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Welcome TeacherFileBox for GroupBuy Savings!

We are pleased to present member favorite TeacherFileBox from Evan-Moor for exclusive GroupBuy savingsl!

TeacherFileBoxTeacherFileBox offers homeschoolers 24/7 access for a full year to online curriculum for PreK through eighth grade. Choose items in subjects like Language Arts, Literature, Math, Science, Geography, Social Studies, Spanish/English, Thinking Skills, Writing, Reading, and SO MUCH MORE!

What is TeacherFileBox?

How would you like to have your very own personal collection of Evan-Moor curriculum books and resources --- all at your fingertips ANYTIME you need them? Well, now you can! TeacherFileBox is an online subscription based service that gives you access to 50,000+ print-on-demand activities from over 500 Evan-Moor books. In addition, the site also features organizational and calendar tools that help you create lesson plans easily and effectively.

Visit TeacherFileBox to learn more about this abundant resource!

Read what Co-op member, Kelley M. from Ohio, told us about her new TeacherFileBox program:

"I LOVE my new TeacherFileBox! What's really cool about it is all the neat organizing features that let me search by subject and grade, and then SAVE them for when we're ready to use them. Now, I can use the materials in conjunction with exactly what we are currently studying right now AND later! I LOVE Evan-Moor and am so glad to have this unlimited access to their curriculum library!"

Members enjoy discount pricing!

So much to offer, so many curriculum resources to choose from -- TeacherFileBox is loaded with learning resources for grades PreK to 8. You can search the suite of goodies by grade level, keyword, or subject. There is no reason to purchase book after book during the school year! You can have your pick of items from OVER 500 EVAN-MOOR BOOKS with TeacherFileBox! The best news of all is that Co-op members enjoy special GroupBuy pricing discounts of $20 OFF! With the purchasing power of your fellow Co-op members, everyone enjoys great savings!

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    • Visit Evan-Moor’s TeacherFileBox website.
    • Read this blog outlining TeacherFileBox perks.
    • Check out the Homeschool Curriculum Resources and Guides.
    • Watch Evan-Moor's short video tutorials for homeschoolers using TeacherFileBox.
    • Explore sample pages from the program and View TeacherFileBox How-To Video Resources.
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TeacherFileBox is an online subscription that gives you access to 50,000+ print-on-demand activities from over 500 Evan-Moor books. In addition, the site also features organizational and calendar tools that help you create lesson plans easily and effectively. Visit the TeacherFileBox website to learn more about this abundant resource!

The Co-op will provide you with the link in your Co-op account via your "My Subscriptions" page within 30 minutes (or less) of registering below. You will purchase your program at the TeacherFileBox website using your discount link. You must complete your purchase using your discount link at the TeacherFileBox website within 7 days of registering!

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I have enjoyed using Evan-Moor products for many years and especially enjoyed the access to so many different materials provided by TeacherFileBox. I was almost always able to find something to complement whatever we were studying in our regular curriculum, and I especially appreciated the fact that most of the activities could be completed independently by the student. The only reason I am not renewing is that my youngest child has "outgrown" the materials.
Ann C., Co-op Member
We love the flexibility Teacher File Box offers. We have a gifted 2nd grader and a gifted 5th grader so this gives us access to multiple grade levels of material for supplement and the History Pockets we are using next year with our American History and Ancient History curriculums. At the same time, we only are downloading and printing out the parts of the books we want to use, so have saved money, reduced waste, and have less to store before, during and after our school year.
Mamanu, Co-op Member
LOVE it!
We use it just about every week. Both of my daughters were adopted from China, and the Teacher File Box had much about the various Chinese holidays. The history lessons that are covered by TFB are an asset to any study. The girls have really enjoyed the History Pockets in particular. I plan on ordering this one again! I've told many friends about it and they now use it too.
Alycia A., Co-op Member
This has been the best money I have spent for materials this school year. I use units and worksheets from TeacherFileBox every week, whether it is to form the basis of a unit study, give additional practice, create independent study centers or find a creative art project. I have long been a fan of the quality of Evan-Moor's products, and this allows me to search and store from a huge selection of their products. I have not failed yet to find something I am looking for.

I am especially pleased with the quality of the materials both visually...(more)
Elizabeth R., Co-op Member
A great place to find everything you need for your homeschooler. Our daughter just loves the craft projects. I love the educational material. I will definitely continue to use this site in the future.
Valerie, Co-op Member
TeacherFileBox has provided me excellent materials for the wide variety of age groups I teach. I can always find supplemental worksheets as well as unit studies that are relevant for what I am teaching. I love the ease and simplicity of being able to search and print right from my own home. I just hope that they expand the grade levels past 6th grade so that I can continue to use in the future. Fantastic resource and worth the investment!
Larkin H., Co-op Member
I absolutely LOVE Evan-Moor. I have been a public school teacher and a now I teach my own children, and Evan-Moor has always been a reliable, quality product. The teacherfilebox system is perfect for me. I have three children at three levels, and I have access to everything leveled from prek to 6, and there are a few things that go up to 8th grade level. Everything stays in my "filebox" online, so I can access it anywhere. I just pick what I want and print out whatever I need. The work is quality, and I pick Texas standards, so I know I a...(more)
J. Hill, Co-op Member
TeacerFileBox is amazing! Having access to hundreds of workbooks with so many concepts has added variety to our homeschool curriculum. This is our second year using it, and I hope to use it every year.
Kelly S., Co-op Member
My son is dysgraphic, so I purchased this with my points to help him with building sentences. We both really like it, and he doesn't complain about writing a sentence. He likes the pictures and making up funny sentences. I like the word suggestions and the guides. I would recommend this to others to use with their curriculum.
Trina G, Co-op Member
I have several site memberships, including abcteach and enchantedlearning. But TeacherFileBox is the one I use EVERY day. From History Pockets to Daily Word Problems, the resources are beautiful, professional and engaging in every way. It cost more than some others, but no regrets here!
Jennifer, Co-op Member
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