The Club welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Reading Eggs to their home school curriculum. If you have used Reading Eggs and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”I am now a homeschooling mom of 5. I just want to say that Reading Eggs has helped my daughter learn to read prior to formal aid from me. I needed something to get her started as I myself adjusted to bringing home two students from outside schooling. She asks to do Reading Eggs!”
”I love Reading Eggs! The programs begin at a very basic level for beginning readers and progress nicely for emergent and advanced readers. Both of my children began learning their reading journeys with Reading Eggs. My oldest child has experimented with writing her own stories using the Story Factory. The benefits of Reading Eggs is two-fold; I love how the program teaches reading and phonics; my children love playing and learning through Reading Eggs. I have suggested Reading Eggs to other mothers who are looking for fun and engaging ways for their children to become better readers.”
Sarah S., Club Member
”I have 3 kids (ages 4, 7, and 9) using Reading Eggs and Math Seeds. They all love it! It is a great review for my older 2, and it has FINALLY gotten my 4-year-old interested in learning. She has been very resistant to anything she considers school. Reading Eggs is fun, and she is all about it!”
Sarina W., Coop member
”With two kids to school, a household to maintain, animals to tend, and working part-time, it's almost impossible for me to have time for the kind of repeated practice it takes to develop fluency in reading. I simply don't have the time to come up with a bunch of creative practice activities that hit all the skills. Reading Eggs has filled that need for our family twice now. You should know that some of the words are not typical American English which can be confusing. For example, they call a grocery cart a trolley. Not a deal-breaker, but your child might be baffled occasionally. Also, some of the music/voices/sound effects are tiresome. Definitely get some headphones. ;) It's a great tool and I highly recommend it. We've used the Reading Eggs, Fast Phonics, the library, and the games portions and they are all very well done.”
Kimberly P., Club Member
”I am a night shift nurse, a full time stay at home Mom during the day and a NEW homeschooling Mom. I discovered Reading Eggs through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and I love it. When my children have to be in front of a screen I want it to be educational and Reading Eggs has provided that for us. My children love it and I have been recommending it to everyone.”
C. Bennett, Club Member
”Our kids like to use Reading Eggs and MathSeeds very much. It's like he is playing a game.”
Penpak Athikiad, Club Member
”This is an excellent online resource to help children read. I am using it for the fourth time and have been happy with the progress with each one of my children.”
Beth Hoyt, Club Member
”Reading Eggs has become a staple in my kids' learning. My three oldest kids--7.5, 5, and 3.5--have all loved using this program. It is really kid friendly. The kids have fun while learning and daily ask when they get to play next. I like that they have a placement test option for the kids to start at their current level. You can also redo the placement test when you feel they need it. We have used other programs that the kids enjoy but when having to choose, they always end back at Reading Eggs. They are able to earn rewards and spend them getting outfits for their characters or items. They have learned to wait and save up to get what they really want. This is our second year using it and we will continue using it. My friends who have tried Reading Eggs have also really enjoyed it.”
Elisabeth Strom, Club Member
”My children love Reading Eggs! I've seen one reluctant reader grow in confidence and an emergent reader gain fluency. They have fun while learning and constantly ask if they can "play" on Reading Eggs.”
Steph K, Club Member
”This is an excellent product. My daughter loves it and is learning at the same time.”
Keri, Club Member
”My son has been using Reading Eggs for more than a year now, and he loves the reward system (golden eggs). My favorite part of the program is the initial assessment test that generated his reading age based on the results. Since I'm a homeschooling mom, I love when I can track his progress. I shared the app with another homeschooling mom , and she said after a few weeks her daughter was reading. We love this app and will continue using it.”
Mrs Gregory, Club Member
”Reading Eggs was something that we used years ago with our older daughter. We had been using something different with our youngest and it was becoming stagnant. Reading Eggs has ignited her interest in reading and she has excelled quickly since we started our subscription. I am very pleased with the program; even my older son is enjoying using the older kids' version. The lessons are a good length, the prizes and games are fun, and the lessons have been engaging for the kids. I couldn't be happier with our Reading Eggs purchase.”
Tawnee H, Club Member
”My seven year old is being homeschooled this year. He loves studying! This program he uses as his reward for finishing schoolwork. He totally loves it! It's not just fun but it's really educational. My 10-year-old daughter goes to school and is using Reading Eggs to help with reading. She's dyslexic and she said (and her reading teacher agreed) that it really helps her. I love seeing kids enjoying learning. My son also loves reading but math, not so. Our program has Mathseeds and seems like he really enjoys it. I do wish this program allowed parents to see not only progress but also what child has been doing.”
Anna, Club Member
”A wonderfully engaging program.”
T Klop, Club Member
”Reading Eggs has helped my daughter tremendously! I knew she had the capability to read, even at a young age, but she had no motivation to actually want to learn how. I hired a private tutor to help her, but even after a semester of kindergarten, hardly any progress. Someone suggested Reading Eggs to me and to my surprise, within two weeks of using, she had doubled her sight word list and now loves reading everything (she's in 1st grade now). I completely recommend you try it for your child. It's fun, very interactive, and as a parent you can track their progress, print supplemental worksheets for the lessons. They are in a very complete reading system you'll love!!”
Sarah Grey, Club Member
”All my children (oldest right now is 11 and youngest is 4) have used Reading Eggs and Math Seeds as their first homeschooling curriculum. It captures their attention and brings the information to them at their level. I love the follow-up worksheets that are in the bonus section of the family dashboard and the breakdown explanations for each lesson number.”
Shelly A., Club Member
”I purchased this for my two grandchildren, ages 3 and 5. They both have enjoyed it. They love learning electronically and the graphics make it fun. The price is reasonable compared to other learning sites, which is always a bonus.”
Granny 62, Club Member
”We have been using Reading Eggs for a couple of weeks now and my five year old absolutely loves it! He has shown significant progress in such a short amount of time. We will definitely continue to use it!”
D. Zayas, Club Member
”We have been using Reading Eggs and Mathseeds for about 2.5 years. My now 6 year old enjoys it and finds it engaging. He was attending a Kindergarten in a foreign language that did plenty to prime the pump for learning via hands-on activities, so Reading Eggs and Mathseeds was an adjunct. Along with reading to him and looking for a few high frequency words in books, Reading Eggs has given him confidence and fun on his beginning journey toward reading. Mathseeds has done the same for him in math. We are pleased with his progress thus far and look forward to his continuing growth. When the subscription renewal came last month, renewing was an easy choice.”
Catherine B., Parent
”I have used this program extensively and recommended it to others. This product really works. I first bought it for five children at the same time. I had a mix of little ones, special needs and kids with gaps in learning. Since additional children are offered at a discount I just had everyone use it. It is so engaging and easy to use. The program takes care of tracking and placement. I recommend this to everyone. It's great for a beginning homeschooler. Even if you don't homeschool and your special needs child doesn't read or spell well, this really works. My typical small children used this program for 2 years before moving on. My special needs children continue to benefit from the skills and format of the program.”
Robin Spencer, Club Member
”Excellent resource for learning to read. My son does not like many online learning activities and this one really reeled him in-- he asks to use it every day, not just school days! Head and shoulders above other resources we have used. I love the printable worksheets that reinforces what he has learned. Each printable worksheet also explains the learning areas that were addressed in each section.”
Sara S., Club Member
”I have three homeschool children: 8, 6 and 3. They all love Reading Eggs and MathSeeds. My 6-year-old boy was not reading, but since he started four months ago, he is reading full sentences and full level 1 books. My 3-year- old was given the chance to do Reading Eggs instead of the baby site last week, and since then she has advanced 6 lessons. She is really learning! My 8-year-old is in reading Eggpress, a more advances section. She wasn't very good at grammar and phonics, but now she is doing so much better.”
cristina shanahan, Club Member
”Reading Eggs has helped my stubborn child start learning letters and number recognition. She loves playing her games on the website (so mommy doesn't have to fight her to sit down for lessons!). I love the fact that there is something for kids up to 13. I think this will continue to be a great addition to our schooling. This was a smart purchase for my family.”
T. Fitzpatrick, Club Member
”Love it! I actually have been using Reading Eggs and Mathseeds now for 3 years. My son used it in 2nd grade and my daughter has used it K5-2nd. I plan on having my daughter continue using it next year, if needed. It's a wonderful supplement. As a home schooling family, it's a great go to on sick or busy for Mom days. It's also a GREAT tool for kiddos that have ADHD. When my daughter has "not so good days", I will put her on it, and she can stay focused, have fun, and still be learning. Reading Eggs and Mathseeds has been a blessing to my family!”
R. Larson, Club Member
”Every scene is so fascinating and stimulating that it captures young one's attention to get motivated to learn! My boy is not only motivated by the rewards given, but also by the celebration scenes after each activity!”
Elaine Kim, Club Member
”We got the subscription for my 1st grader and my tk-er. My 1st grader tested toward the end already finished Reading Eggs and moved on to Express. This is the last thing she gets to do during the day and has been a huge motivator for her to get her work done... for my Tk, Reading Eggs is a little too advanced for her, so she has really enjoyed Reading Eggs Jr. It's giving her a foundation and is helping build up her confidence with letters and sounds. Love the program!”
Amanda Sayles, Club Member
”We got Reading Eggs for my 5 year old. She loved it and by the end of the week my 11 year old and 7 year old had started a free account and begged me to get it for them for the rest of the year! My son (7) also loves mathseeds! It's a great program! I think my kids have so much fun they forget it's school and just think it's a computer game! What better way to learn?! It's that great!”
Megan Cason, Club Member
”I've been using Reading Eggs for my 7 yr old for the past 3 years and just recently started my 4 yr old son with his own login. Reading Eggs is my favorite online curriculum program! When my kids ask for screen time, I tell them they can play Reading Eggs or Math Seeds and they go for it. They learn (like actually learn, not just pseudo-learn while watching videos) and have fun, and I can log into the parent portal and see their progress. It's great for seeing the skills and standards my kids have mastered and making sure they are staying at grade level. My kids get so excited every time they earn a new critter too and always come and show me what they got! :)”
Ronni, Club Member
”I used this curriculum as a summer focus for my daughters going into 1st, 3rd and 5th grades. I found it well written, entertaining and challenging for each individual child. They loved earning coins to purchase items for their houses and enjoyed the surprise character they received after each lesson. I plan on continuing with Reading Eggs as a supplemental program throughout the school year. I would highly recommend this program.”
Megan Hull, Club Member
”We love Reading Eggs in our house! Both of my children ages 5&7 have benefited greatly from this program. The characters and games are extremely engaging, the songs are fun and catchy, and the lessons move at a great pace. My oldest who had autism and ADHD is a very visual learner. From this program, he has been able to truly grasp concepts that he was not able to understand before. Reading Eggs is amazing and I would recommend this program to any parent!”
Alexis Barias, Club Member
”My kids love Reading Eggs. Both my 3.5 and my 5.5 year old enjoy the various levels and they really enjoy Math Seeds as well. I do like that they really don't need my help to do the various activities because it allows them the independence to try things and mess up and not worry about whether or not anyone is watching!”
Mary, Club Member
”We love Reading Eggs! I'm using it on my iPad with my 5 & 6 year olds! It is so convenient and thorough! They beg to "play" Reading Eggs. They are able to complete the lessons by themselves which is a huge help as I'm doing school with some of my older kids!”
Sasha, Club Member
”After using ABC mouse for several years I saw parents commenting online about how much they liked reading eggs. So we tried the 14 day free trial and my son loved it. I saw how it was helping my son with reading and also how much he loved the story generator and decided to sign up for a year. He still continues to want to use it and we're several months in.”
Monica Miller, Club Member
”My daughter has really enjoyed this program. She likes the lessons and the different activities that she is able to do. I like that she can move at the pace that she needs and that there are different activities that help her to practice what she is learning.”
Elizabeth Jenkins, Club Member
”My kids all love this program and are all learning a lot. We've been doing a lesson of reading and (when it unlocks, which is after about 50 lessons of phonics) a spelling lesson each day in place of any other reading curriculum for the time being and they are making more progress than they have with any other program. My 4 year old has gone from knowing 2-3 letters to knowing most of them, with the sounds as well as easily rhyming words, in just 2 months. My 6 year old learned all his phonics skills from this program and is now reading and writing simple sentences. My 8 year old already reads well but is using the program for spelling and is slowly improving. Spelling has been a huge challenge for her but at least now she can get frustrated with the computer instead of me! Unlike everything else we've tried, she goes back to it with a good will every day over again. I love reading eggs!”
Bethany M, Club Member
”This has been a great help for my daughter who has been struggling to learn her alphabet. Bookwork was overwhelming to her but this has been fun and interactive and she doesn't complain about doing it. I shared it with my sister in law and she really likes it as well.”
Mattie Y, Club Member
”I have all three of my kids (7,4,3) using Reading Eggs, and they love it and beg to play. They even want to watch each other. It's been fun seeing the younger two identify letters on signs and books, just from their RE lessons. My daughter definitely enjoys it more than Explode the Code Online. Although they enjoy it so much that sometimes I worry if they're actually learning anything. But I think the fruit is there to prove that they are.”
Susan, Club Member
”Very engaging! My daughter loves the songs and games. We use to use ABC mouse and my daughter would only play the games and not the actual lessons, so she wasn't getting much out of it. Reading eggs makes the learning into games, ,so my daughter always feels like she is playing games!”
Brittany C., Club Member
”We love this program, and have used it to varying degrees with all three of our kids. It is pretty much the only thing my son does on the iPad, and can be used for children as young as four to gain the building blocks of reading in an encouraging and fun environment. mathseeds is also well worthwhile, and has helped to provide some math instruction without requiring kids to have the fine motor skills to write their numbers in a workbook style program. You get so much for the price, and I think it could easily be the core of a high-quality 4K program. All the kids love it, and we are excited for the discount we found this year through the co-op.”
Emily, Club Member
”My five-year-old loves Reading Eggs! He is learning and having fun at the same time! As soon as we started Reading Eggs, he began to show more and more interest in reading. He is having great success. I've used other sites and they don't even compare to Reading Eggs. This is the first program that I felt he was actually learning something while having fun. We sighed up for a trial and he was hooked. We found out about the Homeschool Buyers Co-op special and joined right away. We are using it for the summer and will continue through the school year as he starts kindergarten. Great program!”
Sherie Englert, Club Member
”Reading Eggs was exactly what we needed to help "flip the switch" for my 5 year old kinder when it came to reading. In just a few short months she's reading anything and everything she sees.”
Kashmir Campbell, Club Member
”Reading Eggs and Mathseeds has been a blessing to my family. I have seen a tremendous jump in my 4K daughters reading ability. She begs to be on it, even outside of school time (I am a homeschooler). Should they ever increase the grade level on Mathseeds, I will consider adding my son, but it ends at 2nd grade - only bummer.”
R. Larson, Club Member
”We have had a subscription to Reading Eggs for a few weeks now. I have 4 kids using it. My younger two are kindergarten and love it! They ask to do it everyday. My older two are on 2nd grade and they love it too. They like both the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds sections. I've seen an improvement in my K kids literacy skills with letter/sound recognition and ability to decode words. I use it as a tool among others for their reading instruction. It's something they can do independently (great for managing 4 kids) and j can track their progress. I also get email updates with progress reports and when they finish a section. This helps me know what they've learned and helps me to know where they are.
I look forward to my older kids using the Reading Eggspress section soon.
I have told others about this program as well as the Buyers Co-op to pass along the savings and the great programs for learning.”
Jennifer K., Club Member
”My son loves Reading Eggs! This is our first year homeschooling and Reading Eggs has been a fun way for him to get more practice learning to read.”
J. Barker, Club Member
”I purchased this program for my 4 year old. In some ways, she was ready for Kindergarten, but not all and definitely did not have the attention span. As it was our first year of homeschooling, I needed something to occupy her while I worked with my 2nd grader. She LOVES Reading Eggs. It has helped tremendously to push her past what she was doing with pre-school and give her the confidence to read out loud to me. I will continue to use it until she either outgrows it or wants to move onto a new program. I do not see that happening for a while, though.”
Melissa, Club Member
”Reading Eggs has been a great help in our homeschool. My four year old girl wants to learn to read and she enjoys Reading Eggs. We also got Math Seeds and that has helped her with numbers. I also work with her with books and don't rely only on Reading Eggs. It's worth the money. My only complaint would be that Reading Eggs doesn't really evaluate how your child is doing, like whether they are having problems with certain concepts or if they are doing great with them. To know that, you have to sit with them while they are working. For us, that doesn't really work well, because she uses Reading Eggs while I'm working with her older brother. So this is a great supplement and could be used as your sole learning to read and about numbers if you are able to sit with your child while they are working through it.”
Melissa M, Club Member
”My 4 year old daughter wanted to learn and read books like her big brothers. She would get upset when they told her she couldn't read. Now, with the help of Reading-Eggs, my daughter is already reading simple sight words. I would definately recomend this program to anyone with a younger child that wants to read or even for the older child that struggles with reading. The program is fun for the kids. My older boys even like to watch there little sister "play" on it. Math-Seeds is also a very valuable tool we are usung with it.”
Jodi Anderson, Club Member
”We have had wonderful expereinces using Reading Eggs. Our 6 year old didn't really care to do any reading, but the ways in which things were taught turned things on for her. Can't wait to continue. We use it in our curriculum each day and it has become an important part of our program.”
Sharon T, Club Member
”Reading Eggs has been tremendous in helping my son not only learn his letters but jump start the reading process. After a failed 1st year of Kindergarten, this has really been a blessing to us. I have been amazed at the progress he continues to make with this program.”
Marsha, Club Member
”My 5 year old daughter has really enjoyed this program. I have actually had to make her stop on several occasions! It is fun to watch her progress also. This program seems to be quite effective. I would definitely recommend it.”
K. Gabrovic, Club Member
”My 6-year old son and my 9-year old daughter love Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress. I love that they're getting a variety of language arts activities (similes, main idea, spelling, etc), and that they can spend "healthy" time on the computer. I have and will continue to recommend Reading Eggs to my friends.”
Mickelle, National Board Certified Teacher and Homeschool Mom, Club Member
”We got the free trial for my 8 year old and my 4 year old. My 8 year old was already a great reader( 2 levels above his grade), and he didn't really like the program for older kids. My 4 year old, however loved reading eggs and math seeds, so I purchased a year subscription. He asks to at it everyday and it keeps him occupied while I tackle subjects with my older kids.”
Celena, Club Member
My 10 year old son has dyslexia and has finally learned to read, albeit slowly in our local language. English is the language we speak at home and I thought I would give reading eggs a try, while putting NO pressure on him to do it. He asks to do reading eggs several times a week! He is on lesson 39. I know he is progressing because of the progress reports, I dare not look over his shoulder! Thank you for the program!”
Shoshana G., Club Member
”My 2 and 5 year olds really like this. I bought them each an account because the program tracks progress and advances. They're learning and having fun.”
Danielle B, Club Member
”We love Reading Eggs! My 8, 5 and 4 year old boys enjoying playing and learning every day. I use this as my preschool curriculum and as a supplement for the older ones. It really helps solidify their learning (but don't tell them that. They think they're playing a game! :)”
Alison M, Club Member
”My 3yr old and 5yr old love it (and the Mathseeds)! They both have been able to be entertained for long periods (half an hour, and over an hour respectively) which REALLY helps with schooling! It keeps them busy learning while I work one on one with them during class time. They both ask to "do school online" just for fun all the time. DEFINITELY recommend! This was the second program we had looked into, and definitely more entertaining than the first. It has that extra fun quality to it the first lacked. Thank you so much for these two programs!!”
Mrs. B, Club Member
”My 4 year old loves Reading Eggs. He likes all the different activities and characters. Some of the faster moving activities frustrate him as he doesn't like to rush, but otherwise its a fantastic program. I find it to be more engaging than ABC Mouse. I'd definitely recommend it to my homeschool friends for their children.”
Amy P., Club Member
”I asked my five year old what she likes about Reading Eggs. She responded, "Yes, I love it!" We use both Reading Eggs and Math Seeds with her. She really enjoys both and is learning a lot. I like how the lessons are organized into a fun learning path with mastery assessments. I receive feedback on her progress and she receives incentives to purchase items in the store. She begs me to get on this website.”
Jerri, Club Member
”My child loves it! She wants to do more to achieve higher goals all with the help of some fun characters.”
Jersey Mom, Club Member
”We cannot say enough about reading eggs!! We absolutely love this program! Not only is this a one stop shopping for reading (fluency, comprehension, recalling details,etc.) but it assesses reading level remarkably well allowing the student to bypass skills already mastered. Higher levels incorporates vocabulary, spelling, and multiple reading skills in a fun way. This is our son's favorite part of his homeschool day.”
Lisa M, Club Member
”Reading eggs has really helped my 4 year old in learning letters and even sight words. They love it.”
Stacy V., Club Member
”My two children ages 6 and 7 love reading egg. They don't even consider it school. It's extra. My daughter was having a hard time reading, but now even after a few weeks I can definitely see a difference.”
Bernadette, Club Member
”My 4 year old loves Mathseeds and Reading Eggs! He begs to play and I have seen improvement in his math and reading. I highly recommend these programs.”
L. Schule, Club Member
”Mathseeds is proving to be a very valuable addition to our homeschooling. My 5 year old is really enjoying the learning process with this program. We are also using the booklets that compliment the online program. Fantastic!”
J. Anderson, Club Member
”This program is CLEVER! My son, who had zero interest in sitting down to learn how to read, was excited to play the game. He loved the songs and watching to see what crazy creature would hatch from his eggs. The learning games are solid. They do all the things a great reading instructor would do, but with excellent graphics. I have encouraged everyone I know who has a child learning to read to try it out, and I bought a second subscription for my daughter. My son now reads like a champ...and LIKES it. Thank you, Reading Eggs!”
Cynthia, Club Member
”My oldest daughter who is five absolutely loves Reading Eggs and Math Seeds. She begs to play it! Even my two year old wants to come and watch her big sis do reading eggs. I had signed her up for the free trial, and it had just run out when the co op offered it at at a special discount...what a blessing!!! I have seen my daughter gain a lot of confidence and phonics skills in the last few weeks while using this program. .”
Monica, Club Member
”My son is in kindergarten. His reading has greatly improved since buying this program. He really loves it. I love the look in his eyes when he has finished reading a book all by himself! Thank you so much for offering this at a discounted price. We will add to our Reading Eggs subscription through you all too! Also, I recommend it often to my friends and family!”
Julie T., Club Member
”We LOVE Reading Eggs! My 5 year old was only reading short vowel words when she started. It was wonderful to be able to give her the placement test so she began exactly at the level she needed. She enjoys doing her lessons and getting through the levels on the maps. In just a few months, after doing one lesson a day, she is reading sentences with long vowel words, suffixes and even some compound words. She is reading books and signs - everything! Reading Eggs teaches phonics and reading in a fun, engaging, video game format that kids love. I only wish I had known about it sooner!”
Kathy J., Club Member
”My 5 year old, who dislikes "regular" reading curricula, LOVES this program. She asks to play daily, and finds it a fun way to learn. She'll even do extra activities just to finish the lesson and collect the eggs. I think she'll finish the program before our one-year subscription expires.”
Holly W., Club Member
”Very satisfied. We have tried another online literacy program, Ookaisland, and this keeps the kids much more engaged and they are learning more.

I use it for my 5 year old and 7 year old, and the program has placed them each at exactly the right level for their skill set. The lessons are broken into short, game like segments where new material is introduced and old material is practiced. After about 10 lessons they take a quiz before they can advance to the next set of lessons, or review old lessons if necessary. The lessons have lots of variety so the kids haven't gotten bored.

There is also a free play section where the kids can play different games, change their avatar, ect.

Reading eggs also had books specific for each child that matches their current level.

We use this program 4x per week, and are very happy.”
CathyP, Club Member
”My kids LOVE reading eggs! A 9 year old and 7 year that did not like reading and now they can't wait to do their reading eggs! It keeps it fun! It is amazing how endept it is and it keeps the children engaged. Awesome!!!!!”
Bessie W., Club Member
”My son and daughter have been on Reading Eggs for approx. 2 years. For my daughter it has been a supplement to her reading schoolwork at home but for my son this is how he started to read! He hated trying to read the conventional school work but enjoyed Reading Eggs so much that is how he did it for the first year.”
Winona, Club Member
”My daughter insists she will never learn to read. Yet, she loves this program and I have noticed it has enhanced her regular reading program quite a bit. She can recognize a lot more words now in the books we read. I think reading will "click" for her soon and Reading Eggs has been an integral part of her movement towards that point.”
Tracy F., Club Member
”We have been using reading eggs for 2 months. My child is 6, not the most advanced reader and has been resisting all my other efforts this year. Happily my daughter loves it and that is unusual. It is fun but not too goofy and there is a wide variety of exercises so it is not too boring or repetitive. I did need to sit with her for the first several weeks as some of the lessons you can not quite figure out how to do it but we don't play that many educational computer games. She can find her way around the program easily but I am finding new things every week. I would definitely listen to the tutorial as there are many different exercises and games. So if she gets bored with one thing she can do another game. She has sat and done it for over an hour. I recently found that there is a place you can print out worksheets as well which I was very happy about.

If you want a straight line type program that you start, push enter and go until the end, this is not it. This program has more like a web of different activities. Kids like this complexity, it makes it more like a video game. They do send me email updates on what my child is doing and there are several different ways to check their progress.”
Karen R., Club Member
”My four-year-old son loves reading eggs! He even asks to do it on days off school. He's constantly sounding things out around us and I'm always amazed at what he knows - knowing I haven't taught him that yet. After the two-week trial he had already learned so much that I had to get the full package.”
Gina A., Club Member
”Reading Eggs have been such a blessing to my youngest. We use it to flesh out our home language arts curriculum and this is perfect for solidifying what he is learning and at times push him on ahead of what he has already learned. With the help of Reading Eggs, my little first grader is reading at a 3rd grade level and has great confidence in his abilities.”
Patty B., Club Member
”I am so happy to have reading eggs in my home. It has helped out my son with autism so much. Teaching him to read used to bring on so much frustration, but with reading eggs all I see is smiles from him. Thank you so much.”
Melissa W, Club Member
”My son has enjoyed working with Reading Eggs to improve his reading skills. He has fun going online to do small segments at his own pace. Thank you Reading Eggs!”
Laurie, Club Member
”My daughter who is 6 looks forward to Reading Eggs everyday! Home-schooling has never been easier to teach reading skills! If I would let her, she would stay on all day!”
Nicki, Club Member
”I am very happy with Reading Eggs! My oldest is 7 and very slow to pick up reading. We have been using Reading Eggs nearly every day for the past month and a half and I can see a big improvement in her reading skills! She also enjoys the lessons very much and never argues when I suggest she complete a lesson on Reading Eggs!”
T. Thompson, Club Member
”My son would be considered a reluctant reader. Even though my other children responded well to a traditional phonics-based program, he was not interested in learning to read in the same way. Reading Eggs has changed that. He likes the games and extra activities. He is making tremendous progress in his reading ability. And the best part? No more complaints about daily reading lessons!!”
L Tanner, Club Member
”My son has been using Reading Eggs for several months now. He is a struggling reader so we have tried many programs. This one keeps his attention the best! Thank you Reading Eggs for making it fun for him!”
Lori W., Club Member
”I've been using Reading Eggs with my 6-year-old son for a couple of months now and he loves the program. I'm using it as a supplement to our current phonics program and am very please with his progress using Reading Eggs and how much he looks forward to using Reading Eggs every day. I would recommend this to any other families who are looking for a supplement to their current reading program or just a fun way to engage their child in reading and learning.”
Stephanie H., Club Member
”My son LOVES playing this game! I have to limit his time on it or he will play for hours. His reading skill has grown tremendously this year, he just turned six and would be in kindergarten.”
Brittney, Club Member
”I love Reading-Eggs. My child is learning more this year. Reading is starting to click for him.
Thank you for the discount! Reading-Eggs has been very helpful this year.”
Kara, Club Member
”My son loves Reading-Eggs. He is in second grade. Reading is beginning to click for him. I am so glad that I was able to get a discount too. I also like the repetition on the games. Reading-Eggs makes sure that your child is really learning. Thank you!”
Kara, Club Member
”I purchased this subscription for my 6 year old daughter. I felt that she was struggling a little with reading and I wanted to find something to help her gain confidence. I saw a dramatic improvement in her reading and her confidence after completing only 2 lessons. Her reading has continued to improve and I am very happy with the program.”
Erin, Club Member
”After using reading eggs for a very short time, my just turned 5 year old has started to read a book to me each day. Need I say more. Oh yes - he loves it.”
Sally, Club Member
”This prigram is amazing! My children love it - it is set up as a game which actually teaches phonics, reading, spelling, and more. I am very impressed. My five-year old was already reading when she started this program - she took a placement test and started at level 80. She finished all the lessons. Now she is working through skills bank before moving on to reading eggspress. My three-year old is slowly moving forward. She knows most of the sounds and can already read short words. I recommend Reading Eggs to all my friends with kids that are at that starting-to-read age.”
Elena L., Club Member
”Thanks so much for the free trial period. My 7 year old daughter loved it so much, that I've already subscribed to it. She hated reading and I battled to get her to read everyday, but with reading eggs it's been a breeze. She loves the songs and the games. It's like playtime for her, not schoolwork.”
Penny S, Club Member
”My 6 year old son LOVES reading eggs. It the past couple months he has progressed very well with it. I love how it provides a test at the beginning to place the child right at their level. The learning style is easy and flows very well. My son started learning new words and using them later when we read together right from the get go. Also unlike other online learning tools it does not talk down to him or repeat the instructions over and over again which my son and I found frustrating. Reading Eggs is now part of our family and I encourage my friends to get it.”
Jennifer Robin, Club Member
”My 6-year-old had previously used Starfall with great results. He was still struggling a bit with sounding out words, but had outgrown Starfall. Reading Eggs has filled that void & we are both very pleased.”
Carrie, Club Member
”My son is currently in second grade, and has been unable to read thus far. I purchased within the last couple of months, and I am SO relieved! He has worked through almost all of the lessons in the first section (before you move to the eggspress) and he is HAPPY to do it! He asks to do "one more lesson" almost every day, to the point where we end up completing 3-5 lessons most days. Thank you so much for the God-sent blessing of this program, designed (I'm sure) for my little boy who hates worksheets, etc and is QUICKLY learning to read!”
Jen D, Club Member
”Reading Eggs allows my child to learn all aspects of reading and lets me know daily where her reading level is. I have seen the growth through this product and she loves that it's independent and online.”
C. Conner, Club Member
”I have used reading eggs with a 4 year old, a Kindergartener, and a 1st grader. I found it especially helpful in the preschool and Kindergarten years. It was kind of like having worksheets that I didn't have to print, or a book I didn't have to store. My boys loved being able to learn phonics and reading, while playing on the computer. I liked the progression and repetition of learning. There is so much on reading eggs, that it's hard for them to get bored. There are lots of areas besides the lessons, where your children can get more practice. The only problem I had, was making sure they did their lessons before moving on to just play the extra games. I also love the books they read at the end of each lesson. Again, one less thing that I have to store, and we can go back and read them again, and again, if we want to! I definitely think Reading eggs is worth the price; especially for young children just learning their phonics and reading skills!”
Stac, Club Member
”This program is amazing! My 4 year old is eager to get going with school and I wanted something educational that I could do while working with my older son who is in highschool. It is an easy enough program that he can maneuver through it himself and the rewards (the eggs they earn through doing the lessons) keep him motivated to keep going back. He has many sight words, now knows the sounds of almost all the letters of the alphabet, and has been able to transfer the knowledge that he has gained. I think it was definitely a worthwhile purchase and it's nice that he can continue with it up to 7 plus years if wanted. I am telling as many people as possible about this program because it has been wonderful! The only thing I did not like was that there are a few lessons where one activity is timed and the pressure stressed my son out and he still gets worried when he sees the clock (even if it isn't counting down) and he doubts what he knows and can do. When those ones come up, he and I do it together - he answers and I click on the right ones because that is the part that takes him the longest. May not be an issue for a child that is starting at a slightly older age level.”
Nadine Best, Club Member
”I love it! I have my 4 year old working on there, and she can't get enough. She looks forward to her Reading Eggs time each day. It has been great for her building on her reading skills! It is also great because it gives me time to work with my other kids.”
Teresa G., Club Member
”I like reading eggs because it has helped my 4 yo in learning her letters and sounds. She particularly likes being able to dress her little character and play with it. My only frustration is that some of the 'timed' sections are hard for a 4 year old even though she knows the answers. She just doesn't process them. THANKS!”
DL, Club Member
”My daughter, age 7, adores the Reading Eggspress half of Reading-Eggs. There's enough variety in books and competitive games that she can do something a bit different each day. And she's always excited when she's earned enough "golden eggs" to buy some virtual item for her avatar.”
R. Price, Club Member
”Reading egg has tremendously helped my child progress in reading. It has been a great addition to our curriculum. My child finds the lessons engaging and i like the bright colors and updated graphics. I have looked at other reading programs but the graphics seemed washed, outdated and my child seem uninterested to complete the lessons. I was so happy that i was able to extend my membership and will continue if they offer a discount again.”
talieeya Davis, Club Member
”My 4 year old loves to have his computer time with Reading Eggs. He can't wait for that time of the day to come. He has learned a lot and can read 3 letter words, knows beginning sounds and rhyming words. I get reports after he takes the quizzes that tell me how he is progressing. I can reset the level if he need more practice on something before advancing also. I highly recommend this product.”
Gwen K. in MN, Club Member
”I have an 11-year old developmentally disabled child with severe ADHD that struggles to learn and then remember what she learns. My highest priority for her academically is that she learn to read to the highest possible level she can attain. She is a highly visual learner, needs A LOT of repetition and loves activities on the computer. Recently my husband and I decided to meet with our local school to see what they do for reading for kids with special needs. We learned that they have a great computer-based program that would probably have been wonderful for her, but they would not allow us to bring her in just for that program each day. It was full-time enrollment or nothing. That was not a choice we were willing to make because we are not willing to give up the many benefits of homeschooling her. I looked into trying to purchase the school's program on my own but it is only offered to school districts by the provider. Then a homeschooling friend of mine who has two children with autism and learning struggles told me about Reading Eggs. She informed me that she had talked to her local school as well. That school uses the same program as our local school so she did some research and discovered that Reading Eggs works on all the same aspects as the school's program in a format that struggling learners need! She told me I could get it through Homeschool Buyers Co-Op. I tried my daughter on the free trial and knew this was a great program for her. She loves it! It is the first thing she asks to do for her schoolwork each day. The short, concise lessons and the fact that she is rewarded frequently is extremely motivating. She LOVES collecting her eggs and moving along the path to each level! That is the key to Reading Eggs for us. Other programs we have tried have had lessons that were just too long (and she would get bored) or did not give the "reward" frequently enough (and she would get frustrated) so while the program may have included what was needed to help my daughter learn to read, it became useless for her because of its format. Reading Eggs fits my daughter's learning style in that way. I'm so glad my friend told me about Reading Eggs!”
Michelle C., Club Member
”I used Reading Eggs last year for my three year old. I also paid around two hundred dollars for another reading program. The Reading Eggs program worked correctly all the time. I can not rember having any problems with the program running at all, unlike the more expensive program we got elsewhere. My child loves the Reading Eggs program because of the eggs she earns as she works. She is four now and knows her letters, can spell and read many words and still enjoys her Reading Eggs and the new math program they have started offering. For the money it is totally outstanding. Regardless of the price it does the job and keeps the kids happy. What more do we need? I renewed Reading Eggs and the other program was a bust at twice the cost. Bored my child to death.”
P. Jones, Club Member
”My daughter is 5 years old and Reading Eggs has really helped her with the sounds of the letters. I have readers that I use to test her reading progress. She has really come a long way since she started the Reading Eggs program. We have tried other online reading programs with little or no success. Reading Eggs is very engaging for her and keeps her attention better than any other program we have tried, online or traditional.”
C. Ford, Club Member
”My 4 year old son enjoys his Reading Eggs time and can't wait to see what's inside each egg. He's learning so much about letter sounds, phonics, and sight words! I enjoy seeing that concepts that were too hard for him are fairly easy for him just a few lessons later. Reading Eggs was a good investment for our family.”
Amy W, Club Member
”My very reluctant reader LOVES Reading Eggs! The games are fun and engaging, and he really likes earning eggs to buy stuff for his house and to play in the arcade. More importantly, he's making wonderful progress on the reading front...despite himself!

I highly recceomnd!”
Kathy V., Club Member
”I was highly skeptical that Reading Eggs would work for my seven year old son. He was a slow reader who often got frustrated or overwhelmed with text longer than a few sentences. In just a few weeks his speed and attention span has greatly increased. Plus, he loves it and he can do it by himself, which gives me a break.”
Christine Gibson, Club Member
”My son REALLY enjoys this program! This is our 4th reading program and he is finally excited about reading. It's like a switch was turned on and he is trying to read everything. He tries hard at the lessons, enjoying the graphics and silly songs. He gets especially motivated when he knows he needs to earn the ability to open fun activities within the program. I will continue using the program until he completes it, or if he doesn't like it anymore, but there is no indication that will happen any time soon. I can't say enough about the whole experience!”
Cheryl, Club Member
”My 6 year old son has continually fought reading. We have tried a number of different approaches. He is a perfectionist and if he cannot perfect it at the first attempt he tends to get extremely frustrated and give up. Reading eggs is more like a game to him. He loves to play. He loves the idea of playing on the computer and he enjoys watching the animations. I can see him learning without his frustration getting the better of him. I do have to keep an eye on him to make sure he is doing the lesson plans and not just the games. I also have to slow him down because he tends to memorize things and then he will not read, but just memorize the story or guess until he passes a level. I wish there was a way to move the child's level back so they cannot access further levels without completing the previous levels again.

My 3 year old daughter loves this as well. I definitely have to be guiding her and explaining things to her. She is having a bit of a hard time grasping the sounds that are made at the beginning of words. All in all I would highly recommend this product. I would not have it be the only thing used to teach reading. We use it as a supplement and the kids love it.”
Karyn Brown, Club Member
”My son LOVES reading eggs. He would do it all day if I let him! I can't believe how quickly he started to read with the program. It is comprehensive, fun and well worth the money.”
boo, Club Member
”We L.O.V.E Reading Eggs!! Our 5yo begs to play and his 2.5yo brother watches, completely engrossed. We trialed it a while ago and were astounded and delighted at the amount our son picked up in such a short time. It's a routine part of our day now, our son is flying ahead with his understanding and we'll definitely be using Reading Eggs in the future for him and our other children!! We have also recommended it to many of our friends with small children.”
Bridie R., Club Member
”This is a great program. I love how it starts much like the Teach Your Children to Read in 100 easy Lessons by teaching the most common sounds first. I also really like how it's progressive, making the child complete a lesson before moving on. It's so well-done, I've bought the Ipad aps as well! My girls love it and it's done more to interest them in learning to read than anything.”
Devra, Club Member
”My daughter loves this! It's highly interactive and she looks forward to playing on it each day.”
Betsy N., Club Member
”Fantastic! Both my 5 and 7 year olds love Reading Eggs. My 5 year old especially will spend hours doing the lessons, which are far more entertaining than any reading lesson I ever attempted! Reading Eggs is more patient than I am, and the kids don't feel pressured as they learn at their own pace.”
Nicole F., Club Member
”We absolutely love Reading Eggs in our home! I have a six-year-old and Four and a half year-old working on the program. They have both learned a great deal about phonics and reading. My youngest child is going to catch up with my six-year-old very soon! They ask about Reading Eggs before scrambled eggs!”
Barbara, Club Member
”This program is great! My very wiggly, ADHD 6 year old son will gladly sit through the short lessons. The lessons are the perfect length and full of fun characters and games.”
Meg G, Club Member
”My 7-yr reading, reading comprehension, and spelling have increased since she's using Reading Eggs. The initial assessment put her at the right level based on her skills. She loves to play it. My 4-yr old sits next to her and he is learning just by watching my daughter play! She loves seeing the character moving down the map; lets her know that she is moving forward as she goes farther in the lessons. I will definitely get it for my son too!”
Ilsa G., Club Member
”I purchased a subscription to Reading Eggs for our daughter who is learning English as it is not her first language. Through these exercises which we do daily in conjunction with her school her language has exploded! I am so glad that we decided to order Reading Eggs it has really worked for us.”
Kim H., Club Member
”Amazing! This is much more than a reading program! It teaches spelling, sight words, context words, math words, calendar words, comprehension & so much more all in new interactive games each time.”
April, Club Member
”We LOVE Reading Eggs. This is our second year in subscription. I thought that B (7) had had enough and now he is so fluent in reading that he can do it on his own. No need for another year of Reading Eggse, but man, he really wanted it so bad so we renewed our subscription. I might have given it a second thought if this amazing deal through Co op wasn't there but with the group buy we just went without even thinking. Thank You Homeschoolbuyers and Thank you Reading Eggs. I do have a suggestion for parents out there with another first or second language, other than English, see if anyone can make something similar to Reading Eggs for other languages. this would be a great way to teach kids any language.”
Umm Bilal, Club Member
”We love Reading Eggs! It engages the kids (mine are 6, 5, & 4). The lessons are short to keep their attention. And they earn eggs so they can play some games after their lessons are done.”
Theresa B., Club Member
”The first thing I have to say is that this is the FIRST computer based reading program that my 5 and 6 yr. old have not become bored with! We use this every day as part of L.A. I have them complete at least one lesson, and for my 6 year old read one book from the "library" before they can have "free" time exploring the other areas and spending their "eggs". If I did not set a time limit they would never get off! I often catch my 11 year old trying to get in on the activities as well! My 6 year old has just become interested in the story contests, and she normally has to be pushed and prodded to write a few sentences! I will continue to use reading eggs untill I see that they are no longer challenged.”
Alisa P., Club Member
”My son loves Reading Eggs. It is one of the few learning programs he has ever liked at all. He is 10 years old and has very limited language. He is able to read sight words receptively, but has trouble expressively. I think he has dyslexia which makes it very difficult for him to associate the sound of a letter with the letter. I have worked with him for years on this and Reading Eggs is much more fun than me and I think sometimes more effective!”
Elizabeth S, Club Member
”Before Reading Eggs, we had tried a couple of other online programs (Explode the Code, Time 4 Learning). My 5 (now 6) year old son wasn't interested in them at all. Then we gave Reading Eggs a try and my son found this program much more engaging, with its animations, funny characters and songs!

I really like how the Reading Eggs program spirals through basic phonics and reading skills, working from simple letter sounds, to blends, digraphs and dipthongs, from building words to building sentences. No typing is required, only mouse pointer control, or - if used on an Android phone or tablet (the program uses Flash, so it won't work with Apple products) - just a finger-touch.

In fact, about the only thing my son sometimes gets frustrated with is some activities require some fairly sophisticated mouse control, like "catching" balloons with specific letters or words and dragging them somewhere. In these cases, I have my son point to items as they pass by on screen and I work the mouse.

Overall, I've been very pleased with Reading Eggs and we are using it now for our second year.”
Jennifer S., Club Member
”WE LOVE READING EGGS. We use it as a supplemental lesson plan. My son will do a lesson on reading eggs and then, the "light" will come on to what he learned in his lesson book. This is a great program and I highly recommend it to new learners or those who may need a little "change of scenery", or to supplement a current reading curriculum.”
N Robertson, Club Member
”Reading Eggs has turned out to be the most painless way to get our reluctant son reading. The lessons have been very effective for him and he is proud of himself when he finishes each one.”
Linda, Club Member
”We love Reading Eggs here! My kids love to do the lessons and for the first time - I feel like my 2nd grader is finally making progress in phonics!”
Vanessa OBetz, Club Member
”I have really enjoyed using Reading Eggs with my 4 year old son. He really likes to do his "home work" everyday. He enjoys how much fun learning can be. Plus it is great alone time for us.”
Kristen, Club Member
”My son has loved Reading Eggs. It is a fun "treat" for him and he is learning so much. I love that they send an email update with the sounds and words he has learned so I can follow up. We've had trouble learning to read and it seems with the approach of this program, it has finally clicked. I highly recommend it.”
Amy S., Club Member
”I have tried several reading programs to try and encourage my daughter to read. She is a reluctant reader and it's a challenge to find something that she "wants" to read.. With Reading Eggs, she loves reading the books and loves getting her reward eggs to purchase items for her apartment.. Thank you Reading Eggs for providing a format for learning and fun. My daughter ask me to let her onto the site now..What a joy!”
Rebecca S., Club Member
”My daughter has started to enjoy reading because of Reading Eggs. She is learning to sound out words and is thrilled to move forward in the reading lessons. Thank you for a great program!”
Nirvana Read, Club Member
”Teaching my 4 children wasn't leaving me a lot of teaching time to spend with my 5-year-old. Reading Eggs saved the day! My son enjoys the fun format and that he can move through the lessons independently. The progress reports are really helpful to see where your child is at. This is a terrific program!”
L. Derksen, Club Member
”All I can say is "God Bless You!" I've tried so many different programs for my five-year-old son. He couldn't retain and, frankly, couldn't get interested in learning to read. Thanks to the Co-op and Reading Eggs, my son is reading to me, short and easy books, in just under two months. I tell everyone about both the Co-op and Reading Eggs with confidence.”
C. Cryderman, Club Member
”My son LOVES Reading Eggs, and has successfully retained most of the information, even from his first lesson. It's fun while still being challenging.”
Jessica, Club Member
”Excellent program! I have looked at many and this by far is top notch. My 4 year old loves it and begs to play it everyday. What a great learning tool at an affordable cost.”
Kelly V., Club Member
”My daughter loves reading eggs. She's three years old and as a result of the lessons, she uses phonetic skills to sound out words she doesn't know! Her reward for completing a lesson is the playroom and she will spend all day if she could playing in the reading eggs "playroom". The program is so simple that my 3 year old can easily navigate it. Yet the types of lessons are so extensive that I could totally give it to an older child and they would be just as challenged and entertained. I give it a 10 in my book.”
June A., Club Member
”I subscribed to Reading Eggs for my 5 year old daughter. She loves being read to but has been resistive to systematic approaches to learning independent reading. She LOVES Reading-Eggs. She asks to do a lesson. She looks forward to getting to "spend" her eggs on things for her house and avatar as a reward for completing each lesson. This has been one of the best things we have done.”
Laura Z, Club Member
”We have truly enjoyed our experience with Reading Eggs. My son had learned the basic phonic skills of reading but didn't have much desire to use them regularly. For a reading family this was very distressing. Reading Eggs gave him inspiration and his love for reading has flourished!

We will continue to use Reading Eggs in our education plan for all our emerging readers as well as for our current ones!

Thank You Reading Eggs!!!”
Aby, Club Member
”My 5 year old really looks forward to playing the games. He has fun, and I am ensured that he is learning.”
C Everett, Club Member
”I have been very pleased with Reading Eggs. My son even asks to do it! He has advanced in his reading skills and enjoys learning with Reading Eggs. I love that it emails me his progress and I can always go in and see how he has progressed.”
Christina S., Club Member
”I have really enjoyed using Reading Eggs with my 4 year old son. He really likes to do his "home work" everyday. He enjoys how much fun learning can be. Plus it is great alone time for us.”
K. Trumble, Club Member
”I am so thankful that I found Reading Eggs! My 4 year old son absolutely loves this site and asks to do "schoolwork" on a daily basis! Before Reading Eggs, we were working on alphabet sounds but he would get bored easily. Now that he's using Reading Eggs, he knows some site words and talks about alphabet sounds all day! I would highly recommend and I will continue using Reading Eggs with him and with my 3 year old daughter!!”
Sherry J., Club Member
”We are using another respected phonics program for my 5 year old son, but I have to admit that "playing Reading Eggs", something he wants to do at least once a day, is likely teaching and reinforcing his early-reading skills better than my actual instruction. They hit a 5-year-old's humor and what he finds fun just right.”
Kimberly H., Club Member
”My youngest child hates reading and this is the only program I've been able to find that really holds his interest! He loves it and it's really working which means I love it too! All my homeschool friends feel the exact same way about it as well. It's easy for him to log on and jump right in to his lesson for the day. His reading level has improved almost a full grade level in just 4 months. Learning to read is no longer painful for us anymore!”
Beverly, Club Member
”Awesome! That's the word I would use for this wonderful program. My son learnt a lot within few weeks and now he is able to read 3 letter words and is able to break sounds, recognize the beginning, middle and end sounds. Amazing. I recommend this program for everyone”
Suchitra, Club Member
”I have a special needs 7 yr old son whom we have only been home schooling for 3 months. When we pulled him out of school, he knew his letter sounds but he was not able to put them together to form words. He was very discouraged and didn't even want to try! We tried Reading Eggs on the 2 wk free trial and immediately loved it! He BEGS to play his "games" on the computer! He LOVES the little animations and songs so much that he sings them all the time. He has made so much progress in the 2 months that we have been using the program (we purchased a one year subscription through Homeschool Buyers Co-Op) and he can now READ! We also purchased the Book Packs from the Reading Eggs website to go along with the online program and they are wonderful. The books come in individual sturdy little boxes for each level. They also come with a map that coincides with the lesson map online so when he completes a lesson online, he can put a sticker on the completed lesson on his map here at home. I also want to let you know that their customer service is amazing! They respond VERY quickly. We were having a problem with the lessons taking a long time to load so I emailed them and they responded back almost instantly (I just had to clear my cache). When I ordered the book packs online, I literally received them in 24 hours! GREAT company, GREAT customer service, GREAT program!”
Joni Kelso, Club Member
”We have used Reading Eggs for a few months and my son loves it. It is very creative and keeps him intrigued. We have used another online reading program and it was a fight to get him to do the lessons b/c it was very dry, boring and the same games/plans over and over. He asks to use Reading Eggs every day. He has learned to read with us and uses Reading Eggs as a supplement/extra practice. So far, we have been thrilled with this program.”
Mary B, Club Member
”Our 5-1/2 year old daughter was a spontaneous reader at age 2, so I worried about possible gaps in her phonetic knowledge. A couple of months ago, I purchased Reading Eggs through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Our daughter flew through the lessons, enjoying it immensely, and I was reassured that she did, in fact, have a thorough understanding of phonics. Reading Eggs gave her a real boost in her spelling skills as well. She is now working through the Reading Comprehension component of Reading Eggs and enjoying that as well. And I'm impressed with those activities as well because there is plenty of opportunities for her to develop very advanced skills. This program was definitely a great educational investment...and Homeschool Buyers Co-op made it very affordable!”
Kacee, Club Member
”My daughter (age 6) and my son (age 4) both use Reading Eggs on a daily basis as a part of their homeschool curriculum. We began in March ('12), and already, in just four weeks' time, my daughter's reading fluency has vastly improved. My son is learning to differentiate between letter sounds and learning how to use the computer mouse. That was a surprising feature of this program - the sheer variety of activites! I love this program because it touches upon so many different literary elements: phonics, fluency, grammar, spelling, writing, comprehension, etc... I am so thankful that we have such a wonderful, engaging reading program - one that the kids ASK to do. Now - can you please develop a mathematics version??”
K. Nicholson, Club Member
”I love reading eggs for my 5 year old and so does he. It is fun and easy to use. I recommend it.”
Bekki E, Club Member
”Reading Eggs is terrific. My daughter loved it (at age 7) It is both lessons and games. Having advanced into Reading Eggspress, however, she does not love it anymore. It seems almost a different program. It seems aligned, perhaps to state standards, and does not teach a concept in the same way. Often she is expected to know things that we have not covered, and the "games" aren't much fun.”
Claudia, Club Member
”My four year old wanted to have her own "lessons" on the computer, and Reading Eggs has been a huge hit! Unlike Study Dog, which moved too quickly through phonics into spelling/grammar rules, Reading Eggs is perfect for the learning-to-read age group.

Reading Express, for older children, has also helped my 9 year old improve her reading comprehension, offering both new and classic stories for her to enjoy.”
Gabrielle D., Club Member
”Kids loved the program. My 5 year old is using it to learned to read and my 8.5 yr old is using it because he begged to use so, it's reviewing his reading skills and he likes the ebooks that are available. My oldest used Headsprout and that seemed fine for him but my 5 year old didn't need as much review as Headsprout gave.”
D. Miller, Club Member
”My family of 4 boys LOVE Reading Eggs! They beg every day to get their turn while Mommy works with brothers. I have been so impressed. Even my 4 year old is now reading just from playing the games on the site! They are so engaged for a good 45 minutes and I can get one on one time in with each of them. I would recommend it to all families.”
Lisa K., Club Member
”Reading Eggs has been my best homeschool find this year. My six year old son enjoys the lessons and it is building and reinforcing his reading skills. Wish I had it for my older children when they were learning to read.”
Amy M., Club Member
”This a a fantastic program that you can use with a wide range of ages. I have a 6, 9, and 10 year old who all LOVE to be on Reading Eggs. They are so excited to get on and go to the library, do quests, and willingly use this on free time even when schooling is done. If you are considering Reading Eggs for your family I highly recommend you purchasing it. You can always do a free trial, but beware you may not be able to get them back off of it! Thanks Reading Eggs & Homeschool Buyers Co-op for ANOTHER fantastic buy. I check here before I get anything anywhere else.”
Melissa M., Club Member
”I don't do many reviews, but I am doing one for Reading Eggs because this is a program that both of my kids love. I have an active boy that has used this program for two years and loves it. We tried Explode the Code online and Headsprout, but he was in tears with both. He loves Reading Eggs. I also have a 10 year old daughter that loves it. It is a great program for increasing reading and spelling skills and great fun for kids!”
Michelle, Club Member
”I bought this for my 4 year old daughter because she wanted to be able to read, but with 2 older children who I homeschool and a toddler who gets into everything, my daughter was told "later". This program has really worked well for us, and she is really reading. Thank you.”
Alison, Club Member
”We have been very impressed with Reading Eggs. My 4 y.o. DD asks to go on the site every day. I'm amazed how quickly her reading skills are progressing.”
Andrea H, Club Member
”My 4yo DS loves having a site he can visit on the computer. I feel safe having him there. He enjoys hatching eggs which impresses me because each egg requires a lot of lessons. He still has some issues with the mouse but that is a bonus skill Reading Eggs is teaching. We are studying phonics separate from the program but he is reaching new phonic skills on the computer faster. It makes my job easier because everything I teach is already familiar. He will tell you he cannot read but he certainly can read when he's in Reading Eggs! It's like he doesn't know it's school.”
B.C., Club Member
”Reading Eggs has helped my five year old who continued to battle me on learning how to read. I do love the fact that I receive an email letting me know exactly what all he is struggling on. I think he enjoys being independent on his learning style without someone always questioning his actions. This program has been a wonderful addition to our adventure! Thank you for offering this at a great price!”
Sarah, Club Member
”Reading Eggs has been a HUGE help for my kids! My seven yr. old son was struggling with getting engaged about reading. We used to fight over redaing time, but thanks to Reading Eggs he now gets rewarded to play extra! Also, my daughter(who I thought might not be ready for it) is now reading completely independently at a first grade level! She is in preschool! Reading Eggs is worth every penny! I highly recommend it to everyone! Since joining we have referred many families and the 3 that I know have started it have seen HUGE improvements with their childrens reading levels and engagement as well! Thanks Reading Eggs!”
Amber Owen, Club Member
”My 4 1/2 year-old son loves to use the computer but wants no part of reading. He loves to play games, but I often have to 'trick' him into learning. Reading Eggs has been the perfect solution to our situation - he gets to play on the computer and learns without realizing it (like sneaking in vegetables!) The other day, while doing a Reading Eggs lesson, he read a sentence and when I said to him "Look! You're reading!" he just said "Huh?" and then giggled and said "I can ready now, Mommy!" all proud of himself! He's gaining not only pride in his accomplishments, but also the desire to learn more! I'm so grateful to Reading Eggs for this gift!”
Jessica Deem, Club Member
”My oldest son is 9 and reads more fluently from a computer than he does when reading a book. He likes everything about Readingeggs and is motivated by earning gold bars and golden eggs. I am happy that Readingeggs addresses spelling as well as reading. Readingeggs was reccomended by several homeschool families on our local yahoo group. My boys ask everyday to spend time with readingeggs. My daughter (7) will do lessons, but she is not nearly as enthusiastic as the boys.”
Janet M, Club Member
”My tutoring students absolutely LOVE Reading Eggs. Each lesson offers challenges in a game-mode setting, while at the same time teaching phonics and reading comprehension skills. I would highly recommend this program for ages 3-12.”
Anita Lock, Club Member
”I have two boys currently using Reading Eggs - age 9 and 6. My 9 year old is a struggling reader, and with Reading Eggs he has going back to the beginning, but in a fun way. I am seeing him pick up skills that I think he missed out in the first few years of his schooling. The games are entertaining and QUICK, something that makes them more fun for my two and more likely to enjoy them and therefore to finish them.”
Katherine Barron, Club Member
”My daughter was having a hard time learning to read but she is now learning with the program and having fun at the same time. And the program has unlimited patience!!”
caroline W, Club Member
”My kids all love Reading Eggs. The games are a lot of fun, and it has definitely helped my 5 yr old son with his reading skills. Now that Reading Eggspress has launched for the older kids, I am looking forward to seeing the results there.”
Michelle P., Club Member
”My 5 yr old is reading and loving that he knows so many words in just a few weeks! My 6 yr old is finally being challenged with Reading Eggspress. And, I am so happy that you get both Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress with one subscription!”
Jennifer K., Club Member
”Our Reading Eggs and Reading Express subscription has been WONDERFUL. Our 4, 7 and 11 year old boys all use it enthusiastically. All of their skills have improved measurably in only a short time. The quality of the content is unmatched by any other online curriculum we have used.

I would recommend it to anyone!”
Pamela Dunn, Club Member
”I am thrilled to have come across Reading Eggs. I decided to let my child try the free trial and figured if he liked it great, if not no loss. Well, he loves it! He goes on without being asked simply because he finds it fun and is totall enjoying learning to read. My 11 year old son has started checking out the part for his age as well. I can't sa enough about the program and have shared our experience with many friends. Thanks!”
Sabrina, Club Member
”Reading Eggs has been a great addition to our homeschool learning. My son loves all the activities and looks forward to the different lessons. This really makes learning to read fun for him. After just the first level he is reading simple sentences!”
A J, Club Member
”I just want to say..."WOW!" Reading Eggs has been absolutely fantastic for my 7-year-old. He has an auditory processing disorder and a language delay, so visual is the key for him. The colorful illustrations with sound and movement make learning to read FUN for him. He loves earning eggs so he can buy more things for his house. Last week I even watched him push through some of the more difficult lessons just so he could earn more eggs! This one is a winner!”
Melissa S., Club Member
”My children love to play reading eggs. I love the extra reading, phonics, spelling, and grammar practice they get while playing. I think it is definitely worth paying for, and recommend it to others.”
Gina, Club Member
”5 weeks ago we got Readingeggs, my son loves it so much is is almost done with the program. We were concerned about where we were going next and walla Readingeggspress. He can't wait to get started.”
McClan7, Club Member
”We purchased this for our 5 and 7 year old and we LOVE it! Our 7 year old has struggled a lot with reading but looks forward to using Reading Eggs and although she still doesn't LIKE to read, she has a lot more confidence due to this program. Our 5 year old is breezing through this and loving it. We started seeing progress and reading right away with her. Very pleased with Reading Eggs!”
Robin, Club Member
”I have a 10 yr old daughter with high-functioning autism. We have tried many other programs, both online and book-based. Reading Eggs is the ONLY program that has really worked for us. She begs to play, and will often do 10 lessons in one sitting! At this writing, we only have 10 lessons left in the entire program and she can read fluently! I recommend this program to all of my's approach is invaluable. Best money I have spent in her homeschooling career.”
Tina Cruz, Club Member
”My 5 year old and 4 year old love to go to the computer for the reader eggs program. They rarely need assistance and I can teach my 7 year old while they are on the computer. I have seen a great improvement with letter recognition and sounds in both kids.”
Angela, Club Member
”When I was considering purchasing the Reading Egg I read through some of the testimonials. There was one that said their child was always asking to play it. I thought sure they are! It turns out that my daughter also asks very frequently to play Reading Egg. It is a wonderful program and her reading is improving. She just turned 5.”
B Buchanan, Club Member
”We love this program at our house! We purchased it for our 3 year old son, he enjoys the program and is always asking for permission to use it. My husband and I are amazed at how much he has learned already. He loves earning new levels and opening more areas of the website as he learns more and passes to the next level.

We have told many of our friends about the program and look forward to using it well into the next few years. A great resource for beginning and pre-readers.”
Shannon, Club Member
”My child LOVES Reading Eggs! This program has been exactly what I've been looking for. We tried two other popular reading programs and while they were fun, just didn't translate to my child becoming a reader. He's a reluctant reader, capable but frustrates easily. With Reading Eggs I have never witnessed an ounce of frustration, just watched my son having fun. And even better - I've watched him start to read in such a natural progression that is a beautiful thing to watch. Thank you, Reading Eggs!”
C. Bryant, Club Member
”My daughter loves Reading Eggs! She is so excited by the progress she has made through the site. She enjoys the games and is learning so much. I highly recommend it. It is great for learning phonics and letter sounds. The games are fun and educational. We will continue to use Reading Eggs until she is reading on her own!”
Alycia A, Club Member
”My girls love Reading Eggs! They are eager to go to their map and crack their egg to see what hatches. I love the variety of lessons it offers.”
Mom 4 girls, Club Member
”My children love Reading Eggs. They enjoy learning to read and spell with the lessons. My son struggled with other phonics programs. But he loved Reading Eggs. Opening a new egg after each lesson kept him motivated to finish the program. My daughter loved the skill bank part of the program. She was glad Reading Eggs had a spelling section.”
L. Taylor, Club Member
”My kids have benefited a lot from this program. It's fun and they love "unlocking stuff" (as they call it). I will definitely continue to use it.”
Irma M., Club Member
”My 5-year-old son loves Reading Eggs. He was completely resistant to learning to read and within a month after using Reading Eggs, he is reading words everywhere we go.”
Cindy, Club Member
”My daughter loves Reading Eggs. She learns language arts in a fun way.”
Karen D, Club Member
”My preschooler LOVES Reading Eggs. She considers it a treat to get to play. She has made it through 2 levels so far and just keeps truckin'. This is much more comprehensive and child-friendly than any other software or site we have used to date. I just wish this had been around when my older son was learning to read. I have recommended this program to several of my friends and plan to use it well into the future.”
Jacqueline Chappell, Club Member
”Reading Eggs is great for my son. He is a reluctant reader and has resisted every other product we have tried. He uses this one regularly without too many complaints. It's really working for him.”
Steven, Club Member
”My children have enjoyed this interactive learning tool. My youngest (4) often asks to play it by name. It keeps my oldest (8) interested. He still sees it as work, but doesn't object too much. I usually make him pass a level before moving on to other games. It is a fun addition to the tools we use to encourage and build reading skills.”
J. Sherman, Club Member
”Our girls, who are 4 & 7 years old, took right to the fun animated characters, delightful songs of Reading Eggs. The generous egg rewards, progression of the paths and map levels keep them constantly eager to do more.

It has an assessment at the beginning to properly start the kids on the right level. We chose to begin our 4 year old at the beginning even though she already knew her letters and all their sounds. It did not bore her, was a great review, built her confidence in working with the program, and she has already progressed to the 5th level.

We all enjoy the NOT run-of-the-mill, cute songs. I'm impressed with thoughtful repetition, blending and building activities that ever stretch the child's knowledge base.

One cautionary note, which is fairly obvious is to not allow older children to "help" the younger ones. The program assess and progresses according to skill achieved, and a "helped" child will find themselves struggling and frustrated.”
A. Mack, Club Member
”I am so thrilled with Reading Eggs. My 6yr old "First Grader" and my 3 yr old "preschooler" both love it. We have done other computer software based games and Reading Eggs is by far our favorite. It is animated and fun without being over stimulating. It is engaging and allows the children to get good practice in beginner phonics. We will continue to use it for years to come. We are all extremely pleased.”
Liza K., Club Member
”Reading Eggs is a great program, my 4 year old loves it. Everyday he says let's do reading eggs now. He is learning and advancing and having fun in the process.”
Jen B., Club Member
”My sons LOVE Reading Eggs! My pre-schooler is putting together simple sentences and my 2nd grader is re-enforcing the skills he has already learned. This is by far one of my favorite programs! We recommend it to all our friends, and many have purchased it! It is fabulous!!”
Jen D., Club Member
”Wow! What a great program! I purchased this reading program for my 5 yr. old daughter. She loves it! She is motivated to finish lessons so she can open up new maps and explore new areas to her. She sat and completed 8 full lessons in one afternoon so she could get to lesson 40 and unlock the "driving test" area on her map. She loves to listen to the silly songs but best of all she is learning to read, AND having fun while she is learning!!!! I wish I knew about this program when my 7 yr. old was learning to read. It is very helpful for me as a homeschooling mom as well, I can be doing a lesson with my older daughter while my 5 yr. old is learning with this reading program.

Awesome product!”
Trina B., Club Member
”Like most children, mine used to beg to use the computer for anything, but now they beg for Reading Eggs! I have a 5 year old, advanced reader, who could spend hours on end in front of Reading Eggs! I worried at first that she would not be challenged enough - she started at the highest level. However, she is still learning and still loving it! My 3 year old son has come leaps and bounds in skill since starting Reading Eggs and even my 2 year old has her own account! They are learning fine motor skills with the mouse and learning letters, sounds and words to boot!!! What an amazing product...thank you so much! (Thank you for the discount too - we couldn't have done it without the discount!)”
Mom To Three, Club Member
”I recently started using reading eggs for my 2 youngest children ages 8 and 10, they both love it. My ten yr old needed to go back to the basics and have that extra boost, reading eggs helped a lot and she really enjoys it. My only wish is that it didn't end at a certain level, I hope they add to it, because were almost done, and they love it, especially the certificates we print out after they finish each level.”
Mrs. Tracy A., Club Member
”I am so happy that we decided to try out reading eggs for my 3 year old son. We had tried that other popular online program (T4L) & he got very bored very quickly. With Reading eggs he would honestly spend hours every day on it if we would let him. It got to the point that we bought him his own computer so we could actually get near our laptops again. At just 3 he can already read many CVC words and a decent number of sight words as well. He calls reading eggs "fun school", and the best part of that is that he doesn't even know that the arcade section of the site exists! He has only ever done the lessons on the map, but he loves it! We will definitely be sticking with this for phonics instruction!”
Casey C., Club Member
”As a first year homeschooler I was skeptical about purchasing this program for my three kids. We tried Hooked on Phonics and Babies can read and they never held their attention. I have to say my kids absolutely love this program. I have told other family members how the kids think of it as their on personal video game. They are always saying, " Mama can I do reading eggs? I need to earn more eggs so I can buy a sofa." My oldest three kids are upset because they could not join. Learning for them is fun. I only have one request. Reading Eggs can you make something for kids over 13 and adults? We want to play!

P.S. Thank you to the Co-op for such a great discount. We are a one income household and without this discount we would have never had a chance at offering this program to all three of our kids.”
Donna Martin, Club Member
”My 10 yoa autistic daughter really enjoys the program. She loves watching the eggs hatch at the end of each lesson. In fact, she tries to sneak on to the next lesson without me catching her:)”
Gena A, Club Member
”My daughter loves Reading Eggs! She wants to play it all the time. The program increases her ability to sound out and read words in small bits, so she begins to read quickly. She is having so much fun, she forgets she is also learning!”
Denise B., Club Member
”My daughter who is 4 yrs old, just loves the reading egg. The short little lessons are just enough to keep her attention so she does not get fustrated. She has learned so much in the short time we have started the lessons and I'm so pleased that loves to read. The playroom has so much for her to explore and have fun as a reward for doing her lessons.”
Jeanie R., Club Member
”We LOVE Reading Eggs! My 4 year old son has been doing it about a month and he is already reading several words and some simple sentences. He really enjoys the games and actually begs to play which is saying a lot from a kid who plays Wii and Xbox with his big brother. This program offers a much better variety of games than other similar programs.”
Emily C., Club Member
”My 5-yr-old liked being read to, and knew most of his letters and their sounds, but balked at any attempts at formal reading instruction. I couldn't even put a finger under the words in a Dr. Seuss book without having it being pushed away and having my son insist that I "just read!"

Frustrated, I thought that perhaps a computer-based reading program might encourage him to take that next step, and Reading Eggs has certainly done that! After almost two months, he is still eager to spend time on the lessons and is progressing rapidly in his abilities to sound out words to read or spell. When he is not at the computer, he will often take letter tiles and spell out some of his newly-acquired words and even create short sentences: "Sam can see the hat."

I am very pleased with the program. It is easy and intuitive for my son to use, seems to be well-paced, and requires a certain level of competence before allowing the student to progress. I am so delighted that the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op made it possible to get this excellent program at a very reasonable cost!”
Susan in CT, Club Member
”We LOVE Reading Eggs! My son is 5 and had previously demonstrated only a little bit of interest in learning to read. He would get easily frustrated when we tried to read simple early reader books. Well, we gave Reading Eggs a try, and it has been a HUGE hit! He loves the games, he loves earning more eggs, he loves advancing to a new level it's been great! It provides just the right amount of challenge for him; he is learning SO much and yet the frustration level is very very low, which is perfect for my budding perfectionist. ;) His father and I are quite honestly shocked and amazed at how FAST he is learning to read, and he is surprising us all the time recognizing real words out and about in the real world. Not only that, but did I mention that my son LOVES to play? I've never once had to ask him to do it. Every time I remind him that it's there, he jumps on the opportunity. In fact, I often have to ask him to finish up, because he wants to keep playing and learning longer than I expect! In summary, we just LOVE the program, and I would recommend it highly to all my friends.”
Chessa H., Club Member
”My 5 year old has a much more positive attitude about Reading Eggs than our other reading lessons we were doing. If he's having fun, he learns more:-)”
Anne N., Club Member
”This has been a great purchase for us! I tried it out about a year ago with my boys when there was a free trial. They enjoyed it, but were really too far along in their reading to need it. (They still wanted to do it, however, and were sorely disappointed when I didn't continue with it!) Now I have three young boys homeschooling (taking a LOT of my time) and my daughter, who just turned 4, has to endure our schedule. She wants desperately to read (like "her boys"), but I have limited time to work with her. She began the Reading Eggs and loved it! And she is progressing remarkably quickly. Now she is continually spelling words on the fridge with our magnetic letters! She's having fun... She's learning a lot... And I have alleviated some of my guilt for having less time to work with her. It's a wonderful program!!”
J. Ledyaev, Club Member
”I am amazed and how much my 3-year-old is learning with Reading Eggs! He can identify all of his letters and knows their sounds. At the rate he's learning, he'll be reading by Kindergarten. He LOVES to "play" it and views it as fun, not work.

He had never used a computer before trying Reading Eggs, but it's presented in a way that is intuitive for him, as he can work his way through it on his own. He was even using the mouse like a pro after the first day!”
R. Martz, Club Member
”This year we are using Reading Eggs for our 4 and 6 year old. They both LOVE it and I appreciate that it helps them work on phonics and reading skills in a way that requires little assistance from me. I have great improvements in both kids skills in the month we have been using it as a supplement to our regular work. Thanks so much for offering such a fantastic product. It was an unexpected treasure to find it right before the beginning of the school year starting.”
Sarah McCubbin, Club Member
”My son has just turned 4. He had not really shown interest in reading but always fascinated when his big sisters played games on the computer. Now he recognises letters on signs and in books and tells me the sound they make, with enthusiasm! Often asks me straight after breakfast, "Can I have a go at MY Reading Eggs now?" I am SO glad I was told about this offer and I did pass it on to friends!”
Heidi, Club Member
”My girls 6 and 4 love reading eggs.”
Honey, Club Member
”Reading Eggs has been the best purchase for our homeschool this year. Our 8yo dyslexic son loves and learns from this visually exciting program. It has helped his reading and also his writing as he has started his own "Reading Eggs" story book! He draws his own map, creates characters for each level and writes a story for each one. Amazing!”
Edyth N., Club Member
”My 7-year-old son uses two on-line programs regularly, one of them being Reading Eggs. I let him choose which he is going to do, and recently he has consistently chosen Reading Eggs. He enjoys the variety of activities and the reward system. It is a great support for the continued improvement of his reading skills. This will remain a part of our home school learning, and it is a product that I will continue to recommend to others.”
Christa Conklin, Club Member
”My boys love Reading Eggs! They complete one lesson every day. I sit with them for the lesson. They enjoy the characters used by the program. The boys also like that each lesson has approximately 9 short subsections. This keeps the lesson moving by changing their tasks frequently. Yet, the boys also appreciate that the tasks are consistent from lesson to lesson. One son occasionally visits the arcade to spend his eggs on games, but not often. The lessons themselves are intrinsically motivating, so the eggs are not needed to entice the boys to participate.

One son could read a bit, so I had him take the diagnostic test and he started at lesson 70. He had no trouble starting lessons in the middle. The other son did not read much, and had little interest in reading. So I started him at the beginning. He is now on lesson 40 and is learning to read.

For one of my sons, some of the timed requirements move a bit fast for his cognitive ability. I use my judgement about whether he understands the material or not. Based on my assessment, I encourage him to keep trying to get faster, or I help him get through that section.

We had one instance where we got stuck in a lesson. We couldn't load one section, and couldn't move past it. I contacted customer service by e-mail and they fixed it right away.

Bottom line: I would highly recommend Reading Eggs for a non-reader or for a beginning reader.”
Lisa Row, Club Member
”My daughter is 4 years old and is learning to read. We purchased Reading Eggs to supplement her learning and have absolutely no regrets.

At the beginning, the child takes a placement test, so they can begin at the correct level and not be bored or frustrated. I find this extremely helpful.

Not only is Reading Eggs educational, but it is really fun. My child especially likes earning "eggs" as she completes tasks (these can be used to "purchase" items inside the game). The characters and songs are silly and fun, while the tasks are challenging and progressively more difficult.

We have used several free and trial subscriptions to other phonics programs, but Reading Eggs has by far been our favorite. I would recommend it to any parent looking for a fun way to re-enforce phonics lessons.”
Flora, Club Member
”My daughter LOVES Reading Eggs!!! I am so thrilled that she is learning to read while having fun. This program is so expensive through the public school district's Study Island but is provided for us at a substantially reduced price. I was waiting a while for it to be part of Homeschool Buyers Co-op and so pleased to find out it's now available. We are very happy with it. Thank God for Reading Eggs.”
Virginia M., Club Member
”Reading Eggs has been a wonderful program for my 6 year old son. We have tried numerous programs in an attempt to find one that HE asks to do everyday - and this is finally what we've found in Reading Eggs (and for a great price with the Group Buy). The lesson games are repetitive enough that he understands how to do them without me having to explain each one to him, but keep him engaged and excited to move to the next level. He's finally noticing letters and words, and practicing how to sound them out. I am confident that this program is finally giving him the tools he needs to learn how to read in a fun environment - and best of all, without any pressure from me!”
L. Sacher, Club Member
”My children love Reading Eggs, especially my 5-year-old who asks everyday "can I play Reading Eggs now?" We do many "virtual" lessons and Reading Eggs keeps their attention more than any other. The lessons are engaging, they enjoy opening up a new egg after each lesson is complete and they love to go to the play area for a reward. Funny thing is, they are learning in there, too!!”
Julie, Club Member
”My five-year-old daughter loves this program. She has wanted to work on reading for some time, but hasn't really enjoyed other programs and at-home methods we have tried. In her first few days with Reading Eggs she made remarkable progress, and she "plays" it almost every day, mostly independently. She balances her time between the lessons, and using her rewards to customize her virtual house. The lessons use brief, arcade-style activities to reinforce the learning, and the child earns rewards for participation at every step. The rewards can be spent on in-game games or items for the child's avatar or cartoon house. The lessons seem to combine classic phonics with word recognition through repetition. It keeps her very engaged, and she asks for help when she feels challenged by a topic. I highly recommend this product to anyone with a raw beginner or an emerging reader, as long as the child can point and click with a mouse.”
Mary Hackenberg, Club Member
”I bought this program for my 7 year old son who was a reluctant reader. We don't have any computer or video games and he had never used the computer so I thought some kind of computer game/program would encourage him to read. We used the trial lesson for a week and he was hooked. He absolutely loved it. Other than log him on (which I'm sure he could do but I have my computer password protected and I don't want him online without me) he has figured out the entire program by himself. He quite literally sat down the first day and started using it. More than a month into the program and he is still discovering new things to do. The only downside for us is that he tested at level 8, and it only goes to level 12, so we will be "finished" with the program before our one year subscription is over. However, I'm sure he will continue to use the program after "completing" the program. Not a day goes by that he does not use it. He even asked to do it on vacation. After completing a lesson or two he always asks me if he can play a game and there are plenty of games for him to play. He has lots of credits he can use to "buy" games, decorate his room, etc. I think that this has been an excellent purchase for us. It wasn't expensive, it encourages him to read and he finally gets to play "video games".”
Edlyn, Club Member
”Reading Eggs was a 2nd choice when we were first looking for a fun, educational way to work on our sons reading. As it turns out, it has been the best program thus far. He looks forward to earning new critters at the end of each lesson he completes. We also use the supplemental worksheets provided, but we use them as a review of what he has learned in past lessons before he is allowed his Reading Eggs computer time.”
Stephanie F., Club Member
”My K-1st grader started this program and loves it! She enjoys all the games and I can see that she is learning to read. She has actually started reading books now. All of the games are easy enough for her to do on her own yet challenging so she doesn't get bored. My 3yo keeps asking to play, but she is not able to do it on her own. Maybe when she's 5 we'll get the program for her. For now she watches and learns.”
Angela, Club Member
”I just want to say what a blessing Reading Eggs has been for my 5 year old boy. He was becoming very resistant to sitting with me and doing our regular phonics program. It wasn't fun to him and with 4 other children to home school it was difficult for me to spend a lot of time coming up with activities to keep his attention. He was starting to think that learning to read was a bad thing!

Enter Reading Eggs! WOW, what an amazing program. He absolutely loves learning to read now. As an added benefit he now wants to use our regular phonics program to show me what he has learned in Reading Eggs.

I really like that Reading Eggs makes repetition fun. I'm also pleased with how the program ensures that concepts are understood and cemented before allowing the child to move on. As the person responsible for my child's education, knowing that my child is using Reading Eggs makes me confident that he is learning. Reading Eggs was able to accomplish in a few days what I had trouble teaching in twice that time.

I will definitely be using Reading Eggs for this child for at least the next couple of years and I have a 2 year old that I will be using it with for a long time too. I am so pleased with this program and have told everyone I know with age appropriate children about it. I don't recommend programs often but this is one that I will always encourage people to use.

Thank you for a wonderful product! ”
A. Oakes, Club Member
”My son is four. I really didn't think he was old enough to start a phonics program but I figured if it was fun and engaging for him it couldn't hurt. I didn't have very high expectations. He went from having no phonics knowledge to reading in about a month! The 'game' is so fun for him, he asks to do it nearly every day. He loves the egg reward system too; when he completes enough lessons he gets to go 'shopping' in the 'store' for game items. The songs are so catchy, my husband and myself wind up singing them too. I highly recommend this program to all my friends with young children. This is the best online program we have found for phonics!”
J. Thornburg, Club Member
”We have LOVED this product. My Pre-K son has learned a number of his letters and has improved his computer skills as a result of "playing" on Reading Eggs. He thinks it is so much fun. My older son, 2nd grade, has also enjoyed getting on with his brother and reviewing. I would buy it again! Highly recommended.”
Eli R., Club Member
”My 6 year old and 4 1/2 year old both enjoy Reading Eggs. I find that it both challenges my beginner reader and helps my preschooler identify individual and combination letter sounds.”
RC, Club Member
”Reading Eggs is super! My daughter absolutely loves it!!! Reading has been very difficult for her and she is actually enjoying learning to read now!”
Denise, Club Member
”My 7 year old son has learning challenges in the area of reading and resists reading. He took to Reading Eggs immediately and has never complained about doing the program. He loves the variety of activities and especially earning the characters. He is making good progress with his skills. Today we sat down to read a new book and I was having him read all the words that didn't overwhelm him in length. He protested that this was a Level 2 reader and was very pleased when I told him that he is now reading at that level. I am very pleased with this program and it is very affordable.”
Becky M., Club Member
”My 5-year-old daughter loves Reading eggs, and I can really see an improvement. She gets so excited when it is book time and she is about to hatch another egg.”
Brenda G., Club Member
”I signed up my 7 and 5 year old boys for reading eggs a couple of months ago. They both love it and can't wait for their turn to play! My 7 yo has had trouble learning to read has gained confidence with this program. Also, he is easily transferring his knowledge to many books. My 5 yo was doing great with learning to read, but I thought this would be fun for him, too, so I can focus on other subjects with other kiddos. It is exactly what we all wanted.”
Lanie, Club Member
”Knowing that Reading Eggs is made by the same people that made Study Island, which my older children's charter used, and they hated, I was nervous. I decided it wouldn't hurt anything sign up for the free trial, and was amazed at how much my younger kids (grades 1 & 2) loved this product! The games, the songs, the arcade... they actually beg to use Reading Eggs! It's engaging and holds their attention... even my two year old sings the songs now. It has been a great supplement to our reading lessons so far this year!”
R.Bixby, Club Member
”Reading Eggs is great for my preschool aged child who is just learning to read and for my 6 year old fluent reader. My younger child is engaged by the lessons and also motivated by the games and rewards. A surprise benefit is that his computer and keyboard skills are improving. My 6 year old uses Reading Eggs for her spelling and basic grammar. She is working on her sequencing and creative writing skills by composing stories on Reading Eggs. Even the games develop reading, math and logic skills. I really see this as a website we can use from preschool through grade 3 with academic benefit.”
Jennifer Ware, Club Member
”My 5 year old boy loves to do Reading Eggs right after class every day. He always asks me to give him more time to play and learn. He enjoys it very much and has learned a lot. I am very pleased with the program. Thank you!!”
Ruth Hernandez, Club Member
”My 4 yo, 6 yo, and 7 yo have been using reading eggs for a few weeks now, and they love it. They all beg for a turn to play, and I have seen improvement in their reading skills as well as in their motor skills.

I look forward to seeing continued improvement throughout this year.”
SimpleMom, Club Member
”My 2 1/2 year old had been begging to learn how to read for the last 6 months or so. Her favorite things in the whole world are letters and books, and although we have tons of reading, writing and letter toys at home, she still felt dissatisfied. I was skeptical about there being any product or program that would be engaging enough to hold the attention of a 2 yr old. That was, of course, before we tried a trial of Reading Eggs. My dd loved it so much and learned so well with it that I couldn't wait for the group buy to actually go through. I have to say that I am ecstatic with my decision to use Reading Eggs. My dd loves the variety of activities that each lesson features, and actually laughs out loud during some of the lessons. I was afraid that she might find some things frustrating, but this has not been an issue at all for her despite her young age. We tried similar online interactive programs, but this has been the absolute best fit for us. I try to work Reading Eggs into every conversation about PK education that I have. I'm a HUGE fan!”
Cynthia W., Club Member
”Readingeggs is simply Amazing. I didn't expect this kind of an edutainment website when I first heard about it. we learnt about it through co-op and went for the free trial. My kids simply loved it. we took up the membership in the middle of summer vacations(which was at an amazing price thanks to co-op) and within these 2 months my son is reading fluently(just started grade 2)the younger one(in Kindergarten)is reading 3 - 4 letter words already. my older son has jumped from map 8 to map 12 and in a weeks time he will be done with the whole website. I wish and pray that the readingeggs team introduce more lesson plans to take this wonderful reading journey many steps further.”
Umm Bilal, Club Member
”Reading Eggs is a fun way for children to learn various elements of reading. They do not realize they are learning as the lessons are presented as games. The repetition helps to solidify the ideas presented and the children love earning "eggs" each time they complete a lesson.”
Karen N., Club Member
”My 4 yr old daughter loves Reading Eggs. She asks me everyday to play Reading Eggs. The variety of activities have challenged but not frustrated her. I love that she is developing her fine motor skills and critical thinking skills. This program was recomended by a teacher and we are very happy we included this in our schooling.”
Laura Short, Club Member
”I purchased Reading Eggs for my 5 year old and 4 year old as we were starting our homeschool journey. It has been great! After using it for only the first 10 lessons (with no repeats in lessons) my 5 year old is reading and spelling some words. My 4 year old is getting more practice with letters and sounds and will soon be on her way to reading like her sister. I will definitally be continuing my subscription in the years to come and adding one for my now 2 year old in a couple of years.”
Heather B., Club Member
”Reading Eggs has been a terrific addition to our homeschool. Each of my 3 kids aged 3, 5 and 7 beg me to let them play and I think that is how Reading Eggs really differs from the others; it is not a chore for them to be using it, and after they complete their lessons, they are then allowed to play in the extra rooms and games which gives them an incentive to finish the lessons well. They are learning their letters and the sounds they make to reading small words in as little as 10 minutes a day. My two smallest are now able to recognize words in their own books that we read, and my 7 year has learnt to read fluently solely from Reading Eggs.

I have to put a limit on how much time they are allowed to be on Reading Eggs, or they will be on there all day and I will continue to use Reading Eggs for many years to come and cannot recommend it highly enough.”
Amanda B, Club Member
”My kids like the games and the moving forward on the game track. They were excited when I told them we could get accounts for both of them. I like the variety and repetition, and I've told my homeschool group about Reading Eggs.”
Michele Kendzie, Club Member
”Right off the bat I liked that there was a placement "test" to determine where your child should start. My 6 year old daughter was placed at a level that was easy enough for her to gain confidence as she worked her way through, and yet challenging enough to capture her interest.

As she progresses she earns eggs that she can use to buy virtual items for her virtual house. She loves this.

I like that the days she says she doesn't want to do school work, she says wants to play Reading Eggs. I haven't bothered to correct her misconception.

I am very happy we have signed up and I see an improvement in her reading skills each day she plays.”
K. Jennings, Club Member
”We are really enjoying reading eggs. My four year old is always asking to play it. Thanks!”
Kayleen A., Club Member
”I just started homeschooling this year and was looking for a program for my 11 yr. old with special needs. He was not able to name most letters and could not read at all. A few weeks of reading eggs and he is really making progress. He LOVES the lessons and catchy tunes and seeing what is in the eggs. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone. We plan to keep it up and look forward to the progress continuing.”
T.Day, rollasecular homeschool
”My first grade son truly enjoys his time on ReadingEggs. It has helped him in particular with sight words, word families, fluency, and confidence. He loves to "hatch" his new characters and collect the golden eggs. The beginning evaluation accurately placed him at the correct level, allowing him to be successful and challenged.”
Anne S., Club Member
”My six year old daughter loves reading eggs. It is one of her favorite school activity. She started at level four and is now on level 10. I have seen great improvements in her reading and spelling skills. I believe that this program is a great educational tool. I have even bought a subscription for my 3yr old who enjoys playing her school games with mommy's help (she has a hard time with the mouse). SO far we Love this program.”
Nicole D., Club Member
”The price is incredible for the amount of content that you get and is honestly the best homeschool investment I have ever made.

Reading Eggs has impacted my son like nothing else we have tried. He is severely delayed and I was told he would never go above a 2nd grade level. He needs much repetition and other phonics programs just move too fast, which leave us repeating the same lesson over and over. This drives us both to tears.

Reading Eggs moves much more slowly and uses a multitude of games and activities to reinforce a concept and it is reviewed in subsequent lessons. My son is very motivated by earning the coins, the constant praise (i.e YIPPEE!!) but mostly by unlocking the creature inside of the eggs at the end of each lesson. He also likes that he unlocks a "new world" every 10 lessons and I like that it doesn't let you move into this new world until you pass a test.

My only critique of this program is that my son hit a wall at about lesson 45 and couldn't move forward. It was easy to start over, but the only way to do this is to have the creatures re-sealed in the eggs. He lost all of his "special friends" until he re-worked the lessons and this was a big blow to his self-esteem.

The kids do get to keep all of their coins and the additional outfits that they have purchased for their character when they start over.

We will gladly use this until my son is able to finish all of the levels.”
Schelly, Club Member
”My kids have really been enjoying Reading Eggs. In fact they like it so much, after an hour, I have to repeatedly ask them to sign off. Switching to other subjects started to involve whining. I moved our Reading Eggs to the end of the day, which lets them "play" as long as they like.

I have 3 kids using Reading Eggs. (One started Kindergarten, one Grade 2 & one Grade 4) My 9 year watched his younger brother and sister do the free trial, and wanted to try it. He then asked to get his own account and his logic was hard to argue. "Mom it will be a Great REVIEW for me. YES, we will keep using Reading Eggs.”
Lucas Daily School, Club Member