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Get FREE SmartPoints
When You Shop in the Co-op's
SmartPoints Shopping Mall!
Get SmartPoints While You Shop at Popular Online Stores!
The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to present a special opportunity to earn SmartPoints while you do your shopping at selected family-friendly online stores!

If you are going to make a purchase from any of these merchants anyway, so why not get the extra value?

Here's How It Works
The Co-op has signed up to be an "affiliate" of the online stores shown below on this page. If you click one of the store logos below and make a purchase at the store, the Co-op gets a commission (after 30 days). We are pleased to share that commission with you in the form of SmartPoints -- a special Co-op currency that can be used to purchase many of the award-winning curriculum through the Co-op.
It's As Easy As 1-2-3!
Please follow these simple instructions to ensure that you get your SmartPoints:
  1. CLICK: When you are ready to shopping, click the logo of the online store below where you want to shop. We will link you to the store via a unique code that identifies the Co-op as the source of your shopping trip.
  2. SHOP: Do your shopping on the same day. IMPORTANT: When you get to the merchant's website, do NOT navigate away from the merchant's website before completing your purchase. If you do, the Co-op will not get a commission and we will be unable to give you SmartPoints.
  3. FILE: When you get your email order confirmation from the vendor, simply copy the contents of the email to your clipboard, click over to our claim form, and follow the instructions you see there to file your claim.
Terms & Conditions
Please make sure you understand these terms and conditions before you proceed:
  • You must make your purchase on the stores website AND file your claim on the same day in order to qualify for SmartPoints.
  • Please allow 45 days for the Co-op to receive our commission and award you the promised number of SmartPoints.
HAPPY SHOPPING! (proceed to Step 2)
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