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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add ScienceFusion to their home school curriculum. If you have used ScienceFusion and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”This is our second year using Science Fusion, and we are currently using 4th grade curriculum. We felt strongly that we wanted our child to have a secular science program; during science I want her to have a strictly science-based lesson. It has be a wonderful addition. I simply assign the video lessons, any quizzes and additional resources, and a start and a due date. My daughter can log in and at any time in her window, complete the assignments. She completes everything on her iPad and can do this at home but prefers to do ScienceFusion in the car on the way to her activities. We then do any experiments or anything else we want to add to the lesson together. We have both really liked this curriculum. She loves the video lessons and that she can do it anywhere and that she doesn't have to do a workbook. I love that I can assign, and see her progress and scores easily from my computer. *There is a workbook option but we chose to not do it this year.”
shawna B, Co-op Member
”We love the ScienceFusion lessons and videos. I wanted my daughter to have secular science curriculum and it was hard to find. My daughter loves science and wants to be a scientist so finding a curriculum full of experiments was important. We add other experiments and books to build a unit study when we reach an interest. I love that I schedule what I want her to do each week and she can do the lessons independently on her iPad. We choose to not use the book, only iPad lessons, experiments and iPad quizzes. Most of the experiments have been fun and inexpensive. We used this curriculum last year as well.”
Shawna b, Co-op Member
”This is a second program with our son, and we have used the middle school books with our older. They both found the program's books interesting and the activities online helpful. I will continue to use this program with my middle schooler now.”
Christine, Co-op Member
”Our favorite science program year after year. I even like to sit in on their lessons. It is engaging and thorough!”
Trina M., Co-op Member
”We have been using ScienceFusion for several years now, starting in 3rd grade, as well as all modules in grades 6-8. This is a very thorough program. Set up can be a bit daunting, and I feel like I have to re-learn it each year, but it's worth the effort. My oldest scored a 32 in the science section on the ACT, and my daughter just scored in the 99th percentile in science on the IOWA test. My kids not only enjoy this curriculum, they really are learning and retaining what they learn. The way we have it set up, they work through the lesson in the book first, and then use the online slideshow/videos/labs as review. If you are looking for a good secular science program for your homeschool, I cannot recommend ScienceFusion enough.”
Doreen W., Co-op Member
”We've used the middle school curriculum and it is perfect. The online support is more than helpful. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good, diverse, comprehensive science format.”
Dawn C, Co-op Member
”We used Science Fusion for homeschool 6-8 grade. The middle school modules provided a complete and thorough science education. My son likes the colorful format and the access to the online content. We would definitely recommend. All quizzes, labs, and test are included in the teacher section.”
Mary Williams, Co-op Member
”I do home schooling with my niece, who lives 800 miles from me. We do it all online, 4 days a week, and have it actually works. We had another science curriculum that was going nowhere. I found ScienceFusion through a Google search and it looked good. It turned out to be fantastic. The interactive workbook, the videos and the lab pieces all work together to give the student a very solid education. The Teacher's Edition is also must! We'll be using it for the next few years.”
Dawn C, Co-op Member
”We are using the Kindergarten level ScienceFusion program. My 5yo loves it. He can do most of the program independently on the computer, which he thinks is really cool! The content is good, easy to understand and thorough. It is not a "hands on" program, like some other science curriculum, but for our family at this stage (with a mischevious toddler!), it is perfect. I like that I can just help him log in and let him do his thing. I think that we will seek out something more hands on for next year, but may revisit this as a back up.”
Sydney M., Co-op Member
”The online science lessons are perfect for my son. We use a touch screen laptop so he can navigate the lesson quite easily. The workbook has beginning reader text as well as stuff I need to read to him. We enjoy using it, but I may not use it again because the teacher interface is very difficult to navigate.”
Jennifer R, Co-op Member
”Finding a good science curriculum has always been difficult for middle school ages. I have really liked using Science Fusion. The videos are a good visual accompaniment to the texts, which are written in as they go (I wouldn't make copies for multiple children). My child really likes science and this curriculum is in depth enough to keep them interested. The books are well illustrated. I would recommend these books.”
B. Wright, Co-op Member
”I LOVE this program. This is our 2nd year using this program and I can't say enough good things about it. I had a different science program that I thought I would use this year that would accommodate multi-age, but after trying it for only 2 weeks I knew I needed to purchase Science Fusion again. My kids love it, they enjoy the interactive workbook they have, the online labs, virtual lessons, and the supplemental health program. I feel that the money this program costs is well worth it. I hope to continue using Science Fusion throughout the years.”
J.Chavez, Co-op Member
”My 7th and 8th graders have been using Science Fusion this year. The lessons are concise and chalk full of wonderful tidbits. You have the ability to adjust the lessons to be more or less depending on what they need. The visual lesson videos have really kept my two engaged. It's been wonderful and we are looking forward to using this program again next year.”
Lindsay, Co-op Member
”Both of my children enjoyed the science fusion work books. The books do a great job at explaining concepts and make learning more enjoyable. My older daughter is in high school and still uses the books for references from time to time.”
Ben E, Co-op Member
”My kids have LOVED the Science Fusion curriculum (one in 4th & another in 7th using Modules A-D). They find the content both challenging yet easy to learn & they love that they can write in their books and utilize online lessons. They both requested to use this again next year. I like that the content is given in small bites but addresses complex topics (Modules A-D) and requires critical thinking and problem-solving, as well as some math. We are a conservative Christian family & while this is definitely a secular program, it does not interfere with our worldview dramatically. Like other reviewers have mentioned, the biggest con in this program is setting up the online element & creating the written quizzes/tests, as well as using the online teacher's guide for corrections (as you have to log in every time and it is slow and clunky to flip through). So, that is a pain in the neck but once you figure it out it goes pretty quick. I highly recommend this program and I really hope HBC offers a group buy on it again before I have to buy it for next year. I will be purchasing the physical science lab from Quality Science Labs to coordinate with Modules H-K for my 8th grader next year.”
Kristin F, Co-op Member
”I have been thrilled with this science program. The magazine style textbook is perfect for my kids to read and write in. I love all the supplementary items on the computer that I can access. The virtual labs and digital lessons provide added perspective. My children LOVE doing their science thanks to this program.”
J. Chavez, Co-op Member
”We used the module A, Cells and Heredity for my 10 yr old who is doing 5th- 6th grade work. The content is excellent, interactive videos a bit dry, but tolerable- but access is tremendously cumbersome. It is a multi step process to log on, finding the tests in the teacher section requires patience and time, assigning work is confusing... This is by far the least parent-friendly portal we have come across as homeschoolers and could really use a tune up. But; he's learning the stuff.

We don't do science every day, and it's going to take us 4 months to complete the module. Overall, I'd give it a B-, C+, but only if I believed in grades, of course! ;)”
Kimmy, Rochester NY, Co-op Member
”I am very happy with Science Fusion. I like the combination of workbook and online activities that the curriculum utilizes. The photos and interactive computer learning are very engaging. The initial set-up was a bit troublesome, but once that step was complete, the program has been easy to use.”
Joelyn M., Co-op Member
”We really like Science Fusion. (The publisher's homeschool support staff are wonderful and can help make sense of the sign-in process.) I have an upper elementary son who is a strong reader and loves science, and this works well for us. We move a little more slowly than a middle schooler would, but the depth is satisfying. We like the combination of book work, short written answers, and the interactive computer component. I have tried several science currucula, and this one is a good fit for us.”
Laura Q, Co-op Member
”I love this program! I am using the middle school modules to provide more depth for my overeager fourth grade science buff - and it's a perfect fit. She enjoys the interactive digital lessons because she learns and retains information best when she interacts with it. The colorful workbooks and digital labs help to reinforce the concepts. The teacher side of the resource database is a bit clunky - so assigning individual lessons takes more time than it should. As a homeschooler, though, we rarely need to use this function. I supplement these modules with some more hands-on experiments from Supercharged Science. By the time she finishes these, I feel she will be well prepared for any high school level science she wants to pursue. Above all: it's fun and accessible. We really enjoy it.”
Rebecca O'Malley, Co-op Member
”For my SPECIAL NEEDS child, Science Fusion is a GREAT PROGRAM! The INTERACTIVE format keeps her ENGAGED and gives her opportunities to be INDEPENDENT (from Mom) in her educational activities. It is wonderful how the ILLUSTRATIONS of concepts COME ALIVE into MOVING DEMONSTRATIONS of content. Science Fusion is ORGANIZED WELL and EASY TO IMPLEMENT.”
Stace, Co-op Member
”My experience with Science Fusion has been both good and not so good. The product itself is great and it's something my family will continue to use year after year, but getting set up initially was not a great experience. If you can look past that hassle it's worth every penny!”
Laura S., Co-op Member
”My children (1rst grade and K) love the interactive online lessons and the vivid pictures in the textbook really captures their attention. It really makes teaching them easier for me. Hope this group buy will available again because I want to continue with Science Fusion for the next year. One negative issue that it was tricky to set up on the online lessons but once it was set, it is easy to use. You do have to have a fast connection for the images to load. I really like the fact that I can supplement my children's learning with technology!”
S. Ryuh, Co-op Member
”My 6-year old and 8-year old really enjoyed the online digital lessons. My 8-year old retained a lot of information from the lessons. I loved that they could complete the lessons independently. The teacher module, however, was cumbersome. We would buy this program again.”
K. Hall, Co-op Member
”I loved using ScienceFusion with my 7th grade boys this year. We were able to comfortably complete 3 modules during the year. I did have access to a microscope which was handy with the Cells & Heredity. I have to agree with most of the other comments about use. Many things are cumbersome to access and/or use such as the online teacher's edition, Lab sheets & Answer Keys, Assignment of online activities, quizzes & tests. Tech support was also difficult to understand. In addition, my username was not assigned to my state and was difficult to find initially. Even after all that, I will be using it again for 8th grade because the quality science experience given to the student is just THAT great! I only hope that they worked the bugs out for this 2nd year of operation!”
Linda H, Co-op Member
”We love ScienceFusion. I'm very pleased with the digital component that the program offers. ScienceFusion also does a nice job of giving ideas for experiments. I am, however, a bit disappointed that there isn't an option to purchase a hard copy teacher's edition. I will use this program again in the future.”
Krystal, Co-op Member
”We are using the first grade program for my K/1st graders this year, and they both enjoy it! They definitely enjoy the online component more than the workbook, but overall look forward to doing their science! We would use it again.”
Amy, Co-op Member
”It's fantastic! The kids can use it completely self small complaint. No shipping to Canada? I have to inconvenience friends to mail it out to me and pay that extra shipping (which is quite a bit). It's strange that any company can't manage shipping to Canada, so it's a choice they're making and therefore keeping some eager Canadians from using their product.”
Michelle, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love Science Fusion. My son enjoys the video lessons, and the textbook reinforces the concepts so that he's truly learning the material. There are lesson plans provided that allow me to choose any or all elements of each chapter based on my son's needs and interests. The labs are well written and we've been able to implement all of them (caveat: we do have quite a bit of science supplies, including a microscope). There are also virtual labs that allow the student to create and test a hypothesis without the need for supplies or equipment. Overall, I feel like this is a very complete and solid science curriculum for middle school and I feel secure that it's providing a comprehensive science education to my child. I always recommend it to other homeschoolers who are looking for science curriculum ideas!”
DeAnna P., Co-op Member
”My 12 yo son loves ScienceFusion! The online portion is great and he appreciates the fact that it is more instructional and not animated or silly. He is serious about science. The text portion is good for reinforcing information. I originally bought the first 2 modules, but I will be sure to purchase others if they return for another groupbuy!”
Suzanne P., Co-op Member
”I have always been a huge fan of Pearson products and I use other subjects of them as well. I love how ScienceFusion is set up and it is very user friendly. My daughter loves it. The only negative drawback for me as a teacher is the teacher manual. I have to go online to view it and the print is very small. Even when I expand the font, to me its still not big enough. I like having the opportunity to have a book in front of me. This is not enough to stop me from buying their products. [Co-op Note: To give credit where credit is due: ScienceFusion is from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt].”
Liz Knowles, Co-op Member
”My fifth-grade son and I are really enjoying this program. Science Fusion is not only engaging and very thorough in science topics, but is also helping my son in learning to think and to interact with the content in different ways. I like that the program pulls in math applications, drawing conclusions, making inferences, etc.; it really reinforces learning across the curriculum. It is challenging and covers a wide range of topics. I like that the units are independent enough to teach out of sequence, so we can learn about the solar system when studying Galileo and force and motion when studying Newton. We'll continue to use it!”
Caroline G., Co-op Member
”So far we really enjoy this product it is a new way to do science that is more in depth and includes experiments and videos that I haven't come across before!”
Lisa H, Co-op Member
”All three of my children (ages 5, 7 and 10) have been enjoying Science Fusion this year. The combination of online and workbook materials keeps the information fresh and engaging. It is a great resource for homeschool families who want a flexible, unit based science program.”
Janet C., Co-op Member
”Having a workbook and also online virtual videos to watch and tests is a really nice combination. The workbooks are colorful which helps engage the students attention,and filled with great pictures, diagrams and information. Very informative material, that questions the comprehension of the student throughout the lessons.

I have been dissatisfied with trying to navigate the website. Additionally, you have to manually go in and assign each lesson, activity, test or video for your child. It is not as simple as clicking a button and it naturally progressing you onto the next activity when they are ready. This is time consuming.

The tests are only 5 questions long and generally make the child think and apply the concepts presented in the lesson.

The virtual labs that are offered require you to still have items at home to work with. I did not realize this when purchasing the program...but I could have easily missed that in the program description when purchasing. Where this has been a problem is the Cell and Heredity volume, in particular. I bought the program thinking the virtual labs using a microscope would be just that...slides online showing you what the tissue or organism would look like from an online picture that had been taken. I specifically purchased this product because I knew I didn't have the funds for a microscope and slides at this point in time, and thought this would be a excellent way to help us in our need. Unfortunately, I was wrong. So please, be aware of this if you buying this product for your student.”
Amy, Co-op Member
”Science Fusion is one of the best science curriculums I have ever used. While it is a little pricey in that it is disposable and non recyclable, it provides tons of resources, clear and twaddle-free instruction, and lots of options regarding how to use the curriculum. The virtual labs are especially neat. The student interacts with the procedures and then graphs and interprets the results. EXCELLENT ACT INTRODUCTION. There are a vast number of resources for each lesson--one can use some or all. My son looks very much forward to it. It spans 6-8th grade, but I didn't find it until my son was in 7th. We will have no trouble covering all the modules in two years time, though, since the work is so pleasant. I have told many many others about how positively it has impacted our family.”
Berta, Co-op Member
”A+ My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed the Science Fusion Middle school modules so far. Very engaging video, informative workbook, not a lot of busy work. Will purchase more....”
Theresa, Co-op Member
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