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Save up to 27% on Taken Charge - Core Tech Skills:
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Save up to 27%
on Taken Charge
Online Educational Video Game
from Galvanize Labs
For Grades 3-9

Another Best Deal on the Planet!

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to present exclusive GroupBuy savings for Taken Charge from Galvanize Labs! You SAVE up to 27% only at the Co-op! Taken Charge is a browser-based video game series for teaching technology to students in grades 3rd through 9th. Taken Charge is the first recipient of the ISTE Seal of Alignment for Readiness award for an educational game.

Taken Charge provides learners with an engaging and rewarding online environment that gets them ready to learn, create and thrive in a technology-infused world. We are proud to award the first ISTE Seal of Alignment for an educational game to Taken Charge. - Wendy Drexler, ISTE Chief Innovation Officer

Curriculum - BC: Before Coding; Technology Fundamentals

Before students attempt advanced technology topics like coding and game design they must first learn and master the basics, the fundamentals. This style of progressive learning puts a strong emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking. The Taken Charge game platform utilizes game-based learning with defined educational outcomes. Taken Charge TEACHES as well as ASSESSES and VALIDATES each students' learning.

Taken Charge provides:
  • Game Based Learning - Kids engage in hands-on activities in virtual environments, immersing them in the material so they learn more effectively.
  • Progressive & Self-Paced Learning - Levels and games are designed to be played sequentially, slowly building the player's knowledge and confidence levels. Kids learn and play at their own pace.
  • Assessments - Kids validate and demonstrate their learning through mini-game assessments offered within each game.
  • Badges - Success in learning results in the awarding of badges that highlights a player's newly acquired skill set.
  • Tracking Progress & Reporting Results - The Learning Management System was built to address challenges in understanding how students are learning and progressing.

Gaming is Supposed to be Fun!

Galvanize Labs considers a quality gaming experience just as important as quality education when designing Taken Charge as a fun learning choice for homeschool parents. The program was created to immerse kids in the characters and stories as well as the learning.

Taken Charge features a complete and engaging storyline, filled with numerous characters, cinematics, and environments. Kids will play as Siri, Adele and Sonny and embark on an epic tech adventure to rescue their beloved dog Charge.

Game Breakdown:

  • Siri & the Curious Code
    • Internal PC Hardware
    • Digital Media Types
    • External Computer Accessories

  • Adele & the Web of Mystery
    • Internet Functionality
    • Email Creation Protocol & Terminology
    • Boolean Search Logic
    • Internet Browser Usage & Terminology

  • Sonny & the Nautical Network
    • Network Functionality & Terminology
    • Home Network Setup
    • Network Equipment Identification
    • File & Printer Sharing

  • Sonny & the Security Secret
    • Internet Safety & Protection
    • Password Protection Techniques
    • Cyberbullying Prevention
Compare features to choose the best option for your student:

With Signature Co-op GroupBuy Savings!

You choose your 1-year subscription option: A Game Bundle (Student Edition) *OR* a Game Bundle + the Learning Management System (LMS). Either way, you enjoy tremendous savings! Co-op members SAVE up to 27% dependent upon your subscription selection.

Taken Charge 1-Year Game Bundle (Student Edition) subscription retails for $40, but by purchasing through the Co-op, you pay ONLY $30, a savings of 25%! You save even more when you add the Learning Management System optional upgrade -- Members save 27% on the Game Bundle + LMS option. Jump in these savings today & get started TODAY!

Interested?  Here's What You Do:

  1. Scroll down for more information about Taken Charge:

    • Visit the Taken Charge website for more information.
    • Take a sneak peek inside the game.
    • Watch a demo from the experts.
    • Understand  'why' Taken Charge.
    • Read the FAQs located at the bottom of the Parent Page.
    • Review optional lesson plans that you can use with the program.
  2. Please be an informed consumer and carefully read the Terms & Conditions. The T&Cs tell you everything you need to know about this offer. By placing an order, you are agreeing to the T&Cs.

    In Particular:

    • Fulfillment: Within minutes of placing your order below, the Co-op will publish instructions to activate your Taken Charge subscription at the Galvanize Labs website on your Co-op account "My Subscriptions" page. After placing your order, wait 15 minutes, and sign into your Co-op account and look for "Taken Charge" on your "My Subscriptions" page for instructions and a link. To avoid your registration information expiring, you will need to follow the link and the instructions to activate your account within 7 days of placing your GroupBuy order.

      2016 Summer Free Sub Upgrade to Paid Sub Fulfillment: Once you complete your order, Galvanize Labs will be notified and within one business day will upgrade your current username login that you used for your Summer Free Subscription. Galvanize Labs will email you once this has been completed.
    • Shipping: Not applicable
    • Returns/Cancellations: In order to bring you these great prices, we cannot accept returns or cancellations for Taken Charge online subscriptions. To insure a quality purchasing decision, the Co-op recommends reviewing the product demo and/or samples BEFORE you place your order.
    • Service Fee: The Co-op will charge a one-time, nonrefundable service fee of $1.00 to help cover some of our cost of providing this service.
    • Taken Charge can be played on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 7 and up.
  3. Complete the order form below no later than the expiration date and time shown above.
  4. Don't keep this offer a secret -- tell your friends. If they buy, you'll earn BONUS SmartPoints:

Game Bundle (1 Student)<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
Game Bundle (1 Student)

Retail Price: $40.00
Current Group Price: $30.00
Current Group Savings: 25%
Qty. Price(ea) Savings
-> 1+ $30.00  OR  3000 SP 25%
*SP = SmartPoints
One (1) year subscription to Taken Charge Student Edition for one (1) student.

Taken Charge is a browser-based video game series for teaching technology to students in grades 3rd through 9th.

This subscription includes:

  • Siri & the Curious Code
  • Adele & the Web of Mystery
  • Sonny & the Nautical Network
  • Sonny & the Security Secret
  • Digital Badges
  • Basic Account Management

For More Info...
See optional lesson plans

NOTE: This is the Game 'Only' Bundle Package and does not include the Learning Management System (LMS).

ALSO NOTE: You may purchase only 1 seat per order for this product. Please place an additional order for additional seats, or choose a bundle below.

Game Bundle + LMS (1 Student)<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
Game Bundle + LMS (2 Students)<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
Game Bundle + LMS (3 Students)<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
Game Bundle + LMS (4 Students)<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
2016 Summer Free Sub Upgrade to Paid Sub<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
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My daughter really likes this program. Its a great introduction into a field that I would consider very important for kids to learn since computers are integrated into our everyday lives.
Sandra A, Co-op Member
My husband has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He was really impressed with this program. My son is enjoying using it. We are very pleased.
Anne F., Co-op Member
I highly recommend this computer program. My son has found it to be both challenging and interesting. Often I sit alongside him as he plays so I can learn about technology education as well. We have enjoyed discussing the characters and lessons. This has been an added bonus for us with this program. Originally I thought I would just have him play a level or two on his own to learn the material but it has turned out to be something we have been able to share together and have both learned a lot as we go along.
T. Caskey, Co-op Member
My son LOVES this game. He asks for it all the time and works so hard to read the dialogue on the game that I am thrilled at the practice he is getting. I was in an electronics store with my 7 year old daughter the other day and she pointed out a "motherboard" correctly. They have learned the basics of the interior pieces and workings of a computer. They have taken a very technical and tediously detailed subject and made it engaging and fun for young kids. I am very happy with this program.
Laura Mordaunt, Co-op Member
Taken charge is an excellent learning tool for children. I am a Senior Systems Engineer for one of the largest financial institutions in the US. I wanted my 2 boys to get a good grip of basic computer and networking skills. I am very impressed with how Taken Charge engages the child's attention and explains all the different parts of a pc. It also goes very in depth into networking, internet and security. My kids got everything very quickly. Now one of my sons questioned me as to why I used a weak password for his Taken Charge logon. It's a ...(more)
Lewis Lebron, Co-op Member
My middle school aged boys completed Taken Charge over the summer, and really liked the gamification method of teaching PC hardware and cyber security. We did have a few technical issues, but it didn't distract from the fun they were having racing to complete the levels. My only complaint is that the information presented to the user (in the form of a conversation between two game characters that can easily be missed by "fast forwarding") could have been in a more engaging manner, because when they came to the mini-games they had only a vague i...(more)
Talisha Cabral, Co-op Member
This game is fun, engaging and educational. There's a free curriculum guide provided with the program, and my daughter, 9, really loves the program. She's learned a lot about technology, computer components and networks and is comfortable using tech vocabulary. :). With her, the hardest part is getting her to stop playing when her time's up. I've recommended this program to others and am glad we bought it!

My son, 12, is very literal and found the program a little too unbelievable. We'll try again, though.
Mary C, Co-op Member
My kids love Taken Charge! We use it as a reward activity and supplementary to their regular computer classes and it really helps to solidify knowledge gained at their lessons. I can definitely recommend this program.
L Smith, Co-op Member
This program has totally involved my son. He has been challenged and motivated and is even learning to go back and study the previous levels in order to advance. The teaching is great!
Rachel, Co-op Member/Homeschooling MOM
Taken Charge is used by my 9 year old son who is ASD he also struggles with dyslexia but quick and talented in visual learning. TC has proven very effective, he enjoys playing daily. He does require I help him take notes in order to pass levels but is very excited about it. We have told other families who s children are interested in coding and gaming, this is a perfect start for computer science and internet awareness.
RNRivera, Co-op Member
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