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”Reflex has been extremely helpful to my 3 kids. One has mastered his addition and subtraction and is working on multiplication and division, while the other two are working at a good but slower pace which works for them and us. It has taken pressure off of me and made learning math facts much less painful (and even fun!). I usually have them complete reflex 3x/week and that seems like a good amount to achieve our goal. My kids and I are happy with it. I recommend for kids 1st grade and up, though the free 30 day trial is a good way to see if it is a good fit for your child before buying.”
KZ, Co-op Member
”Finally! For the first time, our boys have an online learning platform that not only aids them in learning their math facts, but is also fun and they thoroughly enjoy it! I am so glad I decided to buy--They are too!”
Jennifer Angone, Co-op Member
”The kids love Reflex. It's such a quick and painless way for them to practice their math facts. The deal through HSBC is such a blessing! Thank you!”
Emm, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love Reflex Math and both kids love the avatars and the games. They work on it for about 10 minutes 3-5 days each week. We're so pleased with the price and the quality of the math facts review!”
Claire Carpenter, Co-op Member
”My son loves working on math facts now! The games keep him engaged and he enjoys shopping with his tokens. He likes watching the tree grow as he progresses. Reflex Math is wonderful!”
B.B., Co-op Member
”I've been looking for a couple years now for a good math fact practice method. My kids hated paper-and-pencil practice, but the computer-based games we found were either really boring, not targeted toward facts they needed to practice, or had timers that stressed everyone out.

Reflex starts by testing the kids' knowledge of a skill set (can choose addition/subtraction or multiplication/division) and then gradually adds focus facts, charting the student's progress toward mastering all facts in the set. It has two games to choose from at the start, but kids earn more games with their green light days, and by the time they've earned them all there is enough variety to keep them engaged. And Reflex starts every session by testing the child's typing speed, so the time given to a child is appropriate to their speed--whether they're having a fast-fingered day or a slow one.

We've been using Reflex for three months now, and all three of my kids do it three days a week without a single complaint--which is saying something, since usually SOMEONE isn't happy. My oldest (10) can get a green light in 10 minutes, while my youngest (6--both a slow typer and highly distractable) takes more like 20 minutes. While both of my older two kids have mastered all the facts in both add/subtract and multiply/divide, they have been excited about cycling through again to see how well they remember the other fact set. Reflex has definitely been a worthwhile purchase that has solved my fact-practice woes!”
MostlyMommy, Co-op Member
”I love how Reflex builds math fluency in my kids! It is easy to look and see what they have mastered and where they still need work.”
Glynis N., Co-op Member
”My kids (1st&3rd grade) do very well memorizing information, from Bible verses in Awana to weekly memory work for Classical Conversations. They've had, however, the hardest time memorizing math facts for some reason (we're doing ABEKA, which does not at all neglect memorization, so I have no idea why). Reflex math was recommended to us by my sister in law, who has used this program with her two kiddos successfully. I was very hesitant, because I try to keep screen time to a bare minimum (about 20 min max if any at all), but I was desperate! We had tried other math apps and websites before, but they didn't seem to help with fluency much. With that being said, we gave Reflex a try out of desperation and do about 20-30 mins a day as part of our math class this year. Within only a couple of months, the kids have FINALLY started to get fluent in addition/subtraction! The program evaluates their knowledge and slowly increases difficulty according to the user s individual skill set. Will probably open multiplication/division in my 3rd grader s Reflex account soon. Reflex is saving me a lot of frustration these days! Thank you, Co-op, for offering this program at a discount!”
D. Meller, Co-op Member
”Math Reflex was the only program that has sustained my boys' (3 of them) interest so that they are faithful to do it. I finally found something to work on the math drills. I would recommend it. My one son has struggled with math and he enjoys doing it also. It's like a sneaky way of doing the hard things in life...”
Mom of 3 boys, Co-op Member
”I have used Reflex math for my 3rd grade son for 2 years now. First, to help him memorize his addition and subtraction facts, and now to memorize multiplication. He enjoys working on his facts and he can visually see how he is improving. I appreciate that the entire site is driven by doing facts. Even when the children are playing games, they are still learning math facts. It is easy to fit into our day and I really do see an improvement in his overall math skills.”
N. Runyan, Co-op Member
”We love Reflex Math. I have told so many people about it. When parents (with kids in school) tell me their kids are struggling with maths, I always ask how is their mental maths? My son (age 7) loves it and now can add and subtract so well. Another parent I recommended for their son told me that they got top of the class and finished first after only a few weeks of using Reflex Math, and they use Reflex as a reward for doing his other homework.”
Kylie, Co-op Member
”My children didn't know their math facts by heart and would whine about having to do math. They now ASK to play Reflex Math everyday, even on the weekends, and I've seen their ability to quickly answer math fact problems increase. I have recommended Reflex Math to several moms who have expressed that their child was having a hard time retaining math facts. We love Reflex Math!!!”
C Grayson, Co-op Member
”My 3 daughters love Reflex math! They've used Xtra math prior to this program, and most days were full of stress and tears. Not anymore! They play first thing in the morning, and ask to return to Reflex in the evenings and on the weekends as well. They love having an avatar and being able to shop for clothing, etc. Now that their trees have grown, they're having so much fun shopping for all of the extras that go along with it! (Pond, butterflies, a squirrel, treehouse, a
Occasionally they get frustrated because they have to play a certain game in order to get to another game or to open a new game, but they continue working hard answering the math facts to earn points to shop. Talk about motivation! They've improved tremendously in the short few weeks we've had this program! I can't believe the math facts my 6 year old has been answering!!! SO worth the money!!! I love seeing them excited about practicing their math facts!”
Noelle, Co-op Member
”We've had Reflex now for about a month. Our boys really like it. The game nature of the lessons makes math time so much easier for us, and fun for them. They're learning in a way that makes sense for them. Our girls, older, don't mind helping their brothers so they can have fun too.”
Jim H., Co-op Member
”We love reflex math as part of our homeschool. Mastering math facts has become something that's important to my kids instead of just me. The games are fun and motivating and I love that they require and encourage quick thinking without being too frustrating. I m very happy I purchased this subscription!”
Math Mom, Co-op Member
”My 7 year old son has been using Reflex Math for about a month now and loves it! We use it about 10-15 min a day as a math warm up and I have seen dramatic improvement in his ability recall math facts quicker. It has also begun to allow him to solve his core math work faster and without hesitstion. The way the program breaks down fact families and has them repeat them in all forms is wonderful. It also allows the parent to track progress. My son loves the games and plays them over and over again. I highly recommend this program.”
W. Wong, Co-op Member
”A friend of mine told me about Reflex Math, so we decided to give it a try (we had tried others that just weren't as tailored or as interesting as Reflex Math). t is the one math activity that My boys absolutely love it! Ithey ask to do daily (EVEN ON THE WEEKENDS). Once our free trial was up, I decided to see if the Homeschool Buyers Co-op had a deal on Reflex Math and sure enough they did. It saved us a great deal considering that we have 4 children that we needed to purchase separate yearly memberships for. I have shared with others what a great asset it has been to our math program, and hopefully others will take advantage of this really good deal.”
Angela N., Co-op Member
”My kids think playing Reflex is a reward for finishing their math lessons and workbooks! My fourth grader and first grader have both shown huge improvement in recall of math facts. I ve recommended Reflex to all of my friends.”
Kerry M., Co-op Member
”Reflex Math is an invaluable tool that incentivizes learning and retaining essential math skills. It s just plain fun and our kids love it! We recommend this and will continue using it.”
David, Co-op Member
”We have used it for 2.5 months (addition/subtraction), with my grade 1 and grade 3 students with great success. In particular, my grade 3 student started with about 23% fluency and is now about 76%. Her attitude towards math is more positive, her facility with multiplication is better, and her motivation to use Reflex is high (vs sheets, flash cards or other ways). We used it an average of 2-2.5 times a week, so it definitely seems that green light days are what counts. We will switch to the multiplication shortly, and I have told everyone I know that it would be money well spent for any type of student.”
S Raman, Co-op Member
”Very good math program that keeps my children busy. My kids enjoy it it is fun and at the same time they are practicing their math skills. We will keep on using this program and I highly recommend it to others.”
Ang, Co-op Member
”I have two daughters, one who used to know her multiplication table very well, but for some reason could no longer give facts quickly (10 year old) and another that had 2 months to learn all of her multiplication/division facts (7 year old).
Reflex has been a great tool for both of my children. Within a few weeks my 7 year old has learned that majority of her facts, while my 10 year old has gotten much quicker at spitting out her facts. We have had some problems getting it to work well on the computers (slowness issues), but have had no problems using it on the iPads. I do wish the program allowed to work on only multiplication; however, your choices are between multiplication and division facts to 10 or 12. You can't do just multiplication, you have to do multiplication and division, which was a little much for my 7 year old learning multiplication for the first time. I had to explain the relationship and give a little help for the first couple of days until she understood the fact family piece, then it helped that she understood it all together.”
Tiffany C., Co-op Member
”I can't believe how much my 3 kids (6,8, & 9) love doing their math facts with this program! As they play games, they earn tokens to shop at a store and dress their avatar and their tree. My kids play daily until the store is unlocked and a little longer if they like. They like looking at their reports with me weekly and seeing how they progress! I've recommended it to lots of other families as it beats any other math fact method we have tried!”
Lauren H., Co-op Member
”We started reflex math a few months ago and my 3 children ask to play it everyday! They absolutely love it and I see the benefits of it when we sit down to to their math. I highly recommend this for anyone who has a student struggling with math or even if they just need to become more fluent with their math facts.”
Denise, Co-op Member
”Excellent way to get kids to do lots of maths. Repetitions help fix the skills firmly in mind without being dull. My children are happy to do 20 minutes a day, which is great and I have noticed a real improvement.”
Katherine D., Co-op Member
”My children LOVE Reflex Math! We have only been using it for a month, but their math fluency has already increased, so much so that they are able to apply these skills when using our regular math curriculum. I even have my older child who has mastered facts using it to increase his fluency. I often have to ask my children to STOP using it because it is so much fun for them.”
Dee S., Co-op Member
”Reflex Math is an awesome program. My daughter used it in school one year and has always liked it. She gets bored doing a lot of homeschool things, but she does reflex math even on her days off!”
C Ford, Co-op Member
”When my daughter was in public school I remember her raving about Reflex math. Her class ended up losing the program because the grant expired mid year and they could not get it paid for again. When we decided to homeschool I knew I need to find specific programs where she would feel confident in her math. When I saw reflux math was affordable and knew the rave about it I didn't hesitate. The co-op really gave us a chance to have it for ourselves at a affordable price for such a quality program. We are greatful for the co-op.”
Valerie painter, Co-op Member
”I typically do not write reviews but Reflex is the exception. My daughter wasn't struggling with math, but I could tell that it was starting to bore and frustrate her. It had become the subject she chose to work on last and was in a rush to get over with. Although I knew she had grasped the conceptual basis of addition and subtraction, she just wasn't invested in memorizing her facts. We found Reflex through the Co-op and now math is her favorite! She typically learns one to two new math facts a day, and can't wait to share her accomplishments with her Dad when he comes home. She freely chooses to spend her computer time on Reflex! I cannot say enough good things about the software and plan to use it with each of my younger children when they are ready. It is truly worth every single penny!”
Mary Arnett, Co-op Member
”We have loved the independence that Reflex offers in learning math facts for our 6yr old. She enjoys the games, and we enjoy the progress.”
Tracy S., Co-op Member
”I have tried so many math resources for my kids, year after year, and I do NOT have to look any further. My kids finally have a program that they want to use and love. Their recollection of math facts are improving so much and they are getting much faster with their timed tests. I would definitely recommend reflex to anyone in need of a success story.”
Jodi P., Co-op Member
”I purchased this for my 2nd and 5th grade boys. I was looking or a product that helped them enjoy learning their math facts. I love that one product can be used for multiple grades. My kids often ask to do Reflex math and of course I say yes. They enjoy the games and the different levels. They earn points to purchase items for their avatars (which they designed). We have enjoyed this purchase more than any other and will continue to use it through the elementary years.”
Kerry L., Co-op Member
”Reflex Math is the best product I have found for automatic recall of math facts! I recommend this to all who need practice with math facts! My students in grades K, 3, and 6 are all increasing their math fact fluency very quickly!! The kids love playing, as it is designed as a game, yet it is systematically teaching and assessing. Parents can access students progress through a parent section as well. My kids use this program for around 15 min daily. Once they reach the "green light" for the day, they have reached their optimal practice amount, however, they often play extra! My students will continue to use Reflex Math until they have reached fluency in all their math facts! I highly recommend this product!!! Try the free trial, I did, and found a gem of a product!!! When I switched from trial to the purchased product I mentioned my current username in the comments section and was able to continue on and not lose any progress the kids had made!!!”
Rebecca, Co-op Member
”My kids have been loving Reflex Math! We are using it to improve math facts, and so far they're enjoying it much more than a previous online math program.”
Jana, Co-op Member
”Renewed for another year! This is the only "game" for math facts that has really worked and that we've stuck with. Started with a 3rd and 6th grader and renewed for 4th and 7th grade. We might finish up before the end of this year so I won't be renewing simply because Reflex Math did it's job. Detailed review here:”
Amylee, Co-op Member
”Both my 8th and 4th grader use it as a "warm up" exercise before doing their math work. Great, effective and fun way to keep their math facts memorized. I've never had to "push" my kids into doing this.”
Gigi, Co-op Member
”My daughter LOVES this program. She will even play it in her spare time. It is such a great value as well!!”
Carriesuea, Co-op Member
”Our six-year-old son started using Reflex Math about a month ago. He really loves it and is excited to use it each day! In addition, his fluency skills have improved significantly in a short-period of time!”
Jessica K., Co-op Member
”Reflex Math has really begun to facilitate memorization of the facts for my kids! I love that it uses a "fact family" approach and that is intuitive in that it slowly adds more facts upon mastery. I love this product, will continue to use it, and will definitely recommend it to my fellow homeschool families!”
Rebekah Gilbert, Co-op Member
”Reflex Math is AMAZING! We have tried so many things that have had much poorer results. Flashcards, computer games, apps, speed drills....nothing has been as effective as Reflex for our children. They have seen awesome gains in fact fluency and this has made them more confident with their regular math curriculum. Best of all - I have 7 kids! No more flashcard and speed drill time for me, Reflex will do it all! This is one of THE best homeschooling purchases that I have EVER made! I am recommending it to everyone and will gladly repurchase next year for the children who still need math fact work.”
Jennifer B., Co-op Member
”I use reflex math with all 3 of my children (11, 9, 7). It complements our Life of Fred lessons very well. The entire focus of the program is math facts mastery. It does this usin a variety of games and rewards.

One of the best features is that it provides a concrete way to determine if your students have done sufficient practice for the day. With the "green light" at the top of the screen, students get a visual reminder to determine when they are finished with daily practice. If your student does some work in the morning the daily progress toward the green light remains; so, they pick up where they left off instead of starting all over for the day.

Getting the green light is not based solely on time. Nomber if facts practiced is also taken into consideration. So, there is incentive to work quickly.

You and your students can also pull up a report that clearly shows the which facts are mastered. My students are very motivated by the increasing number of mastered facts.

You can set the practice for each level additions/subtraction or multiplication/division.”
Kimberly, Co-op Member
”Reflex Math is the best math fluency program we have ever used! Both my son, age 8, and my daughter, age 11 love it so much that they actually race to me each morning and ask to do their math! No kidding! This is definitely not the norm around my house, usually the mere mention of the word math and they all scatter. This in and of itself is a dynamic testament to the positive effectiveness of Reflex Math. As far as my family is concerned, we will be long time subscribers! There is no better math fluency program out there!”
Heather N., Co-op Member
”We have rising 4th, 2nd and 1st graders and our addition and subtraction math facts have always been a struggle, especially for our 4th grader. We have tried a number of different resources and they always ended with grudging resistance and I never saw much improvement. Since we have had Reflex math all three of our children love doing their 15 minutes and our 4th grader begs to do it multiple times a day! I am so thankful that we found Reflex math!”
Mary Knight, Co-op Member
”I love Reflex because my kids love doing it. The other day I heard them laughing and playing on the iPad. I thought for sure they were off task. Nope. They were laughing about math. How greats is that?”
Kathy B., Co-op Member
”We have laboriously and unsuccessfully worked on fact fluency for years, and after just 5 weeks with Reflex we're almost fluent! My boys enjoy the games and are now WILLING to practice daily.”
L. Martinez, Co-op Member
”This is the 1st math fact program that my kids actually ask to use. They would tell you that it is hard, but fun. I love that it individualizes which facts each of my kids need to work on.”
Char, Co-op Member
”My kids love Reflex and I love that they are learning math in a fun way. I really like that they can't play with the avatars until they have done enough time on the math games. They love the games and ask to play Reflex every day. Easy to track their progress. They are retaining the facts learned.”
Mel, Co-op Member
”We love Reflex. Best "game" ever! Helping with my daughters math facts. We use this and TT! Great supplement!”
melissa, Co-op Member
”This is the most amazing game that I have ever seen! My dd has been using it for 6 weeks and she loves it. Her math facts have improved and she willingly wants to use it! I tell everyone about it. We also use Prodigy and Teaching Textbooks. This is a must add on to your child's education.”
Melissa, Co-op Member
”Easy to use, fun games, reinforces the basic math facts in a fun engaging way that makes my 11 yr old son want to do drills daily.”
Martha C, Co-op Member
”My kids are engaged. We needed something to maintain their math fluency and my son, age 11 and daughter age 9 work on it about 20-30 minutes a day. It's wonderful and their math fluency is improving!”
Ricky Q., Co-op Member
”Reflex is great!
I did have frustrations while setting up the accounts (it's made for teachers with big classes) and had to contact them for assistance. However, now that set up is behind us, I'm very happy with the program. They've done a good job making the games fun and continuing to add rewards as the kids advance. There is still some occasional complaining about having to do Reflex, but for the most part they happily practice with it and are excited to show me their progress. Thank you for making it affordable for me to use with 3 kids!
PS I also got Mathbreakers (which my teen daughter likes to play more than my younger daughters), and I like that it's a 'thinking' video game, but it doesn't seem to offer the consistent and progressive math fact progress that Reflex does. That may not be the goal of Mathbreakers, but Reflex was more what I was looking for. :)”
Allison Martin, Co-op Member
”I have used a variety of programs, but this has been the best for that rote memorization of math facts. My older son (age 7) has mastered about 50 percent of the addition and subtraction facts in two weeks! (He knew some, but was much slower) I tried it with my almost 5 year old, but the pace and the keyboard use was too stressful for him. I will try again in a few months.”
Allison, Co-op Member
”I have a child who hates doing worksheets and most math books. Bought Reflex on a whim, and she loves it! I am hoping it improves her math skills. she wants to play with it. so that's a bonus!”
Melissa, Co-op Member
”I have two reluctant math students and one who doesn't really like computer games. However, they LOVE Reflex math. My DDs both love it and now say that math is their favorite subject.”
Christine G., Co-op Member
”Very good program and fun.”
Kat, Co-op Member
”I homeschool my two children, ages 9 and 7. Both are far and away already lovers of math, but my 9 year old just couldn't catch on to the quick recall of his multiplication facts from the fun and interactive ways I introduced to him. After one week using Reflex Math, however, I have witnessed a 100% improvement of his facts. Seeing the sense of pride and accomplishment on his face is well worth the cost of the program, and knowing that this foundation of quick recall will allow him to solve more abstract equations more quickly down the road brings me peace of mind. Homeschooling is such a story of trial and error when it comes to choosing curricula and supplemental programs, and after 4 years of doing this I can finally shout from the rooftops "Yes! I have found one that works!" We're sold for as long as both kids need a little extra practice.

Thanks, Reflex Math, for making those boring math facts fun to learn, and for giving my son his math confidence back!”
McKenzie H., Co-op Member
”4 of my kids are using Reflex Math (ages 7-12). It's building the skills in a way that amazes me. They have fun and even argue about who's turn it is. Reflex Math is a blessing to our home school!”
Michele St.Clair, Co-op Member
”My son is twice exceptional (gifted with learning difficulties). He is gifted in math but struggles with memorizing and paying attention. He also has a lot of anxiety.

We've tried numerous other products to help him learn his math facts. Some were extremely boring. Some were too scary or made him feel so anxious his brain froze up. Reflex worked! It is fun and interesting but not too scary. He loves playing and averages about 300 math facts a day!

I like that Reflex teaches pairs of facts... Addition with subtraction and multiplication with division. He's played about fifteen times now and has about half his +/- facts learned reflexively. We'll be moving on to x/ next. I don't think we'll be needing the full year but well worth the cost! I tell everyone about Reflex now.”
Robin, Co-op Member
”My child has been struggling in math for the last couple of years, she's now in Grade 4. Her weakness in addition/subtraction is limiting her ability to learn multiplication. We read numerous reviews before we decided on Reflex Math. We can't afford certified teachers as tutors and Kumon was going nowhere. The school teachers in our district are so frustrated with their job/union etc that they don't offer the kind of help I used to get. I'm considering home schooling. Fortunately there are so many reviews on HBCoop. Other parents have pointed out that Reflex Math targets a specific skill set that my child is weak on, math facts. We've seen improvements in the last couple of weeks. If it weren't for HBCoop reviews and discounts we'd be at a loss on what to do and would have had to cut back elsewhere to afford tutors. Thank you.”
K. Chung, Co-op Member
”What an amazing program! I highly recommend this for kids of all ages. The kids are always eager to get logged onto the program and stay engaged. We even use this as an incentive to getting other work completed!”
Davidson, Co-op Member
”I'm delighted with Reflex Math. My 5 year old and 6 year old dreaded apps that drilled math facts with a timer as well as flashcards. But,we needed something to solidify the foundation of math facts. Over the last month, they've used Reflex Math enthusiastically and I am so pleased with significant progress that I'm seeing. The gaming aspect makes it so they don't even realize they are being drilled. Meanwhile, Reflex Math is constantly measuring what they know and how well they know it so their learning is tailored to their needs. I'm also really pleased with the reports that I can view to monitor usage and fluency. We will continue to use Reflex Math for reinforcing addition/subtraction facts and eventually multiplication.”
TLK, Co-op Member
”My 3rd grader loves reflex. If given a choice, he will choose it first every time. It is excellent for learning facts without counting, because speed is important for the games. It also adjusts the speed so that the child has successes as well. His speed has improved, and his instant recall of facts has improved.”
Janice W., Co-op Member
”After struggling to find an effective way to help my kids learn their math facts, I was delighted to discover Reflex Math. My kids have thoroughly enjoyed the games and exercises provided on this online program, and have progressed well in learning their math facts. I am pleased with how this program increases in difficulty according to a student's ability, so it is rarely boring, nor overly difficult. I will certainly continue using it, and I have already told others about it.”
Helen R., Co-op Member
”My daughter is 18 and has special needs. She has struggled with math from day one. This is the first time I have seen her enjoy learning about math. She looks forward to using Reflex so much I never have a problem with her going on and doing the work. I do have to reminder her not to use it more than the allotted time. I will continue to use it.”
Tina J, Co-op Member
”My struggling learner has always done everything he could to avoid math, whine, cry, temper tantrums the whole nine yards. We've tried a lot of programs, most are sitting unused on the shelf or in a forgotten file on his computer. He didn't like Reflex at the beginning. Having no confidence in math problems he felt he couldn't do it. He does however like games, so he has made progress without the fight about learning math. He still says he doesn't like math but when given the choice of what to do first, he often chooses Reflex. No more tantrums. Thank you Reflex for designing such a great way to learn math. This program is a keeper for our homeschooling.”
Cindy T in NC, Co-op Member
”Both my children, ages 6 & 9 LOVE Reflex Math. The games are fun and they both ask "Can I play the Math Game first today?" Another important tool that Reflex Math offers is the printable Milestone Certificates. As facts are learned and mastered I print the certificates and display then on our classroom wall!! This feature brings alot of joy to the classroom. Reflex has also really helped me with my school time. It was hard for me to find time to drill each child on math facts with our flash cards. The cards were also boring and seemed like a chore to all of us. This has freed up my class time and both my children love it.”
C. Jones, Co-op Member
”Reflex Math is a treasure. It is the fastest method for learning math facts without all the fuss but with an incredible amount of fun. I was not suprised that my son actually enjoys the games, but I was astounded by how fast he learned the math facts and how effectively he is retaining them.”
T. H., Co-op Member
”My kids love to do reflex math! My 8 year old was super quiet one evening and we went to see what she was up to...shed logged back into reflex math to see if she could achieve another green light before bed!”
Lisa R, Co-op Member
”Love this product! All three of my kids ages 8,7, and 6 use it... I add it to their homework at night. They have to get a green light to finish homework for that evening. When the green light comes on, I know they have learned something and having been dressing avatars :) Works great on math facts repetition.”
K. Davis, Parent
”Reflex Math is a God-send. My kids are engaged learning their math facts. So much better than flash cards. I would recommend to anyone who wants their child to learn their math facts in a fun, exciting and challenging way.”
Kristi A, Co-op Member
”A terrific tool for the whole family!

Math has been a sore point in our homeschool for years largely due to my own difficulties with the subject. Instead of purchasing seats for only my children, I purchased a seat for myself, too. What a difference it has made in a few short weeks! We all enjoy it so much. Enjoy Math?!

I have two children within the stated age range for the program. They immediately loved the program because it is fun and interactive. My younger two wanted to play, too, so now my 4 and 6 year old are learning math facts with Reflex Math, too!”
Jen S, Co-op Member
”Reflex Math is an awesome math fact memorization program that my son enjoys playing. He loves earning coins and unlocking new games!”
M. Harper, Co-op Member
”I purchased Reflex so my 12 yr old son could stay engaged in his math studies over the summer break. my son is high functioning Aspergergs and oftentimes it's difficult to find a program that keeps him focused. He loves the interactive programs on Reflex. He spends 30 mins to an hour 3 times a week and for once I dont have to force math studies. I've tried other programs over the years and Reflex has had the most success in capturing my son's attention. I have now introduced Reflex to my 6 yr old granson so he can benefit from this program as weel. Thanks Homeschoolbuyers, keep the great programs coming!”
Deborah G., Co-op Member
”VERY happy with this purchase. Using the multiplication/division program with a 5th grader who understands the concept but has a hard time memorizing in general. Using the addition/subtraction program with a 2nd grader. Both enjoy the program and are making great progress. I love checking and watching their progress. I don't have to convince them to get on to do it - they ask to do it. Am considering having my older student do it just to reinforce her facts. Very, very pleased. Would recommend this for anyone struggling to memorize or who needs to reinforce their facts.”
Au, Co-op Member
”Reflex Math is a great program to help your child(ren) improve their knowledge and quickness of math facts. I have a 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grader who have used this program. I think that it is a bit on the young side for a 5th grader, but perfect for the 2nd, 3rd, and possibly 4th grade levels.”
Susan H., Co-op Member
”My kids love working with this program, we are new to using it, however the kids are excited everytime I ask them to use it! I love how there are many different levels for the kids so it is as diverse as they are! Great product!”
M. Tremblay, Co-op Member
”Math Reflex is the best fact teaching/review program I have ever seen. I love the fact that it is individualized! The kids are actually drilled on what they NEED to improve on rather than a preset list of drills. I also love the fact that addition/subtraction are handled together as are multiplication/division - the best way to learn those facts! I currently have 4 kids using it (grades 1,4,5,& 7) and I've seen a huge improvement in the number of math facts each of they has memorized. Even the facts they knew are recalled so much faster now and it has spilled over into their other math work. The games are fun and the kids can earn points to buy things for their avatar. They also earn the ability to unlock new games for playing a set number of days in a row. They are motivated! Gone are the piles of boring and time consuming flashcards. It's true that you learn better when you have fun. My kids that were struggling with the facts are excelling now! We've tried other games but nothing compares to this. We've told and showed friends! Unlike the many other math games we've tried - this one we will continue with. THIS one is worth every cent!”
Michelle, Co-op Member
”I am a former engineer and now a full-time math and science tutor who also homeschools his own children. Perfect mastery of the four basic operations is a prerequisite to mathematical success. I use a number of on-line services to help my kids, but Reflex Math is by far the best. I have seen immense progress in their math-fact fluency in a mere 2 to 3 weeks. They beg to play the games, and have spent as much as two hours on them in a single day. They love raising their game scores and "buying" things with the "tokens" they earn. For the parent or educator, the monitoring tools are impressive. You can chart their daily progress, even at the level of their mastery of individual facts. This is an amazing program and an incredible bargain.”
Jeff K., Co-op Member
”I am so grateful for Reflex math!! My only regret is that I didn't have it 5+ years ago! I have three children using it and they all use it without complaint, often longer than needed (a green light comes on when they've done enough for the day). For a 3rd grader with high-functioning autism and an 8th grader with dyscalculia (math learning disability) who has given up on math ...this is HUGE! Shout it from the rooftops!!!

First off, Reflex teaches and practices math facts in engaging game play. (It actually uses math to play; it's not a game with some occasional math thrown in.) Because it's engaging, it's so much more effective than monotonous repetitions, flashcards or worksheets and my children don't feel the anxiety of timed drills like they had when they attended public school. It individualizes lessons to each child and tracks which facts have been mastered and adds only a few new facts at a time so the child is not overwhelmed by too much at once or repeating "easy" facts that they already know well. Kids are motivated to earn rewards to "buy" items for their avatar or tree as well as unlock new games. This gives them something to look forward to as well as keeps it interesting so they don't get bored doing the same thing day after day.

I didn't want to spend the money, but when I considered math facts are the foundation for the rest of math as well as how much my son has struggled for years, it was a no-brainer. He felt hopeless; I felt helpless. Now we have Reflex.

Try it! Reflex offers a free trial.”
Sue, Co-op Member
”Reflex has improved our kids' recollection of math facts because they love playing it! I think the built-in assessments and personalized content that progresses as they progress keeps it appropriately challenging and satisfying. They look forward to playing it everyday!”
Cindy S., Co-op Member
”Drilling math facts was not happening in this house until Reflex. Math is not a favorite subject in our house for two of my kids, and it was just getting harder as more was being required. A lot of effort was being used to figure out math facts with little brain power left to understand new concepts. Reflex has been a great confidence booster for my children who are 12, 11, and 8. They log on 5 days a week with out complaint. There is great motivation to participate daily as new games open every so many days, but even before they opened all the available games, they have found their favorites. The smiles on their face when they achieve a personal best is priceless. Plus in one month's use, they have noticed math is getting easier, because they know their math facts. I have been so impressed with the product itself and the results, I splurged for additional seats so we could tackle addition/subtraction along with multiplication/division.”
Elsa D., Co-op Member
”This is an amazing game, super fun. Math has never been so much fun to learn!”
Derek Penner, age 9, Co-op Member
”We are really enjoying Reflex Math. My 7yo son is normally math-drill-phobic, but he loves playing Reflex and gets so excited when he does well at the games. When's the last time your kid called you over, jumping up and down, to tell you how well he did at his math facts? Well it didn't happen for me until we started Reflex. And he's really improved in speed. Even my more experienced math child (10yo) has improved in speed and accuracy. They both beg me to play right away every school day. It's a good problem to have. :) Even I enjoy playing it once in a while and could improve in speed and 11/12 facts despite having a BA in Math.”
Jenni F., Co-op Member
”When I first heard of Reflex Math, I was very skeptical. How can a game designed to improve math fact recall be as fun as they say? Will my kids want to utilize it? Do I want to pay that much for it?
We gave the two-week, free trial a go, and the kids absolutely loved it. They fought over who got to use it. They watched each other play the games. They talked about it throughout the day.
The answer to the first two questions above was a resounding, "yes!" In spite of the love for the game, as well as the obvious improvement in math facts, it was still pricey for a large family, so I resigned myself that "someday" we would get it.
Enter Homeschool Buyer's Co-op. I happened to check my HBC email one day and what did I find? Reflex Math at 40% off! I was so excited! I actually called all the kids to me and told them we were able to get Reflex Math for them. They ALL (even the big ones) jumped for joy! We have been using it faithfully since.
The bottom line is this: Repetition is necessary for recall. Flashcards are boring. And no math curriculum can succeed for a child if his or her math fact recall is poor. We can't expect our children to do well at upper-level math if their basic facts are not down pat.
Reflex Math has been a gift to my children, and, honestly, to myself as well. I am giving them the tools now to make all math study easier and quicker. They have more of a chance to succeed at every level of math because they won't be making mistakes on the basics and can put their work into understanding new concepts. And I don't have to spend two hours a day on flashcards with everyone! Thanks to Homeschool Buyer's Co-op for making this possible! I hope to look forward to a similar sale every year so I can make Reflex Math part of our math work for years to come.”
Lorrie Wolf, Co-op Member
”Reflex Math has been a godsend for me. My daughter hated doing timed fact quizzes. Now she loves going on Reflex and goes without being told. The only problem I have is going into the site myself to control the facts she needs to practice. It is a bit confusing.”
martha Soriano, Co-op Member
”Reflex was too expensive to purchase but the free trial was a huge hit with my 11 and 8 yr old children who were struggling with math. I found the Co-op while looking online and the savings they offered in the total purchase of Reflex was so great I couldn't pass it up. My kids actually ask to use the computer to play Reflex and their math skills are soaring. Thanks to the Co-op we were able to afford a great program which is not only fun but very educational. Thank you Co-op!”
Heather Tremblay, Co-op Member
”This program has been perfect for our family. The kids are "assigned" to work 15 minutes a day, but at times they have been on it for 1-2 hours. Their math skills have taken off and they have mastered facts that we had struggled and struggled with to seeming no avail. I would highly recommend this to any family.”
Shelie L., Co-op Member
”My two girls love Reflex! They always ask to get on. They even will choose to do after school on days it isn't built into our schedule. Highly recommend. It is a great supplement to our everyday math program.”
J. Lamphier, Co-op Member
”LOVE THIS! I cannot believe I ever struggled to find time for flashcards when I could've had kids getting up early to sneak in and do them online!!”
Michelle Baugh, Co-op Member
”We started the free trial and I new with the first session this was an answer to prayer. We have since purchased the program and both my children do not miss a day. Even on Saturday and Sunday they ask to do their reflex math! Are you kidding me! If only all subjects where this easy and this much fun to teach! Thank you reflex math for helping me equip my children to succeed!”
M. Stewart, Co-op Member
”Reflex has been very motivating for my children. They LOVE to play it, but even better for me, they love seeing their own progress in fluency. Reflex is the ONLY math work my 10 yr old son does not complain about and my 8 yr old daughter, as she was working on her math homework, announced to me that her math is easier because of what she's learned on Reflex. As a new home school mom, I am very encouraged.”
Susan H, Co-op Member
”My kids love doing Reflex Math and it has been helping to increase their speed and accuracy with addition and subtraction facts. It feels like you're playing games and there are quick rewards allowing you to 'buy' accessories for your avatar. It keeps the kids motivated to keep playing.”
Home School Mom, Co-op Member
”Reflex Math is helping my son to learn math facts at an automatic level.

My 12-year-old son has struggled with this level of recall for facts other than doubles, +0, and +1. To compensate, he used a strategy of counting on or back.

Reflex Math teaches "fact families" using a variety of games. Personally, I believe that fact families represent a wonderful way to remember math facts. Furthermore, the games are much more engaging than worksheets, paper/pencil drills, or flash cards.

Reflex Math permits the student to "shop" after 15 minutes of practice, which is indicated by a green light. We use that benchmark as our minimum performance requirement during homeschool. Some days, my son continues to play after the green light appears because he is personally challenging himself at a game. I would not have predicted this persistence from previous years of homeschooling observation.

In Reflex Math, new games open based on the student's continued performance to the "green light" length for a specified number of days. The student can see how many days are needed until the new game opens. My son likes this feature as well.

We tried several other math fact programs (IXL Math and Facts First), and this program is the most appealing for my son of those.

He says that "Reflex Math is cool and fun."”
L. Row, Co-op Member
”Reflex is one of the best computer programs I've ever seen! It's well thought out with impeccable content, beautiful graphics, and games that actually engage. This program has given me confidence that my children will KNOW their math facts inside and out.”
D Monroe, Co-op Member
”Before this program, I was doing flash cards with the kids. They'd also been using for several months, but I noticed that they weren't really retaining the facts at all. My 6 year old knew two facts, my 7 year old knew 6 facts and my ten year old knew 30. Unacceptable. So I searched relentlessly for something that could make them learn their facts, but in a kind of fun way that wouldn't be too tedious for them. When they're bored, they retain nothing.

Thankfully, I ended up finding Reflex Math and am soooooo happy and grateful. The kids don't dread it, or complain when I tell them to do their "math games." They do Reflex 5 days a week until they get the green light, and after a month, my 6 & 7 year olds now know 103 facts each. My ten year old knows 130.

My boy (6 yrs) LOVES the game Slither, and the girls (7 & 10) really enjoy Alien Sundae. They get so excited when the countdown to unlocking a new game shows up. "Mama! 4 more days until I can unlock a new game!" Makes me happy that they're this excited over learning math facts.

I am forever indebted to Reflex and will continue my subscription for however many years my kids need it.”
Tiffani W., Co-op Member
”My 7 year old daughter was having trouble memorizing her addition and subtraction math facts. Flash cards were boring, and generally unhelpful for us. One month after trying ReflexMath, she has 75% of her facts mastered, and she loves every minute of it.”
Kristin F., Co-op Member
”My son is great at math but I still kept seeing him go up in his head to figure out 8+7 or 3+9 etc. He would get the answer but it would take about 10 sec sometimes. Math is getting more difficult so he needs instant recall. Then we found reflex math. My 7 year old son absolutely loves the program. He's starting with add/sub and does it first thing every morning. The first couple of days it took about 20 min. for the green light to turn on meaning he had answered enough questions for sufficient practice for the day. After that he was knocking out his lesson in under 15 min., just enough time for me to finish his breakfast. He's always very excited about the games. He's only just started a couple of months ago and has gone from 20% mastery to 65% mastery. This makes it totally worth it. We love it and I highly recommend it.”
Nikia F., Co-op Member
”My friends challenged me, saying my kids would be tired of it within the week. We did the trial, then purchased, and weeks later my kids are STILL begging me to "do Reflex"! It's set up for students to WANT to log in every day and get to their green light...and beyond. I am impressed and ecstatic. I feel like a lazy parent, but incredibly grateful for this additional avenue to get those facts to "stick"!”
Skagit Valley Mom, Co-op Member
”My kids have all benefited from Reflex. I appreciate the approach of focusing on a few new facts each session, while always reviewing previously mastered facts. I also love that it knows which facts they need the most work on and that it takes their personal typing speed into consideration. I have found that the kiddos love it for the first month, but then get bored; however, it doesn't take long before they miss it and want to work on Reflex again. Super purchase, I have recommended it to all my friends who are looking for entertaining ways to reinforce math facts. I struggled with finding math practice that was fun, but not so "gamey" that they weren't really learning anything new. This is the perfect program. I homeschool on the cheap, but Reflex always makes the cut.”
Amy W., Co-op Member
”Reflex Math is an invaluable tool for math fluency. I am a certified elementary school teacher and use this product in my virtual home school inventory. It has been great for both my 3rd and 6th graders. They have made incredible gains and love the engaging games. It truly makes learning fun! I am often approached to recommend home school/tutoring resources and Reflex Math is #1 for math fluency.”
H. Medina, Co-op Member, certifed Elementary/ESE teacher
”Let me start this review by saying I did not believe what I saw in the infomercial. I scoffed at the images yet purchased with hope and anticipation that any of it could be true. How I hang my head in shame at my unbelief. Reflex Math has taken studying math to the next zenith of reachable heights all while incoporating fun. My son is 6 and loves to start his day off with a round of reflex math.You all are geniuses! You thought of all my initial concerns and incoporated a system of rputine. How did you do that with out my feedback? You allow learning-chaos in the confines of a structured settings. Encore! I have to fight my son to get off once he has hisbgreen light.

I equally love the attention to detail when it comes to the structure of all the games individually. Being able to watch his tree grow and then discovering as he continued to work new treasures to set goals for was pure devine foreshadowing. Yes! It works very well to surprise students. They go along and commit to learning. I don't have to hover over his shoulder to ensure he is working. I know he is. Every moment is filled with delight and wonderment. His squeals fill the house. He is in awe of himself saying, "guess how many math facts I learned today? Do you want to see my tree? Look mommy I'm earning tokens to have my own alien ice cream shoppe. I've served over a hundred customers!" I was concerned the work might not translate over to tangible knowledge. I was so pleased to find out how wrong I was again! Since Reflex he rips and roars through math class at lightening bolt speed and accuracy.

I do however wish some things were a little different as far as the teacher aspect goes and applying lessons (contact me and I will share my developmental suggestions). Nevertheless, as a former educator I have no hesitations about sharing this info with my entire extended family. I have had a couple agree to sign up.

The cost and quality don't add up. We are finally getting more than we paid for and it feels good. Really good. Thanks Co-op and thanks immensely Reflex Math.

Sincerely your newest math chaos fan,
Mrs. Wilkes-Edwards”
Lana Wilkes-Edwards, Co-op Member
”We love, love, LOVE Reflex! We've been using the program for a little over a month now and I can already see improvements. Reflex works best if you use it everyday and the kids are always excited to log on. Their attitudes toward written math are turning more positive too.

They used to work very slowly, even though they truly did understand the concepts. It just took a long time to work the problems because they weren't fluent with their facts. Reflex is the perfect program because it gets them to practice and improves their attitude along the way. Reflex also progresses through number groups as they learn them, so each time they log on it's a different experience. They are also getting better at using the number keys on their keyboards.

For the 'teacher' the progress reports are excellent - showing which fact groups they are becoming fluent in. Teachers may also log on in student mode and brush up on their facts too. My kids think it's hilarious to hear me struggle when a game speeds up!

I can't say enough about this engaging, challenging program. Sign up for the free trial. After 14 days, if you purchase, your students' progress will be saved and they can continue from right where they left off.”
Denise C., Co-op Member
”I bought the Reflex program for my son that is in 3rd grade. The reason I did is because my son uses his fingers to count in addition and subtraction and it is causing problems for us in multiplication. I want my son to have these easy smaller numbers memorized and flash cards were boring him to pieces. The games are fun and I only see him use his fingers once or twice in the hour span he is on the game. He has only used the program for 1.5 months and he is well on his way to having all these math facts memorized. When he sees 7+3 he automatically types 10 as one small example. This program will be used for its full year for us because once the addition is mastered I will move to subtraction and once that is mastered I will move to multiplication. He will be way ahead in math (I feel) once he can have all these lower digits memorized and he doesn't even realize he is working because its like a video game. Thanks Reflex for helping my son in math!!!”
Roxy, Co-op Member
”We love Reflex Math. I am a math tutor, and over the years I have discovered that most kids that struggle with higher math do so because they do not have good recall of their basic math facts. If kids don't get these facts while in elementary school, it sets them up for a lifetime of math struggles. How can a kid be successful in advanced algebra, trig, or calculus if they don't know the building blocks? There is just too many places to make a mistake if the facts are not fluent. The problem is math moves so fast now that traditional programs do not provide enough practice with math facts. That is where Reflex Math comes in for the rescue.

My kids (7and 9) love this program. It is game based so they love that. I love that the program is systematic. It tests the kids with new facts mixed with ones they already know. This ensures that they learn the new facts without getting overwhelmed. I can see that my kids' recall is improving so much that they are able to complete their regular math assignments more quickly. It has just been a win win for everyone. I recommend this math program to all my tutoring students as well. I cannot speak highly enough about the program. It is well worth the cost.”
Amy P., Co-op Member
”I am so glad I found Reflex! I had been using a free math facts program online that worked, but my 1st and 3rd grader would grumble every time they had to do it. Reflex is fun and is something they actually like to do everyday as a part of our homeschool day. I also like that they learn the addition and subtraction and multiplication and division facts together. It works well! I will definitely continue to use it with my daughters and will use it with my son when he is school age. I also told my friend about it for her kids! Thank you for a great product!”
Deirdre A., Co-op Member
”Our dyslexic 13 yr. old did the 14 day trial and was progressing so well we bought the subscription and in 40 days total she went from 69 fluent facts to 169 fluent facts which is total fluency for times facts 0-10. We tried other things before, but never anything she would stick with, but she LOVES playing these games. Our kids do not play other video games so maybe that is partly why she had such good success. Even tho she is fluent and Math is now MUCH easier for her she still can't hardly wait to do this every day, in fact right now is asking how soon I'm gonna be done!;) I have recommended this to others and will continue to do so.”
Anah W., Co-op Member
”As a busy mom of 7 kids, ages 14-1, I wanted a new way for my kids to practice their math facts independent of mom. Reflex Math has fit the bill precisely. The games are interesting, competitive and best of all, my kids are learning and staying fluent with their facts! Bravo Reflex!”
Kerry M., Co-op Member
”My boys love Reflex Math! They all try to be the first one up in the morning, so they can be the first to play. My oldest told me that he can really tell a difference in his memorization of math facts. It is so nice to have them look forward to doing math!”
Jaimie L., Co-op Member
”Reflex Math has been a success with my two children, ages 13, 15. I have seen improvement in their math recall and confidence. I like having an educational game to point them to when they need direction. We also like that the different games open as they are earned! It has good incentives.”
Bonita Ringewold, Co-op Member
”All of my kids love to play Reflex math. It is such a treat for them to use their school time to practice math facts this way. Just like the promo video mentioned, this math practice program is addicting!”
Jenn D., Co-op Member
”My son who is 11 really likes this program. I feel that it has been a great addition to our studies. As an ADD child who is gifted - my son struggles with fact mistakes even though he knows his facts. It's just that when he does high level math he makes errors in fact due to his ADD. This program is helping him make his facts 2nd. nature.”
Lauren F., Co-op Member
”This has been an amazing asset for my students. I have a 5 and 6 year old who I have spent hours with at the kitchen table with flash cards. They hate it and so do I. That is when I found this through the Co-op and I was so glad I did. Now they are working right along and learning new facts everyday. My 5 year old even said to me yesterday while setting the table... Mom if we have 2 forks, then we need 4 more to have enough for the family. Exactly what I was looking for, understanding the relationship between numbers and fact families... They are even asking to play the games, and very much enjoy dressing their avatar. Even find myself wanting to play the games, since they are so fun. This will be a staple in our house for a long time, and I am excited to see that other home school moms that I greatly respect are taking my recommendation and signing up. Thanks so much REFELX”
Catherine D, Co-op Member
”My son, 10, was trying to get more fluent with his math facts, especially multiplication. It seemed a daunting task for both him and myself. But, I came across Relfex and thought I'd try it. We love it!! The kids literally beg to have their daily time on reflex and I here them cheering and fretting over the next level. My daughter is 8 and is learning her addition and subtraction. I'm very pleased with the quality and presentation. I'm also very pleased with our success so far. I see huge improvement after only a month's time.”
SRMitchell, Co-op Member
”My two children have enjoyed every minute of working with this website. As a matter of fact, it is the favorite part of their day and I have to tear them away from it. Further, both children have made huge gains in their math fact fluency, so we can focus on learning new concepts, instead of on the acquisition of math facts. I highly recommend this website to anyone interested in finding a way to increase math fluency in the most painless manner possible.”
Erin S., Co-op Member
”Reflex is FABULOUS! My girls love the games. Their math skills are improving by leaps and bounds!

The way Reflex has built in incentives to keep playing on daily basis is fantastic. For example, each player is given an avatar. As the students earn tokens answering questions they can then change the hairstyle, clothes , facial features on their avatar.

And fashion costs more! Very funny!

Reflex automatically keeps track of the child's progress. It will tell you which facts are mastered and which are not. It will show you how long your child plays each day and how many facts are answered to date. (My girls answer WAY more facts on Reflex than they ever would on paper.)

One thing I really like is that not all the games are available at the start. You must earn them. A new game will open every 5-7 days. A day is counted when your child has played long enough for the green light to come on.

One more cool thing. Once my daughter answered a certain amount of facts she was given a tree seed to plant. The tree grows as facts are answered. Then my daughter can use her tokens to build her enviroment for the tree i.e. buy a pond, scampering squirrels, stringed lights, a tree house etc.

This game is worth every penny! Love it!”
Shelley Monder, Co-op Member
”This is a WONDERFUL program and so worth the money. Bottom line is that he kids actually use it! Which is value enough. I have spent a fortune on programs that have never seen the light of day.”
Monica L, Co-op Member
”This is an AMAZING program! I have a 5 year old that would have started Kindergarten Aug 2013, he is reading between a 3rd & 4th grade level & we just started adding math into our lessons a couple of months ago. I really wanted to focus on him not using fingers and toes to count, but was struggling with how to teach him that without spending hours using flash cards. Neither of us are fans of the monotony of those. When I ran across Reflex on the Homeschool Buyers Co-op I was a little skeptical that it would be too advanced for him since it is recommended for grades 2-8. I did the free demo with him and we were both HOOKED! Everyday we start our lessons he begs to start with Reflex Math. I'm super excited to have this as a part of our daily routine. Thank you Reflex!”
Melissa B., Co-op Member
”My daughter just loved this program. She has gotten faster at solving math problems. She never wants to stop playing.”
Melissa W, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love Reflex Math! My 7 yr old daughter has improved her basic math facts very quickly using this program. She enjoys playing it and it challenges her just enough to keep her feeling positive and wanting more. The different type games make it interesting even though they are working on the same type problems. We have tried several math programs online and this seems to be a geat fit for us. We liked Factsfirst but it moved along a lot slower. Reflex math keeps moving and there is no time to get off task. ”
Patricia Nelson, Co-op Member
”Amazing! A great way to change up the mundane math drills on paper or flashcards. My kids actually want to practice their math facts!”
Angelie C., Co-op Member
”Our kids love Reflex! It's the first thing they want to do when they get home from school. They are making rapid progress!”
George C., Co-op Member
”My sons, 9 and 12, love Reflex Math! Prior to purchasing Reflex they were not motivated to memorize their times tables, but within a month of playing Reflex, my 12 year old is considered "fluent", and my 9 yr old has improved greatly. I recommend this to everyone!”
Sheri N., Co-op Member
”Math Reflex is an excellent tool to encourage mental math and to reduce silly arithmetic misteaks (oops). My three children absolutely like this online program.

Math Reflex goal is to gain math fact fluency. Math Reflex is designed to help students achieve arithmetic facts fluency through an interactive system of games and puzzles.

Math Reflex is a cloud based system and runs on any browser including Internet Explorer and Chrome.
I highly recommend Math Reflex for parents looking for ways to help their students have instant recall of arithmetic facts. It is a professionally produced online program that children enjoy playing, and it offers parents a student progress report.”
DrSean, Co-op Member
”I am really pleased with Reflex. My daughter was beginning to feel the impact of still having to give thought to her multiplication facts as she was working with more complex math. We are definitely noticing a big difference in her speed and confidence in a short amount of time. The games are fun, and I don't spend time convincing her to practice her multiplication.

My younger son is using Reflex for addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. He really enjoys hitting the next level to open new games!

I love that Reflex keeps track of their progress, and that math facts with speed have actually become a positive experience. We really had not accomplished that with any other method.”
Dana S., Co-op Member
”My son (age 9) is a hands-on learner and very adept at using the computer. He never cared for math flashcards, and it was a struggle to encourage him to learn his math facts in the more "traditional" way. He absolutely LOVES this product. He is extremely motivated by earning tokens AND earning new games as he learns his facts. I like the fact that certain math facts are emphasized until mastered, and the games are fun and challenging for him. My 5 year old son watches and is learning as well. We had tried several trials of other math fact learning products, and this is the only one that he did not get bored with in a short time. The variety of games and learning opportunities put this on the top of our list!”
Nancy K., Co-op Member
”My 9 year old - heading into 5th grade STILL did not have his basic facts down. And we have done EVERYTHING including tutoring. THIS program brought him up 20 points in math fluency in TEN DAYS. I am a big fan of this program! He does the 15-20 minutes every single day - without fail - some days he is not motivated, but I insist ;-) and this is the ONLY program we have been able to do this consistently. Give it a try.”
Darlene, Co-op Member
”This product really works and my girls love it! Both my girls (16 & 11) have had difficulty memorizing their math facts. Reflex makes it fun so they are showing significant improvement in just a few weeks. Reflex is better than anything else we've tried.”
B. Teem, Co-op Member
”We have been using the program with our three daughters ages 5, 7, and 9 for about 3 weeks. We purchased the program predominantly for our oldest daughter who struggles with math. I am so pleased to report that this program has been transformative in our home!! All three children beg to play the fun games on the program and all the while they are actually learning their math facts - and quite quickly! I love it! The only negative we have encountered is the Egyptian game. It is rather dark so we have decided not to play that one. The rest has been great and they especially enjoy Alien Sundae where you own an ice cream store and answer math questions to make the various cones, ice cream, and toppings that the aliens are wanting. Fun stuff!! Thanks Reflex Math!”
Nicole R, Co-op Member
”My boys ages 7, 9, and 13 all struggled with math fluency, and I was always looking for a fun way to help make math quicker and easier. I found "exactly" what I was looking for with Reflex Math. All my boys LOVE the program. In no time at all they all started mastering facts, and each day they saw the improvement in their skills. I never have to remind them to log on and complete their reflex math, they log on because they actually enjoy it! Working 15-20 minutes a day my 9yr old has already mastered full fluency with addition and subtraction in only a month. He is now starting to work on multiplication and division. My 7yr old son is learning his facts at a fluency rate of around 20 new fluent facts per week! They also love the certificates they earn along the way. It helps to reinforce that sense of real accomplishment. I would recommend Reflex Math to anyone who has a child who needs some extra help learning fluency. This is so much better than flash cards. They learn quicker and have fun doing it. Worth every penny!”
TiffanyB., Co-op Member
”Reflex Math is the most effective math facts practice program our family has ever encountered. We have been homeschooling for 8 years and used many math facts curricula, but Reflex is the one that has really had an impact on my son's ability to remember math facts quickly and long-term. Although he is a 7th grader, he has had a life-long challenge with memorizing basic math facts. I thought he had them down last year, but he forgot almost all of them over summer break. He did not want to do an online program, but was getting bored with flashcards and worksheets. So, we tried a free online math facts flashcard-like drill program, but he got stuck and was getting frustrated. I found Reflex through the Co-op and have been very pleased with this fun program. At first, my son was resistant and felt that the program was too young for him, but his opinion changed after less than a week. He discovered that Reflex is fun and motivating, even for a 13-year-old, and, more importantly, the repeated practice enabled him to finally demonstrate real progress with memorizing his facts. As a result, his confident and performance in his Pre-Algebra course has also increased. Here's what makes Reflex unique: a customized program that adapts to both the ability AND speed of the learner; lots and lots and lots and lots of practice through many different fun games and motivational rewards; a multidimensional approach that teaches math facts as part of "fact families" so facts are easier to manage and make more sense; and outstanding teacher tools that show you exactly what your studenet has learned and what he needs to master. I could not recommend this program more highly!”
Carolyn B., Co-op Member
”My 13-year-old daughter has always had trouble memorizing all of her math facts, and rote memorization/ flashcards just didn't work with her. However, she loves the Reflex "games" and is rapidly solidifying her knowledge of all her math facts! This program really works for her.”
Mary F., Co-op Member
”Reflex Math has been phenomenal at helping my kids memorize their math facts, which was an issue that was holding us back in mathematics. They were very resistant to flash cards, but this is much more fun and engaging. Easily the best money I have spent on a supplemental online program, and at a GREAT deal through the Co-op.”
Julie B., Co-op Member
”We are using Reflex to help my 13yo (finally) learn his basic math facts. We have tried other online math sites but what makes Reflex different is that it focuses only on the basic math facts and has real arcade like games that my son enjoys playing. There is no problem getting him to play and having him do it everyday is really the key to making those facts stick.”
Ada H., Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE Reflex Math, and so do I! It is just what I was looking for to help with the all essential (in my opinion) task of 100% mastery of basic math facts. These basic facts are the building block for all other math, and I want my children to KNOW them and not have to THINK about them. They love these games, and ask me to use Reflex Math daily. I've seen huge improvement in their fact mastery and their confidence, and after more than 8 weeks we're still going strong and all 3 of them request to play daily. Best money I've spent on math in a while!!”
Kara A, Co-op Member
”Reflex math is amazing! I have never had my kids beg for drill time, but Reflex changed that! My kids are even spreading the word to their friends to ask for Reflex from their parents. The program identifies the student's weak areas and helps them improve quickly. It is both effective and fun. What a great combination for learning!”
R. Diggs, Co-op Member
”I've been very happy with my purchase of Reflex Math through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. My daughter has had a lot of difficulty in remembering her math facts. We've tried flashcards, other games and methods, including associating stories to learn math facts, but she hadn t had much success until now. This program assesses how much you know and adds facts as you master them. There are several different games to play but you have to unlock them by learning new facts and by playing every day. As you play, you earn coins which can be spent in the store purchasing items for your avatar. After the first few times in the program, you get to plant a tree that grows as you master the math facts. My daughter enjoys the games, shopping for her avatar, and watching her tree grow. This program is also great in that it is web based, which means you don t have to load it to play it on different computers or haul a CD around. After I played it to see how it worked, I have to admit, I like to play it too!”
Vicki D., Co-op Member