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”After a nine month search, a friend introduced me to Right Start and it was a providential moment. I had looked at all the popular curriculum and they were very "text-booky" or required a television as part of the curriculum. When I found Right Start I knew it was right, and ordered it within the hour. They have tremendous support via telephone if needed. Excellent curriculum, games book, manipulatives etc.

I was a government school student and I was taught math in a way that it did not make sense to me - I became a Math Phobic (terrified of math). As a homeschooling parent I was petrified of teaching math to my students which is why I spent almost a year trying to find a math curriculum that would work for me the teacher AND allow my children to understand and retain what they were being taught.

We have used Right Start going on four years now and will be continuing as long as their curriculum is available. I tell anyone who will listen about this curriculum - it's worth the investment of their time & money.

Math is my children's favorite subject - what a miracle!”
Dana, Co-op Member
”I am so grateful we came upon RightStart at an early age. I just love to see how mathematical conceptual understanding builds in this program! This program seems to fit more different kids of learners than most - auditory, visual, hands on, ADD, - math oriented or not. My mathy dauthter loves the games, but could not handle the many drill and kill worksheets of other programs. I tell everyone I know about RS. If you already have a math program that works well for your child, you can always just buy the games which will support any other math program. Then come over and play with my daughter!”
Ann, Co-op Member
”After trying a couple of other math programs and watching the life drain out of my children, I found RightStart Math. Both of my kids love it (7 & 9). It helps math make sense to them, is more enjoyable, and takes the drag out of drillwork. The manipulatives are key to this program, and go beyond Cuisenaire Rods and Base 10 Blocks, which my kids can't stand to look at again. It teaches a concept through touch and play first, then adds in some worksheet work. I like that it teaches them to do mental math and visualize what they are calculating. This has worked for my son, who LOVES math concepts, and my daughter, who has difficulty in math and sees no use in life for it. It has made it a lot easier for me to teach them also. This program is very interactive and not something you send them off to complete so you can check over it later. I'm so glad we found it!”
L.K., Co-op Member
”We LOVE Right Start Math! This past year was our first year with Right Start Math. It was also the third Math curriculum we've tried. We love how it helps children of all learning styles - visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc. Our children really grasped the "why" versus memorizing rote facts and trying to remember them. The visual aids are plentiful and the games are a wonderful reinforcement of the skills they learn. Our entire family enjoys playing the Math games. There's something for everyone.

The teacher's guides are easy to follow and the lessons are just the right length. There's plenty of review built in, as well.

We are definitely continuing on with Right Start. We'll be using it for 1st & 3rd grades next year. I tell all my homeschool friends about Right Start Math!”
Jennifer B., Co-op Member
”I love Right Start Math! It's very hands-on - great for boys and kinesthetic learners. I've always heard how using the abacus is a great way to learn math. Math has never been a strength for me and I am finding that I'm learning new ways to understand math. We play the math games as a family and even our youngest (just turned 5) can play the games with a little help.”
Tammy S., Co-op Member
”My son has a processing disorder and right start has helped him greatly in understanding his math. He enjoys the hands on aspect of playing games and it gives him a visual of what he is learning. I will continue to use right start for him.”
Mary Campbell, Co-op Member
”My son has a diagnosis of ADHD, and it is difficult for him to sit down and learn boring facts all the time. For this reason, I wanted to try the Right Start Math program. With the manipulatives and games, I thought it would work with my son's kinesthetic and visual learning style, and I was not wrong.

Right Start Math has been great. Not only does it keep my son engaged, but he actually thinks it's fun. The program also takes him very gently through each topic and teaches in a way that really helps him to understand the math.”
K. Moraes, Co-op Member
”This is the first and only math curriculum I have used with my 5 year old, and she is absolutely thriving with it. She actually asks to do math. It's very engaging for the child, and hands on. My daughter is the creative, bright type, and gets easily bored with repetition; needless to say, she has not gotten bored with this. I enjoy it, too - very easy to use, minimal planning required. We do math twice a week right now, as it's one of the more time consuming portions of our homeschool. I would say each lesson, covered thoroughly and carefully, takes between 30 minutes and an hour. We love it, I am so impressed.”
M.R., Co-op Member
”I would recommend RightStart Math. The materials are a high quality and my 5 year old son wants to do his math lessons most of the time and even gets somewhat excited about them. It's definitely a good fit for kids that like hands on activities. I haven't found the prep time to be a problem thus far as I can generally look things over briefly and then begin the lesson at this early stage. Planning on continuing to level B once we're done with level A. We're definitely glad that math is not boring.”
Nate K., Co-op Member
”As a former teacher I really appreciate the Right Start program and the philosophy behind it. I have been impressed at what my children have been able to do and how their understanding of the Math concepts develop. I also very much like that the program has high parental involvement and is not just about giving them worksheet after worksheet. The games have been engaging and allowed us to play with multi ages/abilities. I have found my Math abilities sharpening!”
Laura Elkins, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love RightStart Math! My 8 year old has autism and we were told that she will never learn much and she won't get past counting to 20 any time soon. Well, in just 2 months of Right Start, she is doing amazing! She can do addition and subtraction and can visualize the math in her head. She loves it! We even have her older sister who is in pre-algebra play the math games and do the abacus because it helps her understand the math better. Best of all, my 8 year old truly LOVES RightStart. It doesn't feel like school to is like one big game with mom. It is fun, effective, multisensory, and perfect for anyone!”
Amber Green, Co-op Member
”We have been using the Rightstart Math program in our family for 6 years now in our homeschool. It has truly been the constant in our curriculum as we have had no desire to change it. Our two girls love the program, and the manipulatives aid greatly in the understanding of the subject. I am amazed at how quickly my girls pick up the concepts, truly faster than I did when I went to school!”
Julie W., Co-op Member
”We are very happy with RightStart Math. When I explained to my husband how this program uses subitizing to teach math concepts, he exclaimed that that is how he had to teach himself math concepts so that he could understand them. My children love all of the hands-on activities and games. Learning math should be this fun for every child!”
E. Teal, Co-op Member
”My daughter had decided that she was not capable of doing math. I had tried many different methods to teach her math, but she would not try to understand it. She hated math and thought she was dumb.

After I had used Right Start Mathematics a few times she asked if she could do more. She has gotten over her idea that she is too dumb to do math. Thank you for this product.”
Susan P., Co-op Member
”I have used Right Start for 4 years and all I can say is that I wish I had been taught math with Right Start!”
Julie, Co-op Member
”Excellent curriculum. Teaches the why of math and has plenty of review. It is never boring but presents the child with challenging ways of looking at math problems. This may frustrate some children or give them a needed challenge. Review is built in but math fact practice is done through the use of the games. My son preferred this to doing worksheets or flashcards. Perfect for visual spatial learners.”
Candice M., Co-op Member
”This is our 4th year using this program. Most testimonials speak of it's benefits for special needs learners, and while they will benefit from this program, please do not consider this to be a watered down, low challenge level math. It is NOT! My children are not special needs learners and their ability to add quickly without counting on their fingers still amaze me (you would be shocked at the number of people who use their fingers and still could not add as fast). Well organized, I use it as a foundation for planning our school year.”
Donna McLeod, Co-op Member
”I have used RightStart Math Level A, B, C, & my oldest is in D now. I have one child in A, C & D right now. My oldest child hated math before we came to use Rightstart. It was an adjustment because it is taught a different way than I was taught, but it makes sense and the kids enjoy all of the games. I have seen the difference it has made in their thinking skills and that spills over into other areas too. There was a point about halfway through the Level B curriculum that my oldest really struggled and we had stop and spend some time with working with the mental math problems, but once we got over that hump it has been smooth sailing that I couldn't have imagined. My second child struggled a little at the same place in Level B, but we moved through it much quicker. They enjoy the lessons and I feel like they are getting a very strong foundation to prepare them for upper level math. The only negative for this curriculum is that it is very teacher intensive. It is not for someone who is looking for a more independent study type curriculum. I would also not recommend it to a large family because you just need to have a good hour or more to spend one on one with each child. Lessons are easy to follow and do not require any extra prep time for the teacher outside of grading a worksheet here and there. RightStart has been a good fit for our family and we will continue to us it. It's been worth it to hear my oldest go from saying "I hate math" to "I love math". And yes, I have told others about the curriculum.”
M Wheeler, Co-op Member
”I appreciate RightStart as a complete and thorough math program for my sons. The manipulatives are very useful to help them truly understand and play with numbers instead of just memorizing facts (though they are memorizing facts as well.) We tried other curriculum before but I was mostly disappointed with topics that simply weren't covered. I will continue to use it as long as it keeps working for us! I know other homeschool families that use RightStart and enjoy sharing successes and encouraging each other.”
Lori S., Co-op Member
”I am using Rightstart for my 2nd and 4th graders and we are loving it. I wanted a math that was very interactive and hands on and this is perfect. The kids are always excited to find out what math game we get to play. Anytime anyone asks about my curriculum, I am excited to tell them about rightstart. I will definitely be using this with all of my children.”
Amber W., Co-op Member
”My students and I completed two years of RightStart, and definitely enjoyed it. While it's not for everyone, it has helped my "big picture" thinkers grasp math and geometric concepts in a new and engaging way. While there isn't any advanced lesson planning required for you, as the teacher, you will spend a part of each day going over the lesson with your students. Definitely not a "hands-off" curriculum, but the teacher materials are very helpful and thorough. The only negative I can see with RightStart is that it ends at level G, which my middle schoolers have just aged out of. Great for both visual and kinesthetic learners.”
Talisha Cabral, Co-op Member
”I adore the RightStart math program. I feel like it gives my children a solid base in math. We have been using it for 10 years now and are slowly switching over the to the second edition of it and loving that as well. I tell everyone who asks to give it a try and so many others have benefitted from it as well.”
Crystal S., Co-op Member
”I am homeschooling 3 of my children this year. My 9 year old daughter and 10 year old son both have reading/learning challenges, and I have an eager 4 year old. We have used several different math curriculums in the past with varying levels of success. I was led to Rightstart while researching Montessori methods for my 4 year old and discovered that it is also a wonderful choice for children who are math-challenged. After using this curriculum for only a few weeks, I was delighted to see the lights start coming on in the eyes of the 2 older children. The abacus was making things really click for them. I started the two of them in Level C, per the placement test, but each level starts with a review training that teaches the abacus methods. As for my 4 year old, she is using level A, since she was 3 1/2 and we have completed about 15 of the lessons so far. Between the manipulatives and the games (All 3 LOVE the games!!) she is getting a solid math start. We are planning to use all levels.”
Louise O'Neil, Co-op Member
”Just wanted to share our great experience with Right Start Mathematics. I was first introduced to this program through a good friend and homeschooling mentor. I had already researched into other math programs like Saxxon Math and Math-U-See. I was drawn to the math manipulatives available in Right Start Mathematics.

You know a program is good when your children ask you to sit and learn that subject! My son, age 5, and daughter, age 3 happily sit for the brief 10 min lesson in math using the Level A program. My son has maintained more interest and is comfortable adding and subtracting numbers from 0-15 within only 5 lessons! The three year old seems to be enjoying the hands on lessons and finally got through the learning phase of rote counting to accurately counting objects (under 10).

We've been very satisfied with our first purchase with the co-op and have since then made a purchase in science and language arts. Thank you for your great services!”
Saleema Nawab, Co-op Member
”Great hands on product! I love that Right Start emphasizes conceptual and mental math.”
Laurie, Co-op Member
”My son had been in the habit of refusing to do anything that even remotely resembled math. I spent a very long time searching for the right program to peak his interest. Right Start Math has been the key that opened the math door for him. He went from running from math to asking to do math a couple times a day! Both my children love it. They both enjoy playing the math games and will ask to play them over and over. We curl up together and go through the lessons and play the game. I love seeing them easily learn the math facts that often had been a struggle in the past. No more flash cards needed! No effort to try to memorize. They simply play games in the lesson and the math facts just sort of "click". That made my son so happy. He now feels like he has a chance at being successful in math. It was worth every penny we invested in the program! I plan to continue using it for as long as we can. I'm so glad to have found a program that is in line with our philosophy that learning should be fun.”
Kim L., Co-op Member
”We love Right Start Math, great hands on learning that really works for my slow learner and my advanced learner. They love the games and are learning without realizing it. The teacher manual explains everything perfectly! All the manipulatives are wonderful and truly helpful!”
April C., Co-op Member
”So far, my child and I really like it! We love all the games and hands on learning. Two thumbs up!”
M, Co-op Member
”This is the first formal math curriculum we have tried and my daughter is enjoying it.”
Laura J., Co-op Member
”This program is awesome - the lessons are HANDS ON, SHORT, AND LAID OUT COMPLETELY. No more fighting, no more struggling with falling asleep and losing attention, no more late nights trying to develop hands on supplements for books/computers. It has been an answer to a prayer. My sons were adopted from Kazakhstan at age three from an orphanage. What little experience they had with numbers was in Russian. Combined with ADHD, the struggle with mathematics has sent us from school to school, tutor to tutor, to home school with program to program. We have had to start from the beginning, despite their age, and I am FINALLY seeing progress in understanding basic concepts. I cannot recommend it more strongly. Wish we had gotten this when we first got the boys.”
M. Labedis, Co-op Member, Maple Ridge Vocational Academy
”We have now been using Right Start Mathematics for over 1 month and we absolutely love it. I have two boys age 6 and 9. We purchased Level C since my 9 year old needed a stronger foundation and my 6 year old needed to be challenged. This program is soooo hands on and visual and since both boys are kinetic/visual learners it has been a joy to work with every day. The boys can't wait to use the balance bar, abacus or play card games; no more forcing anyone to do math. It is an excellent program, and for boys not so many worksheets. Reinforcement is in the games. There is a bit of prep for Mom, but worth it, since it's fun to do math again. Thank you Right Start Math.”
Patricia from Niagara Falls Ontario, Co-op Member
”This is a solid curriculum that has helped close the gaps that my son has in the foundations of Math. This is well suited for children like our son who respond well to multi-sensory types of learning. While there are families who may feel that the curriculum does not do enough "Drill" type of exercises, the choice is their own to supplement that type of reinforcement with Right Start Math. I did not realize how well the right type of game could reinforce number sense and math facts. This curriculum is worth every penny and there is no turning back for us!”
Lani Perry, Co-op Member
”This is my first year homeschooling and I have really appreciated RightStart math. I love that it is scripted and that it includes lots of games to replace some of the "drill" work. Both of my kids (5 and 8) really seem to like working with the abacus too. I plan to continue using this program next year and have recommended it to several friends.”
KB, Co-op Member
”My eight-year-old son has significant learning disabilities. We have been trying a more traditional math curriculum for the past three years, and it was ending in tears every day with no progress being made. Right Start Math was recommended on Homeschooling with Dyslexia's Facebook page. When I saw it available through Homeschool Buyers Co-op at a discount, I decided to check it out. We started at level A as recommended. The difference this curriculum has made has been nothing short of miraculous! It is a very visual curriculum and review of concepts is accomplished through games, not worksheets. My son has started to grasp the concepts that we have been working on for years. We are now halfway through the first book, and I still am waiting for that roadblock day to come, but it hasn't happened yet. He no longer dreads math, and I love seeing him be successful at it. This was the best curriculum we could've chosen for him.”
Hillary Briolat, Co-op Member
”We love RightStart Math! We cycled through 5 or 6 other math programs before finally giving it a try. I kept delaying it due to the price, but I ended up spending far more trying other programs before getting around to RSM. My daughter has dysgraphia, and writing was hindering her math progress with other programs. Computer and iPad apps were missing the manipulatives that really help get the lesson across. My daughter loves all the games and hands on activities that accompany each lesson. She is quickly catching up to where she should be and I'm positive will blow past our goals! This program is worth every penny.”
Karen, Co-op Member
”We love RightStart math! We transitioned from Singapore Math (which we also have loved), and it's so great seeing that they both follow similar methodology. RS does a great job of mixing things up so that my kids stay engaged, and we really feel that they are getting a solid understanding of math.”
Jess M, Co-op Member
”We initially were attracted to RightStart's approach, but chose another option because of cost. However, after 2-1/2 years in 2 different programs, we switched our son to RightStart level D and started our daughter in level A. I can say that the upfront cost of the manipulative set is worth it. My kids are developing a conceptual understanding of math, learning math facts, seeing visually how concepts work, discovering patterns in math for themselves, and having fun playing games. It is very teacher involved until mid-late elementary, but worth the effort. My son's attitude toward math has improved greatly since starting RightStart, and my daughter is starting out enjoying math. We plan to continue using RightStart through all levels.”
Angie H., Co-op Member
”We have been using RightStart Math since the beginning of our homeschool (this is our 4th year) and are so happy we did. The lessons, games, manipulatives, and songs all blend together to create what we believe is and will be a wonderfully strong mathematical foundation for our children to have as they continue their studies and throughout the course of everyday life as well. Thank you so much for an excellent program!”
Mia L, Co-op Member
”I've just begun using RightStart Math for my neurotypical year old and he's doing great. What's even more interesting is that my 9 year old autistic child loves it too! It's visual, tactile, and fun for him to play with all the things that came with the kit. Great program.”
Kari R., Co-op Member
”I purchased RightStart Math for my five-year-old daughter and we are both enjoying it. The lessons are short and fun. She likes the mix of manipulatives and concepts. I like that I can pretty much open and go with the curriculum. It helps if I glance at things in advance but if I don't have time, it still works just fine. I feel like it is giving her a solid grounding in mathematical concepts. And most importantly, she enjoys math time everyday.”
Jill T., Co-op Member
”When my daughter wasn't getting the "carry the 1" concept I sought out another curriculum. RightStart Mathematics was perfect because it uses several physical elements within their program that help explain the various teachings and help the students in their computations. They include things like an abacus, a scale, 3D shapes, tangrams, cards to help with addition, multiplication, a clock for telling time, etc.”
Shelli Wheeler, Co-op Member