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The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to announce a special offer for Switched-On Schoolhouse® from Alpha Omega Publications®. By purchasing through the Co-op, you get:

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A Homeschool Favorite

Switched-On Schoolhouse is a comprehensive, Bible-based curriculum that offers computer-based learning for grades 3-12. It has been a best-selling favorite with thousands of homeschooling families for years, and is a Cathy Duffy "100 Top Pick for Homeschool Curriculum."

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SOS 2015 - Standard 5-Subject Set<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
SOS 2015 - Standard 5-Subject Set

Qty: Retail $ (each)
SOS 3rd Grade 5-Subject Set: $449.95 $449.50
SOS 4th Grade 5-Subject Set: $449.95 $449.50
SOS 5th Grade 5-Subject Set: $449.95 $449.50
SOS 6th Grade 5-Subject Set: $449.95 $449.50
SOS 7th Grade 5-Subject Set: $449.95 $449.50
SOS 8th Grade 5-Subject Set: $449.95 $449.50
SOS 9th Grade 5-Subject Set: $449.95 $449.50
SOS 10th Grade 5-Subject Set: $449.95 $449.50
SOS 11th Grade 5-Subject Set: $449.95 $449.50
SOS 12th Grade 5-Subject Set: $449.95 $449.50
Get 10 SmartPoints for each dollar you spend!

The Switched-On Schoolhouse standard 5-Subject Sets contains all core subjects Bible, History & Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science for one grade level fir a whole year. SOS provides the structure of textbook learning in a modern, computer-based format with multimedia-rich lessons that infuse excitement into your child's learning process!


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I just wanted to write and thank you for a GREAT curriculum. My daughter has just started the SOS homeschool curriculum and we both love it. It is so easy to use, and I love the flexibility. It does so much of the work I used to do like scheduling, organizing lessons, and grading. My daughter loves the content and the variety of teaching techniques used. She also loves how easy it is for her to see what her lessons are and what her grades are. No more backpacks busting at the seams! Thank you so much. We plan to use SOS all the way through high...(more)
Lisa V., Co-op Member
SOS helps me a lot. I have been homeschooled for seven years. My mom pulled me out of public school when I was in the fourth grade. Now successfully, I am in the eleventh grade making As and Bs. I'm also on the honor roll. I love SOS because it teaches you what you need, and it teaches from a Christian perspective. I believe everybody should be homeschooled because there is no school like home.
Taylor M., Arkansas
love this program wish I would've bought it sooner. it saves us so much time on grading papers and the kids know exactly what they have to do and when it's due. It also allows me to reassign lessons so if they rushed through one I can make sure they know it by reassigning it for them. The kids love to be able to print out their grade reports. Definitely worth the price and saves on frustration.
Bernadius Jackson, Co-op Member
Switched-On Schoolhouse was everything we needed to be able to continue home educating our children. It was sent from heaven to our doorstep! We have been using SOS with 3 students and I wish so much that we would have known about it earlier for our son who graduated last year. I had concerns about the children using the computer so much, but we have had a wonderful experience and my children love seeing their grades every day--no more waiting for Mom! SOS has helped me enjoy teaching my children again. It has taken the dread out of a new day f...(more)
Heidi W., New Jersey
We're starting our 3rd year of using SOS. Our older daughter is very bright, but struggles with dysgraphia. Separating the curriculum from handwriting was enormously freeing for her. We've found that her spelling is improving dramatically, and by using typing, her writing skills overall are improving greatly as well.

Our younger daughter will be beginning SOS this summer. She has been using an online curriculum (Time 4 Learning), but quickly became annoyed with it because it had too many cartoon characters and voices. She'd say, "Mom,...(more)
Anni W., Co-op Member
I had already been homeschooling for nine years when a friend told me about Switched-On Schoolhouse. It couldn't have come at a better time. I had become so overwhelmed by the workload required to homeschool three children that I didn't know how I could keep going. The daily grading and weekly lesson-planning amounted to a 20-hour per week job....on top of time spent teaching and the normal schedule of a housewife and mother! I desperately needed a change.

Switching to 'SOS' was the best homeschooling decision I ever made! It has been six year...(more)
Linda D., Illinois
After two years of traditional school, our daughter was ready to homeschool. We started with her two favorite subjects in Switched-On Schoolhouse, science and history, but by her third year, we were only using Switched-On Schoolhouse. Now, we are embarking upon our fourth year, and our daughter looks like she has completely closed all the learning gaps in math and language arts. She enjoys all her subjects and is taking more responsibility for her schedule and workload. This year we're trying one lesson of math and language arts each morning, a...(more)
Lesley D., Co-op Member
We started using Switched-On Schoolhouse for the first time this year and it has been a great experience for us! We had never used a computer curriculum before, and I was a bit nervous, but this has been so easy and user friendly, and my daughter just loves it! She has stayed so consistently enthused about her lessons this year that I find her grabbing her laptop in the evenings and working ahead. I will never use anything else!
Angela M., Ohio
My son loves Switched-On Schoolhouse, and so do I! The interactive lessons and games keep schoolwork interesting for him, and the automatic grading makes it easy for me. If your children are visual learners or you're feeling like you're being stretched too thin with all the lesson planning and preparation that textbooks require, Switched-On Schoolhouse is your answer.
Lisa C., Texas
I really like the SOS curriculum. My son Loves it. I really like the flexibility and the design over all. It has helped a great deal because I homeschool all five of my children.The younger ones are more hands on. My son is really a self starter and this helps a great deal. I will continue to use this program.
Mary Johnson, Co-op Member
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