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”When the psychologist told me to avoid mastery-based curriculum for my twice-exceptional visually dyslexic child, I was stymied. While my M.Ed. told me what I needed, it didn't help much in my specific search for a math curriculum in this very specialized case. I stumbled on ShillerMath when searching for a Montessori-type curriculum. It was the perfect fit. Its multi-sensory curriculum accommodates all learners while reinforcing concepts and building towards mastery, without dwelling on it.”
Deborah S., Co-op Member
”I love ShillerMath/learning products! I have all the products they offer. I had my eye on this last one I bought for a while and was so happy to see it come on sale through the co-op! My preschooler is loving learning letters and even good manners along the way. His older siblings join in and I am finding the Montessori manipulative helpful for practicing spelling with my older children. I Love ShillerMath learning products! Thank you.”
Caralee A., Co-op Member
”We tried a few different math programs during our first couple years of homeschooling, and math was always a bit of a struggle. ShillerMath has completely changed that. My 8 year old third grader now says math is his favorite part of school, and looks forward to his lessons. And I, always being more language and history-oriented myself, am enjoying it too! I'm so happy that we made the switch!”
Hannah Mayo, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love ShillerMath! For the first time, my 8 year old son is truly enjoying and understanding math, and I'm enjoying teaching it!”
Hannah Mayo, Co-op Member