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”I love ST Math. Better yet, my daughter does, too! This is a revolutionary type of program that when I first discovered was only available to schools. As soon as it became available to me, I jumped at the chance. This program is different in that it contains no written words, (so no problem for those with reading difficulties), and no verbal instructions. Math principles are demonstrated by pictures. While this may sound strange, it has worked excellently for my daughter who has experienced difficulties with certain math areas in the past. The program centers around a penguin named Jiji. The goal of every lesson is to get Jiji across to the other side of the page. The answers that the student choses will either result in an action that provides Jiji a way across if the answer is correct, or that blocks Jiji if an incorrect answer is given. If a child does have difficulties with one of the lessons, then the program will show a hurdle to demonstrate the child needs additional help. I only had a couple of instances where this occurred and my daughter needed slight clarification on what action was expected. After that my daughter learned how to troubleshoot the hurdles on her own. Once a lesson is completed then Jiji will be raised on a pedestal to go to the next level. Though this may sound simple and boring, my daughter loves it. When my daughter has learned a new concept on ST Math, she has had no difficulty translating that success into math exercises outside the program. Even concepts that many children have trouble with, such as fractions, my daughter says "that's so easy." This from someone who had difficulty learning basic multiplication. Although we had used numerous programs and concepts to help my daughter with multiplication, she never really became confident in it until after ST Math. I never have a problem getting my daughter to do lessons on ST Math. She is always eager to do them, which is quite uncommon for her. The program does recommend teacher led guidance, but I found little was necessary. Normally I would have to sit by my daughter throughout a lesson to ensure it was actually completed, but not with this program. I should state that my daughter has ADHD and an eye problem that makes it difficult to read printed material for extended times. This program seems to render both these problems null and void. I highly recommend this program.”
Mara B., Co-op Member
”I love this program. In other programs, I just felt like he wasn't "getting it," but I can see the learning happening with ST Math.”
”ST Math has been great for my daughter with dyscalculia! She is making slow but steady progress and feels like she is finally understanding math!”
B. Thayne, Co-op Member
”We continue to love ST Math as a great way of learning for our autistic son. Instruction is with images, so his limited receptive language skills aren't a barrier to excelling in math. It needs to be supplemented with pen and paper work to ensure generalization outside of the environment, but the hard part of teaching advanced concepts is handled through the app. I'm going to be sad when we run out of levels in the next year!”
Jeff B., Co-op Member
”An amazing math program for visual learners! My 11 year old is actually enjoying math. He's progressing quickly.”
Shelly M., Co-op Member
”We used ST Math for a year and then stopped using it (our charter school dropped it, saying it was too expensive for a site license). I didn't think too much of it, but after a while I was surprised how I noticed a drop in my children's deeper understanding of math topics. I had taken it for granted that they would easily be able to "picture" math concepts, which I felt was the basis for how quickly they had advanced through their respective math curricula. As their advancement began to slow, it appeared to be connected to how they were no longer able to "picture" math concepts as quickly as before. I traced this back to their daily use of ST Math. I highly recommend it and feel that HSBC offers an extremely good bargain for others who may be interested in using this terrific program.”
Christine, Co-op Member
”This is a great product for people who need visual learning of complex math skills. It is very unique in this regard and beneficial. I have a child with an IEP who learns math using this program. I would highly recommend it for any student but particularly for those who struggle with math and are visual learners.”
S. Ross, Co-op Member
”My son is mildly ASD and probably has a case of dyscalculia. He has hated math since he was five. He is a lot better now, thanks to ST math, but before this, he was always confused with the numbers 4 and 5. He is now seven. Although he started going to school several months ago, he hasn't learned much there. So I decided that I will pull him out of school and start homeschooling him again this fall, but before then, I wanted to go ahead and start from ground zero with math by using ST Math. I cannot believe how much he enjoys the program! Here is a kid who always hates counting and cannot count well using his fingers due to low muscle tone, and he would always bite if he cannot figure out any number sentence. But it is not the case with ST Math! This is the first time he has really enjoyed doing math. Previously I have tried other educational apps, but he always wanted to stop working on it within minutes. With ST Math, he just kept going and going. He gets really happy when he sees the penguin travel across the screen because it is a vote of confidence in his work. And before I know it, he will have solved anywhere between 30-50 questions per average session. One time, he sat down and did ST Math for over an hour. And during that particular session, he did 91 questions. I believe practice makes perfect. Before ST Math, he really had trouble remembering mathematical facts. But with daily practice using the app, he can now think quicker when I ask him math problems. Thank you ST Math.”
Anne B., Co-op Member
”My two children (ages 10 and 11) have been using ST Math for four months. They both struggle with dyslexia and while we are tackling that on the reading front, we've struggled with math. I started them at the kindergarten level to make sure we were really addressing core skills that might be missing. I was very impressed with the ease of starting the program. While it baffles me, the kids get it with much more ease and they love to interact with the program. They both progressed to grade one in less than three months. The system easily allows me to move them along. I have seen a change in their attitude towards math and their willingness to explore ideas. I am so excited to see how it supports their learning as they continue to grow in their skills! I do recommend that people give this a try. There are some activities that have even helped me see math differently. I also want to add that their customer service is impeccable - it's truly a supportive environment. Thank you, ST Math folks - we appreciate you.”
JLL, Co-op Member
”My son looks forward to ST Math every day and has done so for the last three years! Our main math curriculum seems to change but ST Math has remained a constant for us.”
Ursula A., Co-op Member
”I have started now the third year of my ST Math subscription and am very happy with it. I am recommending it as well to my friends. My first child that started with this is now six years old and finishing ST Math 2nd grade. He's doing addition in his head (e.g. 69+69) and can really understand this. I highly recommend this program.”
Traian Ionescu, Co-op Member
”I am a first grade teacher and my district uses ST Math. I also purchased this for my daughters to use since they only have a drill and kill math product at their school. I feel ST Math greatly improves elementary math skills in kindergarten to 2nd grade. Kids love it and it is easy to use.”
Chantal, Co-op Member
”My daughter is dyslexic and math has been a foreign language for her until we started ST Math. It has been amazing! This kid can now do math like she is not dyslexic at all. I also love how I can assign homework when I see she needs more training in a specific subject. I highly recommend ST Math.”
Evelyn W., Co-op Member
”My daughter LOVES it. She can do it independently and has a lot of fun solving each of the puzzles. Definitely recommend it.”
J. Gosnell, Co-op Member
”My son does love this program. He's been able to go through each lesson and understands each lesson. He has grown so much in his math skills this year. This is a product we will continue to use each year.”
S. Brown, Co-op Member
”I have a 13 year old son who has always struggled with math. When we found out he has a learning disability, I honestly didn't know what to do to help him. I can't count the number of math programs we've tried in the past. ST Math has been amazing! We started him back at Kindergarten which didn't take him long to finish. So far this program has increased his self esteem, made math something he enjoys doing, and best of all, he's understanding it! I was unsure of ST Math to begin with. It seemed too simple. Would he find it to be too kiddie for his age? I can honestly say though that it works. He's actually understanding math and it's filled in gaps I didn't even know existed. His progress has been amazing and really made him feel good about himself. No more do we hear that he can't do math or that he's simply not good at it. Even when he struggles a bit with a concept, a few attempts and it clicks for him. We will definitely stay with ST Math since it's the first program where he's learned AND retained the information.”
Tiffany, Co-op Member
”I love ST Math. It uses visual cues to help kids practice math skills. I am using it with my 5 year old and he really enjoys it. The price was great for the value of the product.”
Adelina Rodriguez, Co-op Member
”My children love ST Math. I love that program is adaptable and that I can assign specific topics and order in which they are presented. My kids stay engaged due to the visual, game style of presenting math concepts. It is the best math program and we will definitely keep using it. I recommended St Math to all parents. My children are above grade level and they continue to grow.”
Lidia Scinski, Co-op Member
”ST Math is for my family the best math resource I could find. I am amazed at how well my older child handles now math problems.”
Traian Ionescu, Co-op Member
”ST Math is fabulous. The kids feel like they are playing a game, but it is teaching them math skills that can't be taught in a traditional textbook.”
jil, Co-op Member
”After trying everything, this is finally a math program that is working for us! The program is highly visual and gradually builds from puzzles to equations. We have been using this for three months with consistent success. It requires zero prep on my part and takes us about 20 minutes a day. We will stick with this until we've completed every level. I highly recommend this product!”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”I love ST Math. My daughter is a very visual learner. This program far exceeds what she needs to improve in her math skills. It helps me remind her visually of a math concept as well.”
Sage Conner, Co-op Member
”My grandson is dyslexic and loves doing ST math. He is able to complete most of the activities better than me. I haven't tried any similar products so I can't compare. I have recommended this product to others.”
Debra Adderley, Co-op Member
”We have been enjoying ST Math after trying several other video and text based curriculums. It is effective for our visual learner and concepts are well presented and broken down into manageable steps. A teacher should definitely be sitting down together with the student regularly to ensure learning and explaining concepts along the way as needed. Customer service has also been prompt and thorough by email.”
Julie J, Co-op Member
”I am glad I read the reviews here after buying STMath for three of my kids. When you have a parent account you actually can access every course available on STMath. It is very helpful. I use some topics in Test Drive mode for my older students.
The program is very adaptable. I was able to remove topics my kid already knows and after he finished one grade in 3 months I was able to transfer him to next grade and remove not necessary topics, so he can learn something new. Not all of my students like the program. Kids who love workpages seem not to like computer based Math. All kids who love games love STMath though.
Overall it is a good program. Customer support is brilliant. Katie is always there - she helps to navigate the program. I would have to contact them about few topics I do not agree with. Highly recommend ST Math.”
Desertbella, Co-op Member
”I love this program! It is visual and self-teaching. My son (K) is learning to subitize and add/subtract in a game-like manner. He enjoys it and I am pleased with the math skills he is learning.”
Suzanne A., Co-op Member
”We love ST Math! My 6 year old isn't a good reader, but he's great at math, and this is so well designed that there's little if any reading (chapter titles) but lots of tricky math so he's not bored and moves along at his own pace. The lessons build gradually so it never seems hard to him, even though I know what he's doing is actually rather tricky. My dyslexic daughter also loved it a few years ago, but aged out of ST. I wish they'd develop an Algebra program too!”
localredvine, Co-op Member
”Very good program. Develops problem-solving skills along with understanding math concepts.
I learned about the program from another home schooling mom. My kindergartener likes it. It's a great supplement to a core program. In addition, it teaches attention and patience. Great for English language learners since it uses no words. Will continue and recommend to others.”
Vicky S., Co-op Member
”My 7 year-old son absolutely LOVES ST Math. He can be difficult to motivate at times; however, this is not the case with ST Math. The visual teaching makes the book work so much easier; he already understands the concept before we start a new skill in the book. Because ST Math is visual, he easily does "mental math" We use the GO Math books to accompany the ST Math. It s really fun for him. He's learning without even knowing he's learning! I will definitely use this every year.”
Jackie Burke White, Co-op Member
”We are using ST Math, and I am very grateful to the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for making this more affordable for us. My kids love ST Math, and are constantly begging to do it! They have gone up entire grade levels in a matter of months, and my daughter with dyscalculia and dyslexia is learning and excelling at math concepts which I thought she would never master. Thank you so much! I constantly recommend ST Math to my friends.”
A very pleased homeschooling mama, Co-op Member
”ST-Math has helped all of my children to make rapid gains in their math skills. My 5 year old has gone from a K level to nearly a second grade level in a matter of a couple of months. My first grader has moved up an entire grade level in just a couple of months. My child with dyscalculia and dyslexia has learned fractions, multiplication, and division, which I thought would be nearly impossible at one point. At one point this child could not even master basic addition facts up to 10, and struggled for years with mastering these foundations of math. ST-Math was like a lightbulb that turned on in her head and allowed her to suddenly gain an understanding of mathematical concepts. ST-Math has been a huge answer to prayer. I am constantly recommending it to all of my friends for both their kids who excel in math as well as struggling learners. My kids constantly beg to do their ST-Math, and often prefer to do ST-Math instead of traditional seatwork. While other math programs present math in a very abstract way, ST-Math is able to help children visualize what is actually happening through real-time puzzles and videos. ST-Math is a unique, innovative approach to math that is well-researched. It is unlike any math program that I have ever used because it seeks to explain math visually and spatially - something which cannot be done in a one dimensional format on a piece of paper. We consider ST-Math to be an important and necessary part of our homeschool curriculum, and I find that it makes my life so much easier. I am so grateful to the researchers at ST-Math for developing something which has enabled my daughter to not only learn math, but to fully understand it.”
A very pleased homeschooling mom, Co-op Member
”My son has autism and I always have to find 5 different ways to teach everything. This program has helped me teach him math that he hasn't been able to learn in any other way. I love that there are no spoken words or written directions because he tends to totally ignore those. I also love that I can go in and play any of the games myself in the parent account so that I can either easily backtrack and learn how to do the level he is on so I can help him, I can see what the skill is and how it is taught and decide if he is ready or if I need to rearrange it. Also he enjoys my doing work right along side him, and since the problems are different every time I can do the same thing he is working on which helps motivate him. For any child who is a visual learner or is an ELL learning this program is the best answer. I expect my son to need extra help and prompting compared to the neurotypical child, but he needs far less with this program than any other method I have used.”
Sharon D, Co-op Member
”We LOVE ST Math and have been using it for years now. My child has an intuitive sense for math, but struggles with most standard curriculums (Saxon, Singapore, Mammoth, etc.). It's fantastic for visual learners and feels more like a game. We use this as our core curriculum, then supplement with worksheets/workbooks. He really understands the concepts when we do it this way and it's made homeschooling flow much easier. Check it out, it's worth it!”
M. Castellino, Co-op Member
”I use this for my visual learner who is on the Autism spectrum. It is a great program that has helped him understand concepts I could not help him grasp in the homeschooling setting.”
Erin H., Co-op Member
”My son has just started using ST Math and the improvement in his understanding and processing of math concepts, which were challenging before, has increased 10 fold! This is a fantastic tool, especially for kids who struggle with traditional math curriculum and are more visual/special learners!”
Rebecca W, Co-op Member
”Love ST Math. We have tried a number of math programs for our special needs child. We are working on Kindergarten level. It has a logical progression and each activity is a new game that is not repetitive, so he doesn't get bored. There is almost no noise or sounds.”
ND, Co-op Member
”I'm a school teacher and bought ST Math for my son to boost his Math curriculums at home because of the fun and success I saw with my students. The fact that it does not have language and word barriers is so helpful to students, as is presenting the same math concepts in a different format.

I love ST Math!”
Sandra Rabago, Co-op Member
”We have really enjoyed ST Math. It helps my son understand the concepts better through all the visual examples and it's fun! I'm impressed with this program and it how it teaches math. I highly recommend it!”
Ann, Co-op Member
”My 7 year old begs me to play his math "game".”
M.M.Mabrey, Co-op Member
”This is our second year with ST-Math through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Our daughter has really enjoyed and thrived experiencing math in a very visual-spatial way. I like that she is able to complete more than one level a year without us needing to buy the next level. I have shared about our positive experience with many people, especially those whose kids are struggling with reading and writing, as this program allows kids to focus on the math and not be held back by other areas of difficulty.”
Jill, Co-op Member
”Fantastic Program! This is not a drill and kill program like most math programs. It is a fun and engaging way for your children to build foundational math skills. I highly recommend it for the lower elementary grades.”
Chantal, Co-op Member
”ST Math is one of the few purchases I've made during our first year homeschooling that I absolutely love. My kids (7 and 11) love it too. Although it's a math supplement, we use it about 50% of the time because it does such a good job of reinforcing book work. Unlike math textbooks, ST math is able to show what the numbers on the page mean. So instead of math being something my kids memorize, it's now something they understand. I recommend this program for students who struggle with math and students who find math easy, it's that good.”
Marissa Mc, Co-op Member
”My kids love ST Math! It s how we start every school day, and that was their idea!!

I started seeing big leaps in math after my younger son had been using ST Math as a supplement for about three months. I was so impressed that I started my middle-schooler on the program, too.

The kids think they're just playing a math game, but they're figuring out complex math concepts through trial and error- which is the best way to learn.

I truly recommend ST Math for all types of learners.”
Melanie Y., Co-op Member
”I have two girls doing ST Math at home, I like this complementary study method. I aim that girls have at least training for 15 min a day and it is in addition to the 7 hours in school. I like the possibility to challenge them and train the same material, but in a slightly different way.”
Amanda Zute, Co-op Member
”My son is a preschooler. We wanted to try st math. We are very happy with his progress so far. St math provides an intuitive interface which the kids love to hang on. St math allows kids to focus on work with fun.”
Madhu, Co-op Member
”This program has great potential as an adjunct to math instruction. It is engaging and provides a visual component to learning math. We are using it as part of a tutoring-mentoring program for inner-city students. All of the students enjoy using it. It is important to have students engaged in the program at least 3-5 times per week. We now have a grant to place computers in our students homes. I am expecting to see real progression in the next few months. At this time I cannot testify to its effectiveness, but thus far we are pleased by our students eagerness to "play" ST Math and the clever way in which concepts are presented. The program allows the parent or teacher to keep track of time spent in the program and specific skills that the child has mastered. It also notifies you when a student is in need of assistance on a concept.”
Dotty, Co-op Member
”Our talented and great reader, 15-year old has struggled with math so much that she was only able to do 3rd grade math, if that, and doing so was a constant teary struggle. With ST Math, she's completed 3rd grade in 30 days without asking a question. And she's half-way through 4th grade in one week, again, with no questions. She gets 100%'s on her tests, so we know she's learning---and learning FAST!! For us, ST Math has been a complete God-send!

Our 10 year old son struggles greatly with reading, but LOVES math. So ST math was the best fit for him. He completed one grade in about a month as well and is headed into his second grade level and loving every minute.

We wish there were more controls regarding what portions of lessons needed to be completed, and that there was more intelligence about what a kid is already good at so they don't have to do it again, but all that aside, the program is the most brilliant thing in the world.

We struggled to know if we should use it because our kids are sensitive to screen time, but the program is not flashy and they seem to be just fine with it, for which we are very grateful. We also appreciate that there is zero negative pictures or content what could conflict with our Christian perspectives.

ST Math is HIGHLY recommended by our family of 5 homeschooled kids!”
Kama Wilson, Co-op Member
”I learned that ST Math was created by a person with dyslexia for people with dyslexia. We had tried everything possible with my son, and nothing was working. He is in 4th grade, and we've been unable to get him past even 1st grade math. He has been so frustrated and was hating math.

Since we've started ST Math, he is actually saying that it's fun. I never thought I'd hear him say this.

I love that this program has a teaching area so you know how to use it properly and to facilitate your child's use. It allows you to go into any section and test it out as if you were a student, or give you free range in it to look at many modules.

It is very different, and if you are a linear thinker like I am, it may be hard to determine the value of it and how it works. But for my son, it all makes sense. He figures things out and what to do before I do. It has had an added side affect of my being able to view math in a fun and different way.

I recommend this program for anyone who has tried everything, but nothing would stick. I also recommend it as a first math program for any child. It really teaches it where the child will have a more intrinsic knowledge of math.”
Esther H, Co-op Member
”I have searched for a while on how to help my child learn math - and found STMath.
Have been using it for a couple of months - amazed how my child loves it and he learned a lot already. Will definitely keep using it in the next years (my child is 4 now).”
Traian, Co-op Member
”My son really likes using ST Math. He loves that he can play games that are fun to practice math! It is really nice to have a math practice they can do on their own.”
Steph S., Co-op Member
”Both my boys age 6 and 10 use this curriculum. They are extremely visual learners and with dysgraphia and this program has removed the barriers to learning math. Also as a mom it has been nice to have a curriculum that requires very little of my support so I can work with the other child in something that requires more of my attention. Sometimes they do need my support but not often.”
Monica Miller, Co-op Member
”ST Math has been an incredible addition to our home school. For years, my son has complained about math. Now, he insists on doing math first because it is FUN! Plus, he is soaking up the information. The visual/spatial aspect of teaching the various concepts is perfect for him. Thank you, ST Math!”
Jennifer L., Co-op Member
”I was so thankful to see ST Math at a discount, and I don't know if we would've tried it without it. Now I'm so happy we did! It's been a great change of pace, and my 9 year old doesn't dread math like he used to. It's giving him that visual component for math instead of long verbal explanations, which I believe were only confusing him more.”
Beth M., Co-op Member
”This program has had a very positive effect on my daughters (ages 8 and 5). They love the program, as it is so intuitive and feels more like a video game with the levels and the rewarding bell sound when they accomplish the task at hand. I looked into this for my youngest who was not yet reading well, but very advanced in math. It was difficult to find a program that allowed her to excel at math independently without the need to struggle with reading instructions. This fit the bill, and more than that, it exceeded my expectations. I got it for my eldest so she could do it alongside her sister, and I love how the levels progress. She's a very abstract thinker and this really puts her thinking to the test. I rarely need to explain instructions because they can usually figure it out all on their own. I greatly recommend this for anyone wanting to build abstract thinking skills in their children, or children who could use more practice in math without all the words. Each level is fresh and new and keeps things interesting, even for my very squirmy 5 year old!”
Adriana Gomez, Co-op Member
”I love this math program because it's so easy for pre-readers to excel. The website is a little confusing for a homeschooler to start with, because of all the classroom management tools, but the actual math is really really wonderful.”
Ramona B, Co-op Member
”I like this math curriculum and both my kids used it for kindergarten and fourth grade last year, along with other math programs. The way they teach concepts through visual animations is unique and can be very effective with some learning styles. For us it worked well to also do math together with paper and manipulatives (Beast Academy for the older and Right Start for the younger), but the ST math was a great option for days I was busy or just to give them a choice. However, we really like math, I think just doing ST Math would be fine if your family has other priorities. It is a complete curriculum. We purchased a second year for each of them and plan to continue. The puzzles at the end of a grade are really fun, enjoy them, but they keep getting harder and harder, you need to request advancement to the next grade. Don't get frustrated trying to finish them all!”
Jess Lambright, Co-op Member
”ST Math is a great program for kids who need to go at their own pace. I especially like that once a kid understands a topic the parent, after logging in as a teacher, can just skip them to the next one. It really does teach topics in a great visual way, without many words or sounds as distractions. The penguin JiJi is cute, but not babyish and my son likes it.

The biggest compliment that I can give it is that my son (who hates drill and kill and repetition) has recently mastered an area. When I asked him if he wanted to skip the rest of the section and move forward, he said no that he likes the practice.

A word of warning. ST Math seems and feels really really easy. It is very gentle. Almost as if you are doing math without thinking. Don't be fooled by how easy it is. It is actually really effective.

We pair it with Beast Academy, which I also highly recommend, because Beast Academy can definitely be a challenge even for math-loving kids. My kid loves math. Some days he wants the challenge of Beast Academy. Other days he likes how easy ST Math is (& he still benefits from the practice and different way of thinking.)

I'd recommend ST Math for a struggling learner, regular learner, or advanced learner who likes visual presentation of materials. This is one program that the child can handle as soon as they like math concepts. There is minimal (almost no) reading.”
A Utah Mom, Co-op Member
”My daughter has dyslexia and ST Math saved the day. The program allows you to start at whatever level you would like, so we were able to go back and review materials that she had "learned" through other math programs. Their approach made sense to her and has improved her visual tracking and ability to see complicated images on the screen. She has gained confidence and knowledge and loves math now. We intend to follow it all the way through and are so glad we found ST Math!”
Susan B., Co-op Member
”Excited about the concept of teaching math visually, I decided to try ST Math with my five year old. It has been wonderful for her and while she does learn quickly, I find doing ST Math with "Jiji" the penguin is motivating for her and she has been able to grasp the concepts so easily. This has been our main kindergarten math "curriculum" (combined with organic incorporation of math concepts, including games, in other things we do). And it takes so little time to advance, but also provides students a chance to spend more time on a concept that they might be struggling with.

And it really does provide a visual way of seeing these concepts, something I wish I had had as a child learning math! We plan to continue with ST Math I think first grade might be more of the same to kinder, but you can also decide which concepts your child will work on, which is a nice feature as well. I like what I have seen for older grades as well, just from previewing. I know the price is a bit off-putting, but I believe it is worth it (and I don't say that about most things).

If I had any complaints about would be that I wish the program intuitively allowed students to advance more quickly within each concept practice, so instead of a set, say, do this concept 6 times, that they might only do it 3 or 4 if the student grasps it instantly and has no trouble. I realize six isn't a lot. Or if it were, 4 instead of 8, for example. I don't think is relevant to all students, but sometimes my daughter gets bored if she's mastered it and doesn't want to keep doing the same thing, but wants to quickly get to the next new level. But with that said, it's a minor issue. I highly recommend incorporating ST Math in any math curriculum, even if you go a more "unschooling" route, as I do!”
Ashley Thompson, Co-op Member
”My children are in 1st and 4th grade, they have been using ST Math for a year now and they love it. They are using a lot of the strategies from the program and applying them to their school work. ST Math provides a game-like enviornment that makes ST Math highly engaging. My children are mathematically equip and they will continue to use ST Math.”
Sabrina B., Co-op Member
”Very easy and fun for kids to use. We have it on their tablets as well as desktop computer. They often play it for fun and I can easily track their activity. Started this in kinder in 2010, will continue until i exhaust their programs (algerbra). Highly recommend.”
Sarah S, Co-op Member
”My 7 year old has Auditory Processing Disorder, which causes challenges. She began reading when she was 4, but struggles with math. I found her to be a visual learner. I found ST Math at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and am thrilled. She is catching on much quicker now and is even able to do other math games and worksheets! I highly recommend this to anyone whose child struggles with math and/or is a visual learner.”
Heather Rosin, Co-op Member
”My daughter has learning disabilities, and the visual nature of ST-Math has helped her grasp concepts we thought she'd never get. For the first time ever, she's excited to work on math, and will keep at it for up to 45 minutes!”
Amy P., Co-op Member
”My son who has profound dyslexia loves this program. He is good in math anyway, but he likes that it is a visual program and not a bunch of word problems.

My daughter who doesn't like math also enjoys this program. It is important to start at the right level. I wish there was a placement test or something. Also there isn't much review which is fine for my son, but not great for my daughter.

We use it as a primary for my son and supplement for my daughter.”
Christy C, Co-op Member
”We tried three or four other math programs and ST Math is by far both of my kids' favorite (ages 8 and 10, 3rd and 4th grades). The program keeps them engaged and motivated. Most of the time they can work independently, but they are both strong in math, computer savvy, catch on quickly to new math concepts, and enjoy solving puzzles. I think they are learning the material at a great pace (they work for 15-45 minutes per day and their percentage complete is ahead of where I'd expect them to be).

A couple of the drawbacks: I don't like the parent/teacher reporting because it's not intuitive or easy to use for me. I have difficulty understanding how long my child has spent on various concepts, finding comparisons between pre- and post-quiz scores, and knowing which concepts have been mastered.

Second, when my kids first started the program, both of them complained that when they encountered concepts that they already knew, there was no way to opt out of completing the level. I had to go in as the teacher and remove the module to prevent tears of boredom/frustration. I would have rather been able to tell the program that the exercises should be skipped and the post-quiz test should be administered so that the module would still be listed but show up as completed. (Perhaps this functionality does exist, but I don't know how to use it - back to my difficulties with reporting.)

All in all, we really like the program and will continue to use it.”
S. Gatewood, Co-op Member
”ST-Math is AMAZING! Can you imagine the full math program K-12 without a single word. Just math! So clear, so visual! So game-based! So enjoyable! We have a child who is 100% visual learner. We have severe language disability( childhood aphasia of speech). It was a big challenge for us to find something that could help our child progress in Math no matter how his language would develop. After some research we have found ST-Math presentation and we were ready to pay all the money in the world to get the program. But couple of years ago, it was offered only to school boards and companies. Finally, we have found a provider , who charged us 300 dollars a months. When we saw a possibility to sign up for the program through Homeschool Buyers for 120 a year, we were so happy! We hope ST-Math will help us to overcome our language barrier on our mathematical path and ,may be, even the language difficulty itself. The more we move through the program, the better our language become. We recommend it to everyone! We recommended the program to National Association of Childhood Development, the organization that is taking care of our development all in all. Give it a try! Being parents of a special child, we are always in a search for miracles. ST-Math is a miracle!”
Olga D., Co-op Member
”My kids love playing with Jiji the penguin and helping her move to the next level! Such a fun math program that they can do all on their own, and it doesn't even feel like work for them. They think it is so much fun!”
Kim B., Co-op Member
”I found ST math to be a very good program. Having a son with a speech and auditory comprehension problems this has come very handy for practice. However, I would have like for the program to have more examples for kids to learn new concepts. In my son''s case I have to preteach the concept in order for him to be successful....yes, I definitely recommend.”
WoodD, Co-op Member
”My children used ST Math when they were in public school for 1st and 3rd grades and requested that we use it for homeschooling as well. They are now in 3rd and 5th grades and still enjoy the program. Their only complaint is that the program moves through some material a bit too slowly for them, but I appreciate its thoroughness. They adore the penguin, JiJi, and are hooked on the bell that rings with each correct puzzle. We use ST math in combination with Khan Academy.”
V McGuire, Co-op Member

One of our kids doesn't learn the way other kids do. Our other kid is pretty dang brilliant and just understands math. We tried ST math for both of them and have been very pleased. Our slower learner has figured out concepts that were not coming through with any other program or even with intensive work with me and a tutor. The program is broken down into very small pieces. There are about 6 "puzzles" per step. If one of those puzzles is missed, the child can proceed. If a second is missed they have to start that very small section over again. Not enough to feel frustrated, but enough that you have to master it before you can move on.

Each step starts with something concrete. Such as which creature needs four shoes. Then it moves to which two creatures need seven shoes. Then numbers are introduced along with the shoes. By the end of the set the child is adding numbers.

However, for my brilliant child it's challenging because there are no instructions. The kids have to figure it out on their own...and they do. My slow child sometimes needs help figuring out how to do a step, but my brilliant kid never does and likes the feeling of being challenged. We'd initially put him in a grade he'd already mastered and he was bored. When we moved him to the grade up he liked that he had to figure stuff out.

We have done a number of math programs. This one is our favorite because the kids have to figure it out on their own AND it's in such small concrete steps that it makes sense. I can't recommend this program too much.”
A mom, Co-op Member
”ST-Math has been the perfect fit for my daughter! The concepts are shown clearly, visually, and the cute little penguin adds a touch of fun. It is nice to have a child eager to do their math each day.

I was so excited to be able to get ST Math through the Co-op here. It is an excellent way for kids to learn mathematical concepts without having difficulties with language get in the way.”
Jill G, Co-op Member
”I loved this product. It's different kind of Math program. I have used different products before to help my son on complex math problem. This product is really teach kid while playing games (and I mean real game). My son is in Kindergarten but doing math at level of grade 1-2 just because of this.”
N Patel, Co-op Member
”We have been very happy ST Math will certainly use in the future. Has been great for all ages!”
Chelsea, Co-op Member
”Fun, interactive way of learning math concepts! It's like an online manipulative.”
Cristina, Co-op Member
”Terrific program that allows kids of all ages to independently explore math in a meaningful way at their own pace. Kids generally like it. It is difficult to pass without actually understanding the material, so kids move forward at the pace that's right for them. Especially great for kids who have trouble with traditional math programs, either because of literacy/language difficulties or because they get too stuck in finding the "right" answer that they aren't thinking about the underlying concepts.”
Karen, Co-op Member
”Both my children, an eleven year old girl & a six year old boy, struggled with book-based curriculum for math. However, both of them enjoy and grasp the math concepts with much less stress and frustration using the visual approach used by ST-Math.”
Nathan S, Co-op Member
”My daughter, in 4th grade, was not interested at all in math until we discovered st math. It's not like the other online math games; it actually builds basic concepts of the logic of math and lifted the confusion she that was blocking her from moving forward. Each unit build upon previous and my teacher log in helps me give her extra practice or move on when she's excelled in a section. I purchased it since then for all 3 kids. Now they look forward to math.”
Walaa Abdrabouh, Co-op Member
”My kids start their day with ST Math. I didn't plan on this, it just happened... initially, they would ask me if they could start their day with math, and then it just became routine. By far, their favorite subject. It's game style- no written or given instructions, the kids just have to figure it out to advance. And they do!”
M. Young, Co-op Member
”When I first saw ST math on a Ted talk I was so excited to try out the program for my son. Sadly, it was unavailable for homeschooling at the time. A few years later, ST math is now available through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! Since using the program, I've noticed a deeper understanding of concepts. My son asks to do math now! The visual component to this software is the key. I am so grateful for this program!”
Brooke M., Co-op Member
”I LOVE ST-Math! My son has dyscalculia and this program works for him. He is finally understanding and learning math!”
J. Fisher, Co-op Member
”I'm most excited about ST Math in the way it has started turning my boys into problem solvers. Particularly, my oldest, who is ten. He no longer wants my help, preferring to figure out problems independently.”
”My child is more engaged with math now because of JiJi. She sees the concepts more concretely with the visual presentations.”
”I love it when my daughter breaks through the hurdles. It is such a feeling of accomplishment for her. She has struggled with math for a long time. The fact that she works through the visual aspects and gets the concepts is awesome!”
”ST Math offers me a framework for our math lessons. My son and I will start a new concept sitting side by side. Then I'll encourage him to try the next few levels on his own and "teach" me what he learned. It takes the pressure off me and lets me focus on facilitating more in-depth learning. And it's fun!”
”ST Math has helped our boys "math sense" of and firmly understanding math concepts.”
”The boys really like ST Math! We love the instant feedback and love that there are pre and post tests. The boys also seem to grasp the visual aspect much better than reading in a traditional math book or me explaining things to them verbally.”
”ST Math has been an excellent addition to our homeschool curriculum. I feel its visual explanations of math concepts have filled in the gaps for my son.”
”Love the connections made and the overall increase in math sense, reasoning, and general perseverance.”
”My daughter feels successful in math, which is a huge step!”