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”It's a great tool for kids to understand the basics and adaptive testing.”
Joseph Pulikkottil, Co-op Member
”Of all the items we have here, Redbird is a hidden gem. I love the adaptability of it. It has its own placement test and pretesting. If the child masters the pretest, it compacts the material, avoiding repetitive tasks. If you have a gifted or high achiever student, this is a must!”
OA, Co-op Member
”I had subscribed to Redbird for my 5th grade son for both Math and Language Arts. After he tried the first day, he found that this was one the best online curriculum of all. Redbird Math is very different from what his public school designs. Though very challenging and much different from what his school provides, he found the different parts of one project let him more focus on EVERY step of the solution which helped him uncover the answer gradually and clearly. He also likes very much the projects that related to real life questions. After one month of his use, I subscribed my daughter for 3rd grade Redbird and so far she likes it very much and practices math and ELA in her daily routine study. We'll for sure continue to use it and may subscribe for another year.”
Veronica Y., Co-op Member
”I first discovered and used Redbird Math for my kindergartener about 2.5 years ago, before Stanford University (the developer) sold it to McGraw-Hill. Once sold to McGraw-Hill, I (a homeschooling parent) no longer had access to Redbird, because they were not set up to sell to an individual. We've been missing Redbird ever since! We LOVED it and have not found a comparable product. We just recently discovered Homeschool Buyers Co-op and were finally able to get our hands on Redbird again. Now my child is nearing the end of 2nd grade, and I'm just as impressed with Redbird as I was in kindergarten. It's just different than any other math tool I've used--how it works, what it teaches, the interface, the teaching approach--it requires my child to apply what she's learning in much more challenging ways than is being taught through her regular curriculum. I'd argue she's not advancing in Math so much as she's advancing in critical thinking. I think Redbird is truly unique among math tools.”
Tina H., Co-op Member
”Great for gifted and talented minds ! Much superior to other similar products. We will continue to use it all the way.”
GiftedKids Parents, Co-op Member
”Very good program. Challenging and really helps to teach kids how to think. The Co-op had a great discount and got it all set up! We love it!”
M. Underwood, Co-op Member
”My daughter has been using Redbird Language Arts for a couple of years now. Redbird is the only program that she has never complained about! She enjoys every lesson. We love how Redbird has video illustrations and some games, and doesn't put an emphasis on grade.”
Amber Dyson, Co-op Member
”It is incredible software and amazing, as kids like to be involved. The only thing they need to determine the curriculum needs is to be on top of the kids' need levels.”
Leyam, Co-op Member
”We are using Redbird along with Math in Focus. Margaret was thrilled with being allowed some screen time and I love the way this challenging curriculum makes her reason on facts and builds on the skills she already possesses. I can't compare it with other similar products because we never tried an online math curriculum; however, I'm sure we will continue it next year. We live in Italy and I teach in Italian schools. I've shown the program to my colleagues and we all agreed that there should be such a program in Italian too.”
Elizzabeth G., Co-op Member
”I am using it with my seven year old daughter and so far I am excited with the programs. My daughter enjoys using the computer for a change, and I enjoy that if she gets something wrong, the program will add more problems to help ensure she knows the concepts. It is also very clear what she is doing and what she needs to work on when I look at her progress.”
Jenny, Co-op Member
”My grandson really likes this program. It adapts to his learning. The plus side it uses real life experiences to teach math. I no longer have to preach why math is important and why we need it. I can't begin to explain why someone should consider purchasing this program. It's awesome. The description is accurate. The most important part is it teaches math in real world experience. I strongly suggest purchasing this product.”
Kim Welling, Co-op Member
”My 5th grader loved this program after struggling with the boredom/tedium of the SWB Grammar workbook. The lessons are current and the pace works for his learning style. I personally have noticed that since starting he pays much more attention to detail in his punctuation and grammar. We plan to continue our subscription until his seventh grade year (the current limit of Redbird). We also hope to use it with our younger children in the first grade.”
B.F., Co-op Member
”Will likely need to use the glossary regularly as the directions and problems are worded very academically. Overall, user friendly. Program adapts well to student need. My son kept making errors with decimal place values, and it automatically gave him a bit easier questions and more opportunities for review.
**Adaptive means you support instead of lead mostly.
**Program "remembers" student work and records soundless video replays that let you see exactly what went right or wrong during instruction or practice.
**Progress reporting.

Cons (sort of):
**Overuse of academic language can discourage student initially, but may empower them for standardized testing.
**Solid coverage of skills and strategies, but not a "fun" program yet. Projects and career info spread out so far it's easy to forget they are there. Would love to see it weaved throughout more succinctly.
**Needs readily available manipulatives.”
Roslyn I., Co-op Member
”This program is one of the best out there. My son enjoys it . He has been using it for last two years. First time I payed 3 times more , when I bought it directly from Stanford gifted and talented. This year's I payed only $99 . I strongly recommend Redbird to all parents.”
Rikhye, Co-op Member
”My girls have really enjoyed Redbird math this year. I like how they can work for a certain amount of TIME and then just pick up where they left off. The graphics are good quality and my girls love the games. This was a good choice for us!”
Sandy Scheffler, Co-op Member
”My daughters really enjoy Redbird math. My oldest daughter struggled with math last year which led me to look for something more enjoyable and engaging than workbooks. She has new interest in math as a result of Redbird.”
Kimberly Rogers, Co-op Member