Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.
Can I upgrade from the old, computer-based version of Reading Assistant to the new, web-based version?

No, there is no upgrade path from the old version to the new version that will preserve your student's reading level and assessments. However, if you purchase the new version, your student will be given an assessment that places him or her at the right level, and you can go from there.

What are the technical requirements for the new version of Reading Assistant?

You can view the technical requirements in PDF format here.

Is Reading Assistant compatible with Windows 8?

Scientific Learning Tech Support knows of no problems with Windows 8 and feels it is safe to say the two are compatible.

Can we use Reading Assistant with an iPad?

Yes, there is an app for Reading Assistance on iPad. Click here to access the app at the iTunes store.

See a complete list of system requirements for iPad.

Is Reading Assistant compatible with Windows 10?

Per Scientific Learning, at this time Reading Assistant doesn't officially support Windows 10. However, we have seen some success using the Chrome browser in compatibility mode. We can't promise this will work but we've seen some success with it. To run Chrome in Compatibility Mode, take the following steps:

  • Right click the Chrome icon
  • Select Properties
  • Click the Compatibility tab
  • Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select Windows 7 or 8
  • Do I need the headset adapter if I am running Windows Vista?

    Yes. You need an approved headset adapter for any computer or operating system. List of Approved Headsets

    Can I purchase one subscription for multiple students?

    No, you need to purchase one subscription per student. Reading Assistant tracks each student and provides assessment of the student user. Having multiple students using the same subscription would confuse Reading Assistant and defeat the purpose of Reading Assistant - to provide individualized assistance.

    I already have one Reading Assistant subscription and want to order another one for my second student. If I simply place a new order through the GroupBuy, will the second child's account be linked in my staff/teacher account so that I can manage them from the same place, or will it set up a second account?

    The teacher and students are in their own "Group" within the Co-op's school Account. The students will have their own subscription access and log in info, but you, as the Teacher, will have one login with access to data for both students.

    Will my student be assessed for the grade level I entered in the Order form? I want her to be assessed and to begin wherever is program indicates. Should I leave the grade level blank?

    In order to set up you and your student within our Reading Assistant School, we will need your student's grade. When a student begins Reading Assistant, he or she will take an assessment. Based on the results of the assessment, the software will place the student where he or she needs to be.

    Will my child be able to use Reading Assistant while we travel overseas?

    Yes, provided (a) you have a decent Internet connection and (b) your host country is not blocking access (we know of no cases where this has happened, but it's possible). Note to International Members: We are sorry, but although US and Canadian members may be able to use Reading Assistant while traveling abroad, we are prohibited by contract from offering Reading Assistant to our international members outside of the U.S. and Canada.

    Can Reading Assistant be used on more than one computer in my home?

    Yes. It can be used on any computer that meets Reading Assistant's technical requirements.

    When I log my children in to complete the first assessment, it will not load. The login works, but the assessment will not load. I am able to access and navigate my account after logging into my Staff Login.

    Please view the technical specifications in PDF format here. Make sure your computer meets the technical requirements, especially your Adobe Flash Player.

    Click here to determine which version of Flash plug-in is installed in a browser and a link where the latest version can be installed, if applicable.

    If you have to update your Adobe Flash to the current version, clear your browser history and cache, close your browser and reopen so the changes take effect.

    Also, Scientific Learning Tech Support suggests making sure the headset is plugged in when you start the program, as the program would be looking for it.

    I am able to load the assessments and/or assignments, but it seems very slow to load.

    Scientific Learning Tech Support suggests going to to check your computer's upload speed for free. It should be at least 1.5 Mb/s.

    How can I access reports to view my student's progress?

    Once signed in as the teacher, you can go to the results tab and pull up reports. Teachers will need to manually select Reading Assistant under the results tab, as the default data is Fast ForWord. You will find fluency and selection reports available on the student side under the points report too.

    What is the relationship between Reading Assistant and BrainPro/Fast ForWord?

    BrainPro is the Fast ForWord program with the addition of a consultant. Reading Assistant is a guided oral reading program that focuses on fluency practice.

    Is the material presented to the student in Reading Assistant the same in BrainPro/Fast ForWord?

    No, they are completely different programs. BrainPro/Fast ForWord focuses on mapping, sequencing, processing and attention. In the early levels it also focuses on listening and sound differences. It does go into a reading portion, but works on skill building rather than fluency. Reading Assistant focuses on reading aloud. The children on Reading Assistant read stories on their grade level into a recorder so that the program can intervene if they have trouble and then grade them on fluency at the end. BrainPro/Fast ForWord is completely auditory with no oral reading. The principals behind the two programs are similar but there is no content overlap, and no activity overlap.

    How do I assign a new library or new level in Reading Assistant? My student has finished his "library".

    Here's what you need to do to change your student's level or "library" in Reading Assistant:

    1. Log in to the Reading Assistant subscription as the Teacher through the Staff Log In page. Note: Your Staff Log-in Info would have arrived via email from Scientific Learning. The Co-op does not know your Staff Log-in info. If you do not remember your Staff Log-In Info, or did not receive the email from Scientific Learning, please see page 2 of Getting Started with Reading Assistant PDF, found on your MY SUBSCRIPTIONS page.
    2. Once you are logged in as the Teacher, follow the directions on pages 3-6 of the Getting Started with Reading Assistant PDF to access your student's profile (page 5 gives you a great sample shot of what the profile looks like).
    3. Located at the top right of your student's profile is the "Assignments" section. Click on the Edit link.
    4. In the Library drop down box, you can choose the next level to assign to your student.
    5. After selecting the appropriate level, just click Save and you are done!

    When I try to login as the parent/teacher I receive an Internet Server Error. I'm using a link from the email mySciLearn sent me when we first subscribed. What am I doing wrong?

    When you first received your email from mySciLearn, you had 7 days to click on the link and create your account. If the you did not click this link within the first 7 days, please go to Once here, click on the "Forgot Password" link, enter your email address and mySciLearn will send an email to you so you can create a new password. If you did click this link within the first 7 days, you can login directly at If you have forgotten your password, please click on the "Forgot Password" link, enter your email address and mySciLearn will send an you and email so you can create a new password.

    I would like my child to be able to choose which book he reads within his assigned library. As of now, he can only read the next book in his library. Can I change this?

    Yes, you can change the Content Progression for your child. Below are steps to access the user manual to make this change:

    1. Click on the Resources tab Menu
    2. From there, click on the Resource Library button.
    3. In the search field, search for this document name: MySciLEARN User Guide.
    4. Click the title link to open document. Ensure you choose the Reading Assistant version of this document in the Product column.

    This will open up as a PDF. We recommend starting on page 238 and continue reading through page 244. These pages give teachers an overview on setting Reading Assistant assignments, and how the student can access and work on the selections in their library. You might also see other helpful information under the Resource Library at your finger tips!

    Why are my student's words-per-minutes less with Reading Assistant than with another, similar program?

    In Reading Assistant, the timer does continue to run even when it prompts the child to go back and reread a word. In addition, the Reading Assistant software will allow a little extra time for a student to complete reading a selection because of this.

    My child is on the second lesson. It is a reading about lie detectors. When he clicks on the second lightbulb, there are no answers in the box to select. Since it will not let him move on until he answers this question, how to do we answer it?

    Scientific Learning is working on adding more detailed directions to help families navigate through this lightbulb question and several others within the program. This lightbulb question asks the student to choose the sentence containing the main idea of the the particular paragraph where the lightbulb is positioned. What your child can do is click within the actual text paragraph to choose the sentence containing the main idea. Once your student chooses and clicks on the sentence he believes is correct, he should be able to move on in the program.

    While recording a story aloud, my son feels that he doesn't have time to respond when it wants him to repeat something. Is there a setting that can be changed that will allow more time before it moves him on?

    Yes there is! Here are steps to access the user manual to assist you in making this change for your student:

    1. Click on the Resources tab Menu.
    2. From there, click on the Resource Library button.
    3. In the search field, search for this document name: How to Use MySciLEARN (Reading Assistant manual)

    This will open up as a PDF. Search in the table of contents or the document for Intervention Wait Time, which is found in advanced settings. When viewing your student's profile, edit the Assignment to see the Advance Settings link. The steps in the PDF should help you from there. You might also see other helpful information under the Resource Library at your finger tips!

    Can I locate a detailed list of the book titles in each reading level?

    Yes. Simply log into your Teacher Account and go to the 'Resource Library' under the "Resources" tab. In the search field, enter: Content Description. From there you will find PDFs that list the book titles for a particular reading level.

    When the Reading Assistant software helps my daughter with a word, it makes her repeat the word several times before the program will let her continue reading. Then it will often stop her on the next one or two words, even when she says them correctly. Help!

    Please try adjusting the strictness settings within the software. You can find steps to adjust this in the Reading Assistant user manual:

    1. Click on the Resources tab Menu
    2. From there, click on the Resource Library button.
    3. In the search field, search for this document name: "How to Use MySciLEARN". Ensure that the Product column says Reading Assistant, not FastForward.

    This will open up as a PDF. Search in the table of contents or the document (by using the Control+F function) for Pronunciation Correctness, which is found in advanced settings. When viewing your student's profile, edit the Assignment to see the Advance Settings link. The steps in the PDF should help you from there. You might also see other helpful information under the Resource Library right at your finger tips!

    One of our members has informed us of the following: "What I have found to be the most effective is to use Tools-Microphone Check and adjust the microphone to make sure that when the child speaks, the bar is mostly in the green. Sometimes it's helpful to move the microphone further away from the user's mouth. If a USB microphone is used, it is also sometimes helpful to change the USB port where the microphone is plugged in."

    My son is working on his first assignment. He is on Step 2 and has recorded himself reading the story as well as listened to the recording. Now he should move on to Step 3 which is the quiz but it wont let him move on. It keeps saying he has not finished Step 2. What should I do?

    To complete the Read and Record activity, the student must read each selection at least twice, reaching the fluency goal (WCPM) in one of those readings. Each selection has its own fluency goal, which appears in the Fluency report.

    If the student does not reach the goal by the end of the second reading, he or she must read the
    selection a third time. After that third reading, the activity is considered complete even if the fluency
    goal is not met. The software awards any points earned and then adds them to the Points counter in theupper right corner of the My Reading screen.

    The student can choose to read the selection again for additional practice.

    I purchased a one year subscription through the Co-op, and it will expire soon. If I renew my subscription for another year, will one year be added to my current end date?

    Yes, if you renew now, 365 days will be added to your current end date. You can place your one year renewal order here. Be sure to select "Yes" from the drop-down menu in the order form beside "Renewal?".

    I currently have a month-to-month subscription, but I would like to switch it to the one-year subscription. How do I do that?

    The Co-op has published a link to a special order form on Member's MY SUBSCRIPTIONS page to upgrade to an annual subscription. This is located under the "Reading Assistant" heading. The order form will tell you everything you need to know about switching over.

    Can I switch my current subscription to a different student?

    No. You will need to place a new order. After placing your new order, send the Co-op a message through our Contact Us page to cancel the original subscription.

    Is there a way I can turn the pop quizzes off?

    No, the pop quizzes are an embedded feature of Reading Assistant and cannot be manually turned off.

    How can I assign my student to a lower (or higher) grade level?

    When logged in as the Teacher, select the Manage tab and go to your Student's Profile. Edit the "Assignments" section (top right) and choose the grade level you wish to assign your student under the "Library" drop down menu. Be sure to select "Save" at the bottom of the popup window.

    Why does the story disappear from the collection list once the story has already been read? I like to find out how I can re-read the story again.

    This happens if you make a "One Time Assignment". Don't make your assignments in the "One Time Assignments" tab, and this won't happen.

    Is there a way to print reports of the progress my child has made while using Reading Assistant?

    Yes, you can print reports for any time range throughout your subscription. Log in to your Reading Assistant teacher account and click on the Results tab. Over to the right is a "Date Range" drop down box. Choose "Custom" and fill in the appropriate dates. You will see sum-up data for your student(s).

    If you scroll down a little, you will see where each student is listed separately,and you can choose one student at a time. As you scroll down, you will notice that some sections have a drop-down box on the right side that shows how many Items are being shown.

    Within that drop-down box, you will have choices for how many items you want to display on the screen at once. If you look on the left, you will see a number that tells you how many total items there are to display. If the total number of items is less than the largest number in the drop-down box, you can display all the items on one page. If the number of total items is greater than that, you will have to look on a second page to see them. Once you have made your choices as to what to display, go ahead and print your reports!

    My student took the assessment, and Reading Assistant gave my student a high goal for his WPM. How does reading that quickly help my student? What if they can't read that fast?

    The WPM goal presented to the student is a combination of the reading level that the program has placed him/her in, as well as how well he or she has been doing in that level. It is actually just meant to be a goal that the student may strive to reach, but it will not hinder him from moving on to the next reading level. You could move your student back a grade level to help adjust the WPM goal, but your student might get bored if he or she is already doing well where they are placed now.

    My son was working in the 9-12 grade level but wanted to reference a book he read while he was in the 6-8 grade level. Within my teacher account, I moved him back to the 6-8 grade level so that he could access this book. When I finally moved him back to the 9-12 grade level, the stories were different, and he didn't seem to be in the same place to pick up where he left off. What could the problem be?

    After speaking with Scientific Learning, we've been informed that this is a software glitch that occasionally happens when a subscriber moves to a different level and then returns back to the previous level. While the results will be kept, the software sometimes removes the previously used reading material from the library once reassigned.

    After my student is logged in and clicks the "Start" button for his assignments, he receives this message: "Server connection lost or the media has been removed from the server. Please click Retry to reconnect. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator for assistance."

    The computer's firewall or anti virus software may be blocking SciLearn to send communication to your computer. Please check your firewall or antivirus settings and unblock or accept communication from SciLearn.

    Will we lose our data when Flash Player is no longer supported after 2020?

    Per Scientific Learning, there is no issue as far as Flash Player is concerned. Reading Assistant has been in HTML5 for a while now and nothing will change for users when Flash is no longer supported.

    What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

    You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.