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SAVE UP TO 63% +
on RoboCAMP
(for grades K-8)

SmartPoints Offer Expires 03-25-2017 at 11:59 pm Pacific


The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to welcome RoboCAMP for exclusive GroupBuy savings of up to 63%! RoboCAMP offers your choice of seven online curriculum camps designed to teach robotics for grades K-8!

RoboCAMP offers a fun, engaging, & interactive option for learning science, technology, computing, and math! This GroupBuy offers you SAVINGS UP TO 63% on your choice of seven different RoboCAMPs:

  • CityCAMP WeDo
  • StarCAMP WeDo
  • SafariCAMP WeDo
  • DiscoveryCAMP Mindstorms NXT
  • CityCAMP Mindstorms EV3
  • CityCAMP Mindstorms NXT
  • DiscoveryCAMP Mindstorms EV3
Plus! You choose your subscription access length - 6 months or 1 full year. Members save 44% on 6-months, and 63% off for the 1-year option.

What's more, this is a DEAL OF THE WEEK! Place your order before the expiration date shown above and you'll get 500 Bonus SmartPoints.

Note: The SmartPoints will be awarded at time of purchase. Check out what you can buy with SmartPoints on our SmartPoints Spend 'Em page and in our SmartPoints Vendor Hall.

RoboCAMP - Implement LEGO Robotics in the Classroom!

RoboCAMP is a carefully prepared online, interactive curriculum dedicated to promoting STEM education for grades K-8th through the use of LEGO WeDo and LEGO Mindstorms robotic sets (LEGO kits not included).

The RoboCAMP online platform offers ready-to-use lesson plans designed for introducing robotics. You'll have 24/7 access to your learning materials with interactive features for your students. You choose your 'CAMP' to coincide with your LEGO kit (WeDo or Mindstorms) --- Seven CAMPs to choose from! One subscription is good for the whole family!

How does it work?
Every RoboCAMP lesson consists of four steps:
  • Learn: Each lesson in RoboCAMPís curriculum is designed to inspire and teach. Using pictures, movies and animations from the RoboCAMP online platform, you will spark some energetic discussion about the working principles and inspiration behind the robot design. Robotics lessons teach children about the role of technology in modern life. Use this time to introduce important aspects of science, mathematics, technology and engineering.
  • Build: Step-by-step instructions for building each robot are available to students through the RoboCAMP online learning platform in the Build bookmark. All your learners need to do is login to access the building instructions and other features.
  • Code: Coding is the literacy of the 21st Century, so itís never too early to start learning how to code. And with colorful visual code blocks, itís fun too! Complete and detailed instructions for programming each robot are available on the RoboCAMP online learning platform. However, for extra challenge, you may choose not to share these with your students and, instead, have them discover solutions on their own.
  • Play: When the job is done and all the robots are working properly, itís time for the most important part of the lesson - play time. Children see their LEGO WeDo or LEGO Mindstorms constructions in action and can experiment to modify their results. Leaving time at the end of every robotics lesson to appreciate the results is very important. This is when children get a chance to realize that scientific concepts are useful and should be learned and applied. Play time allows a real passion for science to be ignited!

With Signature Co-op GroupBuy Savings!

By purchasing at the Co-op, you SAVE UP TO 63% on your choice of seven different RoboCAMPs! You choose your desired RoboCAMP and either 6 month or 1 year subscription access. Get started right away -- your information will be available on your "My Subscriptions" page inside your Co-op member account within minutes of completing the order form below.

(NOTE: LEGO kits purchased separately. RoboCAMP does not include LEGO kit/s.)

Interested?  Here's What You Do:

  1. Scroll down for more information about RoboCAMP:

    • Visit the RoboCAMP website for more information.
    • Watch how it works.
    • Review the RoboCAMP FAQs
  2. Please be an informed consumer and carefully read the Terms & Conditions. The T&Cs tell you everything you need to know about this offer. By placing an order, you are agreeing to the T&Cs.

    In Particular:

    • Fulfillment: Within 15 minutes of receiving your order, the Co-op will publish a 100% off coupon code that you can use to get your subscription at the RoboCAMP website for no additional charge. This happens automatically. Simply sign into your Co-op account and look for "RoboCAMP" on your "My Subscriptions" page for instructions and a link.
    • Shipping: N/A. for online subscriptions.
    • Returns/Cancellations: In order to bring you these great prices, we cannot accept returns or cancellations. The Co-op recommends signing up for a FREE TRIAL to insure a quality purchasing decision.
    • Service Fee: The Co-op will charge a one-time, nonrefundable service fee of $2.95 to help cover some of our cost of providing this service.
  3. Complete the order form below.
  4. Don't keep this offer a secret -- tell your friends. If they buy, you'll earn BONUS SmartPoints:

6-Month - CityCAMP WeDo<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
6-Month - CityCAMP WeDo

Retail Price: $135.00
Current Group Price: $50.00
Current Group Savings: 63%
Qty. Price(ea) Savings
-> 1+ $50.00  OR  5500 SP 63%
*SP = SmartPoints
Enjoy 6 Month Access to CityCAMP WeDo!

CityCAMP WeDo is RoboCAMP's longest-running and most successful course. It was designed so that keen young engineers of the future can learn about new technologies and robots that could improve life in a modern city. To see the solutions in action, children build and program robots of their design.

  • Full access to 12 comprehensive robotics lessons designed to inspire and teach.
  • Printable lesson plan for the teacher - a great source for ideas and assistance.
  • Access to RoboCAMP's teacher's handbooks.

  • LEGO WeDo Education set
  • LEGO WeDo Software or Scratch software
  • an Internet connection

Watch the CityCAMP WeDo Demo Video

6-Month - StarCAMP WeDo<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
6-Month - SafariCAMP WeDo<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
6-Month - DiscoveryCAMP Mindstorms NXT<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
6-Month - CityCAMP Mindstorms EV3<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
6-Month - CityCAMP Mindstorms NXT<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
6-Month - DiscoveryCAMP Mindstorms EV3<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
1-Year - CityCAMP WeDo<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
1-Year - StarCAMP WeDo<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
1-Year - SafariCAMP WeDo<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
1-Year - DiscoveryCAMP Mindstorms NXT<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
1-Year - CityCAMP Mindstorms EV3<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
1-Year - CityCAMP Mindstorms NXT<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
1-Year - DiscoveryCAMP Mindstorms EV3<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
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