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”I have one happy writer and one reluctant writer. I've tried to engage them both in writing for a while now. The happy writer has lacked structure, and the reluctant writer has been mostly unreachable. They're both enjoying the One Year Adventure Novel program and doing well!”
D.S., Co-op Member
”My son and I are going through the One Year Adventure Novel Curriculum together. I purchased two student workbooks so that we could each write a story, based on what we learn from the video lessons and weekly readings. As I write this, we are a few weeks into it. I'm enjoying spending time with my son while we learn more about how to tell compelling stories from "Mr. S." The videos are engaging, and sometimes include portions of old movies so that we can see certain story elements in action. This is by no means an easy curriculum! We are having to put a lot of thought into our answers in the workbooks, but it has been worthwhile. I am looking forward to the second half of the school year when we will write our stories using the themes, characters, and conflicts decided on during the first half. If you've never written a novel, but wanted to, give this a try!”
Richard F., Co-op Member
”We've tried novel writing curriculum in the past and we're unable to finish. But the OYAN breaks the process down in such a way that your student cannot fail. I am loving this curriculum and so is my daughter.”
Misti H., Co-op Member
”My son loves to write...on his own terms ;). We have found that some writing curricula are either too stifling or not instructive enough. OYAN is the perfect balance of structure and freedom. My son has been trying to write a novel for years. Since starting OYAN he has been able to really start to organize all his ideas into a structure that makes sense and will make a wonderful story. I have no doubt that by the end of the year he will have a well thought out story he can be proud of. I also love the fact that this curriculum can be used over and over if he decides to write more heroic quest novels! I highly recommend OYAN and any other writing program by the same publisher.”
Author mom, Co-op Member
”As a former high school teacher, I am very impressed with this writing class and especially with the results. I love listening to the lessons as I follow along reading my daughter's work on her first novel. The lessons are truly fun! Yes, I really mean it - they are fun. The organization and work progression is so well done that I'm even inspired to begin writing a novel myself. My other daughter is using Byline at the same time. Both are well worth the price and we plan to purchase the follow-on courses - they are that good!”
Susan Foraker, Co-op Member
”My 14 year old daughter loves to read and enjoys writing. We were looking for a fun, creative curriculum and found it in OYAN! She also enjoys the interactive aspect of it and has learned lots from the DVDs. Mr. S is a great teacher. I would recommend this program for any student who has many wonderful stories locked away in their imagination. Mr. S does a great job at pulling those out.”
Joanne W., Co-op Member
”My reluctant writer teenage son is loving the One Year Adventure Novel course! He's working steadily through the program and already talking about using the sci-fi program when he finishes.”
Lara, Co-op Member
”Please note we are currently working 3 chapters a week and are on chapters 1-18 as of this testimony.

In general I like how the curriculum is laid out. It's very little work on my part, other than encouraging them. This is a blessing for our 'too busy' household.

The greatest benefit I have found is my eldest, (17 with Asperger's) who has immense difficulty writing anything, has been regularly completing his workbook assignments. While it is still not near as easy for him to get his thoughts and ideas down as his 14 year old brother, this curriculum has been really helpful in getting him to write fiction than anything else I have tried over the years!

My high school boys enjoy the videos quite a bit. They never complain about the videos or the text (Compass). My youngest never complains about the workbook. My eldest DOES complain a bit, but he does it.

We will continue using this curriculum and I can easily see us using other programs this company puts out for the high school years to come.”
Kridina, Co-op Member
”My reluctant writer has agreed to work on his writing over the summer - only if I allowed him to use the One-Year-Adventure-Novel... He's involved in the proces and seems to look forward to it. That says a lot in our family!”
Tana R., Co-op Member
”My son has always wanted to write a novel and this class is perfect for getting him to actually sit down and get his thoughts on paper. He is learning exactly what he needs to define for his characters and the actual writing will be so much easier after he figures out all the pre-writing details. The workbook and lectures are invaluable in this process.”
Debbie, Co-op Member
”Regardless of the career path, writing well will pave the way. One Year Adventure Novel provides an all-inclusive writing program in a fiction landscape that builds writing skills and confidence. The side benefit is also a greater analytical skill when attacking literature. Easy to use, allows independent study, instructs parent clearly on how to grade and work with the student.”
Erin L, Co-op Member
”I highly recommend the One-Year-Adventure-Novel (OYAN). It is so enjoyable that my daughter would do this course only--and not her other school subjects--if I let her. Not only is OYAN fun for my students, but it is also easy for me as the home school teacher to keep up with and grade. Compared with other writing curricula, OYAN stands as a substantial, academically rigorous, genre-specific, practical, skill-building course. In the past both my students have excelled at developing language arts and composition skills through courses from the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW). They like this, too! It's great quality. One way OYAN challenges students is by making them think and plan their writing. The course somehow motivates them to do this. The writer's forum component rocks! My older daughter especially enjoys reading the stories and blogs posted there by other students taking the course. There are adventure-novel related webinars and discussions to join in, as well. My younger daughter can't wait until she's old enough to log into the forum part of the course. (BTW, the age/grade parameters for OYAN are appropriately set for maturity level--grades 8-12, and ages 13 and above for the forum.) Great course!”
Karen D., Co-op Member
”My daughter who is 15 has been using this curriculum for 2 months now. She aspires to be a writer one day. So far the workbook has given her much to think about by showing her a story isn't just written from start to finish but it has detailed planning involved. This curriculum does a great job of laying out the questions that need to be asked in order to have a great story. We are excited to continue the program and see what she comes up with. The main issue that I have with the program is that it is a licensed and I can not share it with other families who can not afford to purchase it themselves. However I have shared this program and let others know that it is worth it because there is nothing out there that compares.”
Julie E, Co-op Member
”My son has rarely been what you would call an enthusiastic writer (although he can write well when he puts forth effort). However, he is very excited about writing his own novel and loves using the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum! My daughter can't wait to use it herself and is hoping to try out their new middle school curriculum next year.”
Lonette, Co-op Member
”I am glad I got the One Year Adventure novel for my 17 yr. old daughter. She decided to start this Summer, and is thoroughly enjoying every aspect that the OYAN offers. She is not only learning how to write better, but gets personal input from the Author and others who take this course. She has opportunity for additional writing adventures on the side as well as meeting peers with the same interests. This program has challenged, and excited her like no others have in the past. She is writing like crazy and enjoying every minute of it! She has already made good friends along this journey, and wants to attend OYAN's Summer camp next year. My dd's only regret is not having started this program sooner. This Fall will start her Senior year of High School and she is already wondering if she could possibly fit in thier One Year "Other Worlds" course while attending college!”
Suzy S., Co-op Member
”My 14 year old daughter loves the program, although we've only been doing it for a few months. She enjoys the video lessons and how the program is organized, especially the specific instructions and worksheets that lay the foundation for the writing to come. She says she already feels prepared for writing her first novel!”
Liz S., Co-op Member
”This is the most creative and unique writing curriculum I have seen in my 15 years of homeschooling. Using the One Year Adventure Novel, my kids were able to get their ideas out of their heads and onto paper--something that was always a challenge for them. Love the program! Highly recommend it, even wrote a review about it on my homeschooling blog”
Lynda Altman, Co-op Member
”This truly is an AMAZING program. My oldest was a reluctant writer, but she became so excited about writing after receiving the curriculum two years ago that she zipped through it in three months without any mention of doing writing from me. She has since written multiple novels and is constantly on the prowl for ideas for her novels. There is also an online forum where the kids in the program can have their work peer reviewed. Once on the forum, there are also regular webinars (for free) covering various writing related topics and an incredible summer writing workshop which the kids can attend and meet other writers, have their work evaluated, and meet professionals in the publishing world. Bottom line is I have recommended this program to my friends and of all the kids that I know who have gone through the program, I have never heard a single negative word from the kids or their parents about the curriculum.”
Amy Y, Co-op Member
”I have purchased One Year Adventure Novel. I DO love O.Y.A.N.curriculum! We couldn't be happier with it, my son is producing something that he never would have without the excellent teaching in this curriculum. I have told several friends about our exciting English curriculum.”
Tracy Born, Co-op Member
”My daughter is enjoying this course very much. The video lessons are engaging and interesting. The assignments are fun and take as much or as little time as the student wants to put into them. The skills taught are valuable for any student whether they actually finish the novel or not.”
Allison T., Co-op Member
”My 16 year old loves to write and has been begging me for a couple of years to buy the OYAN; so I was really excited to see it available, at a discounted price, through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

My daughter loves the program, although following directions isn't something she is used to for creative writing. Although we have used writing curriculum and AP English Lang & Comp, we have never purchased a product specifically designed for writing a novel. I believe this product is unique in that it really takes you through all the steps necessary to build a solid, well-developed story. This isn't something that your child can just sit down and complete quickly, it requires thought and time to go through the process.

My child has thoroughly enjoyed the program so far, especially the forums that are available. OYAN is by far her favorite school subject this year. She has already asked to do the follow up program "Other Worlds" and we are constantly recommending it to other families that have aspiring writers.

However, I am not sure a reluctant writer would really enjoy the program, as it seems designed for the student that really wants to complete a novel.”
Flora, Co-op Member
”In the words of my daughter and two sons who are using OYAN for the current school year, this is the best English curriculum ever! Though all three were formerly reluctant writers, my teens are now joyfully engrossed in creating their first novels while independently honing their writing skills; amazed, I am enjoying the ride. Also, equally amazing as their writing development is the depth of understanding that OYAN has brought to my family's appreciation and understanding of English literature. Dinner table discussions will never again be the same at our house.”
Susan M., Co-op Member
”We have been using the program for 2 months now and my 16yr old son really enjoys it. The instructor gives really good advice and his approach to writing an original story makes alot of sense. I highly recommend this program.”
Carrie Bauroth, Co-op Member
”We are truly enjoying the One Year Adventure Novel. What a great way to engage students! Our 14-year-old is writing very interesting and creative scenes, as he learns the elements of a quality novel. The DVD presentations are top-notch, and the teacher's disc is very helpful. And we LOVE the full length novels included for our reading enjoyment. We recommend it to all budding writers, as well as reluctant writers.”
Karen S., Co-op Member
”I purchased this curriculum for my 14 year old daughter, who had the germ of an idea for a novel. She has been thrilled with it, and looks forward every week to working on her novel. She has not yet used the online resources, but has been quite happy working independently on it, with the helpful input of parents and friends. I have told many other homeschooling friends about this, and will continue to do so. Being able to tell a story well is essential in so many types of communication, and the One Year Adventure Novel helps teach kids to think through all aspects of their communication in a fun and inspiring way.”
Sherry C, Co-op Member
”My sons and I love to write and have already used a few lessons from this fantastic program. Beyond the creativity of writing, there is also the 'science' behind novel writing - the structure, plot development, creating real-to-life characters - this can be difficult to teach, but OYAN tackles this with ease. The lessons are easy to use and understand, there is a video and workbook to make learning easy. My kids look forward to each lesson and enjoy using their new information developing our novels. In addition to this program, OYAN offers a great deal of online support, including webinars and many other informative options on their website. I was so happy to get this at the discounted price - well worth the money!”
Theresa Douglas, Co-op Member
”OMGosh! "This is the most awesome course ever!" so says my teenage son. He is really turned on and engaged with this course. I had my doubts as to whether he would actually do the program. Now he asks to do it and he's writing!!!!

This is a superior product. Everything needed is there in the package. The DVD lessons are short (about 15 minutes each) and entertaining. The textbook reinforces the lesson from the video and the workbook has the student put into practice what they just learned. What the student writes in the workbook will be used later to create their novel. The author returns email messages and his student website is active with very current interaction by the author. The accompanying novel is very entertaining as well as a great demonstration tool.

The author admits he is a Christian. However there is no Christian branding in his instruction so this program can be used by those of any faith or even those of no faith, it is friendly for all.

My son is soooo stoked about writing his novel. He's even coming up with ideas for his future novels.

I definitely recommend the One Year Adventure Novel for your teen.”
April E., Co-op Member
”I had subscribed to receive Homeschool Buyer's Co-op emails before the summer. When OYAN came across, I read about it aloud to our 13-year old son.

He is a reluctant academic, doesn't do poorly in school but just doesn't love it. His enthusiastic response was all I needed. He loves to watch movies (what teenager doesn't!), read books and has a wild imagination with lots of ideas. He exclaimed an excited, "Yes! get that! That sounds awesome!" He was excited at the possibility of publishing something (and becoming famous!). I haven't once heard him whine about doing his writing!

The instructional videos are informative, fun, and attractive. I even stop what I'm doing at my desk to watch. I enjoy Daniel Schwabauer's skillfully wrought lessons and I would say this curriculum is about as good as it gets. The workbook assignments are to the point and fit exactly with the video presentation. The lessons are short and doable each day.

I love that my son is excited about his story and fully engaged. No more dreadfully boring writing times.

I have home-schooled for 20 years and haven't used curriculum this good since I can't remember when! It requires so little on my part. I have a very busy life and am greatly relieved to know our son is learning and enjoys these lessons with so little work on my part. I can't imagine why any homeschool parent or student wouldn't love the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum.”
Lynn, Co-op Member