Topic:One Brave Dot
Presenter:Peter H. Reynolds, Fablevision
Date/Time:10-01-2019 11:00 AM Pacific
Hosted By:Homeschool Buyers Co-op
Description:“I just can’t draw.” These words, uttered by a 1st grader nearly twenty years ago, inspired Peter’s mission to urge all of us to “make our mark” bravely. While his book, “The Dot” (which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year) is about art and a great art teacher, the book is ultimately a metaphor for being brave enough to take that first brave step and see where it takes us. Peter’s newest books “Happy Dreamer”, “The Word Collector” and “Say Something!" dare us to keep positive, keep dreaming, and keep finding powerful words to help express what we are thinking, feeling, and dreaming. Peter will share a sneak peek of his upcoming book, “Be You,” which is a joyful reminder of the ways every child is unique and special. Be your own work of patient, be persistent, and be true because there is only one YOU.
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