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Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.
Will there be updates to the ASL course?

Like all languages, ASL evolves and changes but also like all languages the basics and original groundwork do not change. We have tried to use the most commonly known signs that a Deaf person should know or at least to recognize within its context. Since this program is more for hearing students who want to learn the basics of ASL, we feel that the method we have here is the best way for a full comprehension of the evolving language.

What type of computer do I need to access the course materials?

The courses were designed for Windows, Apple OS X, Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad, and Android tablets and phones. If you can view our demonstration videos, then you will be able to use that same device to take the courses.

What web browser do I need to access the course materials?

The course materials have been tested on Android devices, iOS devices, iPad, iPhone and Apple and Windows browsers: Safari, Internet Explorer 6 and above, Chrome, Firefox.

Signing Online uses a Javascript-based HTML5 video player, which is the current standard for web video. If you are having trouble accessing the site and you are using a firewall, be sure that your firewall is not blocking video content.

Do I need any other software installed to access the course materials?

No, the courses are completely web-based and require no additional software to operate

What type of Internet connection do I need to access the courses?

A high speed broad band connection is highly recommended.

How long are the courses? How long do I have to use them?

The courses are grouped into two bundles for a 2-year study program.

Year One Bundle - ASL 101 Beginning/ASL 102 Basic
Year Two Bundle - ASL 103 Intermediate/ASL 104 Advanced

When you purchase your bundle, you will have one year to take both of the courses in the bundle so it is important that you sign up as soon as you can after receiving your unique fulfillment coupon to register for the courses on the Signing Online site. If you do not plan on using the courses right away, it is best to purchase when you believe your student can begin the year of study.

If for some reason you need more time than the year subscription, Signing Online charges $20.00 per course level to re-access expired programs for a period of six months. Send your check or money order to

Signing Online,LLC
P.O.Box 86
Mason, MI 48854

Please include your User Name or Email Address and the course level or levels you wish to re-access.

The video is not working for me.

There is the possibility that you have a security block in your browser that was installed in an update for the signingonline site. Please clear your browser cache for the browser you are using, and then log out of the program. Then log back into the site.

ASL102 Basic ASL Lesson 6 "Communicating in Signs and Other Ways" covers TTY. What is that? Does the course discuss using video calling or technology like FaceTime, Skype, etc.?

The historical significance of the "TTY" is extremely important and significant as it was the original technology developed that enabled the Deaf to use phone lines when they were all analog.

If you feel that it is no longer relevant then it is suggested that you skip the more detailed parts of ASL102 Basic ASL Lesson 6 and focus on what the students already know about FaceTime, Skype and other methods of video phone communication that the Deaf use now with great proficiency as do most people these days. A few of our teachers have decided not to emphasize the use of TTY's but to keep the section for its historical significance so there are no plans to remove it from the course. The declining use of TTY's in favor of video phone communication is acknowledged in the introduction to Lesson 6.

Can I have my student evaluated with personal instructor feedback?

If you are interested in personal feedback from an ASL expert, Signing Online has an optional video appraisal for $40 that you can purchase separately on the Signing Online site, which you can find the details here.

After purchasing, students choose the course level (ASL101, ASL102, ASL103, ASL104) they wish to be tested on and a test with instructions is sent so the student can record via video the level(s) chosen. The $40.00 video appraisal covers a 4-5 minute video. The student emails their video to the Signing Online ASL expert who will send back a written evaluation to the student within 2 weeks. Videos should be completed and sent to the appraiser after the final quiz in Lesson 10 of the course level chosen and before the final exam.

You purchase the Video Appraisal separately on the Signing Online site here, and not through the Co-op.

My student doesn't see a correct answer to several questions on the finals ..starting at ASL101 #21. Can you help clarify?

Please make sure your student reads the questions as we are asking here for the most logical response out of the choices available rather than simply translating what has been signed.

For example, in ASL101 #21: He signs: "What happened? How do you feel?" The most realistic answer to that question is: "Nothing happened. I feel fine.

How does my student's name get onto the diploma at the end of the course?

You can add your student's name by editing in the "My Account" section on the landing page when you sign into the course.

I am getting a message saying that the Time Limit Has Expired? What does this mean?

You have gone beyond your year subscription timeframe. Signing Online charges $20.00 per course level to re-access expired programs for a period of six months. Send your check or money order to

Signing Online,LLC
P.O.Box 86
Mason, MI 48854

Please include your User Name or Email Address and the course level or levels you wish to re-access.

What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.

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