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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Shmoop to their homeschool resources. If you have used Shmoop and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.

”I am a big believer in Shmoop-ing! A Shmoop analysis is written as if you're having an IRL conversation around the table with snacks, smiles, and snickering teens discussing a book. It makes my teen son and I laugh as we get to understand what "it" is about and why we should care about reading "it"? After all, isn't "why should I read this?" a common question of teens and tweens alike? Don't let Shmoop's humorous tone fool you. Beyond their puns (love 'em!), lies credible academic information to help you as you homeschool - summaries, themes, symbols, character/plot/writing analysis... and more. You can't go wrong, if your child actually wants to read Shmoop, as well as read the related novel. Info for the teacher... info for the student... Sandwiched between smiles and laughter. Join us! Become a Shmoopie today!”
Jan Bisco, Co-op Member
”Last year we used, but this year we switched to Shmoop because of the deal that was being offered. My daughter (16) enjoys the chattiness and humor of the "narrator", and the content is thorough. She also enjoys that the exercises are not the same ones over and over--there is a nice mix of writing, making presentations, quizzes, etc. As a college professor, I had used their free resources for many years, so I was familiar with how they did things. If we can get a good price, we would be willing to renew again next year!”
Kelly O., Co-op Member
”Great content. This buy in is a great deal. The teacher interface is not as intuitive as I'd hoped, but once you get the hang if it, it is fine. Very happy with the courses and teacher tools.”
Paul D., Co-op Member
”This is our first year using Shmoop. My teenager loves it. The lessons and videos keep him interested because there is enough humor included so he isn't bored, yet the point of the lesson comes across.”
Catie C, Co-op Member
”We bought Shmoop so my 11 year old daughter could do a little test prep before she took the SAT practice test through Duke TIP. There are a huge number of "learning guides" in addition to the test prep. My daughter noticed there were mythology learning guides and they have become distracted with mythology, but in a good way. She and her 9 year old brother love using Shmoop and ask to do it whenever they have free time. They have done a few science videos and the AP Japanese diagnostic test but mostly they just use the mythology learning guides and after six weeks still haven't gone through all of them. I can highly recommend Shmoop and we will continue to renew it. It seems like you can only buy a 3 month membership at a time but I anticipate that we will use Shmoop for the next five or six years as my children get closer to taking the SAT and ACT. They also offer at least 30 AP exam prep tests. We have probably only tapped less than 10% of what is available but the kids are motivated and they really enjoy using Shmoop. Since they are young I feel we have a long time until we need to use all the features but what we have done so far has been great. By spending several years building a good foundation I hope the actual test experience will be a pleasant one for my kids.”
Edlyn, Co-op Member
”Our 17 year old uses Shmoop. He breezed through the GED thanks to the fantastic program, and he's now studying for the ACT. We're sure Shmoop will help him breeze through the ACT, too!”
Shannon S., Co-op Member
”My daughter (11th grade) loves Shmoop. She finds it funny and educational. Because of this, I love Shmoop too. We will definitely be purchasing another subscription when ours runs out.”
Lisa S., Co-op Member
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