myself, I was a little apprehensive at first about telling others about the co-op, but it's turned out to be a new / good share for most everyone I've told. The Co-op is now on my list of 'must share favorites' for anyone I meet. Thanks again for making this happen for all of us!”
Monica T. (Marietta GA), Co-op Member
”I would like to commend you and your staff for offering ONLY the very best curriculum available! Also for the obvious hard work that goes into negotiating the deals you make on behalf of homeschooling families. Especially at a non-profit! I ALWAYS look at your products first! Every single thing I have had people questioning/complimenting me about I have purchased through Homeschool Buyers Co-op! Additionally, the things I have purchased thru you are the ones my children (7th & 9th grades) enjoy the most! I cannot thank you enough!”
Charlotte H., Co-op Member
”Please accept my sincerest gratitude for all that you do on behalf of the many homeschoolers. You have helped make our journey much easier. I have shared your website with other homeschoolers as I find it to be an invaluable asset. Thank you and may God richly reward you.”
Evelyn F., Co-op Member
”The Co-op is a fantastic idea and a huge help! Thank you so much for everything you do for the homeschool community!”
Judy F., Co-op Member
”We don't know what we would do without the Co-op in our homeschooling has helped us immensely! THANKS for all you do! ”
Tabitha O., Co-op Member
”Thank you! This site has been a Godsend to us. As a teacher who has entered the homeschooling world with a gifted middle school age child and a pre-schooler who is demonstrating gifted traits and abilities, you remove so many of my fears of being able to supply each of them with quality education products!

I have been spreading the word about the website, far and wide! Thank you and please keep up the awesome support of our choice to educate our children to THEIR ability levels in a setting that is most appropriate for them. Thanks!”
Sue D., Co-op Member
”Since joining the Co-op I have had the opportunity to purchase things that I would not ordinarily be able to afford.
In addition I have learned about many different products that I had previously been unaware of. I have shared the info about the Co-op with everyone I know. I will be a member of the co-op for a long, long time.”
Dyanne, Co-op Member
”Thank you for organizing the Free Curriculum section of your newsletter. My girls and I have benefited from it several times. I appreciate the Homeschool Buyers Co-op greatly. Thanks for all you do.”
Stephanie W., Co-op Member
”I just logged in to Homeschool Buyers Co-op and the member count was over 20,000. Woweee!! I knew you would hit the 20,000 mark soon! That's huge growth from the few months ago when I joined! Congratulations on the success of the Group! We will continue to support the group by participating in future group buys. Thanks again for your help! Cheers!
Janet in Australia, Co-op Member
”Thank you for providing us so many wonderful resources.”
Cathy L., Co-op Member
”As you know homeschooling is expensive thanks to you I am able to afford what I want and need. I will spread the word. I had a few friends signup for the science curriculum. Thanks
again for all you do! You have quite a following now! Thanks again for your time and dedication. You can count on me to spread the good news.”
Linda B., Co-op Member
”Thanks for your help and for the great service you provide the homeschooling community!”
Lillian B., Co-op Member
”I love the Homeschool Co-op...what a great idea!! Thanks for all the hard work you do.”
Melinda W., Co-op Member
”This co-op is the most innovative thing I've been involved in since I started homeschooling my daughter and it has put resources my way that I'd neither have the time or the connections to get myself. I've not bought into lots but what I have has been of good quality and I've never had buyers remorse here.

Add that to you testimonials if you'd like - its from the heart - I'm recommending you to everyone I know - homeschoolers or not! Lots of Love and Thanks! Homeschoolers all over the world owe you!”
Ange P., Co-op Member
”We sure do appreciate the Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Donna B., Co-op Member
”Just wanted to say thanks for being so pro-active! We're looking forward to seeing the details for Smart Science to go with our buys from Cyber Ed. What great programs!”
Janine P., Co-op Member
”Thanks for all you do! I love the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and recommend it to all my new homeschooling friends!”
Rebecca H. of Kansas, Co-op Member
”I would like to mention too how much I appreciate all that your website offers. I am a 3rd year homeschooler with a 7th grader and a 9th grader. I usually keep to myself, so I don't talk to many other homeschoolers. There are so many programs I would have never even known about if it wasn't for the co-op. You guys are my eyes & ears! We have participated in many group buys including Gee Art, Cyber Ed, World & I HomeSchool, and the Dave Ramsey Financial Planning. They have all been better than excellent!

THANKS so much for all you do! You guys are SO AWESOME!”
Laurie J., Co-op Member
”I remember when I very first joined HSBC back in the very beginning...there were just a couple offerings. I'm so glad I stuck with it. I can hardly keep up with the website now! There's so much great stuff. It's a great service for homeschoolers and a wonderful website. Thanks!”
Caroline J., Co-op Member
”I'm enjoying my association with HSBC...this is my 3rd group buy in two months! Plus, I'm spreading the word. Thank you so much for providing these opportunities to our homeschooling community.”
Cheri S., Co-op Member
”I absolutely ADORE your website/newsletters and the endless offers you provide the homeschool community. You have taken away the endless hours of research and made my 2007-08 curriculum decisions a breeze! I am so excited about beginning this school year because I have everything I need to teach and inspire my children. I'm so thankful for my participation with the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op!

.....Woo hoo!! You go guys!!”
Kathy W., Co-op Member
”You guys are making my dreams come true with the United Streaming buy (& others). Thank-you!”
Angie B., Co-op Member
”I just want to say that I REALLY wish I would have known about your group and it's services years ago. The group buys are great and so are the discounts. Thank you for your efforts.”
Annette L., Co-op Member
”Thanks for your wonderful service! I appreciate being a member because your e-mails give me information I would never otherwise have.”
Christine B., Co-op Member



Linda B., Co-op Member
”Love your website and opportunities you offer us. Thank you for your service.”
Kay A., Co-op Member
”Thanks so much. Great site. Great info. Great deals!”
Cheryl, Co-op Member
”LOVE the site!!”
Susan G., Co-op Member
”It has not been easy finding affordable, high quality on-line classes. I send you THREE CHEERS for arranging this, and hope to see more classes through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
Susan B., Co-op Member
”I just wanted to let you know that we have just made a purchase with Apple for the new IMac. We wanted to thank you. We would have never known about the discount if we had not found this site. Our other friends that have been home schooling for years did not know either! We will pass on this site to all the HS families we know !!!! Thanks again!!!”
Michelle P., Co-op Member
”I just joined the Co-op and I think it is a wonderful idea!!!”
Summayyah S., Co-op Member
”My children love the guitars we purchased through the Co-op! We are happy members!”
Tami, Co-op Member
”THANK YOU so much for your help. I'm thankful to get such a great deal!”
Missy E. of Coon Rapids, MN, Co-op Member
”I'm a big fan of your service and dedicated vision and wish you continued success! I'm grateful that your service filters out the junk products that offer little. BTW, the GeeGuides product is terrific and the discounted price made it possible. Thanks!”
Roy C., Co-op Member
”I used the Plow and Hearth Discount code on $90.00 order and received a $20.00 discount!! What a great way to start using the Homeschool Co-Op system!!”
Leona D., Co-op Member
”This is a terrific website. Thank you for your insight!”
Soraya Q., Co-op Member
”THANKS for developing a program that searches the web for the coupons, etc. Great service you guys provide, I tell all my friends.”
Debra R., Co-op Member
”The dedication and creativity of the Co-op is just awesome! I really appreciate being a member and receiving valuable resources to broaden my child's homeschool experience. Thank you for your diligence and insight in making the Co-op a great resource for homeschoolers!”
Blanche, Co-op Member
”Thanks for the GREAT job y'all do. My son is taking Japanese (because he really wants to!!!!) from a "deal" we got on your site with Alpha-Omega. Keep up the good work!”
Mary O., Co-op Member
”Thanks for the student ID's! The children love them :-)”
Charlotte S., Co-op Member
”Thank you again for all the work on the guitars. What a blessing to have the discount. In Him,”
Cathy H., Co-op Member
”Thanks for all you are doing - I'll need to purchase Microsoft Office soon, and I'll be getting a HUGE discount through Academic Superstore [a Co-op Supplier]. I'm very grateful for all the hard work!”
Wendy O., Co-op Member
”We will do what we can to promote this wonderful new work!”
Orilla Crider, Director
”We participated in the guitar group buy and were thrilled. Saved 30% on a full size guitar for our teenage son. The cost was very affordable and it shipped priority. I've been recommending the Co-op to many others...”
Rona B., Co-op Member
”Yet another great discount!!! Thanks, Co-op!”
Teri S. of Olympia, WA, Co-op Member
”I just joined the Co-op today and convinced at least 10 others to join in the few hours since! What a great idea! Thank you for implementing it!!!”
Maureen S., Co-op Member
”I am loving your service! Thanks for doing so much legwork for us. There's no way we could come up with all of this good information, or the buying power, by ourselves. Our family is really looking forward to the GeeGuides art lessons we just purchased.”
Janine P., Co-op Member
”This is a great idea whose time has come! I've joined. Please join, too, and help lower prices for all of us. ”
Ann Zeise, Editor-In-Chief
A-Z Home's Cool
”In 1991, when I began homeschooling my sons, many textbook suppliers wouldn't sell books to individual homeschoolers. Now, just 14 years later, we have co-op purchasing power! What a triumph and what a great help to families who educate their children at home! Thank you for developing this money-saving opportunity for homeschoolers. It's about time! :)”
Diane Flynn Keith, Editor-In-Chief, Homefires
Author of "Carschooling"
”I love what you are doing for so many of us. Thanks for all your hard work! God Bless.”
Ann L., other
”Thank you so much for all you do! I have already spread the word to others that have been home schooling longer than me but had never found you before. I will continue to do so in the future as well.”
Michele Garrison, Co-op Member
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