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Homeschool Buyers Co-op BBB Business Review

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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Rosetta-Stone to their home school curriculum. If you have used Rosetta-Stone and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”This is an excellent resource for learning another language! We love it!”
S.J., Co-op Member
”My kids both love using Rosetta Stone! It's a very easy way to bring language learning into their routine. I'm impressed with the numerous different ways Rosetta uses to help users make connections and absorb the language (e.g. sometimes you're clicking a picture to match a written phrase, sometimes you're clicking a picture to match a phrase you hear but don't see, sometimes they show you a picture and you have to say what it is). My only complaint is that sometimes when they're using sets of four pictures that remain the same through four questions, and it's one picture per answer, you know the last two answers almost by default- but maybe that's by design also, to keep it simpler in the early levels (we're still on early levels). It's very intuitive and easy to use. I tried one free online program briefly but prefer this by far, since it had more variety in activities. The two-year multi-person license was a great deal for us. I've told quite a few friends about it!”
Stephanie K, Co-op Member
”My son is really enjoying and learning from the format that Rosetta Stone offers. I am very glad we made the choice to use this option!”
Tricia C., Co-op Member
”We did the family plan and all of us have found it very easy to use on our tablets and phones . Loved the discount offered through Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Tammy woodcock, Co-op Member
”Our 14 year young 9th grader is in week 3 and has already gone from hating Spanish last year in PS to loving it with Rosetta. She said she feels like she is actually learning it this time. While we studied with her at home while she was in PS she said she didn't think we were saying it right because her teacher accepted other pronunciations, but she now knows it is is correct because of Rosetta.”
Sarah, Co-op Member
”My 7 year old is loving Rosetta Stone! We've tried many different language learning platforms, and this one is by far the best. It incorporates vocabulary AND speaking, which is something many of the others (including in-person classes) have lacked. Once my son finishes his lesson for the day, he always wants to do more. We will be using Rosetta Stone for years to come. Thanks to the Co-op for the great deal!”
Michelle H., Co-op Member
”Rosetta Stone has been a great way for my high schoolers to obtain their foreign language. It corrects their pronunciation so that they know when they are speaking correctly. They can work on it at their own pace and obtain the necessary skills to become more fluent. Instead of just being able to read and write, they are going to be able to comprehend and speak the language.”
Emily P., Co-op Member
”I have been using the program for a couple of weeks and I have learned so much already. I decided to start learning the language before I started my child on it. I think the program is designed great! I have so many vocabulary words already committed to memory. The way they teach the languages is very easy to learn.”
Michelle, Co-op Member
”Thank you for offering Rosetta-Stone at such a great price. I've homeschooled my children and grandchildren for forty years and consider this program to be the best and most user friendly foreign language program on the market.
I'm currently teaching at a fourth and a fifth grader, who both love their Spanish course. It is very engaging without being overwhelming. I would certainly recommend this program to others.”
P. Roberts, Co-op Member
”My daughter is loving the Rosetta Stone program. We considered many other options when it came to foreign language programs and this was by far the superior product available. Sometimes you just get what you pay for. I know this is often more expensive than alternatives, but you are getting a more superior product.”
Deb N, Co-op Member
”My 11 year old wanted to learn French. I looked at several programs before choosing Rosetta Stone. We are very happy with the program. My son enjoys doing the lessons. I like that I can check his progress. Highly recommend if you're looking for a language program.”
Anita Hancock, Co-op Member
”Have tried Rosetta Stone with our kids for several months now. Our kids really enjoy it. It works on everyday speech and our kids think of it as a game. They have improved on their 2nd language since using the program.”
K N, Co-op Member
”We live in a bilingual household, but my 11-year old son has been very resistant to speaking Spanish, despite his father's best efforts. This year I told my son that in sixth grade he had to learn a foreign language (a little fib on my part) and it was a non-negotiable part of his homeschool education. So I bought Rosetta Stone and hoped for the best. It has been better than I thought! My son is now independently asking his father how to say things in Spanish and is making more of an effort to say simple phrases. I can't tell you how happy this has made my husband. I always knew Spanish lived in my son's brain, but now it is coming out of his mouth too! My son will absolutely continue using Rosetta Stone. Thank you so much!”
Jennifer Taveras, Co-op Member
”After comparing the regular Rosetta Stone and the homeschool version, we decided to go with the homeschool version. We've only used it for a month so far, but our daughter is really enjoying it.”
Trudi L., Co-op Member
”My kids love learning on the Rosetta Stone platform. It s always one of the first things they want to do in school and are proud of their progress.

We had trouble getting set up with multiple accounts at home, but the help staff at Rosetta was outstanding and helped correct the accounts in a single call.”
Dawn, Co-op Member
”Excellent option to work with Rosetta Stone as a family instead of per person. We are currently learning Italian.”
Sally Davis, Co-op Member
”This is great software. We used it with our older kids back in days of disks, but it is ever so nice having the option of using the app on our iPhone or iPad! Love it!!!”
Barbara H., Co-op Member
”My 8 year old son chose to study Greek. We are not Greek and he doesn't have prior knowledge of the language. It hasn't been a month yet and he has been telling us all some of the basics. My husband played a Greek song and he was picking out the words he knew. It's super fun to watch him practice, and now we are all picking up a little Greek.”
Angel, Co-op Member
”As advertised, Rosetta Stone is a fantastic way to jump right in and be immersed in a language. Because you are not "translating" but learning through pictures and audio, all of my children (including a pre-reader) are able to learn at their own pace.”
Diane N, Co-op Member
”Myself, my son and my husband are all using Rosetta Stone to learn German. I love the layout but only a few quirky things; sometimes the words don t show up in the text box- it speaks everything out loud so it s not a big deal but it seems like a glitch. Also, I got the curriculum planner for Homeschool Planet and for whatever reason, it has different names than what is actually on the Rosetta Stone app (ex: HS Planet will have a checkbox for Reading but there s no section on Rosetta Stone for Reading . I just use it to count the number of sections to do rather than paying attention to the name but it does bother me a bit.
Outside of technical difficulties, I absolutely love Rosetta Stone and how seamlessly it teaches you new vocabulary and grammar with photos of situations. It ll be interesting to see how they introduce abstract concepts that can t be summed up in a photograph. It has helped my son (who has autism) to have the ability to recognize foreign words for the first time- we didn t think a foreign language would be something he could accomplish but he is really taking to it. We are excited to finish the program.”
Joy Brunnelson, Co-op Member
”We have been using the Rosetta Stone homeschool program for about a month. My daughter is in first grade and I was concerned that it would be too difficult for her. However, she has done great! She has been able to pick it up without an issue and has tried taking the words she's learned and coming up with her own sentences throughout the day. There are worksheets that come with the program that seem a little above a first grade level, but we will try them again soon now that she's learning so much. The headset that came with the set didn't fit her head, but the program has worked great with the built in speakers and microphone on the computer.”
Amber Paik, Co-op Member
”I have a third and sixth grader. I have tried several spanish programs over the last 3 years with little success. We have been using Rosetta Stone for almost three months. I cannot begin to describe the success we have had! Even my husband and I have started using. This program is my best purchase thus far!”
Nicole, Co-op Member
”I am really glad that I jumped on the Co-op offer to buy Rosetta Stone at a discounted price. I only wish that we had started this program three years ago! My husband and I have really wanted to include Spanish foreign classes into our homeschool. As a mom of 4 small children, it was just one more thing for me to have to manage and to fit into an already busy schedule. There just aren't enough hours in my day to get everything done. With my Rosetta Stone purchase, I am able to incorporate Spanish lessons into our day and it is passive for me. It isn't something else that requires me to teach it. My children are doing very well and making great progress, and RS has actually helped me with lesson time! I send one child to do lessons on the computer while I am able to work one on one with another in a tutorial session. I have a BA in Spanish. I am able to easily explain questions as they have come up, but the RS are sequential, with each skill building on the last. I am VERY happy with this product. I went ahead and purchased all 5 levels at once and I am very glad that I did. I have been highly recommending it to other homeschooling families. I also love that the homeschool addition has printable progress reports to keep in their files.”
G. M., Co-op Member
”Because of Homeschool Buyers Co-op, I was able to purchase all 5 levels of Spanish at an amazing price. My child and I have started level 1 this year and it is going well.
We are hoping to use the Spanish we are learning when we visit Spain at the end of the year.
I am excited that I have purchased a Spanish curriculum to take my child all the way through high school. In addition, Rosetta-Stone gives a percentage score for each lesson that I can use for grading.
I have told several other homeschooling moms about my purchase.”
Janna H., Co-op Member
”My kids, age 7-15 years old, is studying Korean and is enjoying the program. We love the interactive learning. The kids sometimes struggle with pronouncing clear enough for the program to pick up what they are saying but I love that they never give up and just keep trying.”
M.V., Co-op Member
”Purchased the Rosetta-Stone Latin and found that it worked great on my Mac Mini. My child liked the layout and easy setup. Although she did some beginner lessons, she mentioned that she really wanted to learn Spanish.

I was able to purchase the Rosetta-Stone Spanish (Latin American) version for a super discount offer, just like I did for the Latin.

Since I already had the basic Rosetta-Stone installed, all I had to do, was insert the Spanish language CD and add that component!

She loves doing her Spanish lessons. She can go at her own pace, and since she's middle school age, that helps a lot.

Haven't compared it to anything other than Duolingo App, but I would say the home school feature on the Rosetta-Stone comes very handy for record keeping and attendance.

My daughter even expressed interest in learning a bit of Japanese! We plan on continuing through high-school with Rosetta-Stone.

Overall I think it's a great value for the product. I would recommend it for any home school parent who wants to add a language art to their curriculum.”
Mrs. Rains, Co-op Member
”I have bought Rosetta Stone , for my kids.
I am extremely happy with Rosetta Stone and also thankful to Homeschool Buyers for providing discount, they shipped it promptly, THANK YOU :-) .
I am an immigrant to USA, and wanted my kids to learn my native language . They hear my wife and me speaking in it, but never try talking.
My elder daughter (8 year old) is learning very quickly , in fact even I learned for forgotten words and grammar:-) . My younger daughter (6 year old) is little slow but she is also happy using it .
I can not ask for anything more :-)”
MehR, Co-op Member
”My child is a visual learner, and in fact struggles with auditory processing. Rosetta Stone is making it easy for him to learn a foreign language, which is usually more about listening. He enjoys this program and that he can work at his own pace.

One thing that is especially helpful is the analysis that you can see of your pronunciation. That feature has helped him immensely.

I think the language "rules" could use a little explanation as to what is what, however.

My son is learning French and he was confused about the elle or elles, un or une, and so on. Fortunately, I studied French myself and could explain, however a little more explanation, or someway to submit questions and get answers would be helpful. As a homeschooler, he's not learning it to just speak it. So those types of things would be nice.

That doesn't detract from the fact that this a great program that we will continue to use.”
Lisa S., Co-op Member
”My 14 year old daughter wanted to learn German. Rosetta Stone allows her to learn on her own, at her own speed, and without the need for me to hover over her. The program is colorful and easy, and she loves doing it. Next year, she wants to take Arabic.”
Donna T., Co-op Member
”We LOVE this program. It is exciting and challenging all at the same time. The kids ask to do their foreign language work because they enjoy it so much, and because of the way the program is set up you can be a complete beginner and still achieve amazing foreign language success.”
C. Kenny, Co-op Member
”My son is enjoying this program immensely. He is becoming so much more confident with his pronunciation. It is a wonderful program. I can't get him to stop once he gets going! He really enjoys the interactive parts and his spelling and keyboarding skills are improving, too. Thank you for this opportunity; we never would have been able to purchase this excellent program without the amazing discounts offered by the Co-op. God bless you!”
Michon Zurita, Co-op Member
”I purchased Rosetta Stone for my two high school aged children. I decided to use it also and we have all been enjoying it. I wasn't sure I liked it at first. It seemed to go a bit fast for me to "get it". However, I started to find that at random times during the day or when I would wake up in the morning I would have a foreign words in my head and I knew what they meant! I'm hooked.

We had a problem with the headset at some point but the Co-op and Rosetta Stone worked quickly to get our problem resolved. I'm one happy customer.”
M. Schwab, Co-op Member
”What an awesome tool for learning another language! My daughter absolutely loves using Rosetta-Stone for her French lessons. I can't imagine a better way than the immersion method used to learn a new language rapidly. I would recommend Rosetta-Stone for anyone wanting to learn a new language.”
Christine C., Co-op Member
”For years I used Rosetta Stone in an English as a second language class. I saw first hand as my students grew and experienced the benefits of learning English. At the time, I had really wished to bring that program into my home but couldn't afford it. When I was able to buy a complete set of Rosetta Stone for an amazingly low price I was truly in awe! After opening this product and putting it into use, I have found it is even better than what I used before. I love the workbooks that reinforce and give more fluidity to our homeschool goals. It is very user friendly and I can already see my kids language skills improving in only a matter of weeks. children do not even have to be told they need to do it. They voluntarily start it each day. Great product.”
B Robertson, Co-op Member
”I struggled learning French and Spanish in high school. As a homeschool mom I worried how I would teach my children learn a new language. Let me tell you I love this program! It's fun and easy! It is well put together and the lessons are the perfect length. I'm so happy when I look at their scores and I can see how much they are learning!”
Amanda, Co-op Member
”We have been using Rosetta Stone for a short time, just over a month, really, and my daughter can already speak sentences in Italian. She loves the program and is learning a lot at a rapid pace. She might even call it her favorite subject. I like the fact that we can use it for multiple students and plan on using it for my other children in the future, which makes the investment go much further!”
Abigail M., Co-op Member
”We wanted to start a second language with our kids while they were still small, and in the optimum language learning stage of growth. We had heard good things about Rosetta Stone with this age group (3-5), and were delighted to be able to give it a try at the Co-op prices. The software is not particularly suited to the 3 year old, and the 5 year old is taking some time getting the hang of it. That's been frustrating. However, they both have picked up the initial vocabulary, and are making progress in recognizing the language when its spoken around them (such as when we're at the grocery store, or in a park). I have great hopes for the success of the software, though perhaps at a different rate then an older student would progress.

I have used Duolingo as well as learned several langauges the traditional way. Rosetta-Stone is similar to Duolingo, but more suited for pre reading children.”
Deborah M., Co-op Member
”This is our third try at Spanish in our home. We have learned (and retained) more in one month with Rosetta Stone than we have in an entire year with the other methods. How? I'm sure it has to do with the seeing, hearing, responding methods that they use. I'm thrilled and my son is thrilled - and the deal we got through Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the best deal we found hands down.”
Amy P., Co-op Member
”My daughter learned well the first two levels of French in a homeschool enrichment program (meeting once per week) using Rosetta Stone (on a daily basis). She thoroughly enjoyed learning the language in which she had been interested for a couple of years. Unfortunately, the enrichment program covers only French 1 & 2. When given the opportunity to purchase the Rosetta Stone French Levels 1-5 at such a great price, I realized that my daughter could not only review the two levels she had already learned, but she could also move on through Levels 3-5 of the language and not lose what she had worked on and learned for two school years. Also, by purchasing the set for our personal use, each person in our family could use the program to learn the French language. I am grateful for the opportunities to purchase such programs through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op at a reduced price. Thank you!”
Rhonda M., Co-op Member
”This is our first year going it all alone --- no co-ops. I was concerned about how to teach the foreign languages by myself and knew that Rosetta Stone was highly recommended but expensive. Because of the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, I was able to afford the program! We have are all enjoying it greatly --- learning a lot and having fun too. The Rosetta Stone support people are extremely helpful as well. I was having issues getting my headset to work, and they worked with me to resolve the problem efficiently. I am excited to keep learning right along with the kids!”
Jana K., Co-op Member
”I was amazed that my children (ages 7 & 10) were speaking Japanese after the first lesson. They look forward to their Rosetta-Stone everyday. The software is very user friendly and easy to navigate. We will purchase from RS again.”
K. Crouch, Co-op Member
”Love the program so far! Both my kids are enjoying it, and it helps keep me on my toes as well!”
A. Norton, Co-op Member
”i LOVE Rosetta Stone (mostly because it works, and my kids like it more than any other language program we've tried).”
Ramona, Co-op Member
”Great product! Easy to set up and user friendly. My son loves it as well. I think the biggest testimonial I can give is that I will be buying the next level.”
Bonnie Mahoney, Co-op Member
”My twins started with Rosetta-Stone French, and loved it. My daughter recently met a Parisian and spoke to her in French. The lady told my daughter she spoke with a very good French accent. Rosetta-Stone truly makes learning a new language fun and easy. So much so that my twins want to learn another language,Japanese. So we ordered it. Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op”
S.Kwedi, Co-op Member
”It's so easy to use and I love how it integrates all aspects of language - speaking, reading, listening, & writing. The homeschool version has a great feature where you can track each student's progress (even mom's if she wants to do it, too!) and you set what learning parameters you want to focus on. For example, my youngest was a late reader so she focused on listening and speaking skills while my older child did the full curriculum.”
Becky B, Co-op Member
”i love this program. my children are excited to practice Spanish. it is a great setup for learning the language. the only problem i have found is that for some reason deeper (male) voices don't always pick up clearly. my husband and son sometime have to repeat the words several times. no problem with my daughter and myself.”
Michelle, Co-op Member
”Hearing about Rosetta Stone was not the same as experiencing their language learning. It is absolutely fabulous! It is a GREAT addition to our children's Greek curriculum. It actually raises the level of comprehension and understanding of our homeschool Greek language materials we already use. We will use if for many years since it will always enhance our understanding of the New Testament of the Bible. It will not be hard to share it's benefits with others especially other homeschoolers.”
Mrs. Cagle, Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE doing their Japanese lessons! They ask me every single day! At first, they were grumpy about it because full immersion is very difficult. After a few weeks, they started to remember words and phrases, and they became more and more confident. Now they BEG me to let them do their Japanese lessons. My kids are in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade. It's amazing. They even incorporate Japanese words into their everyday conversations. I have not used other products for my language learning needs. The only thing I wish the program included for Japanese is an actual writing component. I believe some languages do actually include those resources, but Japanese is not one of them. I hope that will be offered in the future. Either way, the program is outstanding and I cannot wait to see how my children do as they continue to sail through the lessons!”
Cristina C., Co-op Member
”I recently purchased Rosetta Stone Spanish for Latin America (Homeschooling edition). It is a very powerful tool so far and I am able to use it effectively with both my 9 year old and 4 year old as it allows multiple users and customizes to their level. My kids love using it.”
A.Aiyar, Co-op Member
”I am very pleased with this product. I would recommend waiting until your child can read before purchasing it. There were a couple of hiccups in the program, but all was easily resolved. Overall a great product.”
Esther, Co-op Member
”My 11 year old has been using Homeschool Rosetta Stone to learn French. She enjoys it so much, she often moves ahead doing multiple lessons in one day. I am also amazed that she is able to speak French phrases throughout the day.”
Cherie, Co-op Member
”I have used another language program in the past. It seemed to be designed more for a classroom. There were long stories designed to inspire interest followed by questions and activities for language learning. The stories, as far as language learning is concerned, were time wasters, and the activities and practice were isolated lists of words. Also, as the teacher, I was responsible for assessing the kids' proficiency. I don't speak German, so this was a bit daunting for me. We found with this former program that, as homeschoolers, we did not have time to sit together through the long stories and practice sections, so we often left language learning out of our school day.

But I am very pleased with my Rosetta-Stone purchase. This language program is designed for individual learners, so each of my kids is able to study independently and progress at his own pace. The program uses an intuitive approach much like natural language learning. The lessons are concise and involve language learning throughout--no wasted time. While Rosetta-Stone is teaching new material, it continues to practice the previous lessons, so the kids don't forget what they have learned.

The Rosetta-Stone program is self-grading, which makes my job easy. The program checks pronunciation through the included microphone, and monitors progress from the answers the child provides during the lesson. The program has a choice of learning plans, and the Parent's Guide has lesson planning calendars. The program also has a progress report page for each learner showing what he has been completed and how he is doing. With all that, I am encouraged that we will now learn some German. Thanks Rosetta-Stone!”
B. Hite, Co-op Member
”I have three children that I homeschool. We chose Rosetta Stone because it is something the whole family could use; and it can be self-paced or structured. My 2nd grade daughter and 4th grade son are both using Rosetta Stone this school year. And they both love it. They enjoy hearing the words in Spanish and matching them to the pictures. My son is already forming sentences. It works for all types of learning styles. We have not tried any other foreign language products because we heard such good things about Rosetta Stone. I love that I can monitor their progress and have them redo lessons that they did not understand. We will definitely continue to use Rosetta Stone. The kids have already been telling their friends how much they have learned in just the few months we have been using Rosetta Stone!”
Carrie H., Co-op Member
”The homeschool edition of Rosetta is excellent for teaching foreign languages to all ages. So glad we can now get it at a discount!”
K. Weeks, Co-op Member
”Love it. Love it. Makes Latin FUN and easy to absorb. Thanks for the discount.

Knowing my son absorbs language faster than I... we purchased both Rosetta Stone and Compass Classroom: different approaches, both are great. Rosetta gives natural intuitive approach, while Compass classroom explains "the rules." So, I can stay ahead of him.;-)”
Teez mom, Co-op Member
”What a cool way to learn a language. Even my 7 year old grandson wants to get in on this, and will probably surpass us all!!”
B. Meyer, Co-op Member
”My children and I have been using Rossetta Stone program for almost a month now. My kids live it so much that they don't want me to call it school. My youngest, who is five, is now able to do the program on his own once I set it up. It is really neat to hear them saying Spanish words randomly here and there. The only downfall for homeschool is although they let you have up to 8 people registered you only get two computers to load it on. This is cumbersome besause that means everyone can't work on it at the same time. Program is great though.”
Renie, Co-op Member
”I ordered Rosetta-Stone Italian. My boys absolutely love it! It is so easy for them to understand and follow along. I am so happy I was able to get this from the Homeschool Buyers Co-op at a reasonable price! I wouldn't have bought it any other way! Thank you for offering this service!”
JT, Co-op Member
”My children are thrilled to be learning a new language. I love the extra skills they are building and the diversity it brings to our curriculum.”
Geneveve L., Co-op Member
”My family loves Rosetta Stone. I have 4 children who range from 10 to 18 and we have been using the Spanish program for years. Even the littlest member of the family enjoys it. We recently decided to learn Polish and knew that we wanted to learn it from Rosetta Stone. The program is so easy to use and when more than one person is learning the language at home, it is easy to stay "immersed". We would recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn a new language.”
C. Hicks, Co-op Member
”This has been such a wonderful purchase for our family! Our four year old is learning so much Spanish and it has actually improved her confidence in reading. I will never regret this great program!”
C. C., Co-op Member
”This is a great SUPPLEMENTAL program. I wouldn't recommend it as a "stand alone" program. We use it as a supplement to a workbook curriculum, and it has enhanced and sped up their understanding of the language. - Rosetta gives them plenty of extra practice understanding how the language sounds, reading words, deciphering context, and memorizing basic vocabulary. Using the program all by itself would leave gaps in their comprehensive understanding of the language. They would know if something "sounds" right or wrong, but wouldn't know why. It is the difference between your child learning only how to speak, or learning how to speak, spell, read, and write when they go to school.”
TC, Co-op Member
”My son started Rosetta-Stone Spanish in the second semester of this year. So far he loves it. We were using another program and he just wasn't getting it. So glad that the Co-Op had this available at such a great price so we can finally have the best foreign language program to teach our children. Thanks Co-op”
K.Avery, Co-op Member
”I am so glad that I purchased Rosetta-Stone (Italian). My parents and 3 brothers immigrated to the United States in 1954 from Italy. Italian was spoken in the home,but we as children were encouraged to speak English. Not only for our sake but also to help our parents learn it. I understand and can read some but my spoken word needed help. Especially since my parents have passed away and I have no one to speak it to. Rosetta-Stone has helped me keep my heritage alive.”
Lina, Co-op Member
”My 6 year old is using the program all by himself. He thinks he's a big stuff using a computer all by himself ^^. Rosetta Stone helped his language skill to get better overnight. He's pronouncing words so much better and helping him to be more confident in speaking it. We are very pleased.”
HeeWon, Co-op Member
”My children have wanted to study a language for so long. I knew Rosetta Stone was the program I wanted them to use, but could not afford the $500kids price tag! When this deal came through I was so pleased to be able to take advantage of it. Rosetta Stone offers the options and independance needed to complete our homeschool program.”
Kristina M., Co-op Member
”It's like walking in to the room on your first day of school and finding out, "WOW! This teacher understands the way I learn best!! I'm not going to suffer through trying to figure this out! I got it!"”
Michelle Baugh, Co-op Member
”I use Rosetta Stone as the frame work for teaching my children MY first language, German. My kids enjoy the program and they are learning a lot.”
Irene G., Co-op Member
”We purchased the Rosetta Stone mandarin homeschool program last year and now we are learning Chinese together three to four days a week. We love it.”
Sachi, Co-op Member
”My three kids, 10, 8, 5 all love doing Rosetta Stone. It's fun for me to do it, too - and then we try out our Spanish on each other!”
Tara, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old is really enjoys this program and is learning a lot of Spanish, but it was too advanced for my 8 and 5 year old to use.”
Allison L., Co-op Member
”Rosetta-Stone is hands-down the best product of its type on the market -- and our homeschool focus is on learning world languages, so we've either tried or looked at virtually everything that's out there. I'm not going to lie and say that you'll become fluent using Rosetta-Stone by itself -- fluency requires human interaction (although their online interactive offering of TOTAL e moves a long way toward increasing that critical component). However, as a part of a larger language learning program Rosetta-Stone increases listening skills, vocabulary and reading skills and provides daily exposure to the chosen language in a cost-effective way. My children study both Spanish and Japanese (and one is now beginning Farsi/Persian), and we've used Rosetta with all of them. Is it effective? Well, the oldest, now a senior in college was fluent enough in Spanish to test out of the basic series and was placed into "Spanish for Heritage Speakers" -- the classes for kids who spoke Spanish in their home growing up. The 14-year-old is taking AP Spanish as a high school freshman. Both of the older boys have taken and passed the JLPT (the standard language test for Japanese) at high school age or younger at a level that put them on a par with students who had studied for at least a year or two in college. I can't give all the credit to Rosetta-Stone as we've found fabulous teachers along the way, but it was a big part of our homeschooling language program, and in my opinion should be considered by anyone who is serious about teaching world languages.”
Jill Robinson, Co-op Member
”My husband and I have used it and like it. We find it effective as far as remembering what we learn, and it's enjoyable to use. We hesitated for years before buying it, and now we feel it is well worth the price. I am using Alpha Omega Publications Spanish I for homeschooling, workbook based with CDs, which is good, but we will be adding in Rosetta Stone. This is the homeschooling edition, so you can keep track of each child's progress. We have installed it on two laptops (I think I read you can install it on up to 3 computers). One aspect that especially stands out in my mind is how intuitively Rosetta Stone progresses. I like it!”
BKS, Co-op Member
”We have really enjoyed doing Rosetta-Stone as a family. I have a 10, 8, and 6 year old. It is more challenging for the two younger ones, especially when it come to the pronunciation portion, but they have still learned a lot. My husband served a mission in Mexico and it has been fun at the dinner table talking Spanish to each other and laughing at our learning curve. I would definitely recommend the product and we plan to do Japanese next!”
Kim, Co-op Member
”I always wanted to try Rosetta Stone just to see how easy it was and if i was able to pick up on it. It was worth the price i paid for it. My husband and Kids we are all learning the same language Latin Spanish.
Best product around and with so many friends that are Latin American i can keep up with a conversation with ease.”
S.Kemper, Co-op Member
”RosettaStone Greek Level 1 has been an asset to our homeschooling curriculum. The bright pictures and brief info introduced with each page is very conducive to learning a new language.

The only caveat I would share is to say my five-year-old has had some confusion with the format; there is no "how to use RosettaStone" intro. Since he wears the included headset, I cannot hear and have a hard time knowing what the goal of each page is. It's not easy for me to help him. Sometimes, he gets frustrated. I am finding, as I go through the lessons in my own account (another great feature of the homeschooling RosettaStone is being able to set up accounts for more than one person/student), that the repetitive formats quickly become familiar.

I encourage homeschooling families to use RosettaStone Homeschool for learning language and to have patience while getting used to the learning formats. I shopped around before purchasing, and found that the value through Homeschool Buyers Co-op is unbeatable!”
Darcy S., Co-op Member
”Wow! We are a 7, 10, and 40 year old all taking this course at the same time. The repetition, variety, and fun of this course keep us all interested and moving forward. The short lessons make it a big win everyday for my kids. It is simple for me to review progress and they work on it until they get 85 - 100%, so they have complete control of their own learning - great for all of us!”
J. Piccerillo, Co-op Member
”We purchased Rosetta Stone for my second grade son. He's been using it for several months now and really enjoys it! It did take him a few weeks to get used to wearing the headphones and speaking at the right time for the computer to hear him (i.e. waiting until it was done talking). I also turned down the pronunciation level a little bit so it would be easier to pick up his voice. (After googling why he had to keep repeating things, even when it sounded fine to me, that was the suggestion people gave and it worked fine. From what I read it can have trouble understanding very young children's voices. I did not turn it down all the way to the lowest level.) I will also say that I don't make him do the writing portions of it because of his age. At seven, he is still learning to spell English words correctly so I'm not concerned so much that he spell Spanish words correctly, especially since they are not easy (short) words.

As a parent, I think the homeschool version is great! It is very easy to keep track of how many minutes your child spends on it each day and it also gives them a grade. If they don't do well on a section then they can repeat it to improve their score. Most lessons only take ten to fifteen minutes so if we are running short on time he can still squeeze it in quickly.
Overall I really like Rosetta Stone. I was a little nervous to spend the money on it since the reviews are all over the place. I'm not sure how well he'll be able to speak it in the real world since he hasn't had the opportunity yet but he seems to be learning phrases that would be useful in a conversation. I guess time will tell.”
Kristyn Berry, Co-op Member
”We currently have four of our children learning Spanish through RS. It is so nice to not EVER have to ask them to go work on their Spanish. If anything, I have to intervene during the "disagreements" of who gets to go next!”
chris h, Co-op Member
”We are using Rosetta Stone for my 10.5 year old and my 7 year old. My younger son seems to struggle a bit with it. I'm not sure if it's his age or just him. It is working well for my 10.5 year old son and actually both of them enjoy their Rosetta Stone (French) time. I have even found it enjoyable for myself. I would recommend for over 10 year old's for sure but maybe wait for the younger kids.”
E. Fisher, Co-op Member
”I ordered the Rosetta-Stone Spanish Homeschool version to use this year. I got an excellent discount because of this Co-op! I have a 15 year old, an 11 year old, and a 9 year old all learning it and they love it! They beg to learn Spanish each day and I use it as an incentive for after they finish their book work. What a wonderful purchase!”
Julie Mace, Co-op Member
”Rosetta Stone has been the cornerstone of our language study program. Our children have studied both Spanish and Russian using Rosetta Stone. I study the lessons also, staying ahead of them so that we can practice speaking at other times. It is a very well-designed and effective program.”
N. Park, Co-op Member
”My son has loved using the Rosetta Stone for homeschoolers and I love the fact that the work is done for the teacher already. Our son has ASD and has language concerns but he has flourished with Rosetta Stone French and we are considering buying English to help him along as well!”
C. H., Co-op Member
”My daughter is in 6th grade and enjoys the interactive nature of Rosetta Stone. The package comes with a headset and students pronounce words into the microphone. The computer rates the student on their pronunciation. This is a great advantage over other foreign language programs. The homeschool edition, which is sold through the Co-op, has printable tests and quizes for every unit which make assessment very easy for the parent who doesn't speak the language. You can also pick the difficulty of the program. The easiest pace only has the student learning vocabulary. More difficult programs include grammar. It is an excellent program and I expect to go onto level 2 next year!”
Kim M., Co-op Member
”My 13 year old son, who has tried other language learning software, had this to say about Rosetta, "It's very promising. I like it." As his mother, I notice that he willingly does his Spanish when asked and doesn't "moan" or "whine" as he used to do when using other softwares. I have told all the parents of his friends who are happy to have a happy learner in their house!”
Nancy B., Co-op Member
”My kids all love Rosetta Stone! It's amazing what they have picked up in a few short weeks. We set the timer for 20-30 minutes and they usually want to go longer. We will continue to use it for many years.”
S Chastain, Co-op Member
”We love the progress our 14-year-old Ukrainian-born son has made using Rosetta Stone English this year!!! He finished Level 1 in about 5 months and immediately began Level 2. We plan on continuing over the summer so that he will not forget what he has learned. The difference in his confidence and ability to speak English is remarkable, and most people who meet him cannot believe that he has only been studying English for about 9 months! We know that part of his success comes from his own determination, but we also credit Rosetta Stone for the excellent multi-faceted approach to reading, listening and writing the language. We plan on pressing on through all the levels as we work to prepare him for college. We are pleased, to say the least!!!!”
N Rush, Co-op Member
”We purchased 3 different languages - level 1 and have been very pleased with all of them. My son had been taking an on-line Spanish class and was not enjoying it at all - lots of reminders from me, lots of this is stupid from him, but now, every day with no prompting, he does his lessons and CHOOSES to do Spanish first! We will be purchasing the next levels when it's time!”
Sarah J, Co-op Member
”Rosetta Stone is easy to use, yet challenging. My son and I are almost through with Level 1 and both have been challenged and are learning. My son really likes that he walks away from a lesson having LEARNED, unlike with other programs we have tried in the past. The pictures are terrific and really help cement the words and their meanings. We are looking forward to starting our Level 2 soon. Also, Homeschool Buyers Co-op rewarded us with enough SmartPoints that we were able to purchase a license for another terrific program they offer. Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-Op!!!”
Elizabeth H., Co-op Member
”We could have never afforded all 5 levels of Rosetta Stone Spanish without these incredible discounts. We are short term missions liaisons in Honduras and really want to be able to speak Spanish ourselves while there and this product is helping us reach our goals!”
Virginia K, Co-op Member
”I bought the program for my 12th grade son. He is good at learning languages. He likes the program because he can move along steadily at his own pace, he can review and improve his performance and challenge himself all at the same time. Apparently though, he self imposed another challenge. The program enables several students' to have accounts. My son saw that I was also working through the program and "threw the gauntlet down". He wants to speak Spanish better and learn everything he can more quickly than me. THAT has never happened while studying other programs. I told him I would take him on!”
L Taylor, Co-op Member
”I am using Spanish with my 5 and 6 year old daughters, and they both LOVE it! I am doing it along side them and I am surprised at how much I'm picking up. Wonderful application!”
Wendy G, Co-op Member
”My son is using the German Rosetta Stone. Since I knew no German, I've been going through the lessons as well. We both have enjoyed the program and are learning a lot.

The only downside is that the worksheets, quizzes and tests seem to require you to understand more of the grammar than the program seems to cover (or at least that we picked up on). We ended up buying a grammar book that has helped us understand changes in word endings, etc.

Overall, I think the program is great and enjoyable to use.”
Denise B., Co-op Member
”We have been using an older version for several years. I took the plunge and purchased the newer version (3) and I am so glad I did. The new version's organization, utility and interface are top notch, the parent management function is excellent and my daughter - who uses it five days/week - loves the improvements.”
Carla Swanson, Co-op Member
”I asked my 17 year old daughter about what she thinks about Rosetta Stone - she smiled and said - 2 thumbs up!

my 9 year old says " it is really fun!"

my 15 year old daughter says " 5 stars "”
Mrs B, Co-op Member
”Wow! My husband is more excited about this than the kids. He has spent a lot of time in France working on a documentary and wants to return with the whole family. We are all working on this with the French homeschooling edition. It is really user friendly for any age. We hope to use our French knowledge in France before too long!”
Catherine Cooke, Co-op Member
”All of us in our home are learning Latin American Spanish this year and we are thoroughly enjoying Rosetta-Stone. Retention of the material is easy because of the way the program is done and we are already practicing with one another as we learn each new lesson. It is the first academic subject my daughter does because she enjoys it so much! I highly recommend Rosetta-Stone and look forward to speaking fluent Spanish in our home :)”
Lynn Martinez, Co-op Member
”My son loves learning Spanish through Rosetta Stone. He keeps him engage and the lessons are not overwhelming. I have join in with my son in learning Spanish. It is great!”
S. Borrero, Co-op Member
”Rosetta Stone has been amazing for my daughter. She is only 6 years old and we've only been using the program a few weeks, yet her ability to read and write Spanish seems better than English! I'm also learning right along with her! Great program!”
Jenny S., Co-op Member
”Both of my children have enjoyed learning Spanish using Rosetta Stone. They are using what has been learned in their day to day conversations (for fun). It's been a wonderful experience for our family. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.”
K. Fuqua, Co-op Member
”I purchased the Homeschool Edition Complete Set. My children (K/1st grade) enjoy the interactive program as part of their homeschool studies. I like "brushing up" on my intermediate level skills that I use to communicate with clients in the healthcare field. I plan to continue our foreign language studies with other available languages as my children mature. I encourage everyone to try this program.

Also consider purchasing the version in your known spoken language. It can help children like mine learn to associate words with pictures and learn to read! Try it!”
M. Collins, Co-op Member
”I love the Rosetta Stone French that we bought. Time will tell how much my kids learn from it but the adults in the family are having a great time refreshing our French and improving our pronunciation. That feedback on how we are doing pronouncing the words is invaluable. I love that we can all use this same program and learn from it. That is really strengthening our ability as parent educators to teach this subject that we are not experts in. Highly recommend!”
PattyLA, Co-op Member
”I bought the Spanish set for my 9 year old. In two days, he started saying simple things in Spanish, with the correct pronunciation. He loves doing Rosetta Stone - to him, it's fun, interesting, and almost an effortless way of learning a new language. I honestly don't know if he'll continue to enjoy learning Spanish when he has do more advanced grammar such as conjugating verbs, and I'm very curious to see how Rosetta handles that.”
Julie H., Co-op Member
”I purchased Rosetta Stone French Homeschool Version Levels 1-5 for my daughter who is going into the fourth grade. It is amazing! Incredibly easy to use, and since it is an immersion program she's learning to think in French rather than to translate French to English than back to French (which is the way I learned, which is probably why I retained almost nothing from 7 years of public school French lessons!). Not only is this program effective, it's fun and engaging. It's more like playing a game rather than doing a lesson. My daughter is one of those goal oriented kids who needs to see tangible evidence of her acheivements, so the fact that this program gives her a grade at the end of each lesson is a huge motivation for her. I love that it tells her exactly what she needs to improve on, weather it be pronunciation or identification which allows her to self-correct and lets her know what she's doing correctly. My recommendation is that you don't start this program before third grade for two reasons. The first is that, since there is no instruction in English, it takes a certain amount of creative reasoning to figure out what is expected of you on each lesson. Enough so that it would be something that is a little more difficult than a typical child younger than 8 or 9 years old could handle. The second reason that I reccomend waiting is that when my younger children tried the program it was hard for the software to recognize the words they were saying so even though they were correctly identifying the pictures they kept getting the incorrect pronunciation warning. Other than that, this is the most complete language program I have ever seen. It is incredibly easy to install and use, and has the most comprehensive record keeping system you can find which is ideal for keeping up with credits for highschool aged children. I can't praise it enough, and I have convinced several people to purchase it. My step-mother even chose to order the homeschool version for her own use because it offered so much more than the regular program. She, like my daughter, also liked the fact that she received a grade at the end of each lesson and could keep track of her progress. In short, this system is well worth the money.”
Jennifer M., Co-op Member
”We received our order, loaded it on the computer and are up and running. My father is French-Canadian so my kids and I are learning so we can speak with him as he gets older. English is his second language and as he gets older we want to make sure we don't lose his heritage. Rosetta Stone has the best package we've seen, is easy to start and the kids will be able to listen to it on their iPods - excited!!”
T. Fladstol, Co-op Member
”I purchased the Rosetta-Stone Latin America Levels 1-5 ed. It has been amazing! Their sound language learning technique is helping my son who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder easily learn Spanish.”
Leslie Q., Co-op Member
”This works better for us than a yearly online language program. My six year old son likes it. We will continue to use it.”
Robert Henry, Co-op Member
”We have had the Rosetta Stone French for a little over a month. I love the way the lessons are laid out, it's very intuitive and organic. The use of headphones and microphone enable the student to repeat the word/phrase until the pronunciation is correct. We recently traveled to France and were able to communicate effectively with the native speakers.”
V. Caton, Co-op Member
”We purchased Rosetta Stone Spanish (Spain version) as we are going on a 3 week vacation to southern Spain.

I really like the immersion aspect of the language as those who "translate" from English never really think or become truly fluent in a foreign language. I couldn't find a text book that met these needs to help me formulate a teaching plan of my own even though I speak Spanish fluently and even had a BA in it.

It is very helpful that Rosetta Stone focuses on tricky pronunciations and listening details. As a cognitive skills trainer the ability to "hear" the specific sounds in language are crucial for listening comprehension, word recall, spelling and reading skills. I find this program offers many fine points covering both auditory input and output skills.

There have been one or two occasions when I have heard my children pronounce a word incorrectly and yet they are given a correct score. Conversely there have been a few times when their pronunciation is spot on and they don't get credit. Although somewhat frustrating for the student, this is not a frequent occurrence and they move on.

I am fortunate that I already know how to speak, spell and write Spanish so I can supplement the material off line and help them practice throughout the day. If you don't have this skill, the program is still adequately comprehensive that they begin to internalize the vocabulary.

We have been dedicating 30 minutes each day to the training 5 days per week and I do require that they score 90% or better. If they make the same mistakes continuously I can see that and focus their attention to the needed areas.

I have not found any other program that offers anything but South American Spanish and that would not meet our needs. I also like the tracking system for high school credit documentation.”
Tara Jenner, Co-op Member
”After 3 years of French language lessons by wonderful French tutors, we found ourselves without a tutor due to various circumstances.

My 10 yr. old really missed her French lessons, but we were having trouble finding the quality of tutor we'd been used to. Finally, after 8 months of no lessons, she was given Rosetta-Stone French language lessons for Homeschoolers as a Christmas gift.

I was skeptical, but from the moment we loaded the program onto our computer, she has been asking to spend time with it. In her words, "I love doing it! And I'm able to continue learning French very easily."
Truly, it's the first thing she wants to do upon getting up in the mornings. The nice thing is, she is able to do it as often as our schedule allows, which is at least daily, and sometimes, more than once in a day. After having seen this program first-hand, I would recommend it to students with a strong interest in language, as well as those who are also using a tutor since it's great reinforcement of the language.”
K. H., Co-op Member
”We recently purchased Rosetta-Stone for learning French. No one in our family speaks a foreign language so I was a little apprehensive, but my daughter is thrilled with the program so far and her younger siblings like being there just to watch what she is doing.”
Kim A., Co-op Member
”I have 13, 8, and 5 year old boys. They each love this program! I was able to tailor it to the needs/abilities of each child, and love that they can repeat lessons as much as they wish. I plan on using it to brush up on my advanced skills, and my husband is excited to use it to solidify and improve on what he has been learning over the last 2 years. The kids beg me to do Spanish before anything else!”
M. Deakins, Co-op Member
”My daughter has an interest in languages and we now have 2 sets of Rosetta-Stone. My daughter has learned vocabulary and is very very good at saying the words correctly. It is fun to be able to offer something to my kids that I don't know. It is also good to have a few minutes a day when someone else does the teaching. My daughter has enjoyed the programs. We have added a little more grammar from other sources as she has trouble figuring out verb forms and usage rules from this program. However, the fluency of speech is so wonderful, that I plan to keep using them for each language she wants to learn.”
Ongoing Learners, Co-op Member
”As soon as Rosetta Stone arrived at our door, my 12 year old loaded it on our computer. We had a technical problem and had to contact Rosetta Stone. The assistance was rendered immediately. We were able to begin learning Spanish that day. My son consistantly works on his lessons and enjoys them so well that he does not need to be told to do them. The lessons are repetetive yet engaging. I have begun to take the lessons also. I was worried that I was not learning the words well enough so I began the lessons again at which time my son pointed out that the information you learn in the beginning is repeated as you go on so that you do not forget what you have already learned. I am please that I chose to spend the money on this program.”
Kim A., Co-op Member
”We are very excited about Rosetta Stone. My older boys (7,5) use it by themselves and within a few days started speaking Spanish around the house. My younger two enjoy the lessons with me and are learning Spanish words as well. We look forward to many years of learning with Rosetta Stone.”
K Lewis, Co-op Member
”Our boys (ages 12 and 9) have been wanting to learn Spanish for about a year now. Between living in Texas and visiting Mexico occasionally, we figured the whole family needed to improve our Spanish speaking skills. The boys were so excited when I told them I had purchased Rosetta Stone, they kept asking me if it had arrived yet! They enjoy everything about the program. Getting to use a computer during our school day is treat for them, they are doing great on their worksheets and tests. Every once in awhile I'll even hear them listening to the audio companion even when it isn't assigned! Bottom line...for us Rosetta Stone has been fun and educational!”
Kristine F., Co-op Member
”We love this! My kids (4 of 'em - ages 10-7) beg to do their Spanish each day! They are learning enough to talk to each other around the dinner table too. It is lots of fun! I am trying to work on it as well. I love it - easy but seems to stick in my mind. I would highly recommend this program”
Jcole96, Co-op Member
”My two oldest have been using rosetta stone for a month now. They are doing great at it. I love how easy it was to set up each child based on their educational needs. My 10 year old is set up to learn to speak French, read and write it, while my 7 year old is set up to only focus on speaking since he's still going through english phonics. They both love it and attempt to teach everyone what they've learned. I have considered telling them that the cashier may not care how to say "the girl eats" :) My 2 and 4 year olds greet us EVERY morning with bonjour and after quiet hour with bonsoir. They always know the proper one to say.
To sum it up, I understand the hype behind these courses. They are amazing. The headset and voice recognition are so much better than I expected.”
Lanie, Co-op Member
”After comparing foreign language programs we actively sought out Rosetta-Stone as the modern language program for our son's last 4 years of high school. We wanted consistency with a graduating language development, parental ability to monitor the progress and generate reports etc. Because it is a program, the tutor does not become frustrated at needing to work on areas repetitively (that would be me!), but maintains that elusive infinite patience as our child learns at his pace.

This is one program/subjects which my son continues to use/study in his free time and will forget to monitor his time, continuing well into the next study period if not held accountable.

Purchasing the Rosetta-Stone Homeschool verion through Homeschool Buyers Co-op enabled us to afford the complete 5 level set. Each level the equivalent of 1 high school credit, totaling 5 credits by the end of high school. We will pursue CLEP or AP when he completes level 5.

We have 2 other children who have selected different languages, so we hope this agreement between Rosetta and Homeschool Buyers will be around for them when they commence grade 8. It is the only way we are able to afford solid foreign language learning for our children.”
Anne-Elizabeth Logan, Co-op Member
”As a homeschooling mother of 6 I am thrilled with my Rosetta Stone purchase (Spanish levels 1-5)! It was very easy to set up and had everything I needed to manage everyone (including lesson plans!!). My kids are loving it! I'm telling everyone I can about this program! Thanks so much for providing a homeschool friendly language program at a fabulous price!!”
Terri Monteverdi, Co-op Member
”Extremely beneficial in learning Italian. Far superior to any other language course I have participated in!”
P. Tomassi, Co-op Member
”It was a great deal to buy all 5 levels of Rosetta-Stone Spanish and we are loving the program! Thank you!”
Amber O., Co-op Member
”Rosetta Stone is the best computer based language product I know of. It teaches the language from several different angles and promotes good pronunciation. My kids are learning to speak, read, and write Spanish all through an immersion approach.”
Tammy M., Co-op Member
”We have loved Rosetta Stone. This is our 2nd year to use the program. It flows very nicely. The boys, 6th and 10th grades, pick up on new materials quickly. You really do learn "naturally". The only way to get anymore natural would be to relocate to a Spanish-speaking area. The lessons are split up into different categories. The program tracks materials covered very well. It has been worth the money, and I see the boys picking up and translating when they "See" Spanish in our daily lives. We will continue to use Rosetta Stone through the high school years for the exposure and practice.”
V. McNulty, Co-op Member
”My 8-year-old can not wait to get to Rosetta Stone each morning! He has learned so much Russian in just a couple of months, his accent sounds great, and he can go to a bookstore and pick out a word or two in Russian-language magazines, reading the Cyrillic without a problem! Rosetta Stone is just amazing. We highly recommend it to everyone interested in thorough language instruction.”
L Metzler, Co-op Member
”My 6th grade son loves the Rosetta Stone Spanish homeschool curriculum! It has given him a very positive attitude about learning a new language. It is easy to follow, the worksheets give great followup practice, and it was simple to load and get started. This is his first year learning a new language and we are so pleased at how organized and simple Rosetta Stone is to work with. We love how there is only Spanish used and no English instructions which is different from most language programs we have looked at. It right away gets you into the language with visual pictures and only the written Spanish words. My husband and I have also decided to give it a try and we are loving it. Highly, highly recommend this product!”
C. Nelson, Co-op Member
”This program is wonderful. My daughter recognizes Spanish words out and about in the world and is getting high 80s and 90s on the CD. My 5 year old son is also learning at his own pace and I love the style in which the language is taught; without memorization. We are defiently going to continue this program as far as it takes it us. I also have myself listed as a student on the CD and am learning right along with my kids.”
Valerie P, Co-op Member
”We are a family that travels full time and so we are constantly being immersed in new cultures and new languages. Last winter we spent three months traveling through Central America. This winter we are spending five months living in a little puebla on Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala.

We purchased Rosetta stone this summer for our children to help them prepare for living in a village where there would be no other English speakers. THEY LOVE IT. I had planned their lessons to take them through Level 1 & 2 this year... within a week they had ALL (aged 8, 10, 12, 14) raced ahead of my plans and were devouring the material.

I love that this one program is equally usable by the eight year old and the fourteen year old. I have changed the settings within the lessons to customize the difficulty and the goals to my plans for each individual child.

We have tried the Learnables, Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day, and MUZZY (when the kids were tiny). Rosetta Stone is in a class by itself. I am trilingual (French, English and Spanish) and have spoken all three to the kids as they've grown. Rosetta stone has moved them quickly far beyond the little household phrases that we use in daily life and is allowing them to interact with the people in our community with confidence.

If you want your kids to actually SPEAK the language and be able to interact with native persons, not just pass a CLEP test, Rosetta Stone is worth the money. ”
Jennifer Miller, Co-op Member
”My family is so pleased with RS! My teenagers are using the full year curriculum and ask if they can do additional sections each day. My husband (who thought he was too old for a new language) works studiously each day. My 5yo (non-reader) loves to use the listening and speaking focus program. All five of us are benefiting from Rosetta-Stone. However, the most amazing thing is our littlest one (not yet three) is watching and listening to each of our practices and repeating every word. We had used other Spanish programs and found that they would be sufficient for a vacation to a Spanish speaking country. I feel that when we complete RS we would be able to live in a Spanish speaking area. We recommend ROSETTA-STONE to everyone.”
Rebecca, Co-op Member
”I have been so impressed by this program. It was easy to set up and the learning began instantly and almost effortlessly. My oldest daughter loves the program and diligently uses it every day, without being reminded by me! I have shared it with another homeschool mom and she is looking into purchasing for her family also.”
Tena Cinnamon, Co-op Member
”We have an 8, 10 & 12 year old all using this. We all love it! They are each able to learn at there own pace. I like the homeschool-friendliness of this program; reports for each child can be printed to add their portfolios. Well worth the investment.”
A. Miller, Co-op Member
”The Rosetta-Stone for German is easy to use and lets you know immediately how you are doing. I like the way I can go back over previous lessons to improve my knowledge and score. It allows you to keep track of the student's progress easily, too. I am very happy with Rosetta-Stone and would recommend it to anyone. For my family, it is much easier than using a textbook. We will continue using it.”
Kathy K, Co-op Member
”I like Rosetta Stone and how it helps us learn. My 8yr and 12 yr sons both use level one. My 16yr daughter and I are both on level two. I find the set up very easy to use and enjoyable. We are all learning a lot. My kids all have a positive attitude when it comes to doing their Spanish work on the computer. I tell other people about it but wish it was not so expensive. The reason I justify the cost for my family is it is mandatory for us to learn Spanish. Its not just something for fun or to dabble in. We must learn it. My husband is from Central America and it is our heritage so the entire family must be able to confidently speak Spanish. Rosetta Stone helps us do that. It is the only program I've found that really moves us along to accomplish so much. I own about 10+ other programs but really believe RS is the best one. And the bonus is I dont have to do anything but install it on the computer. The kids are off and running.”
Jill R., Co-op Member
”This has been a great tool for our family. Our son loves to do his Spanish lessons because they are interactive and fun. He has learned a lot.”
L B, Co-op Member
”We love Rosetta Stone! My boys are 8,6,&5, and they find the program easy to use and they are learning alot.”
Christina, Co-op Member
”We have been using Rosetta-Stone for about 7 weeks. My kids love it. In fact one of my 10th graders has to be told to get off of Rosetta-Stone and to do his other school work. I like how the lesson plan is all set up, so that we know exactly what to do each day. I like the written exercises, quizes and tests. The kids like the way the computer keeps tract of their success. We will continue to use this for my 2 tenth graders and my 3 younger ones will use it also. I tell everyone I can about our success with Rosetta-Stone.”
Teresa Nelson, Co-op Member
”Tried the sample from Rosetta Stone and two others. Rosetta Stone is expensive, but the Co-op discount helped make the decision easier, and our 11th grader HAS to use it, but the 7th grader wants to use it too! It's easy to use, you learn the language quickly, and nothing could be more professionally done. We bought Levels I-III for high school 2yr equivalent language, but think it will really be one year of college as well.”
Robert Hayner, Co-op Member
”My 9th grader enjoys this program, and I appreciate the ease of tracking her progress. Having the workbook and quizzes in pdf format is also handy. I'm using self-generated materials to flesh out the course (especially for French grammar) but am generally satisfied with this product.”
Kathy H., Co-op Member
”We ordered Level One Spanish for our teenage daughter and Level One Chinese for our teenage son. They have both enjoyed using the program. The speech recognition component has been very helpful. It is more interactive than learning by a book and CD, and I see the children making progress in learning. It is especially good since I know neither Spanish nor Chinese! The younger siblings all like to try it as well. We have been happy with this product and plan to continue to use it for their learning.”
M. French, Co-op Member
”Great way to learn a new language! I have kids in homeschooling and kids at school taking the same language class. And, definitely, my homeschooled kids have learned more in a more relaxed environment and at their own pace with Rosetta-Stone Homeschooling edition. They have even started talking between them in French (in short sentences), after just a few months. I was initially reluctant to do it. But, I have seen the results really fast. They learn to speak correctly, to read, and to write a new language quite fast. Even my 7th grader at school asks my 2nd and 5th graders at home for the definition of words or how to write them. My kids enjoy doing it, and it is one of their favorite classes. I will continue using it and maybe buy another language in the near future.”
Tere, Co-op Member
”My two sons love the program. Within a week they started putting together phrases and had confidence speaking! My husband and I are also enjoying the program and trying to keep up with the boys! Great Job Rosetta Stone!”
Colleen K., Co-op Member
”We have now been using the Latin America Spanish from Rosetta Stone for 7 weeks and we love it! It is a neat program that is very effective for learning a language. It is very simple and easy to figure out how to do the lessons. We chose a one year program-every day we look to see what lessons we are to do that day. You can check any time and see your progress.
We did have a problem with our headset not working. By using the live chat feature we discovered our headset was defective. A new headset was in our hands in 2 days. Using Rosetta Stone has been a very positive experience for our family. We are all using it to learn Spanish for future missions trips.”
Deborah G., Co-op Member
”We got Rosetta-Stone Spanish in the summer, way before we planned to start school. My kids insisted on trying it right away and LOVED it. They continue to use it without any prompting on my part. I was amazed that they were speaking Spanish sentences within the first few days of starting the program.”
Lori A., Co-op Member
”As an adult, I absolutely LOVE the RS language programs. I purchased the Spanish program for my three children (8 yr old twins and a 10 yr old), but quickly found that they were having a lot of trouble because they were trying to read the words on the screen and pronounce them. I discovered that trying to read another language before they become proficient readers of their own language is not the way to go.... so I switched my approach. I now use the RS program myself, and plan oral lessons for them. I figured that they should learn this second language the same way they learned their first: by imitation and repetition. They learned to speak long before they learned to read.

So - what I would wish from RS is that part of the program could be set up as strictly oral - without the words on the screen - for young students. One of the modules indicates that you can choose Listening and Speaking, but the words still appear on the screen, which is what gave my kids such a problem.

So, there you are. All in all, I'd give the RS Spanish program 4-1/2 (out of five)stars. (If they are so inclined to add the above-mentioned feature, they'll get six stars from me!

Oh - I should have mentioned that I'm aware that my children will definitely grow into the RS program, and be fully able to use it right out of the box. It's just these beginning stages that I have to adapt for. I took Spanish in high school and college, but never became fluent, so I purchased Levels 1-5, as I plan to learn right along with my children.”
Vikki O., Co-op Member
”My daughter is currently taking Latin American Spanish III (she also used Rosetta Stone for Spanish I and II). In the past, she has taken Spanish classes and never learned much. With Rosetta Stone, she has progressed so much and her accent is so good that she was able to easily converse with Spanish Speaking children that she worked with last summer. I recommend this product to anyone needing a foreign language.”
Mary H, Co-op Member
”Rosetta Stone is the gold standard in computerized languages. I had purchased Rosetta - Latin (ver. 2)- 5 years ago, and thought we couldn't afford two more languages. So we tried two other brands and the kids were not happy with them, one brand especially brought them at times to tears of frustration. When I bought those languages in Rosetta Stone the kids were very happy, and they really like the improvements made in the 3rd version. I tell everyone I know who is even thinking about getting a computerized language that Rosetta is the gold standard and anything else is a waste of your money and your kids' time.”
S. Munter, Co-op Member
”We ordered Rosetta Stone Mandarin for our son. We adopted him from China 15 months ago at age 6 and realized he was rapidly losing his Chinese language and not interested in speaking Chinese. Rosetta Stone has encouraged him to speak and we have seen him regain his ability rapidly. Additionally, his siblings have been watching over his shoulder and wanted to start learning too! Now three of them are learning to understand and speak Mandarin. I would recommend this product to other families that have adopted children that speak other languages. It is very common for adopted children to lose their first language. This is a great way to encourage them to keep their first language and be truly bilingual.”
Kristine Aldrich, Co-op Member
”We purchased Rosetta Stone software Homeschool version for both Spanish and French languages and are currently using them with our middle school age children (and I have been using the Spanish one for myself as well).

We have found it to be very user friendly, simple to use and a good way to learn language. It is certainly more effective than the in-classroom way that I learned French as a child, or the DVD method that we attempted to use last year with our son.

Picture association on screen tied to audio sounds and practice with a microphone tied to voice recognition software seems to be working well with both our children, who have very different styles of learning.

I plan to use this software right through high school with our children as we have been very pleased with it. The only downside that I see is that it is expensive, even with the HBC discount, but we feel it is worth the cost.”
Robin Schumaker, Co-op Member
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