Topic:Raising Adventurous Eaters
Presenter:Katie Kimball, Kids Cook Real Food
Date/Time:11-03-2021 11:00 AM Pacific
Hosted By:Homeschool Buyers Club
Description:End the dinnertime whining, complaining, and running around like crazy people and find some sanity (and satisfaction) in eating healthy food as a family (yes, even vegetables).

What You'll Learn When You Attend

(you'll be able to put some of this into action IMMEDIATELY!)

-- How to WIN every time you play the game of dinner with your kids (and your kids win too!)
-- The snacktime rule that will be your new best friend
-- Why when you serve veggies totally matters
-- Power struggle diffusers to make family mealtimes peaceful (even if you have picky eaters)
-- How to make the clean plate club totally unnecessary
-- 3 choices to give your kids that will make healthy food a reality in your house -- but they still think they're in control
-- Quick phrases for your "parenting toolbox" that ease decision fatigue at the end of the day
-- How to leverage your unfair advantage in the kitchen 
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