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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Shakespeare In Bits to their home school curriculum. If you have used Shakespeare In Bits and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”Shakespeare-In-Bits makes the plays easier for my children to experience. They enjoy listening and not needing to wonder how words are pronounced or what an unusual word might mean.”
S Munter, Co-op Member
”Shakespeare-In-Bits is a fantastic resource for those who are studying Shakespeare and need help understanding what they are reading. I love it!”
M. Lewis, Co-op Member
”These little computer apps are really nice tools for reading/studying several Shakespeare plays. Especially nice is the ability to see the script as the characters are acting and to be able to pause and go in depth about the scene. For those who have Macs, I had to install the trial version of the software first - go all the way through the trial to view the first Act Scene 1. Then close out of the program and reopen and then register with the login/password provided. Otherwise, the software may not install the first Act of the play. They work perfectly now and were worth the extra effort.”
Susan F, Co-op Member
”Shakespeare is meant to be watched not read. This program allows children to see the plays as they were meant to seen. It also explains vocabulary and gives lots of background to characters. My children have enjoyed these cartoons greatly.”
K Davies, Co-op Member
”A wonderful interactive way to learn Shakespeare. Highly recommend. Shakespeare in Bits makes it exciting for kids to learn Shakespeare's work in a way that is much less boring (i.e. compared with just reading the text) and more pleasurable (music/animation/etc) and much more easier to understand (with definitions/explanations).”
TCH, Co-op Member
”This is an excellent product. Both my students really enjoyed learning this way. It was a good way to bring understanding to the, sometimes difficult, realities of Shakespearean English.”
S.Stewart, Co-op Member
”This is super great! Love it! Makes Shakespeare really easy to digest, brings the story to life, and remains true to the text. LOTS of bonus information and analogies, background information and character descriptions that go along with this! Definitely worth it!!!”
Mrs. B, Co-op Member
”SIB is one of our favorite classroom additions. I would like to list just a few reasons why this program was an instant hit with us. 1. Friendly! Younger children are not overwhelmed with the topics, because it is presented in a friendly animated format. 2. Animation = 100% Shakespeare. The audio presentation is excellent and the words are true to the plays. 3. Additional understanding is offered with Synopsis, Notes, and the script available before each scene. 4. In the script, lesser known words are highlighted and synonyms are put in place. 5. You can get as complicated as you like, or just enjoy the performance. 6. Easy start and stop; just pick up where you left off.
Yes, we will continue to use it and I have certainly raved about it to others. Lastly, we call it "lunch and a play". My 12 year old son really adores it. Thank you for another wonderful deal!”
KH, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves the Shakespeare in bits videos. I like the original language and all the additional history and vocabulary details you can see by clicking and hovering over the words. She "plays" with it even when not scheduled for lessons.
I recommend getting it through co-op. My friend (who is not a homeschooler) got it directly from their site and missed the discount and was charged in Euros (which can be more costly depending on the currency conversion)”
Anu G., Co-op Member
”We absolutely loved Shakespeare in Bits and have recommended it to my neighbor who teaches High School English! Shakespeare was meant to be seen, not just read, and this makes it fun and so easy to understand! I love that you can click on theme notes and history notes, and we liked the character index pages with all the stats.”
Sarah D, Co-op Member
”Shakespeare in Bits has made what seemed like tedious reading, fun and live to my 14 year old son. He has enjoyed watching and listening to the plays. He enjoys exploring the links available throughout the story to help him understand the plot, themes, etc. I would recommend this to any parent who is nervous about teaching Shakespeare. We bought the bundle and feel it was a great purchase.”
Amy Howson, Co-op Member
”I was very pleased with our version of Midsummer Nights Dream. I was not sure how I was going to handle teaching Shakespeare as it has been a very long time since I have read it. SIB was easy to use and very informative. The animation is very basic, but just fine for what you use it for. The information and translations were so helpful and interesting. I would gladly use it again.”
Barb, Co-op Member
”Shakespeare-In-Bits happens to be a very entertaining way of learning about Romeo and Juliet, the characters have very realistic personalities. My sons really enjoys. It has notes, and a preview of what will be shown, and it helps you to understand the language that is being spoken. I really don't think my boys would have read the play. They definitely would have lost interest in reading the book. I like the fact the you can actually go forward or back, if you need to replay a scene, or if you would like to skip past a part, you get to pick up where you left off or start from the beginning. I really like that you get to choose which plays you want for your kids. I have one more play to see, Caesar. However, I already looked at the play ahead of time, and I will pass the murder scene, and skip to his funeral. I like how realistic the reactions of the people are when they find out that Caesar literal put the whole country in his will. It is a great learning experience of how quickly the tide can turn. Very realistic again to the behavior of society today. I think the boys will enjoy this video as well, I will skip parts that I think are not appropriate for them, but I will explain, why, and move forward in the play. Thanks again for a pretty good product.”
M.Terry, Co-op Member
”My children (age 9 and 12) love this product! The "bits" have fit perfectly into our Shakespeare unit and it makes understanding the language a breeze. I found when I read aloud their minds would wander but the ability to follow along with the text and the entertainment value of the cartoon keeps them absorbed in the story. I wish there were more titles available!”
Sara H, Co-op Member
”We use "Shakespeare-In-Bits" to enhance our study (which includes reading the plays out loud)with audio and visual. My 14 year hold finds it very beneficial...and entertaining. Now that we've finished "Romeo and Juliet" it's on to "Midsummer Night's Dream"!”
Joya Matheus, Co-op Member
”This has been a phenomenal way to bring Shakespeare -- in its original -- into our homeschool! My 11-y/o asks (begs!) to do it every day. We love the videos, the definitions, and the explanations. What a creative way to engage children with classic literature. And the customer service is wonderful as well. There are five plays so far, and our only concern is this: when's the next play coming out?! Bravo -- and thanks! :)”
Lisa R., Co-op Member
”My 11yr old son has loved having Shakespeare in Bits. It's enhanced his understanding and enjoyment of a sometimes difficult subject. It's also a great way to memorize scenes.”
Tiffany, Co-op Member
”My daughter has just started 8th grade this year and we were concerned about when to start her reading the classics. We tried children's books to simplify Shakespeare's writing. While those were good we didn't get the full effect. Then in my Homeschool Buyers Co-op email I saw Shakespeare in Bits and immediately looked into it. It looked amazing and my daughter tried the trial. She loved it. They truly have thought of everything. It comes as a download to your computer so it never runs out. (Perfect for using for your other kids ;) On the beginning menu it has Introduction (in a paragraph easy to read),about the characters and an Analysis. Once you go into the play it is separated by acts and scenes etc. It shows animated people acting on the left and the dialogue is on the right. I love how it has definitions for words hard to understand and sometimes it has a bubble to explain a passage. There is also notes and a synopsis for each scene for those who don't understand or want to dig deeper. I love Shakespeare in Bits not only for my older daughter but also for my younger kids. You don't even have to read as it will read aloud to you as you follow along. I will continue to use this product for all my children and I'm sure it will really help them learn about the classics.”
Aimee B., Co-op Member
”This is absolutely the best method to for young people to enjoy and learn about Shakespeare. Not only do you have the story before, but you also get analysis and background information. The story comes alive for the person looking and watching. You can read along while enjoying animation. My daughter loves Shakespeare because of this program. I give 5 stars.”
Vickie B., Co-op Member
”I was very skeptical about Shakespeare in cartoons; definitely not something I would typically go for. We have done Shakespeare several ways and my shelves of multiple Shakespeare resources are proof that it's not something I've been completely confident about teaching. But I do believe Shakespeare is an essential subject in a person's education, and I'm glad to have found Shakespeare-In-Bits.

I like this program and have recommended it to friends because:
1. Shakespeare is meant to be heard, not read. The voices all use very good diction.
2. Reading along while listening is great for visual learners.
3. I love the clickable text that allows the user to stop and get a better understanding of unique and obscure phrases and words.
4. Reading the synopsis really helps get an idea of the story to help the student follow along.

My method has been to do one act at a time. First my student reads the synopsis and then listens to the entire act, then they go back and listen to the act again, this time clicking on all available words and phrases. (This is done over several days.) We follow up by attending a live performance or renting a video production.

We recently did this with Romeo & Juliet, and my son admitted that he was able to much better follow and enjoy the production after having done Shakespeare-In-Bits as I described above.”
Kim, Co-op Member
”My family and I love Shakespeare-In-Bits! I'm an acting teacher, so I'm picky about drama. The actors doing the voice-over work for the animation are top-notch. The summaries, translations and character descriptions are very helpful for understanding the plays. Being able to read along as you're watching the animation and listening to the actors really drew us in and kept our attention. I asked my 11 year old daughter after some of the scenes if she understood what was happening, and her level of comprehension surprised me. I would definitely recommend this product as a terrific way to introduce your children to the amazing works of Shakespeare!”
Shauna Bartel, Co-op Member
”We are using Shakespeare-In-Bits as a supplement to other work we are doing and the kids have found it to be fun and interactive. We were only working on "A Midsummer Night's Dream" but now my kids want to do all the works available. I would recommend this to others who want to expose their children to Shakespeare...which everyone should!”
Janis K, Co-op Member
”This will be the only way I will be teaching Shakespeare from now on! I bought all plays.”
T Adams, Co-op Member
”My 11 year old daughter and 8 year old son absolutely love this program. They are only allowed to watch TV (DVDs) one day a week and instead of watching their DVD on Saturdays they ask to watch this. I love hearing them discuss their favorite Shakespeare play. Hers is Midsummer Nights Dream, his is Julius Ceasar. They discuss characters and plot and they've put on their own Shakespeare inspired plays for my husband and I. I have told everybody about this and the feedback has been amazement. What parent wouldn't want their kids to be excited about Shakespeare? I'm sure it is expensive to produce but I hope they add additional plays.”
Edlyn Niimi, Co-op Member
”My 9 y.o. was dreading Shakespeare. Even though she has to read abridged versions, she knew it had a "reputation." These videos help the child see what the language means, because you can watch it alongside the words, and it helps the child "get" what is being said. Highly recommended!”
Teresa Bettenhauser, Co-op Member
”My 11-year old loves this! We've just finished Romeo & Juliet. My son loves knowing where famous quotes come from and hearing the great story. I like that he is getting exposure to the beautiful language of Shakespeare and we can talk meaningfully about prose, blank verse, imagery, etc. It's all there in these programs.”
T Robinson, Co-op Member
”I bought this for my 10 year old daughter who LOVE all things Shakespeare. This is an amazing program that makes it fun and is so interactive. I would not hesitate, especially if you have a child that loves computer work. She has been working through Macbeth at her own pace. I can't say enough about how ingenius this is.”
AnnPC, Co-op Member
”My child, 13, LOVES Shakespeare in Bits! We have completed Hamlet and are eager to use the other titles in the bundle we purchased. Shakespeare is so accessible with this program. We go through one section (bit), reading the notes on Language, History, etc and noting definitions of words highlighted, then we read the Notes for that bit. Then we watch the animated scene with a very good understanding. You could choose to watch it first, then read the notes. Any order will work! With all the info provided right on the screen, it's easy. The audio portion is superb with professional actors portraying each character. My child looks forward to working with this curriculum.”
Beth V, Co-op Member
”My son is not only gobbling up Macbeth like it's candy, but he's also sharing every gory detail with his tween friends as though it were his favorite tv show. To say that Shakespeare in Bits is a hit is putting it mildly. The program has so many great features that it is hard to know where to start. My son loves the animated dialogue, but the character profiles, rollover word definitions and cultural contexts have also really helped the play to come alive for him. I often find my son quoting Shakespeare during the day and grinning like a maniac. I'm so happy that I purchased the whole bundle and highly, highly recommend it to others.”
C. Williford, Co-op Member
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