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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Taken Charge to their home school curriculum. If you have used Taken Charge and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”My eight year old loves Taken Charge. We have it scheduled for twice a week for 20 minutes but it normally turns into an hour and she enjoys every minute of it. I love it because she has applied what she has learned when she is not on the program. For example she identified the different ports on our home computer and has talked about which each does.”
Sara M, Co-op Member
”My gaming son absolutely loved this course! He says this reinforces what Brainology taught him about learning involving something you enjoy. He completed the program at least twice. He hopes to see more options like this in the future for a wide range of subjects! My teenage daughter also liked this. She is not much of a gamer but found it fun and engaging. I would definitely recommend!”
c. Bernard, Co-op Member
”My son loved this program!!! I was so impressed he was learning how to build a computer the first day! It was teaching him the names of the components, what they looked like and where they were placed all while playing a game. It taught him about security and cyber bullying. Can't wait for the advanced game to come out. My son says this is a great "rage" game and cool for all gamers. Have fun!”
Becca B, Co-op Member
”This program has totally involved my son. He has been challenged and motivated and is even learning to go back and study the previous levels in order to advance. The teaching is great!”
Rachel, Co-op Member/Homeschooling MOM
”Taken Charge is used by my 9 year old son who is ASD he also struggles with dyslexia but quick and talented in visual learning. TC has proven very effective, he enjoys playing daily. He does require I help him take notes in order to pass levels but is very excited about it. We have told other families who s children are interested in coding and gaming, this is a perfect start for computer science and internet awareness.”
RNRivera, Co-op Member
”I highly recommend this computer program. My son has found it to be both challenging and interesting. Often I sit alongside him as he plays so I can learn about technology education as well. We have enjoyed discussing the characters and lessons. This has been an added bonus for us with this program. Originally I thought I would just have him play a level or two on his own to learn the material but it has turned out to be something we have been able to share together and have both learned a lot as we go along.”
T. Caskey, Co-op Member
”My husband has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He was really impressed with this program. My son is enjoying using it. We are very pleased.”
Anne F., Co-op Member
”My daughter really likes this program. Its a great introduction into a field that I would consider very important for kids to learn since computers are integrated into our everyday lives.”
Sandra A, Co-op Member
”My son LOVES this game. He asks for it all the time and works so hard to read the dialogue on the game that I am thrilled at the practice he is getting. I was in an electronics store with my 7 year old daughter the other day and she pointed out a "motherboard" correctly. They have learned the basics of the interior pieces and workings of a computer. They have taken a very technical and tediously detailed subject and made it engaging and fun for young kids. I am very happy with this program.”
Laura Mordaunt, Co-op Member
”My middle school aged boys completed Taken Charge over the summer, and really liked the gamification method of teaching PC hardware and cyber security. We did have a few technical issues, but it didn't distract from the fun they were having racing to complete the levels. My only complaint is that the information presented to the user (in the form of a conversation between two game characters that can easily be missed by "fast forwarding") could have been in a more engaging manner, because when they came to the mini-games they had only a vague idea of what they were supposed to know. As far as I know, there isn't much else out there like Taken Charge, so I do recommend it for any late elementary / middle school student.”
Talisha Cabral, Co-op Member
”This game is fun, engaging and educational. There's a free curriculum guide provided with the program, and my daughter, 9, really loves the program. She's learned a lot about technology, computer components and networks and is comfortable using tech vocabulary. :). With her, the hardest part is getting her to stop playing when her time's up. I've recommended this program to others and am glad we bought it!

My son, 12, is very literal and found the program a little too unbelievable. We'll try again, though.”
Mary C, Co-op Member
”Taken charge is an excellent learning tool for children. I am a Senior Systems Engineer for one of the largest financial institutions in the US. I wanted my 2 boys to get a good grip of basic computer and networking skills. I am very impressed with how Taken Charge engages the child's attention and explains all the different parts of a pc. It also goes very in depth into networking, internet and security. My kids got everything very quickly. Now one of my sons questioned me as to why I used a weak password for his Taken Charge logon. It's a great program and perfect primer to get your kids interested in technology and ready for career in Tech or science.”
Lewis Lebron, Co-op Member
”My kids love Taken Charge! We use it as a reward activity and supplementary to their regular computer classes and it really helps to solidify knowledge gained at their lessons. I can definitely recommend this program.”
L Smith, Co-op Member
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