Spelling Workout Bundle 8

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Grades PreK-12

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By the time your child reaches Grade 8, which is the final installment in the MCP Spelling Workout program, he or she will be ready to take on more complex information. During MCP Spelling Workout: Grade 8, he or she will grasp the English language rules that will help him or her predict patterns in Spelling. For instance, your child will know that "i" comes before "e," except after "c." Additionally, your child will solidify his or her foundational Spelling knowledge while gleaning new age-appropriate Spelling concepts.

MCP Spelling Workout: Grade 8 is a dynamic program, allowing you to set the pace of your child's homeschooling progress. Feel free to go back and review challenging concepts or push forward through the ones your child seems to understand easily.

Bundle Includes: Student Edition & Teacher Edition

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ISBN#: 9781428432741