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”My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia in 4th grade. When we went virtual at the end of her 4th grade, she was using LexiaCore5 through the public school system. My daughter was very frustrated with this program because the instructions were unclear and she never knew why she got things wrong. After switching to Reading Horizosn for 5th grade (we are now homeschooling), my daughter is happy with her progress. She knows what she is supposed to be doing and feels the directions are explained clearly. She is also enjoying the reading selections in the library. Another big positive about this program is the clear way that it shows how much work you have completed and how much still needs to be done. With LexiCore5 it seemed never ending--she never knew if she was making progress. Reading Horizons is clear with its assessments. So far, no tears!”
Michelle, Co-op Member
”My 16-year-old son has difficulty reading. Reading Horizons is helping him learn the phonics skills he needs to read and spell. He enjoys the variety of stories he has access to. I like the administrator's section, which allows me to view his areas of weaknesses so I can provide further instruction.”
Nicole C., Co-op Member
”So far we really like this program! It is catching things we may have missed or didn't sink in the first time and my son enjoys his time working on it!”
Stacey, Co-op Member
”Great program, awesome for dyslexia or struggling readers. I have used this program with my on-grade level kids and it works beautifully to improve vocabulary, spelling and grammar as well as reading comprehension. This could also be a wonderful option for second language learners or adults who struggle with reading.”
flybear, Co-op Member
”My 15 year old was recently diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia after years of struggling with reading, spelling, and handwriting. At the beginning of the summer I purchased Reading Horizons Elevate for him. It does a great job of teaching all the rules of reading and spelling in an age-appropriate format. Students take a diagnostic test at the beginning and then the program automatically administers the lessons. For things they already know, they have the option to review. For things they missed, they are required to complete the lesson. Each lesson has a mastery level they have to reach before they can move on to the next lesson. Everything is computer planned and graded.

As I talked with him last night about the new school year he said he feels like he is really learning with this program. We've not had the attitude problems we've had with other programs designed for younger students. I look forward to seeing continued improvement as he continues through the program.”
Janet K., Co-op Member
”My daughter has tried 6 programs to help her with her reading. She is the highest form of dyslexic, with apraxia, and was reading as a first grader when she entered 9th grade. We started Reading Horizons Elevate: meant for high schoolers and adults. She has been doing the program for a month now, and she has already increased her reading by 34%. Yesterday she read something by herself, to me with tears running down her face. This is the only high school level program that seems to work.”
T. Millis, Co-op Member