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”EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!!! I cannot speak highly enough about this program. My very reluctant 7th grade reader made a deal with me to start on the 1st grade level and work forward. He was reading at a 3rd grade level and had 0 fluency or comprehension. After just 3 months he is reading at 99words/min and has about 80% comprehension. He is now reading at about a 4-5th grade level and we are moving along. He is still struggling with vocabulary but we are working on that as well. This program is great and he can work independently. Thanks HSBC for finding programs that really work!”
Laurie Halvorson, Co-op Member
”I have been utilizing Reading Assistant for the past 6 weeks with my 5th grade son who is dyslexic. He LOVES this program! I am very happy and so is he. The sound quality is fabulous. The reading selections could not be more appropriate. And I believe that the program is designed in a brilliant way that is encouraging rather than frustrating. This program has been a breath of fresh air for us and I recommend it without hesitation. Bravo Homeschool Buyers Co-op. You've introduced me to another amazing product that I would not have had the opportunity to afford without my membership with your organization! Thank you so much!!!!”
Shari S., Co-op Member
”I have tried every recommendation the experts have touted to help my daughter grasp the skills needed to read well, but to no avail. I became a bit discouraged and I wasn't sure what to do or where else to turn, and then I saw an advertisement for Reading Assistant Plus. I clicked on the link to gain more insight, and I was intrigued to say the least! Now that my daughter has been doing the program, I have seen significant improvement in her confidence and her skills are improving. I still do a phonics program with her just to help her further, but I'm so thankful I have found a program that works and one that makes sense! Reading Assistant Plus builds the skills necessary to become an avid, reader. I couldn't ask for more.”
Kecia M., Co-op Member
”My son with dyslexia loves Reading Assistant. It gives him the freedom to read by himself. He likes the ability to sit by himself but also have the help to make sure he is reading correctly. We bought a headset the first year, but he has since discovered that our laptop microphone also works for him. His biggest complaint is that it does not always pick up what he says correctly, whether he is using the headset or the computer. However, that is a minor complaint. He is much more willing to do his daily reading when he can do it on Reading Assistant.”
Stac, Co-op Member
”Reading Assistant Plus is the most effective reading program that I have experienced. It combines "repeated reading" with vocabulary and pronunciation instruction--all of which are essential to improving reading skills. In addition, the "library" of articles for the student to read can be adjusted to match the reading level of the student and the student can select the genre(s) that interest them. These "adjustments" make reading interesting and comfortable for the student to read and takes away their reluctance to read. My students have made more progress with Reading Assistant Plus than with previous repeated reading programs I have used. The program's implementation of "voice recognition" to correct pronunciation is much more effective--and less intrusive--than the teacher correcting the student, and is particularly effective for English language learners. I would recommend Reading Assistant Plus as part of any curriculum for helping struggling students to improve their reading skills.”
robert ruth, Co-op Member
”I bought this for my 10 year old daughter whose fluency wasn't where I thought it should be. This program is amazing and I am so happy I purchased it. It has her read aloud to help correct her pronunciation and fluency. It also is building her reading comprehension skills. In addition, the reading selections are very informative and educational. She is currently reading about tornados! Definitely a great tool and a worthwhile investment!”
J. Downey, Co-op Member
”I was originally exposed to Reading Assistant through my oldest (rising 4th grader) who is severely dyslexic. He started using the program as part of our subscription to FastForward (Not through the Co-op). He HATES reading but was choosing to use Reading Assistant over everything else I was doing with him. After seeing how the program worked, I purchased Reading Assistant for my youngest (rising 2nd grader), who is not struggling to read, as a summer reading supplement. It is a self-paced program and he is able to read independently. He LOVES the book choices and gets very excited over the points he earns each day. After using the program with both my sons I told a friend who has a struggling rising 2nd grader. We got a subscription for him and he now comes to my house every morning for math and reading. He also LOVES Reading Assistant. Overall, I highly recommend this program. For the two subscriptions I purchased through the Co-op, I am the "administrator." Both boys took an initial placement test to determine their reading levels. The program then provided a suggested library with 40+ books for both boys. I haven't heard any complaints about the books and they cover a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction. I really like that they can have the book read to them multiple times and they are required to record themselves reading the book at least 2 times. The comprehension questions are great and really help to give purpose to the reading since they know they will have to answer questions. We will continue to use this program for daily reading, even after school starts. I am VERY PLEASED with this program and the cost is UNBELIEVABLE considering how much you get!! I highly recommend Reading Assistant!”
Tania K., Co-op Member
”The Reading Assistant has helped my children tremendously on their reading skill. The unique voice recognition feature can help correct kids' mispronunciation which is followed by the right pronunciation for the students to repeat.
In the beginning, my kids were very discouraged because they thought the voice recognition wasn't working properly. However, after they used it for about 2 weeks, they know how the system worked. Moreover, they are able to learn from the system. When I am homeschooling my children now, I can focus on one child while the other is using the program learning how to read! Such a breeze!”
Angel, Co-op Member
”We love this program and definitely feel it is making great improvement in my daughter's reading. She also loves it and even does more then she has to. In reading out loud, with it helping her when she gets stuck, is really beneficial. I love that it goes over vocabulary words and comprehension as well. We will definitely continue to use this.”
Rebecca, Co-op Member
”Reading Assistant allows my son to practice reading fluency independently. It has been a boost to his confidence. The program is motivational, has been easy to use and I've been pleased with the reading selections. It also forces him to be conscious of his diction. And I love not being the one to point out mistakes!”
Amy C., Co-op Member
”At first my high school age sons were self-conscious and a little frustrated reading aloud into the microphone headset, but only after 2 weeks I can already see and hear the confidence rising in their oral reading. I am considering using Reading Assistant for a younger third son next year. They all have had language processing/dyslexia issues.”
Amy Johnson, Co-op Member
”This product is helping my daughter that has dyslexia with her fluency. I like how it reads with her when needed or gives her the work if she struggles too long. She is much less frustrated with this program than others that we have tried.”
Shae, Co-op Member
”I would like to say you can t go wrong with Reading Assistant. It is a wonderful program. You will not be sorry you tried Reading Assistant. My students enjoyed the program. They made great improvement with this program. It really helped their self-esteem when it came to reading out loud. I would definitely recommend Reading Assistant.”
M. Dolese, Co-op Member
”I purchased this program for my two children who struggle with reading. One of them has dyslexia. The younger one, had no issues using this program. She got the hang of it pretty quickly and I noticed a positive change in her reading. However, as for my older dyslexic son, I cannot say the same. The first time he tried this program, he got very frustrated and upset. He was reading along and the computer was making him go back and re-read the word quite a few times. It doesn't let him read at his pace. It keeps slowing him down. I haven't figured out how to fix this. I got this program specifically for the dyslexic son, to help him improve in his reading. But if it makes him frustrated and upset, then we cannot continue with this program.”
Natasha M., Co-op Member
”I LOVED the idea of this program. Works really well for the mid second grade reading level. Being a homeschool mother of 4 dyslexic children, and other various learning disabilities, I needed something to help me get through the days. The idea of this program is wonderful, the word recognition works fairly well, although it does frustrate my children at times. My main problem with the program is there just isn't enough reading material for my kids. My son age 12 read through is few books in under a months time. He was just doing 30 min 5x a week. I was easily able to expand his books to include the high school range as well. However, when I pay this much for a service I expect there to be more stories available in the different age groups. I am also running into the same problem with my 7 year old (reading at a mid first grade level), it has only been a month and a half and the stories have became significantly more difficult for her. So much so that she can't seem to do it. She is now rereading her old stories, but is just memorizing them.
I was also unable to figure out how to change the wait time between my daughter reading the word and the computer correcting her. If she had more time to sound out, it would benefit her more. It does say in the help area where you can find the information on how to do this, but I was unable to do it. I wasn't sure if it was because I was just part of a "group" and not my own school or not, but it never worked for me.
Things I like-
its good for kids who work better with computer correcting them vs a person

It gives struggling readers a chance to work independently

It is pretty much hands free for the parent on the day to day work

some kids may like trying to get all "blue" words and beating their last reading scores.

I think it would work great for kids in the 2nd grade to possibly 6th grade reading levels.
What needs to improve for it to be worth the price to me for other grades-

more stories with a variety of levels

additional readers in the first grade range, especially since this is geared at slow/challenged readers

more informative "help" section

easier way to give more allotted time for student to sound out the words

I bought my subscriptions at $130 each. I will not renew the subscription for my 12 year old. There wasn't enough reading material for him. With the lack of material in the lower grades I will not buy it for my younger one next year either. It worked really well for my 9year old (reading at mid 2nd grade level)I would purchase this again for her.”
Lori A., Co-op Member
”We purchased Reading Assistant this year through the co-op for my 6 just shy of 7 year old home schooled daughter. If she were in public school she would have been entering the first grade.
She wasn't particularly behind in reading, though I did fall in the trap of worrying about where she was in reading compared to public schooled children; like I think most homeschooling parents do. We had been working with phonics through Explode the Code workbooks for her kindergarten year as well as doing reading lessons through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. We saw some progress, but she still wasn't what I would consider a "reader" and her confidence in reading was severely lacking. Before Reading Assistant, we would sit down and try to work our way through some easy readers and she would complain (sometimes cry) and was obviously stressed. I was in no way hard on her or disappointed when she would try to read, but she would still get frustrated and self concious. She is a very self concious and easily embarrassed child whenever she is doing anything that she doesn't consider one of her strengths. She has a very big phobia of looking foolish. I understand all these emotions as I am the same way, so she comes by these traits very honestly and sadly has probably learned this behavior by mimicking me (can we say mom guilt?)
Due to these factors I was looking for a way for her to complete her reading lessons without having to have anyone sitting over her shoulder as she sounded out her words and gained confidence. Reading is a tough subject for that particular style of learning for obvious reasons. So I was excited to find Reading Assistant. I took weeks to make the decision to purchase. All the testimonials and reviews and information I could find for Reading Assistant were geared towards children who were behind, or had learning difficulties related to reading (dylexia, etc.) I couldn't find any information for how it would work for an "average" student with no learning difficulties. I did finally decide to take the plunge, mostly due to the co-op's payment options. It was much easier to swallow spending $15 dollars a month, even if it didn't work, than spending 130 up front without knowing how it work. Why? I am not sure, but for some reason seemed easier to deal with. I throw away more than $15 in any given month on useless stuff anyway.
So now to the meat of the review:
We started using Reading Assistant within 2 days of purchase, the co-co-op had it set up quickly and I had ordered headphones via Amazon with 2 day shipping. The first assignment she had to do was the reading evaluation to see where she needed to start within the program. The program estimated her reading at the equivalent of a 1.3 grade level. I was so relieved, all the stress about her being "behind" public school kids was for nothing. She was entering 1st grade at a 1.3. Whew, sigh of relief. After the initial assessment she was assigned a story. Each book thus far has followed the same pattern, sound out the words or have the computer read the story to her, record herself reading x2, listen to her recording while silently reading along, then take the quiz. She has done amazingly well. Reading has gone from the part of her school day she hated the most, to something she looks forward to and is eager to complete!! She usually completes an entire book per session which takes her just under the 20 minutes the program reccomends. She averages 17 or 18 minutes per book for the reading, 2 recordings, and quiz. Best of all, she completes this on her own without any pressure or embarrassment from someone sitting with her as she does her work. We did make a few tweaks to how rigorously the computer critiques each word she says. Her southern drawl would make the software think she was not saying the correct words when she was at times, but with a minor adjustment it now seems to be working perfectly. As a parent I love that you can download the recordings and save them to your computer since the system only holds 10 books of recordings at once. We have saved each audo file with the transcript of the book for our records to turn in, showing her progress made.
I was worried at first, I thought she may just be memorizing the story and repeating it instead of sounding out and reading. However, in the month that we have been using the program I have noticed her reading (successfully!) more and more outside of the program. She still surprises herself when she reads something which is the cutest thing I've ever seen. She will read something in the store, in books she gets from the library, on the television, or elsewhere and then excitedly tell me "mom! I can read that it says ___"
With one month of usage my daughter has gone from a 1.3 grade equivalent to a 2.1 grade equivalent as a first grader and we could not be more happy!! She now picks out library books each week to read on her own instead of for me to read to her and is developing my love for reading which couldn't make me more happy!
Thank you to the co-op for offering this wonderful program, we plan to buy again for at least next year or longer depending on how quickly she makes it to the end of the libraries.
If you're considering this program, but unsure because your child isn't necessarily "behind" or doesn't have learning difficulties, I highly suggest you do it. Though this program is designed to help those target children, it will still help the "average" child to succeed!”
B. Hodges, Co-op Member
”My daughter uses the reading program at school. Being in high school, the school doesn't offer reading instruction, so she uses this program. Both of us have enjoyed having this program available for extra reading practice. We will continue using this program until she is proficient in reading.”
Karen Callaway, Co-op Member
”My son is doing very well on this program. He can complete it with minimal help from me and he likes it, so no fighting with him to do it.”
yvonne, Co-op Member
”We've been using this program for about a month. Thanks to the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, we were able to get it deeply discounted. I purchased it for my 12 year old son because he has dyslexia and is behind in his reading skills. I have to admit that the program isn't perfect. It doesn't always catch my son's mispronunciation of words but it does catch the majority of them. It gives me a list of words at the end of each reading session that he needs to practice. You do have to consider that any computer program isn't going to catch 100% of things like this - it isn't a person after all. But even with those little imperfections, I really like this program. I think it is top notch in it's approach. He can have the passage read to him before he tries to read it himself. If he comes across a word he doesn't know how to pronounce, he can click on it as many times as he needs to and it will pronounce it for him. It also checks comprehension at the end of a reading passage and provides me with a fluency report to see how he is doing. The best thing about it is, the program is correcting him and not me. My son commented to me that he likes reading with this program better because we don't have to get frustrated with one another. I highly recommend this product!”
Michelle, Co-op Member
”While I am very pleased with the product, I'd like to share these things with you to consider before purchasing it. FIRST - they access a $7.95 transaction fee on top of whatever price you pay. While that may not seem like much, when you purchased this program for multiple kids it adds up. SECOND - IT"S NOT USER FRIENDLY - this is a hard program to navigate through and support is not readily available. You need to email someone and what for an email back etc. That being said - after figuring it out, it's been a good program for my children.”
Sarah Peter, Co-op Member
”I began using Reading Assistant over a year and a half. I have 2 children that are dyslexic and were falling behind in reading. I was really concerned and frustrated with their slow progress and I knew that frustration was interferring with their learning. RA appealed to me because it took the pressure off of me to teach them, which I knew would benefit them greatly. When they both began they were reading at two grades lower than their grade level, but by the time we finished the school year they were reading at almost a grade level above their present grade! I was shocked that they were doing so well. My sixth grader even completed the entire library!

Before they started RA neither liked reading aloud, now they are both very comfortable reading to me and to their siblings. They liked it so much they asked if they could continue with the program even though they were reading beyond their grade level. They both felt that RA would help them become even better readers than they thought they could become, so we are continuing with the program this year! I cannot tell you how many people I have referred to this program! It has been an absolute blessing for my family. So much so that I have begun my Second grader in the program just for reinforcement, because it really cannot hurt and she loves reading time!”
Jenn M, Co-op Member
”My daughter struggles with reading. Since using Reading-Assistant, my husband and I have seen significant improvement. Not only does she love to hear the story being read to her, she loves reading the story herself. Before it was a chore, but now she can't wait to read. Her goal is to earn gold stars with each level. It is much better than other programs we've tried and we will definitely continue to use it.”
Josephine J., Co-op Member
”Reading-Assistant is one of the most clever reading programs out there that I have seen for a struggling student. We have tried several programs over the years and none of them have given us as much hope as MySciLearn and Reading-Assistant. My 10 year old daughter has struggled with reading in a non-traditional way since 2nd grade due to Migraines and improper eye tracking. The science behind Reading-Assistant obviously works and is working for us. Reading is no longer a fight and she can practice reading without triggering a Migraine. It is exciting to finally see her progressing. She is comprehending what she reads, not only with the Reading-Assistant on line program, but in other subjects as well. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks!”
Annie B., Co-op Member
”My younger daughter, who is 6 is a reluctant reader. She is not naturally drawn to reading books by herself, nor has any interest in learning to do so. With that said, RA has helped her tremendously by making her read the same book more than once, pointing out words that she struggles with, and tests her comprehension.”
Angelique C., Co-op Member
”My daughter and I are so very excited about this reading program. She can finally do her reading without me hovering over her. The independence is giving her some confidence. Thank you for the peace you have brought to our home! I have told several others about it already and will continue to do so. We will use it as long as we need it! Thanks!”
Cathy D., Co-op Member
”I bought this program for my son who is Dyslexic. He enjoys being able to read without someone looking over his shoulder all the time. It gives him a feeling of independence when reading. He gets excited earning points during his lessons. It gives him a goal to work toward. The only con would be that the program sometimes doesn't pick up his words when he reads and this can be frustrating for him. However, this can be overlooked. Overall I would recommend the program!”
Ashli N., Co-op Member
”I think Reading Assistant is just what I have been searching for. It is amazing! My daughter is 13 and has dyslexia. Her reading level is about a 4th grade level. She wants to read but ends up frustrated everytime she tries. Now that we have Reading Assistant, she is enjoying reading more. The program lets her see the progress in fluency and it gives her more confidence. I would recommend this program for any child that struggles in reading.”
Sherry B., Co-op Member
”This program has been a good fit for us. My son is on the autistic spectrum and reading has not been easy for him. When we sit down to read together I got all kinds of attitude in the end we would both be frustrated and I would end up yelling. This program has taken that frustration out. We did have an adjustment period to the new program but now that is over I can just send him down. O.k. some things about the program, it doesn't always understand when they read a word right and they might have to repeat themselves, but that hasn't been a big issue. Signing in is a little bit of a pain but it is worth the savings.I like the fact that you can hear their reading when there done that way you can check up on them without the confrontation. Also I ended up putting my son as being in a different grade because he couldn't even take the test for his actual grade it was to hard. All in all I'm happy and even considering it for my other son who reads well.”
Holly M, Co-op Member
”My children love reading assistant! They feel excited and pleased when they are able to accomplish their goals and I love seeing them progress in such a short amount of time. Thank you Reading Assistant!”
Mrs. Valenzuela, Co-op Member
”This program is amazing! My son has improved greatly on his ability to find information in a selection and remember details better. His speech therapist has commented several times, since he began, how well he is doing lately and how he seems more confident when it come to details. We have tried several reading programs before and have had very poor progress. This program really makes my son slow down and keep his attention focused on the story. I will use this program for as long as I can.”
Beverly W., Co-op Member
”I could go on and on about what a difference this reading program has made for our 11 yr old son. We tried one very similar and cxl it after the first 5 lessons. It was a battle each time that only frustrated his reading efforts. At first he didn't want to do this new reading shock...especially when he has had help in the past it ends in an angry outburst. Dad was even reluctant! But, by the time he did his second recording (of him reading it back) he was THRILLED to see his very quick progress. Day 2? He did even better. He couldn't wait to show dad his improved progress. Day 3? The same thing. He actually is so proud of his work. I am SO thankful that we took a chance and went for it. If the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op hadn't offered it, I wouldn't have heard about it. And, we would still be having the same daily battles over reading. This has only been 3 weeks now....and he is reading other books on his own free time. Never thought I would see that happen. Thank you for providing this service. Warmly, Victoria M.”
Victoria M., Co-op Member
”We love this program. My children get the read out loud time that they need and enjoy being recorded and hearing themselves.”
Crystal Dean, Co-op Member
”It has helped tremendously with our two boys who struggle to read. They are finally feeling confident in their reading abilities.”
Jenifer Latawiec, Co-op Member
”While my daughter was in school she had been given this program to use. I remember her being excited to use it at school and even more excited when she was allowed to do so at home. After she left school, I recall her always referring back to sci learn and how she wanted me to find it so she could do it again. I thought it strange that this program had such an impact on her because she typically didn't get excited about much regarding school. I was thrilled to find that sci learn was available in the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I bought the program and my daughter waited impatiently for it to be ready to use. It was pure joy to see her face when I told her it was ready. She uses it every day and it has helped her tremendously in speaking clearly, slowly and with purpose. I believe that it has also helped her become more creative and imaginative with her thoughts and writing. I feel like I've won the lottery.”
Melanie C, Co-op Member
”Although we are homeschoolers, we have been using Reading Assistant for about 3 months through our local school district. Overall, this is an excellent program for children who are struggling readers. My daughter is a 3rd grader with ADHD who struggled significantly with reading comprehension. This program will help with reading proficiency, vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency. The child can read the passage, have the computer read it, and select words they do not know the meaning of or how to pronounce. This helped incredibly with reading comprehension. Your child will need to wear head phones and a microphone to read and record their own voice telling the story. The computer will correct them if they mispronounce a word. Sometimes it over-corrects, which was frustrating, and other times it may miss an error. I found it very beneficial to have my daughter listen to her own recording afterwards as she visually read along with the passage. This helped her with reading fluency and learning how to read out loud (pacing, voice inflection, etc...). At the end the student takes a quiz to check their comprehension. If they make mistakes they can re-read the passage and re-take the test, which is one feature we loved! We were able to check her progress through the school and see if she was improving, and she definitely was.

I found the fiction and non-fiction passages to be very interesting and highly educational. They included pictures which was highly beneficial for my visual learner! My one complaint is the limited number of stories to choose from and the topics they covered. I would love to see this program use more classical texts, such as Charlotte's Web and Little House on The Prarie! Or include stories that taught a skill. But- because we did this program through the school system, I am not sure if we were limited to specific selection. One facsinating and inspirational story was about Deborah Sampson and slavery, which I found to include material I wasn't sure if she was quite ready for. It was very educational and actually made me want to read more about her life. One other questionable topic was on "lying". If topics are a concern, you could always pre-read the text and exclude stories you didn't think were appropriate. She did work through the entire 3rd and 4th grade titles that were offered to us, and I felt everything else she read was completely appropriate for Christian homeschoolers.

Overall, I give this curriculum an outstanding recommendation. I wish there were more 3rd and 4th grade titles to read that were offered to us! Our school district was using this as a supplemental reading program to be used twice a week for 45 minutes each session. We would have continued this program throughout the school year if we hadn't progressed so quickly!”
Kim S., Co-op Member
”Our 5th grade boy is an out-of-the-box, creative thinker. He is also dyslexic and has ADHD. We have tried multiple reading programs and none have improved his fluency or made him feel as if he's accomplished something. Reading Assistant has changed that for us - finally!! He looks forward to doing his reading every day. It's challenging but not impossible. His fluency is slowly improving. Today he met his fluency goal for the first time and you would have thought it was Christmas!”
MeganB, Co-op Member
”This program will make a reader out of your child...and your child will have FUN using this program!

My son does not like to read, but he loves to read on the computer with the "Reading Assistant" program.

This is our second year with RA program and we love it...well worth the time, effort, and money!! I have tried other programs and have found that this one is the best!! I have shared my son's success with family and friends- and now they are using the program!”
Heather B., Co-op Member
”My 8 year old (struggling reader) wiggly-boy loves Reading Assistant. His 10 year old brother (advanced reader) thought it looked cool so he begged me for his own subscription. I was hesitant to buy the program but now I'm thrilled with how it's helping both of my sons.”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”We purchased the program for one of our children that was struggling reading at grade level, in the first week we saw such an improvement that we added a second account for a child that was reading fine at grade level. This program has ramped up our children's reading capabilities faster than any other method we have tried. Also, we really like the book selection, it is better than other programs we have tried (more educationally oriented). One outcome that is awesome is that the program gets the children reading out loud, working on pronunciation and verbal flow. The program has probably been our most effective use of our homeschooling dollars.”
Jim, Co-op Member
”We used Reading Assistant in conjunction with Barton Reading and Spelling. My daughter's fluency drastically improved with Reading Assistant. It can be time consuming working with a child with learning disabilities that is nice to have a program that requires very little parent involvement.”
Rebecca L., Co-op Member
”I recently purchased Reading Assistant for my son and he is LOVING it! I never have to ask him to read each day anymore. He actually begs to read, which is such a refreshing change. My daughter is drawn to the computer whenever he is doing Reading Assistant. She finally asked me if she could please do it too. They are both struggling readers with the gift of Dyslexia and it is so refreshing to see them motivated to read. I just purchased a license for her as well. The improvement I have seen in my son in such a very short time is so encouraging! I have told all my friends, who also have gifted, struggling readers, all about it!”
Tracey W., Co-op Member
”Sara was behind on reading. I can not tell you the amazing difference Reading Assistant has had on her! She went from not wanting to read her small "Sam sat on the mat" books to chapter books!! She LOVES the fact she can go back and listen to herself read!! I love the fact that they keep the scores of her reading comprehension and words per min. She can see the numbers and goals which helps her motivation!! This is the best homeschool product I have EVER bought!! Now my oldest child who doesn't have a reading issue wants an account so she isn't left behind!! Its amazing that she can even tell her sister has made leaps and bounds progress!! Thank you Reading Assistant and Homeschool Buyers Coop! I cry with happiness when I hear Sara read to me!! I owe it all to ya'll! I have to say one more thing!! Rachel says "Hurry up and make my account!!" After we paid I told her it takes a couple of days but she wants the product that bad!! Again, AMAZING!!! ”
Melodie G., Co-op Member
”As a homeschooling mother with a dyslexic daughter, I have tried everything I can get my hands on to help my daughter enjoy reading. She would get frustrated with my attempts to help her sound out words and I needed something different. Through Homeschool Buyers Co-op, I discovered Reading-Assistant! This approach to reading is a God send for dyslexic kids! They thrive on being in control, and RA gives them that and so much more. The reading prompts keep the child on track, so my daughter has never zoned out or daydreamed during a reading session. The current sentence being read is in bold while the rest of the text is very faded, so my daughter doesn't get overwhelmed with a full page of words ahead of her. The yellow-highlighted problem words let her know to repeat the word until it is correct, which means I don't have to intervene in any aspect of the reading assignment! The program speaks any word that is struggled over so my daughter is forced to try to sound it out, but doesn't get frustrated. That is SO hard to accomplish, and Reading-Assistant has done it! The headset makes my daughter feel very sophisticated and important which adds to the motivation to get the assignment done. I am so thankful for this program as it has made a huge difference in our daily effort to make reading more enjoyable for my daughter!”
Andrea M, Co-op Member
”We love it. My daughter has a language processing disorder who hated reading and would often be in tears during lessons. After two months with RA she is reading books to us and the dog. She daily proclaims, "I love to read." My daughter is a slow reader, speaker, and writer/typist. I appreciate that this program advances her to more difficult reading selections even if her fluency (words per minute) is below target rather than making her repeat the same thing over and over like other programs we have tried. Most of the time she gets perfect comprehension scores so I know that she is understanding what she is reading even if it is at a slower pace. I expect to use this program for a long time.”
Allison H,, Co-op Member
”My 13 year old son loves RA. He is an English Language Learner, and also is dyslexic, so he struggles a lot. I have noticed that the RA lets him get away with more mistakes than I do, which is disappointing. I like that it lets him do some independent work, though. Also, he very much enjoys the stories he's reading. He's enjoying learning the information that they teach.”
Stephanie B., Co-op Member
”My kids absolutely love this amazing program! It has saved me as a homeschooling mum a lot of reading exercise stress! I just set it up for the kids and i have time to do other non school things. A treasure to have!”
Mrs G, Co-op Member
”No more fighting to read. My son likes trying to get a higher score, every time he reads. He likes reading by himself, using the computer. He is reading a lot better, than I thought. Yes, we will keep using it. It is a great program with no stress. Yes, I have told other moms.

We have tried Hooked on Phonics.”
Kathryn C., Co-op Member
”The Reading Assistant program provides a great way of measuring your child's reading ability and giving them ongoing practice. It is a very well designed program -- color codes the words based on how quickly/well you said them, variety of stories, child can listen to their own reading of a story and the progress charts are easy enough for my daughter to understand and use. My daughter's reading specialist highly recommends this program and was amazed I was able to get it for such a low price. I definitely recommend this product for kids learning to read or for kids working through learning difficulties with reading.”
Erika, Co-op Member
”The program has been great for my 6th grader once I fine tuned the voice recognition. It has improved his fluency and helped a struggling reader feel successful.

I also purchased this for my first grader who is an average first grade reader. The beginning of the program is harder then I expected and did not work for her. I would say it is better for second grade and up.”
Vikki, Co-op Member
”This is a great program, and it is really helping with her reading and phonetic pronunciation of sounds. My daughter loves using it.”
Shaune S., Co-op Member
”I was happy to purchase this at the discounted price. I'd read about it in "Overcoming Dyslexia" but the price was out of my reach.
I'm delighted that my 13 year old dyslexic daughter is so willingly using it. Because Language Arts are difficult for her, it's hard to get her to comply with the very programs that will help her advance. One of her difficulties is poor enunciation. This program, by making her read into the microphone, and correcting her when she misspeaks, or is unclear is exactly what she needs! And the stories truly are holding her interest, very important to gain the cooperation of my reluctant reader.”
Teresa P., Co-op Member
”Reading Assistant Software is amazing. My 8 y.o. daughter LOVES the book selections! She is excited about her progress, too. I appreciate the opportunity for her to self-correct her reading with the assistance of the software "teacher"; it eliminates the need for me to give negative feedback. She just likes Mom and Dad (and Oma, and friends) to see her success whenever she achieves proficiency with a selection!”
MHC, Co-op Member
”My son has always struggled with reading and requires a great deal of one-on-one time from me in our homeschool. Reading Assistant has been an answer to prayer! He is able to do this program on his own, freeing me up to teach our other children. His fluency is greatly improving, which helps him in ALL of his subjects. So far, this program has been of great benefit to our family. I am considering subscribing for my younger children, (who do not have learning difficulties) as well, just for the fluency practice. Well worth the money spent!!”
Rebeca J., Co-op Member
”I love this program my son is dyslexic and we used Orton Gillingham as part of his curriculum but having this program allows him to work independent of me, which is very important...a big boost for his self esteem. I have looked into other programs that claimed the students could work independently on improving their reading skills but this is the first out of many programs that that didn't frustrate him. I plan to use this program throughtout his homeschooling days. I have suggest this program to many parents.”
N. Thomas, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son ( adopted from Haiti at age 3) has been behind in reading since first grade. With reading assistant it is the first time where I can tell him to do his reading and do not have to watch every word he reads and correct it. He works with the computer program, enjoys it, and at the end I can check his score. I love it!!!!”
Patty S., Co-op Member
”We have been using this program for several months. I purchased it for one of my students who is dyslexic. This program is great to help her practice fluency.

I have another one of my students using it as a way of reading books and hearing information that otherwise would be too advanced for him to read on his own. The reading selections are very good. A lot of history and science can be covered by just letting students listen to the stories.

We will continue to use Reading Assistant! The product is very well done. I can't say that my students clamor to the computer, asking to do Reading Assistant, but the program accomplishes what it was designed to do.

If you have a student who needs more reading practice, this is an excellent way for him or her to get the practice and perhaps learn some useful information in the process.”
Wendy, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old daughter is a struggling reader. We have used this product for almost a year now. She has gone from never wanting to read to now enjoying reading. She still has some struggles but not nearly as much. Her fluency has improved dramatically as well as her site word recognition. I would highly recommend this product for any age child who is a struggling reader.”
Mrs. Kristie Richardson, Co-op Member
”We used Reading Assistant last year for my son in 2nd grade. He needed to improve his fluency. He increased his fluency from 40 - 70 words per minute. He loved the program and would ask to read certain stories and poems over and over. This is a great value! We have used other reading programs which cost a lot more and did not show as much improvement.”
Marie Kenney, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love it! It helps with reading and greatly improves their vocabulary and comprehension skills.The option to hear some of the vocabulary words in spanish is a plus. Overall it's really a wonderful program and worth the price to help a struggling reader or improve ones reading skills.”
L. Chiosi, Co-op Member
”We used Reading Assistant for 9 months with my son. It made a great difference in his reading ability. While I don't think this was the only tool that allowed him to read more fluently, it was one of the key tools we used. Today he can read quite well and actually ENJOYS reading!”
Marcie, Co-op Member
”I love this program! I have been a tutor to struggling readers for many years. The Reading Assistant does for the children what I do sitting right next to them (and charge their parents by the hour). The added advantage is that they can hear themselves reading a passage. This is even great for a summer enrichment. I hope the Co-op keeps this for many years. I would like to use it with my beginning reader that is not even delayed.”
Pam T., Co-op Member
”It has really helped with my son's fluency/his ability to read fast. The stories are interesting and appropriate for his grade level. He doesn't hate the stories like his textbook. Sometimes the voice recognition doesn't work as well as we'd like, so it is helpful to have an adult sit with him. He likes the reward points at the end too. We'll continue until he has worked his way through all of the stories. It's better than hooked on phonics master reader.”
LJE, Co-op Member
”We have had a great experience with Reading Assistant so far! My 11 year-old daughter had a severe speech delay when she was younger and had issues with receptive and expressive language. This affected not only her speech, but also her reading and comprehension. She is doing so well now, through years of speech therapy and extra help in reading. However, I was looking for a product that would reinforce correct language and speech patterns for my daughter, and give her guided practice in fluency. Reading Assistant has been a great resource for us, and my daughter enjoys the time she spends using it. I look forward to the next few months, as I am sure we will see improvement in her ability and confidence in reading aloud.”
Marci L., Co-op Member
”We tried Reading Assistance for the 1st time this year. My 8 yr. old son has always loved math & science, but has struggled with reading fluency. We thought this program would be a way for him to practice without us sitting over his shoulder correcting him. IT has performed beautifully! He loves it, and will read over and over until he gets the GOLD STAR on top. Thank you for a wonderful program. When we say it is time to read, he doesn't fight us anymore, and looks forwarded to achieving his stars. Thank you again for helping us break the reading barrier.”
J. C., Co-op Member
”Our daughter, 13, loves the program. It has increased her fluency, comprehension and speed. She looks forward to her 1/2 hour everyday. I couldn't be easier for me to manage! Thank you for this opportunity.”
Mary Burrill, Co-op Member
”My 11 yo son has been using Reading Assistant for about a month now and seems to enjoy it. The stories keep his attention and the speech recognition components has the added benefit of helping him work on his speech issues. When he would read aloud to me, I tended to know what he was saying, but the program actually makes him speak clearly before he can go on. He's not dropping the ending sounds as much and his reading speed is slowly but surely increasing. I'd highly recommend this product.”
Lisa L., Co-op Member
”I purchase a subscription to reading assistant for my 8th grade daughter who has just completed all levels Barton Reading and spelling. She was a struggling reader until this year and has achieved proficient level on state standards for reading. While her comprehension is good she is still struggling with fluency. She takes correction poorly from me so I thought this would help. She tends to use Reading Assistant for several hours at a time a couple days a week and seems to enjoy it. I've not had to prompt her into using it. She says she thinks it is helpful. Since we have only been using it a month the evidence for improvement in her fluency is subtle. I asked her if we should buy it for her little sister who is also a struggling reader (but well ahead of where she was in 4th grade and on Level 8 of Barton) and her response was then she will be reading better than me. In conclusion after a month of use my 13 year old daughter thinks it is going to make her a better reader. I have found for the most part the technology is impressive. It does correct for bad pronouncement and incorrect reading. It enforces accuracy in reading and speaking. I think it is a good complement to Barton, but it would not stand on its own as a complete reading intervention for Dyslexic students.”
Linda H., Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for having this product available. I know it's work for you, but it is a great product and I'm excited to be able to have it for my son. If it wasn't for Fast ForWord, my son probably would not be reading even close to his grade level at this time. Our next goal is to increase his fluency with Reading Assistant so reading will be enjoyable for him.”
Cynthia G., Co-op Member
”I used this program 9 years ago when I was the guardian of my niece, and it brought her reading level up to where she won the reading contest by reading the highest numbers of books at her school...and it cost me over $800. I am now the guardian of a 6 year old, and I want her to start reading at a higher level before I decide to place her in school. This is exactly the tool I want at a great price. Thank you for your continued support, persistence, research, and time that you invested to help Homeschool families.”
Iris E., Co-op Member