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”My 11th grader and I are loving these Progeny Press literature study guides! They are thought provoking, insightful and thorough. I plan to order another set for second semester. Thank you, Progeny Press!”
Teri U., Club Member
”The price offered on the Co-op for a bundle of Progeny Press literature guides (PDF files) was a great deal. I purchased the High School bundle and my daughter has really enjoyed the format where she simply types in the answers on the computer. So thrilled to have these guides offered at the Co-Op for such a great price - especially the bundle options with various ages of kids!”
Robyn T., Club Member
”This is our first year to utilize Progeny-Press and am so glad the Lord led us to order this Curriculum. We have many friends who have used this for their students - and we have been very pleased with the layout and the book choices. Yes, I would recommend this to anyone who is searching for an English Curriculum.”
Terri, Club Member
”My family loves the Progeny Press guides. As a parent, I never have to worry about the content. The questions are thought provoking and comprehensive. This is our third year purchasing Progeny Press guides. They are our go-to study guides for great literature.”
Holly J, Club Member
”This is the second time I have purchased study guides from Progeny Press and it was easier this time round. It seems the bugs in downloading to a Mac have been ironed out and it was all too easy. Once again the content was great and has freed up my time to spend in other areas.
Thank you.”
C. White, Club Member
”I really appreciate having the product as an electronic download. With 5 kids, we needed our curriculums to last longer. My kids enjoy the selection of books available to read and study but I think the structure of how to do their studies was a bit difficult for us to get use to. We are learning and hope to adapt it to our family situation.”
M/.V., Club Member
”What a great curriculum find! I wish I had ordered these from the start. The Progeny Press study guides are highly interesting, comprehensive, and cover numerous skill areas. I will definitely continue to use them throughout high school. My children are already looking forward to reading and analyzing books in the next grade level.”
Jessica Z., Club Member
”I have been using Progeny Press literature guides with my daughters for 4+ years now. I find their various levels of questions great for testing reading comprehension and also for discussion topics. We will definitely continue to use them while we homeschool.”
Sharyl R, Club Member
”We appreciate the excellent, Christ centred guides offered by Progeny Press. Their book study guides are thorough and thoughtful yet the format makes it easy to complete; Progeny Press makes our study guide of choice.”
A Eckstein, Club Member
”We are really enjoying the Progeny Press study guides this school year! I personally love that it's self directed for them and they are enjoying the books they are reading. I have been using Progeny Press for 5 years and will continue to use this program. I love the pdf format as I'm able to reprint the workbooks for children to come!”
Vicki Williams, Club Member
”I just bought five of the literature guides for my 7 and 9 year old daughters. I'll be a Progeny Press customer for life! The guides are spot on - encouraging students to THINK, really THINK about what they are reading.

I also like that the PDFs are now available for me to print for any of my children - so the three little brothers following these girls through school will also benefit from the purchase.”
Laura K, Club Member
”Recently I purchased a bundle of study guides through Homeschool Buyers Co-op at a very substantial discount. They were downloadable files which made the purchase very attractive, and the service in the whole transaction was exceptional.

We are a long term homeschool family having done this for near 18 years now. We have graduated two children and are in our second year of schooling our four youngest. Years ago we stumbled upon the "gem" of Progeny-Press and our older children benefited immensely from the content and challenge these literature study guides included. When I saw them on HSBC-op I was delighted.

I have not used any of the guides yet, but I have downloaded all five, printed several, and remain thrilled about them for the same reasons mentioned previously. My younger children will be delighted as best they can at their ages, me more so, because these guides offer me all that I need to engage them in each story and bring them to the truths being presented.

This purchase was by far one of my best for this school year. I am delighted to have as much in e-format that I can. I can be in control of the amount of items on my shelves then, as well as the cost is much less than as if I had ordered hard copies to begin with.

Kudos for the offer of Progeny-Press Study Guides at a phenomenal rate. They have my vote.”
Mrs. Loretta Smith, Club Member
”These study guides are fabulous. My daughter was deeply engaged in each book she read. Each guide helped her make connections with the text and caused her to strengthen her relationship with the Lord.

I couldn't be happier with Progeny-Press. They are an excellent resource for our Language Arts program!”
Alicia Rivet, Club Member
”We are working through our first Progeny Press Literature Guide - Pride and Prejudice for High School - and are extremely pleased with the combination of thought-provoking questions and vocabulary activities. It makes an intimidating book seem much more approachable. We have already ordered the guide for The Tale of Two Cities as well! Thanks”
PaulaG, Club Member
”I purchased several Progeny Press titles and so far have used one - The Courage of Sarah Noble. My girls really enjoyed answering the questions. I appreciated the questions that related to the Bible and to character qualities. The format was easy to follow. I highly recommend Progeny-Press for any family.”
April S., Santa Cruz, California, Club Member
”My children are all avid readers. We were excited that they enjoyed reading good literature, like Redwall, Island of the Blue Dolphins, and Crispin: The Cross of Lead. But we had a difficult time getting them to discuss the stories with any depth of meaning. Just getting the storyline was like pulling teeth. We were stumped. When we learned about Progeny Press products and evaluated them from the samples, we were sure that they would help us mature our children's grasp of the literature they were already enjoying. We purchased 10 study guides during the first buy and even more since. Our fifth grader is so enjoying the interactive guides that we can't get her to slow down and do just a page a day. She completes a guide in about a week. We are pleased with her improvement in literary analysis. We're convinced that she is finally really getting fulfillment from her reading. Our third grader is a little envious of not having an interactive guide, but is just as happy about the challenge of the work. The Progeny Press literature guides were a wonderful addition to our homeschool experience. We will continue to use them.
Christine B., Club Member
”I have really enjoyed the book studies of Progeny Press. They allow me to begin to teach my son some critical thinking skills, while having fun reading great books. He has really enjoyed them as well and looks forward to what questions might be asked next.”
Heather A., Club Member
”I am very pleased with Progeny Press's Poetry study guide and The Scarlet Letter study guide--our first uses of P.P.'s products. I've never seen such in-depth literature study that is also uninhibiting for students and teachers. From theme questions to vernacular questions, the guides have been easy for my kids to answer but also have taught a great deal about the literature, to even me--one who flunked the study of The Scarlet Letter in high school! I'm loving reading and studying along with my kids and finally understanding the text as an adult, and I've never heard of another company that uses the Bible as comparative literature to the themes in high school level literature! Progeny Press does amazing work to develop these great study guides! I'm very impressed and grateful to have such great tools, especially in literature, something I have feared teaching since I have not been an avid reader until my adulthood. I'm learning a lot too, and I think my excitement has rubbed off a little on my kids! They are 9th and 10th graders, almost opposites as learning types go, and are both showing nearly perfect initial understanding of every concept discussed so far in Poetry and The Scarlet Letter! I even believe the Poetry guide has allowed my 9th grader to show that she excels in understanding some abstract things that I had no idea she excelled in before! I will definitely be talking up Progeny Press to my friends, and I look forward to the other four book guides that I've already purchased!”
Heather Berryman, Club Member
K.SMITH, Club Member
”I have really enjoyed using the Progeny-Press study guides. I'm extremely pleased with the Biblical teachings and character lessons. Great literature choices, recommended grade levels are appropriate, and just good all around learning! I would highly recommend and I think they are a great value!”
Debby K., Club Member
”My two teen boys and I are experiencing Progeny Press for the first time this year. WE LOVE IT!! Frankenstein was the first choice and they are comprehending, evaluating and writing about the literature more enthusiastically and clearly than I thought possible. THANK YOU Progeny and HS Co-op!”
Susan M, Club Member
”This is a great guide for reading classics. I like that is has vocabulary straight from the book.”
Rhonda L., Club Member
”Our family has the unique situation of currently homeschooling our five children, 2 of whom are brand new English language learners and one home 3 years, in addition to a 6th grader working at 10th grade level and a 2nd grader.

We have completed several of the guides now and have found them to be superior to anything I had looked at. The quality of the book selections, and the in depth thinking required take a student far deeper than "fill in the blank" responses even at the lowest level with books like "Frog and Toad Together". The Scripture content is appropriate and satisfying to work with, leading the learner to practical application of Biblical principles rather than memorization or rote answers. We will continue to use these books study guides for many years to come!”
Cindy LaJoy, Club Member
”Our family has only been using Progeny Press literature studies for a couple of months, but we are so impressed! It was everything I was looking for in a reading program. My fifth and seventh graders enjoy the literature selection, and I love how Progeny Press breaks down the books by chapter--emphasizing important elements and facilitating comprehension and analysis skills. I also really like that Progeny Press incorporates vocabulary, writing, reading comprehension, and Biblical principles in each selection.

Also, by using the downloaded literature studies, my children are able to enter responses on the computer, or I may print them out if I wish. I like having both options. Also, the depth of information makes Progeny Press appropriate to use across several grade levels at the same time.

I have recommended this program to several friends. I have been very pleased and I have seen positive results with my children.”
Jennifer Parish, Club Member
”I bought 10 of these when they were offered. The new pdf versions that the kids can type into are great! The number offerings at all levels are extensive. I found it difficult to choose, but was very happy with the ones I received. My daugter has enjoyed them. I can't wait to finish them. I will definitely buy more!”
Ann C., Club Member
”I had never heard of Progeny Press before seeing it on the buyers co-op. I'm glad I found it! I love the literature choices, and I love the way to tie in the storyline to the Bible. My daughter especially enjoys the activities associated with each chapter lesson. Yes, I will continue to use it.”
Jennifer C., Club Member
”Using it with a 13y.o. and a 16 y.o. They see it as a lot of "work", but understand it. I see it as very well thought out from all angles, vocabulary to dictionary to analyzing stories, etc. Compared to "school": you can't! It is just so much better! Haven't tried any other. This is first year homeschooling TWO kids!”
Bob Hayner, Club Member
”So far we have used four of the Progeny Press literature guides, and the kids and I are really enjoying them! They are well written, and cover a variety of areas in language arts, from vocabulary to language usage, to similies and name it. With my 11-year-old (middle school age) we use the interactive CD and he types his answers into the program, with the file saved onto the computer. With my 9-year-old I have him write out some of the exercises, or we'll discuss some of the questions aloud. It's very flexible in terms of how you use the guides. They are very thorough, too! I felt the books were extremely well covered by the time we were done with each one. Various themes are related to Scripture, so there is always a chance to discuss the moral aspect of what's going on in the story, and relate it to your child's life. Those have been some of our best discussions. We give Progeny Literature Guides high marks, and look forward to using more of them.”
P. Panara, Club Member
”I started using the Progeny Press guides for the first time this school. My two sons 6th and 8th grade are currently using Where the Red Fern Grows and The Sign of the Beaver. I have been very pleased with the content covered. They definately read these books with a deeper understanding, since needing to answer questions about what they are reading. An interesting aside while doing a computer search for Progeny Press guides I found Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I have referred many homeschooling friends to this fabulous resource.”
Laura H., Club Member