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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Supercharged Science to their home school curriculum. If you have used Supercharged Science and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”My 3 children absoultly love supercharged science curriculum. Amazing science projects and they have fun learning and I do too. I never had fun science teachers in school but this program is amazing and tons of different topics and over 200 science experiments. Don't wait go to the site and check it out u wont regret it. ”
Brandi Salmans, Co-op Member
”Supercharged science is an amazing is program that will no doubt gets kids not only enthusiastic, but develop a deeper learning of all keys science topics. My daughter is always super excited watching, listening, and learning from the videos available with each lesson. Doing the experiments, witch are extremely well explained, is an added value to really understanding each topic!”
Maryann, Co-op Member
”As an ex-science teacher myself, I am very impressed with the huge range of activities, the breadth of topics and the accessibility of this massive site. My daughter is able to manage almost all her own science curriculum without my input, making me redundant! (Not sure how I feel about that though, lol)!”
Susan Charles-Hendy, Co-op Member
”This is the one!
It doesn't get better than Supercharged Science. Before this we tried over a half dozen science curricula.

The scientist-presenter Aurora Lipper teaches science as effortlessly as a person breathes. Her approach is inviting, lighthearted, accessible and she totally knows her stuff!

Using this curriculum, you can entirely meet high academic standards without stifling the student, without boring the student, without losing the student. The lessons are broken into perfectly manageable segments, and you have the freedom to proceed through the concepts in the sequence that best serves your student's learning.

My hard-to-please student says: I like how it balances between all the intricacies and the experiments. It's a really good balance for having fun and also for learning. You get to have fun and APPLY what you've learned!

With this curriculum you do have to supervise some as it varies according to the ages of your students but it is a pleasure to participate. Other words to describe Supercharged Science: trusted, engaging, amazing; definitely worth the price.

Yes, we will continue to use Supercharged Science, and we will continue to recommend it to students of all ages.”
Mrs. K, Co-op Member
”My 8 year old daughter loves SuperCharged science, and I have to admit, so do I. I have tried many other science curriculums, and nothing compares with the real science that we are experiencing via this program. My daughter has been frustrated with prior programs because they were either too much text and not enough experiments or the experiments were "too babyish". She wanted real science with real experiments, and that is what we are getting with Supercharged science. It is well worth the price, and the discount from the Homeschool Buyers Co-op definitely helps out!”
J. Martin, Co-op Member
”Supercharged Science has given our son enjoyment with a school subject. This is not easily done. He likes exploring the new things to do and I like completing the review questions and learning about science. Thanks for another great product Co-Op!”
Loreena, Co-op Member
”This is our first year using this product. My seven year old is working through the topics in order starting with the scientific method. He begs to do science first every day. The material, videos and experiments are very accessible and engaging. I highly recommend this product. We will continue using it for years to come.”
Denise L., Co-op Member
”Supercharged's e- science is fantastic! My son (9) and I both love it! The experiments are very engaging. I have found this program very user friendly and most of the experiments can be done with things already in the house. The short videos help you get started on the experiments teaching the how and the why of it. (We usually watch the end of the video after we complete our own experiment). I also like the reading and worksheets they provide. Thought the video on how to do a science journal and using the scientific method was very helpful. I would say the biggest downfall is the cost. It is spendy. I tried their free trial month a while ago and wanted to continue but the price seemed just too high. After trying a couple other science programs and watching my son lose interest in science, I bit the bullet and signed up for the 1 yr discounted price through HSBC which made it much more affordable. Yay! Couldn't be happier with this program and watching the excitement in my son's eyes return. I would always recommend doing the free trial first to see if is the right fit for your family. There is no risk and it is easy to cancel.”
spricetyty, Co-op Member
”We purchased a subscription to Supercharged Science thru the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and our daughter absolutely loves it. We could not otherwise afford a lot of the things we are able to get through the Co-op. It is wonderful. We can try out different programs and get discounts that we need. We are home schooler's and don't get the discounts and tax advantages that public schools do so this really truly helps us.”
Wendy McCullough, Co-op Member
”Supercharged Science is by far the best science program I have seen as a homeschool parent. It emphasizes hands-on projects then backs it up with more traditional reading and quizzes. My daughter looks forward to it everyday. She's even doing the summer camp that comes with the deal.”
Jessica M., Co-op Member
”We have only had about a month to try out Supercharged Science but thus far it has been a good experience. The site is easy to navigate, the experiments that we have tried have been good, and the approach suggested (that students note their progress in a scientific notebook) has worked well for my kids. I have NOT found that it is a program the kids can navigate their ages (14 with special needs, 12, 11, 9, 6, and 5) they simply are not ready to self-navigate. However, with just a bit of help on my part, all goes well. I have not used the program enough to say definitively whether or not I will continue to use it after this coming year, but I have told others about the program as it is hard to find a good science program that allows for lots of hands on, and that is something this program does very well--give lots of options for hands on. As a matter of fact, this program allows for hands on activities EVERY DAY with very little extra cost. The materials are generally ones that we have laying around the house.”
Rachel, Co-op Member
”My boys ask for Science everyday! With Supercharged Science I can do provide them with the knowledge and experiments easily and most often I already have the materials on hand. I couldn't ask for a better science product! We will use Supercharged Science for years to come.”
Mom to 3 Budding Scientists, Co-op Member
”We are grateful to HSBCoop for the discounted price we received. We would never have purchased it otherwise. Many I've told about it said the cost was prohibitive for their budgets as well. Nonetheless, we are very pleased with the program and the flexibility of administering the lesson plans. I like that it's all on-line so we don't have to lug a bunch of books around with us, and we can conduct school anywhere there is wi-fi or internet, including camping, relatives, hotel rooms, marinas, airports, and even McDonalds!

My only concern is that the program is for one year, and I wonder what I'll do if the price we paid this year is NOT extended into next year. I can't afford the retail price. So I don't know if we'll continue to use it, but we'll get as much out of it this year as we possibly can.

I also wish the site kept track of lessons viewed (like Khan Academy does, which is free), and visually display that info in an interactive dichotomus key, so students can see their progress (like Khan Academy does too!)”
Rosanne Dillon, Co-op Member
”A truly terrific hands-on program that I've already recommended to friends whose kids need something physical to do for science.

Their staff is committed to helping you solve whatever problems you may have with the program or payments. I'm impressed with how quickly they answer our questions and emails.

The videos, while not always the highest resolution, are always fun and extremely helpful in figuring out exactly how to do the experiments. My sons and I have enjoyed watching the videos together. I really like that there's the freedom to pick and choose and mix-and-match experiments to suit our current needs. (Plus, you can't help but smile when you watch Aurora demonstrate things; she is so cheerful and upbeat!)

I would recommend Supercharged Science without hesitation, particularly for those who are afraid to tackle doing homeschool science on their well as public schoolers whose school science programs are not up to par.”
Teresa R., Co-op Member
”This is the coolest science "program":

1. Kids are in charge of choosing what they want to learn.

2. It has married two learning styles the visual learner, book researchers in a very manageable information sets.

3. Offers personal assistance to your child for those questions that make you scratch your head.

4. All experiments are shown working and sometimes will include the bloopers at the end.

5. Buyer beware my kids did not like to do "research," now they just do it. Crazy.”
Rhonda M., Co-op Member
”Wow! What a terrific science hands-on program.... It has something for everyone at all different levels (from young through high school). Thanks to Aurora Lipper :-) for sharing her science expertise and allowing my 14 year old son to really see and touch so many science topics! I know as a parent I could not begin to offer these topics (to name a few: Chemistry, Mechanics, Alternative Energy, Thermodynamics, Electricity, Astrophysics, Motion, Matter, Energy, Sound, Light etc.) so concisely and with easy to find supplies can be used in home-based demonstrations.”
Helen M., Co-op Member
”My kids love doing the experiments. I love having everything in one place. The shopping lists are a wonderful help. After shopping around, this ends up being cheaper than most products I've found. Lastly, this product helps me give my children a well rounded science education. We love Supercharged Science!”
Hope, Co-op Member
”We have very much enjoyed Supercharged Science! The experiments are fun and so much of the shopping list we already have, or can get cheaply! We will continue to use it, and love telling people about it. It's great having Aurora, a rocket scientist, lead the way! Thanks for offering this great product!”
Jan W., Co-op Member
”We have tried Super Charged Science and took the leap.It has been fun , enriching and very much that we want to do it all the time which is an issue for the rest of our home school work at times but I tie it back to language arts and history,geography , arts etc, my son 8 is still engaged and can't get enough of it...hands on is our motto. I feel like a kid in a candy store with so much to explore,experience,express! I was looking for more hands on and got more than I can chew! I shared it with other parents and many seem to have taken the leap and rave about Aurora Lipper Supercharged Science as well. Thank you for bringing it to the Co-op and I hope it continues!”
I. Hidaka, Co-op Member
”Really this is amazing. I do not understand why this is different, but my kids really love going on and looking. Then Discovering a whole new world of Science. And I thought I was doing a great job. The most amazing thing to me is that they are Naturally applying what they discovered/learned to other areas of their lives.”
Rhonda M., Co-op Member
”Supercharged Science is the answer for a visual learner! My seventh grader has gone from hating science to spending hours watching/listening to Aurora. She doesn't even mind doing the reading since the material is soooo interesting. If that's not amazing enough, she is now sharing her knowledge with her high school friends that are struggling in their classes. GREAT PROGRAM!”
Gail H., Co-op Member
”I love supercharged science. Aurora made teaching & learning science so easy & so simple. We used different science program before but it was totally textbook approach, lack of experiments. The way she explained science & the lists she provided make everything easy.”
Vanda R, Co-op Member
”Supercharged-Science has been a wonderful product for my special needs child to access. He enjoys listening to the teleclasses and the videos available for each subject enhance the subject matter so that he stays motivated throughout the lessons. We will continue to use Supercharged-Science throughout our homeschooling journey.”
Christine A., Co-op Member
”This program has turned my daughter into a science addict! She LOVES doing the experiments and I love the broad spectrum of information available on the website. Customer service is prompt and courteous. This program has added some much needed 'umph' to our science studies - fun for the kids and easy for mom. Highly recommended!”
Suzanne K., Co-op Member
”Supercharged Science is fantastic. It is fun and practical, all the while being thorough and academically rigorous. The experiments are so accessible and I've never had so much fun doing science with my kids.”
Z Beckett, Co-op Member
”I have been using Supercharged Science for several months now, and find it to be an excellent site that really makes science fun, exciting, and best of all -- easy to understand. My son has multiple learning disabilities including very severe ADHD, and finding ANY curriculum to keep his attention is a huge challenge. The site is very well organized, the videos are short and interesting, and there is always extra information to print out and use to supplement the videos if needed. The experiments are "cool" and generally easy to perform, and each comes with a shopping list to make preparation streamlined. Aurora is available for help if needed, and she sends fun additional experiments and videos via daily emails as well. My son actually looks forward to science for a change!”
Valerie Center, Co-op Member
”My son (6th grade level) absolutely loves the Supercharged Science course - and so do I. Having worked with a Science Club last year, I appreciate that her experiments are all developed and inexpensive to do - despite the information on the internet, that is still lots of work to dig out. I also like the videos she has, and that she puts in in terms kids will understand and enjoy. Overall a good course - we're enjoying working our way through it.”
Kerstin, Co-op Member
”We have tried quite a few science programs and Supercharged Science is undoubtedly the best! Super high quality. Aurora is brilliant and very personable - the kids love her. The experiments are so cool that even I get excited when it is time to do science :-). They are learning so much and since experiments are part of every lesson, it isn't just "book learning" and the knowledge sticks. We plan on being long-term subscribers. So glad to have found this program!!”
Andrea B., Co-op Member
”We love supercharged science. Aurora has prepped everything for us. Her videos are charming and well-done. Plus, her accompanying materials are high quality educational materials that support further study of the topic. My kids will ask to watch and do the experiments by themselves. Later, when we go through the unit formally, they are ready to learn it at a deeper level with more ownership of the material and learning process.”
Deb, Co-op Member
”My children, ages 11 and 8, love this program. In fact, they ask to do science now. The teacher is very engaging and presents the experiments very clearly.”
Angle W., Co-op Member
”My son (12 yo) loves watching the videos and doing the experiments. He will even read the readings and answer the questions. When Aurora explains it, he really understands it. Plus, the experiments do indeed work.”
G. Aubin, Co-op Member
”The Supercharged Science program has actually given my daughter an interest in science. I have tried Plato and other books/products before, and nothing seemed to engage her. Science was actually a subject she did not like. The experiments and the presentation of topics in this science course gives her the ability to understand things clearly and have fun doing MANY experiments. I am happy that we have found something that has given her an interest in science!”
Terri S., Co-op Member
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